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Copyright, 1906, bj the Frank Queen Publishing Compter (Limited). 

Founded by 

NEW YORK. MAY 5, 1906. 

VOLUME LIV.-No. 11. 
Price, 10 Cente. 



May 5. 

Mi55 Clipper's 

Anecdotes, Personalities and Comments, 


ST1GE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 


Seekers for stage fame bare been known 
to ascend from the humble poeltlon of 
"prope" to that of "■tar," though the number 
la not vast. Bat many who, beginning In the 
modest, and often tlmea onerous occupation 
of looking; after tbe properties of tbe com- 
pany, bare finally become leading actors. 

Justine Donatella (Justine Is her real 
name, not Jessie), who is to atar In "Zaxa," 
at tbe West End Theatre, for a week'a fare* 
well to bar raat admiring clientele In Harlem, 
telle of tbe humble beginning made by ber 
clever husband, A. B. Stuart, now prominent 
In the cast of "Tbe Fit," playing at tbe 
Academy. Be began •■ "props" at Booth's 
Theatre when, that playhouse waa opened, 
later continuing his dramatic career aa lead* 
Ing man, for twelve years, for Mme. Janau- 

When Stuart waa about fifteen, and targe 
for that age, he left fala Virginia home with- 
out the content of his parents. like many a 
boy ban done before and since. He wanted to 
learn to act, and bis people not approrlng 
of his desire, forbade any thoughts upon tbe 
■object However, young Stuart's mind waa 
made up, and he started for Chicago, where 
he heard that Booth wai playing an engage' 
meat. That great actor being tbe object of 
the boy's admiration, be determined to get to 
blm if possible. Falling at the stage door to 
reach the busy atar, and finding that the 
Brtggs Botel waa bis stopping place, young 
Btuart made application there for a position 
as bell-boy, which he succeeded In getting. 

Learning the number of tbe great trage- 
dian's room, tbe boy faithfully kept bis eye 
on the signal and his ear on the listen for 
a call to that room. For two daya, however, 
be bad no opportunity to serve the object of 
bis dramatic hopes. Other boys got In ahead 
of blm, or he was off on other duties when a 
call to Booth's room was registered. 

Finally an Ice-water call brought the ex- 
pectant boy to the "front," and he joyfully 
carried the requested cool pitcher to the 
door, through which his resolute knock 
brought In answer tbe beautiful, resonant 
tones of tbe actor, bidding him "come In." 

Booth waa busily writing. After placing 
the water on the table at tbe actor's elbow, 
tbe boy stood silently waiting for a word 
from the great man which might give blm 
tbe chance of a word In return. In that 
word he meant to acquaint tbe actor of bis 
great ambition to follow In the elder man's 

"That's all, my boy," said tbe actor, not 
looking up. 

"But I would like to speak to you, Sir," 
said Stuart 

"Indeed," replied Booth kindly, "and what 
do you wish?" 

"I want to be an actor, Sir," exclaimed 
Btuart, all his heart and soul In bis earnest 
reply, which seemed to arrest the attention 
of the tragedian, who, after thinking for an 
I natnnt, said : 

"Well, my theatre In New York will soon 
be opened. Perhaps I can find something 
there for you to do," 

That answer was enough for the boy, who, 
with a "thank you, Sir," disappeared. In bis 
mind was the Intention to get to New York 
or perish In the attempt It took some plan- 
clng and spirit to reach the metropolis, how- 
ever. Not having enough money to pay his 
way there by way of a continuous trip, be 
first expressed his best clothes to New York 
to his own name, to be called for. It took 
several days for the boy to finally reach tbe 
Mecca of his hopes, for, like many another 
young traveler without means, he had to get 
there "the best he could." That part of 
Stuart's career would by Itself make a stir- 
ring chapter. 

Earning a little money by odd Jobs, tbe 
young aspirant finally went to the express 
office and procured his "Sunday-best," and, 
attired In them, through resolute strategy, 
he gained tbe presence of Booth, whose the- 
atre was then about to be opened. 

The actor did not remember the boy, and 
said so. 

"But, Mr. Booth," persisted young Stuart, 
"you engaged me In Chicago," then brought 
to the actor's mind the circumstances of hie 
engagement. The result of the young man's 
persistence was the position of call-boy, then 
"props." While In these capacities he fre- 
quently went out Into the stage light as 
super, finally winning small parts, then 
gradually ascending the dramatic ladder to 

Hundred* of others, besides Btuart, live to 
thank Booth for tbelr histrionic start. 

Stair & rinvllu have engaged Miss Bon- 
stelle, who for two seasons waa the star and 
an Immense favorite at Proctor's One Hun- 
dred and Twenty-fifth Street Theatre. This 
extremely versatile actress will play a Sum- 
mer engagement at the Star, In Buffalo, N. 
Y., opening In "The Unforeseen," which Is a 
play calculated happily to Introduce all the 
company to their new audiences, for this 
plsy la one of that sort that gives tbe whole 
company s chance to show what they can do, 
respectively end collectively. 

Miss Bonstelle Is personally selecting her 
people st the Broadway offices of Stair ft 
Havltn, which company will piny "Zasa," to 
be produced for the first time In New York 
City by a stock organisation. 

Miss Bonstelle, who Is an ardent follower 
of the Cbrlstlnn Science doctrine, has a 
fund of amusing "science" stories about 
youngsters trained In that faith. 

One she related was about a email boy, 
whose small terrier wns very sick. The boy, 

deeply concerned, took his pet to a physician 
whom he knew on hla block, 

"I wish you would cure my dog," he said 
to the doctor, "I'm afraid he's going to die." 

"But your folks are all Christian Scientists, 
and you are too," protested tbe doctor, with 
a twinkle in hla eye. 

"I know that," said the boy, "but I wish 
you'd get at my dog Just tbe same." 

"Why don't you try 'science' on blm?" 
asked the doctor. 

"Well," faltered tbe youngster, "I would, 
but— but— well, the truth Is," with a burst 
of confidence, "the troth Is, I don't want all 
the flgbt taken out of the dog." 

Charles Porter, now prominent with the 
Whitney forces, Is another example of gradu- 
ation from the position of "props." Tbe 
stubbornness of a foat was the Immediate 
cause, though not the principal reason, for 
this. A professional friend of his recalls 
tbe time, eighteen or twenty years ago, when 
Porter was doing tbe "property work" for 
Will T. Clark (now of "Checkera" Co.), who, 
with Ned Naftager, waa barnstorming tbe 
West, In "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "Peck's 
Bad Boy." 

A part of Porter's duties consisted In 
looking to the needs and care of the "blood- 
hounds'' in the former play, and managing 
tbe "goat's" affairs In the latter. 

Hli decision to graduate Immediately from 
that position was made one dark, stormy 
night, when tbe "Peck's Bad Boy" Co. landed 
late In a small place. The hotel was about 
half a mile from the depot u>d no bus forth- 
coming, "walk" was the order. 

Porter, In charge of the "Wllhelmenus- 
Caprlcornus," ordinarily known as the "Billy 
Goat" was the last of the trailing pedes- 
trians who complslnlngly dragged their tired 
feet down a puddly, muddy street, In search 
of their sleeping piece. 

The animal took a sudden dislike to tbe 
walk, and though Porter pulled bard at tbe 
string around "Billy's" neck, be refused to 
more, preferring to camp In the middle of 
tbe street The last words that Dark, who 
waa disappearing In the distance, heard 
Porter exclaiming, were : 

"Come along! you hungry can-eater," and 
at the same time using words more forceful 
than elegant Then, with another tug at 
the leader, which was resisted by tbe goat 
be continued with the resolution : "No more 
keeper of F/flcIe-rom-bloodnounda for mel no 
more caretaker of PecVa-Bad-Bov-ffoatt for 
Charley Porter I" 

Now Porter Is far, far from hla humble 
start hi the profession. 

Norfolk.— At the Academy of Music {Otto 
Wells, local manager) "The Plainsman" 
pleased April 24. Otis Skinner Hay ■*, clos- 
ing the house season. 

Gbanbt (Otto Wells, local manager).— "A 
Rocky Road to Dublin" csme to well filled 
houses April 28-28. "Secret Service Sam- 
week of SO. 

Acua (Wllkerson A Manxle. managers). 
People week of 80 : Larke and Adams, Fran- 
cis Bisters, Oscar Brewer, C. G. Clifford and 
the Frankfort*. Business Is good. 

Bijou (Abb Smith, manager). — New peo- 

Ele week of 80: Revere and Daliard. Anna 
larrlson, Parker and West Madge Maltland, 
Marie Maxwell and Charles La Pine. Busi- 
ness Is good. 

Manhattan (Crlnnlan Bros., managers). — 
People week of SO: Minnie Patterson, Jack 
Stockton, BUI Campbell. May Lemuels. Leo 
Florence. Chas. E. ward and the Maddens, 
"Tho Tom Boy of Manchester" will be pro- 
duced under direction of Leo Florence. Busi- 
ness Is good. 

Acditobiuu (J. M. Barton, manager). — 
People week of 80: Jo.uison snd Rents, 
James Nearey, Sullivan and Raymond. Greaft 
and Drown, and Sisters Loralne. "The Jolly 
Widows," burlesque, will be presented by 
Johnson, Rents and Nearey. Business is 

Hlehmond — At the Bljoa (Chas. I. Me- 
Kee, manager) "Young Buffalo, King of the 
West," April 28-28, did well. Little Chip 
and Mary Marble, In "Glorlana," 80 and 
week. Charles B. Aldrlcb, In "Secret Service 
Sam," follows. 

Academy of Music (Chas. I. McEee, man- 
ager) . — Edward Emerson ( Illustrated lec- 
ture) "Running the Blockade at Port Ar- 
thur," 25. Orrln Johnson, In "The Plains- 
man," 20-28 ; Otis Skinner, In "The Duel," 
May 6. 

— , , — i ■ ■— ■ i. 

Staunton. — At the Beverley (Barkman ft 

Shultz, managers) Mme. Modjeska, In "Mac- 
beth," April 23, drew a large audience. 
Chauncey L. Southern 26-28. 
I i I 

Mlllershlp Sisters, Gates and Nelson, and 
Morton sod Diamond. The Albee Stock Co. 
opens May 6, In "The Second In Command," 
followed by "Tie Dictator." 

Wisthinsteb (Geo. B. Batchellf.r, man- 
ager). — The Dainty Duchess Co this week. 
Clark's Runswsy Girls follow. 

■ ■ e- - 

Wooasoeket. — At tbe Woonsocket Opera 
noose (J. E. Ogden, manager) Maude Hill- 
man Co. week of April 30. The Klark-TJrban 
Stock Co. drew well 23-28. "As Ye Sow" 
Msy 7, 8. "The Sunny South" 10. 

Hub was. W. Conk! in, manager). — The AH 
Star Vaudeville Co. week of April 80. The 
bill last week drew well. 

Newport. — At the Newport Opera House 

Annie ICussell delighted her sudlenc© April 
23. Boffloton Stock Co. drew well 24, 23. 
Lillian Bussell and vaudeville company 
played to fair business 29. "The Education 
of air. Plpp" wss presented before a large 
audience 27- KIrke Brown Co. SO, May 1, 
grand concert (local talent), for San Fran- 
cisco Relief Fund, 2. 

1 i» 


TVaahinsrton — At the New National (W. 
H. Rapley. manager), this week, Charles 
Rlchman, In "Gallop*." Last week, Otis 
Skinner, In "The Duel," gave great satis- 
faction, to large business. "Tbe Embarrass- 
ment of Riches" next week. 

Columbia (Luckett ft Standing, manor 

Sen). — 'Tela week marks the opening of the 
prlng snd Summer season at this house, at 
popular prices, with a new play, by J. Hart- 
ley Manners, entitled "The Indiscretion of 
Youth." The new stock company lncludea : 
Guy Standing, Clara Morris, John Mason, 
Jeffreys Lewis, Louise Galloway, Dorothy 
Hammond, Hall McAllister, Malcolm Dun- 
can, George Garton and others. Surely a 
remarkably strong array of talent the like 
of which, has never heretofore entertained 
Washington audiences at popular prices. Last 
week, •'His Honor, the Mayor, or the Pink 
Hussars," with the original English Pony 
Ballet, played to fair business. T, The Duke 
of Kllllcrankie" next week. 

Belasco (L. Stoddard Taylor, manager). 
— This week, the Spring and Summer season 
is Inaugurated by the Belasco Stock Co., In 
"Lady Huntworth's Experiment" The com- 
pany la headed by Odette Tyler, and Includes: 
Wilson Melrose, Fuller Hellish, Harold 
Salter, Robert S. Taber, Guy Coombs, Blanche 
Stoddard, Ines PJnmmer, Lucy and Anna Pll- 
lenger. Lost week, Louis Mann and Clara 
Llpman, In "Julie Bonbon," had good sized 
houses. "Tbe Jilt' next week. 

Acadimx of Music (J. W. Lyons, mana- 
ger). — This week, "The Queen of the Con- 
victs." Lost week "Lured from Home" 
packed the bouse. "Fighting Fate" next 

Majestic (Ira J. La Motte, manager). — 
This week, "Arizona." Last week "Me, 
Him and I" had a return engagement to 
capacity business. Frank Cushman, In "The 
Airship," next. 

Lyceuh (Eugene Kernan, manager).— 
This week, the American Burlesquers, Last 
week the Orientals had the usual large audi- 
ences. The Bohemians next 

Chase's (Miss H. Winifred De Witt, man- 
ager).— This week's bill: It F. Outcault, 
wireless telegraphy, by Capt Bloom, Augusta 
Gloee, Emll Hock, Jane Elton and company, 
the Wotpert Trio, Gua Bruno, Deltorelll and 
Gllssando, and the vltagraph pictures of the 
late San Francisco disaster. 

Convbntion Hall — Williams and Walker, 
in "Abyssinia," 80-May 2. 

Notes. — A benefit performance at Chase's, 
24, netted nearly $600, $200 of which was 
forwarded to stranded players In Ssn Fran- 
bIco, and the balance turned over to the relief 

committee, to he sent to that dry 

Manager Taylor, of the Belasco, turned over 
$1,825 to the San Francisco relief committee, 
the gross receipts of a matinee 26, given by 
Louis Mann and Clara Llpman. 

Mad Marriage" drew good business last week. 
Week of 80. "Tbi Moonshiner's Daughter." 
Following week, tbe Summer stock company 
will open Id "The Road to Ruin." 

Notes.— Mrs. El Itch- Long bsa gone Esat 
to arrange for tbe theatrical attractions for 
Elltcbe's Gardens, to open about May 80. 

Jan Kubellk, the violinist, will appear 

here May 14 Twenty-nine members of 

tbe Cherry Blossom Burlesque Co. passed 
through Denver 21, from San Francisco, 
where they lost everything, to New York. 

Nellie Stewart and company, at the 

Broadway: Mies New York Jr. Co., at the 
Kmpire, and Walter Scott, at tbe Tabor 
Grand, gave special matinees lost week for 

the San Francisco destitute The women 

of Miss New York Jr. sold papers on the 
streets 28, for the San Francisco homeless. 

The entertainment committee of the 

Denver Chamber of Commerce gave a musi- 
cal 25, at which Maude Fealy, was the guest 
of honor. 

■ • - 

Pueblo. — At the Grand Opera House 
(R. W. Johnson, manager) "PUT I Paffll 
PoufI I!" had a good house April 17. "Sweet 
Nell of Old Drury," with Nellie Stewart, 
filled the bouse 20. "Scotty, King of the 
Desert Mine," with all of Its original cast, 
and Walter Scott, tbe Death Valley miner, 
21; Itcllly A Wood's Burlesque Co. 22, Man- 
tell! Opera Co. 24. 

Earl (G. M. Morris, manager). — Business 
has been varying from fair to good. BUI 
for week of 23 : Davey and Everson, Early 
and Late, Nello, novelty Juggler ; the Two 
Klngsborys, E. C. Bevllle, Mr. Walsh, In 
songs, and motion pictures. "A Boarding 
School Conspiracy" and "Living Flowers." 
ai» ■ 


No. 49. 
On our cartoon page this week are given 
cur artist's Impressions of "A Social Whirl " 
at the Casino. Nick Norton, the veteran 
showman. Is also pictured, aud the following 
vaudeville attractlona at Hyde A Bebman * 
Theatre, Brooklyn, last week, are shown - 
Cliff Gordon, Mr. snd Mrs. Jean Bregsnr' 
Tyce and Jennon, Irving Jones, John <*' 
Rice and Sallle Cohen, Rice and Elmer, Mllr' 
Renee De Paris, the Reed Birds, and futauYs 

g i» 

Providence. — At the Providence Opera 
House (F. R. Wendelscbaefer.pnanager) Lil- 
lian Russell and ber vaudeville company at- 
tracted large and appreciative audiences 
April 23-25. On the bill with her were: Ma- 
sarto, Canfleld end Carlton, Edna Luby, 
Chevalier de Lorle, Green and Werner, Jack 
Norworth, Rice and Prevost and moving pic- 
tures. Annie Russell and a capable com- 
pany presented "Friend Hannah" 26-28. get- 
ting one notices, "The Stolen Story," by 
Jesse Lynch Williams, will be played SO and 
May 1, for the first time. The story Is of 
Billy, s veteran reporter for a New York 
paper, who, absent-mindedly returned to the 
office from wbtch he had been dismissed, and 
wrote en Important story for which another 
paper was waiting. By bis story Billy saves 
the reputation of aa Ex-Senator, with whose 
daughter be Is in love, and eventually he 
wins the girl. In the cast ere : Jameson 
Lee Finney, R. Peyton Carter. Wright 
Kramer. James L. Seeiey, Edwin Holt, Tully 
Marshall, John F. Doyle, Joseph F. Duvet, 
Russell Burton, Warren Oland, Robert B. 
Kegrrrls. Theodore M. Morris, Augustine 
Daly Wllks. Ralph Delmore, George T. Rob- 
erts, David Flake, Maurice May, Stephen 
Wright, John R. Armstrong, Joseph M. 
Sparks, Patrick C. Foy, D. J. Francis, B. M. 
Russell, William Heerman, Dorothy Tennant, 
Marlon Abbott and Fanny Marlnoff. Alice 
Nielsen, In "Don Pasquale," 4, 5 ; Mclntyre 
and Heath 7-9. 

Siicbbbt (E. F. Bostwtck, manager). — De 
Wolf Hopper, In "Heppyland," week of April 

Empihe (Spits ft Natbanson, managers). — 
"Behind tbe Mask" received _golden praise 23- 
28. It Is followed 80 and week by "Tbe 
Smart Set." "The Boy Behind the Gun" 
next week. 

Keith's (Chas. Lovenberg, manager) . — 
The closing week of the vaudeville year, 30. 
brings the following bill : Kittle Barry, Leon 
Morris' animals. Arthur and Mildred Boylan, 
Lawrence snd Harrington, the Nichols Sla- 
ters, Irving Jones, tbe Misses Delmore, Lea 
Alberts, John Gelger snd Nellie Walters, the 

Louisville. — At Macauley's (J. T. Mac- 
auley, manager) a local attraction April 28- 
20. Viola Allen, 27, 28, had crowded houses, 
"Coming Thro' the Bye" 80-May 2. 

Masonic (C. A. Shaw, manager). — "The 
Three Chaffeurs" waa given Its first presen- 
tation on any stage 23. The play was writ- 
ten by Wtllowdean Chatterson, a young high 
school girl. The cast was composed of the 
senior class of girls from the high school, 
and was given In a creditable manner. Hoi- 
den Stock Co. produced "East Lynne" the 
remainder of the week, to fair attendance. 
The performance 28 concluded tbe season of 
the stock company. 

Avbndu (C. A. Shaw, manager) "A Crown 
of Thorns,'' week of 22, attracted good at- 
tendance and pleased. "On tbe Bridge at 
Midnight" 29 and week. 

Bfckingjuu (Whallen Bros., managers). 
—The Baltimore Beauties, week of 22, gave 
one of the most Interesting performances 
seen at this house this season. It waa full 
of novelty. Interspersed with good comedy 
and music. The work of Martini and Max- 
mllllan, the burlesque Illusionists, caught 
the house. Luba De Serena, In her sensa- 
tional act "Sports from the East," In which 
she Introduces* a highly trained mountain 
bull, wsb given rounds of applause. High 
School Girls 29 and week. 

Fontaine Fisbt Pabe (Win. Relchman, 
manager)..— A good programme enticed 
crowds. New people engaged week of 29 : 
Sidney Drew and company, the Two Vivians, 
Bwor BroB., and Louise B re Danny. 

Notbs. — Col. John T. Macauley, manager 
of Macauley's Theatre, and Viola Allen, 
agreed to donate the entire proceeds of the 

Srformance of "The Toast of the Town," at 
acauley's, night of 28, to the sufferers of 

the Ssn Francisco earthquake Chas. A. 

Shaw, manager of Masonic Theatre, and the 
Holden Stock Co., donated the receipts of the 
matinee performance of "East Lynn," 25, to 

the same cnuso Forepaugh A Sells Bros. 

Circus Is billed for two performances SO... A 
Military Carnival and World's Fair pike will 
be held at the armory of the First Regiment, 

Cedar Rapids. — At Greene's Opera House 

iWlll B. Collier, business manager) Chaae- 
ister Theatre Co., April 23-29, second week, 
bad good business, snd gave a fine bill. 
"The Land of Nod* May I. "Little Johnny 
Jones" 8, "Alice In Wonderland'' 4, 6, Hen- 
derson Stock Co. 6-18, except 8, when Ku- 
bilek appears. 

People's (Vic Hugo, manager). — Good 
business Bill week of April 80: Otura 
Japanese Children, Millard Bros., Trask and 
Rogers, May Woodward, Ray W. Fay, and the 

Notes.— The new Amusement Park Co. has 
purchased eighteen acres of ground at tbe 
terminus of the West End trolley line. A 
vaudeville pavilion, 04 by 127 feet will be 
built at once. Concessions will include a 
dancing pavilion, roller skating rink, shoot 
the chutes, etc Msy SO Is announced as the 

opening date Fred Renzo (McClelland), 

contortionist, who died recently la Qulncy, 
111., was born end raised In this city, where, 
Ih 1892, he married Theresa Bauer, who, 
with four small children, survive him. Tbe 
youngest child was born two days after the 

father's death Both theatres here gave 

the gross receipts of one performance to bene- 
fit the San Francisco sufferers. 

■ ■ i - — 

Davenport. — At the Burtls Opera House 

(direction Chamberlln, Kindt 4 Co) Howe's 
moving pictures April 26, "Hooligan's 
Troubles" 27, Paul Gilmore 28, "The Last 
Rose of Summer 29. 

Eutb (direction Chaa. Berkell).— For 23 
and week ; James Holt, Jerome and White- 
side, Adonis Fayblo, Lena Kline, James A. 
and Cecelia Welch. At Tuesday matinee the 
entire proceeds were donated to the Red 
Cross for the relief of the San Francisco 

Family (direction H. F. Jarchow). — For 
23 and week: The Four Graceful Grobs, 
Chris Christopher, Bwor and Westbrook, 
Lucille W. Harper, Harry and Minnie Gibbs. 
Jeanette Laurelle will appear SO and week, 
together with Hawley and Olcott, Meola, 
Malda and company, Verden and Dunlop, 
Louise Adams, illustrated songs and moving 

Note. — John Dnnlap, the manager of the 
Grand Opera House, died April 23. He had 
been connected with this house In some ca- 
pacity for the past twelve years, 

■ ■ i — i ■ ■ ■ 

Keokuk— At the La Salle (Reeves & 
Dodge, managers) business Is good, and tbe 
following pleased last week: Prof. Mlett's 
Dog Circus, Msy Woodward, Alton Robert- 
son, and the biograph. Bill week of April 
.10 : Capt. Sidney Hfnman, Caston#end Har- 
vey. W. H. Landls, and Alton Robertson. 

Casino (Beeves A Dodge, managers).— 
Will open the Summer season June 7, pre- 
senting Shfppe Indoor Circus for a week's 

Notes. — Cole Bros.' Circus will exhibit 

here May 16 Talbot's "Fighting the 

Flames" will make an early appearance here, 
bat the date Is not definite. 

s -■ 

Dubuque. — At the Grand Opera House 
(Win. T. Roehl, manager) moving pictures 
delighted a fair house April 28. Wallack's 
Theatre Co. 28-28. 

Bijou (Jake Rosenthal, manager). — BUI 
week of 23 : Rice and Edwards, "Tulsa," 
Fltihngh and Bessie Lee, Clark and Temple, 
the Musical Goolmana, and the klnodrome. 
On Sunday, 29, benefit for tbe San Francisco 

Seattle. — At tbe Grand Opera House 
(John Cort, manager) Blanche Walsh, in 
"The Woman In the Case," April 15-18 scored 
heavily. Kubellk, violinist 19, In concert 
was greeted by a packed house. Creston 
Clarke, In "Monsieur Beaucalre," 22-24* Ku- 
bellk 22, assisted by Wagner's Band, benefi' 
for California sufferers. Britt-Nelson fight 
pictures 29. Frederick Warde and company 

Jive four performances for the benefit Call- 
ornla sufferers 30 May 1. University of Ne- 
braska Glee Club S. 

Sbattle. (John Cort, manager).— Return 
engagement 22 of Gay Bates Post In "The 
Heir to the Hoorah.'' Lee Morrbj Co., In 
"The Princess of Patches," 23-28; California 
Girls Burlesque Co. 26 and week. 

Tbixo Avbnde (Russell A Drew, mana- 
gers). — "Ruined Lives" 22-28, "A Texas 
Ranger" week of 29. Aylesworth Co.. in "To 
Die at Dawn," follows. 

Stab (M. G. Winstock, manager). — New- 
people week of 23: Rappoll, ORonrke-Bur- 
nett Trio, Lutx Bros., Ralph Cbmmings and 
company, Berkley and Dunstan, Rose Keut 
Ward, Pete Dunsworth and moving pictures. 

Obfhboic (B. J. Donellan. manager).— 
New people week of 23 : Llzette Shackleford 
Fernando-May Trio, the Werntra, Clay Robin- 
son and company. Harry Valvls, Tracey Mc- 
Dermott and moving pictures. 

Pantaoes (Alex. Fantages, manager).— 
New people week of 28 : Bay Southard, Carl 
Brothers. Biff and Bang, McCloud and Mel- 
ville, Nina Jordan, Leo White and movlnr 

Centbal (Michael Shannon, manager) 

New people week of 23 : Louise Lister, Glor- 
ine and ber Radium Girls, Eddie Bridget 
Inez and Odey, Sadie Hlte and moving pic- 

Princess (at Ballard) (Michael Sharkey, 
manager). — New people week of 23: The 
Fletchers, Carnell Sisters, Claude Wilson, Leo 
Jefferson and moving pictures. 

Strand (Hose Goldsmith, manager). — New 
people week of 23 : Henry Sisters, Belle Staf- 
ford and Clara Franklin. 

Gaiett (Fred Ritchie, manager).— New 
people week of 23 : Gladys Townsend. Jessie 
Lancaster and Alice Mossley. 

Thalia ( Mcae Goldsmith, manager) . — 
New people week of 23 : Sadie Molton, Dalsie 
Gilbert and Viola Stewart 

Notes. — Managers and performers alike 
have generously proffered their assistance to 
aid the California sufferers. All the theatres 
have announced benefit performances next 

week The attendance at the continuous 

shows has diminished perceptibly during the 
last half of the week, evidently being In- 
fluenced by the lack of definite Information 
from tbe survivors of the earthquake and 
resulting fires in San Francisco and vicinity. 

Tacoma. — At the Tacoma (C H. Herald, 
manager) the American Extravaganza Co., 
April 22, 23, did well. Summer stock sea- 
son opens 29, with the Mortis company, In 
"Roanoke." Tbe end of the theatrical sea- 
son (road companies) ended with "The Heir 
to the Hoorah," on April 21. The manage- 
ment donnted the use of the theatre to toe 
Elks 24, for a benefit performance by ama- 
teurs. In and around Tacoma, for the ban 
Francisco earthquake sufferers. 

Grand (D. B. Worley, manager) .—Week 
beginning April 28: Grace Huntington and 
company, In "A Matrimonial MIxup;" the 
Itlslejs. Ida Howell, Joseph Callahan Wal- 
lace 4 Beach, Frank Rowan, Illustrated songs 
and motion pictures. 

Stab (H. M. Owens, manager). — Week be- 
ginning 23, Allen Stock Co. presented "The 
Droll Mr. Spauldlng." with M. J. Hooley la 
the title role. Special matinee Tuesday, for 
the benefit of the San Francisco relief fund. 

Cb ystal ( V7. J. Tlmmona, manager).— 
Week beginning 23 : McKenzIe- Moore Co., La 
Toska, juggler; Will C. Brown, Smith and 
Ellis, Richard Lester, Illustrated songs and 
motion pictures. On tbe afternoon of 23 
two matinees were given for the benefit of 
the San Francisco earthquake sufferers Box 
office was In charge of the Chamber of Com- 

Note. — Victor George Vanoly, of the Uni- 
versity of Paris, France, will give an address 
In French, entitled "Sarah Bernhardt," at 
Tacoma Music Hall, April 80. 


Iowa City. — At the Opera House (C. C. 

Rowley, manager) "Tbe Land of Nod" April 

27, Albert Hubbard lecture 28, "Land of 

Cotton" May 8, local grand opera recital fl. 



K. N. G., April 80-May 12, at which the fol- 
lowing will appear: Heck's hippodrome, 
Chauncey Moreland, Princess Lola, midget 

mother; Cleoe GUI, Bucklln Ferris Wheel, 
Romany Gipsies, Ferguson electric theatre, 
Nichols Family, Koehler Trio, Mile. Leon! 
Bonnie, Myer, In leap the gap, aud Batzen- 
jammer Castle. 



Dearer, — At tbe Broadway (E. F. Mo- 
Court, manager) Nellie Stewart, In "Sweet 
Nell of Old Drury," pleased large houses last 
week, and will repeat the same ploy week of 
30. Sothern and Marlowe May 7-12. 

Obphbdu (Martin Beck, general mana- 
ger). — Capacity houses ruled last week, with 
Elisabeth Spencer, a local favorite, as a feat- 
ure. Bill for April 30 snd week : Bert Coote 
and company, Elizabeth Murray, Keno, Welch 
and Melrose, Argeoanti Trio, Tony Wilson 
end Helolse, RawBon and June, the Amoros 
Sisters snd klnodrome. 

Tabob Grand (E. F. McCourt, manager). 
— "Scotty, Klug of the Desert Mine," drew 
good houses last week. "Buster Brown" 80 
and week. 

EiiriRE (J. E. Clifford, manager). — Miss 
New York Jr. did fair business last week. 
Week of 20, "Casey snd the Green Sod Club." 

Cbvstai, (G. I. Adams, manager).— BUI 
for week of 23 : Eunice Drake, Morgan and 
company, tbe Great Ouzos, Lavarnle and La- 
varnle. Hawea Sisters and pictures. Good 
houses rule. 

Novbltx (Henry Lubelskl, msnager). — The 
Fourteen Alpine Yodelers were the feature of 
a bill that pleased large bouses last week- 

Ci'BTia (A. It. Pelton, manager). — "Her 

Portland. — At the Jefferson ( Cahn & 
Grant, managers) tbe Harcourt Comedy Co., 
April 23 ana week, except 25, came to good 
business. Sousa's Bond appeared before a 
large audience 2S, assisted by Elizabeth Schil- 
ler, Jeanette Powers and Herbert Clarke. The 
management and bend making this a benefit 
performance for tbe San Francisco sufferers. 
Andrew Mack SO, Annie Russell May 1, 2, 
"Lucie Tom's Cabin" 4, 5. Bartley McCul- 
lutn Summer Stock Co. opens 28. 

Portland (J. E. Moore, manager). — 
Booked week of 80: Gould and Suratt the 
Dorla Trio, Sabine, O'Nell and Mile, vera, 
Hawthorne and Burt Caron and Fmrnum, 
and Mile. Celesse. 

Citt Hall. — The Jefferson and Portland 
Theatres Joined, and, assisted by local talent 

Sve a monster benefit concert April 28, for 
e San Francisco sufferers, the entire gross 
receipts being donated. Tbe entire Portland 
Theatre Co. and the vaudeville acts from the 
Harcourt Comedy Co., at the Jefferson Thea- 
tre, with local acts from the Mohawk: Min- 
strels, and numerous other volunteers, made 
up a very entertaining programme. 
♦ ■ » 

Oklahoma City. — At the Overholser 
(Ed. Overholser, msnager) Albert Taylor 
Stork Co.. April 15-21, did fair business. 
Doc>:stader's Minstrels, 22 had S. R. O. at 
night. "Buster Brown," 27, closed the local 

Drlhar Gabden (Slnopoulo A Marre, man- 
agers).— Innis* Band opened six performances 
22, to capacltv 

Bijou (H. A Carletoo, manager). — Bill 
week of 22 Included: Dixie Harris, Zoe Lewis, 
pianist ; Harry Newman, Jack Benson, Brum- 
mage and Clark, and Bljougraph. Fair busi- 


Manchester. — At the Opera House (E. 
W. Harrington, manager) dark week of April 
23. Andrew Mack May 3. 

Pabk (John Stltes, manager).— "A Mad 
Love," April 20-28, did well. 

BurltnsctOB. — At the Stronr Theatre 
(Cahn A Grant, managers) "Twenty-two 
Days from Manila," April 21 (local from fort 
Etben Allen), did well. "The Old Clothes 
Man," 24, drew fairly well. Sadie Calhoun, 
In "Sweet Clover," 25, pleased. On 22, 
Whalen Bros, owners, tendered the bouse 
for a moss meeting benefit (San Francisco). 
"PriBcllla" (local) 27, 28, benefit San Fran- 
cisco, People's Benefit Entertainment (local), 
May 2 ; Frank Daniels 7. 

aa ■ 


Whose picture appears upon the front page 
of this Issue, has held a prominent position 
In the amusement world for a number of 
years, In the managerial end of which Ms 
work has left Its Indelible Impress upon the 
vaudeville branch of the profession, a field 
he has broadened and improved by his enter- 
prising methods. His re-entry Into amuse- 
ment fields, ofter a short absence therefrom, 
has created a stir, and brought him again 
into the limelight of public notice. Mr. 
Fynes is a native of Boston, about forty-six 
years old, and first came to New York City 
twenty years ago to become the dramatic 
editor of Tea Nbw Yobk Clippbb. Shortly 
afterward he was made the first dramatic 
editor of The Evening Bun. In 1803 he 
identified himself with B. F. Keith, and his 
fine business acumen made blm an Important 
factor In the development of modern vaude- 
ville, he having been the pioneer In Inducing 
the well known players In tbe legitimate 
ranks to enter vaudeville. He was also one 
of the first managers to Introduce moving 

filctures In America, and has been regarded 
or the past twelve years, first with Mr. Keltli 
and then with F. F. Proctor, aa a leading 
authority on vaudeville and the drams, tea 
a business man of keen insight and dar- 
ing Initiative. Mr. Fynes Is now the 
president of the International Amusement 
and Realty Company, of New York, whicb 
owns the property, called "the cburcn 
corner," on the northwest corner of Finn 
Avenue and One Hundred and Twenty- 
fifth Street, and which has leased the Tblni 
Avenue Theatre, at present closed for »oi- 
provements. Another of Mr. Fynes' amuse- 
ment enterprises Is the establishment of « 
chain of moving picture shows throughout 
New York City and nearby towns, the run- 
let Amusement Company having been in- 
corporated for that purpose, with Mr. Fyi^s 
sa president The latest piece of news id 
connection with the International Amuse- 
ment and Realty Company la the securlnc M 
that company of Proctor's Fifth Avenue The- 
atre, which was bought In the parcel known 
as the Gllsey estate, numbering from n | * J 
to 1103 Broadway. The price was said to 
be about si, 500,000. It Is apparent tint 
Mr. Fynes Is alert and active, and he prom- 
ises additional surprises In the matter « 
securing theatrical properties In the near 

MQ.MTUMS of me 

cmcAT(meD&?PRICMRD& , 

SeeiyCMiude Raymond) 
Jie colored AttendinT. 
« Music's dotmegomg , 

Jike 4 jumping jack 

Juliin Fndkotr CCau./. Ross) 

MmSSS^Sm»*9jS^Su Wolrl" »T » ^*nd,C^h»»ind u >4in4 'HrHt&.dico/rOoupbCbyM) 

pewno tf Columns of rntSociuv/Hrl. Wlltn IheW^x figure comes to lift" in a Styrum coo*////. J>ev>o»sMe for»ll/ntmi,d>„f. 

*^fc~ 'indh'* otmo of fiorta tr*ii"'r>^ . 



May 5. 

Mig Clipper's 

Rnecdotes, Personalities and Comments, 


ST1GE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


Seekers for stage fame have been known 
to ascend from the bumble position of 
"props" to that of "star," though the number 
la not vast. But many who, beginning la the 
modest, and often times onerous occupation 
of looking after tbe properties of the com- 
pany, have finally become leading actors. 

Justine Bonitelle (Justine la ber real 
name, not Jessie), who Is to atar In "Zaxa," 
at tbe West Bad Theatre, for a week's fare- 
well to ber vast admiring clientele In Harlem, 
telle of tbe bumble beginning made by ber 
clever husband, A. H. Stuart, now prominent 
in the cast of "The Pit," playing at tbe 
Academy. Be began at "props" at Booth's 
Theatre when that playhouse was opened, 
later continuing bis dramatic career as lead- 
ing man, for twelve years, for Mme. Janau- 

When Stuart was about fifteen, and large 
for that age, he left bis Virginia home with- 
out the consent of his parents, like many a 
boy has done before and since. Be wanted to 
learn to act, and bla people not approving 
of bla desire, forbade any thoughts upon tbe 
subject. However, young Stuart's mind was 
made up, and be started for Chicago, where 
he heard that Booth was playing an engage- 
ment. That great actor being the object of 
the boy's admiration, be determined to get to 
him If possible. Falling at tbe stage door to 
reach the busy star, and finding that the 
Brlggs Hotel was his stopping place, young 
Stuart made application there for a position 
as hell-boy, which he succeeded In getting. 

Learning the number of the great trage- 
dian's room, tbe boy faithfully kept bis eye 
on the signal and bis ear on tbe listen for 
call to that room. For two days, however, 
he bad no opportunity to serve tbe object of 
hie dramatic bopes. Other boys got In ahead 
of him, or be was off on other duties when a 
call to Booth'a room was registered. 

Finally an Ice-water call brought tbe ex- 
pectant boy to the "front," and he Joyfully 
carried the requested cool pitcher to the 
door, through which bis resolute knock 
brought In answer the beautiful, resonant 
tonea of tbe actor, bidding him "come In." 

Booth was busily writing. After placing 
tbe water on tbe table at the actor's elbow, 
the boy etood silently waiting for a word 
from the great man which might give him 
the chance of a word in return. In that 
word he meant to acquaint tbe actor ot his 
great ambition to follow In tbe elder man's 

"That's all, my boy," said the actor, not 
looking up. 

"But I would like to speak to you, Sir," 
said Stuart 

"Indeed," replied Booth kindly, "and what 
do 'you wish?" 

"I want to be an actor, Sir," exclaimed 
Stuart, all bla heart and soul In bla earnest 
reply, which seemed to arrest the attention 
of tbe tragedian, who, after thinking for an 
Instant, aald : 

"Well, roy theatre In New York will soon 
be opened. Perhaps I can find something 
there for you to do." 

That answer was enough for tbe boy, who, 
with a "thank you. Sir," disappeared. In bis 
mind was the Intention to get to New York 
or perish in tbe attempt. It took some plan- 
ning aud spirit to reach the metropolis, bow- 
ever. Not having enough money to pay bis 
way there by way of a continuous trip, be 
first expressed bla best clothes to New York 
to bla own name, to be called for. It took 
several daye for the boy to finally reach the 
Mecca of bla hopes, for, like many another 
young traveler without means, he had to get 
there "tbe best be could." That part of 
Btuart'a career would by Itself make a stir- 
ring chapter. 

Earning a little money by odd Jobs, tbe 
young aspirant finally went to the express 
office and procured his "Sunday-best," and, 
attired In them, through resolute strategy, 
he gained the presence of Booth, whose the- 
atre was then about to be opened. 

The actor did not remember tbe boy, and 
said so. 

"But, Mr. Booth," persisted young Stuart, 
"you engayod me In Chicago," then brought 
to tbe actor's mind the circumstances of his 
engagement. The result of the young man's 
persistence was the position of call-boy, then 
"props." While In these capacities he fre- 
quently went out Into tbe stage light as 
super, finally winning small parts, then 
gradually ascending the dramatic ladder to 

Hundreds of others, besides Stuart, live to 
thank Dootb for their histrionic start. 

Stair & Hnvlln have engaged Miss Bon- 
stclto, who for two seasons was the star and 
an Immense favorite at Proctor's Ono Hun- 
dred and Twenty-fifth Street Theatre. This 
extremely versatile actress will piny a Sum- 
mer engagement nt the Star, In Buffalo, N. 
Y„ opening In "The Unforeseen," which Is a 
play calculated happily to Introduce all the 
company to their new audiences, for this 
ploy la one of that sort that gives the whole 
company a chance to ehow what tbey can do, 
respectively and collectively. 

Miss Bonstelle 1b personally selecting her 
people at the Broadway offices of SLatr A 
Ilavlln, which company will play "Znsa," to 
be produced for tho first tlmo In New York 
City by a stock organization. 


Miss Bonstelle, who Is an ardent follower 
of the Christian Science doctrine, has a 
fund of amusing "science" stories about 
youngsters trained In, that faith. 

One bIic related was about a small boy, 
whose small terrier was very alck. The boy, 

deeply concerned, took bla pet to a physician 
whom be knew on bis block. , 

"I wish you would core my dog," be said 
to tbe doctor, "I'm afraid he's going to die." 

"But your folks are sll Christian Scientists, 
and you are too," protested the doctor, with 
a twinkle la bis eye. 

"I know that," said the boy, "but I wish 
you'd get at my dog Just the same." 

"Why don't you try 'science* on him?" 
asked tbe doctor. 

"Well," faltered tbe youngster, "I would, 

but— but— well, the troth is," with a burst 

of confidence, "the truth Is, I don't want all 

the fight taken ont of the dog." 


Charles Porter, now prominent with tbe 
Whitney forces, Is another example of gradu- 
ation from the position of "props." The 
stubbornness of a goat was the Immediate 
cause, though not tbe principal reason, for 
this. A professional friend of bis recalls 
tbe time, eighteen or twenty years ago, when 
Porter was doing the "property work" for 
Will T. Clark (now of "Checkers" Co.), who, 
with Ned Naftiger, was barnstorming tbe 
West, In "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "Peck's 
Bad Boy." 

A part of Porter's duties consisted In 
looking to the needs and care of the "blood- 
hounds" In the former play, and managing 
the "goat's*' affairs la the latter. 

Bis decision to graduate immediately from 
that position:' was made one dark, stormy 
night, when the "Peck's Bsd Boy" Co. landed 
late In a email place. The hotel was about 
half a mile from the depot, and no bus forth- 
coming, "walk" was the order. 

Porter, In charge of tbe "Wllbelmenus- 
Caprlcornus," ordinarily known as tbe "Billy 
Goat," was the last of the trailing pedes- 
trlsns who complalnlngly dragged their tired 
feet down a puddly, muddy street, in search 
of their sleeping place. 

The animal took a sudden dislike to the 
walk, and though Porter pulled hard at tbe 
string around "Billy's" neck, he refused to 
move, preferring to camp In the middle of 
tbe street The last words that Clark, who 
was disappearing In the distance, beard 
Porter exclaiming, were : 

"Come along 1 you hungry can-eater," and 
at the same time nslng words more forceful 
than elegant Then, with another tug at 
the leader, which was resisted by tbe goat, 
be continued with the resolution : "No more 
keeper ot Uncle-Tom-bloodhounds for me I no 
more caretaker of Peck'»-Ba4-Boy-gaat$ for 
Charley Porter I" 

Now Porter Is far, far from his humble 
start In the profession. 


HUlershlp Bisters, Gates and Nelson, and 
Morton and Diamond. The Albee Stock Co. 
opens May 6, in "The Second In. Command," 
followed by "The Dictator." 

Westminster (Geo. H. Batcheller, man- 
ager).— The Dainty Duchess Co this week. 
Clark's Runaway Girls follow. 

i . > i I.. 

WooaaocketV-At tbe Woonsocket Opera 
House (J. E. Ogden, manager) Maude Bill- 
man Co. week of April 80. The Klerk-Urban 
Stock Co. drew well 23-28. "As Ye Bow" 
May 7, 8, "The Sunny South" 10. 

Hub (Jas. W. Conklln, manager).— The All 
Star Vaudeville Co. week of April 80. Tbe 
bill last week drew well. 

■ ■ s ■ 

Newport. — At tbe Newport Opera House 
Annie Russell delighted her audience April 
28. Bofflnton Stock Co. drew well 24, 2D. 
Lillian Buiscll and vaudeville company 
played to fair business 26. "Tbe Education 
of Mr. Plop" was presented before a large 
audience if Klrkc Brown Co. 80, May 1, 
grand concert (local talent), for San Fran- 
cisco Relief Fund, 2. 

e ■> 


Mad Marriage" drew good business last week. 
Week of 30, "Tbe Moonshiner's Daughter. 
Following week, the Bummer stock company 
will open in "The Road to Ruin." 

Notes.— Mrs. Elitch-Long has gone East 
to orrange for the theatrical attractions for 
Elitche's Gardens, to open about May 80. 

Jan Kubellk, tbe violinist, will appear 

here May 14 Twenty-nine members of 

the Cherry Blossom Burlesque Co. passed 
through Denver 21, from Ban Francisco, 
where they lost everything, to New York. 

Nelfle Stewart and company, at the 

Broadway: Miss New York Jr. Co., at the 
Empire, and Walter Scott, at the Tabor 
Grand, gave special matinees Inst week for 

the San Francisco destitute The women 

of Miss New York Jr. sold papers on the 
streets 23, for the San Francisco homeless- 
......The entertainment committee of the 

Denver Chamber of Commerce gave a musi- 
cal 26, at which Maude Fealy, was tbe guest 
of honor. 


No. 49. 
On our cartoon page this week are gtynn 
our artist's Impressions of "A Social Whirl " 
at the Casino. Nick Norton, the veteran 
showman, is also pictured, and tbe followlnc 
vaudeville attractions at Hyde & Bebman'y 
Theatre, Brooklyn, last week, are shown • 
Cliff Gordon, Mr. end Mrs, Jean Breganr' 
Tree and Jennon, Irving Jones. John r 
Rice and Sallle Cohen, Rice and Elmer, Mlip 
Renee De Paris, the Reed Birds, and Vluella's 

♦ «» 


Seattle.— At the Grand Opera House 
(John Cort, manager) Blanche WalBh, in 
"The Woman In the Case," April 15-18, scored 
heavily. Kubellk, violinist, 10, in concert 
was greeted by a packed bouse. Creator! 
Clarke, In "Monsieur Beaucalre," 22-24 ■ Ku- 
bellk 22, aBslBted by Wagner's Band, benefit 
for California sufferers. Brltt-Nelson fight 
pictures 20. Frederick Wards and company 

?:lve four performances for tbe benefit Call 
orola sufferers 30-May 1. University of Ne- 
braska Glee Club 8. * 
Sbattlb (John Cort, manager). — Return 

Norfolk.— At the Academy of Music (Otto 
Wells, local manager) "The Plainsmen" 
pleased April 24. Ofls Skinner May 4, clos- 
ing tbe bouse season. ...» 

TJranbi (Otto Wells, local manager).— "A 
Rocky Road to Dublin" came to well filled 
houses April 28-28. "Secret Service Sam" 
week of 80. 

Acme (Wllkerson A Mansle, managers). 
People week of 80 : Larke and Adams, Fran- 
cis Bisters. Oscar Brewer, C. G. Clifford and 
tbe Frankforts. Business Is good. 

Bijou (Abb Smith, manager). — New peo- 
ple week of 80: Revere and Dallard, Anna 
Harrison, Parker and West, Madge Maltland, 
Marie Maxwell and Charles La Pine. Busi- 
ness Is good. 

Manhattan (Crlnnlan Bros., managers).— 
People week of 80 : Minnie Patterson, Jack 
Stockton, Bill Campbell. May Lemuels. Leo 
Florence, Chas. E. Ward and the Madderns. 
"Tho Tom Boy of Manchester" will be pro- 
duced under direction of Leo Florence. Busi- 
ness Is good. 

Auditobiuu: (J. M. Barton, manager). — 
People week of 80 : Johnson and Rents, 
James Nearey, Sullivan and Raymond. Greaft 
and Brown, and Sisters Loralne. "The Jolly 
Widows," burlesque, will be presented by 
Johnson, Rents and Nearey. Business Is 

Richmond.— At the Bijou (Chas. X. Mc- 

Kee, manager) "Young Buffalo, King of the 
West," April 28-28, did well. Little Chip 
and Mary Marble, In "Glorlana," 80 and 
week. Charles H. Aldrlch, In "Secret Service 
Sam," follows. 

Academy or Music (Chas. I. McKee, man- 
ager). — Edward Emerson (Illustrated lec- 
ture) "Running tbe Blockade at Port Ar- 
thur," 26. Orrln Johnson, la "The Plains- 
man," 26-28; Otis Skinner, In "The Duel," 
May 5. 

—— .I ■■! - ^ i 

stiuinton. — At the Beverley (Barkman A 
Shultz, managers) Mme. Modjeska, In "Mac- 
beth." April 28, drew a large audience. 
Cbauncey L. Southern 26-26. 

Washing-ton.— At the New National (W. 
R. Rapley, manager), this week, Charles 
Illchman, In "Gallops." Last week, Oris 
Skinner, In "The Duel," gave great satis- 
faction, to large business. "The Embarrass- 
ment of Riches" next week. 

Columbia (Luckett A Standing, mana- 

Sirs). — This week marks the opening of the 
prlng and Summer season at this house, at 
popular prices, with a new play, by J. Hart- 
ley Manners, entitled "The Indiscretion of 
Youth." The new stock company Includes: 
Guy Standing, Clara Morris, John Mason, 
Jeffreys Lewis. Louise Galloway, Dorothy 
Hammond, Bail McAllister, Malcolm Dun- 
can, George Gorton and others. Surely a 
remarkably strong array of talent, the like 
of which has never heretofore entertained 
Washington audiences at popular prices. Last 
week, "Hie Honor, the Mayor, or the Fink 
Hussars," with the original English Pony 
Ballet, played to fair business. T 'The Duke 
of Ellllcraukle" next week. 

Belasco (L. Stoddard Taylor, manager). 
— This week, the Spring and Summer Beason 
la Inaugurated by the Belasco Stock Co., In 
"Lady Huntworth's Experiment" The com- 
pany Is headed by Odette Tyler, and Includes : 
Wilson Melrose, Fuller Hellish, Harold 
Salter, Robert S.Taber, Guy Coombs, Blanche 
Stoddard, Inez Plummer, Lucy and Anna Pll- 
lengcr. Last week, Louis Mann and Clara 
Llpman, In "Julie Bonbon," had good sized 
houses. "The Jilt' next week. 

AcADBuy or Music (J. W. Lyons, mana- 
ger). — This week, "The Queen of the Con- 
victs." Last week "Lured from Home" 
packed the bouse. "Fighting Fate" next. 

Majestic (Ira J. La Motte, manager). — 
This week, "Arizona-" Last week "Me, 
Him and I" had a return engagement, to 
capacity business. Frank Cusbman, in "The 
Airship," next. 

Lyceum (Eugene Kornan, manager) . — 
This week, the American Burlesquers. Last 
week the Orientals bad the usual large audi- 
ences. The Bohemians next. 

Chase's (MIbb H. Winifred De Witt, man- 
ager). — This week's bill: B. F. Outcault, 
wireless telegraphy, by Capt. Bloom, Augusta 
Close, Emll Hock, Jane Elton and company, 
the Worpert Trio, Qua Bruno, Deltorelll and 
Gllssando, and tbe vltagraph pictures of the 
late San Francisco disaster. 

Contbntion Hall. — Williams and Walker, 
In "Abyssinia," 30-May 2. 

Notes. — A benefit performance at Chase's, 
24, netted nearly $000, $200 ot which was 
forwarded to strsnded players In San Fran- 
bIco, and the balance turned over to the relief 

committee, to be sent to that city 

Manager Taylor, of the Belasco, turned over 
11,825 to the San Francisco relief committee, 
the gross receipts of a matinee 2S, given by 
Louts Maun and Clara Llpman. 
« i» 

Pueblo. — At tbe Grand Opera House 
(B. W. Johnson, manager) "Plffl Pnffll 
Pouf 1 1 1" had a good house April 17. "Sweet 
Nell of Old Drutr," with Nellie Stewart, 

tell! Opera Co. 24. , __. 

Earl (G. M. Morris, manager).— Business 
has been varying from fair to good. Bill 
for week of 23: Davey and Bverson, Early 

aod Late, Nello, novelty Juggler; the Two 
Elngsburys, E. C. Bevllle, Mr. Walsh, In 
songs, and motion pictures. "A Boarding 
School Conspiracy" and "Living Flowers." 

4«» ■ 


Girls Burlesque Co. 28 and week.' 

Third Avdndb (Russell A Drew, mana- 
gers). — "Ruined Lives" 22-28, "A Texas 
Ranger" week of 20. Ayleswortb Co., In "To 
Die at Dawn," follows. 

Stab (M. G. Wtnstock, manager). — New 
_eop!e week of 23: Bappoll, O'Rourke-Bur- 
netc Trio, Lutz Bros., Ralph Cummlngs and 


Provluenee. — At the Providence Opera 
Houbb (F. R. Wendelscbaeferkmanager) Lil- 
lian Russell and her vaudeville company at- 
tracted large and appreciative audiences 
April 23-25. On the blif with her were: Ma- 
sarto, Canfleld and Carlton, Edna Luby, 
Chevalier de Lorle, Green and Werner, Jack 
Norworth, Rice and Provost, and moving pic- 
tures. Annie Russell and a capable com- 
pany presented "Friend Hannah" 20-28, get- 
ting fine notices. "The Stolen Story," by 
Jesse Lynch Williams, will be played 80 and 
May 1, for the first time. The story Is of 
Hilly, a veteran reporter for a New York 
paper, who, absent-mindedly returned to tbe 
oftfeo from wblch he had been dismissed, and 
wrote an important story for which another 

fnper was waiting. By hin story Billy eaves 
be reputation of an Ex-Senator, with whoso 
daughter he Is In love, and eventually he 
wins the girl. In the cast are: Jameson 
Lee Finney, R. Pay ton Carter. Wright 
Kramer. James L. Seelev, Edwin Holt, Tully 
Marshall, John F. Doyle, Joseph F. Duval, 
Russell Burton, Warren Olana, Robert B. 
Keserrls. Theodore M. Morris, Augustine 
Daly Wllka, Ralph Delmore, George T. Rob- 
erts, David Klsfce, Maurice May, Stephen 
Wright, John R. Armstrong. Joseph M. 
Sparks, Patrick C. Foy, D. J. Francis, B. M. 
Russell, William Heerman, Dorothy Tennnnt, 
Marlon Abbott and Fanny Marlnoff. Alice 
Nielsen, In "Don Pasquale," 4, 5; Mclntyre 
and Heath 7-0. 

SnuoEBT (E. F. Boatwlck, manager). — De 
Wolf Hopper, In "Happyland," week of April 

llMniiE (Spitz A Nathaneon, managers). — 
"Behind tbe Mask" received golden praise 23- 
28. It Is followed 80 and week by "The 
Smart Set." "Tho Boy Behind the Gun" 
next week. 

Krith'b (Chas. Lovenberg, manager). — 
Tbe closing week of the vaudeville year, 30, 
brings the following bill : Kittle Barry, Leon 
Morris' anlmalB. Arthur and Mildred Boylan, 
Lawrence and Harrington, tbe Nichols Sis- 
ters, Irving Jones, the Misses Delmore, Les 
Alberts, John Qelger and Nellie Walters, the 

Louisville. — At Macauley's (J. T. Mac- 
auley, manager) a local attraction April 28- 
20. viola Allen, 27, 28. had crowded houses. 
"Coming Thro' the Rye" 80-May 2. 

Masonic (C, A. Shaw, manager) .—"The 
Three Cbaffeurs" was given Its first presen- 
tation on any stage 23. The play was writ- 
ten by Willowdean Chatterson, a young high 
school girl. Tbe cast was composed of the 
senior class of girls from the high school, 
and was given In a creditable manner. Hoi- 
den Stock Co. produced "East Lynne" tbe 
remainder of tbe week, to fair attendance. 
The performance 28 concluded the season of 
the stock company. 

Avenue) (C. A. Shaw, manager) "A Crown 
of Thorns,'' week of 22, attracted good at- 
tendance and pleased. "On the Bridge at 
Midnight" 20 and week. 

Bpckinoham (Whallen Bros., managers). 
—The Baltimore Beauties, week of 22, gave 
one of the most Interesting performances 
aeen at this house this season. It was full 
ot novelty, Interspersed with good comedy 
and music. Tbe work of Martini and Max- 
mllllan, the burlesque Illusionists, caught 
the house. Luba De Serena, in her sensa- 
tional act, "Sports from the East," la which 
she Introduces* a highly trained mountain 
bull, was given rounds of applause. High 
School Girls 20 and week. 

Fontaine Fbubt Pabk (Wm. Reich man, 
manager)..— A good programme enticed 
crowds. New people engaged week of 20: 
Sidney Drew and company, tbe Two Vivians. 
Swor Bros., and Louise Brehanny. 

Notes. — Col. John T. Macauley, manager 
of Macauley's Theatre, and Viola Allen, 
agreed to donate the entire proceeds ot the 
performance of "The Toast of the Town," at 
Macauley's, night of 28, to the sufferers ot 

tbe San Francisco earthquake Chas. A. 

Shaw, manager of Masonic Theatre, and tho 
Hotden Stock Co., donated the receipts of the 
matinee performance of "East Lynn," 25, to 

the same cause Forepaugh A Sells Bros. 

Circus Is billed for two performances SO... A 
Military Carnival and World's Fair pike will 
be held at the armory of the First Regiment, 
K. N. a., April 30-May 12, at which the fol- 
lowing will appear : Heck's hippodrome. 
Chnuncey Moreland, Princess Lulo, midget 
mother; Cleoe GUI,- Bucklln Ferris Wheel, 
Romany Gipsies, Ferguson electric theatre, 
Nichols Family, Koebler Trio, Mile. Leon! 
Bonnie, Myer, In leap tbe gap, and Katzen- 
Jammer Castle. 



Cedar Hspids — At Greene's Opera House 
(Will S. Collier, business manager) Chase- 
Lister Theatre Co., April 23-29, second week, 
had good business, and gave a fine bill- 
"The Land of Nod'' May I. "Little Johnny 
Jones" 8, "Alice In Wonderland" 4, 5, Hen- 
derson Stock Co. 8-18, except 8, when Ku- 
bilek appears. - M 

Fiona's (Vie Hugo, manager) . — Gooa 
business. Bill week of April 30 : Otura 
Jspanese Children, Millard Bros. Traak and 
Rogers, May Woodward, Ray W. Fay, and the 

Notes. — The new Amusement Park Co. has 

fturchased eighteen acres of ground at the 
ermlnus of the West End trolley line. , A 
vaudeville pavilion, 64 by 127 feet, will be 
built at once. Concessions will Include a 
dancing pavilion, roller skating rink, shoot 
the chutes, etc. May 30 Is announced as the 

opening date Fred Renzo (McClelland), 

contortionist, who died recently In Qulncy, 
HI., was born and raised In this city, where, 
lb 1892, he married Theresa Bader, who, 
with four small children, survive him. The 
youngest child was born two days after tbe 

father's death Both theatres here gave 

the grosa receipts of one performance to bene- 
fit the San Francisco sufferers. 
■ ■ — 

Davenport.— At the Burtls Opera House 
(direction Chomberlln, Kindt A CoJ Howe's 
moving pictures April 26, "Hooligan's 
Troubles" 27, Paul Gilmore 28, "The Last 
Rose of Summer 20. 

Elite; (direction Chas. Berkell).— For 23 
and week: James Holt, Jerome and White- 
side, Adonis Fayblo, Lena Kline, James A. 
and Cecelia Welch. At Tuesday matinee tbe 
entire proceeds were donated to the Red 
Cross for tbe relief of the San Francisco 

Family (direction H. F. Jarchow). — For 
23 and week: The Four Graceful Crohn, 
Cbrla Christopher, Swor and Westbrook, 
Lucille W. Harper, Harry and Minnie Glbbfl. 
Jeanette Laurelle will appear 80 aud week, 
together with Hawley and Olcott, Meola, 
Malda and company, Verden and Dunlop, 
Louise Adams, Illustrated songs and moving 

Note. — John Dunlap, the manager of the 
Grand Opera House, died April 23. He had 
been connected with this house in some ca- 
pacity for the past twelve years. 
— i s ~ ■ 

Keokuk. — At the La Salle (Reeves & 
Dodge, managers) business 1b good, and the 
following pleased laBt week: Prof. Mlett'B 
Dog Circus, May Woodward, Alton Robert- 
son, and the biograph. BUI week of April 
30: Capt. Sidney Hlnman, CoBton*md Har- 
vey. W. H. Landis, and Alton Robertson. 

Casino (Reeves ft Dodge, managers). — 
Will open the Summer season June 7, pre- 
senting Shlpp's Indoor Circus for a week's 

Notes.— Cole Bros.' Circus will exhibit 

here May 16 Talbot's "Fighting the 

Flames" will make an early appearance here, 
but the date Is not definite. 

lit " — 

Dubuque.— At the Grand Opera House 
(Wm. T. Roehl, manager) moving pictures 
delighted a fair house April 23. Wallack'e 
Theatre Co. 26-28. 

Bijou (Jake Rosenthal, manager). — Bill 
week of 23: Rice and Edwards, "Tulsa," 
Fltihagh and Besele Lee, Clark and Temple, 
the Musical Goolmans, and the klnodrome. 
On Sunday, 20, benefit for the Ban Francisco 


company, Berkley and Dunetan, Rose Kent 
Ward, Pete Dunaworth and moving pictures 

Obpheum (E. J. Donellan, manager). 

New people week of 23 : Llzette Shackleford 
Fernando-May Trio, the Werntas, Clay Robin- 
eon and company, Harry Valvls, Tracey Mc- 
Dermott and moving pictures, 

Paktaoeb (Alex. Tantages, manager).— 
New people week of 28 : Ray Southard, Carl 
Brothers, Biff and Bang, McCloud and Mel- 
ville, Nina Jordan, Leo White and moving 

Central (Michael Shannon, manager).— 
New people week of 23 : Louise Lister, Glor- 
lue and her Badlum Girls, Eddie Bridges 
Inez and Odey, Sadie Hlte and moving pic- 

Pbincbss (at Ballard) (Michael Sharkey, 
manager). — New people week of 23: The 
Fletchers, Carnell Bisters, Clauds Wilson, Leo 
Jefferson and moving pictures. 

Strand (Mose Goldsmith, manager). — New 

lople week of 23: Henry Sisters, Belle Stat- 
'ord and Clara Franklin. 

Gaidtt (Fred Ritchie, manager). — New 
people week of 23 : Gladys Townsend, Jessie 
Lancaster and Alice Mossley. 

Thalia (Mose Goldsmith, manager).— 
New people week of 23 : Sadie Molton, Dalsle 
Gilbert and Viola Stewart 

Notes. — Managers aud performers alike 
have generously proffered their assistance to 
aid tbe California sufferers. All the theatres 
have announced -benefit performances next 

week Tbe attendance at the continuous 

shows has diminished perceptibly during the 
last half of the week, evidently being in- 
fluenced by the lack of definite information 
from tbe survivors of the earthquake and 
resulting fires In San Francisco and vicinity, 
— — ■ ' s — ' 

Tufonia.— At tbe Tacoma (C. H. Herald, 
manager) the American Extravaganza Co., 
April 22, 23, did well. Summer stock sea- 
son opens 20, with tbe Morris company, la 
"Roanoke." Tbe end of tbe theatrical sea- 
son (road companies) ended with "The Heir 
to tbe Hoorab," on April 21. The manage- 
ment donated the use of the theatre to the 
Elks 24, for a benefit performance by ama- 
teurs. In and around Tacoma, for the Sou 
FranclBCO earthquake sufferera 

Gband (D. B. Worley, manager). — Week 
beginning April 23 : Grace Huntington and 
company, In "A Matrimonial Mlxup ;" tbe 
BlslevB, Ida Howell, Joseph Callahan Wal- 
lace x Beach, Frank Rowan, Illustrated songs 
and motion pictures. 

Stab (H. m. Owens, manager). — Week be- 
ginning 23, Allen Stock Co. presented "Tbe 
Droll Mr. Spauldlng." with M. J. Hooley In 
tbe title role. Special matinee Tuesday, for 
the benefit of tbe Son Krancleco relief fund. 

Crystal ( W. J. Tlmmons, manager). — 
Week beginning 23 : McKenzle-Moore Co., La 
Toska, juggler; Will C. Brown, Smith and 
Ellis, Richard Lester, Illustrated songs and 
motion pictures. On the afternoon of 23 
two matinees were given for the benefit of 
the San Francisco earthquake sufferers. Box 
office was in charge of the Chamber of Com- 

Notb. — Victor George Vanoly, of tbe Uni- 
versity of Paris, Fronce, wilt give an address 
In French, entitled "Sarah Bernhardt," at 
Tacoma Music Hall, April 80. 
4 « » 

Iowa City. — At the Opera House (C. C. 
Rowley, manager) "The Land of Nod" April 
27, Albert Hubbard lecture 28, "Land of 
Cotton" May 8, local grand opera recital fl. 

< i > 


Dmvcr. — At the Broadway (E. F. lie- 
Court, manager) Nellie Stewart, In "Sweet 
Nell of Old Drury," pleased large houses last 
week, and will repeat the same play week ot 
30. Sothern and Marlowe May 7-12. 

Obthrum (Martin Beck, general mana- 
ger). — Capacity houses ruled laBt week, with 
Elisabeth Spencer, a local favorite, as a feat- 
ure. Bill for April 80 and week: Bert Coote 
and company, Elizabeth Murray, Keno, Watch 
and Melrose, Argenantl Trio, Tony Wilson 
and Helolse, Rawson and June, the Amoros 
Slaters and klnodrome. 

Tabor Grand (E. F. McCourt, manager). 
— "Scotty, King of the Desert Mine," drew 
good houses laBt week. "Buster Brown" 30 
and week. 

Bunas (J. R. Clifford, manager). — Miss 
New York Jr. did fair business last week. 
Week of 20, "Casey and the Green Sod Club." 

Cbybtal (G. I. AdamB, manager). — Bill 
for week of 28 : Eunice Drake, Morgan and 
company, tho Great Ontos, Lavarnle and La- 
varnte. Hawes SlBtera and pictures. Good 
houses rule. 

Novkltt (Henry Lubelskl, manager) .-—The 
Fourteen Alpine Vodelers were the feature of 
a bill that pleased large houses last week. 

Curtis (A. R, Pelton, manager). — "Her 

Portland. — At the Jefferson (Cahn A 
Grant, managers) the Harcourt Comedy Co., 
April 23 and week, except 20, came to good 
business. Sousa's Band appeared before a 
large audience 23, assisted by Elizabeth Schil- 
ler, Jeanette Powers and Herbert Clarke. The 
management and bond making this a benefit 
performance for the San Francisco sufferers. 
Andrew Mack 80. Annie Russell May 1, 2, 
"Uncle Tom'B Cabin" 4, 5. Hartley McCul- 
lum Summer Stock Co. opens 28. 

Portland (J. B. Moore, manager) . — 
Booked week of 80: Gould and Suratt the 
Dorla Trio, Sabine, O'Nell and Mile. Vera, 
Hawthorne and Burt, Caron and Farnum, 
and Mite. Celcsso. 

Citt Hall. — The Jefferson and Portland 
Theatres joined, and, assisted by local talent, 

fave a monster benefit concert April 28, for 
be San Francisco sufferers, the entire gross 
receipts being donated. The entire Portland 
Theatre Co. and the vaudeville acta from the 
Harcourt Comedy Co., at the Jefferson Thea- 
tre, with local acta from tbe Mohawk Min- 
strels, and numerous other volunteers, made 
up a very entertaining programme. 
«■ p 


Oklahoma City. — At the Overholser 
(Ed. Overholser, manager) Albert Taylor 
Stock Co., April 15-21, did fair business, 
Dockstader's Minstrels, 22 had S. B, O. at 
night "Buster Brown," 27, closed the local 

Daluar Gabdbn (Sfnopouto A Marre, man- 
agers). — Inula' Band opened six performances 
22, to capacity 

Bijou (H. A. Carleton, manager). — Bill 
week of 22 Included : Dixie Harris, Zoe Lewis, 
pianist ; Harry Newman, Jack Benson, Brum- 
mage and Clark, and BIJougrapb. Fair busi- 

4 >» 

Manchester. — At the .Opera House (E. 
W. Harrington, manager) dark week of April 
23. Andrew Meek May 8. 

Pabk (John Stiles, manager). — "A Mad 
Love," April 20-28, did well. 

Burlington. — At the Strong Theatre 
( Cahn & Grant, managers) "Twenty-two 
Days from Manila," April 21 (local from fort 
Ethen Allen), did well. "Tbe Old Clothes 
Man," 24, drew fairly well. Sadie Calhoun, 
In "Sweet Clover," 25, pleased. On 22, 
Whalen Bros., owners, tendered the bouse 
for a mass meeting benefit (San Francisco). 
"Priscllla" (local) 27, 28, benefit San Fran- 
cisco, People'B Benefit Entertainment (local), 
May 2 ; Frank Daniels 7. 

4 ■» 

Whose picture appears upon the front pnge 
of this issue, has held a prominent position 
in the amusement world for a number of 
years, In the managerial end of which bis 
work has left its indelible impress upon the 
vaudeville branch of the profession, a field 
he has broadened and Improved by his enter 
prising methods. His re-entry into amuse- 
ment fields, after a short absence therefrom, 
has created a Btlr, and brought blm agola 
into the limelight of public notice. Mr. 
Fynes is a native of Boston, about forty-air 
years old, and first came to New York City 
twenty years ago to become the dramatic 
editor of Tdb Nnw Yobk Clippbr. Shortly 
afterward he was made the first dramatic 
editor of The Kventng Bun. In 1808 he 
identified htmpelf with B. F. Keith, and his 
fine business acumen made him an Important 
factor In tbe development of modern vaude- 
ville, he having been tbe pioneer In Inducing 
the well known players In tbe legitimate 
ranks to enter vaudeville. He was also one 
of the first managers to Introduce noviog 

filctures In America, and has been "8*™™ 
or the past twelve years, first with Mr, EMU 
and then with F. F. Proctor, as a leading 
authority on vaudeville and the drama, ana 
a business man of keen Insight and dor- 
Ing initiative. Mr. Fynes Is now the 
president of the International Amusement 
and Realty Company, of New York, wbica 
owns the property, called "the church 
coruer," on the northwest corner of vma 
Avenue and One Hundred and Twenty 
fifth Street, and which has leased the Third 
Avenue Theatre, at present closed for *m* 
provements. ■ Another of Mr. Fynes* amuse- 
ment enterprises Is the establishment or a 
chain of moving picture shows throughout 
New York City and nearby towns, the Mco- 
let Amusement Company having been in- 
corporated for that purpose, with Mr. Fy"ps 
sb president The latest piece of news in 
connection with tbe International Amuse- 
ment and Realty Company Is the securing W 
that company of Proctor's Fifth Avenue r» 
atre. which was bought In the parcel know* 
as the GHoey estate, numbering from 1HP 
to 1103 Broadway. The price was said to 
be about fl.500,000. It Is apparent tM] 
Mr. Fynes is olert and active, and ue prom- 
lses additional surprises In tbe matter ot 
securing theatrical properties In the near 

n-w.ffflfflfflS of msjpgfflff M0$ aacaakeDseF. 'R/CMRM 

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* r xj perusing ibtcolumns of iheStilt,! Whirl . 

... . „ &»ndr dmhtm indutynd ArritfndicoitOosmphCoyne) 

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eraph, Melles and Edison's, at 12c. per foot, 
eicept Clasa A of the latter, which I. 15c. 




338 Spruce Ht, Philadelphia, Pa. 


20th St., N. Y. The up-to- 

maker. Band .tamp Cor 
osw Price Ll.t, lust oat 

Galolum Gas and 

loving Picture Outfit 

The Fluid Is Large, compriilni tbs 
ngTJlsrthtjatro and Tiecturo circuit, slid 
local neldi In Churches, Public echooli, 
Lodjtes and General Public Oattierloii. 
NothlDij sifords bettor opportunltlei tot 

inudrJiV Our Outfit Gasprlses 

the O. P. OO.'S modal. PURt 


grentfl.t oandle power,th. ..feet 

outfit ever Invented, wd.ktcoib.. 
Storitjitlco", KotIdi Picture Saehlin, 
ntn. en... and every aeciMtr 
tllai, Sfllai „ 00< ied for compl«s 
entertainment,, Absolutely the lawn 
films and views oa tbe market, Includloe 
.11 subjects for the public's enjoyment. 
'Reg. entertainment supply ontnloni - 
.PICIAL OFFEB fully explain, evcrjlhlus. - 
MUW ItUECTim CO., H »isr»sis It.. Dill. 307 : Ci'cip. 


Iowa Slate Hedtclne LlconBC. Expires Jano IS, 
W. Price Pro. Rate. F. A. DILLINOIUM , 
Care of Monroe Hotel, Cincinnati, 0. 

Medicine Men 

I have some very choice territory and can place 
good Money Getters, furnish printing and sell y»« 
goods at manufaeturlng price: you to take »u 
•■front money." F. A. DILUNaHAM, Manufac- 
turer of Plant Juluo Remedies, U81-IU3 W. 6th N- 
OlnclnnaU, 0. _ 


For Lease or Sale. 

Any territory. 80 klndsof Special Paper, Scenery, 
Advance and Prop. Trunks, Parade Costum''! 1 , 
Ohair Covers, etc. Responsible parlies only need 
apply. GUB SUN, Springfield, Ohio. 


Big prodta; Bealers and 
Agents, wrtto for whole- 
sale catalog of the latest Poesies. NovelUea and 

Pocket Tricks. UNIVERSAL SUPPLY CO., IB la 
Salle St., Chicago, 111. Established ISM. 

May 5. 



'"pHE most finished mixer can't mix you 
a finished cocktail. He can put in 
skill and fine liquors— but he can't put in 

CLUB COCKTAILS are unerringly 
mixed by measure — of the choicest old 
liquors, and aged In nood. All raw flavors 
are matured out. 

The result is a perfect cocktail— CLUB. 

Just strain through cracked ice and serve. 

Seven varieties: Manhattan, Mar- 
tini, Vermouth, Whiskey, Holland 
Gin, Tom Gin and York— each one 
dellcioue— of all good dealer i. 

G.F. HEUBLEIN & HRO. ,Sole Props. 
Hartford New York London 

f1,N,H °£*"* 2SS 

' | oo for uerac xreen pl at r. 
I ■* lo pt I 

jfitjrjfi sssf printinjf 









ceo.c; thayer; manager. 



'or card or recent pro- 
»T«m. Froe catalog of 

Slajri.ialriitrt'l JokCB.iitc. 
WuhlnotonSt., Chlcapo 


90Tor a 800 

IAE0EB SIZE 11.00 FEB 10. 



you rcouirc in the way of Tambos, Bone*. 


• Fowl Wflte lor It to-iUy. POSTPAID 


Slimmer Parks. 

The list below arlven la not lamt 
rear's Hit reprinted. Each man after 
linn been Indlvltluallr rommnalpatrd 
vrlth, and we believe the Hat la *• 
nearly correct as It U poaalble to 
make It. It Include* Summer parka, 
roof Rrnrdena, anil other reaorta 
where vaudeville, dramatic) or oper- 
atic performance! are Riven or are 
likely to be given. 


Huntsvili.e.— Edge wood Park, Y. C. Allen, 

Montgomkry. — Electric Park Casino, Jake 

Wells, mgr. 
Sheffield.— Trl-State Park, Y. C. Allen, mgr. 

Litti.b Rock.— Forest Park, Chan. T. Taylor, 

mgr. ; Braddock's Fairyland, W. P. Bill, 



Muscooeb— Hyde Park, Manager Kinney. 
Phoenix.— East Lako Park, Chan. F. Berger, 

mgr. ; Hyde Park, Manager Kinney. 


Kixobton.— Lake Ontario Park, D. P. Branl- 

gan, mgr. 
London. — Sprlngbank Park. 
Montreal.— 3obmer Park Pavilion, Ernest 

Lavtgne A L. Jon. Lajole, mgrs.; Rlver- 

Blde Park, Al. E. Read, mgr. ; Dominion 

Park, H. A. Dorsey, mgr. 
Quebec— Montmorenci Park, W. J. Baker, 

Toronto.— Monroe Park, Wm. Banks, mgr. ; 

Banlon'a Point 
Thiucb HivF.it8.-Lo Jardln Laviolette. 
Tbdbo, N. B. — Metropolitan Summer Thea- 
tre Park, M. P. Lahey, mgr. 
Winnipeg. — Happyland and River Park, 

Thos. H. Morris, mgr. ; Elm Park, Thos, 

H. Morris, mgr. 

Bridgeport.— Steeplechase Island Park, Geo. 

C. TUyou, mgr. 
DANnrnr.— Kenosla Park, F. A. Shear, mgr. 
Ha iitfobd.— Charter Oak Park, J. A. Blake, 

mgr. ; Luna Park. 
Maniocs, — Hanover Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
Miedletown.— Lakevlew Park, J. A. Blake, 

New Britain,— White Oak Park, J. A. Blake, 

New Haybn. — Momaugune Park, J. A. Blake, 

mgr, ; Savin Rock Park, J. A. Blake, 

New London. — Ocean Beach Park, J. A. 

Blake, mgr. 
Norwich.— Electric Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
Putnam.— Wild wood Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
Soutrinoton. — Lake Compounce, J. A. Blake 

WATEitnuRr. — Forest Lake Park, J. A. Blake, 

W in stbd.— -Highland Lake Park, J. A. Blake, 


DaWTn, — Manhattan Beach, Wm,. E. Hall, 

Piwni.u. — Lake Park, Joseph D. 

Glass, mgr. 


HAVANA.-^Trooll Theatre, Parque Palatmo, 

E. Maseda, aecy. 

Reiiodoth. — Horn's Pier and Pavilion, C. S 

Horn, mgr. 
Wilmington. — Shellpot Park, Ferris Giles, 


Washington. — Luna Park, George GUI, mgr. 

AtLanta. — Lnkewood Park. T. M. Poole, mgr. 
Augusta. — Lake View Park, Geo, B. Cook- 

lla, mgr. 
Columbus.— Wlldwood Park, T. E. Richards, 

Macon. — Crump's Park, J. W. nelaman, mgr. 
Bomb. — Mobley Park, Y. C. Allen, mgr. 
Savannah. — Thunderbolt Park, J. W. Hels- 

nnin, mgr. 


Bari.BriLLn. — Budwelaer Garden Theatre, 

John F. Meth, mgr. 
Chicago. — Chutes, W. H. Strlckler, mgr.; 

Riverside Park, Paul W. Cooper, mgr. ; 

White City Park, Paul D. Howse, mgr. ; 

Fort Sheridan Park; Ravlnla Park; 

Sana Soucl Park. 
Danville. — Wonderland Park, H. I*. Brelnlg, 

gen. mgr. 
Decatur.— BIJou. A. Slgfrled, mgr. ; Dream- 
land Park Theatre, J. F. Glvan A H. L. 

Brelnlg. nigra. 
Kankakee. — Electric Park, Cbaa. W. Bur- 

rail, mgr. 
Quincy. — Baldwin Park, Henry Goachwlnder, 

mgr.; Highland Park, Ily. Gredell, mgr.; 

Sherman Park, T. S. Adams, mgr. 
Rock Island. — Black Hawk's Watch Tower 

Park, H. E. Krell, mgr. 
Spbingkikld. — White City Park, H. L. Breln- 

lg, mgr. 
Spring; Vallht.— Webater Perk, Neal Hughes, 


Evansville. — Cook's Park, Felix J. Sleffcrt, 

mgr, ; Oak Summit Park, W. B. Merrill, 

Fort Waynb. — Roblson Park Theatre, Frank 

E. Strouder, mgr. 
Indianapolis. — White City, W. H. Labb, 

mgr. ; Falrbnnk Summer Garden, Mrs. 

Wm. Tron, mgr. J Wonderland. 
Pbbu. — Boyd Park, J. A. Erwln, mgr. 
South Bend. — Sprlngbrook Park, J. McM. 

Smith, mgr. ; Willow Grove. 
Thrbb Hautb. — Lake View Park, H. L. Brel- 
nlg, gen. mgr. 
Vincenneb. — Grand Theatre, Ora Parks, 

mgr. ; McJlmsey Theatre, F. Grun, mgr. 
Cedar Rapids. — Athletic Park, G. K. Barton, 

mgr. ; Ellis Park, City Park Commission- 
ers, mgr. ; New Amusement Park, W. G. 

Loftus, mgr. 
Des Moinbs. — Ingersoll Park, Fred Bucha- 
nan, mgr. 
Four Dodob. — Oleeon Park, M. J. Halre, 

mgr. ; Lyric Park Louis A. Hanvey, mgr, 
Kankakee. — Electric Park, C. W. Burrell, 

Keokuk. — Casino Theatre, A. D. Ayrea, mgr. 

Fort Scott. — Fern Lake Park, Hater & Love, 

Leavenworth. — People Summer Theatre, M. 

J. Cunningham, mgr. 
PAnsoNS. — Electric Park, H. C. Moorhead, 


J. Cunningham, mgr. 
ions. — Electric Park, 
Topbka. — Vlncwood Park, F. G. Kelley, mgr. 

Wichita. — Wonderland Park, H. L. Brelnlg, 


Louisville. — Fontaine Ferry Park, Wm. G. 

Ilelctamann, mgr. ; Nlnaweb Park, Sum- 
mers Bros., mgrs. 
Pamjcah. — CaBlno. 

Lake Charles. — Shell Beach Park, A. O. 

Boudreaux, mgr. 
New Orleans.— Athletic Park, Cant. A. W. 

Lewis, mgr. 

Madison. — Lake wood Grove, H. 8. Sweet, 

Old Orchard. — Old Orchard Street Pier, 

Gates A Bundle, mgrs. 
PoriTi-ANO. — Rlverton Park. D. B. Smith, 

mgr.; Gem Theatre (Peeks Island), c. 

W7 T. Gooding, mgr. ; Cape Cottage Park' 

E. V. Pbelan, mgr. ; Underwood Spring 

Park, E. A. Newman, mgr. 
Peak .aland.— The Gem Theatre, C. W, T. 

Coding, mgr. 

Bai-tiuobb. — Electric Park (Arlington), A. 

Penneman, mgr. ; Rfvervlew Park, M. 

Fltzalmmona, mgr. ; Shady aide Park 

< Wearport), John EL Klrby. mgr. : 
Flood's Park (Curtis Bay), John T. 
Flood, mgr. ; Deer Park ( Westport), Geo. 
Kline, mgr.; East Park (West port) ; 
Hollywood Park (Back River), Joseph 
Goebel, mgr. ; Homberg's Park (Back 
River), Daniel Homberg, mgr. ; Her* 
mann h Park (Belalr Road). 


Aunt'RNDALB. — Norumbega Park, Carl Al- 
berto, mgr. 

onrAT Barbinoton. — Electric Park, J. A. 
Blnke, mgr. 

Hampton, — Hampton Beach Casino, J. J. 
Flynn, mar. 

Hur.YOKK. — Mountain Park Casino, Lonls 
Felllaaler, mgr. 

Lowell. — Lakevlew Theatre, 3. 3. Flynn, 
mgr.; Willow Dale Park, Bowers Bros., 

Lexington.— Lexington Park, John T. Ben- 
sen, mgr. 

MBDrosD. — Boulevard Theatre, J. W. Gor- 
man, mgr. 

Najiant. — Relay Theatre (Daaa Point), Man- 
ager Sbesfe. 

Nantjbkbt. — Paragon Park, George A. 
Dodge, mgr. 

New Bedford.— Lincoln Park, I. W. Phelps, 
mgr. ; Lakeside Park. 

Nobtk Adams. — Hooaac Valley Park, Wm. 
P. Meade, mgr. 

Orange. — Brookslde Park, W. D. Smith, 

Palmer.— Forest Lake Park, J, A Blake, 

PiTTsriGLD. — Berkshire Park, J, A. Blake, 

Revere. — Monmouth Theatre, F. W. Mead, 
mgr. ; Point of Pines ; Wonderland, Floyd 
C. Thompson, mgr. 

Salbu. — Gorman's Summer Theatre, M. J. 
Doyle, mgr. 

Southbbidge.— Falrvlew Park, J. A. Drake, 

Spbinhpield.— White City Park. J. A. Drake, 

Taunton.— Dlghton, Old Colony St. Ry. Co., 
mgrs, ; Lakeside, Old Colony St. Ry. Co., 
mgrs. | Sabbatla, Old Colony St. Ry. Co., 
mgrs. ; Nlppennlckett, D. F. Lebsn, mgr. ; 
Talaquega, R. A. Harrington, mgr. 

Webster. — Beacon Park, J. A. Drake, mgr. 

Wbstfibld. — Warenoca Park, J. A. Drake, 


Citt or Mexico. — Mexidrome, A P. Gillespie, 


Bat Citt. — Wenona Beach Park, L. W. Rich- 
ards, mgr. 

Battle Creek. — Lake View Park, J. D. Wil- 
son, mgr. 

Grand Rapids. — ftamonn Theatre (Reed's 
Lake), Loula Delamater, mgr.; Godfrey's 
Pavilion (Reed's Lake), Chas. Godfrey, 

Kalamazoo. — CaBlno Park, Balrd A Daken, 

Lanhino. — Waverly Park, James R. Elliott, 
mgr.; Haslett Park, F. B. Williams, mgr. 

Manistee. — Orchard Beach, R. B. Iiamadoll, 

Muskegon. — Lake Michigan Park, E. R. 
Reed, mar. 

Saginaw. — Riverside Park, L. W. Itlcbnrdi, 

St. Joseph.— Silver Beach, L. D. Wallace, 


Minneapolis. — Lake Harriet Park, J. H. 
Eschman, mgr. ; Wonderland Park, 11. E. 
Dorsey, mgr. 

St. Paul.— Como Park, Jacob Barnet, mgr. ; 
Phalen Park, Jacob Barnet. mgr, ; Wild- 
wood Park, II. M. Barnet, lessee, 

Pascaqolxa. — Anderson Park, 8. S. Bush, 


Hannibal.— Star Thealre, J. B. Price, mgr. 

Kansas Citt. — Forest Park, Lloyd Brown, 
mgr. ; Electric Park, M. Helm, mgr. ; 
Fairmont Park, Ben Rosenthal, mgr. 

Bpbinqfield. — Doling Park, Robert L. Do- 
ling, mgr. 

St. Joseph. — Crystal Park, Fred Cosman, 
mgr. ; Lake Casloo Theatre, Palmer 
Clark, mgr.: Lake Contrary Park, Pal- 
mer Clark, mgr. 

St. Louis.— Leinp'a Park, J. L. Wallrapp, 
mgr. ; Forest Park. 


Omaha.— Krug Park, W. W. Cole, mgr. ; Cort- 
land Beach. W. J. Griffith, mgr. ; Lake 
Manawa, Billy Byrne, mgr. ; Dream City, 
P. E. Her, mgr. 


Dover. — Central Park Theatre, J. J. Flynn, 


ALBUQUBaquE. — Traction Park and Theatre, 
W. M. Wortmao, mgr. 


Atlantic Citt. — Steel Pier, J. Bothwell, 
mgr, ; Steeple Chase Pier, Giles W. Clem- 
ent, mgr. ; Young's Pier Theatre, W. K. 
Shackelford, mgr. : Savoy Theatre, Fred 
E. Moore, mgr. ; Doyle's Pavilion, Frank 
Goldle, mgr. ; Guvernator's Pavilion The- 

Camden. — Woodlynne Park, II. D. Le Cato, 

Gloucester. — Empire Pavilion Theatre, J. 
B. O'Brien, mgr. ; Waahlngton Park, 
Wm. J. Thompson, mgr. 

Milville. — Union Lake Park, M. Budy 
Heller, mgr. 

Newark.— Electric Park, C. A. Dunlap, mgr. 

New Brunswick. — Riverside Park, Melville 
A Schulthelser, mars, 

Paterhon. — Fairyland Park, Melville A 
Ucbulthelser, mgrs. 

Pitman Gbovb.— Alcyon Park, J. C. Mack, 

Sea Isle Citt. — Ocean Pier Theatre, M. 
Rudy Heller, mgr, 

Trenton. — Spring Lake, M. Budy Heller, 

West Orange. — City View Pavilion (Eagle 
Rock, John Cox, mgr. 

Wildwood. — Ocean Pier Theatre, M. Rudy 
Heller, mgr. 


Albant.— Electric Park, Frank Melville, mgr. 

Binghamton. — Casino (Enfllcott), J. P. IB. 
Clark, gen. mgr.; Boss Park, J. P. E. 
Clark, gen. mgr. ; White City, Wm. Ken- 
dall, mgr. 

Brooklyn. — Bonhag's Casino (North Beach), 
Harry Alberta, mgr. ; Gala Park (North 
Beach), W. 6. Wright, mgr.; Ulmer 
Park (Gravesend Beach), Wm. Toiler, 
mgr.; Inman'a Casino (Coney Island), 
John T. Inman, mgr.; Luna Park (Coney 
Island), Thompson A Dundy, mgTB. ; 
Dreamland (Coney Island), Wm. H. Rey- 
nolds, pres, ; Music Hall (Brighton 
Beach), Wm. T. Grover. mgr.; Grand 
Pier Music Hall (North Beach), Vic 
Leonzo, mgr.: Henderson's Music Hall 
(Coney Island), F. B. Henderson, mgr. 

Buffalo. — Athletic Park, T. M. Harton, 
mgr.; Crystal Beach, J. E. Rebstock, 

Sen. mgr. ; Idlewlld Park, 11. M. Gar- 
eld, mgr. 
Dunkirk.— Point Gratiot, B. F. Forbes, gen. 

Elmira.— Rorlck's Glen Park, Henry Taylor, 

mgr.; Queen City Gardens, M. L. Sulli- 
van, mgr. ; Eldrldge Park, B. M. Little, 

Gloybrbville. — Sacandsga Park, C. H. Ball, 

Gardbnvillb. — Leln's Park. 
Ithaca.— Renwlck Park, Frank Melville, 

Jamestown. — Celeron Theatre, Jule Dclmar, 

Olcott. — Olcott Beacb. 
Febkskill. — Electric Park, Jam^s E. Lynch, 

Rochester. — Glen Haven. B. E. Wilson, 

mgr.: Ontario Beacb Park. Thos, A. 

Smrtb, mgr. ; Sea Breeze Park, B. B, 

Seneca Falls. — Cayuga Lake Park, W. C 
Gray, mar. 

Syracuse.— Lakeside- Park, J. L. Carrolo, 

Utica. — Summit Park, 8. W, Baker, mar. ; 
Forest Park, Frits Brand, mgr,; Majes- 
tic Park, Wllmer A Vincent, atgrs. ; Utica 
Park, C. Scram a W. F. Donohoe, mgrs, 

Waverly.— Oak Grove Park, Salisbury Mur- 
ray, mgr. 


Charlotte.— Latta Park (Dlltworth), Will 
A Peters, mgr. 


Akron.— Lakeside Park and Casino, Harry 
A. Hnwn, mgr. 

Cincinnati.— Chester Park, I. M, Martin, 
mgr. ; Lagoon (Ludlow, Ky.j, J, J, 
Weaver, mgr.; Coney Island, 1. T. An- 
derson, mgr. : Zoological Garden. Walter 
C Draner, mgr. 

Cleveland. — Luna Park, Frederick Ingersoll, 

Columbus. — Olentaogy Park, J. W. Dusen- 
bury, mgr. ; Collins Garden, Herman 
Collins, mgr,; Indlanola Park, Chas, E. 
Miles, mgr. 

Canton. — Park Theatre, 8, B. Cool, mgr. ; 
BIJou, Thomas A Potts, mgrs. ; Palm 
Garden, Chas. W. Kelly, mgr. ; American 
Village, Ray C. Plero, mgr. 

Dayton. — Lakeside Park, James A. Kirk, 
mgr. ; Falrvlew Park. J. L. Breen, mgr. 

Fostoria. — Reeves Park, W. II. Schooley, 

Hamilton. — Llndeowald Park. 

Mansfield. — Casino Park, E. R. Endly, 
mgr. ; Luna Park, Frederick Ingersoll, 

Mount Vbbnon.— Lake Hiawatha Park, E. 
T. Setlg, mgr. 

Middlbtown. — West Bide Park, Mtddletown 
Amuse. Co., mgrs. 

Newark.— Buckeye Lake Park, Wilt D. Har- 
ris, mgr. ; Idlewlld Park, Will D. Harris, 

Sandusky. — Cedar Point Park, G. A. Boeck- 
llng, mgr. 

Toledo. — Lake Erie Park and Casino, Otto 
Kllrea. mgr. ; Farm Theatre, Joe Fearl- 
atlne, mgr. 

Wellbton.— Lake Alma, C. K. Davis, mar. 

rouNOBTOWN. — Avon Park, Joseph W. Wees, 
mgr. ; Idora Park, E. Stanley, mgr. 

Zanebville— Moxahala Park, M. J. Harklns, 


Portland. — The Oaks. S. H. Frledlander, 


Allbntown. — Central Park, M. Rudy Heller, 

Ai.toona. — Lakemont Park. S. 8. Crane, mgr. 
Bbaver falls. — Junction Park, Gaylor 

Thompson, mgr. 
Butler. — Alameda Park, Fisher A Welters, 

CHAMPKRSDtJRQ. — Dreamland and Wolf Park, 

M. H. WelBh, mgr. 
Connbaut Lake. — Exposition Park. 
Earton. — Island Park. M. Rudy Heller, mgr. 
Erie. — Waldamcer Park. Thos. Moloney, mgr. 
Grrenhiiuro.— Oxford Park, M. A. Coffey, 

Habribburo. — Paxtaug Park, Felix Davis, 

Johnstown.— Luna Park, Phil Caufflel, mgr. ; 

Valley Park, B. P. Zimmerman, mgr. 
Lancaster. — Roof Garden, John B. Peoples, 

mgr. ; Rocky Spring Theatre, II. B. Grif- 
fiths, mgr. 
Oil City. — Monarch Park, Guy Hecker, mgr, 
Philadelphia, — Torrasdale, J. M. Weloer, 

mgr. ; Willow Grove Park. F, II. Lincoln, 

mgr. ; Chestnut Hill, n. M. Aiichey, 

mgr. : Woodalde Park, Central Park. 
Pitthdurg. — Calhoun Park, A. 8. McSwlgan, 

mgr. ; Luna Park. Fred'k Ingersoll, mgr. ; 

Onkwood Park, A. 8. McSwlgan, mgr.; 

Southern Park, A, 8. McSwlgan, mgr.; 

Dream City Park, W, F. Hamilton, mgr. 
Rbading.— Carsonla Park. O. 8. Gelger, mgr. 
Scranton. — Luna Pork, Frederick ingersoll, 

Rayrb.— Oak Grove Park, James Keech, mgr. 
Wilmambpobt. — Vnllomont, Lyman A. Pray, 

York. — Highland Psrk, the York County 

Traction Co,, mgrs, 

NBwrnRT. — Sheedy'e Frecbody Tnrk, Chas. 

E. Cook, mgr. 
I'ROviDRNcfl. — Roger Williams Park, R, A. 

Harrington, mgr. 
RivBRSinB.— Crescent Park, Fred G. Drew, 

Rockvpoint. — Rockypolnt Pleasure Park, 

It. A. Harrington, mgr, 
Woonsocket. — Hoag Lake Theatre, Mltford 

A Woonsocket Street Ry. Co., mgrs. ; 

Hub Theatre, Jas. W. Con kiln, mgr. 


Chattanooga. — Olympla Park, Y. C. Allen, 

Jackson.— Highland Park. John t* Wiidom, 

Knoxville. — Chllhowee Park Theatre, Cbelio 

D. Perurhl, mgr, 
Memphis. — Hopkins' White City ; Fairyland 

Psrk ; Cast End Park. 
Nashville. — Qtendale Park, Y. C. Allen, mgr. 

Austin.— Hyde Park, 
Dallas. — 'Cycle Psrk Theatre, C. R, Mc- 

Adarns, mgr. ; Air Dome Park, Jos. J. 

Conley, gen. mgr, 
Fobt Worth.— Grunewald'e Park, Peter C. 

Grnnewald, mgr.; Air Dome Park, Jos. 

J. Conley, gen. mgr. ; Lake Erie Park, 

Leo Fleming, mgr. ; Lone Star Park. Arl- 
ington Heights Realty Co., mgrs. ; White 

lllKluu iiuiguia ncBli; uu,. iiikh, , nun? 

City, Jake Bchwarz, mgr ; Hermann Park, 
Julius Hot- 
Tyler, mgr, 

JuIIub Ilothe, mgr. 

i, mgr ; He 
. ; Tyler's 

Lake, J. L. 

Wilson, mgr. 

Oalvemton. — Electric Park, Dave Wels, mgr. 
Houston. --Highland Park, J. EI. Keenan, 

San Antonio. — Electric Park, Sidney II. 

Wels. mgr. 
Waco. — West End Summer Theatre, O. H. 

Luedde, mgr. 

Salt Lake City, — Lagoon Park, J. Berger- 

man, mgr. 

Bellows Fallb. — Barber Park, C. H. Cop- 
ley, mgr. 

Burlington.— Queen City Park, C. D. Ryder, 

Manchester.— Forrest Hill Fark, F. H. Park 

Co., mgrs. 
Norfolk. — Ocean View Park, Otto Wells, 

mgr. ; Buckroe Beacb Casino, Charles 

Rex, mgr. 
Peters nunc.— Ferndale Tark, Virginia Pas- 
senger and Power Co., mgrs. 
Richmond.— Huckroe Beach Park, C. W, Rex, 

mgr. ; Electric Pork, Jake Wells, mgr. ; 

Island Park, Abbe Smith, mgr. 
Staunton. — Highland Park, J. M. Spotta, 


Spokane. — Crnur d'Alene Lake lienor t, Adolph 

Klrcbner, msr. 
Tacoma. — Roof Garden, Mr. Norman, mgr. 

Kenosha. — Central Park, I'eter Btelnbach, 

Milwaukee. — Wonderland Park, nobt. Kahn, 

mgr. : Bchlltz Park, G. B Schubert, mgr. ; 

Pabst Pork. 

Wheeling. — Coney Island Park. H. W. 

Rogers, mgr. ; Morart Park, Henry Beu, 


I »» 
Job Beltobelli Balled for Europe April 
17. for a four weeks' stay on the Continent. 

Winnings and Evamb write: "We will be 
at the Novelty Theatre, Omaha, Neb., until 
May 12, then the BIJou, Davenport, Iowa, for 
two weeks. We are producing polite bur- 
lesque here and meeting with big success. 
The Clipper Is a welcome visitor each week." 


IIJ lUBOlI 1(rti |„ J0 „ r neljtilmr- 
hood bodiI ufl ton coiitn for h H.mpl. 
p.okot. An, Jolittor will mpply .tore, 
keeper, with Chlnl.1.. 
phlLdolphl.. U.S.A., ftml Toronto, Oantda. 


A collar that can't wilt— mois- 
ture-proof and wear-proof. 

Not celluloid, rubber or paper- 
just plain linen collars and cuffs 
made waterproof by the "L1THO- 
LIN" process. 

No matter how soiled, you can 
clean them with a damp rag or 

Made in all the up-to-date styles, 

At collar-Bllops, or of us. Collars 
26 cents, Cutis Till cent*. 

Tfle l>^^ BIOI.Tt„lO 









Th« Name It 
on ivory 

me I* I 




Lisa Flat M Uit Laf- Slips, Tsira str 


|iropUp»lr, BllkMlc. l C..linn 23o. 
Millal on r«cc,L>i «f prlu, 

K!i?* "W^ " MO. MOM CO., M.k.r. 
WkRMNTID Bo.ton, Mm.., U.J.I. 


. MTTLK, II I I M: 1 Kll l.r I ll„. 




Men iwni by llictii, util m llifm. RttWAKK or 

iMltMUitn. I.IMW foil NAMK, 

K*r CIuIm, . SAr, hf.rf lltldm. . . lOfu 

Bar SMS*) so». BwM«r Uniwm, io». 

!»»(*• n 


Obsic'nS '- 

We.lMoiklw the CLIPPER, Why Not For You' 



ifl*?0 0*r\SrHti f -»«*;:.".".-, MrwYn-irt 


0ATALO0UE, 260.; SUP. OATAL.. to. None 
tm. only N. B. Agent for M.h.tni.. 100. 

VT. D. LEHOT, 103 OOOH St., Boilon, 1UM. 



May 5. 

Uaudcpilk and minstrel 

Chixlicothk, 0., Nom — The Orphlum 
Theatre opened a new vaudeville venture la 
Cblllicothe Monday, April 10. Business oi 

. exceptionally good, crowded bouses rullog 
nightly. Toe playhouse scats one thousand 
people, nnd Is trimmed la blue and gold, and 
opera chairs of the latest and most comfort- 
able type are furnished. A pleasing bill of 
vaudeville was presented. Baby WIcKofT and 
company scoring a positive bit, and the 
Wiley Ferris Trio getting the limit In ap- 
plause. The Dancing Downs were well re* 
celved, and Will O. Williams' illustrated 

; songs went big. The Orpblumscope closed 
tbe bill with a line line of motion pictures. 
The venturing of vaudeville In this city Is 
a new departure, but, judging by the gen- 
erous patronage, It will be a winner, and 

1 the citizens give every encouragement of a 
continued visiting of this cosy playhouse. 
Messrs. Ban and Murray arc managers. IS. 
0. Paul, business manager ; Will G. willlnms, 

J reel agent; V. H. Claypool Jr., treasurer; 
obn Ebel, musical director; Ed. Would, 
ftaga manager; Elwood Robinson, chief 
usher; Q. M. Weuger, electrician. The 
Messrs. Sun and Murray now control raude- 
vllle houses In Springfield, Hamilton. Ports- 
mouth, Mansfield, Lima, Newark, Cblllicothe, 
Plana, Marlon, Ohio ; Muncle, Ind. ; Rich- 
mond, Va. ; Wheeling, W. Va. 

Fmd Waddbli/, or the team of Fred and 
Mae Waddell, mourns the death of his 
mother, which occurred Monday, April 0, at 
bis home in. Chicago. _ _ n 

Hahyit K. Thiibbton, manager of the Great 
Thurston, writes from Brisbane, Aus., under 
date of Feb. 14 : "We play Manila in April 

jg World of Players, 

Wesf — r — -— : — ■ 

Gii.lmoec and Cabroll write: "We are In 
our fortieth week of continued success 
leaving New York the latter part of 
1005. We hare worked In tbe middle ... 

and also as far West aa Kansas City, and ***** M« Co. Nom.— This makes ihe 
have Jait finished twelve weeka for Sullivan thirty-eighth week for this company, and 
& Consldlne. After five weeks through 1111- the tour hai embraced twelve different States 
noli we will return East. Our dancing In - 
wooden shoes bns been a feature, and our 

original dancing finale has pat us at the. 

Fbank Williams and Adblla Pullman 
report meeting with great success In tbelr 
comedy sketch, entitled "Are Yon a Lob- 
ster?" They will be aeen at Tony Pastor's 
Theatre soon In their new one act farce, by 
J. T. Raymond, entitled "A New York Flat, 
which they produced for tbe first time, with 
success, on April 2, at the Opera House, Os- 

and four provinces of Canada. We have 
covered 4,200 miles so far. We Jumped 
from Yonngatown, O., to Reglna, Can., and 
opened New Year's Day on Sherman's North* 
west circuit, playing Calgary alx week* 
There have been some changes In the company 

from time to time, and the trip has been a 
delightful one Everyone Is well and happy, 
Miss May, our little star, won many friends 

wego, N. Y. 


'he Cheat Hbtwood, after four success- 

In Canada, and was accorded high praise for 
her clever work. Tbe company still carries 
The superb concert band and orchestra that 
won much favorable comment for Its musical 
selections. The trip home will be via the 

,,. ^ki-thrt^a. %» it «, *a»»iBE, g-t «•*»„■ *™- £a Kl d. 

Fla., opens at the new Rink Opera Honse, 
for an Indefinite run, with bis specialty. Be 
assumes tbe stage management, and will 

S reduce plays and vaudeville acta during the 
ummer at what was formerly tbe rink, but 
Is now an open air opera house, doing big 

Mas. Obobob Lockwood haa entirely re- 
covered from a severe Illness, and she and 
her husband will resume work May 6, open* 
ing at the Family Theatre at Butte, Mont, 
with the Sulllvan-Coneldine circuit to follow. 

Geo. B. Oaudneu. of Gardner and Gard- 
ner, manager of the Orpheum Stock Co., 
closed his sixth successful season, and has 
accepted bis old position as manager of the 
Alhnmbra Mnslc Hall, Savannah, Ga. 

Ma. a»d Mrs. John Baldwin, who closed 
sixteen weeka with tbe De Wolff's Comedians, 

kota, Minnesota and Northern Michigan. 
Miss May will go to her home for a abort 
time, ana then go to Atlantic City for a rest. 
Mllano and Alviu left to join McPhee's Btg 
Company at Nelson. It takes some time for 
Tub OU> Reliable to reach ua out here, 
but we are always glad to see It when It 
does arrive, even If It 1b a week old. 

Jas. C. Ken nt Is engaged by the Stone- 
wall Band, of Stannton, Va., to produce 
comic operas during the Summer months. 

Job Lyonell writes that be has returned 
to his borne In Newark, N. J., after fourteen 
weeks of success with C. Jay Smith's "A Pair 
of Country Klda" Co. Mr. Lyonell was musi- 
cal director with the company until one 
month before the season closed, when be be- 
gan playing tbe Juvenile lead, and met with 
success. Anna Morgan, character woman 
with tbe same company, la spending part of 

Hong" Kong; China, "ln'May ; Shanghai" In fiUfiSSfffc. ftlJSSLiJ 4 t Wll LHf «5. V ner ™»tloa at the 'home of Mr. Lyoneil 

turn to America In January, 1907, with the 
largest magic show in the world, playing the 
big theatres. We have been presenting the 
biggest and most spectacular magical per- 
formance ever known in this line of atage 
endeavor, a performance which requires six* 
teen people In Its presentation, and thirty 
tons of stage parapnernolla. We have Just 
finished a moat successful season In Aus- 
tralia, playing to the largest audiences ever 
assembled at similar performances In that 

Louisa Abnot. of the team Arnot and 
Gunn, on leaving her dressing room In Keith ■ 
Theatre, Boston, on April 10, slipped, on tne 
end of a rope and sustained a slight fracture 
of the spine. She finished her two turns, 
hut was compelled to cancel week of April 
16. at Keith's. New York. She hopes to be 
ible to play the remainder of tbe Keith time. 

when they Join the Hartley Comedy Co. for 
the Summer season. 

Abt Adaib writes : "I have Just closed 
eighteen weeks over the Western vaudeville 
circuit, and have met with great success, do- 
ing my single musical and monologue spe- 
cialty. My wife and I are engaged for the 
Summer with the Great Wallace Show, and 
at tbe conclusion of the circus Beason have a 
fine line of booking through the Western 
asfloclatlon, being booked up to March, 1907." 

Hahbach and Haiiiiis inform us that their 
net Is going big In tbe East, and they are re- 
ceiving fine preas notices. They are booked 
solid until Sept 8. 

Under tbe Cents. 

able to Dlay tne remamaer 01 ww rwu. wu.«. 

tippbl and Klimbnt are playing: vaude- Notks fbom tbb Aubbican Pavilion 
vllle i theatres once more, after closing their Show. — We have about completed our Hate, 

tnanakment with the V7m. H. West MlQBtrels. and will open our season, under canvas, May 

"KK Thibet Sibtbbs are playing the Bt- 17. The company started rehearsing on Mon- 

lou circuit In Wisconsin, and report doing * 

mmenie buslneas everywhere they appear. 

Nona fbom Boohu'b Soothebn 
boons.— William A. Mack has Joined to a„ 
advance work. The company Is booked wild 
through Northern New York until May 10, 
wheo'w. gounder canvas to tour New Jersey 

ton circuit - . i ■ a, ana report uuiuk day, and everything looks fine lor the coming 
Immense business everywhere they appear, season. Our tent is 60x90, with two 46ft. 
raiiueas, ««{ .™" „™„„;„ ft .. middle pieces. Everything will he up-to-date. 
We will carry a band and orchestra of 
eighteen pieces and two special cars. The 
people contracted tor are as follows : H. Ed. 
Lindner, acting manager; C. B. White, chief 
ticket seller; Bull lucheal, down town re- 
Bert McDonald, chief 
Frank P. Plnney, 
'Frank Wilson, buck chief ticket receiver ; Geo. F. Itathbun, treas- 
■and wing dancer; Nell Matthews, whistling urer; Cnas. F. Lindner, advance; C. G. Win- 
nnL"lfll?aoeUi Frank, operatic vocalist; ney, general contracting agent; George C. 
X™„' .„d withe™ akech ■ a chorus of oc- Knight, assistant: Will H. Brown, press 
torooni consta tfugb" Volet Davis, Beatrice agent and buslne.. manager ; C. F. geely. ad- 
toropna, »»»jji L i|iian Davis, Charlotte vance reserved seat ticket agent Band and 
K, .2nd ""tne" WesTier" Prof. J. S. orchestra-*!. M. Dlllie,_ w/k. Powell^Wm. 
Hon", band and orchestra, numbering twelve ; 
If. Sharp, business manager; Jack Boone, 

The show is stronger than ever, having four 

feature acts, a large chorus of octoroons and served ticket seller; 

th !?.«•« land and orchestra. IloBter : D. F. assistant ticket sellei 

Ori.ll? '"nlcj". SSSff Frank Wilson, buck chief ticket receiver; ( 

proprietor aBd manager: Win. A. Mac 
vance agent ; Charles Id. Davis, property 
William Larzelle, electrician. 1 

Lawrence, Harry Colgrove, C. Francis, H. Al- 
lots Myer, Ed. A. Egger, C. F. Heaton, Joseph 

Powerer, F. E. Egger, Arthur Hays, Glenn 

Kerlsmer, W. B. Parkman, Q. C. Barnes. 

Players— Bert Sampson, Leon J. Thomas, 

Orren Clazton, Q. C. Barnes, Ed. Reeves, 

Frank Wilson, W. H. Brown, Viola Wilson, 

Jennie Brown, G. Scott, 8. Scott, Viola 

Clark, M. Owens and a chorus of twenty 

ladles. Tbero are still a few things we will 

mention later, when we open tbe season, as u «u.-h. WU i. uu n ua o wwu hi#u.ii iur iu 

I Hod the old, real Clippeb 1b the only sure season of 1906-07. The company closes April 
„ book to read. Am sorry to say we lost H. F. 21, at Bangor, Me. 
r ". e o r . ro . m ,« p ..!E?n at r'ana Cod under can- B«re, one of our able cornet players. In „Notbb from the Lyotom Stock Co.— 
•ou' Summer •» , oh <l » t r , ( -« >e „^' t",. ™^, having his teeth treated a cold set In, and he This company was organised In New York 

Is contracts. Others that City early In January, and opened In Hack- 
ettstown, N. J. Rex Leslie KIngdon Is the 

Mack, ad- 

ferty man ; 
uslness la 


CoAtsniANB.— Ws are now working in Massa- 
chusetts, this being our third week having 
worked all Winter In Connec : cut, where 
business was very good. We wl 11 be i B;i- 
tarda Bay June IS, where our tent will ar- 
rive from Springfield, 0., and we will open 

mer) have Just closed a successful season 
of thirty-two weeks with Chas. H. Yale's 
"Devil's Auction" Co., and have been re- 
engaged for next season. They will spend 
tbelr Summer in Canada, with Mrs. Miller's 

Mas. M, B. RicmiOHD, mother of W. L. 
Richmond, actor, died April 13, at Craw- 
fordsville, Ind., In her seventy-fifth year. 

Babtlbt McCullum will open, his Summer 
slock at the Jefferson Theatre, Portland, 
Me., May 28, malting the eighteenth Summer 
in Maine. 

Jack Benjamin, -leads, has closed with 
the Warner Comedy Co., and will spend a 
few weeka at home before signing for the 
Summer season. 

Wh, E. Slafeb and his celebrated Brook- 
lyn Marine Band will Inaugurate their ninth 
consecutive season at Brighton Beach this 
year on June 0. 

Tom Bateman has been re-engaged by 
Frank Harvey for tbe Summer season, for 
partB and specialties. He opened April 1A. 

C. n BiBKHAitTj manager, writes: "Will 
open Aug. U, at Louisville, Ey., a revival of 
Hal field's 'Roanoke.' Will carry special 
scenery and fifteen people, supporting tbe 
eminent young Southern actor, Bert How- 
ard. Booked t>y Elaw & Erlanger." 

E. W. Biihl, agent of "The Banker's 
Child" Co., writes : "The company Is now 
back In Iowa, playing to good business, as 
usual. There bave been few changes since 
1 last wrote. Mr. and Mrs, F. C. Curts and 
Little Vivian have rejoined, after an absence 
of four months. The rest of the company 
remains the same. Harry Shannon, mana- 
ger ; C. B. Bedford, stage manager ; Mrs. 
Ada Lorene Shannon, musical director ; 
Shorty Burts, props, ; Jerry Prescott, B. 
Richards, F. C. Curts, H. B. Atkinson, Lola 
Everhart, Jennie Keller, Lillian Crittenden. 
Nina Vincent, Little Hazel Sbannan, and 
Vivian Curts. The Old Reliable, is always 
a long looked for treasure every week." 

Abch Sblwtn and Frank B. abnold 
sailed for Europe April 14. 

Gail Litton has signed with Ed. M. Slm- 
monds for his new play. 
. W. H. Siabkby, leading man of tbe Ben- 
nett-Moulton Co., has been signed for tbe 

$.. string "on" the" "caS Tuntll' the middle having his teeth t, 
It SenSmoer. Borter of company: John K. had to cancel hi, 

of September. 
Ward, stage 
Bills, Everett Josselyn, 

». naaaaw and comedian: Ellas have not reported Include: Herbert Holden, ettstow 
Ward, jjtage^manaBW ana com™an,^n»s ^^ ^ vj ~ g ^ n ^^ when gj^ 

flo .*^_T .' . ri ■ i xintlna la nimin thom hv lot-tiie WOmflli. 


woman, supt 

1 mWl! i £^*'&^ LO B?s.i 8 MA g S, re C .^B» b r T8 ! t, n\ , «n.g.r of Tit- rVl»- ftank Waldo, Arthur Selby, Jo^ 
BUom..te P r ?« Tlpp^n, and,' togsthe) with hettB^ppem House,.at .Preston, iflnn., .rite, seph Wolcott^ Harry Le.Be, Cedl Half Gor- 

and Edna Clymer tbe leading 
rted by the following: W. W. 

vj ... 

a* J ^»iV«H"hfw"~ J, Bandv~""make regarding the excellent prospects for Sum- don, Mm. C. A- Clymer, Mile. Rheo an! May 
2nVH«m™.eeh^t& »« BD0W8 vIbIUd B Prestoa Not only are Wlfl ? rd._ Our fea.ture vaudeyille _acts are: 

^ f!ffl^ the anow8 weI1 Patronized by the citlaens, 

?a.™ %k_. m „# nnomrf. nrd SL Clair, but liberal Inducements are offered shows in 

HtgXS&j&SgffSEaa BL S ralfia&t, TB.0 opened for 

of late In England where they will resume 
engagement In May. soiling from New York 
May 0. They are booked for a number of 

f*W. J. Dana writes: "I closed JO com- 
pany three weeks ago, In WrlghtsvMe. Ga., 
and am laying off In GreenBboro, N. C, for 
thU montfi. "will open May 18, under a 
100x00 round top, carrying lull brass band 
and ten people, opening In Tennel, Ga. 

ha*** AND MOTH»B JONBB arfl Hl» 

return dates ovor the Nash, Danforfch and 
BIlou circuits, wlthtte Crystal circuit to 
ftjflow, commencing April 22, at St. Joseph, 

Capt. Gbobok Adorb writes: "Next Wln_ 

six weeks with Orrln Btob.' Circus In the 
City of Mexico, April 15. 

Tub advancs of the Great Tfaos. Har- 

? reaves Reconstructed Railroad Shows is as 
ollows : J. Henry Rice, general agent ; V. 
O. Woodward, contracting agent; "Al." Fos- 
ter, manager advertising car No. 1 ; S. J. 
Banks, contracting preas agent ; Win. Carr, , 
manager advertising car No. 2, Fifteen men 
are carried on the No. 1 car, while the num- 
ber on the second car la twelve. M. Leary 
Is bill poster-lu-cbtet, and George Cohen has 
charge of tho "opposition" brigade. 

Chas. IIildfiha has signed with the A. F. 
Tuttle Show, of Llnesvllle, Pa., tor next sea- 

Waldo, the mysterious, and Mile. Rheo, lady 
Juggler. During the Summer this company 
will play the summer resorts through the 
Thousand Islands. 

Fbank J. Dean and Lillian Lyons have 
closed with the Guy Stock Co., and are rest- 
ing at their cottage In Michigan. Mr. Dean 
will manage the Casino at Currnna Park, 
Owasso, Mich., the coming Summer. 

Notes rsoH J. D. Chdnn's Gbbateb 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" Co. — We open tbe 
season Saturday, April 28, at Carroltton, 
Mo., under canvas. We are using all special 
paper this season, and everything Is new 
from stake to bale ring. We travel In our 
own private car, carrying abont twenty-five 
people, alt told; a band of twelve and an 
orchestra of eight Everything Is In fine 
shape. We have engaged some of the best 
people In the dramatic profession for tbe 
cast, Including our colored Jubilee singers and 


Good fit, correct style, wo'thy fabric, intel- 
ligent tailoring and long wear are the essential textures 
of Brill clothes that make them satisfactory. 


Your individual taste is allowed wide range at Brill's. 
Brill stores are the only stores in New York where 
you can choose your garments from the selected lines of 
six national tailoring institutions and four Brill tailoring 


Stores that give best values grow fastest Brill stores 
are the fastest growing clothing stores in America. 

Custom Tailored Clothes at $10 

The only Suits, Topcoats, Spring Coats and "Craven- 
ette" Raincoats at the price that hold their shape, fit, 
style and color until worn out. 

Hand-Tailored Clothes at $12.50 

Correctly styled Suits, "Cravenette" Raincoats, Spring 
Coats and Topcoats that at $16.50 would be excellent 
value. Hand tailor work is your surety for long wear. 

Journeyman Tailored Clothes $15 

Brill stores show the best and most diversified stock of 
garments at $15.00 in New York. Louis XV. fitted back 
Spring Coats, Worsted Suits, "Cravenettes" and Top- 

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Get the Habit. Go to 


Mth 81., near Broadway, 
Hew Tork City. 

279 Broadway, near Chambers, 

47 Cortlandt 8L, near Greenwich. 

125th St., corner Third Ave. 

W A L O H N 


The corset makers are only responsible for the 
good fit and quality of corset— we assume al) re- 
sponsibility for the boning if Walohn is used— 




Hagenbeck Show Bt Pittsburg, and are one . 

ot Ihe features with the enow. Five more ?." or , re » tln i( V"*,; J?' 1 "* A ■ »■ """'J'" 

cars will be added to the show at Philadel- 

. CA ,".h.9. K °S,,™ in" Seville a feature son. to do his aerial specialties. The season plaataUon mooters. All In all, this company 
ter 1 shall produce in vauaevuie a i»«j™ .bout Mav 5 will be one of the big ones this season, 

novelty act, entitled -Jack, the GljntKller will open awot May o, Calvin Hubs, baBso and trombonist, closed 

nua'h.™. "."'." W »35d| ? """"' ! H««n™r 8 how Bt'pittXiTanTwe on. with the.Gas Son. H.nstrel,. April. T, and 
George Auger, tallest man on earth, as the 
start : Krnest ltommel, smallest man on 
earth, as Jsrk; Sylvia Hearne, aj th. 
l'rlncess: Caroline Haas, smallest woman in 
the world, as servant to the glantand Judy 
Fields, as jester to the giant. There will 
atao bo Introduced In the act singings can 
walking and Ituwlan dancing. My wardrobe 
will be ot tho finest" «„»»»» 

l'ATBUsos, N. J., Npm— The Clifford 
Amusement Co. have bought from Lewis 
Levy the property on Van Houten Street 
The plot Is 00x120 feet, In tho heart of the 
city. The plans are alt completed, and 
ground will be broken about May 1 next, 
and the theatre will he completed In time 
to start the regular season. There will 
no two stores on each side of the main ea- 
trance. The lobby will be 20x215 feet The 
house will be colled tho Majestic, and have a 
.eating cupaclty of over 2,200. Shoold the 
Sliubort nnd llelasco nttroctlonB bo ployed In 

phla, also one hundred head of stock. Our 
equestrian director, Ed. Shtpp, has had the 
misfortune to lose one of his fine Arabian 
ring horses. 

Thb St. Lbok Faaiilt (5) will go with 
the Wallace Show. 

The Jobdan Family will go with the 
llngenbeck Show. 

Docbow and Richabdb have returned 
after a successful season with the Publllones 
Circus, In Cuba. They report excellent busi- 
ness. Mr. Ducrow will be American book- 
ing representative for Mr. Publllones, after 
Nov. 1. Mr. Publllones will visit the Ameri- 
can Bhows during June. 

Notbb or Washbubn & D'Alua's Show. 
— Leon Washburn bought three email ele- 
phants of Ithue, tbe animal dealer. One is 
probably the smallest which has ever come 

shober, nnd l, ^tractmu. jj-™. - ggg*g U ^"SK." £» 

^fnJ JW if P. MaurlcBnm oi TMdevUleXit. Shetland stallions of CO. Phillips' stock 

cording. If a h u «e B Ane or vauu«mo nou™ w d at K | c bmond for a week. 

Hit ^prices will be 10. ^0, 80 and BO cents, big business, and will play towne 

i"" 1 !r. T^'J M V. tLaire irill bT strictly 'n Eastern Maryland and Delsware. 

SsixSi^k^H^I&S. BhSw:fi D «B"cS? of^xreo^w^Ei 1 - ^ 

/otbb rac-K ';*» c ;™^ll^taso°'Sur iwrS T?S Ka«olxBbotu«b8 are with the Ha- 

^"J^*^s^ «JvsSa?S fsrweSr/go. 1 '^ " n<led ,n ^ YMk 

Unitko. — J(iBCi)h 0. Kcrarl Bpt?nt a wwk In 
Nov York ana Boston, making the final ar- 
riuiRemcntH tor bis shows at Wonderland 
l'nrk, lleverc 1 tench, Buy ton, and Brighton 
licach. Conor Island. While In New York 
lie purehftBca flvo Icopnnls, three pumns, two 
tigers, and two hyenas to add to his col- 
lection, which Is to bo tne feature of Wonder- 
Innd Park ltoston. lie also purchased fire 
lnruo baboons to complete his new master- 
piece. "Monkey Town, or Monkeys fighting 
the Flames." which Is to be one of the feat- 
iireu at tirlgtaton Beach. Everything will be 
In line condition on leaving Winter quartern, 
which hns presented a busy scene all Winter. 
The new entrance for the animal snow Is a 



If you want to accumulate wealth quickly, start a penny arcade and 
amusement parlor. Edison Coin-Slot Machines fascinate and draw the 
crowd and the pennies. Run automatically by electricity. Write to us 
to-day for full information. 

64 Lakeside Avenue, 

Orange, N. J. 


week stands through Central lv$******£ 
playing to big business. Wo Pl&yj^OUvMw* 
Ind,, week of 1«. and week of 28. Arabia, 
Ind. We will open under our tont WOtni 
necond week In May. Will have one 00x80 
tor>, one cook aouse, one horse ana tnree 
pr.vt.ta tents, and will carry fifteen people 
nnd play week stands. Will work the central 
parti of Indalna and Ohio. The tour will 
he under tho management of rrof. J. W. 

Annbtth Wiltbib has signed with Wood* 
hull for next season. 

Harms R. riaucB, manager or tbe Miss 
New York Jr. Co., writes: "Business con- 
tinues very good. I Intend placing 05 the 
i-ond next nenBon the Invest company of this 
kind ever attempted. I have already engaged 
n large number of foreign acts. 

UozJi.iM! and HAUnn. cyclone acrobats, 
arc booked up solid until Nor. 1. 

Uncle Tom's Cabin" Co., week ot April 10, 

at Pittsburg, to slag In chorus and quartette. 

Notes rami the Kennedy Comedy Co., 

(8 A. Kennedy, manager). — Our season Is 

drawing to a close, and excepting the latter 

tart of Lent, It has been a good season. Our 
ummer Beason will open In Wllllamflport, 
Pa., under canvas. We won't say what we 
will do until tbe season is over. 

Tub Famous Brothers Koran will open 
their 1900-7 season with "Next Door," at 
.Defiance, O., Labor Day, Sept 3. For the 
first time they will carry a band and or- 
chestra. Three new sets of trick scenerr Is 
now being painted, and many original Ideas 
will be put In the play. They head South, mak- 
ing Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, 
Mississippi, Oklahoma and Indian Territory. 
The show Is booked solid until April, 1007. 
Archie Hoyer Is playing a few dates at 

This Bulqabdeb, Lawrence and Sadie, bave 
been this season with the Bennett-Moulton 

Notes pbom "A Bbll Bor" Co. — This at- 
traction, with Johnny Qalvln In the tltU 
role of Patsy, the bell boy, is doing a fine 
business through tbe South and Southwest. 
Our company numbers twenty-two people. 
Ned Nelson Is back with us again, after an 
eight weeks' vacation at hla home In Phila- 
delphia. He Is playing bis original part of 
Doogan, the landlord. -The roster of the 
company 's as follows: Johnny Qalvln. Ella 
Oalvln, Irene Drew. May Morris, Maggie 
Somora, Irene Snuber. Lucelle Norman, 
Hcnnlc Olbson, Edith Brown, Marie Allen, 
Ned Nelson, Jas. Grady Jns. Harris, Win. 
Anger. Billy Hanley, Bert Galvln, Geo. Gor- 
don, Cbns. Hallet, Jas. A Galvln, sole own- 
er: Ned Nelson, business manager; Morris 
Snuber Is In advance and doing good work. 
.We are traveling In our own Pullman car. 

Wu, Lawrence, who Is playing Denman 
Thompson's role of Joshua Whitcomb, In 
*'The Old Homestead,*' will be seen In Maine, 
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, In Lem 
If. Parker's four act rural comedy drama of 
Mormon life, "Utah," opening May 17. 

Arthur Nixiscii. the conductor, has de- 

mils of cok oil paintings and a blsic ot cllned the otter to direct the Boston Sjth- 
llgat. The allows open fn Toledo, nlnring phony Orcheatra, as terms could not be agreed 

After Shaving 




and insist that your barber 
use it also. It Is Anti- 
septic, and will prevent 
any of the skin diseases 
often contracted. 
A positive relief foi 
Sunburn, Chafing, and all afflic- 
tions of the skin. Removes alt odor 
of perspiration, flet Mermen's — 
the oncjnal. Sold everywheie or 
mailed Tor as cents. Sample fne. 
Try MmmmH Vlottt (Iterated) Talcum, 
Newark, N. J. 

one sUnd between there and New Yorl 


•144 LA SALLE ST. \E3. 

And make yoa a fortune- If yen nave a 
SONG or HOOK liiat Ib worth anything-, 
you should copyright It. Don't take 
chancea wliea yon can aecare our Brrr- 
Iccs at small cost. Sendfor onr SKOAL 
OfFtR TO IWINTORS before applying, i° r 
a patent, *'/ tm'/I pay you, ItAMfBOOK on 
Patents senitttt. We advise If patenta- 
ble or not, FREE. We Incorporate 
Consult as. 



ColaaM. Copyright I to be 



On or stout April SO, 1906, trt 
will open oar new office in tbe 
Lincoln Building, No. 1 Union 
Square, N. T. City. We shall 
carry a fall line of Theatrical 
tights, ete. 


86 Woodbine Strut, Brooklyn, N. V. 


PASSES, CABDB, Etc Writ, (or Sample!. 
Webs Pt» Co., 858 Dearborn SL, Chleaio, III. 

May 5. 








' Tlmt t-Ait - do good specialties, for Snunner nail 
; next Deason, mid other people. Those that have 
fertUeu before write again. Address 

•Brunswick, Maine, Maya, 4,5: WatervUle 7, ( 
- Augusta, M, 12,13. 



Fur annual tour In Pavilion, Cornet Ilayer to lead 
1 baud and double orchestra, Clariouet, B. and 0-: 
Baritone to double on *tage: also want Boss Can- 
.va^Mnn. yuole lowest salary. Pay yotr own, 
Other imefel people, write. Long seaaou, sure sal- 
ary rt ud 8 night attmdH. Season opens May 12. Write 
jy. gulckly. A|,- WAltPA, Mgr.. Marysvllle. Kaunas. 


Good Med. People. 

Summer's Work in Bloomington, III. 

_ Salary .acre: no tlckeis. ML T. II. Wool*. 

.; :■; 'J(|f A N T E D , 



■nging and Dancing Soubrettc, Woman Tor 
Ouueral'BuisiDeas, Musicians to Double Orclientrs 
or Stage: Cornetaor Alio preferred. MUST BE- 
iPORT.-l'OR 11K1IEAHSALS MAY 7. State every- 
thiog in first letter. iM-fui Rep. People, write. 
■ ■ Address bHOCKEY BROS., McArthur. Ohio. 

\XTtA NTflPTa To open eatnp May 10, 
fraillXil/, Sl'cutAcls.ehangcurtcn; 
Wwi face Corned*, all acta, dancer pre'ered. 
WmA first letter.'your lowest. FOK 8ALK.- 
:«WtL . FIUHT FILM, like new, 3 cents per foot; 
VI flashy Red Band Coats and Caps, Due shape, 
V<ost KM each. ttUt lakes them. 

*_. 19bw Rlehmond, Inrf. 


M.ii tor "Juvenile mid llcavk-, with npcctalty; 
■ I/,dT fur Pl.Do anil small Parts. Summer httlarles. 
WDrt jij.r 'round. .Wilms- S. H. BUCHANAN. 
Uoullitl, win, linjr 3. J, 6; r'cunluiort', Wis., 

t, I, ».■ 


.lor. Summer Stuck Season at Colorado Springs, 
.Colo,," licgjiiiiliig May its, luw): llano, Clariouet, 
■ Cornet, aud Trap Drums. All must be At expert 
.enccd men, sight readers, and sirletly sober. Ad- 
.dress quick, LEO. C. BRYANT. Musical Director, 
Arlngton'aComedlan*, Lcadvlllc, Cok>., weekMay 
•C-12; Cripple Creek, week May la-IP. 

A-narloueKlst, 'Cellist, Trap Drummer and Pianist 
j for Hummer heatron.oales Spring-, Tenii. Must lie 
ttfciiflt-uieuaiid Jam up In mi-loess. Write. 
( -i . . :...JJ- KINO WUOTKN, KuVatllll-.Tvuii. 


50 ft. R. T., with otie 30ft. middle piece, polo, 
stakes, rigging, Baker A Loekwood make. Fair: 
good for one season. $5u.oo cash. Deposit on 
CO. I). Act quick. 

■ BILLY DENNETT, Mllnca, SI law. 



Report for Rehearsal at Byeavllle, O.. Hay 10. All 
people engaged answer this ad. Want a few more 
all 'round or twoGood Song and Dance 
Sketch- Teams, Acrobat*. Bar Pertohners, and 
Aerial Artist*; High Wire and High -Dive foot). 
Those Doubling Brass given prefereuce. ■ Salary 
low. No tickets. Address 
AMAZON BROS. 8HQW8, Byesville, 0- 


Pianist to double small parts. Character Man with 
specialties, Property Matt who can act and dance. 
Juvenile Leading woman, Character Womao with 
specially, if possible; Man with Picture Machine, 
who can double. Three night repertoire In 
theatres. Pay your own. Make salary right Tor 
. TROUSDALE THEATRE CO.. K-jthWTllle, la/ 


For the swcllest equipped wagon show on the 
mad. Musicians for white and colored band. 
Band Leader, man for Mark.salso Tom. Preference 
to those who double. Sure salary, good treat- 
ment. Canvas Men, Hostlers and took. "KED" 
lie ENTREE, come home. 

■ BERT CJLLMOR, Fremont, 0. 



fiut ou acts, etc.; Silent Performer that can work 
n acta;S. and D. Sketch Team. ' Others write. 
Salary sure.. Week srandB. Stop at hotels. Open 
May 14. VERNE SUARPSTEEN Med. Co., Mar- 
shall. Mich. 

Wanted Q<iok, for Mr Big Show, Under Cams 

(Border Urania), Actors and Musicians all Hues; 
preference to those who double stage and band. 
Want Tuba, Baritone. Trombone, Violin, to double 
band. I par all after Joining. Tickets to people 
I know, write all lirst tetter. If you have 
written, write again. S. A. Warren, write. Heed's 
Amusement Enterprises, PONC'AC'ITY, OKLA. 

Wanted Qui. Comedian 

Other people write 




Wanted (u assist In a first ela.t5 act. Must be a 
"Funny Tumbler," aurl do a lit He eomedv. Address 
S. W1NCOTT, Keith's Theatre,- Providence. R. 1.: 



AddreM NA SSET. N. Y„ or route. 

WaHled, Ghsap for Cash, Dozen Pairs Kin 

BOOTH FOR BAND. Itl good condition. H, Men I 
Doutdlug O. needed. Also Harpist Doubling Urai** 1 
Write, AHT11VK LbfcDHAM.Crintoil.O.; ■ 



Open for Engagement. 

923 E. 1 76th St., • • ■ Haw York City 

WUTH, Med. Performers 
II ail i bit • n A __ UIBIJ , 

Long engageineut. sure money, open under can- 
vas. May 12, nearttl.LoulH. (iood Sketch Teum, 
uiun and wife, man rapablc of doing comedy 
and straight In acts, and nul deiieuu entirely 
on It. F. for comi'dy. AM clistige for -week. 
Stale lowest. Those playlug orgsn preferred. 
Booxe. dlwrgnulzeis— N(J. Address- J. !•'. 
KMDO, W North TiOtli Court, Chicago. Ill, 

Attention, Band and Orchestra leaders! 

Do you «ntit to Learn to Compote anil 

Arrange Music* If so, send ttc. stain]) fur 
trial lesson. Nothing to nay until you have 
bceu taught Lessons], Hand 3. If tlieae lessons 
do not convince you tliat this Is Htrletly Legit- 
imate, then They am Pre*. DoiVt write un- 
less yon have a thorough knowledge of the- rudi- 
ments of music, and Mean Bualnea*. 

C. W. WILCOX i Hannonlat ., 
last* Broadway. S. V. 


For Hollywood Park, 

At nil times. Single Ijidlcs, Sister TenmN. 
Sketch TValM, MastcHl Acts. Two weeks to 
those who can chungo second week. Address 
ED. I.OWKY, .Mgr.. Hollywood Park. 
Baek Itlver. Kosavllle. Haltlnioif l-'o.. Md. 



Performers In all branches. We carry our own B. 
aod O. Would like to hear from good lectururs 
and' physician* who arc reghtered In Ohio. Ad- 
dress, Dr. DALV, care of Cciierai Delivery, 
Cleveland, U. 



Pconlc lu all Hues. -Heuvy man, runst be good; 
Specialty People that can do parts. You musl be 
Al and have good wardrobe. C'LKAVK. LKW1S, or 
Kansas CUy, I have a place for you. Address 
w. f\ Lfwis, Uraflou, Neb. 
Shitwopenw May 1*. 

"Tell It To Me" 


For sue on ,11 train, ind pewsaUDd^or by 
null, >Wc. AlldrtJl EZRA K KIDALL, 
M Bo. Ik »t h A. ... Ht. V.r »OB, «. V, 


2,'OT Folding Chalrn. one (lalalea IIIumIoii, Folding 
Canvas Vliatr Settees, Fohllng Organs, Kami 
Organs, one Spring Motor Nickel lu the SlotPlauo, 
two file rcopl icons, CoU>, PIIIown, Torcht-. one 
Touoplioue Flertde Piano, one '."ixM and IHx^4 
LET. R; 11. AHMBRCHTKR, Sprlnglleld, llllnol-. 

AT a-ll 


After Long Sea>>on am at Liberty for Hummer and 
Winter Season, for JUVENILES, 1NCENCES ANIl 

H. 1U1B D E TADI, 

C«*t llroad Top, Pa. 

W^anted, for ^Week AI*»^lil, 


liiiflt wurk In tilths. Al.<> perfui-iiierH In all Iii-hih-Uch fur iiiii- l-tirk t'lirnli. Aililri.-w 

CHUIIUIIII.I, VAl'IIKVII.LEAtlKS'cr. Ilmilu nH.UnmlllullwiMllli llllllrllllil, iml ItMM SI.. I'lilM. 



For 48 weeks' engagement, to open Juue '.'Sal .Ih-llwws Fall», Vt.: Mii-iclini- for Bund und urelmdra 
(no blacklug upj, Singem for Solo and tniariettf, t'uini-dhiiis, who arc daiM'en, to work in hlg song 
aod dance, Novelty acts, hidudlug Acroiiatle, Club Juggling, Wire Art In is mnl ■ any s<*fix»MotiuI itint 
clean acts fur lady audieiiren. Preference glren >o lliu,*e wln» .doiiblo hrnss. No fntfy wilarb-i 
puld. AhoieUhow. Aiid'c.-.- 

DK lll'K 1IUOH., Ism 
P. S.— All give two week!-' roul 

■lit, N. II., Mkya: I'ninkl 

, HIHl Mlflltloil htHjHI'.V III 

it. X. II., Mny .'.j'llrMol, N. Il.i Mav 7. 
rsi letter. . 

NOW ii v nil; kohl <fc i an i i.r, ( 





TliU W«,k, April ,111, OI> 

mi i»i< Tlmntre, CfHt-ngit, 111. 


With niv Big Cnrulval &\ww. Lady Bflta, evcrv 
klud. Ciiii |iliiccfewuiitaierir Cliurus ttlrlx ; de 
Hcrlbe yourself. Also Pianist, male or female 
Show oncus Mav 7. 

K. It. HI'MBY, Wllke.-liaire, Pa. 


Who Is an AI Clarionet Player, tlyod permtuietit 
position for (he right man. Mu»t Im sober, relinhle 
and willing to slick. No "lluatcrs 1 ' or f rlih-i - uecil 
write. Must be good for H. and 0. Can make 
from »l-.' lu t'JO weekly, guaranlueil. Addre«s 

r* A. HUFF, Biemeii, Hid. 

At Liberty, Cornet, B.O. 

HMD U >: VAI.I., Inltr llcnan lloU-l. UM wigB, III. 


Want a Woman for Light Lends, useful Kep. Mtm 
for good biittliicns. I^m t sciiKOir. I'ay your own. 
Fuirpartlculars . Pln n ltt. ItLMHV ILLK, N. V. 

Wanted. Piano Player. 

Must Head aod fake. Open May 1 1, under i-hmvim. 

Ujek Box Ml, Aurora, III. 

NOTICE.— Chorus Girts Furnished to Reliable 

HnM of Miislci,lc-'iiin;ih,Hiirlc.i|iir, llnttimlli- 
.ml V.uilc'vlllu Ciiiii|iiiuIi:». I'. J. IIIIHIK. 
■ ■ 181 1-aHalk- Hliccl. Olilr»iri., 111. 

Western Dramatic KxdiHiige. 

Manager* wanting reliable people, wrlle. 

lUT UtfgjJB Si., near Madison, Chicago. III. 

At Liberty. Lucille Wilde, 


JONKSHOItO, linl, 

At Liberty. Trap Drummer. 


New Bcdfoid, Uhss. 



Violin, Doub. Cornet or Alto. 

Kx,>tiiJini(-(.il mill rcllaliln. 

Al.. I'lll ltlltlK\. . 

. . Curt. i,r Vnnrl'» Mlii.lriil.. 

A, Ml,:" ii' ]i,T route III 1-1,1 fTI-:il. . 

mriiTOiu PEOPLE 

SI MM i: It ANI' lll-(,lil„\l! KKANOX. 
KilieitrxitlH Hay IT. ' All imrlinilHr- IM UHtvt, 
ll.«ind preferenre given lo,iliu-e doing Htuie.luliliM. 
Address, KIlKll. MUAIIAX. Mu.iagrr, 

. . (;< i u ii i uiii, iHii" 


Slater's Comedians, 

IIKLITf;, PIANIST; (dhem wrlle, Spt-einllle- prof 
Hularb-K gilitrntile((|| for Mlililiiii , r; iimfcn tlieiu low. 
Join (Inmiiwich, o. f open wilmlngiou, s.i'.. Man- 
ngoiueiil advaiiecri fun-. |,A WKKNCF. iu;i, 

KM. KIIAI.Ci;. |«tH, O. 

war CAPtAlfl W. D. AMENTS 

Firsl QfeMi Hk<:icli Team, HnriraJ in. in, Mack 
Fare, and Irish Coim-ilbim; TWn 4 Piece DiThe,< 
has, CliirlotH't/rroinboiie. lla-«, und f,i\*'m; While 
or Colored; 'J tfctiffeimrrfiMiro Player^, I'mperlv 
Men, Lady Shtgem and DauccrH. Mn»i be good 
looker* ami dresse^. I^nig seifon and sure pay. 
Schhoii open- here Muv aS; Fred Adklu* wire 
Add., Capl. W. |>. AJMEN£. llnl Hprlum. Ark._ 


Mfta luslruet mid prunareyou fur Ilni stage I>t 
mall, and secure engagemenis. Bcud siaiup fui 
particulars. DU .KllANK SCHOOLS, -IVjx SK 
Koulli Heml, linl. ______ 

Ladies', Wardrobist. 

Hlllflillv tv.irn (lltWNH.rnr 'tl-- Htiliti- Mini Klruel. 
KMIlAkH IXT. Mr**. I'WK, 

ML-' Wim Kluutl Aw., Clll'.-aifj, 111, 


.Tim * &r&wn y&&k aiAi*fe®m. 



g «l ? l f .,rA.^- ,^ vVri, ' 



Editobul and Bdbinebb MAMAOn. 

batobpAx May c, not, 

aAnrtluaenta— 12.80 per Inch, slogl, col- 
umn. ......... . . ' 

Admtlsement, Ht wlib border, 10 per 
tent extra. ■-*. , 


Ope »eor, In alliance, f 4 ; en mnptlu, 12 ; 
ihrra rnorMrji, $1. Foreign poatag* ertra. 
Mafia copies will be Bent, pontpild, on re- 
ceipt of 10 cents. 

' ... (Hr Tern» ire Clrt, 

POt) CLIPPBB It ihu ea eterj WednMdty 

oorolug. i The lut four (ndTertlslog) pat*. 

(jo TO PB1WB on Snturdoj at 11 a. H„ aaa 

tie otlrtr psges on HONDAS ana TBHSOAX 

Tne Forme Clo.ln» ITomplIJ-, Taei. 

<Ur, Ht 10 o'clock A.M. 

Please remit by express, money order, cneox, 

P. O. order or atglstereu letter. All earn en- 

eloaed wltb letter la at tne risk of gender. 

iddrni All Communication, to 


47 West 28th Rtreet, New lot*. 
Srolejered 0aMa,44«V*M, "ApTHoarar." 


■it The Clippfb la located At Room G04, 
Ashland block, Chicago, William L>\ Bryan, 
manager and correepondent, where advertlse- 
mcniJi and eubacrlptions are received at our 
regular rate*. . .„ ., 


Located at 48 Cranbournc St., London, w. C, 
John II. Cerney, maunger and correspoadent, 
where advertisements and subscrlptloni are 
received at our regular rates. 

Thi Cmppeb cam BQ OISTAINED, WBOLl- 
pali and beta ii,, ot our agents, BrenUno's 
newi depot, 37 Avenue do l'Opera, Paris, 
KrBiiM'f M. LMenthol, Frederick Btran»e 
301 (Tertnlnua rJotcl), Berlin,' N. W., Ger- 
autty ; .'DUuvon4 News Co.. 07 Prado, Ha- 
vana; Manila Book end Stationery Co., 128 
KmoIUp. Manila, P. I. ; Albert & Son, 137- 
130 King" St*. Sydney, Australia. 

Tim M.V YORK CLIPPEfl pnbUab«a 
only one edition, and (lint Is dated 
rrpm Mew Vqfk- , . 


. No Repllea by o r Tclesrapk, 

Addresses oh whebiubquts not qivih. 


CLIPPER Tost Oppick. All. wcttsrs will 


soloht, BEpaa to oua war op Rootm 



M. T. H.. Syracuse. — We have no knowledge 
of the present whereabouts of -the party. 
Add rem a letter In rare of this office and we 
will advertise- It- In Tim Clipper letter lint. 

•MB*. ly (i., PunMutawney, 

MIHH M. B.. Orange, - 

Mrs. C. A H...BenbPopk, 

O; C M., Chester Park, 

Mind R. W.i Lefoyette, 

rf. *R., Cleveland, 

E.K., New York, 

fat, J. M. C, Plymouth, 

Mim. C, 8. P. 

i Chicago, 

(.'. 0. Chicago. 
, R. Met?.. New York, and 

BT, New Orleonn.— See M. T. H„ 

-See route list In 

A. 2. 

*B. I. P.. Providence. — We eon only advise 
yon to he persistent, and try In every wny 
'io get a trial performance, if managers 
ahsAlutcly refuse to give you a trial pertorin- 
ance there Is ho way of getting a hearing 
unless you cnu get u booking >tli rough nn 

J. W. h., Pblladelphlo.- 
thls Issue. _ ,, 

M. C J., Sprlngtleld.— Cahns Guide, puh- 
llshed by Julius Cohn, Umpire Theatre Build- 
ing. New York City; price, $1.00. 

Bkadkr. Boston. — The first entrance is 

,,0 W U i\T— Address Win. Celeato, 034 WeBt 
Twenlv-elghth Street, New York City. 

T. T. B., La Collet te.— Watch our route lint 
.•noli week. „ ^ , . A 

j. J, B.. Sharon. — Rehearsals of tbo 
various companies begin about Aug. J., the 
listen ot the rehearsals defending entirely 
upon the time thiv shows open. 

J. L P.. Boll vi r.— Advertise your wonls 
In Thu'Cmppkh. 

W. B., Ilnrton— Watch our route list each 

'a.L. II., Wnterlowii.— See route list In 
this Issue. „ .... , 

B- D, Huffnlo.— See our advertising col- 
«mttH. . .^ n , , 

J. 8» MiullKon Bnrracks.— AddreBH Dick 
A I'ltagernld. 1» Ann Street, New York City. 

K ft., Philadelphia.— Letter sent March 
I St, care of "Girl of the Streets" Co., Lyons, 

* C.A. R.. Orconvlllo.— Address the mana- 
gers of the several ahows you mention, as 
per routes, which appear from week lo week 
In our columns. 

A Rmoeh, Kansas City, — Watch our col- 
umns rnuh week, 

R. A. 8.. Detroit.— We never reply to 
ipiirlea conceralng the reliability of anyone. 

R 0, G- Santa Ke.— Addrens Wm. Sweat - 
nam. lu cure of "The County Cbilrmia' Co., 
us per route In this Issue. 

A. E. n.. Hlllahoro.— A's discovery of -bli 
mlsnlay before the (rick wos qnltled saved 
hitn from a revoke, und (iIh QunouncpmoDt that 
lie held the king of hearts, made that card 
nn exbosed card which, upon the demand nf 
.•liber player, he *aa pompelled to wag at 
the first opportunity. Again the fort thut lie 
••threw off'' Indicated clearly that hi- Inten- 
ilou was nnt to tnimp. nnd under m t'ontll- 
ilon could he withdraw a card from a trick 
for 1 the purpose of trumping that trick. 
Therefore, for two reasons, either of which 
was In Itself sutflclent, A wns compelled m 
piny the klhk bf hearts unoh the trick. 

H. I.. Indlnaipolls.— Yes, B loses. 

(• ll. Tolenns: — Tliere are many Institu- 
tion* and specialists who adverjlse to euro 
Hi" "lubacco habit." Your family physician 
.•nn probably advise yon. ' 

J ». S.| RlOhmond.— "Ilynercrltlcal" Is 
the correct word. There Is no authority for 
the word used, but the meaning of tbe two Is 
Idem Ira). ' 

II. J. K., Helmn.— R Wins. ■_ ■_- l - LJ . J - 1 J 


pftOH or n own con n rs pon'djcnt, 

Clipper Bateam, 

4S'Cranb«nrn* Stpeet, 
i Lrloester Square. 

London, \V. C. 
i-." APBIL 21. 

with several new productions on the 
hoards, Kaster weeb has been a very busy one 
for the local seeker of amusement. - Tfare* 
out of the Qve new productions are "revues," 
as they term them in Paris, the other two 
twlng musical comedies. Last Saturdny 
night "The nalrymalds" had Its first per- 
formance at ins Apollo. Monday afteroon'i 
"The Revue" wdH done at the Coliseum. Wed- 
nesday night ibe Km pi re management offered 
lit '■revile," entitled "Venus." -Cast lea lu 
Spain." another "revue." had, Its premiere 
at the Royalty Wednesdey night, sod to- 
night we have "The flfri Behind the Coun- 
ter." si WyndhsmV. The best houses were 
uoi oVerlilh-d during live eurlv part of tde 
week, as Ihe better class were out of town 
Hpenrtlnic the holldny_pe'rlod from Thursday 
of last week until .Tiiesdny or this week, 
and the weather was no Hummerllke that 
many In town snugbt outdoor entertain- 
ments, especially Waster Monday afternoon. 

"The Dairymaid,,," produced a week ago 
to-night at the Apollo, Is the work of five 
people. A. ftj, Thompson and Mr. Court* 
nelge looked after the construction apd the 
wording of the play: Paul A. Ruben* and 
Arthur Wlmperls did the lyrics, and Mr. 
Rubens and Frank K. Tours composed the 
music. The general output of the quintuple 
nlllnnre Is a frollrsome. tuneful production, 
thoroughly Kngllnh In setting, and healthy 
In tone: We have farm Ufe. sea life and 
school life, and. though there Is very Utile 
attempt mode at a coherent story, divert- 
ing and pretty Incidents ore deftly strung 
together, In sMdi a way as to satisfy nli. 
A brief Idea of .the story: Lady Brodenell 
starts a dairy farm, chlepy for the Isolation 
of her two nieces from the male Rex. But 
she does not take Into consideration her two 
nephewH, who are connected with the navy. 
The result Is that roou after the start of the 
play we find a whole party of officers from 
nn BirgllBh warship making love to the dairy- 
maids, Life on the farm Is deverslped by 
the humors and eccentricities of a. merry navy- 
doctor ot Irish nationality, nnd two funny 
Redman. A half-sister or the two chlfef 
dalrymnlds coraes to the farm from a French 
convent and rather mixes things *tip. The 
navy doctor makes love to Lady Rrudneil, 
but rolsunderstandlngs arise, and In a fit of 
passion her ladyship determines to send her 
nieces back to the school. Accordingly they 
are sent to school, which prove* no more 
immune than the dairy farm' f torn" the In- 
trusion of the opposite set, but, of .course, 
in the end everybody is paired off nicely, and 
the curtain falls nn a really delightful -show. 
The principal pan* are in the heads of tbe 
following: Waltpr Peesmore. Horace: Lone, 
Ambrose Manning. Dan ftoylat, Carrie Moore, 
Agnes I-'raser, Florence flmlthson and Phyl- 
lis Brougbtop.' . :■" 

I hnve learned that Cosmo HnmlUon lias 
Just concluded arrangements for the produc- 
tion In America of a revised version 'of bis 
three act piece, "The Wisdom of Folly." 
which was played at the Comedy some three 
years ago, and a one act play of a atrong 
character, entitled "Gran'father Coquesne," 
dramntlxed by him from. a story In his new 
hook; "Natures Vngabond." It Is said that 
the. Knglish rights of the letter play have 
been bought by;C. Auhroy Smith. - ■ • ; 
'* I .forgot to mention in mv above' remarks 
about new product Ions, tbe lirst performance 
In this country of "Dorothy o' the Hall," by 
ruul Kester nnd Charles Major, which oc- 
enrred at the New last Saturday night. As 
the play has been seen In America, being 
played by Bertha <ialland, and under the 
title of "Dorothy Vernon, of Haddon Hall," 
a -review of the utorv is n»>t necesssrv. The 
••original romantic ploy." as it Is programmed. 
hnd a most successful opening nod a' lone. 
pmtltftble run Is expected. Julia Neilson Is 
ihe Dorothy, and Fred'Terry, the "Sir John 
Manners, of the cast. 

Charles Wyndhum left London' last week 
Thursday, for a vacation of several weeks. 
He went to Naples, and will also take 10 
Sicily before be returpa to London. At the 
end of May the lease of the Criterion, which 
he granted to Frank Ciirzon, will exnlre, and 
It It likely that Mv. Wyndham.may n'ppear.Sn 
a play on the stage of that thesire either In 
June' or a few months later. 

The "revue" at the Royalty, entitled 
"Castles lo Spain." might be called. bv some 
h comic opera. It Is divided Into two acts. 
The first act takes place la a flat on St. 
James Street, where we find a Frenchman, 
of the usual »tnge l vpc. In love wli h 
a pretty. American girl, the daughter of an 
American millionaire. The second act takes 

friace In Spain, where the Frenchman bos 
leco'me, for some unknown reason, a de- 
tective. There Isn't any apparent plot, nor 
Is one necessary, for that matter.' as tbe 
performance consists of a couple of dozen 
of songs, , Intermingled with some comedy 
lines. Horry Frogson and Mov de Sousu. 
fresh from Drury Lane pantomime triumphs, 
have the two leading parts In the new piece, 
nnd most Of the work Is left for them to do. 
Miss De Sousa made an unqualified aucceas the 
opanlng night. She Is a big London favorltw 
which means that her career ns such will not 
he short lived. Mr. Fragson shares with 
Miss de Sousa the chief honors of the show. 
i. the piece Is not a success financially, it 
will be the fault of the location of the house, 
which, like the Scnla, Is Inconvenient to reach. 

The two new* Barrie plays. "Punch" a'nd 
"Josephine," at the Comedy, are not turning 
people away, nnd Charles Frohman Is said 
to have definitely decided upon the show 
which Is to follow current bit) at that house. 
"Rallies," the comedy drama, which, has en- 
joyed such success In the States tor the past 
two years, U stated to be the play selected 
by Mr. Frohman. The exact date of Its 
pyrmicrt; Is not known at present. 

"Maurlcette," the play In which H. B. Irv- 
lug Is nppeariog In at- the Lyric, has been 
greatly altered nud Improved since its first 
performance Rt that house n short time ago. 
it Is now preceded by a drnmntie version of 
Robert Louis Stevenson's "Markhelm." Tbe 
scene of action uf ihe playlet Is- tbe 
shop of an old dealer Id curios. Markhelm 
visits the shop Christmas Day, when tbe old 
owber is quite alone- He talks wltb him of 
life and death, ami love and conscience, . and 
coming to business* makes pretence of want- 
ing to purchase <i present for n wealthy ladr 
he Is about to marry. He kills the old man 
and fills his pockets with his victim's gold. 
Suddenly to bltu appears a Spirit — a familiar 
Spirit that bos been with him and watched 
his conduct from childhood onward. To that 
Spirit the murderer, with iheblbod hardly dry 
upon bis hands, makes his excuses. He makes 
nil manner of excuses lo tbe Spirit for his 
many wild deeds, hut the Spirit reminds hi pi 
that nolhlng bm death will stop his down 
wnrd ctireer. Markhelm turns penitent and 
decides lo confess to the bid dealer's ser- 
vant, when she returns, that he has kilted 
her manter. 

A three net comedv. by Herbert Sweare. 
eutltled "A Tight Corner, has been accepted 
by Mr. and Mrs. Kendall, who will ploy tbe 
leading nnrta In the new piece. It Is now' in 
rehearsal, and will lie dono for the first time 
nt the Theatre Roynl. Portsmouth, \Inv 0. 

Phyllis Dare, wbo has a big nnraejn, the 
musical comedy Hue In London, and who has, 
onlv Just comnleted her fifteenth birthday. 
will not enter upon any hew engagement* 
fnr a time, as she Is going lo a school In 
Brussels In order to complete her education. 
She returns to ihe stage at Christmas. She 
ptaved Kllsllnc Mm pert. In *'The Catch 
of the Sensan," for many weeks, at the 
Vaudeville, lest Summer. 

An extraordinary scene Is said to have oc- 


'at. pie Petntteni .Theatre, , 
3»y night, during tbe first f 1 ' 
__ 'Opera, "A»h)#.' r The play was being 
conducted , by Maaragol. The audience wished 
trie, baritone to repeat a popular selection, 
hpt Msscsgnt. who disapproves of encores, 
proceeded with the performance. The audi- 
ence persisted. MaxcaKOl refused. The up- 
roar IffW terrific, and the conductor was 
bombarded with cushions, which people threw 
from the stalls, i He was flnallv obliged to 
leave the orchestra., At the end of. half an 
hour the manager announced that Mascngnl 
would accede to their wishes and allow the 
encore. The composer's return lo bis cbalr 
wns greeted with great applause. 

Charles Frobtnon has commissioned Sey- 
mour Hlrks io write tbe libretto of a new 
musical play, to be produced In America and 
Lntflnnd. The subject will l>e o modern ver- 
sion of "As Yon Like It." The composer has 
not been selected as yet. 

Tbe cight-modth son uf 0. P. Huntley, 'the 
star of "Mr: Popple," died recently. Mr, 
Huntley lias been out of the cast nince tbe 
death of bis son, but will return next week- 
Mrs, (j. p. Huntley ( Kelley) is on Amer- 
ican. , i 

The first anniversary of "The' Little 
MlrbtiH," #blch Is still doing a good busi- 
ness ot Daly i. will be celebrated April 20. 

Bounding Patteraona. » — ■■ 

I am In receipt of a post card from the 
Stale*, calling my 'nt tent fun to tbe new firm 
of Cfulgg and Mack. Mr Mack. Mr. Qulgg's 
former partner, is slowly recovering from a 
nasty toss he receded In. getting from an 
electric Itiii, He and 8 new rjjrtne-r had Just 
whipped their art Into shape, laa were about 
to accept some time offered when the acci- 
dent occurred. 1 '*' '•• J' 

Frederick Melville's "La« MotogtrP" has 
been prolonged at the Circus CarrK Amster- 
dam, till the end of tbe month. Tplsr Is tbe 
automaton's second visit to that house, and 
she his been reengage*} for next year. 
1 The Muslral Johnston* opened big at tbe 
Alhnrahm, Perls, lust Monday. On ihe same 

Frank. Danby.- a well-known English come- If there is a funnier quartette on the boards, 
dlan, Is to hove a benefit ut tbe Aldwych on It has not yet visited Halifax, Their gro- 
ihe afternoon of May 17. The performance 

Brushed Scales From Fere Like Pow. 

il *■ r— t; art e r l»h > ■ 1c In o • Grew Worse 

— Cuticur*. Work* Woailerii. 

"I suffered with eczema .six months [ 
had tried three- doctors,; but did not get 
any; better. It was on my body end on 
my feet so thick that I could hardly put 
apirton rne without touching eczema. My 
hit was covered, my eyebrows came out, 
and then it gpt in niy eye. I then went io' 
another.-doctor. He asked me what I was 
taking for it. and !>o!d him Cuticurar He 
bill, and doing as well, are the .Brothers satf tna t was a very good thing, but that 
Merlin*. Heeley and Meeiy, and the Hollo- ^ ^^ ^ my ^ wouM ft,™^ 

Thanks to Ksmersldn tfrid Charles De Cemo for life. But Culicura did its work and 

for Easter greetings ^Also Press RMrjdf*, my face is now just as clear as it ever was 

who writes that he Is due to arrive In Loft- i 1-ij _ii j.„ JLt-jSZ .l„. . -■ w ^ s - 

don early in. May. « *& jrfg^gH W ™ tn ** about my remark- 

Anent the Empire Comedy Four, showing -able cureW feel so thankful I want even - 

* c L tne ..^ ftla ^L T 1 "*^ J ,al ir ax - c " rrem: Body far and wide t<) know what Culicura 
week: "The Etoplre Comedy Four are en- » '. -»••-. 
titled to head the bill. ' Tliev are described 
as America's leading singing comedians, and 

cat* do. It is a sure cure for eczema. Mrs. 
Emma White, 641 Clierrier Place, &+ 
deri.'N* -J,- Aprifas, 1905." ' ''.. 

tesque appearnnce Is enough to pet the audi- 
ence laughing, and ifaelr comical behavior, 
comblnexrwitn melodious part singing, enrted 
Ibe'm 'several eaeores." 

-There Is plenty of material In tbe new Donald, ___ 

"rerne" ■ dope ar r|ie Bmplre Tuesday night Tfie chorus Is very attractive. "Mexican a' 
to Smuse rt London audience that ItkesTto Is on here for an lndefiolterun. 
took at the humorous side of modern life 

Is under the guidance of Seymour Hicks, 

"The Belie, of May fair" \n doing ft record 
breaking hualneaa at the Vaudeville. In 
order tu accommodate the people desiring, to 
see Kdnn May In ihe new. musical play, eight 
performance* a week are being given. 

Al- II. Woods, the American melodrama 
king, Is In this city on a short visit. He 
Is here for the purpose of disposing of the 
English rights of some of the many hits In 
the melodrama line he has hod lq the States. ~- 

Chnrles Klein is due this week from Araer- (irlncrpals are: Elisabeth Firth, Sybil Arun- 
Ice. The reason of bis vifltt to these Hhores, dale, H. W. Berry, nnd Harry Oratun. 

* v « Palace Monday afternoon, and 

ily. - Louis Harrison, the principal comedlon 

fs'tbe {on'taftkc/'of itn extremely plea=>i c ; 

hirn. He tanbly assisted* by Christy Mc- 

Bdwjn Martlndell, and many others. 

It .is said. Is to confer with Mr. Frohman 
regarding the London production of his ex- 
tremely successful piny, "The Lion nnd the 

Justin Huntley McCarthy bos completed 
his new piny, dealing with the career ot 
Joan of Arc. The ' play, which is called 
"The Flower of France,'' was performe'cs for 
copyright purposes or the Scale a few davs 
ago. . Mr. McCarthy 'has need Ihe same ma- 
terial for n novel, which has Just been -pub- 
lished. .... 

Tlie Lyceum, which for the past year or 
more has been devoted to vaudeville, under 
tbe management of Thomas Unrrnsforri, 
closes Ite doors to-night, and will -be dfs- 
pdsted of next week by auction. Although 
Mr. Barrasford had the house put In excel- 
lent cfindiflon, and put on the; very best of 
vaudeville talent, Btlll the public would not 
patronize the sbowg in large enough numbers 
lo make It a paying Investment.' for Mrj Bar- 
rasford. Many would not visit the theatre 
to see a variety show because they did riot 
think It just tbe thing for such a perform- 
ance to be given on toe stage once occupied 
by the late Henry Irving. This feeling shows 
the loyalty of the F.ngllsh playgoer. J 

It Is rumored that Uene Stratton Is to 
visit America shortly, on a short vacntlon 
trip or, as Cene would say, a "holiday.'.' Jft 
has also been whispered 'round that Gene 
and Jerry Hart Intended to take out a show, 
minstrel lo make-up, but this Jerry denlek 
Roth are well u in that line of work. ■» 

Le Roy, Talma and Bosco, the well known 
trio of mystery, have just finished ar'very 
successful engngement of twenty*stx weeks 
Ip. ■-[Austral ley* twelve of whfeh\were n-pro- 
tongatlon. ' They are due to arrive la London 
May hV opentng two days later. Their Jest 
engagement In this city was played at the 
Amain bra.' 

Mario and Aldo write from Hansa Thea- 
tre.' Hamburg, under date of Aprri : lT:."Tni- 
rnedlateiy utter we. finish. our engagement 
here we sail for America,- where we play 1 
few dates prior ,to oiir opening an the ten- 
ure act with the Broadway' Gaiety Girls. 
Aftera forty weeks* lour with -the compnnv 
we return" to Europe lb l.!U>7 to fill a long 
:1st of booklogB. Two other acts, well-kaown 
In America, ore on tbe bill here, and going 
big. They are tbe Brit tons. and'Snbarer 

The "revue".' Is celled "Venus, lOOfl," and 
politics, science, law and tbe stage all ap- 
pear In the kaleidoscope. London life and 
scenes furnish the story, such as It Is. The 
' nbetb FIrtb, Sybil A; 
... and Harry Orattan. 

I was at tbe Palace Monday afternoon, 

saw Cole npd Johnson commence rbelr sec- 
ond engagement at that house. With the 
same style of act, but' with several new and 
catchy songs, they made, as was to be ex- 
pected, n complete conquest of the holiday 
audience. They have the good will of tbe 
British nleygolng public.' * 

The Wolverhampton nippodrome, one of 
Walter De Frece's new houses, wee opened 
a week ago by Vesta Tllley, -who sailed yes- 
terday for New York, accompanied by her 
husband, Mr. De Free*. ,. 

'The Casino Comedy Four started proceed- 
ings gloriously at the Oxford and Canter- 
bury Monday. At the former "house' they 
are holding down one of the star spots on 
the bill, and the applause they receive -fully 
entitled tbem. to tbe place. 
% Frank Coyne, one of England's best known 
music hall comedians, committed suicide at 
hls-ftome In Brixton Thursday. The deceased. 
whose real name was Joslab Harris, was 
found with his throat cut. He' was thirty 
years of sge. He lately returned from a~ suc- 
cessful tour in South Africa wltb bis wife, 
whose staire name 1b Carrie Joy. 

Ferguson and Mack are doing immense at 
Ihe Holborn Rmpire this week. It is really 
remarkable bow tbe former . member of the 
team gets about ns he does. His younger fel- 
low artists look at him with envy. And well 
they should. 

■ 0. K. Sato, "Comic Juggler, No. 106," sends 
me word from the. -Strifes that he will open 
In Paris July l, -for -twenty days. He was 
wonted for tbe, month.- But Is booked 
lo take up the M0S9 & Stoll tour at i-eede. 

wanted for tbe, month.- but os he Is booked 
lo take up the M0S9 & Stoll tour at I-eede. 
July; 23. he could dot accept more than the 
twenty days in Parle. ■ .*-. •" 

Lew Hart, of Collins and Hart, la very 
much improved in health; end will shortly 
leave for America to rejoin his partner; ■ 
■ 'An English performer, Chris. Richards bv 
name wbo Is booked up In this country till 
January, inn. will salt for America In 
August, to fulfill some engagements booked. 
He Is a very talented, and will 
deserve to he looked over. 

Radford nnd Valentlpe, who lately re- 
turned from a successful continental tour, 
bnvp bfceri topping the bills all alorig tbe line 
In this country. April 2 they beaded the bill 
at the (Ifand, flanley. for the third time. 

•^r 1 ?.' „&° J* 1 '! .?"'! ,1° "?"•££:■ Willie Garter, iha defer „k.ter, Is la 

The long promised "revue" came to pass 
at the Coliseum-last Monday, and Mr. Stoll 
at lest offers an entertainment that Is In 
keeping with the beautiful theatre, and ought 
to nil that house foi- many months. As stated 
before n plot u* unnecessary with a "revue." 
Victor de T cot tens, the author and producer, 
has tsken Robinson Crusoe as his centre 
piece, 'round which he builds tbe "revue." 
Crusoe, Or Compere (Tom K. -Murray), re- 
turns from bis > island 'to tbe world of 
1 noo, nnd U taken In hand by the Commere 
(Billy Burke), who endeavors lo show him 
ibe slahts in London and Paris. The "re- 
vue" In a succession of beautiful pictures, 
beautiful scene* nnd beautiful girls, and the 
mounting Is on a scale that has never before 
been etempted at the Coliseum. One tableau 
follows another, till ope really wonders If 
one has not ben too generously supplied with 
the music, scenery, costumes, etc. The one 
fault nt present wltb the offering Is that 
Mr. Murray and Miss Burke, who are feat- 
ured In the production, are like interlocutors. 
and have little opportunity to display their 
ability. However, Mr. Murray tells me 
that he hns been told to go ahead and 
put some of his oWft business Into bin 
part. Ar a quiet comedian Mr. Murray 
has few equals, and tbe chances' for the In- 
troduction of some of h)s comedy "cut ups" 
are' great, and he Is sure to take full ad- 
vantage of every loop bole. Miss Burke, the 
dniiirbtcr of Burke, of Burke, Andrus and 
Frisco. Is a very handttome girl, and pos- 
sesses a very pleasing voice. Others In the 
prominent parts wbo do good work are the 
Dandles,- Arthur conquest, George Lashwood, 
and Brown and Le Cfefq. The "revue" takes 
un the whole performance, lasting a little 
over two hours. Tbe opening day Mr. de 
Cot tens was called before the curtain at the 
finish, and he Is deserving of the many nice 
things said about his production by the press 
nnd public. 

Rrerlibri, the premier of hoop rollers, is 
playing the m-mlli at (be Orplieum Theatre, 
Cruz. Austria, where he is meeting with his 
usual bund out of applause. Mrs. Everbart 
iMInnla Mndn Hurst) is working on tbe 
same bill with her husband, doing n single 
net. Mr. Kverbart Is working on a great 
net for bin wife, which he hopes to produce 
shortly. From Orax they go to Marseilles, 
and theu to Lucerne, tleaeva and Paris, for 
the worm months. 

Air. Holt writes me from Winnipeg, Can- 
ada, under date of April 5, that he soon 
sails fnr this country, as be Is booked to 
open at Bradford May 28, on the Moss k 
Stoll tour. 

Herbert, of "loop the loop dogs" fame, 
sends mc n poBt card announcing some new 
unvMtles far next season. 

Il Is said that Hurry Rlckards, the hust- 
ling .Australian manager. Is to pay a visit 
to 7,ondon this Summer. He was ben- last 
year, and booked a great many nets of Amer- 
ican, English and foreign manufacture. 

Jordan and Harvey are lopping the bill at 
the I'nina 1 , PI uck pool, this week, and come 
within aa ace of stopping the show at every 
performance. On the same bill and doing 
well Is (jtllnndo. At the Hippodrome Cecil 
nnd Francis do a very pleasing net, while nt 
the Winter Gnrdcos and Tower the Leltner 
troupe of Tyrolean singers, dancers npd acro- 
bats, nnd tbe clever lAvalls, in their display 
on the silver arch chain ladders, are win- 
ning popularity by the basket full. 

The king's r heat re, and ibe Queen's The- 
atre. Gateshead, have both reopened their 
doors as vnrlely hnuws. The Theatre Roynl, 
rifirllntton, Kill open ati a two houses-e- night 

■ : — ■»?» -—^ ' 


Ftiost our own oonnr-spo SPENT. 

Western Bar fun . . 

of the \ew York Clipper. 
Room (M14 A*hland Block, Chtcagro. 

Week ending April 28 prgctlcallP trotind 
up the regular tueatrlcal season In Chicago. 
The advance guard of the Summer attrac- 
tions te nlready here. "Mextcaaa," at the 
Garrick; "The'- Three" Graces," ht the Chi 
cago Opera House, aud "The College Widow," 
8't* the Studebeker;' arc all of the Summer 
show order: Sunday, April 20. 'Texas" 
opened at the Great Northern, and ''Forty-five 
Minutes from Broadway" .returned to the 
Colonial. "The Coward" will be nroduced at 
McVlcker's a week hence, and soon the Illi- 
nois nnd Powers will put canvas covers on 
their chairs. 

Illinois Theatre (Will J. Davis, mana- 
ger). — K. H. Sot-hern and Julia Marlowe be- 
gin tbe final Week of their engagement here 
Monday evening, 30. " 

The former play 
1 Wi ' 

__ the week thev 
will be seen, in "Tbe Merchant of Veri"w»" 
end "Romeo end Juliet, 
will be given, ob Monday, Tuesday and ... 
nesdey evenings, and the latter on Thursday, 
Friday and Saturday evenings, and at the 
Saturday matinee. May fl end for one week 
only, Richard carle. In "The Mnvor of'Tft- 
klo." "The Lion and the Mouse" follows IS, 
for an indefinite run. ' 

Powers' Theatre (Harry J. Powers, man- 
ager).— Efforts to prolong the engagement of 
Robert Loralne, in ''Man and Superman," at 
tbls bouse, have been futile, and the Shaw 
comedy will leave May 12. Henrietta Cros- 
men, In "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary," fol- 
lows for a four weeks' stay. 

Colonial Theatric (Geo. W. Loderer. man- 
ager).— On .Monday night, April 30, George 
XL Cohan's popular "Forty-five Minutes from 
Broadway" begins a return engagement, at 
this house. Successful from the first per- 
formance, early In tbe season, tbls prod-.r- 
tloh scored a great hit here, and now comes 
back with every expectation of receiving a 
hearty welcome. Fay Tetxmleton and Victor 
Moore are well remembered. All tbe mem- 
bers of the original cast will again he seen 
here, E. S. Wlllard, during hi* ntav ot two 
weeks here, played to very satisfactory pusl- 
aesa, ■ 

Grand Or uu House (Barry Aeklo, man- 
ager),— a real laukhlne bit has been scored 
by "Before and After,' which was played to 
ttiidlenccs literally -snouting with laughter 
1 hroughont tbe pant week. The one act 
piece," "Xoctnrno. ' presented' by I.eo Dlt- 
ilcbstelp, Jean Neweombe, George ' Boniface 
Jr., John Daly Murhby.'and Mlnnette Nar- 
tett, deserves n special word of praise Ken 

Corn Bellj In r Refofe and 

n personal hit. Richard 

vs. for two weeks of reper- 

von Bishop, 
After,", scored 
Mansfield lollow 

mnnnger).— "The College Widow" begins Its 
seventh week Monday evening, .'JO, Counting 
the -run Inst FAIL this play has ruutided oat 
thirteen prosperous' week» In Chiron, nod 
remains es popular es ever. Gertrude 
Quintan, as Flora Wllklns: Frederick Bur- 
ton, ns Bud Hicks, and Dan Collyer, as 
Matty McGowan, are now In the cast. 

(■Ar.rtiCK TrtgATHE (Ram P.'Oerson, man- 
RgerL— "Mexlcana" Is drawing large crowds. 
This musical play has an excellent company. 
Is a beautiful production, and Is scaring hear* 

McVlCKRR's Theatre (George C. Warren 
manager) —"Mrs. -Wlm, f tne cahbagr- 
Patch, Is enduring. The present engage- 
ment, to last one week more, Is naid to tie 
tbe most successful of all in the play's his- 
tory. The various characters of the play 
have become familiar friends to the theatre- 
going piihllc. ' Mrs. WIggs. ptaved* by Madas 
Carr Cook, pleases all. "The Coward" will 
he presented May 0, for the first lime on anr 

CmcAon Opkra House (Lyman B Glover 
manager).— "The Three Grares" In ihe loeii 
success of the nmslcui comedy season. JtUw 
Frlganxn haB latrodueed a clever Impersona- 
tion of Mnrle Dressier. Her song, "A Great 
ft ,g ".'■£■ lj } ke M V receives many encores. 
Mabel Bnrrlson has several songs and dances 
to please her many admirers. John Slavin 
Amy Rleard. Frank Fsrringtnn. Sidney r> 
Gray; Bert West on and George' Dameral are 
nlso popular. Jji Petite Adelaide continues 
In her astonishing dances. 

La Sam.b Theatre (M. H. Singer, mana- 
ger!.— '-The Umpire" Is now in its twenty- 
second week, nnd nearlng Its two hundred 
and fiftieth performance. On May 7 a sou- 
venir China plate will be distributed. New 
comedy has been added by Cecil Lean. Mar- 
garet McDonald Is the prima donna of the 
La Salle stock. 

Great Northern Theatre (FredC. Ebens, 
manager).— Beginning with the Sunday mail- 
pee. April ?9, "Texas," a- stirring play of 
cattle rustling days, will be the attraction 
for a run that will probahlv last well into 
the Summer, Charles D. Cohurn, an actor 
of ability and reputation, will have the lead- 
ing part. "Buster Brown" did welt last week. 
Bush Temple Theatre (EHsalieth Bets- 
ber, manager). — "For Fair Virginia" will fol- 
low "T"he-Oetoroon T "at this house Mondnv 
evening, '"". Adelaide Kelm will be the 
heroine, who wears- men's clothes part' of the 
time. "'The Octoroon" closed to cnpacliv 
bouses. "Graugtark" follows. 
- Axhaubha Tjieatrk (James H. Brown, 
manager). — "The Flaming Arrow" will, be 
presented at this house for 20 and 'week. 
Thla'pTay Is by Lincoln J. Carter, and it Is 
now entering upon Its sixth season, and ha* 
played all the large cities and towns In tbls 
country. "The Factory Girt" was the at- 
traction last week. "The Burglar*^ Sweet- 
heart" follows. 1 

academy Theatre (William. Roche, man- 
ager).— The offering for .week 01 April 2!) will 
he Mm p. Parker's dramatisation of "Dora 
Thome." "The Eye Witness" drew goott 
houses last week. "Tbe Homeaeekers" next. 
1 Bi-rou , TuaATUB (William Roche, maqa- 
ger). — ■.Tbe Factory Girl" will be the attrac- 
tion for one week, commencing wltb the Sun- 
day matinee, April 29. Last week "The Flam- 
ing Arrow." ''Burled Alive" follows. 

COLUMRCA TKEATRT (W«ber Rrn°., HM". 1 ". 

gera). — "The HomeBeekers, 1 ' a comedy drama, 
which has ' won popularity - Vi.r,. ■%. 
sented. Is the bill here tor week of 20. Laura 
Sawyer heads the cast. Last week's bill "The 
Goveroor'a Pardon.;* "Why Women Sin" 

People's Theatre (Joseph Pilgrim, man- 
ager). — The People's stock company will pre- 
sent "We L'ns of Tennessee." 30. I.«st wreek. 
"Lord Cbomley". 'waB produced with great 
-success. "Why Smith l.eft Home" next- 

Majestic Theatre (C. K. Draper.' mana- 
ger for Kohl 4 Castle). — Edna Wallace Hop- 
per will be the headllber for week of 3b. 
The rest of the bill Includes: Julia Rlug. 
Nat Haines, Damm Brother*, World- and 
KlngBton, the Gleasons and Houlihan, Count 
Be But 7. nnd Brother, Mallory Brothers, 
Brooks nnd HnlHday. Williams and Mel- 
bourne. Lamont's cockatoos, Fay and J-oiu 
Derbyelle. Ronnie Gaylord, Ed; and Kltth- 
Dearon, and the klnodrome. Business here 
excellent. ' ■ ' 

Haymarket Theatre 1 w. W. Freeman, 
manager for Kohl $ Castle). — Les Brunni*. 
Europenn .luggters ■ will head the list for 
the week of 30. Mary Dupont will offer a 
new sketch, and Harry Corson Clarke will 
present his comedy skit, entitled "Strategy." 
Steel ey. Doty and Coe, Agnes Mahr, Lew 
Sully, Kloe and Gothoid. Lfttell Brothers, 
Edith Richards. Collins Brothers, Mile Da'r, 
Mr. nnd Mrs: John Powers, and the Llppbi- 
cotts are otbers on tbe bill. 

Olympic Theatre (A. J. Jocobs, mnqa- 
rer)'. — James T. Powers will play bis final 
vaudeville engagement here week of 30;. ge 
wlll produce a sketch, entitled "Dreaming'' 
The Rappo Sisters, Sadl Alforabl. Hdrker 
Lester Irlo, Emmons, Emerson and Emmons. 
Leah Russell, Madam Romano,- Burt rind 
Bertha Grant, tbo Four Tenhesseeans, John 
and Alice McDowell, Kratly Nice, Llndstrom 
and Anderson, Frank Bowman and the kim>- 
drome are on the bill. 

International theatre (W. 8. Cleve- 
land, manager). — Beginning with, the Mon- 
day matinee. 30, the bin includes: Evan* 
Loyd and Caroline Churcb, In their litest 
sketch, "The Man Across the Way;" Billy 
Link and 'Miss Charters, Louis Dan-e, 
Swan nnd Westbrook, Malcolm and Cherette. 
Brown and Wllmot, and Shields and Mebr- 

Howard Theatre (Dan Russell, mana- 
ger).— Bill for week of 30 will Include: Bus- 
sell, O'Nell and Gross, Walton and May. 
Great Page, Fred Kennedy, Ray Samuel. 
Billy Wneeler, Bognrt and La Belle, and 
OEm Restlle. - 

Criterion Theatre (John B. Hogan, man- 
ager).— "The Governor's Pardon" Is the bill 
week of 2l>. A tbrllllog fight on the stair- 
case, and a troupe of Great Dane, dogs that 
are interesting actors, are features of spe- 
cial Interest, The Russell Brothers closed 
n week of good business 28. "The Flaming 
Arrow*' follows. 

Folly theatre (John A. Fennessey, man- 
ager).— The Ideal Rurlesquers Is the attrac- 
tion opening 2ft. The catnpany. headed by 
Frank O'Brien, Is 000 of the beet 00 ihe 
road, nnd Includes Madeline Franks. The 
Merry Sinkers closed ft week of eaceltent 
business 28. Sam Deverc's Burlesquers nest. 

TaociOKRo Theatre (I. M. W'eiogtrlen, 
manager).— The Jersey Lily Burlesque Co. 
will he tbe attraction at tblR house com- 
mencing Sunday, 2ft. The olio Includes: The 
Chameroyo, the Musical Belles, aad Orac|o 
ftfid Burnett. The Trocedero Rurlesnuejs 






lit! HOI 

it mi' 

^y^tHTJ^RBERlT St=>fci*ICEiiia, ; " JBy JOE QRBN. 

Composer of "Stella." Tlio New Idea and Catchy SJelGdy Hakes it Easy to Score a Big Bit. Going to be the Biggeit Coon Song Hit Ever Piibllitiirf. Pat II On and Heir Your Audlenc, Slnp, thiChorgi with Ton. 


Performers, When in -the West, Nlakn Our Plaoo Vour Hondquartera. 

J. W. JENKINS' SOtMS MUSIC GO., 1013-15 Walnut Street, Kansas City, 1*6. 

closed Saturday, 28. The PnrHan Widows 

EiJt('o?i'H Tiikatrk (SUl K. Kusnn. mnim- 
aer). — There -will lie ti complete ebnnge of 
"ill at tht* houwc ivri'k of 3U. and Id lieu of 
ntiy "holdovers." n new combination, called 

■the Champs Kiysees Hnrlcsquers, ■will offer 
•*A Farbdau Soiree" aud "Beauties. Beau a 
Hhil Buncos.". Special acts nre offered by 
Harry Baker, KacVu ami Douglas, Dc Vere 
ntti Dc Vere, Campbell and Hraily. nud 
others The Jolly Newport Belles closed S;ii- 
urtiay. 28. * 

LoKMN-DiMe MuselSi fWllllam J. Swee- 
ney, manager). — "i'liu following are in the 
carlo li'nlt week of 30 : Val Liurn. magician ; 
VolUey, India rubber man ; Pautenn's trained 
monkey. *1H the theatre: I .a Belle Boss, Irene 
Allison, Alice Borland and Hull's pictures. 

ci.akk Strkkt Mihki'm (IjOuIs S. Hedge*. 
watutger). — NumctoUs new features will be 

1 discovered'!]! the curio (tail next week. There 
will be an entirely licw list of entertainers In 
the vaiidevllle theatre. 
, AftbhTMatH. — Hnlley and Hartv.wcre at 
tin- (JniiHi Theatre, Hammond, Intl., week of 

■art-.- They have secured contracts for three 
weeks, opening at the Vaudctte Theatre 30, 
after whlr-h .[bey will plsy Coney Inland, 
Cincinnati, O.. — . ..Kdward- Waldman has 
al'ranged to give several open air perform- 
ances of Shakespearean plays. Including "As 
You IJke It," "The Mercuant of Venice and 
"The Taming of the Shrew." In towns In the 
vicinity of Chicago and Milwaukee The 

■McDonald Stock Do. closed at Lemone, Cftl., 

- 18 11. W. and wire arrived In 

Chicago Prav, 27. where they will remain 
fo>'lhe Summer and rest up for next season. 

They Just t-scanod the 'Frisco disaster 

Among Tiib GUtm Bureau callers, for week 
ending Saturday. 28, were : .Lucy nud Luclcr, 
the 'La HoIum, ihe Bennett Sisters, Frank 
II; Buck, Walter Hobruer, Maty Parkinson, 
Walter Stanton. Jltn Wlnterburn, and the 
tfroat Ohxos. Tlie last named were In San 
Francisco' during tbe earthquake and (Ire. 
They report terrible sufferings experienced 
by several professionals, who were left with- 
out street clothe* or stage paraphernalia. 
.-.;... ..At. t'arlelou, monologlst, did well 
at Hie Majestic Theatre, this city, last week. 

Lucv ahd Lucier have not laid off one 

week since" last June. They have been work- 
ing for tbc Western Vaudeville Managers' 
Association for Ihe past eight months, and 

will shortly play the Keith circuit The 

Urnbcum Company inform mo that I he report 
10 the effect that Artie Hall was killed In the 
Kah-FranelHi'o eurttiquake Is untrue, and also 
Inform me that Miss Hall played the Or- 
plrcum Then! re. l*os Angeles, week of April 
UK. .... .Humor has It (hat Klaw A Er- 

Innger. Stair A Havlln, Kohl \ Castle, tho 

. Orpheum and Keith circuits will shortly com- 
hint*. :.". . .Ben Salvlne met with un incident 

ton a railroad train In Colorado, and bad his 
right arm so badly crushed Unit it bud to bo 
amputated. Mr. Salvlne called here Satur- 
day on his wuv to New York Morrlu 

Mcyerfeld's hnndtwiiic resldeuee In San Fran- 
cisco was not in any way Injured bv tbe re- 
cent curthuunke I here Martin Beck and 

William liendersou left ibis diy Tor San 
Franctsco Sundny, April 22. 

< i » . 


Ronton. — "A Yankee Cirrus mil Mars" is 
ut tbe Boston. (Hga Nolliersole nt I tie Colo 
n la), Henry H. "Dlxey at Ihe MajeHtle, and 
Bertha Kallch 'al'llie Treuiont. Tbe nlber 
new- ibllls are : "MoFudrten's Flals," nt llio 
(.rand 0|s;ra House; "The Charily Ball." at 
Hie Kmplre; "The Advent tint or Lady 
rrsula.'i at Ihe Castle- S<|iinir, and "On 
|ho. Bridge ut Midnight." ut the Bowdolu 

■ Square. Continued ttllractlnns arc: "Tliu 
Ham Trcp," nt Ihn Mollis, and Kellar. at Ihe 
tilobc; Tlie . regular season of "pop" coii- 
ecrts begins Tuesday evening, Alny 1, ut 
Symphony. '.Hall. The Park Theatre closed 
lis season in fit Saturdiiy ulgtlt. 

Bohtuk -| i.:iwn-nci* McCurly, tiinnuger). — 
"A Yankee (:ircus on Mars" open* April :>», 
f"i' ;tn, nil Summer run. There will be mat- 
inees daily. Among the features are: i*l»lr» 
. Heltot, the CottrclM'i.wells. .Col. Oaalon Bui- 
deverry. Mile. Murquls and dec isndes, Sis- 
lers O'Meers. {.'alcedo. Burton's ■elejiluint", 
the i;r:uidhclimli||s, and Adolph and Sails 
l-kl wards. Andrew Mack departed- -*J8. «ft'*r 
a fnrtrtlghl of sallsfuctorv business for "Thy 
Way lo Keumare." 

i.rii.MMAi, M'h.iK. Fruhman. ICIrli & Hitrrls. 
jnnnugers).— After nn absence^ from Hoston 
t>t seven years, 01r« Nethersnle reitirns for 
a fortulgbt's egueemeDt. "The Iwibyrinlb" 
and "Saplio" will he prcseuled ibis week, and 
next- week the repertory will include six 
plays. During the past Hirer weeks big houses 

■ »aw Fay Templeton, In "Forty-live ftlluutes 
Vivm iiioudway." 

Majphtii: (A. Ij. Wilbur, toanujterl. — 
Henry.K. Ptxey, In "The Man tin the Box." 
for two weeks. Marie > Nordstrom, Sydney 
Bodih, Other Dond Byron.and 1'atlllne Wblt- 
son are. piomluent. "Tlie'F^irl aml.tbe Clrl" 
ended a three weeks* slu*, "J8, tot.cxi-cllent 
relurns. . 

Trkhiixt" f Jno. B. SehoeiTel. manager). — 
Bertha Kallch, In ' Therese Itmpiln." this 
week. During the jatst week "Molina Vnnna" 
was favorably received by large audiences. 
"The Stolen Story" next week. 

Hoi.uh Btiikkt ( Isuao B. Illeh, lunnager). 
— -Mciiiiyi'o and Heatli Is'ylu their third 
tnul Una) week :;u. ml whtclt data Vlueent 
I'Valberstiiii, treasurer, nud Fmt'k Howard, 
ticket agent of this house, have a Joint Itenc- 
»l. Cnpacllv business has ruled. Nance 
O'Nell next Monday. 

1'aiiK (Cbaa. Frohinan, Illeh A Hart-Is. 
uiartajterst. — With ihe performance, of 
"I'ouslu I^uulsn." 28. the roiirlli season of 
. this' house under the pmi-nt management 
came to a cfineluaiitn. ''Cousin l/mnE* was 
well received- 

cuhir (Stair & Wilbur. inanageraV'—KpIr 
lar. assisted by t'aiil Vnlndon. will remain 
for a second week. The Fays follow. 

Cu.\sn npK«A HorsH (fieo. W. MHgee, 
mannner).— '\M.Fnddeu'* I'lnta" week' uf '«*. 
follnwlni! n week of tine hiixliiess for "The 
Smart Set" "The Boy Behind the tiun" 
next. * ■ - 

KuriRt: (J. T. Mltrlietl. manager).— "Tito 
Charily Batl" Ik the Umpire Slock Co. bill 
for the currehi week. "t'nd*»r (he Bed Hols'" 
attracted bin houses last week. "Men and 
Women" next. 

Carti.t: SqiMUR (Boafon Stage Society, 
mnnaKera). — Tlie house slock i-ompany, liead- 
»t by Howell Hansel and Lillian .Kemhic, 

-to and week, la "The Adveuture of Lady 

lirsula," Kiiccecdluir "Soldiers of I'ortuUe." 
which attracted goisJ business. *"nie Light 
That Failed" next. 

Biiwisiiy SijfAiii: (Oeo. U. I<otbrnp, maun- 
Kcr). — Tbe impuiar ualkna stis-k Co. will 
present 'On (he Bridge at Midnight" this 
week. Charles Miller and Charlotte Hunt 
scored heavily, in "l-'or Home and Honor," 
last week. "Shadows of Night" next week. 

Kkitii.'s (H, F. Kellli. manager).— (Jre- 
a I nre nnd bis llaltau Bnnd will head the ex- 
celle'nl bill for :iu and week, oiliers: IVkin 
Zouaves, Cook and Madison. Burke and I-a 
Kile. Kdsatl nnd Farlies, Hurry Aiklnsmi. 
IJddle Ijcouard nnd Sharp Boys, Adams and 
Mack, Laura Ordway, "Cnnlk Saunders, In 
nesa and Kyan, Vloln and Kngel, and new 
motion pictures. 

Howard (Carl I>. Lnthrop; business maua- 
Kerl. — Tlie Brothers Freydo. Murphy nnd 
Willard. Wllllnm Cahlll. Fields and Wolley, 
Zlriell nud Boutelle, Tlircc Musketeers.. Al- 
laleo a»d Mud, Massey and Cramer, Sjied- 
den and Herson. Jean Bcaugere. and Hie 
Howardscope Is tbe Biie bill provided hero 
i Ids week. Tbe house hurleatuerH, with 
<>eorgc;B. Alexander, will be seen in the 
new songfest. "Over the Plate.'' 

,a>t,t'HBiA (H. X. I'^ti-ch, rannager).— The 
Tiger Lilies Co. week of 3(1. The Wash- 
ington Society Olrls bad a week of big busi- 
ness, closing "JS. Tbenmnteur Friday nights 
are the fa Ik of Ihe city. 

Lvi'Kt'M (C. II. Batclicller, manager). — 
('olden Crook Co. 30 nnd week. 'The Moon- 
light Maids repented ibelr former successes 
hisl week. 

PtbiCV (Chns. II. Wuldroii. manager). — 
This Is Hie second week of stock burlesipte 
nt Hits bouse. -The company thai Manager 
Waldron has yuthered. logctber this year Is 
by. far ihe heat ever seen at the house. The 
vaudeville: Lessiird Bros., William Hilton, 
the Norrlsses. Dcnnlsoli and itntlie, nnd (lie 
Jsckson Family. 

ACRtl & Stonk's MfSKtai (A. B. While, 
umn:ifrer). — An unusual number of ciirlu 
hall features 30 nnd week nre: Mile. Carrl- 
no's (rick bears, SI. Julian, the upside down 
man:, the Belly ens. Banjo, the large bull: 
tbe Cn!rmans, aecmuuiueerH : German Hose, 
musical marvel : John Tills marionettes, 
Trlxle, snake queen, and the giant snake. 
In- the theatre: Clark's Minstrel Maids, In- 
troducing: ;-Doroi)iy Slorlon. Ornee Toledo, 
Irene Young. Ida Campbell, Lulu* Keeley, 
Minnie Burke. Pearl Hudson. Marlon Cleve- 
land. (Irace Howard, CI»hk, chirk. J'h> Max- 
well, Henry Meyers, .1 times Maxwell, a lit) 
Dllkes nnd -DtlkeH f.nrkln and Daly, Buck- 
leys. James nnd Itlchard. and May Lnurence. 

Walkrb's Mcskiim .(L. B. Walkpr, mnnn- 
ger). — I'eter Mnher, In a bag punching pxhl- 
bltlon. Is Ihe star enrlo hall card for ween 
of 3d. olliers are: Aluhonso, Unrnuiu's hu- 
man ostrich, and IlunenVId, card cx|s?rt. In 
Ihe Ihealre: Nellie Hurlford's Burlcstitteis. 
Olio: Helen Jewell, the Carletons, Harry 
Barns, Zflrrclll, the bioscope and living pic- 
tures. . ' ', 

tttewMattenn (W. H. Wolrtt'. nianagei*).— 
In eurlo hall week of '90 : ('offey, skeleion 
dude; Sellm Sid, wonder worker; Prof. Al- 
vnro, hypnollsf. and Knrl Chagnolt. Stage 
>bow : Koslou Maguefs Burlesque Co. olln: 
7i\nn Searles. Mabel Silvia. Bdrilp Cramer, 
Dollle Clifford. Flora De UoN, Lllllo Diivls, 
and KrhelHetilb. 

Mhnic ; Ham. ■Sfciii" (John T. Mllcbell. niiin- 
ageri. — This, p'sort Is uow cloned. It will 
be reopehed in September. 
.- Notbw.— Sundiiv com-ert hills April 211: 
Ponton THcntrr— Souni nnd bis Imnd. Ii"tc- 
Hiiiii bi/tfA'c— Howard and North. Wills and 
Hassan. ZInell and Boulelle, "Honey" John- 
son, Linvreiuv Trio, Williams and Allene, 
Ader Trio, Larkln antl intly, and \Ar.w Otto. 
CMMr and Wmlmtfo PUtW) Serenuders, (iene- 
vleve McCloud -and company, . Fmperors of 
Music (I). Wnrleulwrp Bros., Weleli and 
Kales, ihe Peters. Le «tn nnd I.e Hill*, 
Van and Burbett, and Montgomery and 
Cantor. Trruwiit. — Benellt 'l-'rlsco siitTerera : 
Mllian Kussoll. ltlco and Prevost. Jack Nor- 
worlb, Oreen ami Werner, MM Lnby, Chev- 
alier f»e. r^>rls. CunUeld nnd Carlton. BAt 
Biondell and cttmpany, Mosartoi nnd N. C 
Itnrkbnidl. Concerls were also given nt 
Svmplmuv nnd Mechanics Italia for the 
"Krlaeo ' sufferers. .. .The Inler-tMly Amusc- 
itient Co... Harry C. Cbuicb, general man u- 
ger. will put several tented vaudeville shows 
on the New Kngland circuit, opeufng May 

JH The Boston Symphony Orchestra 

closed lis season April 28 Katharine 

(irey and Harry Buikuardl will bead Ihe 
uVw stuck company ut Hie Kinplre for the 
Summer season, commencing May 7. 

Snrloutleid- — At the Court Smiare fl\ 
0. (illniore, manager) "Hen Hur" April 33- 
l.',". Tho company wun a gi*>d one. "Crea- 
lore" »7. 2*. "As Ye Sow" 30-May 2, May 
Musical Festlvnl p 11. 

Nkw Rndfen (P. K. Rim A Co., uuinn- 
ger«). — "A Mud Love." a drama, lit three 
acls and prologue, adapted by Kdward Locke, 
from "JjHdy Audley's Secret, " was given for 
ihe tiral time April 23. The siorv Is Hint of 
(he unforlnna(e marriage of Helen Talhuys 

.In (ie-.i. Talhoys, a sjiendlhrlft and wine bib- 
ber. Driven to despair, she lakes a frlond'n 
xllggesllon, and sails for America. The ship 
Is wrecked, and she alone Is saved. As Lucy 
(jriihnm, she becomes governess In Ihe family 
of Sir Michael Audley, a widower. Here 
she Is recognized by Itobt. Audley, a nephew 
of Slr-Mlchnel, nnd old lime frlcuri of (Jeo. 
Talhoys, who, nfler his wife's departure. 
goes io Ausiralln, where * he Is nuutlMli 

»to have riled. Tlohert ktit-Ws Hint Tiillioys 
still lives, anil sends for Hie dissipated bus-' 
Imnd. Sir MIcIuipI becomes Infatuated with 
Ills govcnnwH, and discovers his lovu Is rc- 

' turned. Ueorge" roh'irns and Incldeulnlly 
meets Luke Marks, Ihe cousin of Ills first 
wlfp. who Is still living. Luke makes Ccnrgo 
confess -Hiat be is a bigamist, and this frees 
llefon. Sir Michael Audley Iff then the ar- 

'ceptetl suitor. Cast: Sir Michael Audlpy, .1. 
K. Travor! ltolwrt Audley. David Swim; 
Cant. 'Mnlrinn. L. Males; Oeorge TalboyH, 

■ Cyril Baynond : Major Morlurty. K. f*. 
Bowers: Bin" Ulfllns, Hurry Lee.: Ifeni-y 
Price. 'A. Id. mans: BeiiJ. Johnson, 10. V. 
Bowers: TAike .Marks, J. Palmer. Collins; 
Alicia Aildley. Madeline Curt-la : Mrs. Daw- 

■•ion, Berenice Bellsnup: Phu>be Marks, Mude- 
llue I (.lark : Helen Taltsiys. Jane Dore. 
Joseph King, general manager for the Sailer 
Amusement Co, ."Ln &. Woman's Power" 20- 

1*111.1 's (J. C. Crlddle. resident, manager). 
—Curd for current w ft m l dtis Kdwnnis* 
' School Itnvs anil Olrls. Tom Nnwn anil ciun- 
1'itiiv. Kelly sud Kent, Jacob's dogs, Mar- 

velous Merrill. (JallagUer nhd llltd, "Tlie Ut- 
ile Ulrl from Nowhere," nud cleclrogrnph. 

NMavsi il\ -F. Sben A Co.. .managers). — 
Wine, M'omen and Sopg Co. played u return 
date Jt 1*0. a, an old favorite, was 
accorded a warm reception, and Ihe cniupailv, 
as n whole,, furnished plenty of fun. New 
York Stars 2U-28, Broadway tJalcly (Urla 
week of 30. 

SrBUto TmiNUs.— Iltitilla, of thp' Wine, 
Women and Soua Co.. received on Monday a 
telegram from tier sister, Artie Hall, who 
was reported to have lost Imr life In. San 
Francisco. Miss Hall reported the loss of 
her : wardrobe; but she escaped to Los An- 

felea,' from which city she will return to the 
last. '...■. .Creature nnd bis . band reached 
Boston 'JO, after a successful season In ling- 
land, and gave Its first concert on American 
soil at Court Square Theatre. 27 Henri- 
etta Kleiior Horn, of Portland, ore.; add 
James Itertiard (Blford, of Mexico. N. Y- 
both members of the "Den Hur" Co., were 
mai-rlci! H Ilev. R. M. Antrim, 22.' After 
the ceremony a reception and wedding dinner 
were held at the worthy Hotel. ... ..Nena- 

muscek Tribe of Bed, Men, of Ware, hare 
leased Lakeside Park, on Hie Ware and 
Brookfleld Street Hallway, from the Massa- 
chusetts State Railway and Park Associa- 
tion, for the Summer. 

— . ., t ■ 

Fall iliver.— At the Academy of Music 
(Calm A (trant, mnnngcfa) thei BufTJnton 
Slock Co. played (o fair relarna 23 and \M. 
"Peck's Bud Hoy" 24. Annie Russell , In , 
"Frlentl llimhaii, came. it., to larae returns. 
'■nid Orchard" onme 27. Lillian Husscll and 
vaudeville company had fair returns 28. 
Kngles' Minstrels (under auspices of local 
Aerie. 'No. »70) 30. "The Drnmtrter Boy of 
shlloii" (local), May 3.5 ; Andrew Mack, la 
"*11ie Way to Kcomare," 12. 

SiikeiiV's (C. I?. Cook, manager). —Tim 
slock company won hlg success last week. In 
"The Ked Cafe." Week of April 30, "Blue 

Savoy (Al. llaynes. manager ), — This house 
dosed Its vaudeville season 2H, with am ex- 
cellent bill, Including: Staley and Blrljeck, 
Mr. anil Mrs. Sidney Drew, und Fred Hay 
and conmanv, who scored heavily. Tips 
Wright lldntlitglon Stock (.'o. opens lis sea- 
son :to, wllb '"rtio Chnrlty BuL* 

Boston (diss. Schlcsslnger. maouger).— 
Week of April 30: The Breiinana. Harry 
Parent. Lamobt and Patilette, King and Hna- 
lope, Annie Walsh, tlie Za rolls. Bostunscope, 
and hurlesqite. Biiatneas Is excellent.- 

Ntt'KBt-iinfciJS- (D. It. Bumntoa, matuigeri. 
— Itiislness last week was good, and the hill 
offered plcnsed. Week of :w:.t'rluiinlns and 
Mack. Kriltli Itols'rtH, Beverly and Marshall, 
Kay Kills, I-;!hIc West and optlscopc. 

N'ifKH.— WrlghL Huntington tendered n 
complimentary bauquest io the local newn- 
iiaper men 20, und n most sulmlnnthil repast 

was partaken of... Alf. (Irnnt, of Culm 

\ Hra'nt. w:m In lown Inst w?ek ...The 

henefllH In aid »f Sun Francisco sufferers, at 
the Snvov and Sbeedy's Theatres, -22, wcro 

big successes Tim Keltey. of "The Itnl- 

llcking Clrl," was In towu last wek vlHtlng 

friends,. Bob Cusih, or "A Itnrc for 

Lire," luis aeiepted the position uf singe 
uianuger ut Sbeedy's 

■ »■ — ■ ■ 

Lowell At Hie Lowell Ojieril House 

H'uliu & Hrant, muungitrs), last week. Slot- 
sou's "P. T. C" Co., matinee Hnd night, bad 
guiMl liuslhCHS April 23. The J'l Mhi Club. In 
"The (Hrl and the Chauffeur," pleased a 
iitleri Douse 24. "Old Orchard,". 20, 20, wild 
matinee. *trcw well, imd wiib u delightful 
rural pluy. "Peck's Bad Boy" had excel- 
lent returns 28, Cosgrovc's Slock Co.. 30 
and week. 

Ai-aukmy oy Music fltlcliard F. Murnby, 
manager). — The stock company. gave "Men 
and Women" last week, tu big business. Tills 
week, "Dorothy Vernon, of lluddoa Hall." . 

Hatiiaway's (John 1. Shaonou, resident 
manuger). — The Bnrwald and Lcltlngwel] 
Slock ('o. guvc "Beware -of Men" very ably 
lust week, to good business. "A lUiyal Slqve" 
i his week, The Sunday concerts enjoy big 

I'KiU-l.K'H. — John Ferrell, Pearl ttoss, .Hot 
Devi 1 1, Perkins and Cnlvetlo, Nssun ami 
Hosmer. and the Peoplcscopo drew crowds 
lust week. Big business. 

Ancawi (Oeo. W., Carey, manager). — An- 
olher proitpenms week Just poal. 

MKM'io.v. — HJioiHird k moving plclures 
please big houses at the Opera Bouse Sun- 

duva iJecker's moving pictures entcr- 

lafimil twice at tlie Temple, 29 Konsa's 

Bund delighted a big audience In Associate 
Hall. 20 matinee .... Billy Nelson, formerly 
manager of the People's, wrlb's: "I ajm 
with -Pawno! Bill's Wild West at Cauloii, 

o.; April 2H." Madge Fox, Winifred 

Stewait, Kleandor WlQdcin. arc ut Ihe llallia- 
way Sunday concert. Messrs. Bnrwald A 
Lerrlngwell turned into the IaiwpII relief fund 
n substantial sum for the Hnu Fruuclseu 
sulTerers. - ._ ■ 

Wovi'cuirr. — At the Worcester TUcalro 
(Jus. K. Ilox'k. resident mnniiger) the Vhl- 
dlsb players came April 30. "The I'lffrl and 
(he Ulrl" Muv 2. 3. "Loudon Assurance 
(luctili f>. "Tin* Hum Tiec:' 10. Last , week, 
*Aa Ye How" had fair returns. ... 

. Fiiaxklis MqvAHK I.I. F. Burke, resident 
innnagei't.— Malcolm Williams and company 
Is ure*'iillug "The Dancing; Olrl." Lust , 
«pek, "The Two Orphans" drew very good 
patronage. Next week, "The Loilery. of 
Irfive." Began Hughstou rejoins ihe com- 
pany April 30. .. 

Paiik (Alf. T. Wilton, resilient manager). 
— Appell and Byrne, In "A Fair Masqner- 
nrier;" Melville l^llls. Wills and Hassan, Olio 
Urns., Be Mar. and Fortune. Lilly . HevU'e, 
Klein nnd Klein, and the Idnetograpd tyrm 
the' bill this week. Last week's bill *ni 
one of lla* best of the sen son. 

Pol.l's- (Cbns. W. Fouda, resident maiin- 
. UH rL-j~Wenk of 30: Dan Burke and School 
olrls, 'Ward nnd Cumin, Howard and North. 
Btani'lie' Klonn. Helclten'rt dogs. Flske and 
■McXamough. Trimble Slslers, and 1ho eletv 
t nigra ph. Bustjiess exi-elteitt. 

Paucii— Week or HO: Wilson nnd Morau, 
Morrison and Her wick, William C. Casper, 
Nellie De Urease, art studies, and hurles(|ue, 
"The Joy Line.," r ■.- .. 

.S'otkk. — (,'rentore Is Iiooked for May 17> *& 
Mechanics* Hall..,. The Lari and the Olrl," 
ut the Worcester, mnrksthe commencement 
of the lease of the Shubens. , 

f.yiia. -At the Lyon "Perk's Bnd Boy." 
April 20, did fair business, Stetson's "Uncle 


TAmN;<'aMn" Jtlajed In lilg'lnislni'ss 2*."28. 1 
The season of lie Iteyn-Mlickcy's Siiinmer 
Sioek Cumpnnv onetied 30, under thejdlref- 
Hou of Manager llarrlsou. and this week It 
Is presenting "The Charily Bull." Willi 
Severln De Deyn nud Uforgc li. Mnckev, In 
Ihe company are : James K. Nunn, n. F. 
Cralnes, Kooert K. Kcene, James. J. Ooyrit*, 
W. ,1. (Joodrldge, Oscar Johnsuu, F. James 
Carroll, Alma Powell. Celln Calnnbell, Mabel 
P.stctte. Cmnllln Cruiue dud Mats't Colcord. 
The lady orchestra Is under the dire, torslilp 
of (ierlrude Hall. Next week, "Tliu Cowboy 
and the Lady." ■ * 1 '. 

AuDiroanni. — This week.: Spooks Mln- 
atrcls, Lillian Ashley, Harry and Kate Jack- 
son. Six Dixie Serenade™. Neff and Miller, 
Brlndamare, and the vhngrapd pictures. l>an 
BUrke and Ids School Olrls proved to be n 
great lilt In Ibis theatre last week, the* sketch 
Being the talk of the town. Mr. Burke Is 
assisted bv- tbc Misses Metier and Teller, 
and he win go out on the circuit, opening In 
New York City May 7, undor tho manage- 
ment of Harry Katscs. 
. (li;M. — Current : James Loguc, Herbert J. 
Murray. Carey and Ilea ley, Florence Pierce, 
Leonard and Bastcrio, and the moving pic- 
tures. ... -.*, 

Xotkb.— Jim Henncsay, Just returned from 
tbc Pacific const. Is, meeting with succeii on 
the New Kngland circuit Tlie Three. Musi- 
cal Monnrrhs. al the (lem last week, will 
soon' go on the Flytin nark circuit. 
. . ■• 

New Bedford.— At the New Bedford 
<Wm. B. Cross, manager) "Ivck's Und 
lloy." April 23, plensod. viola Allen Imd big 
business 24. Dlgby Bell 28. Orcat Lafayette 
and company 30. 

H.niiAWAV'H (T. B, Baylies, manager).— 
Uood business, for week of 23. BUI for week 
of 30: Six Society Belles, Mr. and Mrs. 
Mark Murphy, Herbert's doga, Chris. Smith 
and the Johnsons, Mullen nnd Corcltl. Sena- 
tor Frank Bell, Chas. Fred While, and Vila- 







■hWIwjj.- Ar'Wrrri U'lurln H. KoiH. 
uuiiiiiuoi l" 'Wn.v Down Hwl'-' l«>«lll» n week'n 
nmlMHI liBlll :I0. Th'jwns .Ir8er«ra'»»H 
Miic-oMtut tut »T?k, lii 'lltlp V«n VVIqhlB." 

•■0«llut)K" neii ,wnek, . , . . . v 

Aivuwnt lin * Xltain.rmaii, iflnju- 
»vni).— 'Mil. -Honor. Mw Mnjor," oiwnn.Jli). 
^Thp l'rlnco ofltull." flo»Nl « two weeiH- 
tammmeU as. ■ • ,• c£ !•'. 

Al.nAt'Ult'n; l Itolicrl I!. IrwtU, mJoalrtr!.— 
l'ERytllMtwelrH Mw.ulny. IijK. V.SultnT- M. lilt, wan vor>- won recrrtoi 
Hit wook. awl. KlU) JikIIcIouk iirulilDl. nnoll it 
iil-uvc a wliilwr for not! wawiil. Myoll'Kklu 
na«<fc a distinct lilt «■ llic.grpiy B*. WUt- 
((<3«llci|l« (or « pl.y lltlu ' w«fo littlM, UK1 

3(lv dnllam piomlKwl for ilionaroc adoiitw. 
No (Ipcl.luu ban lirou rraclinl «k yet, tnoUJli 
Hvvrrnl nro ulldor t-onsldcralloti. w 

AiiDi-roniuM (Jamew I,. Koi-mui, inaniiupri. 
- -liijiitlint una .ii» MMi wdicii mum * 
llin MnclB» unit III" Klla Itanll TrqiiP" ot 
J«*nne arrobata, olirn. !10. Hill •}■ ^»i; 
narked tho Hmmo Hii'Jtl, wltn "Tlio Krraja 
Biif W'dcr HontMrn Hklna" nolt w**k. 

MAiivl.ANl-, (Jaiur.. I,. Korouu, manar J '- 

itkh. — Jlfouibei-H of llio Uiitlinwo.v Allni- 
.._ I'o. arr ,-niiinirii'liiit to arrive In 
Lown. In prt'pnrnlloii for rcliraraala. which 

iiu-r Hlork **o. ar, i-niiinifn-liiK i,» arrive In 
Lown. In prt'pnrnlloii for rcliraraala. which 
romnlrnco way 7 lira. MlUcr. (Iio iiopo- 

' ■'- Vau. ftrtiir...,! 'n,..,r. 

lar tvi'naiiri'r of llio New Hodford Tlie.tro. 

1:k,1 1i,t usual anuiinf benefit •.'*. preaeniw. 

Dlgby Itell. In "Tlie Kilneatlon of Mr, t'lpp. 


llulyokc — At tba Opera llooac (I.aalor 
llrox., mahagera) Mildred Holland, April 2G. 
ofi. jilaycd to good bilalnoiw. "'I'bc Karl and 
i lie flli-1" .'I". May 1, "A Foxy Trump" a, 
"Ah Yo Sow" 4. . , 

Kmpirk (T. R Murray, manager). — Tbo 
NeV York Hlara, April 2H-20. and Wine. 
Women and ' Bong Co.. l-O-vh, both' enmo to 
fair bualncaa. "A Mad Love" ISO May 2. 

. l.n.> renoo. — At (lie Opera IIpiimo (t)raut 
& Calm, manage™) "on! Orcbartt" playoil to 
a fair houae April ^4.. "UooJo.Totn a cabin" 
had fair blialueaa "r,, "i-iark'a Had Hoy" had 
two Kood lloilaoa "ll. Koilan'a Hand did well 
L'H, HhepHrd'a raovluK plotilrea "P. Dookrd : 
Mill-fall'* All Blnr i'o. week of 3(1, eJfebt 
May a. when Andrew Mack coiucii. In '-'itio 
Way lo Konuiair." 

i olomai, (Al. Hnynea, nianagnr). — Itlg 
1in*liie*« and an exceptionally, goodi bill week 
of April 21. Week uf III): Sir. and Mr*. 
Hldney lltew. the Arllngtuu tVipedy Koitr, 
Fred Itay and company. Wlltoti, Una... 
I'maiT Trio. Cora Gri 

u . — A g. c f)' 

— Trola. IiU|gl Iloaal. Manallcld onit (M, 
ttie Ijukey-llolfa Troupe, 'rnonrimm uid VI- 
doen. Barry and- Halter*, and tin- H». Oago 
Hrollier. the current week. Oood builneaa 

"/(oTmiiat S-rtir.irr (ffeorgo W.ltlle Bilut- 
ger).— VA Itomanco of Coon Hollow" Adrll 
K "Norlhcrn l.lghta" did well. ••ArltoBa." 
neat ««ik.- - . . -. ■■ 'i.;,. 

Hi.anbi'h (Charlea K IHanoy. manager). 
—"Old laaaia from the llowoty" WBeatllO. 
"Tlie Jtlght Hcroro ciiMntmair cHmM'w. 
waiter wlleon will produco "A Bad' Mao 
mini Me«lco" M»y 7. ■ ;'. '_:, 

OA-fBTr (W. ■)., Hallauf, inauager).— Tlio 
lllno ttlblain lllrla April' lid. 'ftt« ltoila- 
Sniillcj- Co. did Well laat week. The Crlebot- 
lark* neat week. ■ . ... :... .i.'..\ 

MuxUMUMTAI, (Jninra l>. hernan, njaaa- 

Ser).— The Oriental : Hnrle,i|uera HO. Tfa 
leaaar Beautlfa elo«ed 118. Tho Atnelleau 
Itiirleaqiiorii next week. ...-. .. .',-. 

Now.— Tli* Han ' Pmnclacu Kiiml w»a 
largely awellcd hybenollta at all local play- 
iioiiee* I.Ht week. ' •...,.. 




the klnetogrspli. 

Uruy, Jhs. A. Kleruiiu, nud 

IiidtanapnHa,— AcEoglish'rt Oiiera BHM 
(Ad. Mlllor, mananer) Bichard Carle/ la.'"ilw 
Mayor of Toklo. April 23. ■**.-- had i good 
hllslQMs. Viola Allen. 26, 20, pleased good 
slsed audlencet. "Pitt I TafTIl Pouf I JP'.iUJ) 
3, MollyMoonBhlne'O.. -;•■ ■■ ' ■•"•', 

HkflMAtf Hoohk,— Marali Bernbatdt, lni"C*V 
mlllo," Aprll-25, drew a fair mam auuliuu'. 
cAc£ MitXh muL—o«m (mn PliMti 
sppearnd 21-20.' In fairly good bualnoas. TU 
pcocccds of the matinee, 20, wcro donated 
to the Sun Francisco relief fund. " ' ., 

Park UtlrimA A Talbot. inunagTrB).— 
"Miss Bob While," 23-20. Oiled tbo, tiuiutf. 
York and Adams VMS. "Tho Wky 'of i thr* 
Transgressor", 30-May 2. 

uhasu OrrjiiA tiuiiHK (Hhgfer Zlcglur, man- 
ager).— liM Harrison will head the bill week 
of 30. nthers: Watson, llutcltlngs and I5d- 
wards. Broflltrs Ulerlckx, Melville and Sua- 
■oh, John fllrtli. Musical Byrons, Frosfiul, 
Chas. and Kdbu Harris, and llto bloscuivr. < ; 
rCiiPJUB n.'hun. Zimmerman. mitiJBger).— 
The High School tilrls pleased week vt. 23. 
Imperials w«k of IJ0. 

HcoMNii's cmcL'H May 7. 

T« union.— Ai Hie 'i'uunUai 'llieatre (t'uhu 
A Cross, managers) i\w annual benefit of 
Kuilly J. Hurney, Ihe resident itianager, oe- 
eurred April 20, with Dlgby Bell, lit "Tho 
KducHilou of Mr. Pipp." as tlio uttracllon. 
Lllllun Kussell and vaudeville company fHUJn 
■_»7. nnd "Old Orchard" 2«. 'J'lie Keystono 
Dramatic Co. 30May L 

i. , « ■ a 


th iced 
II the 

I'orflnud. -At the Holllg (Calvlu llolllg, 
manager) Ores ton Clarke din fairly good busi- 
ness April UH7, iu "Beamnlre.'- The ca- 
pacity was taxed Hi, tbe occasion of the Itenc- 
0t for the relief furld of Hie Fire und Police 
Departments, nn outgrowth of the recent de- 
struction of the Commercial Club. Kitlriik, 
violinist, direction Ixils Steers sad Wynn Co- 
man, did good hiiKluctJs, evening; of IS nnd 
tifiernoon of 2i. Audience nt lbs second per- 
formance was ulTticted somcwluit by Ihe Han 
Franclmo dlsustor. which materially reduce 
the theatrical uttendance III the city. A 
profession n Is in the city unlled, 2fi, In ir Isine- 
llt far the San Francisco- sufferers. Blanche? 
Witlsh 20 2«, "The ChHstlnu," by llio Oeo. L. 
Baker Co.. May (J. • 

KMi'inK (M. W. Seuuiau, manager).— "A 
Thoroughbred Traiuii" had two - good bouses 
April 22. "Woauoke" did fair business week 
of IB, Mack Swalu week uf 20, la "Tbe Sil- 
ver Dagger.". i , ; v ' 

BAKtiH Hi, h. Baker, indnsger)- — The* New 
Ceutury Olrls had two giKtd houses week of 
22- The Merrv Muldcus did fair biiHlnesa weak 
or 1G. The UieHiro will lie dark week of 2tJ, 
owing to the Interfereneo with tl»o dales irtf 
the circuit by the San Fmnelscb flre. 1 ' "J hft 
California filrk week ot Muy 0, lobe followed 
by a stock season. 

itttANii (J. II. Flrlcksou, munagnr).— T; 
Nelson Downs, t'rluimlns and Com, Win. II. 
windom. the Vesttvlsn Trio, Hugh J. Hmuiott, 
Harold Holt nud (irsndlscopv. . ■ ■ „ .i 

Htau (J, II. Krrlckson, manager).— Tba 
Musical Sblrloys, Fields and Hansou, IMua 
Bales. Ilonnle Crtw, Barnes -and ' Lcvlun. 
Jsmes Burke, -und Htarrtucope. 
' Lvnir (Keating & FIoimI, innuagerB).— The 
Lyric Stock Co.. preventing A Broken 
Heart.*' week of 23. 

I'AKTAoita (J. A. Johnstiu, iminager). — Im- 
perial Comedy Four, Vox nnd Hughes, D1- 
reno and Trsner, QMfi the areat, and 
company i Lillian 'Melbourne, Arthur BlwcJI, 
and blograph. . -• 

Knrnvf* (Geo. A. Bird, manager).— Oeo. A. 
nnd Ltxxle Bird, Mao N. Vernon. Barney 
Mujlslly, hlla Llnd, Marin niiinni, Alma 
Pierce, Baby Uulh, Mndfillue IMrl, WJlson 
and l*eli:ester, ! Heed. «uid IIhiL Miss J'ss- 
Ted McKennn and bls>ducaled dog, and 'led 
oiielenar I<a. Bwlsatte, Honey und Forester, 
McKenna Jr. ..■■., ■ ■■» -■ 

Oaks in. II. FrieiJI under, mutuger) will 
open May IB./ ■■>■ ■ ,' 

-. a > ■ 

Ji.max Ei,TiNon and tils personal mana- 
ger, o, II ^.Hurras, sailed, Muy I, for T«n 
dos). . He will be ime of. the- featiire ucin-or 
the Palace. •, J'aris -a ml Berlin }o . follow. 

lUnusvllle.— At Hie Orind (Pedley A 
Buivb, tuHimgers) the Ben tlreet Players 
April 2*. give mat inn; ami night, perform- 
aiires. "I'ouiljigiThtyi' the l'ye ,r 30. ; '.''- 

I'wtiTH'a (IVilley A Bufeh. loaaagera).— 
Tho People's Stock Co., week of 2/1. MN 
"Dora Thorne." ' Jviteh week there la to be a 
ciikiigc of plays. . ; v, 

Ui.tou (Heo. Hellloger, manager).— Tho 
boiiHi! bus closed fur tlie Summer and wit! 
probably be enlarged during llto dark month, 
to meet tbe demand of tlio. lurreased patron* 
aiia,'. . i . k <■■ . j tj 

, Nij-rns— Forephugli A Sells Bros.' Ctwm 

is hliii'ii for May 2. Jotia U. Uoppo; 

secretary ,of (be Bijou Amusament Co.; was 
recently pivscnted wllh a beautiful Kilts' pin, 
mounted with diamonds. He responded fa a 
very clever talk from the stage ot tbe BIJuu. 

■ Manager Pedley, of the Grand and 

People's, was In the city April 23, ana says 
thai (be season lias been h most successful 
(inc. He experts to have Isipses In both Msiu- 
pbls aud Birmingham neit season. »,3*£5 

. uf ■■*'» 

WCSI' VIIHyl.MA. t...- 

Wlirelliuc.- -At lite Court (K. B. I'ttluV 
buliu, munnger) Tim Murjiby. April '.'7, bad 
fair returns. Tbo Jefferson*, in "Tho 111- 
val*." 28. d(d well. Ilnberi Kdesou UO, Nat 
Ij. (iiKidwin Muy '-'. Burr Mciutosu <!•.. ... 

i;tnMi oi'KiiA HoL-Hi: (C. A. Ifaloler. man 
iigcrj.— I^ast wi^k, vaudeville k«vcj go-^Lsa*,- 
Isru'iJon,. to gissl n'Uil'U- Dark. ll|U. waet 
"Tbo, Show Olrl',' May J-fi. -. . -.-. -,..,.<. 

* Bl.Mu- (H. W. lingers, munnger). — People 
for week of 30; The Both Staters, Macblu 
und Wllsou, c'lareiteo llurlon, Miss Adelaipnti, 
;iss. Brady and wife. Burl ,M. Uar.vey, li\atu» 
Conuelly aud the moving plctiuiis. s*vnn 

• llulHUN's Nfi-KKUiUIuir I'Ueo. V., Mwife, 
mtiiuigori.--Buslncss Is good. Un 2fi a lin;, 
Rinsed, from u spark from the inuvlng; pl» 
turo msclilim. resulted In damage uf about 
tj2Wi.'"A performance wan glyep next: day. 
o uew machine .having been once, .... 

, '<"» , ■ 

(.eftrH*' *>• ■Slnrp-r.aecfeilt. 

Jumes A, Bltlley. 

(Jifurgi! O. Stsrr Is now cliulnimii sad- man* 
bglng Jlieclor of Barnutll k Uullny's Circtn. 
nnd ciinrD-s It, llutchlnsaiu bss b<sru aupolnted 
a director Jo. Oil. the, vacancy caused. by .the 
death or James A. Ualloy. •sir. Starr, Is ono 
of the Ih'sI known circus man la tbc world, 
aptl Ills oeruiMHicy now of the inanugerlii! 
Wmlr. f ■' 

ii. held by the late James A. Bailey, has 

met wMb Hie unanimous approval of, an tho 
Stockholders. Tire other eontltpiluif "" 
of the board of directors Is. Frederic 

r-otitlniilug meinbcr 

Is Frtderfi'k Bslle; 

Hitti.-blnson, who Is manager „f Buffalo/Bill la 

Wild West Show. 
tbe. circus. 

Mr. Starr will Lravel'Wili 

Hmov Uonivsrjx,' -farmerly treasurer of 
the Nassau Theatre, recently purchased th* 
Shelter House restaurant and cafe. at, Lin- 
- coin Uoad'eatranca to Prospect Park, •ad 
.would I to pleased to sea his many frfsttds 
there, ■ .., ' ., . , ;, . r^u*/.* .^Uftyy 

l r -i I iiiliit -<-f" -Ilnli.iiiiit.i i 


■ 1' '. 

'.I . 

f \ 

- J* ■"•■■*.. 

'■■;■ l.Ti-i 



iMRpma BOBiEi. 

J»AUACE HOTEL, 101 !,\C:st£ St., OMCMO. 

**r Mr Tfeaj withpriTat. twta, it. 

tog.- ;fl,B, BCiliPnRBT.fTop. 


Prop., 31 Eaat Newtoa St,, Franiiio 8q., cor.Jnrflea 
St. American plan. CurjTeoltntly located. Une*. 
oeUeA.tablo. Every roeaiern convenience, covioct 

dinner.. 7 to SO per ws. Ti-.l. SUM 'ircrnoll!. Uillck 

IWou ooDSected. -■ ., ■ 

_F*JUOAB, lis-llj E,l(, il.v., m. Eeltn'i, 

ot Mniic, PMej. Rooma aSc:, 160;; n, 

|W <Uy ; ta.w to M weeL W.P.BANNIOAM,Prop. 

Wabssli A MadlBOn, CHICAGO, 
0.- 0. vaiiglmti, Prop. strrotly 
...j American Map, . »5-i6 .elpsjie; 
Midwble. .Vandovmo rratTortaga Invltad. 

Th» Qrarrio&i Hotel 
lol-JO'j H. Thirteenth t-.t„ Philadelphia. 
V, Plan. Room. Il-per-ilay-ttp. Special retpsto 
the profession. Wltnln. walking distance of all 
principal theatres. A. J. rut limiTR, Manager. 

CAJfERAClIlAPIift, rtnlvorsal-Klnelnscnpes 
also PUras, wonted. IIAItllACII * CO., 
— - ■ WW Kllhert Ht„ plilla., ra. 

BUatu uunrusBI) uND AAUlAflUanlt 

for any liucrntnent or nnnioef of lnstrainenU. 
■OBfLWorda and music, fkotehea, tui. Bond stamp. 
OHAfl. L, LEWIS, 489 Richmond St., Cincinnati, 0. 



£Fi!in 4et$, $er Fo@t& 
^FiBm lets. Per Foster 


W Wl r» ! l rW*»%>.: 



Fittrj, Machines, siereoptlcons, cameras, Lenses, 
Bong aitdee, new and accond band, bonglit, Bold 
•xcfianged. Bargains. Studio Tor mm and slide 
mating, coloring. (Special ring and l'lre FJlmi, 
■Xpert repairing, Iteo advice, long -Teara' expo- 
nance, prompt deaiinga. Ebernard Schneider, 
Oarman-Atn. ohm, a Film Co., ion E., 

25,000 FT. OF HEW 


OUT OR DEAD JUNK. Motldn Picture »up- 

pliei and Count ruction. LIST FOft BTAMP. 


183 Third Ave, near 10. 14th St., N. T. 


(Oopyrig)ned), 3 different liookfl, inn. All kinds act. 
MOBP lfE'f'B H lUIUOI.,KJ7 N.lg rh St., FuUal.Pa. 


Front nnd Back Dendliig, each trick JllnstraU'd 

jjg Morpliel's Sctt&ol, 837 N. 12 th fit., Pt. Ha., Pa 

FOK HALK— fiJifl. Baggage Car, equipped lor 

Passenger ppVvIi*'**.' "Iln* -round roof. Also .ooft. 
i>t2. Savannah, na., Supl. . South Atlantic Car 
and Mfg. Co. ■ 

CHILE CON CARNM — Genuine Imported. 

Made by Mrs. JOEL, inc., Mr., Del l clous Sl-Hghettl, 
I0o'. t Hga'Knncu« > s,8aiierkrant,2J.c,, Welsh Harc- 
hlts, bcstlnN.-Y., ■25e.,'Goindne Ini|iortrd I4mher- 
Kftr. Alwayn rruwdett wltli loadlrtfr rthow folk-. 
J'.ltfpia, Htililiu; Pllnfiiflr, WarlJihcrKfron draught. 
MUAt<v HlntclDg. JOR1/S, 2f>0 Wc.-t llsi Si,, near 
Uroadwaf, N.Y. Hpnd i)liHn^rH_N. l y; Qhggg C JiiU . 
WANTED, I'or WjnJs'.WilfrVpHt, l^)Wbny», 
Bill Po»tcr*, a ffoort'Slnfrc-r, allni and r lx feet or 
mi er. For BANI>, Tuna; rornrt, Barltonr, rinrlo- 
net arid - Trail Drnmmpr. PlUllLPfiRS; flypucy 
Oarap, Hlot Maclilnot* and all le«itlniate privi- 
legea. Show opens* hpre April 37, onr day Maude. 
First claw accomiDoilatlonH in our own train or 
mlace fck-tipnra. . Miisr.j.jin on wire. No UcKrtJi.»Hnil wonld-bpmnnajtcrs.wrlipeiupwlierf, 
KJUOHAMUSIJMliNTOO. (Inmi. Cnpt. C W. ItlgffH, 
PrculdPiiU No. afttf ( Walion Way, A'itfiinra.flft. i 

WANTKD, (Hie A1 Med. V an ilm t ran i-imnjr<- 
for oiUMVppk, one skcich K'ftfn. <>im mimt fakt< 
lHano. 'Team, IIS and all. hIdrIp, *no..f.fld v ail. 
Wrluj to Dr. B.TaNNRR, 8nfrar.fiiif»h, Wk 1 

HARRY 8TA1K0H l>, wi1tc f ' . 

WASTHD- Skfe!cbTE|.iD,MlOKU'aiiLrtaouidert: 

fcimoilidii, dolnff 11. P. preferred: work nots and 

■tun tliB'm no. Cbantto Tor week, other* whip. 

OpeiUnMay, TBN^YCK and 1II0KS, . t 

: No.2.Bo» twttik Avp ., An burn,N. V. , 

HOTBI< IT. IJEMH, 13ft..:* WeM MarketSt? 
ludlanapoiiB, Inil.- Convenient, to all tlieatren. 
Jiesi L lttlo n otpl In IniHnnui wilw. Ac f»^^■ , Hn'0)^. , 

WANTKD, Comi-diaiis, Silent Tilrm and Mn, 
fllral Act. fiuandRx nuafdhotelH. , 

g rog M KOIC1N B bho w. IHinhar , Neh. 

CAMBRAOaAPHH, Universal Kir 
ISO Films, wanted. HARUAOH * CO.. 


soft Plihort St., Vim- Pa. ' 

IMHANH U'A.ITED-For Med. Co.: also, 
Perrormcra tliat fako oirbu, who can Pbanne. 
fjr a week; 4 more oojornd Porfermersi for No. 'J 
On. . Make BAlary rlsht. Hhow In camp. Pay 
your own. Aui*. milvk. Work at once. -Inde- 
pendent C<m. pnppllod with the larirom, ■chfiRiie^i 
and bent rcIIIhb liidlun roraedies on cnrrli. 
Addretw oSOMI W. REVER>:, 
• •• Box 6tw, PiymontTi, N. It. 

Rex -jV Star Stereopiicon, $ 

lit). /,"RllKO»TAT ASH SWITCH. 

%r^i^r y%r^j ^r%e^r % e ar ^ > ' 

CONDEHSERS "S.$I.m%$|.-;S, 


Hatlnea Salurdiy 2. Evening B.I 6. 

David E»laJ5o praenti for tie Jd year la B. I. 

WAR FIELD irouo tuniai 


TDEATRE. El. 8. Mat. sat. all. 
DAflDBELASOOprawDtl ' 






'. .;'.iBoaton, Mass. 

J .'.ADottoB, Wt.a. 

Providence, R. I. 

.Pawtorxtt, K'l. 

ja _ 

All AppUcatloo. for Time. Must be AddreMtd 
til C. D. BRAY, Booking Manager, 

UtUmSc Theatre Building. Chicago, III. 

«%• "W. 8 and 1M.IKOH t'OCVS. 




. 1 1 :ii'r! r i , ■ i . . . 81.00 

SIOO HKMO POTAKCOPE (Electric) flS.00 


.1 M. P. MACHINE. .,..'. 85.00 


3 AND JET 37.60 


OPTIORAl'II NO. 11., 4f».Oe- 

.SO'BKinilT WHITE LH1UT.:.,.. 111,75 

ii'inn MAnA/.iNE, kilm hox . e. . j 




OXY-MTHI! <1AS OUTWT (Canadian) 

iiptiorai'Ii no. :i (tar.) .-. . 

FINE OX Y. IlVD. JET, ., . . . . . '. .".: 




PASTOR'S"™""™* 5 '"" 

HE AND HHa ALLI805, . 

ITarrv Btoav anddoR "Dor," Dixon and Anjrer, 
Mudelyn MarniiAll, Younft and Hrookt), 

1 . f]oldcn'and Ilnghrp, ■ , 

GUS WILM&KS, Special Feature; 

Delmore and Oneida, Jack and Clara Roof, 

■ : The Borke*, Hathaway Tableau, ." 

Bnl-ke and' Jones, the Vitaftraph, and 

BEH COTtON, the Old Minitrel. 



E. U£\ 91. 



Moonlight Maids 



E. 125111 St. 


City Sports 

Huber's'sT Museum 

Trainod and rare anlmalB, novelties of ever; de- 
wrlpflos for Carlo Halls and Theatre. Address 
• I. H. AMDEBSON. Manager, M above. 



, - Bn roote with Hvdo'H Btne Ribbon Ghfla. 


« W. 28th ST., NEW YORE. ' 

SONG SLIDES. $5 Per Set 




Latest Film Lists and Supplies. 

Pli'ture Machines, .MuitreoptlrJnDR.-OjtT.LIthe^aa 
OnltlfA, nondenRcru, Condetiripr Prnteetotsv Retos, 
Llnieri, Gelatine, etc., etc., ti •-. , - 

motion picture hbchines 


809 Filbert St. 



Fine Plot of Ground 

100x200 deep, for Hkntlnjr Rink, or nny other 

food in vest mom. Uood location. ProHpecr 
'ni'k Hum Jl. next to HiniCf'^, Brooklyn. AiHdv 
^10 I'liisi 17th Hiivft. New Vork City. 






Are in CHICAGO, If.!,., thin week, >>ioppln7at the 
CONT1 N KHTAlil 10TEL, and solw MRS.0 RVIM.E. 

Oil! Brown 

A hit. Cook'a Pnrk, Kvanflyllle, Ind. 






HKOS," Big Four COUiedj Co., died Wrduoadfty April 11, of nerltonliiH, at C , arn«>a>te, pa., 
aged four yeam and nix luontbt.. Bo did nlnglhg- 
HpeclftlilPHa nd plumed c hild p arta. ""'"■ , '' '''■'* 


Use.i|l People, man uu»l vKo preferrod; will buy 

tuft. Bound Top. Must Lie Ai condition and 

cheap for canli- Pull pariioulara -II rut letter, i 

GKO. B. LOWBRY, Per lioute. ', 

M At.ic i anm t Palming Lotion, law -tidttlot, 
f It; hiiinii tl7.o;'7r>c;'lnriiA)HftnequH wine and water, 
lUfr'niiY nlti'U*r.iind Rlamer... SaiiipTe pfsn of three 
IrOtHen, X. Y. /. chem*.- and aelitH Included, com- 
plete directions, ek:, Wr, • Qua ■Batloon Trick, 
complete wuli one rubber IniUood^Wm);: samu • 
balJooiirt, $1.M; Mnplo Kettle Act oud -Ana lUu- 
Hlon.wltborijtlniil iMVUMts. Copvrlttlit'KxiK)riar r ' 
i\. ^japs." l>opi. No- ut:i N.l»th Hi.,Pli lia;pt>., 


Vereatlle Perforroera In all llnea, "Al Slnptnft nnrt 
Daneliid Sketch Team doing stnidCH 1 and doublet. 
Double or Slngi<> MurIciH Act. with a f(ood> line ■ui 
Instrunients; Al Silent Perrormer. Hint- clmniftn 
oftcb, Black Fare Sliigllig-and DancluftBottologi^ 
Comedian thai can pur on hip arterpiecno and tin 
It right. . DOCTOR, M. Ii., of good nppearann-, 
rcfilrHcrod In Ohio: and Indiana. 8taio berit )ier- 
ei-nuiue t«riiis. All perfornicrH mimt work in'actn 
and change for a week. Work under canva*, arop 
at hotelH. Tell Hull In first letter; lowest Ralat.r, 
pavyour own hoard Juh. 0'Ufti«,Msr.,'DcHhlor,.>. 

"KLOAN NTKRW»PIH:0\,"[or -uli« lltlia- 

tratoni, leothren*: full hIep, m.mi Rend for pnt. " 
KLGINSTER. MFfl.CO..^KIrul'aliat., i Klgln,lll;, 

WANTED AT ONCE, SOUKR, reliable Wed. 
Bhow,' Comedian (danue .and. play some Inxtru- 
ment, guitar »r banjo). Change Mpeclaltlca u.r 
wacr:, siato salary, full.parlle.iilrira of work., ., . 
HARRY Ii. CLARK. Box 110. M(lan, MlOldgtO. 

LITHOS line went vn<U, <n,Y Mvie. Mend 

fift cents for Mmplen, JOHN nORUON. ■• ■ ■' 
N. w. cor. nth Hnd.wai ant . P rdi,»., 1^' 

FOR BALK— OtililL ttjiil-, nldc- wull, nei,l«, 
Bghia.aome scenery, &.10. Muat well ( Clltfurd 
Blar, eare S. L. Buriim, lt»x ■iat|.S16ntppHer, lad 

wanted- ah Around Batik Face Iriah. iind 
Dut*h Comedian that van" dotwoapec'laitles nnd 
work In arm. Change Tor woek. Salary tpj and all 
oxpemtes. Koboozc. DR.W,fl.Haler-,l.ake MiltH,la. 
next two weeka. P. 8.— Can give lianlt refcrellce. 

CAMKHAORrVPIIB, Universal KlueiO'COiivH, 
oiwi Films wanted. HARIIACIIA CO., . . ■ 

wop Filbert. Hi-. FaUa„.pn. ' 



salary find letter. Tlcketn? Vos. Stanly*, wrlttf. 
Addreas jack. ARNOLD; Kllendnlc, $. Dak: 

■ . . clifnat'ipr Old Man anil tlenvles, 


'-t. ■■ - utr SuinmorHtocIt.. '■ '; 

PeV. Add., Theatre Albert, Slrntford, Ontorlo. 


CC«rl<» Oraddook, 

Strong' I-endp. or Ilea^les.. Ueltlir, .ftft. ; ng<', 
$4, i Htrletly flolhsr. WnrdrobeAL 

rviatla Craddock, 

I'ninlsi niid'Orc'h. Dliwlor.. . ComjtPti'ut, xe- 
t •«. ■ - , . ■ llabla ami willing. ,' ■ 
Addrewr, , -' ^ WIJLLRl'ON," OKLAHOMA. 

It iiBira f on Mvm 

Krporirnc-'d Inall-llne^ knowi) to plnulatH. 'Cap 
fni-niHii nrrin'HLiii. Firrtt da-i eugagement only. 
Address H. II. ,1R.. care of CUPPEIt. 



First-elans acta that appeal to ladlen ami children. 
Citn work-people two week*, If they ran make 
ggqd. stnteiowcijt.salary tlrat letter. Want two 

jjmIv I'jiimwis; would like to hear from a Man with 
Perrla Wheel. -WILL OPKK MAY <.'!. Addreaa 

■.. J., ii, rvan, liumn 

fiTl? flsspM Street, Ottawa, -Canada. Out. 

Mrs. L. Scheuer, 

Fvnriintf downs a flhcelaltj. .Elegapt nincer, 
Garden and Recopilou (low iih at moderate prices. 

--- - f >- 

Oentlemen'a Department we : carry j 
DreftR and Tuxedo Kiiltn, Inverne^ri Capcp. Prl 

111. ll)L 

DreaiiandTiixedo suits, Inverness capcp. Prloob 
Alberit. ln>CoatA and- Vo«U», spring' Solta and 
Overcoata, Bain Cnata, ete. ••. • • .,.. 

Heinemboronr stores; ftl4 : «h 'South St., Phlla- 
itelphln, Pa. Our Branch Store for 'LitUlon' Goods 
only at , 3nj> W.-Mullberry St., Balllmoro, Md. 




K(m»ri Haiikl., Mlrh. 






.8th St., n«r Third AT.. 

ADGXE M Lions. 

Permanent address. Jio K. 4Hh ST., N.Y. 


'a nranttHi hit. 


In Xlmll Huffy llltioH. 



Baek lionie after Ave, ye nr> of miccew,. In Europe. 


Burlt'Hfiue, illicit , Ivi'ltli'n t'treiilt. r 
" 4 Kel la*-'. Levllatlan, For Sal«." 

Ranzetta^ Lyman 

EP-coitlrtr" LaiiKhlnp An. April- .10 to May 7, 
WKAST'S TIIEATIIE. 1'oiirla, IIL, ■..".. 

HAT 14 AND 21 OPEN. 


Snr MaliltH-'of all Klnda for Tent. Show. Open May 
19 near Now York. Slnui't > and Iianccra, Skclou 
Team., UliiCWViK'i' tviinoillan. All mnat change 
lor week. rav. ydtir own. - Hn.lclan., Agent, 
Canvas Mali,, filiuti all 111 llrat letter. Adrireaa 
. i. LEVEY, 12 Dradhtirat Ave.. New York Clly. 

UIA UTCn All 'round' Mcdlclae 

WMWI EU"I'k» Those who 
play Otpan preferred, WpekStaudmindercKiivaK 
tttlie moncv pndltootl treaimrnt. Addrer>. ALKX' 
.A MIEU Mil.l.l'll, Cnmlterlaml. finfriiscy.Co.. O ' 

tlY-PlMiniK Mack fori f. i m. llol won- 

oia rmiuuico, iogue, «hon nn ami ion 

ot aqulliB, all for fine., lo Introduce our work. 
Sumpa or coin AnBwer nultik. iv>t llmltod. 
1PBAL RKKTOH CO., Providence, It. I, 

Keith'. .Tbeatre .... . 

Ktltn'. Btjon Taa.tre, 
K«th', Tneaire. 

Keith'. Thiatr. New lofk-Clty. 

ICelth'a New nbealre.. . ,. . . PUladclphla, Pa. 
Keith', rrosrtct Theatre.;.. ..^Cleveland, O. 
Keith'. noyal.Prlnresa Theatre. Ijondoa, fcn.. 

Harry Davla'. (Irand opera Uoum, 

■ e* .-..-■ • ... jutirturg, Pa. 

BIJoa,. .;.....;.... ....Altoon.. Pa. 

Low. II" Optra Hoiuw ■. ...T.owell, Masr. 

Colonial Thealr... ........ . Lawrence, Maaa. 



Vt"leiiTlne "Theatre. . i . . . ..'...-. .^Toledo, O. 

CbaBfe'.'Thentr.'. . . .'. rWa^hlhetoIi, D 'C 

Kerhnn's Maryland Theatre.. .Bftltlnjor* U± 

Shea'a Gardea 'ititalre .Buffalo N y 

Sfcea'fl'Theatre. :.-.v... .'.-'.'.■. .'.Tordoto, Can! 
Uooro'a 'i'ii*5ltf...........Roche»ter, N. Y 

Temple Theatre '. Detroit, Mloh' 

Mooru'e. TUeatr. , Portland ale 

Pork Theatre,. ....,..•.!.. ..Worcester, Mm, 

tltaoil Opera House Syractue, N Y 

Savoy Thratre.l. ...Fill Hlver, Ma,.' 

Keith*. Theatre... '...^...-.Jei.ey..OUy n N. J. 

•"■tapir. Theatr..-. •...-.. .Bobokem, N. j 

icmplr. llieatr. ; . . Pateraon, N. J-. 

• - ■ • . ■ - ■ ■ - v a lent iq e c -. . . . . ,.■..,.».,«. ,■-.-" 

i'.. ■::.".- WQW BOOSIN Q FPU THF1 SEASO N OF lfloe-T. ' " .•.' 

F. KEITH'S BOOKINfi OFFIOES, SI. James Building, 

S. IC. HODOOON, Booking l\»anm^mr, ■< 

tloom. HUD to SH>3 St. Joine. Bnlldins, NF.W VOBIi CITV. 

San Francisco 
Earthquake Slides 




S A I.F. Oil BRUT. 


• 180 E Randolph St., Chicago.. 






Good wardrnhe. Mara. ' 




LRAU1NO WOMAN who* rap. Slay Illnstimted 
Songs, PROPERTY MAN to, PlnyGood Parts, MAN 
FOR OKN. BUM. Those dolnfr Speclalflefl pre- 
ferred. Those witilnjr to makea low sure «siarv 
for lonfr Reason, write or wire.. Retnemher, it's 
Spring- We my all. • - ■ , 

HICHARTt HBNPERSQN, Cedir Rapids, la. 



Lonp; fngiEriui'Dt, SVRE MOMCV. 
Aililraia - .... ■ 

Aoadamy of Mailr t gjgsgg City. W. J. 

1 5 Pictures lo the Set; Per Set, $ 1 .50 

All Interesting, elean.and original. For Machines 

used id Arcades, Parlw, etc. Send for list, KAl.i'll 
J. COLSKN, U and U WahftBh Atc. Cob-ago. * 


At moderate prices. Large stock, immense 
variety, illustrated Catalogue Free. New Mam- 
moth Catalogue Just Issued, 20c. Just out, list of 
new books ou Magic and new list of Itargalns in 
tricks A. ROTERBEIIQ, H6 Ontario St., C b I cago. 


And. Xylophone, Player, A No. 1 Professional 
wanta iterninnvof, located, ponltlon. JOHV. 
NEH-MAX. neuter Bldg.. San Antonio, 'fei 

t«J J.aSolle St, 


. BEST . 



- • ■ Endorsed by Pre., and Public. 
" .l.DOTTrrerences from all parts of the world. 
The Only School F.ndorsed In Chicago. 


(Up-to-date In every detail). 

Back, Jig, Skirt, Novel Cake 

Walk, Elocution, Singing md 

Rag Time Songs, Vaudeville 

Acta,, Dramatic Art. 




Mies Frances Lee sntTotbtki. 

Clrcnlars Free. 


endorse PROF. RlDQE sa the only Actor and 
Protey tonal Dancing Teacher in Chicago. . 

.. : FRED J. WILDMAN, Theatrical Agent, 

.. . Small and Leading Part* Coached. '■* 
187 1m Salle St., near Madtson, Chicago^ HI.'. 

GOWNS f s t r a^ 

have on hand a large aiwortnient of slightly worn 
Eveolog Gowns,ltianer. Receptlonand Tea Gown-.. 
These rohes are uerfect In every respect, and are 
especially suitable for wear In HIGH CLASS DRA- 
MATIC PRODUCTIONS. We have a full line uf 
Seal Skin Coats and Furs of all kinds. 
MRS. H. STARIt, 30T South S tale SL, CRICAflO 


25 Prof. Men, double String Orel,., Singing guar- 
telle. Standard music or the latent. Addrexs an 
communication-*, C. I^G0MPERTS,Pres.,5; llenrv 
St., .Bridgeport, Conn. LOC1S J. OASTLKDINIa, 
Mgr.: Prof. Cocrla, CoDd. • i 


The Nlhlllsfs, SOOftl 'J50.00: Tracktfd by. 

Bloodhounds, 4r)Oft.,S3O.O0i Cowboys and'ltf- 
dlaDH. HSOfL $38.30; Edisori'Traln Robbery, 
T.'mru, fr.ii.OG-; ' Jack and the Beanstalk, 
tl2.".ft., J4. r ».iHl, and many others. We also 
have' a JTne list of short ' subjects, ranging 
from r»0-2Gflft., at prices thpt are always rigid. 
Chicago's only bargain' bouse... 

C. L. HULL & CO.. 
£00 R. C7th St., Oblcago, 111. ,. v 


First Glass Rep. and Comic Opera People. 

Comedians, Stage Manager, Twenty chorus Girls, 
moat he tall and good looking; Eight Chorus Men. 
For long Summer engagement, at Lake Cliff Park 
and Casino, Dallas, Texas. Fare paid both ways, 
Chicago to Dallas and return. Only tlrat class 
people considered. - Apply by letter (with photo 
Id character), or In person to HAL- S. CAMPBELL, 
Musical. Dtrecton 347 Slate St., Chicago, or FRANK 
Q. PARRY, General Representative, Box 89 
Dallas, Tejtss; . •- ; — -y -7 -•■ 

Wanted, For 

CONNORS STOCK CO,'Man. Must'* up" ahje to Join-on 
w,lre. Ailuress-W. C.- CONNORS. May 3, 4,6, Mll- 
liirocket , Maine; M ay 7, 8. u/ Island pallH, Maine. 


Two .Tonng Men, Cornettist and 1'UnU:, with 
good UahliH. lx>(ig engagement to right panies, 



Sfatc lowest. We pay all arter Joining Co. 
ltQft and EVAMcOINLEY, Cjwi-ow', M01 


Mummer engagement- at Tybee Island. Corr- 
incnce May, until September. Must he sigbt 
reader, and strlctln every respect. $9.00 per 
weeV, h >ard and lodging. *!0.0u wbunty muai 
he sont that there shall beniidHtapieOliitmeni. 
Wire Immediately to pftOF. J. LEVIN, 411 W. 
llargcil St.. Raleigh, N.O. . .' V . * ■ ■ .. ■ ■ 

;•; , WANTKP, BY A 

Talented Young Man, 

Height, Oft, iOln M good Singer and Dancer; . Some 
and Dante and \yuitz Clog. . Any offer with good 

company for experience. 
Address, J. C.liONNTLLY 

I write 'my own songs. 

1700 I Street. Waahlogton.-p. C. 

A Theatrical Manager. 

Connected with a prominent firm during the regu- 
lar season, would llko a PARK TO' MANAGE, or 
soraoothej-.reapotiBllile pOHltion, for the Summsr 
seanon. Address PRANKS, care of CLIPPER Oillce. 


m People- Will share with Elk ClnhP. Write me, 
RPFCS K. LOVE, care of SolDlrnim, Chicago, III. 

>iv; A 1« T JB I> , 

Bel ol Swiss Hand Hells, and other Musical Novel, 
tie... Address, with, full particular., OAItL, M. 
DA1.TON', l.a C'rosse, Wtf 

NOTICE 2 Parodies, iLono mono. 

•55? * •** t « IXWUK, RSU 0AC8 AND 
LIVELY PATTER. Only 10c. while they li.t. 

■ OEM OOHFUV 00.. ProTtdenc, R. I. 


N. Y.; CLYDE, N. Y. Address quick, 

..'•- JOE. A. WALLACE, Oswego, N.Y. 

I'or nex 

At L/lt>ei-trv 

Jack DaCastillo, 


One piece product ion only. Address, 

' - . , ' ' • r.O. Hoi 20s , Savannah, Ga. 



■•'. ''"I»IAMIS.*1V '.' 

Al Sight Reader. Well lip- in vaudeville- -Bit*. 
Neat, sol>erahd reliable. Would accept- engage- 
ment &! First- Claas rSnmmer ResorL or lloiei. 
A ddress ' W BItOADWAY, Albahy. 'N. T._ 

:'■? ; WANtfib, for 


REpP.r^OELE-ln all lines.. Those doing special- 
ties' preferred. Agent with trunk, and paper. 
Heavy, to direct, with scripts for Soubrctte sqd 
Comedian. Summer salarie*. Address, by letter 
only, to OTIS FAY, 32J W. 4 M St., N. Y. C- 



Comedy" Skotch Team, with good- line of Comedy, 
Singing, Dancing anu Noveity Sllont specialllCM. 
Ilara workers In acts. .Wardrobe- lirsp cla#. 
Change Bimric»and. doubles for Week. Afldrew* 
w*M.J.-YAEOEB r ian N. Ck'rey St., lialtlmoro, Md-: 




THEODORE STOUT, Wollsburg, W. V«. 


One who can do specialty. -Also Good General 
Actor. No time for corresponding. -All Aral letter. 
Under, Canvas. Company first, class. Week 
stand-. Lowest salarv. • Pav your own. 

.-FRANK: O. CAMPBELL. HnnGngdon, Pa^ 


l-irgc List of KcwProfenr'lonalatiii 
Ainateur I'Jitvs. .Vsudovllfe HketcJi ■ 
eS, Minstrel ,tookn, Operettas. Mu- 
sical Pieces, Special Enteriatnmenis, Hecltailou", 
Diatogue^, Speakers, Drills, etc. Catalogue- Free. 
T. S.'DF.N ISDN, Pabllsher, bept. it, Calcagb, IU. 

May 5. 





51 West 28th St. 



WH jib 



I Au.Un Fynw— SkMcb SOS 

Ftiture. of llic Weekly Show— Illn«lf.Uoo». . . 2D0 

Summer Parks- -- 

Vcuderllle and Ulflalrel . . . .■ ■. 

Under the Tenia 

World ot Players i 

Queries Answered • 

Our London letter 

Our Chicago Loiter....... :•-,:•.■.'• 

George 0. Starr Bocoeedg Jimoa A. Bailey 

Ou toe Boad 

Clipper Post OOcc . 

Proctor's Firtb Arenoe Theatre Sold 

will of Jaraea A. Ba.llcy 

Actors' Fond Sleeting 

YaodeTlUe Bonte LUt 

>,ew York Olty. .. 

8an Frsnclsco Catastrophe 3( 

Ueatlut lu the l-rofeaakMi 



District of Columbia. 



lorn...... •-•. 

Maine.:,.... ........ 

Oklahoma '. 

Now Hampshire 





. . . . 111! 

307. .108 



Maaekchu'setts. . 



West Virginia. 

Missouri. .. . . 


New Jersey 





Now York Stale. 


MIclilKsn .... 






.. ... 20S 
. 298, 300 






..... 305 
.. ...80S 

. 805 

. 303, 31S 


..... 817 













. ... 303 

jjjjjjjjj Route Eg. 

I his list In made ap a* nearly »c- 
carute as It la poial Lie to make n, ll.t 
of vaudeville- booking,*. To la* are !■- 
aertitm In thla ilfpsrlmcnt the Bine 
*t tin- theatre or park,, an well an the 
city or lovrn. Mi'ST accompany each 
baoklntf Mnl an. 

Abbott A Weaver, BlJon, Green Buy, Wbj., 30- 

Httjr 5; BIJou. Marquette. 7-12. 
Acker A Colllna, Family, Fimlluy. O., 80-May 5. 
Ada if, Mile.. tiuyunicket. Chicago. 30-May 0. 
Adoliiiauu, Mine, Hljou, Wheeling, W. Va., 30- 

Muj 5. 
Atlaim A Muck, Keith's, Um ton. 30-May 0. 
Adauw. A Edwards, Dowllng, Logan-sport, hid., 

30-May 3. 
AildlKin A LlvlngBtou. Unique, Minneapolis, Mluu., 

ALei'n A Baiter, Wichita, Kan., 30-Muy 3; Cof- 

feyTlllc. 7-12. 
Aheuru. Obaa. A Jac. Proctor's -Ilkl 8t., N. Y. 0-, 

80-May 5. 
AH lam. Mr. t Mrs.. Pastor's,, X. V. 0.. 30-Mny 5. 
Allliwm* (8), Temple. Detroit, Mlcli.. 30-May 3. 
AlfaraM, Sadl. Olyianle. Cbkagu, 30-May 3. 
Albfona, TIic, Crystal, St. Joaenh, Mo., 30-May 3. 
Allen. Leon A Bertie, liljou, Alpena, Mich., 80- 

May 5. ' >~ 

Albertya, Tin*; Atlantic Carncn. X. T. O.. 30- 
May 5. ' . 
Al'mrtue A Millar, Circus Carre, Amsterdam, 

Hoi., May 1-13; Nice, Fr., lo-21 : Alcatar, 

Marseille*. 23-..0. 
Allmon, Job. «., BIJou, Buttle Creek. Midi.. 30- 

Miiy 3: Hl.'ou. Hancock. 7-11!. 
Allen. T'hylHB, Columbia, Clnclnnutl. 30-May 5. 
Allaire A Lind, Howard, Boston, 30-May 3. 
Albene ,t La brum, People's, I, ear en worth, K*u., 

30-May 3; Xovelty. Toyeka, 7-12. 
Almont A Dtunotit. Colonial. XV Y. C, 30-Mar 5. 
American Newsboys' Quartette. Empire, Des 

Moines, 1 la,, 30-May 3. ' 
ADianu A Hartley, Newciutlc. Bug., 30-May 3; 

*o. . Shldrtu, 7-12; Edinboruli, Hcot., U-18; 

Ulaago'w. 81-20. 
Antrim' A Petern, Keltb'ti. Pblla., 30-May 3; 

K*f[th'«, Boston. 7-12. 
Amie-Mon- & HeynolilB, -BIJoa. Oubkoab. Win.. 30- 
May tl Mea, Fond du (>ac. 7-12. 
Ajulnle'a Bears. Doss A Moultejs, Keeney'a. Bklu.. 

30-May C, 
Ajx'l. . LIHIui' A Co.. Park, Wnrceater. Mlb>„ 30- 

May ,3. Hubukvn. X. J.. 7-12. 
Aroewn, 'Alfred, Alliambru, X. Y. C. 30-May 3. 
Arlington Comedy Foar, Colonial. Lnwrencc. Mass., 

30- May. 3; Empire. HoboUeu, N. J., 7-12. 
Arclile. Will. II. A B„ Bklu., 30-May 3. 
Arm, Erfua, Faiutlr, Paterson, X. J., 30-May 3. 
Arnot A Gubii, Keltli'H, X. V. CL. 30-MHy 5. 
Arcall. Wm..- Andltorlam, Lynn, Mhhb., 30-May 3. 
Armoiid, (Jrace. Blloo, Lanninit. Mlcb., 30-May 5. 
Asbloi, ft : Knr)e. Donj/laa'. Chicago. 30-May 5. 
Abhtun A. Martlne, Yoqor'h Pslra Ganlcn, Balti- 
more, tio-uar 3. 
Aabley, Lilllau, Audltorlnui, Lynn. Maaa., 30-May 

0. , - ■ 
Asm. A.' Xf.. Park, Worcester, Muaa., 30-May 3. 
Anion, Arthur. Staic, HagernlowTi, Md.. 30-May 5. 
AtMiiHon. Henry. Kelth'6. Boalon, 30-May 3. 
AtUiitit.. Oreat. Xorelty. Vallejo. Cal.. 30-May 3. 
Aui«lii. Claude. Bijou, htaalog. Mlcb., 30-May 5; 
. BIJmi, Bay City. 7-12. 
Aulierta. Lea, Keith's. l'roTldciice, 30-May C; 

KelUi'a; X. ,Y. C. 7-12. 
AusllM. Tonsinp. Lyric. St. Jonepli. Mo., 80-May 3. 
ATery A lYarl, Kavoy, Oulumbnt!, hid., 30-May 3; 

Grand, Pem, 7-12. 
ATery A .| ir t, Temyle. Uetrolt, Mlcb., 80-Mbj 5, 
am A rtoit.'G. 0. Hh Grand Uaiddx. Midi.. 30- 

May 3; ffrajj, Mlcfalgan City. Intl.. 7-12. 
Bania: Pour, Kelth'H. X. Y. C. 30-5Iay 5. 
BaWee A lajiin, Kmplre Tour, Eng.. 80-Miy M>- 
Baker. Harry, P?oplc*a, Cedar Baplds, la., 80- 

Ma/' 3.' 
Barry. Katie, A Co., Keltb'a, PrwTldencc, 30-May 
„■•»; Keltli.'B. Boaton, 7-12. 
Bar^h, T>rlWlit. Colonial. X. Y. C. 30-May S. 
Baltey. Cttae., Bijou. Dnlutb. Minn., 80-May 0: 
„ Bl Jon, .Superior, Wis., 7-12. 
Baiter, Sid, Proctor's, Xenark. X. J.. 30-May T>. 
■■IT A Wooltortl, Calnmet. Mo. Cbicago, 80-May 

" 3; ColuMbla, Bt. Loula. 7-12. 
Batw A Ernest. Temple, Ft. TVayiie, lad., 30-May 
„ «i ramlly, Lafayette. 7-12. 
"alHenf. The, KelUi'M. Pblla.. 30-May 5. 
Barry, Mr. A Mra. Jimmy. Colonial, K. Y. C, 80- 
^Maj C: Orbbeiiui, Bkln.. 7-12. 
Bautu. Master Will. Fulton. X. Y.. CO-Mar 12. 
Barnea.. p u nl. Keltb'a. CleTeland. 30-May 5.^ 
■*B|3 * Kdwlna, Crystal, Elkbart. In J.. 30- 

T 'aiw. Louie w., star, Aatorla Ore.. 30-May 3. 
"""IWlfliiaTtelte. OrpUeuni. Bklu.. 30-May 5. 

Mat^* etBtCT Co " Keltt '*' * * a * S0 ' 
WStm k Co., O. H., Elkhart, lnd., HOMay 0. 
Bent^Blwood k alafgie, Grand, Flndlay. O., 

Beyer, Bee,' Atlantic Garden. X. Y. C. W a aa g B, 
"•■iifit «• t.n Ueiio. Palm. Crlppk* Creek, Col.. 
20-May 3 ; Paeblo. 7-12. 

Reaugarc, Jean, Howard, Boston, 30-May 3. 
Becknilli, I.lnden, tjliea'a, Toronto, ..D-May .".. 
Berrlllc, Ccllle, Dewey. C tinea, X. Y., 3n-Mav 3. 
"ellraan A Moore, PoII'k. $ 
May 3; Proctor'p 23d ft. 
BerteKe_ SlaterB, Empire. Dea Molned. In., 

Beiinlncton Duo, Atlantic Garden, X. Y. C. :w- 
May 3. 

Hedouln Arabn (8), O. 0. II., Pltlalairg. 30- 
May. 3; Cbaae'H, Waahliiftou. D. C, 7-12. 

Kellctalro BroD., Calumet, So. Chicago. 30-May 3. 

Bennett A Heaucy, Unltjoe, MlDneapolU, Mluu.. 
30-May 3; Bijou, Du.ntn. 7-12. 

Beaoali b Miller. U. A 14.. X. Y. C. SO-May 5. 

Beacb A Beach, Bljov, Dnlutb. Minn., 80-May 3 ; 
Bijou. Superior, Wla., 7-1i!. 

Berger A Weber, Empire, Des Moines, In., 30- 
May' 3. 

Be-Aao4, Eeitb'f>, X. Y. C. 30-May 5. 

Bell A BIcfaftrdK. Fnmily. Haaleton. Pa.. 30-May 3. 

Bell. Senator Frank, Hathaway'a, New Bedford. 
Maiw., 80-May 3. 

Benac'a Clrcu», XoTelty. Bkln., 30-May 5. 

Birch, John. C. O. H.. Indianapolis. 30-May 3; 
Columbia, Cincinnati, 7-12. - . - 

Blnney A Chapman, Cryttal, Elkhart, lnd., 30- 
May 3. 

BUnchard, Eleanor, Family, Sbatnoklu, Pa., 30- 
Muy 3. 

Blair A UcXalty, Ilouie. Hntcblnaon. Kan., 30- 
May 5i Vlnewood Park, Toneka. 7-12. 

Blampbln A Hebr, EdUou. Helena, Mont., 30- 
May 3 ; Family, Butte. . -12. 

Bllas. Harry. Bon Ton. Phlla.. 30-May 3. 

Bloom. Cant., Cbaae'a, Wasblngloa, D. C, -'10- 

May s. 

Black A Jones, Lyric, Easton. Pa.. 30-May 3; 

■ Orpheom, Mt. Vernon, X. Y., 7-12. 

Black A Ignite. Peopled, LeaTenworth, Kan,, 30- 

: May 3; Ijrlc St. Josepb. Mo.. 7-12. 

Boyd, Arcblc. A Co., l'oll'n. New Haven. Conn., 
30-May 3. 

Bootbinck Quartet, Original. Forest Park, St. 

' Louis. May 7-12. 

Bonda, Bradcnburgh'ri. Phlla.. 80-May 5. 

Bowcra. Waller* A Mcliityre, Keeney'a, Bkln., 30- 
May 3. 

lionvler Bon Ton. Pblla., 30-May 3. 

Boyd. Harry. Garrlck. Burlington. la„ 30-May 3. 

Bowman. Frank. Olympic. CMrarr.. .'.ii-SI-it ."- ■ 

Bomlnlu. The, Hippodrome, X. Y. C, SO-May 3. 

Boo tli, Hope, A Co., Proctor'a, -Newark. N. J., 30- 
. May 3. 

Boley, May, Shea's, Toronto, 30-May 5. 

BovUu, Mildred A Arthur. Keith's, ProTldeuue, 
3U-May 3. 

Bcnbalr-Grogory Troupe. Hlppodronie. X. T. C, 
W-May 3. 

Brady, Mr. A Mrs, Jat>., Bljon, Wnceling, W. Ya., 
30-May 5. 

Brewer. Oscar, Acme. Norfolk, Va., 30-liaf 5, 

Bruno A BaHeu. Orpiiemn, Denver. Col.. May 7-13" 

Bradfbnln. The. Bou Too. PbUa.. 30-May 5. 

Brown A Wllmot. Caxtlo, Bloomlugton. ill.. 30- 
May 3; BIJnu, lot Crowe, 7-12. 

Brndy A Hamilton. Gem, Superior. Wis., 30-MHy 
3; Empire. St. Paul, Minn., 7-12. 

Brown A Xcvarro, Colonial, X. Y. C 30-May 3. 

Brown. Harris A Brown. Novelty. Bkln.. 30^May 3. 

Bnmnles, Lea. Hayroarket, Chicago. 30-May 3. 

Krlndnmour. Auditorium. Lynn. Maws., 30-May 3. 

Brittona, The, Wintenarten, Berlin, f.w„ May 

Brown, Gil. Cook'ti Park, ErotisvlUe. lud.. 30- 
■ May 3. 

Breeo, Harry. Gotham. Bkln.. 80-May *j. 

BroUt Trio. Bijou, Marquette, Mlcb., 30-May S. 

Brehany. Louise. Fontalno Ferry Park, IiOnlR- 
rllle, Ky.. 30-May 3. 

Bryan, Frank D., Kelth'B. X. Y. 0., 30-May 5. 

Brockman, Mack A Co., G. O. H.^PIttatmrv, :t0- 

May 3. . . 

Urowne. Tom, Whistling. Trent, Trenton, N. J., 
' 30-Muy 3. 

Bruno, Gna. fBwM I. V."aHbiiiglou. D. C..,.»)-May 

: G. 

Ituach Family, Empire. l)c« Molnea, lu.. 30-May 3. 

Bndworlh A Wells. Forest Park, Kanaaa City, 
Mb., 30-Moy 5; Lyric. St. Joseph, 7-12. 

Burke A Tyaoo. Poll's. Bridgeport, Conn.. 30- 
May 3. 

Rudworlh A Well». Lyric. St. lank, Mo.. 80- 
May 3: People's. Learenworlh. Kan.. 7-12, 

Burton, - Clarence. BIJon. Wheeling, W. ^u., 30- 

Borke A CrilD*;, Crystal, Marlon. lnd.. Mar 7-12. 
BucklejH. The. A. A S.. Boirton. 30-Muy 3. 
Burke, \V. II.. Bi-ttdenburgb'a. Phlla.. 30-May .".. 
BnrkeB, The, Pastcr'a, X. Y. C, 30-May 5. 
Hnab. Frank. Kelth'n. Phlla.. 30-May 3. 
Buscb Family. Empire. Ilea Moines. la.. .Hl-May 

5; Family. DaTennort. 7-12. 
Burkhart A Berry. Family. X. \. 0-. -OMay o. 
Buckeye Trio. Phillips', Itlcbmond. lnd., 30-May 

5; Grand, Ilnmllton. O.. 7-12. 
Bulla A Codv, Bijou, mieellng. W. Vu.. 80-May 5, 
Bvers A Tlcrnun, Keith's. N. Y. C. 30-Ma.T i»; 

■plttsileld, Mas*., 7-12. ' 

Byrons. Musical, G. 0. H., Indlauupollf. LU-May 3 
Carlln A Otto, Cook'a. Rochester, N. \., 30-Muy 

3: Keith's, Cleveland. 7-12. _ „ 

Cnraon Bros.. Poll's. New HuTen, Conu., JOOlay 

3; Orpheum, Iteadlna. Pa.. 7-12. 
Cat© Family. Cryetal. Rock Island. HI.. 30-May 

3: BIJou. Kenosha. Wis.. 7-12. 
Cannells (3). Orpheum. L'tlca. X. Y-. :tO-May 3. 
Carlllo, Leo, Xorelty, Bkln.. 80-May 5. 
Utirew A Healey, Ueni, Lynn, Maaa.. 30-May o. 
Cnmp. Sherldun. Gaiety. Albany, X. Y.. 30-Mar 3. 
Calne, Georgia. A Co.. Proctor'a 23d St.. >. l . C. 

(Ja'seT A l# Clnlr, Arcade, Toledo. 30-May •"■, 

Carroll, Johnnie. Xovelty. Bkln., 80-May 3. 

CnhJH. Wm., Howard, Boston, 80-May u. 

Cnmllle Comedy Four, Arcade, Toledo. 80-May •». 

Cameron, Graw, Cook'n, Rochester, X. 1.. 30-May 
3; Kelth'a. Cleveland. 7-12. 

Cams. Emma. Shea's, Buffalo. X. \., 30-May o. 

Uunflehl A Carleton, Proctor'a 38th St.. X. Y. C, 
30-May 5. 

Caprice, Lynn A Fay. Orpheum. Minneapolis 
Minn., 30-May 3: Orpheum. Dearer, Col., 7-12. 

Carlos, Chan,. Orrln Bros., Mexico. 30-Muy 12. . 

Carcw A Hayes. Sbea'a. Buffalo. 30 May 3 ; 
Shea's, Toronto, Can., 7*12. 

Campbell, Bill, Manhattan, Norfolk. Va., 30- 
Muv 6. 

Carroll A Eller, Alcawr, UeOTfr. Col., 30-May 13. 

Caron A Farnuiu. Moure's, Portland. Me.. 80- 
May 3. 

Corlierrv A Stantou, Grand, Victoria, B. C-, 80- 
May 5; Tacoma, Wash., 7-12. 

Carrollton A Hodges. Crystal, Detroit. 80-May 5; 
Lyric. Cleveland, 7-12. . 

Carleton. Al.. Columbia. Bt. Loula, 30-May i»; 
Olvmplc, Chicago. 7-12. 

Celesse, Mile., Moore's. Portland, Me., 80-May o. 

Cherry A Bates, Auditorium, Lynn, Mans., 30- 

Callahan A Mack. Victoria, X. Y. C. SO-May 5. 

ChaniberlliiM. The. Victoria, X. Y. C.. 30-Mjy 3._ 

Chester. Mile., Teinulo, Detroit. Mich., 30-May .,. 

cTirilbam Bisters. Family. Botle, Mont., 80-May 
3; Edison. Helena, 7-12. ■ 

Clpnoont'iH. The. I*ucatello. Ida., 80-May 3: Grand, 
Reno. Net.. 7-12. ' 

ClnurthiB A Scarlet, Orpheum. Xew Orleant, La., 
80-May 3. 

Clark, Harry Corson. Uaymarket, Chicago, 30- 
May 3. 

Clayton. Murray, A Co., Dewey, K. Y. 0., 30- 
May 3; Casino, Phlla., 7-12. 

Clifford A Burke. Orpbeum. Minneapolis. Minn,, 
80-May 3 : Orpbeum, Denvr. Colo- 7-12. 

CIInToPl. 0. G., Acme. Norfolk. Va., 30-May 3. 

Clark's Dobs A Ponle«. Oi^Leum, Manilleld. (.'., 
80-May 3 ; BIJoo. Wheeling. W, Va.. 7-12. 

Clarke A Temple. BIJon, La Croaae. Wis,, 30-May 
6: Unique, Ban Claire, 7-12. 

Clark A Duncan, Weaat'a, Peoria, III.. 30-May 3; 

Onrrlgun. Kmmott A Co,. Kelth'H. Cleveland, 30- 
May 3.. 

Oi>rbc11. Jus. J., tiuthnut. Bkln., 30-Muy 3; m- 
phvuiu. Bkln.. 7-12. 

Connelly. Emma, BIJon. WhwllUK, V. Vu.. 3'>- 
May 3. 

Culumhlnufl (;>>. Shea'H, Toronto. lli>-Mny •"; H.-U- 
nett's. i.'inilon, 7*12. 

Cowley, .la*. II., BIJou. Marine! lc. Wl».. »U-Muy 
- 5; Ben's, BBcanaba. 7-12. 

Cottons, Mnrrelons, Family, Butte. Mont., 80- 
May 3. 

Cotton, Ben. PsatorV, X. Y, Oh 3»-May 3. 
•Colby Family. Orpbeum. New Orleans, Lh.. W> 
May 3. 

Cox, Ray. Proctor's. Newark, X. J., 30-May 3. 

Uonuelly. Hu«h. Columbia. L'tlca. X. Y.. 30-May 3. 

Coksd A Bancroft, Orpbeum, Ctlea, X. Y., 30- 
May 0, 

Cooke., A Miss Rotberl, Empire Toor, Knjr., 30- 
May 31. 

Courtlclffli, Wm.. A Co., G. O. H.. Plltaborg, 30- 
May 3. 

Colonial Septette. Ye. Orpbeum, Bklu., 30-Muy 3. 

Conchas, Paul, PoU's. Xew Haven, Conn.. 30-May 

Conrey, John & Mamie, Haaleton. Pa., 30-May 3 , 
'Carbondrflc, 7-12, 

Cowley. Jas. II.. BIJou. Muriuelte, Wis., 30- 
May 3; Ben's, Escanaba,.7-I2, 

Cooper A Hoblnuon, Albaiubra. X. Y- C. 80-May 3. 

Cresuy A Duync, Temnle, Detroit, Mlcb,. 30-May 
3. Shea's. Buffalo, X. Y., 7-12. 

Ctuwforil. Clifton. Orpheom, Bkln.. 30-Moy 3. 

t'rtn'orc's Band, Keith's, Boston, 30-May 9, 

Cnttrs. MiisIcmI (Oi, H. A H., Bkln.. 80-May 3. 

Cnimlngtiiim. Bob A Daisy. F.mplrc, SprlnetleM. 
• 1)1... May Ml 

CunnttiB-hanj A Coveuej. Trent, Trenton, N. J.. 30- 

Jnllen, Aft H., Moss A Sfoll Tour, Kin;., 30- 
■ 31. 

Mar 31 
,umi Instil 

30-May 6. 
Coteman, Boyd A Co., Dlcklusou's. Rlcbmoud, Ya., 

80-May 5. 
Coiliaa Bros., Hayniarket, Chicago. 30-May 3. 

Cmnilnsliaiu A Smith, Family, l'ottstown, Pa.. 

.May 3-5. 
|W A O'Brien Powera'. Decatur, 111., 30-May S. 

Kavey A Plilllljie. Family, Kaston. Pa.. May 7-12. 
alton A Boyle. Empire. St. 1'u.ul. 30-May 3. 

Harrow. Mr. A Mrs. Stuart, Orpheum, Salt Lake, 
U., 30-May 3. 

Donovan, 1,cb. Kniplre. Freeport, HI.. 80-May 3. 

Dale. Violet. Keeney's, Bkln., 30-Muy 3; Orpheum, 
Headline. Pn.. 7-12. 

Dn'wson A M'hltileld, Grand, Vancouver, Can., 30* 
.May 3. 

Dayton Slstern. Psutaa*-s'. Seattle, Wash., 30- 
Tlay 3. 

D'ArVlIle Sisters. Sallda, Col., 80-May 3. 

Dagwell. Auric. O, O. II., Pltlsbnric. 30-Msy 5. 

Datum Bros., Mujesttv. CUIcbki*. 30-May 3. 

Dpll ft Forulu. Cryslul. Milwaukee, Wis.. 30-Muy 

- '3 ; -BIJou, Manitowoc, 7-12. 

Delpiilne fc_ Moro L Arcade, Toledo, 80-May 3. 

De Witt, Jluriuf A Tbrrunce." Eniplre, Johannes- 
burg. S. A.. 30-Juuc 2; Tlvoil, Cape Town, -t- 
. July 11. 

De But*. Count. A Bro.. Majestic. Chicago. ;(0- 
May 5. * 

neveau, Ilnbert. Lyric. KustoU, Pa., UO-Mny 3. 

Dtrtin A Ellswortb, Gotham, Bkln.. BO-.Muy 3. 

iMremlu A Green, Moss A Htoll Tout, ling.. :i0- 
.May 31. 

Dc Harenu.Li.isu. Ht. Louis, 30-Muy 3. 

DeVoy-, Kminett. & Vm., Columbia, Cincinnati, 30- 
May B. 

Deane. Sydney A Co.. Foutulne Ferry Park, 
Louisville, Ky... 80-May 3. 

De Monde L Dlnauore, Lyric. Wlcbllu, Knu., .IU- 
May 3; Yale's, Kiinsus City, Mo.. 7-13. 

Helton Bow.. Orplieuin. L'tlcs. N. Y„ :iO-May 3. 

Delmorc Sisters. G. 0. U., PHtsbiirg. 80-May 3; 
Keith's. Phlla.. 7-12. 

Delmorc & Oneida. Pastor's, N, Y. C. 30-May 3. 

Deltorelll * Ollssuuilo, C'liiiKe's. Waslilugtou, ». 
C., :I0-May 3. 

De Oesch A RbeMou, D'Haru, Sbenuudoub, t'n., 
30-May 5: 

Da Uanil ft Parker. Victoria. X. V. U„ 30-May 3. 

Derrln, Jaa. T.. Idea, Kenosha, Wis., Hv-May 3. 

Heltons (8). Orphenm. I'tlcu. N, Y.. .'tO-May 3. 

De Von. Frwl. Huber's. 5. V. <!.. Muy 7-12. 

De'Varo A CiirtU, Bijou, Aliwini, Mich.. 80-May 3. 

HeuKon. 1M, A Kittle. Majestic, Cblciigo, :»J-Muy 3. 

De Mur A Fortune, Womester, Miu-s.. UO-Mny 3; 
Kcllh'e, Hyrucuse. X. T.. 7-IS. 

Del 'Oro. LolBl. Euqdre. Ilobofeeii, X. J„ 30* 
.Muy 3. 

Delmar A Dexter. Oiidicuui, Dnveuport, XeK, 30- 
May- 3. 

Deliuore A U-e. Victoria. X. T. C, Hu-Muy 3. 

Dixon A Auser, Paslor's, X. V. OL :;0-Muy 3. 

Hill A Ward, a. 0. H.. Grand Ruulds, Midi., 30- 
Muy 3. 

bllka A Dlllm, A. A H„ RostoU, 80-Mu}' 13. 

"Dnla," BIJou. Duluth. Minn.. 30-May 3. 

liionue SiBlois, Columbia, Cliiclimiiti. 30-May 5. 

DlfL-Iek-( HroH., If. O. II., liidluuapolls, 30-May 
■ r> ■ Cohiinbh, Cincinnati, 7-13. 

Diamond A Huittb. Ondieum. Dti«. N. T., 30- 
Muy 3. 

Ulnmond A Muy, Flucher's, Ias Angeles, Cal., 
30-May 12. 

Dixie Serenudcrtf, Audllorlnm. Lyuu, Mass., 30- 
May 3. 

Downey A Wlllurd. Crystal. R-«k N)«iid, III., 30- 
Muy 3; La Salle, Keokuk, la.. 7-12. 

Dorin Trio Moore's, Portland, Me., 80-May 3. 

Dobie. Rose. BIJou, Lu Crosse, Wh*\, 80-May 3. 

Dorach A Russell, Altilctlc Park, Xew Orleans, 
La., 30-May 0. 

Douj-'Iss A Douulax, Oraud. Mkblifan CUy. lud.. 
May 7-12. 

Doberly A Burr. Lyceum, Xluxuru Palls, N. Y., 
30-May «. 

Donovan. Arnold. A Co., Empire. Plttsileld. Muss., 
80-Muy u. 

Doyle A Uranwr, BIJou, Canton, 0.. 80-May 3. 

DunburV. CtiM.injf, Novelty, Bkln., 30-Muy 3. 

Dumonds. Let>. Temple. Detroit. Mich., :.o-Mny 3. 

Din-yea A Mortimer. Trent. Trenton, N. J., :io- 
May 3. 

Durbyvlle, Lou A Fay. Majestic, UIiIcsko, 30- 
May 3. 

Dutluim. A. 0.. Poll's, Wnterbury. Cunu., 80 Uuy 3 

DannJk.Fraser. Lyric Cleveland, 30-Stay u. 

Dunont, ilnry, A Co,, Hayraarket. Chicago, 30- 

luiiiii. l/i'ili- Frank. Keeuey's, Bkln., :io-May 5. 

Karl A WIlsou. Orpheum, Salt Lake CHy. u., 30- 
May 5 

Eckel A Warner. Empire, Plttuleid. Mass., 30- 
May 3. 

Eckboff A Outdon. Keith's, Cleveland, 30-May 3 ; 
Qi-pbcuui. lleudlng;. Pa., 7-12. 

Edwunlv. Gus, Mcuool Itoya aud Girls, Poll'a, 
Hprlngflidd, Mass., 80-May 3. 

KdHOti, Harry. A Don, Pastor's, X. Y. C, 30- 
May 3. 

Eddy, Arthur. Elyslon Urove. Tucson. Arts., 30- 

Mar l*j. 

Edwards, Cus, Postal Telegrajm Bojs, Proctor's 
08th «l.. N. Y. C, 30-Muy 5. 

Eltlnift?, Julian, Palace. I^odop, Eng.. May U-31. 

I.IInorc Stslers, International. Clilcaso, 80-May 3. 

Ely, Frank. Eiuplre, Diw Moines, la., ao-May 3. 

Elton. Ham. Mots A Htoll Tour, Knu;., 30-May 31. 

Elluwurtlia. Four. BIJou. Kalumnioo, Mlcb,, 30- 
May 3. 

Ellsworth A Burt, Family, Hpokane, Waub.. 80- 
May 3. " 

Emery. Winifred. Mouwngahela. Pa.. 30-May 3 ; 
Washington, 7-12. 

Emmoudu, Emerson A Emmonds, Olympic, Chi- 
cajto, 30-May 3. 

Empire City Ouartelte, Proctor's 23d St. N. Y. 
V.. 80May 5. 

Eiuplre Comedy Pour, Moss A ttloll Tour, Kng„ 
30-May 81. 

Kngleton. Nan. A Co., Jefferson, Portland, Me., 
Mar 712. 

Eunonde. Mr. A Sirs. YA., Hrand, Syracuse, N. 
Y . 30-May 3. 

Esterbrooka. The. Lawrence. Muss., 30-May 3; 
New- Fedfor.1, 7-12. 

Evera, Geo. w„ Dalnirt, Tex., Hay 8-S; Park, 
Pueblo, Col., 7-12. 

Fodette Orcheau-a, Albambra. N. Y. 0., 30-May 0. 

lays, Tnc, Victoria, N. Y. C, 30-May 0. 

Fnultf". Mswartl A 0*., Crysinl. IMntl. MU1... 

■■■■• .M.!V •*>. 

FaWM A Bynui. «. Ik, II.. Plflsburg. 30-Muy :.. 
Furiintu. I.nd. Trio, Fumlly, LiiucusUT. Pn,, ;!»- 

May 3. 

Fulunlo. MIJ.mi. Duluth. Mluu.. 30-Mny 3. 
Ferrla-Wlley Trio. Webb. Peru, hid., Muy 7-lil. 
Fv mtm, O. t». ft., Syraniw, X. Y„ 30 -May 3; 

Temple. Detroit. 7-13. 
Ferry, Suvoy, Cnluuiliits. I ml.. llnMay 3; Hl>iu, 

Rvansvllle. 7- 12. 
lli-lil". Uriice, ami Mult nee Maids. Alhuiukn. X. 

Y. «.'.. OA-Mny 3: Murvlnnd. Halt (more, 7-13. 
Kliiaivruld A Trnlnnr. PhHoi-. Vork. Pn.. :in-Mu,v .1. 
Flndlay A Burke. Kellli'a. Phlln.. 30-May f>. 
Fields. Will I!.. Alhnmbru, Chicago. 30-May 3; 

Columbus, Clilcuuu. 1-tS. 
Fisher A Johnson, Forest Park, Hi. Loills. W- 

Mny 3; BIJou, Di'eatlir. HI., 7-12, 
Fields A Wolley, Hnwanl, Boston, 30-May ft. 
Flown A Mllli-r. People's. Parsons, Kuu., 30- 

Mny 3 1 People's, lwt>art-nworth. T-12. 
Flynu. Earl, Elite. Davenport, In.. Mny 7-12. 
Flora. Mildred. Orpheum, Xew Orleans. La.. 30- 
May 3. . 
Ford 8i*tern ' A llrolln-n-. tlrpbi-mu. Hkln., 30- 

May 3. 
Ford A tieluii.', 11. ft II.. Bklu.. 8n-May 3. 
Fortescue, Hen. K-. EmpiA*. Palersou, X. J.. 811- 

Mny 3. 
Fox, Madge. Empire, Hoboken. X. J.. 30-May fl. 
Fox A WnM, 11th St. O. II., Phlla., 80-Muy 3. 
Ftvexu Broa.. Jackson, Mich.. 30-May •>. 
Pr«y«MJ Broa., Howanl. Boston, 30-Muy », 
Frank, Marvelons A Bob. orpheum. Omaha, Nt*.. 

30-May :> : Orplieuiu. MIiiiiphi>o1Ih, Mtnu., 7-13. 
Froalnl, V. C. O. O. II., Iiidlaoapolla, 30-Mny 3; 

Columbia, Clmdniiall. T-12. .... 

Franklin ft -Hueklln, Conner's. Coney talniwl, N. 

Y.. 30-May 12. 
Ftvy. Henry, National, Phlla., May T-12. 
Francis Sisters, Acme. Norfolk. Va.. 30-May B. 
Francis, Eninui. II. A H., N. Y. O. 30-May 3. 
Frevoll. Frederic. Canton, O., 30-May »| Colum- 

bns, 7-12. 
French. Henri. Keeney's. Bkln,. 30-Mny •>. 
"Fiiturily Winner," Proctor's BSlh M., X. Y. C. 

iJartliier A*Muddcni, tVilumbla. Cincinnati, 30-Muy 

3: Family. PnttsvUle. Pa.. Ml!. 
Gardner AHIo-blard, Poll's. Brldgi-port, Ouin., 

:to-Mny 3, 
Oaplner A Roieie, Majestic. Knu Anluiiio, Tei., 

30-Mny 3; MitWtle. Fl. Worth. 7-12. 
Oardner, Jr-ssle C., Lyceum. Ogden. I... .W-Mny B, 
tlanlner A Vim-wit, Pruelor'a. AlhaBJ, N. \., 3(1- 

May 3: l-nstor's. X. V. C. 7 12. 
itarrnn. Kittle. PhIiii (liirdwi, IlinupHleuil. L. I.. 

30-Muy 3: Sans Somd, X, V. C, 7-12. 
Canlson Jules A Ellu. Orpbeum. Bkln., 3*l-Msy 

fi.- * ' 

ibslH A Nelson, Keith's. Pri.vldeuci'. M-Hu •'. 
(larsou.' Marlon, Keith's. I'hiln.. 30-May ... 
Harvey. Burt M-, BIJon. Wheeling. W. Vh., las 

Mny 3. 
UulT.-v A Fi-aser, Irwlu. liuslieu. lrnl.. :tii-Muy 3. 
Oallftglirr A Wild. IMH's, S|irluglleld, Mhss., mi- 
May 3. 

*;. 0. II.. tinind Uuplds, Mich.. Mt. 
liuylord, Bonnie. Majivtle, Chicago, 30-Mar 3; 
cuiuh. Clark H., H. 0. 11 , Hriuid Itnplils, Mich.. 

80-May 3. - - 

..forge. A Harrlngt/m. Lyric, 80-Mny If, 
(ttmrm A Hulley. 1L A S.. X. Y. 0.. Wdjlaj 3. 
tlelger ft Walters, Keith's. Prnvldi-ii.-i\ :Ki-M.i? "•. 
Ullday A Fox. Poll's. Hrldgi-port. Conn.. Hw- 

Mnv r.. 

iHUIhuii A Mmriiy. Lyrh-. Jwplln. Mo,. 30-May 3. 
lilrard. Milrle. Empire. Oakland, (Jul.. 30-Mny it. 
ifllfoll. liuny. Colonial. N. V. C., .ID-May 3. 
lillletlc. Vlolu, A (.'«., Alhanihrn, X. Y. C, nil- 

May 3. 
ililllhan A Perry Majestic. Little lU.vk. Ark.. :i»- 

May 3. 
Oirl From Hie. West, The. Lyric. Clevelaitd, 30- 
Muy 3. 
(Jill. Nat, Piislor's, X. Y. (J.. Muy 7-12. 
illlson, Ijitile, Pmclor's 5Mh St., X. Y. C, 30- 
Muy 3. 
Ollletle Sluleis. Ormid, Vancouver, Mm*,, 30- 
Muy 3. 
UUIen. Tom. Mohawk. Kelteiieelndy. N. ... BO- 
, Mny 3. , . A Nnsb. Bijou. lu.. 30-Muy ■•; 

Xnw Family. «lou\ I'lty, Mil. 
lUanIrr Cims. A Anna, tlulety, Alliimy, X. Y„ 

3o-Mny 3. 
DlcttHon, .lotili A Hertlni. A Ered IIouIIIiimi, Mii- 

Jestle. Cwa 30-Muy 3, . 
(Howe, Augnstn. CliBHe's. Washington, H, C, 30- 
May 5. 
f.oUi'h A ML-Cfilhnn. Keith's. X. Y, C. .'Hi-Miiy t; 

Proctor'a 3Hth HI.. N. Y. «.. 7-12. 
taOtllob. Mr. A Mrs.. Crystal, Denver, i-nl.. :iu- 

May 3; Earl, Pueblo, 7-12. 
Could A Snrrttl, Moore's, Portland. Me.. 3ii- 

Mny 3. 
Oormun A West, K.-1-itey's, Bklu., 30-Mny ••- 
Oofortb A.Iioyle. Proctor's 38th Hi., X. Y. C, 

80-Moy 0. ' 
Gordon A Iliives Inieriiatlounl. Chicago, 30-Msy 3. 
Cordon A Chacon, Doric, Yonkers. X. Y.. 30-May '< 
Oonlon, Clinr. Keith's, N. Y. C- 30-May 5. 
l^ilden A Hughes, Pnstor's. X. Y. O., 80-Mny C. 
Ooldln, Iloruw, AUiiimbru, X. V. C. 30-Msy 30. 
Oolden. Oeo. Fuller, II. A IL. Hkln.. 30-May 3. 
On-eiie A - Greene, Bijou, Im CrnsMe. Win.. ■»»- 

May 5. - 

Oram.;, l-wiil*. Kellli's. N. V. C 3ti-May ft. 
Grant, Bert A Bertha, Olympic, Chicago. 30- 

Miy 3. 
Cruyx-. MargiiiTi, Hdir, Mtiuclc. Did., 30-Muy 3; 

Orund, Ilumllton, 0.. 7-12. 
Gray. Kitellu, Di-wey. IMtrs. N. Y., :tOMuy 3, 
liranl, Hvdin'V. Muje>>ll', Houston, Tex,, "OMny 

3: Majestic. Kan Antonio, . 7-12. 
(.rack- * WlUcti. Fsmll>. IIMleloii, Pa., .hi- 

May 3. 
(.race), fa), K»-iH<y's. Hkln.. 30-Mny 3, 
Oreeu Bros.. Bl.tuu. La Crosse, Wis,, »n-Ma.v 3 ; 

Umoul, Fan Clnln>, 7-12. 
(Ircsft A Brown, Audllorlnm. Norfolk, Vu., 3n- 

M,«v 3. 
fin-BKef; Jessie Dewey, IMIcu. N. Y.. 30-May •".. 
fJiilliierl, Yvetle, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 30- 

M,-..v 9. 
llawlcy, E. Fred., A Co., Orphuiiu, Nciv Orlcsus, 

La., 30-May 3. 
Uaaty. Charlie. Cr/atal, Marlon, hid.. 80-May 3; 

r-nlcrjnii. 7-12. 
nallics, Nat. .Uajesttc. Chicago, 3».,May 3. 
Ilarbach A Harris, lluwanl, Boston. Muy 7-12. 
Hay ward, Coiiroy A Hay ward, Lyric. Tcrro Halite. 

liiil., 30-May 3. 
Haatrdous Hlols-. Keith's. Phllu.. 30-Muy 3. 
Hutliawfiy A Selgcl. Keith's, Phlla., 80-May ■" ; 

Keith's. N. Y. 0-. 7-12. 
Hatl.awuy'N Indian Tableaux, Pantor's, X, Y, C-. 

30-May 3. 
Hun-lr-ori, Lee. H. O. H., ludlanaiwlla. 30-.May !■ : 

Columbia, Clncluiiall, 7-12. 
Uay-s A Johnson. Trent, Trenton, X. .1., 30- 
Msy 3. 
Uallbuch A Par-juolte, Trent. Trenton. N. J., 

May 7-12. 
Hawlbunio A Burt. Moore's. Portland. Me,. 80- 
May 3. 
Ilawley, E. Fred, A Co.. Or|ihcuta, Xew Orleans, 

L«., 80-May ft. 
Hoys. Kd. C Chicago. 80 -Ma/ 3: Cleveland, 7-12. 
Hnniey A D«.une. Lyrh-. Ft. f>-dge. lu., 80-May 3. 
Harris A Hsrl-m:!:, New. pHWluckel. II. I.. ;?)■ 

May 3: Pulncr, waaCuUc*. Mass., 7-12. 
Haekcr-Leater Tflo. Olympic. Chicago. :m-Miij 3. 
Harris. Cbas. A Wna, 0. 0. II.. ludUuuisills, 

80-May 3. 
Hayinaa A Franklin, Queen's. Olssgow, Kent,. 
Mar -T-12; Emp., Mlddlcboro, Eng.. U-10; 
Middlesex, London, 21-20- 
Haley A Harly. VauiJetle, Cbteago, 30-May 3. 
UamUton A Wiley, O. H., VJrurenne., Jnd., 80- 
May 3 ; 0. IL. Washington, 7-12. 
Harper. Dearnond A Hulley, Trent. Trenton, X. J., 

80-May 3. 
Hall. Frank Orpheum. Ullca. X. ' V.. .tO-May 3. 
Uarcwrt, Frank, Busou'i, Uhksgo, 80-May 3. 

Us iv. mil. HiU,v. Arciidc. ;iil-Mu> 3; 

Viaau'H. Aihmile tiltj. \. ,L. 7 12. 
Ilptigh-r -Hhltr-ra, I'ns-b.v \ 3MJ. Htn-et. X. Y C 

DH-May 6, 
Helm Children. II. IL, Elkhnrt. 1ml.. W Shi} 3. 
I team. T»iti. Keith's. HoHton, ««-May 3. 
Herald RfHI. goartelte. Poll's, .Yalerbury. 

C.nni.. 30 Mny 3, 
lUwrmmin. Hn-nl, Temple, Ih'trolt. Mich, 30-May 

3: Olymplr. Chti-agi), 7-12. 
Ik-Id. Lllllun. (lalciy. Allamy. N. Y.. 3"-Muy •■■ 
HsimliiHs. Lewis A lk-mihigs. lUlely, Albany. X, 

V.. 311-Msy 3. 
I learn. Hnm. U. O. II. , Pittsburg. 30 May 3. 
Hetron. Tom. Empire. Dea Monies, lu.. 30-Aluy 

3: Lyrle. Ft. laslgi-. 7-12. 
Ih-raoK-i'Hiinu-us Sl*|i-r-.. - Trrid. Trenloti. N. J.. 

8«-Mav 3; (i. O II.. I'tttalmrg. 7-12. 
1111) A Sylvlnuy, Kellli's, Hyraciiw, X. Y.. 3.1- 

May 3. . . 

Hilluinn, tleo.. Idea. Emtd tin Lac, WU.. 30-May .'. 
Hliiuiun, Cnpl. Sidney. La Hallo, Keokuk. In.. 30. 

May 3. 
Illllv-rs I3i. f'ryaul. Kokomo, lud.. 80-Muy ■>■ 
inhia-rt A War mi. Family. LufayeiU 1 , lnd.. 80- 
Mny 3; Hnvny. Cohuubua. 7-12. 
11(11 & Wilson. Keith's. S. Y. C. KO-Muy B. 
Illrsciiimnis, The. (Jem. ■ Henderson. Ky., 30-May 

Hill, Miirry K . tirnheuni. Kansas fjlty. Mo., 8u- 

Muy 3, 
lllrstilre * tMrtell, Dewey. I.tlca, N. Y.. 30Mny 

Holmes A Gabion, tlriihcitm. Hprlngtlehi, O., 30- 
Muy ft; orplimmi. Pnrlsmoiilh. 7-12. 
llocli-Elloii A (•>., i.'lniHe's, .Wnsblnglou, D. C, 

ill'- Muy ft. 
Iti.lit.mi. Hurry. Pnrk. X. V. C'du-Mij 8; Bws- 

lou, 7-12. 
HoldNWorlhi., The. Orithenin, 0|iiahH, Neb.. 30- 

May 3; ornlieum. kanaas City, Mo.. 7-12, 
ll.s-y A I ah'. I'nsdor's, .Newark, X. J., 30-May L 
Hull. AH,. Hopkins' Park: St. l»uls, 80-May 3; 

Mnsnulc, Ft. Wayne, lnd., 7-12. 1 
Hnwanl Bros., II. A «.. N. V. C. May 7-12. Hay, Msjeslle, lions P si. Tex.. iJO-Muy 

ft: Mnjnslle, Hnii Anlmilo. 7-12. 
Ilwy k Ilolliind. Noreliy, Denver, till., .'Mi-May 3. 
Hopper, Kilna Wnllacc. Mujeatlc. Cfilcugo, 3H- 

Mny ft. 
lloluicu Urns., pulu's Pyiiiteclinle, M'llkcs-Hurro, 

I'n.. Mny 7-12. 
Howard, Hiirrj . Crysinl; Dotnlt. Midi., 110-May 

ltiiti.<<I llnis.. Iilloii. Ltiusllig. Mich., 30-May fi ; 

Blj-m. Itoi-kronl. 111.. 7-12. 
Iluebnei-. CIiiih., Km) lire. Ni'tvark, X. J.. 30-Muy 

lliH-lni. Miisleu). Ktrliry's. IILIn.. 30-Muy 3. 
Iluiitri-ss, KkH'Irle. Waterlon, la./30-May 6; Ly- 
rle. FL Dodge. 7-12. 
IlHawy, lien, W.. Dnrle, Yvukers, X. Y.. 30-Muy 

Uy<l<- k Heulh. WHguer o. IL, Mi.line, ML, 9h 

May ft; HIJisi. I.i Onase, Wis., 7-12, 
Iiiih-sn k ■ llynn. Keith's, Huston, 30-Muy 3; 

Keith's. Phllu., 7-12. 
Irving, Pearl. I'nlm-c, llostuu, 30-Mny 3 ; Crvs- 

1'i'ni, Iteverc Ih-iieh, 7-12, 
Irnln. John W-. BIJou', Decutlir. 111.. 30Muy 3; 

People's, lliiiiiilbnl. Mo., 7-12. 
lullnu Trio. Fuiidre, I'aterson. S. J.. 30-May ft, 
.Innies A Dnvls. Ilrnileiiliui-gh's, PJiIIh.. 30 May ft. 
.lambs' l>.>.t>. I'nlrs, rlprtuutkdil. Mass,, 30-Muy ft. 
■Iiicnlis A Snrili-1, (irphHim, Portsmntlth. O., 30- 
Muy 3, 
.Iniiii-s & Itlehtii'ils, A. ti H., Iltrttini, 110-Muy 3. 
Jucksou A Weiiiuiirih. tlrystul, l.lkimrt. Iliil, 30- 

■Muy 3; Irwin, Mosiien, 7-12. 
.Tiickmiii, liuny A Kule, Aildl'<»r1iuu, Lyuu. Muss., 

nn-Muy 3. 
Jack, Mr. A Mix.. HIJuii, Alpciiu, Mh-li., 3«-Ma) 3, 
.leuiilngx A Jewi'll, 1'«t-i|.1.'"m. IlniiiillmL Mo.. 3ii- 

Muy 3: Cullseiun. IVrre . Iliiute, lud., 7-12. 
■leiiulngs A HeiiCre... Main Kl., I'euriu. Ill , 30- 

Mny ?>; MIJoii. Deeulur, 7 12. 
.1i.liii-.mi. I'm r<>1l. l'i-PH-hir>. AII.1.H.V. N. V., 7 12. 
.hliiiru.n \ Kern/.. Andltorliihi, Xi.iTmII., Va.. :t*»- 

May i. 
.r.iiiiHi.ui-., .Muslcsl, Alhtimlii'ii, Purls, I v.. xo- 

May :ii. 

.It.lni-.lnji, Itnlph, IIIpiHiilrnuH-, N. V. It, 30-.\lay 3. 
.l.mi'H. living, KHih's. Frorldtiiu'.-. :itl-Mny 5. 
.Iiudts'i' k Hiiyi-s, 0. II. , LmihiIii. N. IL. 3u-May 3. 
Ktiuriuiiii Trniip*-, Pnufim's 2!h| Kl., X. Y. C. 

3<i-Muy 3. 
Kuruti's Piiutoniluie Co., Orplieuiu. Kuusnn City, 

Mk.» Mny 7-12. 
Ki.sir.i. Argvro, ii. II. IL. I'lttslHirg. 3n.Ms,v 3, 
Ki'te',. Mr. i, .Mrs. Alfnil. MuJeStle, Llltlo Hock. 

Ark.. liO-Mny ft. 
lieii'i. WnlHli \ Meli..-.!. Oriihi-uiu, Denver. Col., 

31 May 3. ■ - 

Kelly. Hum A bin. Cr.v-iul. N>gniis|sn-L 1ml., W- 

Mny 3: Crystal. 1'rinikfori. 7-12. 

Temiile, Delrult, 7-12. 

Kelly A Item', Circus Carre. .Amstenhnii, Hoi., 
Muy I-2H. 

Kelly ft Kelsy. O. H. ', Xearlmr'yjiort. Mass., 30- 
Muy 3, . . 

Ki'iihedr A \\ II kens, Putully, Biijoune, N. J . 
3u-Muy 3. 

Kelfners. Tin-, Kk-etrli!, Wnk-rlou, lu.. 30-Ma) 3. 

Kenny A Ihdlls, Kellli's. A*. Y. C, 3<i'May 3. 

Kln-rus A Cole. Doiuliilou, IVIiinlis-g, Csri,, Jin- 
Muy ft; Olympic. Chlcugo, 7-12, 

King. Mr A Mrs., Hum. Clark's. Turuulo. U.. 30- 
Muy 3; Wellsvllte. 7-12. 

Kln-Nc-rs. The. Lyi'le, Cli-veluiiil. Illi-Muy ft, 

Klue A tliitthuld. Huyiiiiii-kei. chleiigu. 30-Mny 3. 

KUiifuku Troupe. Allismbrs. N. V, C„ 30-Mtiy 3, 
Hay ' 

Klein, nit llnis. A Xk-holsnii, H. A S., N. Y. «:.. 
30'Muy •'•■ 

Klein A; Klein, Pork. Won.i-ster. Minis., IW-Vu 0; 
Muonr's. I '« ifl I ii i id, Me., 7-12. 

Klidu k CIIO Kellli's, Iksflon. 30-Muy 3. 

Koi'IIiih CD. While CHy, Wk-liltu. Ivuii.. Mny 

Kohl, itus A Marlon, Cltiougrupll, tipokann, 
Wash., 30-May 5. 

iv.M.iM. King. Msjestle, Blruiliigliutii, Ala., 30- 
Muy 5. 

Kurils A llnr-M-. lh.rle, Youhers. N, Y., 30-Muy ti 
Orpheuiii. I'lhs. 7-13, 

1st Clair A West, Family, Harti-lou. Vu.. 3<i- 
Muy 3. 

Lurk A Aduuis, Acme, Norfolk, Vu.. -ili-Muy 3. 

Luwrys, Tin.-, Hon Ton, Phllu., 30-May ft. 

Liirvell. .lull--,, Ilrudeiiblirgli's, Pblla.. 30-Ma) 3, 

Lu Plrice, Cliai.. BIJon. Norfolk. Vu,. 30-May 3. 

La Y.nt A La Kar, Ciilmiilila, HI, \*n\*. 30-Muy 3, 

U Zone. FniJ, Karl, Pueblo, QuL, 30-May >l 
Crystal, Denver, 7-J2. 

Latins, Mile., Pns-tor's, Albany, X. Y . 30-Muy 3. 

I.uveiii A CrcsM. Hotbuin. Bklu., .'Ki-.Mi.v A. 

La Tosku. Phil.. Crystal, Tacoinu, Wunh., 31'- 
Mny ft. 

I. ii Belle, Wm., Proctor's 33d l*L, X. Y. U„ Btf- 
Muy 3. 

Liiinouiit A Pauletle, Fall Itivei, Mass,, 30-Muy 
5; Worcester. 7-12. 

Lu Hen's-, The. Palm. Cripple Creek,, CoL. 30- 
May 3; Pueblo, 7-12, 

Luwsoti A Niiiiiiiti, Young's Pier, Atlunlle City, 
X. J,, 30-May ft. 

Liiuiiiiit'a CuckHCHfS. Majt-stle. Chicago, 30-May 3. 

I.atona, I'-huL A Jen, Proctor's, Newark, X. J., 
30-May 6. ,-,.!. 

Lurseii Nlsicrs, F,iuplre. l-alemmi. N. J., ■■» -Miiy ft, 

l.awrein-e & Hurrtiigloli. Kelfh's, Providence, flu- 
May 3. 

Lampions. The, Orpbeum. Daveii|sjrt. lu.. 30-Mur 
ft. Kllle, Muaeallw. 7-12; 

I.U Vine A Walloue, Orphfuru. New Orleans:, U., 
30-Ma/ 3. r 

Liirkln A Duly. A. A H., boalon. Hll-Majl 3. 

La vine A Leoounl, Keith's, Ctevi'land, .Ill-Muv 3. 

Lu Croix, Paul, Poll's. Hprlngtteld. Mas-.., 3n- 
Mav 3. 

La Mont, 01 lie, Aiibeum-r, Aberdt-eti, Wunli.. 30- 
Mar 5.' 

La Tetl llroa.. Hnjmarket, Chicago. 30-May 3. 
Cryalnl, Mt. .loaeplt, Mo.. 7-12. 

Leonard, Uddlu, KeltU'i, .lUmlon. 30 Mny 3. 


OTSLfe 2*%W' ^Otlk OLlP^Efe. 

May 5. 

r. «., i .in. 

M 0o». Doric, . Vnnktn, ft T., 00-Moj I; 
ini'n,-, AiUnilc OUit, S J., 7-12. 

Moon. Kd.. BIJna. M.rqiwt., Htch.. 30-W»r 5. 
UokUi'i LmmM., Pimllr. N. V. C. SOM.r 5. 
Vtr^tr * WllbM. Jjonurf. BoitOD. 30TIO- h. 

t, i IKIH, -lilt, ,'W.HM, W-»&, S; 

intr, I'Llulnm, 0-12. ' 

MniTaf .' r 7l»r))pri, Gem. Lynn, Mum., SOUir 0. 
Madge, Hicks A Montgomery, 3top>, 1>; Wayne, 

IW.. 30-May B; Olympic, Chicago, 7-12. • 
Mullen A ■' Coretll. Jlslh/iwflj-'., ■• Sen Bedford,, Ihj&t.. Amltr, N. Y. f\. 30-May 3. \ WW, Tom. & Co.. r^ir-. .Springfield. Uun., 30- 

I^oo, Hobt., Family, S. T. CetMinibrdtttetlolo Uo *f fc 

Leoi, '-JUMls* * Hlce, Rlchnrtntf, So. •Artans, Salads .* Co., La ( hi , Wli 

Claire; f-12. ■ 
N'evarros m, Victor)*, N. Y..C.', Mar 7-1S. 
Srtfk Miller, Auditorium. Lynn, Mass.. 30-Uay 

."i;-HSilmwa.v>. Sew Bedford, T'12. > 
Near*, J. imp-. Aiirtllorlnm, Norfolk, Vs., 30- 

rttay &i rt I i-''. ' - *' 

K4P, WifJsrd, * Co., Majestic, Ft. Worth, 

Lb Dell*. Fantastic, People'*, Parsons,. Kan., Co- 
ld/ ft; Crystal, 8t. Jnsepb, Mo., 7 -.12. 

fMlle, jChMT P'Aifie, fipnkane. ,Waah., 

IS »o»'thern. Kmnlrn Des Moines. U-, an- 
.'■Jl. ■ "■ • ■ * ' 

on. Wm, y . poll's. BtUgeport, Conn., S0- 
- ,*. "V 
F.eootrd < 

.Young*i.._, Fltihuah * iie*ite,- Grand. Hamilton, 0., -10- 
M«;»'; Orpbenm/'BiirlDSfleM,' ,7-13. 

Mass., 5»-31i; ft, 
I* Dent, jartftt, ;Coliimble,.m. lAitln, 30-May fi; 

Olympic, Chicago, ,7-UJ. ',-■ 

Le Olalr, John. Novelty, Bklu., HO-May 0. 
I>BW*!», (Mo. D., Pslru Garden. Baltimore, 80- 

May ft.-. 
lAjwtf * Woodford, ■ Proctor's 23d Arrest, N. T. 

.1%, 30-May ft. 
Leonard" t I'tinilpH. American. I'llca, N. T., 30- 

Majr 12. 
Leslie, Geo. \V , llljou. Cinton, O., 30-Mny fi J 

"Rrar, Hamilton, Can., T-12. ■ ' ' 

1,cp Ttmg Foo, Family. Lancaster. Pa- 80-May 

ft: Family, Shaihofln, 7-12. 
I* Ror. Al., Imperial, Gone/ Island, N. T., 30* 

May 12, 
r#wl* A Harr, Crystal. Owcc-boro, Kj., 30-May 

LeCutgon5 i5 i. Hippodrome, N. T. C, 30-Mar fi. 

r.psHe a Dullej. Kelth'H. CleTHand, SO-Uiy R. 
I^etlte, Oermiiie, Empire, Ht. Paul. no-Mar fi, 
I.cry, Mn. Ju)en, A CO.. Majestic, fian Antonio, 

Tex., rtO-May 6. 
I^Cf, HenrT, Yoiiflf'f pier, AtUatlC City, N. J., 

MpplQcot:*.* The, Bajrmarket, Ootcaco, RO-Siaj ft. 
Iilojluj** Dox* A Moukeye, Orphean, New Or- 

leins, i,n., nfi-Mif fi, 
lin^itrora * Arrterton, Olympic, Chleigo, 30- 

May 0. ■ . . ^ { 

I.lulfffieM, C. W- Blcbmotul, No, Adams, Man., 

May 6; Doric. Y'onkera, N. Y.. 7-13. 
•'Little QUI From Nowhere," PoJl'a, SprlOffleM, 

Mjitt., 30-Uay 0, 
Lincoln Comedy Four, Dominion, Winnipeg, Can., 

£Mi > SJatete, Aodltorlntn, Norfolk, Va., 80- 
Star 6. 

T/>Rg, Mprey. BI>ou. Duluth, Minn., 30-May fi. 
Loc*wmw1, -Mr. A Mm,. Family. Butte, Mont.. 

May 6-12. 
Jxirene,' Great, Atlantic QaxdeD, N. Y. 0., 80- 

I/*Hi, Jan., Gem, Lynn, Maae., 80-May fi. 

I.ukra* (4), fibea'a. Buffalo, 30-May fi; Shea'a, 

yqrwuo, Can,, 7-13. • • 

Low A Lncler, Gaiely. Sprlcgfleld, Mo., 80- 

ifaj 5. 
Luce A Law, Grand, Belllngham, Wasb., 80-May 

5: Taronii. 7-12. 
I.yaier It Oooko. Bijou, Diihitb, Minn., 30-May C; 

BUoo. Hnoertor* WU., 7-12. 
I.ynotte Rlntera. Boyal, Montreal, Can., 80-Majr fi; 

Star, Toronto, T-12. A ■ . 

Mtwon A Mason, Bijou, Galeabarr, 111,, 30-Miy fi. 
Martin, Dave ft Percle, Grand, Marlon, lad., 00- 

jttle ft fiylTester, Foreiit Park, Bt. Xxnli, 
ay 0; East End Park, Memphis, Term., 7- 

ManaAeld ft Harvey. Crystal. F.lwood. Ind., 80- 
May '5: Ilnrrer'O. II., Wahthh. 7-12.- 
Martkt Trio, Idea, 0*hko-b. Wis.. 80-May 0. 
HUH Family, TreTlno Circiin, Mexico, 30-May 12 
Marseilles, . .Woolwortii's, Larcaater, Pa., 30- 

Mahr, Aanes, Haymsrket, Chtcafo, 80-May fi. 

Macki (5), BIJoo, nubuqne, la., 80-May «; Crys- 
tal, llock Island, 111., 7-12. 

MaRklri ft Wilson. Bijou, Wheeling, W. Vs., 30- 
May 5. r. . f' 

Magnanl Family, Orrln Bros., Mexico,' BO-May 12. 

MaTlory Bros., Brooks ft Halllday, MeJeeUc, Ohi- 
fjLgo, MO-Mw 6- ' J 

MfibM, Mile., G. OH., Plttsbarg, 30-Uay 0. 

Manieil'N Marionettes, Olympic. Ho. Bend., Ind., 
iWMay 0; Tnblo Grore. T-12. 

llartjDe ft Hardy, Majestic, Kansas City, Mo„ 
-tO.May fi, ' 

Ma' Dell ft'Corhley, Crystal, Detroit, Mich., 30- 
Miy 6. 

Macart, Win. JR., A Co., Proctor's 08fh Ht, N. 
X. 0. 30-Mhj ft. 

Marco Twins. II. ft B., Rklu., 30-May 0. 

MRtK'llr'v, -Mil*'.. Animals, U. 0. H , IMttnlinrtf, 
.10-May fi. 

Mnncllo-Marnltt Trouin*. Hlnpoilroiap, N. Y. C, 
no-May r,. 

Marshall, Madelyu, l'astor'h. N. Y. C, 30-May ft. 

Macfo A Fox, Park, E X, ()., JlO-Mya S. 

Mnrtelle, Miss, BIJon, l.a Oroew, Wli... 30-May fi. 

Manning Trio, New Family, Klnus <*lty, la., 30- 
May fi; Family, Ft. Dodge. 7-12. 

Madcaps (3), Colonial, Lawrence Mass., SO- 
May fi; Uownnt, Boston, 7-12. 

Marriott Twins, Dewey, N. X. 0., 30-May C. 

Majestic Trio, Poll's, Bridgeport, Corn., 30-May 
ft.; Keeney's, Bkln., 7-12. 

Maswelta, The, A. ft. H,, Boston, 30-May 0. 

Magtaleys, The, Arcade. Toledo. 80-May fi. 

Massey A Kramer, llouanl, Boston, 30-May 0. 

MacyftUalt, Poli'n, Brldgeoort, Onnn,, no May ft. 

Mafon ft Mason, BIJon, tlalcfilnirg. 111., 30-May 5; 
Crystal, St. Jocwili. 7*12. - 

Micarl'n Dngs A Monkeys, Ornhsuui, Utlca, N. 
Y„ ao-Muy fit Italic, Yonkers, 7-12. 

Mltbieits, Jiiggllwt. Keltb'K, Phllu., 30-Mny 0; 
" IMttal 

Scbrode, Wn. 0,, ft Co., Proctor's. Albany, N. 

f(0-Maj 6. ' 

r 1 D4nr*e, TItoU, Sydney, N. B. JT,. 
Ml, National. Kanoas City, Mo., ao- 
Forest Park. Bt. Louis, 30-May 8, 
se«omi, The, Ornhetim, Kanitajr City, Mo., 30- 
; "May c -"■■ •- »> .".;' * \ 

Selkirk ,- llaael, Bijou. Duldth, Minn., 30-May A. 
d aw, ' Chas, F.. Auditorium, Lynn, Masi., 30- 
May fi; Proctor's lrMtb rtt., N. Y. C, T-12. 
fitis*7>. nianehe. Proctor's, Albany, N. X.. May 
; T-12. ■ B , 
30'May 8; Ran Sbean A Wacreo, G. O. H.. Plttsbnrg, 30-May fi. 
ftherman ; A O* Forest, Orphenni, Kansas uity. 

May fi, 


I* . 

0. O. II., 

isbnrg, T-12, 

.M-c.Mrnoi, J. it., Bonery, N, l. •_'., .m-.nny o. 

McAroy, Dick ft Alter, Ynitne's I'h-r. Atlantic 
City, K. J., 30-May fi. 

McClellin. Jo-.. Bijou, Dulutb, Minn.. 30-May 0. 

Me Waters ft Tyson Co., Orpheum, Utlca, N. T., 
no-May :.. 

McDowell, .lohn A Alice, Olympic, Chicago, 80- 
May 0. ■ t '■ 

McNaciw, Empire. PlttsUeld, Mass., 80-May 0. 

McOarter. Garsy ft Bamboo, Orrln Bros., Mexico, 
30-May 14. 

McCauley A Donorno, Family. N. Y. 0., 30-May fi. 

McKInnon A Itced. .BIJon. Vlncennes, Ind., 30- 
May D. 

McNulty, Blair. Home. Hatclilneon, Kan., 30- 
May fi. 

Mcfjee A Collins, Main Bt., Peoria, 111., 30-May 
ft; BIJou. Qulncy, 7-12. 

Meilahon ft ObHi»elle. Shea's, Buffalo, 30-May 0. 

MeKenile, .Beatrice, Oolnmblo, Cincinnati, 30- 

.McCree. Jnnle. A Co., Proctor's 23d St., N. Y. O., 

30-May fi. - : 

McOrpn & Poole. Kellh'a, N. Y, C 30-May fi. 
Mi-tune A Grant, BIJon, Flint, Mich,. 30-Mny fi. 
Mryer. Henry, A. ft P.. Boston, :n>-Mny 0. 
Merrhf, Hal, Arcade, Toledo, 30-May C. w . 
Merrltt. Raymoml, Lyric, Lincoln, Neh., 30-May fi. 
Mcrrllla. Mnrveloua <3L Poll's, Springfield, Mai*., 

30-Mny fi. 
MeWllle ft Conway, Columbia Cincinnati, 30-May 

fi; Hopkins', Loui**/lUe, Ky., 7-18. 
Melville ft Stetson, G. O. XL, indlananollj. 30- 

MelvVle A Aielle. Grand, Milwaukee, 30-Uay fi; 

liiternailonal, Chicago. T-12. ' » •„ . 

Meieora, Flying, lllppoilrome. N. Y. C.. 30-May 0. 
Ham Trio. Grand. Jollet. III.. 80-May fi; Olym- 

plr, Chicago. T-12. ^_ M _ 

Merlsn'a Dogs, prrheum, Bkln.. 80-May 0. 
Melnotte, La Note Trio. Empire. Ilobokeo, N. J-. 

ao-Moy ft : 0. O. II., Ryracune. 7-12. < _ 
Meers (31. Poll's, BrWgejwrt. Conn., 30-May 0. 
Milan! Trio, Kmplre. Hoboken, N. J., 30-May ft. 
.Miichell. Cborlolte, Unlontown. Pa., 30-May fi. 
Miller, Majestic, Ft. Worth. Tex., 80-May fi; Ma- 

Jeatlc, Little Book, Ark., T-18. k '„ m 
Miller, G. 0. Hm Orand Baptda, Mich.. 30-May ft. 
Mlskell. Corn, 0. l!., .Elkhart, Hid., 30-May B. 
Mitchell A Browning, Slur. Muncle. Ind.. 30 May 

ft; Phillips, Richmond, 7-12. iiA 

Miller, Carrie Belle. Main St., Pcorlu, III., 30- 
May 6: Family. Lafayetle. Ind.. 7-12. 
Ulllnnls Droa., l'lks' Fair, Newhnryiwrt, Mass., 

QOUay ft. 
Military Octette. Proctor'* 23d St., N. Y. C 30- 

*4ay ft. 
Mlller-Hrowiiliig (.V)., Majestic. Ft. Worth, Tel., 

"tOMay fi; Majestic, Little Rock, Ark.. T-12. 
Mtlton, Frank, * l*c l*iut Slaters, Btjou. I.a 

Crease. WK. 30-Muy ft. 
Mlllersliln Sisters. Keith's, Providence. 30-Usy ft. 
Mills A Morris, lietmeii's. l/mdon. Can., 30-May 

ft: Temple, Detroit, Mich., T-12. 
Morion A Diamond, Keith's, Providence, 30-May 

Mooney A Holbein, Ttroll, Cn|)C Town, S. A., 30- 

Junc 0. 
Mowrts, The. Novelty, Denver. Col., 30 May fi; 

Lyric, St, Joseph. Mo., 8-12. 
Mortis, I<foo, Ponies, Keith's, Providence, 30- 

Motorlrl,' La, Hansa. Hamtmrg. Her.. May 1-31. 
Morrell A Daly. Victoria. K. Y. O.. 30-Miy fi. 

Mosher, Jloutbton * Mosher, Shea's, Toronto. 

30-May fi. 
Montrose, Yesla, Gnrrlck, Burlington, la., QO-May 

Morris A Morrla, Green Tree, Oljmpls. Wash., 

30-May fi. 
Uorrla, Annie. Family, N. t. C, RO-May 8. 

Xert-e.l £ Nlhlo, Onthpnin, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., 
30-May 5. 

NeVlos i Arnold, Kecney'a, Bkln., 30-May fi. 

Needuam A )r/oarl, jVawlly. Palerson, N. J., 80- 
May "0. 

Xlblo.. Fred, Prootor'a 68th St., N. . Y. 0., 80- 

■ May 5. 

Nice, Hmlly, Olympic, Chicago. 80-May S. 

Nichols Siitrra. Keith's. ProTldence, 80-May 6. 

Norton A Slcholwn, l Shea'a, Toronto, Oin.. 30- 
May 8. ',..-;■ 

Noblett ft Marshall, Arcade, Toledo, 30-May fi. 

Sonises. The, Palace^ Boston, 30-May S. 

North, Bobhy, Grhheam, Ctlca, U. Y., 80-Uay 
fi; .Ornbaum, Heading, Pa., 7-L5. . . 

Nome, Robert. Orphean. New Orleana, 80-May 0. 

Norrlsps, Dancing (4), BIJoo. Rockford, 1U., 30- 
Uay A; Detrnir. 7-12. 

Nobles, Milton A Dolly, Qarriek, Phlli., 80- 
May 6. ' '-,.--..■ 

Nor worth. Jack, Keener 1 !, Bkln., 80-Miy 0. 

O'Brien -Havel, Thomas, , ft Lillian Lawrence, 
Novelty. Bkln., 80-May -fi. ' 

Omar, Ben, Family. Pateraon, N. J.. 30-May 6. 

Onlaw, Qtw, Proctor's 125th St., N. f. C, May 

O'Xell'a Majestic Minstrels, Bhamoklo, Pa„ 30- 
May 0. ' 
O'Nell, Tbos. H., Ltnn'a, Buffalo, 30-May fi; 

Lycenm, Niagara Falls, T-T2T 
Ornbeua- Comeriy four, park, Worcester, Mass , 

May T-12. ■ • . *■ - - - 

Ordway, Lawrie. Keith's, Boston. 30-May fi. 
Orlittaa. The, Bradenburgb's. Phlla., 30-May ">. 
O'Toole, Jack, G. 0, H., Grand Rapids, Mich., 30 

May 5.. '- !T , " 

Otto Bros.. Pork, WorceHter, Masi., 80-May fi. 
Ours Japa, Peopia'e. Cedar Baplds, I«., 30-May 

8| Idea, Oshkoah. Wis., T-12. 
Outcnalt. B. F.. CJiascX WaabiDgtoo. D. C, 30- 
" ' Miiy 5. , 

Qxava, The, Family. PortsTllla, Pt., 80-May C; 

Family,' Ilnaleton. 7-12. ' 
Pattersons,. Bounding, - Empire, Johacnesburg, S. 

A., May 10-Jorte 20. . 
Parry, Charlotte, Gotham, Bkln., 80-May 0. 
I aytons, The. Mohawk', l^hapecUdy, N : Xi May 

Parker A West. BUon. Norfolk, Va„ 80-Mty 8. 
Putty Bros., Trent. Trenton. N. J.. 30-May B; 

Audltorinm. Lynn, Mnsa.. T-12. 
Pauls, The, Empire, Ajntabnla Harbor, 0.. 30- 

Msy fi. 
Paullnettl A Ploitn, Olympla, Venice, Holy, 30- 

gfjM Bros., H. A 8., M. Y. G., 30-Mny 0. 
Parker A Burke. Pastor's, f, Y. C, 30-May ft. 

Perry. Frank L., Family, Sioux City, la., 80- 
May fi. 

Pelot; Fred A Annie, Grand. Marlon, Ind.. 30- 
May ; Temple, Ft. Wayne, T-13. 

Peters, Phil ft Nettle, —- 
30-May fi. 

Piccolo MlilBetB-, Columbia, Cincinnati, May 7-12. 

Pierce, Florence, Gem, Lynn, M&bh., 30-Uay ft 

Pierce, Mr. ft Mrs. V. Marion, BIJou, Kalamaioo, 
Mich., 30-Mny 5. —.#—., 

Plere* A Opp, Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., 80-May 
-■;-Proetor T s 12.1th St.." N. Y. 0.. 7-12. 

Plriscoflls, The, Proctor'B, Newark. N. J., 30- 
M*y 0. ... 

Platte, Geo. !i., Capitol, Glens Falls, N, Y., 30- 
May fi. 

Power*, Mr. A- Mm. John T., Haymarket. Chi- 
cago, 30-Mny 0. 

Powers, Jns. T., A Cu., Olympic, Chicago, 30- 
May fi. 

Pone, J. C, A Dog, People's, Hanndwl, Mo., 30- 

Pnwefa & Tlieobnld, Crystal, Anderson, Ind., 30- 
'May fi; Ctj-atat, Ixwansport, 7-12. 

Powers A Freed, Yales, Kansaa City, Mo., 30- 
May fi; BIJou, Duhnnne, la,, 712. ' 

Prelle's. Doga, Keith's, Cleveland. 30-May 0. 

Probst, Orptieuro, Knnsas Otty, Mo.', May T-12. 

Proveatinlea (0), Colonial, N. Y. C, 30-May 0. 

Prillen, Trtahy Luella, Seronton. Pa., '30-May D; 
Wllkes-Borre, 7-12. 

QtUnlan A ilnck, "Empire, JSpboken, N. J., 80- 

Rayinond', Edith, ft Co.. Family, Pougbkeepsle, 
* v 30-May fi. ■ 

. "Empire, t'aterson, N. J„ 


Itamaey Slaterti, East End Park, Memphis, Tenn., 
80-May fi. ..,-.■.* 

Ravfleld, Florence, Frankfort, ind.. 30-May B; 
lilkhart, 1-12. ■ *■ - ' 

Rapnu Shtere, Olympic, Chicago, 30-May fi. 

ltawsnn ft June, Orpheum, Denyer, Col., 30-May 
fi. 1 

Kasttia ft BanU, Put., Bath. Eng„ 30-Uay fi; 
Bradford, 7-12; Grand; Wlgan, 14-19; Crap., 
Wolverhampton, 21-28. * - .' 

Ray, Fred, ft Co., Lawrence, Mais., 80-Uay fi; 
Colonial, N. Y. C, 7-12. z r 

Kecked ft Hnsard, Family, Shnmokln, Pa., 80- 
May 6. ' . ■ 

Itonf. Claude. Ben's. Kscannbn, Mich., 30-May 
fi; New BIJon, Calumet, T-t2. 

Kartrurd A Valentine, BarniHforfl Tour, Kng„ 30- 
May 81. ' » . ■* 

Rceda, Musical, Olympic, So. Bend, ind., 30-Msy 
fi;. Crystal. Detroit. T-12. -V 

B*ded ft Hadley. Webb City, Mo.. 30-May fi. 

"Bed K&ven Cadets," Cleveland, 30-May 0. 

Held Sinters, Mohawk, Schenectady, N. Y.. 80- 
May 6. -*• 

Kedfont A Wlncheater. Shea's, Buffalo, 30-May 
0; Sheo's, Toronto, 7-12. ' 

Revere A nallaVd, BIJou. Norfolk. Va., 30-Mny fi. 

Hemlgtoii, Mnyme, Victoria, N. Y. C, 30-May 5. 

lli'viianl,- Kd. F„ Victoria, N. Y. 0., 30-May 0; 
Colonial. S, Y. 0., 7-12. • * • 

Reklaw, Dan, Orpheum, Salt Lake, I'., 30-May CI. 

Klanos {4}, Hippodrome, S. Y. 0., 30-May B. 

KIce A Edwards. BIJou, lies Moioea, la., 30-May 
0: Crystal. Milwaukee; Wit., T-lfi. 

Rice A Elmer, Park. N, Y. C, 30-Uay S. 

KIce Bros., Family, G lovers vllle, N. Y., 30- 
May 6. 

HlclmnK Great. BIJou, Alpena, Mich., 30-May 5; 
Toledo, 7-12. V ;' :• - ..-■ ' « 

Ring, Blanche, Victoria, ft Y. 0.. -30-May o. 

ltlug, Julia, A Co., Majestic, Chicago, 30-May fi. 

RluTordi, iMlth, Haymarket. Chicago, 30-May 0. 

Rliur ft WiUiaan, BIJon, Oklahoma, Okta., 30- 
May 6. ... 

Richardson. Lavender, Empire, I/>s Angeles, Cat, 
30-May fi. 

Rich, Jack A Bertha, Family. Scranton, Pa., 30- 
May 6; Family. Mnbnnoy City. 7-12. - 

Hossow Midgets.- Arcade. Toledo, 30-Uay fi. 

Robs Slstera. BIJou, Wheeling, W. Va., 30-Uay 6. 

Roses (lit. Yonug'B Pier. Atlantic City, N. J.. 80- 
Uay B. , * « ■■ '■■•■..•.'-. 

Itosalre 4 Doreto. Columbia, Cincinnati. 30-May 8, 

lloKnlreo. The. Wonderland Park, Wichita. Kan., 
May 7-12. - . , 

ltoss A Lowls, Pal., Balb, Eng„ May T-13; Pal., 
Lincoln, l-t-11); ICmp., Ulddlevhoro, 21-20. 

Roby. Dau, BIJoti, Jackson, Ulch., 30- May 0. 

Rose ft Ellis. Orpheum, Salt Lake, l'., 30-May B. 

linger" ft liavlne. Star. Atlanta^ tti., 30-Uay 12. 

Itoiniinn, Mmo„ Olympic, Chicago, 30-May fi, 

llochcfort ft May, Family, Pmersou, N. J., 30- 

Root. Jack A Clara. Pastor's, N. T. 0.. 30-Uay 0. 

Ilonerlx. Four, llljmi, Duluth, Minn., SO-May fi; 

L'tiUiue. Wluulpeg, Can., T-12. 

■ , Olympic. Chicago, 80-Uay 0. 

tlrosa, Howanl, Chicago, .10- 

ltnsaell, LchIi, 
Itiissell. O'Nell 

May G. 
Russell, Phi) ft Csrrle. Parlor, York, Pa.. 30- 

May fi. 

Ruaaell, Dorothy, Keeney-), Rklu.. 80-May ft. 
Ryan, Tom. Dewey, t'tfca, N. Y.. 30-Uoy fi. 
Ryan ft Richfield. Keith's. Phlla., 80-May R; 

Keith's. N. Y. 0., 7-H. 

Salerno. Empire, Palerson. N. J., 30-Moy fi. 
San t ley, Jos., A Co.. Empire, Jtloboken, N. J., 

Santlor. Paid. Orpheum, afloncanolls. 80-Uay fi; 
Majestic, Chicago. T-12.- 1* 

Sabine, O'Nell A Vera, Moore's, Portland, Ma., 
80-May B; Wdrcesier. Mass., ,7-lS. " 

Mattel, losejililne. OoUPenm, Loodou. En*,, 30- 
Mny 31. ' • '• 

Scott. Carrie M , Alhanihaa, Savannah. 0a., 30- 
May 6. ' . 

Seville, Lily, Park, WorcMter, Mim., 80-Vay B. 

Mo, 30-Uay fi; Majestic. Chicago, T-12; 
Sbori ftt-'Habrty, Pntersnn. N. J., 3*-Mar b. 
Sbarrwke, Th^. Rljnn, Danville, III.. 80-May B. 
Shnw.'Mr. A 1 Xtrs. Larry, Empire. Pnterson, N.- 
> J., 80M«y ft. g 

|4lmi><tott, ClM-rlddb, Keith's, Cleveland, 30-May--". 

Slrroqjp, i'rorior's ;".Stb St.. N. V. C, *»-May A, 
. immTlnH ITfaa*. Dewey, I'tlt*. N.- f„ 30-Uayn. 
Slmon-finMiisr Co., Victoria, N. Y. fc., SO-MiyTi. 
Stoan, jtianch. Poll's, Womester, MasB., .30-May 

Slater A Pinch, Notional, Oebnrae, Teg., 80- 
May B. 

Slater, Mr. A Mrs., Atlantic Garden, N. Y. 0., 
30-May B. ,-,-«. 

Srolrl A Ressner, Uobawk, Scbenectady, N. T-, 
30-May B : Chase's, Washington, p. €.. T-12. 

Smith ft Campbell, Gotbon, Bkln., 80-May 0. 

Smith. Peter J., Main St., Peoria, III., 30-May 12. 
12. • • - ■ 

Snyder ft Bnckley, Shea's, Buffalo, 30-Uay C; 
■ Shea'*, Torohoi, 7-12. " ■(.- ■ *"u ■ 

Somen ft I«w. 0. 0. H., Plttabnrg, 80-May fi. 

Sohmers, Joe, Family. Paterson, N. J.y 30-May fi. 

Solori. Oarrlct, Bnrllngtoh, la,. 30-May ff t 

Spaqldlng A Duptee, Gotham, Bkln., 80-May S. 

Soervcer. Atlanta A Co, Orphettm, Mt. Vernon, 
H. Y., 30-May B. 

Spook* Minstrels, Auditorium, Lynn, Masa., 30- 
May G. 

Splsaall Bros. A Mack. Colonial, N. X. 0., SO- 
May C: proctor's, Newark, N. J.. 7-13. 

Speddeh A Hersoo, Howard, Boston, 30-May 5. 

Stelnert A Thomas, PhillipA, Richmond, tod.,' 30- 
May 5; Star, Muncle, 7-12. 

fltapleton A Chaney. Crystal, Owensboro, Ky., 30- 
May S. 

StepDer A Ahpel, Kokonw, Ind., 80-Uay S; I.r>- 
gnnsport, 7-12. 

Steely, Doty A Coe, Haymarket, Chicago, 80-May 

. B, . ■ •»' . . ■ 

Stanton A Modena, H. A B., Bkln.. 30-May 0. 

Stanley A Wilson, Orpheum, Minneapolis, CO-May 
B; Majestic, Chicago, 7-12. ' T 

Stanford, Billy, Orpheum. Portsmouth, O., 80- 
M*y-8;"Orphenm, Wheeling. W. Va., T-12. 

Stdrant A La Vnrdo, Carnival, Patchogne, N. I., 
30-May 5. 

Stutsman, (.'batt., Family, Pottavtle, Pa., 30-llay 
fi : inamliy, Haaelton, T-13. 

Stein-Eretto, Casino, Rotterdam, Hoi., May 1-10; 
Palatl D'Ete, Brnssels, BeJg., 10-81. 

Stewart, Mr. ft Mrs. CaL, Family, N. X. 0„ 30- 
Not. 3. 

St. ]<eon A McCoalck, Emjilre, Oakland, CaL. 
30-May 0. * .-..-* 

St: John A Lefevre. Young's. AtlonHc City, N. 

_ J., 30-Uay 5; Maryland, Balto.. Ud„ 7-12. 

St. Belmos, The, Ulner's 8th Ave.. May 7-12. 

Sully, Lew. Haymarket, Chicago, 30-May fi. 

Sully ft Phe]pn, People's. Parsoni, Kan., 80- 
May B; Novelty, Topeko, 7-12. 

"Sunny South," Cook's, Rochester, N. Y. 80- 
May 5; G. 0. H.. Rochester, T-12. 

Snliy Family. Young's Pier. Atlantic City, N. J., 
30-May 5. w 

S'jlllvsn ft Pasqnellna, H. A B., Bkln., 30-May 
C; Howard. Bontoa, 7-12. 

Swor ft Westbrook, International, Ofllcago, 30- 
May 8, 

Swor Bros., Fontaloe Ferry Park, Loalsrllle, Ky„ 
30-May fi. 

Tanakaw. The, Cook 0, H.. Rocheater, N. T.. 80- 
Hay fi. 

Taamaclan Troupe. Havana, Oiba, 80-May 12. 

Taylor Twin SlHters, Tlvoll, Havana, Cuba, 30- 
Uay 12. 

Tennes-seans (4), Olympic. Chicago, aO-Uay B. 

Terdl -Tronpe, Pioctor'n, Newark, N. J., 30-May B. 

Teed ft Lnaell.- Crystal. Andersob, Ind., 30-May 0; 
1 Cryetnl. Kokomo, 7'12. ' - 

Thorne & ChtIcioii. Keith's, N. Y. C, 50-Mny fi. 

Tbmnpaon ft Serlda, Dewey, Ctlca, N. Y., 30- 
May 0. '•' • 

Thomns, Georgia, Star, Atlanta, Ga., 30-May 12. 

Thurston, Gfeat. Ihmy Kong, China, May 10-81: 
Shaiighal, June 1-30. 

Tllley. Vesia. Colonlnl, N. Y. C, 30-Uay 6, 

Tlppell ft Kliment. tt. O. H., Grand Rapids, 
Mich., 30-May fi. 

Toys, Muslcul, O'Haro,' Shenandoah, Pa., 30-May 

Tomklns, William, Keith's. Phlla., 30-May ft. 

lip 'JYlo, Crystal; Detroit, MIc£., 30-MnV B. 

Trillers, i*h e . Keith's, ProTldence. 30-May 0. 

Trordiio II. ft s.-.-N.'Tr; K 00-May D. 

TrneBdell, Mr. A Mrs. Howard, H, A S.. N. T. C, 
30-May ft. - - . - 

Troubadour Four, O. H^, Wheeling, W. Va., 30- 
May -fi.- 

Tulsa. Grand, Hamilton, O., 30-Uay 6; Ornhtnm, 
• Springfield, "T-12. ' 

Tw*n 01t.v Qnart^tte, Paswlc. ft J„ 30-May tl. 

Tyson, Maryland, Boh Ton, Phlla., 30-May fi. 

Tyce A Jermon, Empire, Pnterson, N. 'J., 30- 
Mny fi. • ■■' ■ 

Vance, Clr.rUo, Novelty, Bkln., 30-May fi. 

Valdnrefi The. Kelth'H, Cleveland, 30-May 5. 

Van Gofre A Ontrely, Lytic, St. Joseph, Mo., 30- 
Uay 5. 

Van, Billy, G. 0. H., Pittsburg, 30-May S; 
Keith's. Cleveland, 7-12. 

Van Aukea*. The, H. A R., Bkln,, 30-Mar B; 
Kelth'H, Boston. T-12. 

Vurdumon, WettT Side. Janenvllte.-WlH., 30-Uoy B; 
Coliseum, Terre Haute, iqd., 7-12. 

Valols, Harry E., Orphenni. Seattle, Wash.', 80- 
Uay B. 

Van Born, Will H,. Bon Ton, Phlla., 30-May 0. 

Vernon, I'ro.-tor'f 23d St.. N. Y. C, SO-Moy 3. 

Vemette ft Dlotmo, Collseo Argentlno, Buenos 
Ay res. So. Am.. 30-Moy 12. 

Victor. Carl. Keith's, Phlla.. 30-May S. 

Victoria, Vesta. Alhambrn. N. X'. C, 30-May B. 

MvlonA (2). rdiittiine Ferry Perk, I.ouUrllle. 
Ky., 30-Uay 0. 

Vlda, Mile. Lyric, Oleveland. 80-Uay fi. 

Viola A Kngel. Keith's, Boston, 30-May C. 

Waterhury Bros, ft Tenny, Shea's. Toronto. Can., 
30-May fi ; ft, O. H„ Pittsburg. M2, 

Watson, Hiitchings A HOwards, G. O. H., In- 
dianapolis. 80-May S. 

waller & Msglll. Interna tlonal, Niagara Polls. N. 
Y.. 30-Mny 5. 

"Watermelop Trust," H. A S.. N. Y. O.. 30- 
May fi. 

Watson's Farmyard, Mohawk, Schenectady, N. 
Y.. 30-May 0. 

Warde, Chas. E., Manhattan, Norfolk, Va., 30- 
May S. 

Washer Bros., Family, Oakland, CaL. 80-May 12, 

Warren ft Brockfray, BIJou, Des Moines, la., 30- 
May R; People's, Cedar RopldB. 7-12. 

Waller* A Prouty. H. A B.. Bkln., 30-Mny 8. 

Waldorf A Mendea, G. 0, II,, Plttaborg. 30- 
May 5. ' 

Walton, Fred. A Co., H. A B„ Bkln., 30-Mar C- 

Wakefield, Wllln-Holt. Keith's, Phlla., 30-May ft. 

Walsh. Felix, Atlantic Ganlen, N. Y. C, 30- 

Mriv fi. 

Westons (3), Empire, Pateraon. N. J.. 30-Moy fi. 

Wnlali, Chas. A Jennie, Crystal, Frankfort, Ind., 
'30-Mny 12/ 

Weltaell, James. Bon Ton, Phlla., 80-May B, 

West ft Wwler, Enlnne. Shobbygntt.'TFis., May 
2, Idea, Fond Du Lac, 3-0, 

Webb. Harn' L., ■Hamilton, O., 30-Mny fi ; Mans- 
neld, 7-13. 

Welch, .tames ft Delia, Elite, Muscatine, la., 80- 
Uay 0. 

Welch, l*m. nayntarkct. Chicago, 30-May fi, Co- 
lumbia, St. l-onlf. 7-12. .- 

Welsh, John, l.vrlr. Cleveland, 30-Uay 0. 

Wealcott. Rva, ft Co., Trent, Trenton, ft J., 30- 
May ft. 

Wvller, Little, Family, Lafayette. Ind., 30-May 
fi; SaToy, Cotumbns, 7-12.' ■ . 

Weisnn. Max, Troapot, Keith's, I'hUu., (W-Mky 5. 

Werden A Olndlsh, Bcltn'i", N. Y. 0., 30-May B; 
(.olonlsl. Lawrence. Mass.. 7-12. 

Welch, Joe. Orfbcnth. New Orleans, La., 30-May 

West ft Van Siclen, Bcunett'H, lx>ndon. Can., 30- 
Jlat rr; CdoVs, Rochester. N. X„ 7-12. 

White, Ed. ll. ft Rolls, Lyric, Cleveland, 30-May 
*a. " " 

Wltarton ft Le Roy, Ijrlc, Lincoln. N*b., 30-May 
Hi Lyrfc, fit. Joaenh. Mo„ T-12. > 

Whiting A Brosee. MsJesUc, Little Rock, Ark., 
30-Mny B. ' 

White City Quartette, Olympic, Chicago, 30-May 

wiiii«4ey A Ball. Blddeford, Me., 30-May B. 
Whipple, Wildn. WmSmmQ Niagara Falls, N. 
->May 6. 

XrH&i'uStSFvo* A Stoll Tour. Knafti ' 
Wkjntaaan, Allen^-JJomlnlon, Winnipeg, soan., 30- 

Say fi; People's, Oedar Baplds, la., -13. 
WHono Trln.' Temple, -TsstrofTl'aa^STay ft; Shea's, 

^Buffalo. 7-13. • "■* J 

VYttson, J> MonyUle A Co.. Shanvikln. Pa,, 80- 

Wlnnlqa A Evans. Novelty, Omaha, Nek., SO- 
**Ia]rl2. t ■ i -** r 

•sVfter,' fillvsr, Crystal, Detroit, lllcft;, 80-May 
*.■- 'v ■».'. . ■•• - -■- 

Wriaon, Geo. W., Albambra. ft T. a, 30-May fi. 

Williams ft Mayer, Garrlek. Burlington, la., 30- 
May ft; Wenst's. Peoria. U..'7-Vt- ■ 

WllUamsi Gua. Pastor'9. ft Y. C. 30-Moy «■ 

Williams A Melhnrne, Majestic, Chicago, 30-May 

William- Real y,- Dewey, Utlea. ft Y., SOOlay 0. 
WWer, Winona J nn*eum/drtln.. 30-Maf •. '■■- 
Wilson, May;- Dewey. UtleaV T N. Y„ 30-Uay B. 
VUo>r, Marshall P-. Coluaablo, Cincinnati, 30- 
? 'tfoy ."». -•*■ 
Woniette, Rotelle. ft Co., Cbase'a, Washington, 

D. C. May 7-12. 
World A Kingston, Majestic. Chicago, 30-May 5; 

Columbia, St. Lools. 7*12.: " 
Wood, F>ancls, Empire, Hoboken. N. J.. May 7-12. 
Wood "Bros.. NeV Britain. Conn.. 30-May fi; 

Brldgwort, 7-12. 
Wood; Milt, Colonial. N. Y. C, SO-May Bv 
Wormwood's Dogs A Monkeys, Keeney's. Bkln,, 
* no-klay S. .— --*• 

Woodward's Trained Seals, Hippodrome, N. X. C, 

30-Hay fi. 
Woodford A Marlboro, Crystal, Anderson. Ind., 

30-JIey fi: Cryatal, Kokomo. 7-13. 
Wfflpert Trio.' Chase's, Washington, D. 0., 80- 
May 5. * " v ' 
WOTley. Dean, Family, ft Y. C, 80-May 8. 
WutfTs Leaping Hoanns, Hippodrome, N. T. C. 

30-Mny B, *^^ 

Wycfaerlr, Margaret. Orpheum. Bkln., 30-Uay 3. 
Yale Trio, Lyric. Cleveland. 30-May 8". 
Yeoman. Geo,, Grand, Tacoma, Wash., 30-May 3. 
Tewr' ft ; Y eager, ' Palace 1 / London, Fog., 80- 

Yorke Comedy Four, Parlor, York, Pa., 80-Uay 6 ; 

OrphTOTD,- Mt. Vernon, N. Y.,-7-12. ' ' 
Yoaag, Tot. Detroit, 30-May 12. 
Younga A 3rooks, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 80-May 5. 
brew, Tiie, Empire. Hoboken, N. J„ 80-May B ; 

Howard. Boston, 7-12. 
Zsnoran, 'Cycling, Cammlng/a, Fltchbnrf, Mtu,, 

30-Uay 5. 
Zsfio, Jordan A Zeno, Fillls Circoa, Cap* Town, S. 

A., 30-Juiy 141 
Zer.os. Great. Unique, Minneapolis, 30-May fi ; 

BIJon, Duluth. 7-12. 
Zlmmer. John; G. O. H.. Plttsbnrg. 30-Uay 0; 

Kelfh's. Cleveland. 7-12. 
Zlfflnaerman, Al. A Pearl, Gem, Superior, Wis.. 

rHMIav 12. --■ -■• ■■'-■■• ■ ■ 
Zlngarl Trio, Prnctor's, Albany, N. X.. 80-May fi. 


Sapplesnental Lint — Rereived Too 

Ltit* for fiassHraition. 
Barlow A Wilson's Mtuitrels— -Tbomaavllle. Ga.. 

May 2, Dotban, Ala., 3, Ozark 4, TroT fi. 

Montgomery 7; -• 

"Bell Boy" (James A. Calvin, mgr.) — Braddock, 

Pa., May 2, Scottdale 3, Brownsville 4, Mones- 
.f.saa--Bl**- .'' A ■' ' *• •— •**= < -" 

Chase-Lester Theatre— Fort Dodge, la., 80-Uay 0. 
Crawford's Comedians — Ooffeyvllle. Kan., Uay 3- 

3, Oswego 7-0. Nevada, Mo., 10-12 
Chicago Stock (Chas. H. RossKim, mgr.)— Scran- 
ton. Pa., Uay 7-12. 
Cole BroH.* Olrcoa— Clinton, III.. Uay 3, Pekln 4. 
Cummins' Wild West — Charlerol, Pa.. May 3, 

Homestead 4, New Brighton B. New Castle 7. 
De Run Bros.' Minstrels— 1 4t con la, ft H-, May 8, 

Franklin fi. Bristol 7. 
Flyfm, Thoc, Show— Hooslck Falls, N. Y., Mr* 

10, 11. 
Guy Canvas Theatre — Monnt Cannel, 111., 30-May 

5, Princeton. Ind., 7-12. 
Jones*' Show (J. A. Jones, mgr.) — Vandergrlft, 

Pa., 8, Ford City 8, East Brady 0; Brookn- 

VlUe 11. ■ - -. . -■ 

Mnrkle's, W. R., Floating Palace — Donoro, Pa., 

May 2, Uonongahcla City 3, Elisabeth 4, Clalr- 

ton 6. i ■' 

'.'Rnnaway Match" — Monnt Klsco. N. Y., Mav 5, 

Osslnlnt: 7. Hudson 8. Flshktll 0. New Meil- 

ford^ Conn,, 10, Torrlnstou 11, Wlnated 12, 
Slnrrett's Show— Spring Volley, ft Y-, May 2, 

Snffern a, 4. Mousey I, Pearl River 7. 
Thomas - Motion Pictures — Martltunk, N. Y., May 

.1. Sonthholrt 4, Oreeoport fi, Sag Harbor 7. . 
Whltlter. Robert— San Antonio. Tex., 20-Mar fi. 

Fort Worth C-12. 


St. rrinl. — At the Metropolitan Opera 
Houae (I* K, Scott, mnnager).^ — "The Clanfi- 
raan" Jiad Ughr: business April 22-25. "The 
Sleeping Beauty and the Beast,'' 26-28. bad 
good, hualness. Blchard Carle, In "The Mayor 
of Tok-lo," 'Jit-May 2 ; Henrietta Crosman, In 
"Mary; Mary, Quite Contrary," 3-ft; "The 
Land of Nod" 0-0,- 'The Little Gray Lady" 
10-12. The house gave n benefit to toe 
San Francisco relief fund April 27, which 
war well nttended. The other theatres will 
also give benefits. 

Grand (Theodore I.. Hays, manager).— 
Lillian Mortimer, In "No Mother to Guide 
Her," had fair bUBinesn week of -22. "When 
the World Sleeps" 20. 

Stab (J. C. Van Roo, manager).— TLe 
Brigadiers had very good business week of 
22. The Kentucky Belles 29. The Merry 
Makers next week. 

OnPHECM (Charles Frerck, manager). — 
An catceedingly Btrong bill drew heavy busi- 
ness week of 2X There will be' no change of 
hill for week of 30. 

JEMPIRE (A. .Welnholzer, manager}.— Busi- 
ness wan light weals 'of 23. Xew peopre for 
week of 24 : Ihiiton and Doyle and Gertrude 
leallc. Those holding over: The Great 
Donor, li'ronkle Evnns, Lucille Blnke, Vera 
I.ornine uml LUlle Gornett ' - 

Msktion. — Work Is being pushed rapidly 
on the Auditorium, the outer walls being al- 
most completed. Foundation for the new 
Orpheum I* about completed, and the girders 
nre being put in place for the superstructure. 
It will have a very commanding entrance at 
the corner of Fifth and St. Peter Streets. 

Minneapolis. — At the Metropolitan Opera 
House (L. NY 8cotv manager) "The Sleep- 
ing Beauty and the Beast," April 22-25, and 
"The Clansman," 26-28. played to fair busi- 
ness. Henrietta Crosman 20-Uoy 2, Richard 
Carle 3-D. "The Little Gray Ijidy" 0-9, "The 
Land of Nod" 10-12. 

Bijou Oteiu House (T. L. Hays, mana- 
ger). — Ernest Hcgan, in "Rufua Rastits," 
played to good bouses 22 and week, Lillian 
ilortlmor, in "No Mother to Guide Her," 20 
rind wook. "When the World Sleeps'' next. 

OaPHRtrM (Martin Beck. general manager). 
—Bill for 29 and week : Sandor'B Burlesque 
Olrcoa, Le Bran's Opera Trio, Clifford and 
Burke, Stanley and Wilson, Onnrlce, Lynn 
iir.rt Fay, Allnn Shaw, .Ward Trio, and the 

Lyceum IL C. Sneers, manager).— "Men 
and Women played to Isrgc audiences 22 
end week. "The Young? Mrs. Wlnthrop" 2ft 
ratal week. "The Ilrltton Burglar" next week. 

UNiQim (John Blllott, mnnngcr). — Bill for 
.10 and- reek : Addison and Livingston, Thel- 
ma Deveine. the Roberts Four, Bobby Mack, 
the Great Snnteil, Bennctte and Hcavuy, 
Herman La Fleur, and motion pictures. 

Df.wj:y ( \Y. A. Singer, manager) . — Kay 
Footer Co., 22 and week, attracted Terr good 
hoUBCe, Kdmntii) Hayes and Ibe Brigadier 
Iiuflesquers 20 and wc.'k. Kentiidtr Hetlcs 
next week. 


Duluth. — At the Lyceum, AL G. Field's 
Minstrels had a large audience April 28. 
Washburn's -"1'nclo Tom's. Cabin" 2s, Mur- 
ray nnd Mack SO, local talent May "l, cres- 
ton Clarke 11, Docketnder's Minstrels 12, 

MRtnoPoiiiTAN.— Dainty raree Co. was lh»' 
attraction April 23-28, which woa the lost 
week orvaudptlllp at tba hbitee- this seasoD. 

Buot.— Bill week of 30: "Dlda," Lvater 
and Conke. Beach and Beach, Chat. Bally, 

atroyed, by earthquake and flea, and f ritra *ii 
over the world words of sympathy and rea 

Sous offera of assistance hk\e n«Drert in ?a 
e Chief Executive, and alw to " UnS 
Scbmlti. The cause -was one of the worthrp^r 
fine* In the wa*ld'* history, and that •touVh 
of AaUtlie which makes tbe whole world kin i " 
found no quicker nor mor* enthusiastic and 
sumtantial response thnn from the dramar£ 
profession. c 

Bfneflts, larse wad amali, have swelled tns 
fund from this profession Inro many tbou 
sands of dollars, and since our last i*his 
rbe following performances and rsfMMl 
Ideas have been among ihns*' ^-hleh -. 
eared, money —It la nract lenity Imposslhle to 
keep track of .alt of them : .loo Weber's na 
•kAhr In the- Ollsey House, which closed Sat- 
urday night, April 28, netted about %5 ooo 
Geo. M. Fenberg. of the' Fenberg Stock Co' 
(Eastern), and Manager Millard, of tbe Col- 
lingwood Opera House, Poughkeepsle, \ y thn- proceeds of the opening perform' 
ance, Monday, April 23, to rbe San Fran- 
cIbco relief fund; the chorus women of the 
Miss New York Jr. Co. sold newspapers in 
Denver, Col., and netted $118.37; tbe com- 
pany gave n- benefit performance Wednesday 
night; Nellie Stewart and company are to 
give a benefit performance of "Sweet Nell of 
•Old Drury" at the Broadway, Denver, Mayi- 
at the Auditorium, Chicago, a monster benefit' 
April 28, headed by K. B.'Wlilard. hrnnght 
In *6,60O; Andy Lewis and John Murray sold 
newspapers Ih Detroit 24. securing $ifi gi • 
The Mummers gave excellent perform :mces 
of "Secret Service." in Orange (\ 2 \ 
Music Hall, April 25, 20. and added a sub- 
stantial sum; at tbe Salt Lnfce.Taeatr» the 
David Proctor Co. produced "A Message from 
Mars," and took in $1,060.50: a large com- 
pany of amateurs, under the management of 
weber A RuBh r cove a performance' In Schen- 
ectady, 29, Richard Mnnsfleld lectured be- 
fore the St. Mary's Institute for girls, at Bt, 
Louis, 24,- for the San Francisco benefit - a 
monster benefit was given nt Chase's Then- 
tre, ■ Washington, D. C, resilzing 1541.75;' 
the performers donated their salaries, 8195- 
Nat'M. Wilis raised $70.53 soiling papers In! 
St. Louis, 24. . . 

The benefit at Joe Weber's Music Hall, 24, 
netted 1500, and Joe Weber and George Co* 
han added a large roll by tending bar at the 
Ollsey House lb, 28. At-Hiirtfg t Seamon'a 
the receipts. 24, were donate, to which waa 
added $491.70 collected by- Lottie Gllson and 
Williams and Tucker in the audience during 
tbe week. Police sold many thousand tickets 
to the Academy for the benefit 2D. Virginia 
Harhed Beat Blanche Bates a check for ir.o 
for two seats for the benefit May 1, at tbe 
Belasco. About $5,000 was raised, 24, In 
Brooklyn, at Hyde A Behman's, Star, Gayely 
Folly and Grand Opera House. Vesta Vic- 
toria drew crowds to Weber's Bataar, 24, 
and was followed by Gils Edwards and his 
company. John Drew sent his check for $100 
to pay for two seats at the benefit at the 
Casino. Billy Clifford and others playing at 
Keeney's, Brooklyn, collected $54.25 In a 
very short while. Bonnie Magln sold photo- 
graphs of herself, 25 ; one brought $5'*, find 
another $25. Elale Janls, at the matinee, 
25, sold one hundred and sixty -six tickets 
for the Metropolitan Opera House benenr. 
At night 'she sold one hnbdred and ninety- 
nine.- The previous night she sold three 
hundred and twenty-three tickets. Miss Janis 

took tbe remaining tickets herself to bring 

I up to $700. "Arms and the Man, 
at the Lyric Thestre, 25, afternoon, netted 

tbe total up to 

Is rHnasan,' Park, Wnrcester, Mass., .id-May Falaxdo, Uarel Selkirk. Uorey Long, Jas. 
, Mct'lellan, and the moving pictures. 


The folowlng sums have been contributed 
to the English Actors' Fund : ljiwrence 
D'Orsay, $100; George Arllss, $100; Frank 
Worthing, $1«0; Herbert Budd; $25^ Hilda 
Mpong, $2ii; F. (lollis, $10; Nina Herbert, 
$5; A. 4L, $2; K. K.. $2. The beueilt at 
the Belasco, Washington, D. <'., 25, brought 
in over $2,000. Olga Nethersole aucrloned 
a box for ibe benefit at the Nixon Theatre, 
Pittsburg. 27, for $J(M>. in Chicago the big 
rvencfit In the Bernhardt tent brought in 

Mdrgaret Anglln will gladly welcome dona- 
tions of ciorhlng for women and children, at 
the Majestic Theatre, New York. 
. At tbe .Orpheum. Brooklyn, benefit, 26, the 
receipts were $1,450. A liaxaar was started 
id the lobby and on -the sidewalk In front of 
the Belasco Thestre. 29, and will continue 
until May 2, under the direction of Mr-t"F. 
M. Bates. ' 

The ladles who performed such noble work 
on Chestnut .Street, .Philadelphia, April 2S, 
selling The New Tobk Clippkb for the relief 
of the San Francisco sufferers, were : Mrs. J. G. 
Jermon (Lllllnn Tysonj, proprietor of the 
Bon Ton Theatre; Mftrvlaud- Tyson, Norrlne 
Moran, Marie Smith, Mrs. Stella Gflmore and 
Mrs. Stewart, from tbe Lyceum Theatre, and 
Marian Blake, who entertained the public 
by singing; her three favorite songs, "Good 
Old C. 8.- -A.-," "8tarllght" and "Keep on the 
Sunny Side." By their combined efforts they 
reallied the sum of $82.60, which was a very 
good afternoon's work from the sale of news- 

The'beneflt given at the Belasco Theatre, 
Washington, D. C, afternon of April 25. 
was on Immense success, and was witnessed 
by one of the best audiences -that ever ap- 
peared In this house. Tbe theatre was do- 
nated by the Messrs. Shubert and David Be- 
lasco, and the greater part of the perform- 
ance was given by Louis Mann, Clara Llp- 
mnn nnd their "Julie Bonbon" Company. 
The programme Included the second and third 
acts of "Jnlle Bonbon," R. D. MacLean and 
Blanche Stoddard, In the wooing scene from 
■Richard III;" Amy Lesser and Beatrice 
Bertrand, in "The J*ggle»ton Sisters;" Al- 
fred Helton, In vocal -selection*, and Percy 
Helton, In a singing and dancing speci.Tlcy. 
Louis Mnnn, in a happy and feeling speech, 
lhaoked the audience, the .players, the own- 
ers ■ and manager of the theatre and the 
press, and Uien proceeded to tell several 
stories In his characteristic manner. The 
benefit netted a trifle over $2,000. I he 
publishers of tbe TAcntre Uapozine donnted 
a large number of copies containing n pic- 
ture of Clara LInman, which thst lady auto- 
graphed and Bold, to the amount of Jfio, 
omoog the audience. Flowers, donated py 
Oeorge C. Shaffer, were Bold by Dorothy t£ 
Mar. Mary Cecil, Ouldn Baxter, Alexandra 
Phillips, Miss McArthur and Mrs. Taylor to 
the amount of $60. Programmes sold by 
Maggie Fielding, netted $18." Sir*. Mary 
Scott Townsend and Mrs. Mary ration sola 
many boxes and seats. 

At the Olympic Theatre. St. Louis, on 
April 28. the sum of $3,852 was secured. 
The following appeared: Bosatl's Band, 
Babbl Leon Harrison, George Beban, Clara 
Palmer, Marie Cablll. Lew Sully. Hacker 
and Lester. Paula Edwardea .Garvle and 
Favor, Rothvcn and Frarv, Mme. Rnmona. 
"Tbe County Chairman" Co.. In the th fa 
act of that play ; Marshall P .Wilder, Pauline 
Moran, Nat M. Wills, nickel, Watson and 
Wrothe, Bessie Clifford and Sidney Toler 
and company. At the Metropolitan Opera 
House, Minneapolis, April 27, tbe Associate^ 
Managers gave an excellent benefit, loclud- 
lng : An augmented orchestra. Falartio, 
l,ou!se Dacrc, Ernest Hosan end company. 
World's Comedy Four, flnlph Stuart and 
eompauy. 1n the third act of "Men and 
Women;" Elisabeth Murray, and "TheClnns- 
raan" Co., In the fourth act of that PW-,, 

James J. Corbett sold tickets at the pi - 
sey House April '25, for tbe Gaelic Football 
Tournament at L'lmer Park. Viola Allen 
added $2,000 to tho fond by a performance 
of "The Toast of the .Town/' at Macnuley s. 
In Louisville, April 28. At the Duke of 
lork's Theatre, London;, April 28. >U»r» 
Tempest gave "AH-of-a-Hudden-regiry, to a 
$1,300 house. Dnvld Blipbam gave the pro- 
ceeds of bis concert la Chicago, April 22, t4 

May 5. 



Just Arrived from *He Wo.t. A •« Daaldad " Hit 'OvW *»->• Kohl-Oaatl* * MopKIn* Olroult.. 

— wvonKAUF IVIAIN. ■sssp*" 

r ■* What the Managers Say : Mm as an Impersonator of the Negro Servant Has Them All "Hacked." (Comedy? Verb V * 

Managers and Agents Address - - - 118 W. 44th ST., $EW YORK. 

tlic fuuO. Mrs. -Sooouer gave n benellt at 
the BUM Theatre, Brooklyn, April 2t». The 
following were scheduled to nppenr: Kdna. 
Mar Spooner and the stock company, Cecil 
Spooner, In lyrics nnd dames: Harold Ken- 
nedy In songs : Jessie McAllister, hi songs ; 
Hilly Clifford, Mademoiselle Hence dp Paris. 
Cliff Gordon, Lillian Tyce and Ireue Jer- 
inoud, and tl.SOO wns secured. Ted Marks 
cave the receipts of Ills own jubilee benefit 
April 2H- Those programmed were: Elsie 
junta, (Jeorge M. Coban^ Laura Hope Crews, 

ii Miller Kent, tlic Bonlialr-Urcgory Troupe, 
tieurl French, tbe ••■' 
Jrsslta's OtmT Olrl 

lieuri French, tbe Khmlrc City Quartette, 
[lypaj* Ulrl Orchestra. James j. Mor- 
ton, Lionel Lujrrcuce, Pat Hooncy, Marlon 

Hcnt nnd the Hlstlo Olrle. The Volunteer* 
df America held a muss meeting- under tbe 
direction of Balllngton Booth, In the Knicker- 
bocker. More than $7,000 was pledged. At 
ibo Murrar Hill Theatre, the Ancient Order 
of Hibernians held a concert nnd realized 
*1 000. The Wert Side Branch of the V. M. 
C. A.-held a nicetlng at the Majestic In the 
afternoon, and ruined $700. 

The annual benefit of the Actors' Home Fund 
was (riven -"'■ nt tlie Academy of Mnslc, but 
ihctreeelpls, $2,550, wen* given to the San 
Francisco fuud. for tbe exclusive relief of 
the theatrical sufferers. Loney Haskell made 
i he announcements. Thono who appeared 
were: Anna Kva Fay. who gave n check for 
S50 : Jitine* J. Cotbett, Blanche Deyo, Anna 
Boyd, Vesta Victoria. "Hllvers," Billy Clif- 
ford, Fields nnd Ward, Hoey nnd Lee, Kelly 
MB Vloiettel Four Emperor* of Music, Annie 
and Jennie Venmans, Kelly and Kent, lilmer 
Tidlcv, Brown, Harris and Brown, ttie Two 
Pucks'. - the Two Brownings, Frank llnsh, 
Fdiin Lubv, Marco Twins, Adamlni aud Tay- 
lor, nnd Lucille La Verne. Lillian Kufsell 
tulil Could, and Sural l .played at a benellt iu 
Providence. "- , • _ 

At the t'aslliu. Sunday night, .*:..umi was 
added. Among those uppeurhig were : The 
Bool black chorus from "The Social Whirl," 

Mrs. Fluke and company, In the fourth act 
of* "Becky Sharp ;" Margaret Auglin and 
cuinikiiiy. In the third act of "//fro :" Ln 
Belle Blanche. Melville Ellis, Henry- Wood- 
ruff, Fred Walton. Blanche Kins, L.nilse 
Dressier, Blnitehe Dmj Wltl-T. Hodge. Maude 
llnyniomi. Kstt'Dc Wentwortli, Beverly 811- 

S reaves, Beecher Collins, Mmo. Howilba, and 
largucrlte Clark. 

The Hlrijxrdromc Is'iieflt drew over ¥7,000. 
Thf attract lops Included: Omni made up 
from "Mile. .Modiste," l he "Free Lance' 
ami the IllpiKMlrome companies :'MarIe Dres*- 
Irr. Vesta Victoria; Peter ft Dalley and his 
(vuipubyv i be "Fnys, Once Fields and com- 
linny, llus Kdwnrds and coitipuny, and the 
ballet from "Society Circus.' Mm-.-, ■ Sebu- 
uinflit-llelhl: sang. 

i.uua Park was opened as n benefit Sun- 
day, April 29, and $2,000 was the. result. 
Maude Adatos was present to cheer on the 
gooa work. . . 

.\ revised aud extended lixlof thane apircar- 
Ing Id the theatres In Hail Francisco during 
ibe fatal week follows: Columbia — lauM 
Murtluctll, «us 1'lxlev, .tohu F. Ward, M- 
ward I*. Sullivan. James Wilson. Walter 
K<-tirooV, Kobert Bums. K. S. Harkins. Krtli- 
erlue B-.'l), Uene Luin-jku. Alliertlue licc^u, 
Margaret Moffntt, Ida Uocrge, Irene Croni- 
well. KafU^rluv Murray, Ida Wand, Mulidu 
CKlupUoll. Itessle Merrill. I>alsv Carson. Ln- 
i-llebc M*;Uds, Quepule Stewart, Delia Saun- 
ders. Lovtlsn lluujlslun, Llllliin Clllctte, 
Ki-ntrlcu Lynn, Minnie Murray, fiolores Dale. 
Miijusllc Theatre — Walter K. l'erklus. George 
tsioimjt|Uest, Orral Humphreys, Ucglnald 
'i'rarea, (jeorgc Krlcinl, Frank Bacon, Lloyd 
lutfrulmm. Lee Millar, Ferdinand Chafer, 
clafence. Whitley-,- MArle Gordon, Irene Out- 
l rim. Frances SIoksoiu, Madeline Maxwell, 
Mtifrglc Frnnce** Unrjr, TIto!I mill — 
Teddy Wcl>b. Ulltwrt Gregory, Willie Bur- 
i-uiw*,- Arthur t.:unn1ngliam, Bert Bradley, 
Kuutc Weston. Joseph Fognrly. Melvln 
stokes, George Baldwin, Arthur Sobey, Fred 
Snook, C'ecellu Ithodn, Leonora Kerwln, Cora 
Tracy, Flo Barnes. Alice Ward. Almeo 
tak-OBler, Mabel HlMIard, Beujali Spnnglcr. 
ADiumbra TJieatrt: — Iterachel Mayall, Henry 
SlntiniT, George I*. Webster, James Corrlgan, 
True Boardmau. Kdwln .1. Emery. George O. 
Nichols. Bert Purler, Kobert Rnbklrk. Chas. 
Winston. Agnes UuuKen, Genctlevc Kune. 
l.lllluu Elliott, (he Marvin Trio. Central 
Tlientri'— liUiidera Stevens, Walter It. Sey- 
mour, Elmer Ituolh, Edwin .B. Bailey, Leslie 
King, Benedict McUuarrlc. M. !,. fusler, 
<-lias. A. Snllon, Edna Archer Crawford. 
Bertha Illuiichnrd, Marie Howe. ' Georgia 
Cooper. Orphoum Theatre — Aguuat Family, 
cjiurles It. Sweet, Mile. Lotty., Armstrong 
mid Holly, Artie Unll, Jimmy Wall, Golcinun'B 
dogs;, cats and doves. Harry Tate's English 
company. Alcazar Theatre— - Charles Wal- 
drou, Lte ltuker. John R. Malier, Ernest 
ClemUmitlug, George Osbourne, Hun Von 
Meter, Walter Ueliisco, Edllh Evelyn, EfBe 
Baud.' Adete Belgarde,* Neva ItoBn, Anltil 
Murray, Jenny Wflsoii, Emma Dudeu, Juliet 
Crosby. California Tlieatrc — Edward Evans, 
John H. Perry. Frank Koae, Jmuics Brvson, 
Harry Khepnell. Fred Slatter. Hflrry Flto* 
gci-ald, Arthur F. Putnam, .forte Evans, Alice 
I'ortor, Beatrice Hurlau. Nellie Bryaon, May 
Hlght, iKirettu Gates, Allle Smlthe, Florence 
Crawford, "Mabel Itaudull, Mny Henry, Olive 
WiiHat-e; Alice Fuller, Mamie English. Bea- 
trice HoIlU, Mny Crawford. Theresa Payne, 
rod May Collins. Gilbert Gregorv wired his 
mother that be waa Bate.. The Cherry 
nltuKoiu ■ JJUrlewniera (Jacobs & Lowry, 
iiiunngers) arrived In New Vdrk last 
wtek. but lost Till "[heir pPbpVrfy. "The 
Babes la Toylaud" Co. also arrived minus 
all but tbe clollies* they wore. John 
Wind, and pcrlc Slblla, on electrician, afe 
BTfMHny as yet. Charley Eyton, , superln- 
I'-nding the' illHtrlu'utliHi of the theatrical 
fund Iu San Francisco, said : "Verv few In 
the theatrical profession escaped with more 
than the elothlug thev .wore. Sohie In Oak- 
uiiu were mure fortunate, but hundreds were 
left without costumes or. funds. . We aimed 
to use our fund amoilg- the stock : players, 
who are really in the greatest want. The 
variety actors eau obtain engagements near 
by. hot tbe Btock actors must go East. 
We gave |500 to the vitudevlllhioe. 
and uBPd the rest fur the others. 
I here were about one hundred and twenty 
Mock actors here and ln Oakland? and BCV- 
<'ral hundred variety people Three hun- 
dred were sent East or to cltlew where tbey 
l iin llll ungagctneuis. Tbe Tbeatrlc&l Me- 
chanics' Apsocliitlon has done good work, 
r i a tik McVlckara waa at tbe Manhattan Ho- 
tel. Jfa went to Oaklnnd. nnd, offering bis 
services, was made a policeman. I* It. Hlock- 
wcll he*'- all of his goods. Awelln-, Gardner 
and her hnsbaud were burned out. John 
in In hi and wire. Edna Crawford and W. It. 
Seymour were sent East. The Collier com- 
t>oity was preparing to go to Australia. All. 
'he costumes and scenery were lost. Waller 
**. Perklna was burned out, losing all hlH cos- 
luuiea nud iu:uji!MTlptB. lie went to work 
M n lelegrenhcr li> Govcnior PsrdeeV head- 
"■'""'•[»' Elmer Re>-tb In- Raid to be on 
Frank Bacon's ranch, with several other 
Hctora and some actresses. Marie Gordon, 
after spending four nights In tho open-air, 
nrrit'eti id uarflawi. .i.nne Howe la resting 
«-n n hvioh. .None of the ninnageni have an« 
r.iiiHcwl pi.niH fo r the future, and there 1b 
Mill* pi-.iapaet of opening v«?ry Mnn." 
The Ucttctr H'.ol.) Aeic» atatcs, under 

.dine .»f April 23: "May Collins, a choiUKyirl 
tn the Cnerry Itlnssnm company. Is Insiine 
ns n rtnll of her experiences In the San 
Francisco earthquake nnd cnnllanratlnn Mem- 
bers or the company, who are taking her 
East, are forced to watch her closely. In 
her delirium she recalls tbe nwftil sights 
she Btur. Kh« rnves and tears her balr, 
nnd were she not restrained would do violence 
to herself and, possibly, others In the com- 
pany, twenty-nine members of which passed 
through Denver yesterday." Adele Purvis 
Orirl writes: "Written under the trees at 
Golden Gate Park. San Francisco, Cal.. Sat- 
urday. U.30 p. m. April 21. oo. — Von and 
my many friends will be glad t» know that 
my little company. Flora Allthorpe, Harry 
Tsuda and I are safe and well at present 
writing. We lost some baggage, but we have 
much to he thankful for, as after the earth- 
qnake. we were In the centre of the lire. We 
made our way out here to Golden Gate Park, 
where we have been sleeping with thousands 
of other sufferers. We are coming East as 
soon as we can collect our baggages which 
Is In a safe part of the city, m different 
places. Just now we arc very utisettled as 
to what we are going to do. Best wishes 
from Adele Purvis Ourl, F. Allthorpe and 
Harry Tsuda." 

Geo. Clark (Kazllilan) Ib notified by Mrs, 
L. Goheen, that hla mother, sister and family 
escaped the San Francisco lire, nnd ore lo- 
cated In FitchburgElmburst, Cal., care of 
Otto Hnitn. 

Vivian Wood, of the team of Necdham and 
Wod. Informs us that her brother-in-law, 
Spencer Kelley, late of West's Minstrels, and 
his wife. Bertha Wood, escaped from the Son 
Francisco wreck, but lost alt their 'effects at 
the Hole! Eugene. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gottlob write from Santa 
Itosa, Cal.: "I/jsc everything In earth ipiake. 
Both alive, tlmnk God/' Mr. and Mrs. Code 
Morton. write: "We wore completely burned 
on), but we were lucky To escape unhurt 
from 'the worst disaster which has ever be- 
fallen our conn try." 

LleuL Nnlon has returned from San Fran- 
cisco. He was fortunate enough to save all 
his apparatus. 

Harry J. Lnsk. Cm it k a correspoudent 
at San Francisco, has scut us word that he 
Is snfe, 

Butler, Jacobs & Lowry. proprietors of the 
Cherry Blossoms, which show closed at Sftti 
Francisco, after losing Its entire equipment, 
brought the company back to New York or 
olher points where members wished to stop 
off. Twenty-two members eamc to Now 
York, three went to Cleveland, .one to i'li!- 
t-ugo, one. to Columbus, nnd three to Boston. 
The beat accommodations thut could be bs- 
cured were furnished ns far as Kansas City, 
and front there sleepers to New York ami 
other cities were provided. The best of ho- 
tel accommodations in Kansas City were ex- 
tended, while [nylng off In that city. 

Jlmitiy Wall writes: "I believe tlic 'entire 
population wus on the Btrcets thirty fcconils 
utter the shock : scenes were Indescribable ; 
'he city Is a wreck. I was In bed at tho 
Eugene Hotel, on M'Fnrrel Street, when the 
ilrst earthquake shuck occurred. Tbe sen- 
sation was like that of a railroad train 
jumping tint track, rmuilug utoug the ilea. 
and phjuging Into n ntviiie. After being 
thrown out of bed I stuggered to the window. 
I had no time to save anything, hut rushed 
into the Kt ruth and escaped Injury. The 
streets were thronged with people. ' Fires 
broke out. and pslideuionlum reigned. No 
theatres went left si muling in Hie city. A 
shurl lime utter leaving tlie' hotel, tbe Eu- 
gene was dynamited, l made my way to 
the Crocker ground on the hill and camped 
there nil night. Water wus scarce. As 
much us lift v cents was paid for n small 
glass of water. Fifty dollar)* was charged 
to move trunks ten blocks, Thousands .of 
men and women could be seen dragging Their 
trunks with them lowurd the parks for 
safely. Thousands camped on the grass 111 
front of the St. Francis Hotel. Before stak- 
ing my way ro the ferry the Falrmount Ho- 
tel had caught lire. All Hie |»eople playing 
the Orphoum have been accounted for, with 
the exception of Charley Sweet and w'fe. 
Nobody bus seen theru, but they left their 
hotel. Tlie Agoust Family lost everything, 
and will go direct to Europe. Golcihan lost 
many of his eat:: and iiIgcmiH, and ' we all 
lost our wardrobe. Clly Is complete wreck." 

John W. World and Mlndcll Kingston 
make the following statement : -"Wiped out 
by the 'Frisco earthquake. Mrs, World's 
mother, Mrs. Caroline Dreyfus, lived within 
the stricken xone, nad although we hova tele- 
graphed repeatedly, we' can get no word 
trom or nltout her. We owned a business 
block on Minnie Street, between Second and 
Third Streets, a hitit block from the Grand 
Opera House; a flat building on the samo 
street, between Fifth and Sixth Streets, and 
a business block and ftut building on Fifth 
Street, between Fohsome nnd Harriet Streets, 
right In the centre of the burned district. 
We were offered $^8,000 for these properties, 
so wc know they must have been worth at 


'Frisco, nor will there be a show hero for 
some months to come, 

Note from Chief Itnhiilng Elk 1 : "I am glnd 
to >uy that 1 am safe from tbe big tire In 
Snn Francisco, and as soon as I get free 
transportation I will an East, and will be 
glad to sec all my friends again In New 
York City." William* and Thompson es- 
caped from the San Francisco dlsaler. 
They were living tn rooms adjoining the 
Marneys and the Three Wickers. The Mar- 
ncys nud the elder Wiener aud his youngest 
daughter were killed. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gottlob. who were play- 
ing tn S:inia Uosa; .fctate: "We were burled 
(Or nearly three hours beneath timber and 
plastering. The safferlng of my wife and 
myself while waiting' for someone to dig 
us: out was Iudescrlbabl6. Wo were plnued 
down bo that wo could not move band or 
foot. We were In the Grand Hotel, a 
three story brick structure, aud had been 
asleep several hours when the shock came. 
My wife was thrown out of bed Into the mid- 
dle of tbe floor, but I managed to keep IB. 
The roof and whole baUdlng fell Id. burying 
tiveryone. The timbers and beams were fflth- 
in an inch of my face, and I wna nearly 
smothered. My wife, a few feet nway, 
spoke to ntc, and asked If I was 
hurt. All about, people were groaning 
And calling tor someono to dig thetn 
out. After a time men began digging 
over us. telling us to keep up .courage and 
that we would soon bo sate. The earth- 
quake occurred about o'clock, and It was 
S.L r i before we were Unally taken out. We 
were not Injured except for Several bruises, 
but I never want to go through such an ex- 
perience again ab long as 1 live. My wife 
was In n very nervous state, nnd we had to 
leave town tu n very short time. Before 
leaving someone, took us to a Mr. Carrlng- 
tbn, a real estate man of that city, and he 
gave us clothes (for we had on only our 
hlght roliesi and gave us something to cat 
Several hours after the 'quake, u uewbpitper 
was Issued lit tile middle of the street, from 
one of those little baud presses. The papers 
sold like hot cakes. 1 procured one and 
will have' H framed." 

Jeitn Brooks, known on the vaudeville 
stage us ."The Ghi wllh lift I*ugh," was 
asleep in the MeCoruiIck hotel, on Turk 
Ntreet. near Ifajajaj SlreeL She quickly 
dressed and made her wuy to the ferry and 
titmice to Oakland. It Is staled, but as vet 
we have no continuation of It. that the Ly- 
ceum Theatre la the only theatre standing In 
the vll j. 

Kelly and Vlolette left fur their homo 
ln Sau Francisco April :iu. Mr. Kelly 
has been deputised by the White Itats as its 
oiliclal representative In California, to, care 
for aud assist uny While Bats who may he 
In nt I'd on account of the recent earthquake. 

Emma Don is anxious about the safety of 
Pea* and Don, who lived In SRn Francisco, 
and from whom she has nut heard since tho 

Otis Hoehlke Informs us that bo has ar- 
rived safely from San Francisco. His leg 
was Injured by being caught In the wreck of 
the Congress Hotel, and be will take a few 
weeks' vacillloh, at French Lick Sprang*. 

Tole Ducrow* Is clown with the Norrls & 
Kowc Show. His brother hits returned to 
New York and Is auzlous lu hear frotu him. 

Notes from Sweoly. Hhlptnan. fit Co. — 
We are In receipt of the following win* from 
Frederick Bhlptaun, from Han Fraudscu : 
■'Both wifo and well. Saved everything." 
Frederick Shlpmaa was In Hnn Francisco, tn 
route to Australia, In the Interests of Marie 
Nacelle, the Irish prima donna, and, with 
bis wile, was booked to sail oh the same boat 
uh the William Colllor company. 

Mini-, Alia NislutiitT will take ]«ii't III the 
benellt performance at the Berkeley Lyceum, 
at ay 10. 

Walter Lawrence gave tho firHt four per- 
formances mat week of. "Mrs. Temple's Tele- 
grain." at the Mudlaou Square Theatre, aa 
his subscription to the fund, and hla ex- 
treme generosity Is worthy of special men- 

Practically all the members of the Metro- 
politan Opera Or* have returned to this city, 
aud many of them have gohe to Fiiirope. 
Kvery one waa in good health, except Mate. 
Homer, win* suffered u serlods Hhovk. Nuhau 
Fruako denies (he assertion thai he deserted 
the nwiuberH of the orchestra. Mr. Conrled 
gave every one or tlm chorus two weeks* 
saltiry, and gave to every man u new suit of 
clothes. 'Hie women each received $1fj hi 
lieu of n new dress. A subscriber, who re- 
fused lo divulge her nutne, seat to each of 
the women a dress, shirtwaist, and a hat, 
that they should uot be without wardrobe. 
The orchestra members have lost their In- 
struments, aud most of them are penniless". 

Lavender ftichurdson und Shcrldun For- 
est wrlfe from the Km pin: Theatre. Los An- 
geles, under date of April *J'i : "Friends think 
we are In 'Frisco, but wc fortunately left 
there before (he disaster. Kindly mention 
ihut wc arc O, K., aud oblige." 

I'Muder, u very capable young man. who lias 
been head usher at the Post for some time. 
— .. ■ , > . ■ 

Grand Hnplrin.—At the New Towers 
(llnrry 0. Hammers A Co.. mnnngcrsl, — sav- 
age's English (ii-imd Opera Co. played to 
fair business Aprlt 23. Hi. Chaiilircy Olcntt, 
26V drew a crowded house. Coming: Julia 
Marlowe and E. It. Hothern May T, Viola 
Allan 15. 

-fljAjta-Tir (Orin Stair, manager). — "Tho 
Woman Hater." 22-20, played to excellent 
business, as did "The Jlottie Seekers," 26-2H. 
Codling: Isabelle Turner, 1 In "Kast Lynnc," 
2IIMav 2: "As ToW In tho Hills" .1-0. ' 

fliiANp uir.i.A llnvsF. (Cburclillt A l>n?b. 
ichnngen.— Vatiderlle attractions, #eek. of 
20.: Axtelte nnd his dog, Dill and Ward, 
Clark «;. Handy, Miller, Jack O'Toole, nnd 
'firmed and Kflment. „ 

Smith's Or;;ii.v UouNr. <Mrs. W. U. Smltli, 
matmaer).— rTtit* theatre continue* io be 
crowded- Sam DerctQ'B Own Co. 29. 


2'J-2u. They gave an extra matlneo -l, for 
thn benellt of the San Franclscn relief tund. 
Lyman Twin*, In "The Bustlers," did good 
btat&ea* 20-28. - ,,] 

unrnt:r\t (Mnrtln Heck, general maoager,). 
Week of 20: Ahdel Kadrr nnd his -tbrco 
whvs, Foy nml Clurk. Willy Zlmmertnah, 
Wtirltl's Comedy Four. Marvcloun Frank a ad 
Dob, Frank Hayes, -.he ■HutdPwurthH, ■■ktoo- 
dtorne. At a matlneo ST, a Jolut bene Qt per- 
formance for Sau Francisco was given at 
this hours by" Henrietta Crosnlan and com- 
pany, for Boyd's!^ the- Lymnn Twins, for 
Krtig'H : the Woodward Stock- Co, fur the 
Uutwood, and tho Orpucuni vApdcvlllo bill. 
The bonne was crowded, ' u - » 

Navti.rv <P, II Mo Hand. mnnagcrL— 
Woek<of -11: The Copoland Bros,, Mack und 
Hugall. Winnings and RvaiiH, De Arvlllo Sin- 
ters, movlug iilctures and Illustrated sonu> 
»■> ' 



least that much. They are gone, all but the 
$4,300 Insurance, which we haven't got yet. 
Pre been In the nmuscment business since 


. was eighteen months old. and my wire 
has been on the stage (or Ike. years. 
All our savings of the past few years 
went Into those 'Frisco properties. 
Worse than all. her mother's home, at 
Lenten worth and Geary j Street*; was 
burned, according to reports, and we had 
that house Just Tilled "with -Hie spoils of a 
trip aroiidd the world, concluded at Han 
Francisco a year ago. There were laces from 
Ceylon. India and Jupuncseund South African 
souvenirs, and over I2.0OU 1 worth of things 
which can never be repluced nnd which, to us, 
were almost priceless. I had just scut lo Mrs. 
Drevfns* .'ii" Ilium: results of our tour through 
SoiiMi Africa. Mndnguscnr. Arabia. India, 
Btralts Settlements. French Cochin -China, 
China, and Japan. We could Aland thU loss 
If we i-oultiT oniv hiiar from Mrs.Dreyfus, who 
was with us until lost week. We had planned 
lo 'lay off' after next year, hut now. we'll 
have to keep on working, I guess. I'm glad 
we ore slllt young." 

Chas. McCarthy ("Oue of the Bravest"* 
telegraph*: "Hi-en. sick. Waiting now for 
jasurnbec decision; Mother In hospital. !a>h'. 
everything." Mr. McCarthy waa living In 
Son Francisco before the earthquake. 

Catherine Corostoek, of the Kolb & Dill 
Co., Is untitled by W. l-Jrwln thur her family 
lost everything nt the lire. Mr. Urwln's 
nddress Is Alameda, Cal. Tom Mack (black 
face; monologlstl, writes: *'I am safe. I 
was playing at the Mission Tlieatrc, which Is 
wrecked pretty badly, but not burned." Tlie 
Savlllcs write: "Iiid a rough experleucc, 
but pulled through all safe." 

'lite Three Famous Armstrongs write : "We 
■ire here In ibis great earthquake, and as for 
'Frlsro./ there la -rmfhtng left of It Our 
hotel fell In nml killed one of ortr partners. 
"Doc" Armstrong, who wbh the first one lu 
tbe country to Introduce the B. I", Keith 
'Cycle Whirl, I can not commence to tell 
you of this awful thing. We also got hurt 
very bndly ourselves, and will go Kast ns 
.fast as we can. There are some other 
actors who were killed, but It Is hard to find 
out about them. Wc have got np a. relief 
commutes for show people who lost: every-' 
.thing. "Ar present there la nut a theatre Iu 

Detroit.-- At the Detroit Opera House 
(B. C. Whitney, manuger) "Coming Thro' 
the Bye" played to excellent business last 
week. Lulu Ghtser and Chauucey Olcott 
divide week or April HO. 

Lycki.-m (E. D. Stair, manager). — "Ari- 
zona" played to guod houses last week. Harry 
Iteresford, in "Tho Woman Hater," 2tf and 

TciiJ'i.u fJ. II. Moore, manager). — Week 
of yO: Herrmann, the Great: Will M. Cresay 
oud Blanche Lbiync. Leu Dunioudti, Alllle 
Chester's sUilue. dog, Wllsuti Trio, the Misses 
Hoouey, Kight Allisons, Avery and Hart, and 
tho kinetograph. ■ . . 

LArAVKTTB (Dr. Campbell, manager). — 
The Livingstone Slock Co., lu 'Tea Nights 
lu n Bar Kouiu," 20 and week. 

Wanwst IB. I). Stair, msnngsr). — "The 
Wuy of the TrauHgressor" played to crowded 
houses lust week. "At Cripple Creek" 2iJ und 

AvKsuR (Campbell & Drew, managers). — 
Sain Devere's Own Co. played! to fair busi- 
ness Inst week. The May Howard Co. i'O 
aud week. 

CnrsTAt. (J. J, Nash, manager). — Bill 
week of 30; Tourist Trio. MadelT.and Corb- 
lev. Carroll ton and Hodge*, Harry Howard, 
Puulcs Schwartz aud company, Oliver Wil- 
ls; r, aud klnodrome. 

Until*- Creek.— At tbe Post (K. It. 
Hmtlh, mansuer) "Fpntana" pleaseil s big 
house April _■'!, Chuuncey Olcott filled the 
bouse 24, " *Way Down Fast" May I. Geor- 
gia Miustrcls 2. Tboodorc Thomus' Orchestra 
7, TImi Murphy H. 

Bijou (vv, 8. Butterflefd. managi'r). — Week 
of S3 : Msrgaret Heveronce. Nornmn and 
Bryce, Bessie Chhuiplou, Moulin and Baxter, 
Helen Trcnvlllc and cllneloscopc. 

Notk.— Carl Holder, who had been on the 
door at the Post Theatre since Its opening, 
and who held a similar position In the old 
riamblln opera House for about ten years. 
resigned 21. having become actively connected 
e-Hli erne of .Battle Creek's food factories. 
Flls nnlform courtesy made him very popular. 
Mr. * Holder hug been succeeded by Art Uur 

Jackson. — At the Athenaeum (U. J, Por- 
ter, resident manager) Jolfersoo Do AngellH. 
In /"FantanA." April 2-1. pleaded a Targe 
house, and" Chauncey 'Olcott. 25. flayed , To 
8. It. O, Harry Beresfoi-d 27. "L'aet XytitU" 
!8, J .fleorg(a Minstrel* May ;(, Tim Murphy p, 

•f.a/lrt.t.Vrt^ 1 "- ■'-- ■-*- ™* 

Crtdoe-Nevllte Co. week t-t. 
. hijou tw, n, Buttcrtleltl. matianr).— 
Bill for week of 2:1: The tlreat Uldrcdie, 
Dan Ruby, Clifford Wllklus. Mile. Aline, Carl 
Itayuioud, Freeze Bros., and the cltnctoscope. 


Montreal — At Ills Majesty's (IP Q. 

lirooks; manager) Urnce Ueorge, In "Th«i 
Msrrlsgo of William Ashe," made a favor- 
ablc Impression April 2D-28. Frank Daniels, 
lu "Sergeant lirue." week of Wk ■ *' 

•AcApRHY vv Mi sir i Walter CreflvcH, tuuu- 

ngcr). — Black Pnttl Truubadoitrs drowcrowd- 

•3 houses 2.I-2S. "Hwei't ClovaF* 00. "llio 

Triumph of Betty" next week; 

-Theathu Hoyai, (II. C. Kgertoa. uiurm- 

SeM.— 'Uic Jolly Crass Willows had good 
usluess 2H-2.S. Washington Huclely Ulrla 
30, Tho Tiger Lilies next. 

TiiKATin; Nat jowl Fjianuaih {(1. Unuv- 
reau, . mdtilitfpr), — Th French slock company, 
In "Lea DimgeraDe Paris," 2.I-21J; "Le rieccct 
d'uuc I'uhllxr ao. 

TllhATItK 1IKS Not'VKAI'TEH (U. ItATettll, 

mauituer). — The stock compnuy, ■ In "Plus 
Quo Heine," had fair hiialttcRA last week. 
"Le Moude on 1'on a'enmilc" ao. 

Tubatiik FiUNcAiH (F. W. !•« Clair, man- 
ager).— "A Wife's Necret" Old well last 
week. "The Old Clothes Man" 30. 

Ur.MtY J.w. Dam,. the dramftt 1st, died In 
Havana. Cubs, on April irt. from cjracep of 
the atomuL'h, Mr. Dam- was a mcnUr ot u 
prominent flan Francisco family. lie ,y' 
giAduoted from the I'lifvevsitv of Clllforj 
and wmfM 
. DorcTt 
, .srs cngaf 
In dramatic work in London. Home of n. 
plays produced In this country nnd Kngtand 

wcro:. "Diamond Ueanr. rhe Hllvcr Mhell." 

"The Willie Hllk Dross," "La CaMMtA." "Ii 
Madeline" mid "Skipper ft Co., WailBlreoL*' 
He also wrote "Tho shop Mil," which 
brought hlbt fame . ami moucy. Hla wifo 
and two sons Hurvlrc him. 

griqimteo. rrom tne university or c 
receiving tho degree of Ph. B., and 
rlcfljn London lit 1802 to'Dorothy 
actrola.' 1 ' Ho, was for several years 

Lee W. Tuwnsrm), formerly a theatrical 
munagcr, died on April 2r>, at his homo lu 
gnr York City, aged ,fortjf-rour years. 

Sklnuer, mauager) the American Vilitgraph 
Co closed a week of fair business April al, 
Nothing booked at this house from 21 to 

May 12. W. A. llurklDs hud week of May 7, 
but word waa received that hla company 
would close Its season In Kingston, Jamaica, 
tints caucrllng Its engugemeut here. ■_> : 
2okk (U. J, Armstrong; munager).V-Thn 
N*w York Opera Co. eloacd Its season in. 
w||h n good perfortnaiKc of "Kl Capital!.'' 
T&o company was to have cloned lis sea- 
son lji>, but as several of Hid company had 
Hummer etigngemenls, and were rc.diitred to 
report at once for relfeursalt Mnusger Ami- 
strong agreed io close 18. The company left 
10, for New ^ork. Nothing hooked hero for 
the next' few" weekH. 

iniidon. — At the Oraml ta.-K. Turton, 
manager) Koselle Knott, In "When Knight- 
hood was hi Flower." April 21, delighted at 
two performances. Frank Daniels, u;i, bAd 
a good house, Robert Manlell, -4, tiH, 
played "King Lear" And; "Macbeth," It being 
bis -first performance here' lu noiflc ycara. 
Adelaide 'I'liurslou 'jij, "Buster Drown?' 27, 

Bbnkbtt's (C. W. Bmiuett, mknagcr). — 
This house closed April ty. BUI week of 
I'll waa one of the best of the season. 

Toronto.— At the Princess (O. B. Nhap- 
pard. manager), week of April W.i, Nance 
o'Nell drew gonil biislueis. Oscar L, Flgmsn 
and Huth White, In "Tbe Tenderfoot, 7 ' 'M 
and week. 

Uijamj fu-KUA Honsn (A. J. Hihall, mana- 
ger). — Week of 2!l, "Sherlock Holmes" drew 
well. "Buster Brown** *:n and week. 

Majcttic fA. J. Hmall, nianarer).— Week 
of XL Harry Clny Disney. In "Tbu Boy Be- 
hind the Ottn," did good buolnentt. "Jlumau 
Itrurls" ."0 and week. ■ j 

BHrA's (J. Hnea.' manager).-^- card for 
w*kr of :(0: May Boley and Her Polly Olrls, 
Miss Norton and Paul Nlcholimn. Waller C. 
■Kelly, the Five Columbians. Llndna Beck- 
wlth, Mosher, Houghton und Mobher, Wnter- 
bun- Bros. hhiI Tenny, fllul tho klnugrapb. 

tfrAn (K. W. Blair, manager).— Week of 
-'■'>. Hi n i- MJiow Ulrl drew big houses, Jolly 
WUsj Widows *lo mid week. 

Mashey M-hii-, tsiunrt Houston, 
manager).— Lillian Nordliu May 8. 

Aiimotjrirh (Hluart Houston, inminger).-* 
Tho horse show hus proved another success, 
and drew Immense crowds April 20-28. 
- «.» . 



'i'bwusetid was at one time manager for 
Tlius, W. K*-ene. Hluart llobson, ami later 
piloted tbe fortunes -of John L. Hulllrati on 
OHO of his theatrical tours, tin wsh very 
well known In ihe profession. Several yearn 
ago hn letlred oil account of III health. Ilia 
wlfo.MUCvlTe* htm. . , >t. 

" Dot' AAMHTltoHt.i; or (he Three Armstrongs; 
^eii-iitloiial comedy 'cyclists, was kitted \a 
liis'W:! hi Hull Fralielsco on tho raurhlhg 
or lljo earthmiflke, April 18, r>y Uto hutlau 
filling In ami cruslillig hfro. fie waa Hie 
ttrst rider to Introduce HtoB. V. Keith 'Cycio 
Whirl In this country. 

..John im-m-m', mAnuger of Bin Clrnnd Oparai 
House, Davenport, in., died la that clly. mi 
April 23. He had been eunnncted wllh that 
theatre lit various cupai-ltlua for tho past 
twelve years. ■ 

PnuK .lyirs Painh, wlio lasf Fall 
retired from ncllvu mm-vIco na profeesor of 
music nt Harvard, died oo April 2r», at ms 
home In Cambridge, Mhhs., from pnetlmtlflia* 
after a brief Illness of thlrtyslx hours. Prof. 
1'ulrro wan borh ln Portland, Mc. ,Ihii. D, 
1831). He was appointed Instructor uf;mu«lu 
ill llnrvlirtl In 1H42 anil lho following Tale 
lie became lecturer on musical theory. , Prof. 
Paine attained a utdo reputation as a com- 
poser. Ho wrote im- mimie of WbittUft) 
"Onleonlal llyiuii." tliw "Coinmltlati March 
ulid HjiDln" flnd Ibe "llyinn lo (he West." 
oilier comhosltlonn were the uuern "Asufs," 
choruses tn tho ."Birds or ArMophitiias," 
music to HlifikesptarA's "Teinpfsi," owrUM 
to "An You Llitt* It/' atmpiioiiv hi C itilunf, 
Hprlng symphony, sympntniic pwmn, ami mu- 
sic , to "Oedlptm Tyratnua" or Houhoelis, 
as nl'tformod in Or nek In Cmnbrldke lu tWl. 

Hahiiiet WATctift, formerly aii avtrMa, 
who wits Injured In. an utitomtdille uceldenc 
on April un, oh Long Islflitd, tiled on April 
211, In lho Nugian Hospltut, Mlueotn. L, I. 
M|-h waters hsd rippeurcil In ncvera-l of* tit,- 
Ramn Brothers* ftllowiJ, end In Lillian lliii*. 
seirsVLadv TcnslP'' Co.' A year ,ar*> urn 
opened a lallllucry bhop In Thirl v-Ufth Btroot. 
near Fifth Avenue, New Sfork city, .- 7 

Louis' P.Mivo, who was rortraijy of I lid 
team known as the Marncys, aud ttlidsu 
name In private, life vi&H Thoa. L. V. N«lte, 
was killed by the curthijuuke, at Hit* L'mplru 
Theatre. Oaklftud, Cul„ April 1N. Mr. Psryu 
was tkJrn in filas|ow, HcotlumL July 2, 1(174, 
and t>egan his career nt the ugn of six, niuk- 
ing his first nppruruilcL' at the, ctarcote 'flje- 
ittrc Dover, Kug. Ho wits un imlmrtiunator 
of Pat Fconcy nud ai«oirgo Leyboufne, audi 
was christened "The Young Lpybourne,'' hfj 
Mr. LeylHHirnc. He niuii- To America, with 
hla patents, itl tbe age of twtdve, giving him 
Itnpersuuu'tloiiN, . Nhurtly afler arriving ln 
America lie, took lo .black fare, one of bltf 
fuvoVHc Hpeclttil oh being "Dhclo Bufe," au 
old negro rjitirut'lcr. lie was utso u clever 
dancer. For a number of years bo worketl 
with Ii(h HlHler. Lily, us Purvo and N'llier, lip 
to .tlie thao of tier ileuth, after which nd 
workitd alouc, until n ,ve»r ago, when li'j 
Joined Hndlu .West, who aino mut her dcatti 
at Oakland, f'nl,, on Aprlf is. They wefo 
known In the profession us the* Marneys. Mr. 
Parvo Is survived by a widow nnd three cliiU 

HApiB WnHT, of the vaudeville team known 
us tlm Murneys, was killed at Oakland, Cal., 
on April 18, by the oarihiiuukc uf Mmt date. 

Hen nit. hie*. — At Foslsr's Opera House 
i W«i. Foster, manager) Henrietta L'rosman, 
hi "Murv. Marv, Quite ConUiiry," ilrnw a 
largo audience April 25. "The Lund of Nod" 
28, "Little Johunv Joues" May l. Kuhellk 7. 

AriirrumcM (Wm. Foster, manager). — "Tbe 
Bunker's Child had good, houses April 1U- 
21. '"\'])C Hustlers" had large audlcucca 2!i- 
3S, "1'eu Mgbts In a Bar Uoom" ^0-28, Myr- 
Liu Kioek Co. 20-May.o, "Ole Olson" Oil. 

iNuiJuffOM, pauk \yro4 Buchanan, maua- 
ger>. — Mme. Haruh Bernhurdt uppcars hero 
In "CatMlllc," April 27. , . ' ' 

IJijol (I'fcd UuchauuK, innimgtiit. — This 
house closes this week, after a very success- 
ful season. 

JvMrifu; (M. 3. Karger. nianugen. — llnlllo 
vvhlti-. THiuti and Henderson, Verdeu gad 
Diinliip, Nitludit and company, Jennlugs and 
.lewell. Four Dahclug Hurrlsen. Oreen Boas, 
nod movlug hlclureh are drawlny big crowds 
week of -■ j.tII 2,'t. Booked ror week of April 
:;0: Burgee and ffsashr. Frank Kly. Laurel 
and Hoinlieru. Tom Hefi-on, Burgere Hls(ers, 
Hush Fumlly, and Amerliua Newsboys Quur- 

NrrriiH.— The Lyman Bros, gave a spcclat 
tua tl nee 2.'. Tor the Isfjellt of the Han Fran- 
cisco sufferers. Tho tftnplro gave ouo 21), 
which tutted Multc a large sum. 
— — <■ a 


Oiimlin. — Al Boyd's IW, J. Burgess, man- 
ager' Kiibellk May fi. Xfuckstsi|«r'sM|ustrals 
0, 7. "Little Jobnuy Jones" delighted Isfgo. 
iiudieiiccs April 22-24. . lleurletla Crosmaa 
hud lurgv audiences 20-28- j ; . J,*, 

Ui;Kwu<m (W. J. ilurgess. manager). — The 
Woodward Stock Co, will present r Jane," 2t» 
and week. The three hundred and fiftieth 

Performance will be celebrated 30. "In lho 
alar.? of the King" was the bill the past 
v.cek. The usual crowded hoUMes prevailed. 
Kiti.'u (C. H. .Hrio-d, munager). — "\Vhot 
Women Will l)o* k 20-Mny 2, "Ilufus nafttua" 
*j-y. Kolb and Dill did good business, April 

_ h de- 
cade well known Iu the, show business la 
Now KiUfluiiU, died mi April 2D, at the Hoi- 
dlers* Home, Chelsea, Mass., from piled- 
monla. Mr. Stover .started In tho show 
business In taw, from Portlund, Me,, wltl 
Hpraguc's Mlastrels, the comi>any conBlstln 1 
of only four people. Joe Hpraaue, Waif, 
HbrHgue, Tom McCuehcon and Mr. Htov«r« 
He whh |diml Illetl with minstrelsy until the 
breaking out of the rebellion. After bja 
term of aervlcn' In Ibo army, Mr; Mlortr 
held, a position In the civil service, but. later 
went back to the show business. lie had; 
been proprietor of various "Dude Trial's 
i shin" companies, and had one on tbe road 
up lo thu day of his death. Mr. Hlorer was. 
severity-three years of age. having been. burn 
In Poi'Dand, Mo., hi lff;i2. Funeral ser- 
vices were held .ol the Hoppers' Homo, April 
27. und Interment was lu the Uraud Army 
plot , ; . ■ , :..... 

.■Mas. John M, Wcllm (Muhhon), al 
singer, died on April IftVnt her hoiue lu Au- 
ilerstin, Ind.. from stomach trouble, aged 
twenty-live years. . • .* . . •■- 

a* a 

Jf.HHtr. IhiNtmiM.u has lieoh engaged try 
Hialr ft Hsvllit for u inieclal week's- oagage- 
ment at Ihe West i:ud Theatre, Now York 
Clly, week of May 7. Following Miss BoU- 
Htelte's i-ngngcMieiit ni the West Kud she will 
1s>gln a long slock engagement for the Hum- 
mer, ut Htofr ft HhhIii'h Htar Iheatro, But* 
falo, N. Y., o|ienlng Monday, May M, . 

'V. II. WiMNBTT con templates a trip to" 
Mount Clemens, Mich., In tlie near future, to- 
seciire the benellts of the mineral baths, and 
also may take u trip to LijrofS 1 In June, for 
the -benellt of his general health, In the 
meantime Ihe Wlnueit F,un-rgi-n<'y Bureau 
will never Isi closed, but continue, under the 
TUHliHgeimmt or OsorBe W. Wllitiell. who, Is 
new uetlng uiuiiMger for Ids broibcr. 

"Till: I, Ion ami tiik Molhi." will be pre- 
s'euted May -I. lu I<on<lou, Kng.. with lid- 
nui ml lire- ■■*■ sod, Itlcluird Bennett la their 
original charaelers. Margaret Illlngton will 
bo seoa as Mhlrley Ilossmore. 

"Tug Puinc-j; oi- India" cloned lis season 
April 21. In Jlaltlmore. Md. It will bo seert 
at the New Amsterdam Theatre, New York\ 
In the Fall, following the production of "Thf 
Bprlng Oilckcn." _., .., _, r |, _^ 

'•■ •' 4 






Sal Fl 


We ware NOT " Johnnloa on the spot," but, an usual, our photo grapher* 
Ten FIRST at the scene of dlwMtar and took the FIRST ACTUAL 

Vita-graph Cameras were busily recording tin* awful aeenea of ruin and]. 
desolation while our COMPETITORS were- getting ready in atari. .« J 


Orders lilted In rotation and must be accompanied by ea*h. 

If yop'ro not hnay»OET BUSY. . . ' ' 

\T tffc | Oft "ft M V*anoramle View of Market_Street A flan Frandsro, ahow- 

'I tig the awful havoe wrought by Are and earthquake In 

the business district i ..Length SOO feet 

"m- ,. i ahikftt Panorama of Van Sp«k Ave., the splendid residential 
JKOe JL«UlFO B,aa <llttrle« 1 now In ruins Length 900 feet 

IbJa. 1 Ail**/ Military feeding destitute and starving rctfug 

HOe J.«VVsf ■""Golden Gate Park Length l 

eea in 

90 <Wt 

TKT_ -a ikAQ Wpnltb)', but boraelesa, eltlaen* of Ban Fraud wo, 
ilVi *^VvCl*"fookln|( their meals In thr open air at Jefferson 
Square .... ........;..-.. Length IJWI feet 

"»*T A -a AAQ. General Circular Panorama, taken In the heart nf the 
ilOs JiVVW«d,v»»UI«l diitrltt, ihowlug rnln* of banki, hotels, and 
theatres » * ..'Length 1O0 feet. 




1 16 NA83AU ST., NEW YORK. 

Telephone 47A4 John, . Gable address "Vltngraph.V 



0» State B t, , Chicago, 111. 

48 Rupert St., London, England. 


Newark. — Dnsttn Fur num. returns to the 
Newark (Lee Ottolencul, manager), In "The 
Virginian," April 30 end week. "'Way 
Down ISust" drew moderate bouses week of. 
28. "His Honor, the Mayor," next week. 

Baffin (II. U. Ilyanw, manager). — Do 
Wolf Hopper furnished au excellent brand 
of «NM opera lost week, lir.*'Happyland." 
The theatre closed for the season 28. 

Proctok's (R I". Proctor, manager). — 
This week : Mint'. Yvettc GuUbert, Hope Booth 
and fouipnnv, Five l'lrlHcollls, Frank and 
Jenny Latonii, Carroll Johnson, Tcnjl Troupe, 
Hooy and Leu, and liny Cox. 

Columbia (M, J. Jacobs, mnnagor).— "The 
Man of Her Choice" SO nnd week. "McKad- 
den'B Flats" received fair business week- of 
28. "Escaped from Slug - fling" next week. 

Blanhy'h (J. II. Itueken, mannger).— 
Chas. K. lllunoy presents Walter, Wilson, In 
"A nad Man from Mexico." this week. In- 
cluded In the cast are : Will II. Vedder, Lon 
Haskell mid Lilllnn Lorlng. Treasurer Fred 
KtttlcL* will receive a heueflt Friday night, 
May 4. 'Houdlnl proved a plcnslng mystery, 
to fair nl'/j'd audiences, week of April '.'3. 
"The Night Before Christinas" next week. 

Walumann's (W. B. Clark, manager), — 
The High Hollers return thlK week. The City 
Snorts did well week of 28. Fred Irwin's 
Big Show next week. : 

Kurt:*- — A beneilt. pprfonnnnre given 
the Columbia Theatre April i!7, for .the San 
Francisco relief fund, proved u hlg. huccqrb. 
and wns participated in, by members ot all 
the companies ploying here ln«t week.. ..... 

Ftoreiico Mulford limit, of this ait,v,< u ineio* 
her of tijf Metropolitan Opera Co., arrived 

RUfely from San Francisco April 27 

The Bainum & Hit 1 ley . Circus will give two 

KrfonuanccM hero May 3...-.,. A monster 
uerii occurred at Proctor's Newark The. 
aire Snndiiy, April 20, for the Han Francisco 

for 30 and week : Eta Westcott and com- 
pany, Duryen and Mortimer, Fatty Brothers, 
Harper, Desmond and Burrows. Whistling 
Tom Mrowne. Cuiinlnghnm nnd Coveny, Hayes 
und Johnson and tbc blograph. 

Nora — All tbree of the Trenton theatres 
gave benefits for the San Francisco sufferers. 

Peterson. — At the Empire (A. M. Brug- 
geman, manager) business continues b|g. 
BUI for week of April 30: Salerno, Fall and 
Hnttle Peters, Tyee und Jermon, Italian 
Trio, J*arseu Sintero, Three . Westons, Mr. 
nnd Mr*. Larry Shaw, George K. Fortescue, 
uod ttie klnetograuh. , 

Lvcm m (Q. II. McManus, manager).— 
"Fighting Fnte" had -good houses 28-2S'. 
"Happy Hooligan" had good average sized 
houses .3(l-2o. "In a Women's Fower" 30- 
JVIay 2, Howard Hall 3-ft. 

Bijou (J. II. Rowley, manager). — A wrest* 
ling carnival. In conjunction with Miner's 
Merry BurlesQuers, drew large houses Inst 
week. Carr's Thoroughbreds this week. Broad- 
way Gaiety Girls to follow. 

.Fauilv , (John J. Hubertus. manager).— 
Large houses last week. Bill for this weekt 
Ben Omar, Kocefort and May. Joe Bohmer'n, 
Edna Ann, NeeUluuo and Wood, and the 
rluematograpb. ".•,-. 

■ Joraer City. — "The Old Homestead" had 
a tremendous week at the Academy April 
28-28. The New London Gaiety Girls fur* 

clatied plenty of mnuscmont, to nne business, 
at the Bon Ton. Far. White proved himself 
it. clever comedian, nnd ho kept thing* on 
the movo. 

Acadumt (F. E, Henderson, manager). — 
Wfek of 30. "Shadows of a Great City." 
"Sis HopkitiB" follows 

Bon 'lux (T. W. l'Muklns, manager) .<-» 
Miner's Merry Burlesnueru week of 80. 
Carr'a Thoroughbroda follow.' *■' 

: Notes.— Treasurer Kd. Hnrt, at the Bijou, 
has allied himself with the staff of .Hartljr k 
Seaiiuiii. and is now at ' the Vorhvltte Tne- 

atre, New York City The Academy was 

donated by Manager F. K. Hmiderspo, -'■ f (,r 
n matinee henellt for the San Francisco fond. 
"The old Ilouicntciid" wns the nttrnctlon. ..*. 
B. F. Keith notified bis real estate a gen r, 27, 
that the Keith management would assume 
control of tho Bijou on that date. .... .The 

pArk Theatre, Bsyouue, opened, 2S, with 
Howard ami Blond, Charles 1). Lswier and 
daughters, Wcntworth and Vesta, Jack Wil- 
son nnd company, the Newsboys Quartette* 
and Bcrlle Fowler. .... ..Tlie now Buyoone 

Theatre, corner of Twenty-third Htreet and 
Avenue D, will open in September., 

(HI Atlautic ciir-.— At the Savoy. (Fred fe. 
- Myoro, xnauajmr). T'Glrlf* WJJ1 Be Girls" had" 

rw good huafness April 23. i -The- nosers R«s; 
In , Ireland": packed the house 24. Lewis 
Morrison, to "Fousti" played tr> excellent 
houses 2(i,- 2d. May Irwin drew, crowds 27, 
28. .'.The Old Homesicafl" 30, May 1, Phil- 
harmonic Society ' i local) Muy 2, : 'The Air. 
shin" 4, ft, •* Deserted at the-Alur" 7-0. 

\oun*i'h Fikii Theatiir . i W. E. Shackel- 
ford, manager). — Week of April 30: The- 
Three Koscb, Law^on and Namon, Sf- John 
and Le'Fcrre, Dick and Alice McAvoy, Henry 
l<ee. the Four Sully*, Tanner- and Gilbert, 
and kluetoginph, 

9tm ■ 


uier season, which opens Juno 4. 
HAitNtiM & lu i ley's Ciitcun May 7. 








You can Depend on Prompt Shipments at all Times. 


No matter what you need In the line of SHOW PRINTINC or LITHOCRAPHINC, we 

are always prepared to handle It promptly. 



Block and Type Work. Heralds, Dates, etc. All Your Work In One Shipment. 

A ml of 85 Pi>r Out. on price of llcralila will 1>« oi.d. on Contract, for S»un 1906-J, TWO » nil THREE ml. on Work 
, on jour Herald-* nt the price you formerly paid for One Color. 

ACKERMANN-QUIGLEY LITHOGRAPHING CO., '"' , . , W.V, , .,7 , .r" "' 



N ow York Office, 301 Knickerbocker Theatre BulldlrsK. 

FORMKRN. It. F., lrWh and Dutch Cnmeilian. 
SoBtirottc, two Hot Teanix, and Man with rioture 
Maclilne with plftnty Alms and sHdcs. Season 
work if yon chaogo for two weeks. Address Dr. 
X. W. MTttman. Wayne Hotel, Toledo, 0. ^ 

Brierry, th« local playwright, 
rlonlnR pioductlon, May 16-19. 

dill he the 

■hniliiifTiiilii • •-•■ t - '■ ^ ■ tnrcR and risciicr'8 Aii-Miar mock l 

rSSSEEm Pm mm w. Oew^, ''l&^&SfJfiSSS^m^ 

Hobuken — At the Lyric (Hi P. Bonllar. 
msimjrtc) hunlneHS ban l»een moderate. "JTM 1 
Millionaire Dotoctivo" April no-Mny 2, '*F*r 

uf April 30; Lulgl DoH'Oro. MsdHO FUch an(1 jiomain, Leonn, Zolss Sintera, Be- 
Itrcil Clarice and company; Qulolan moIld snd Wcstbrook, clDcmatoifrapb. and 

'Emimhr i A. M. BrupteraBOD. proprietor) 
-orWeek uf ' 
Fox, WlltK 

nnd Mack. Melnnl Trio, thi> Z6rues, Mclnottu 
\m Nolf; Trlu, snd JosopU Suntley and com- 
puny. Bualness last week wan -large ' 

Notes. — MaosKrr II. I*. Soulier lias ten* 
dercd tbe Lyric fur a benellt pertormaace for 
tbe Bon Francisco FnritL' M r - SonlJer. tn'nd- 
dltloi), . bs» nb-endy HiibHcrlbort haudaonnilr 

to,ty C«0d "Happy UtaK^mtL** will 

clono tor nenson nt Tatersoti. N. J., 'JO. ' 


Lon AniffU-N. — At the Manon Opera 
ITonsc. -Thf Lion swl the Mouse," April '£&- 
^H,.«ime to gnod bualnewi. "A MexHRi from 
ilnrs" RO And week. 

Beurco.— "Tbe Dictator," as prcnentwl 
hy tbe »tock company. HI and week, drew 
well. The stock company preaented "Tbe 
Tretty Sister of Jose 23 and week, with 
"llrown's In Town" 30 and week. 

RuitUANK. — "A Bachelor's Homance,' by 
the stock *ompany, played to good business 
week ondiiif,' 2!. The stock company pre- 
sented "Unrbara Frletchle" 22 and week- 
"Kitiichon. ihc Cricket." 29 and week. 

Guano Opriu Uouhb. — "The Shadow Be- 
hind the Throne," by tho Ulrloh Stock Co., 
drew well week eudlnj- 22. "The Slgu of 
i lie Four" by the stock company, played to 
gootl 'buRlneaa 23 and week. "Camllle" .10 
fid week. ' ". ■.•-"»" \' 

OnPH k I'm < Mar* In , Tteck, general manager) . 
— Fe-a turpi 23 and week: : Coleiaim's dogs, 
INtiil KlelHt; .Tlmmr Wall. Artie Hnll, l-Wry 
Corwfiy, Bruno ' and ltusfiell, MltchcU "and 
Cain. Howard* Bros., nnd motion pictures. 

tlNiquB.^Kentnres 23 and week: Coneo 
Twins. Alicia Adetto. Topay TurTy Trio, 
Alph l*. Jamea. .ChnrltB.and Katherlne .Glb- 
non. J. R. Monroe and Unlquc-o-HcOpe, 

.Novelty closed "week of 23 on account of 
lorwen (n San Krnnclsco' nnd vicinity, which 
require the attention of Hie tunnnger. 

L'lsriiKK's. — Harry Doljiln, motion pic- 
tures' and Ktschor's All-Star Htock Co., prc- 
Klnir of CntHlloe Island." 

- '■ by the 
„ business 
we'ek r endlutf 22, nnd won retained for a aec- 
ond week by special request. "The Chimes 
of Normandy" 30 and week. 

CiSBOOiur-H. — Features 28 and week: 
Jimmy Roberts, Jeaste Vcrnoa, Mnhel iltirn- 
Iwrt. Charles Fnlrburn, moving pictures, nnd 
-Pete, tbe Statue," by the Clneuf-raph Stork 

KMPinR.— Features ^3 and week : Cbiqulta, 


1 Trent on.— At the Taylor Opera House 
tbe lingers Ilrotliers. April 23, had good busi- 
ness, Howe's moving pictures, 2ft, pleased 
a'~ good sized house. M ft damn ModjeRka 28, 
Williams und Wnlker Mny o, 'The of 
Ox" 12. 

Statk Strrbt (Frank ShaHers, mannger). 
«^-"Tbe Couvk't'B Daughler" April 23-25. .bad 
aatlHfiu'lory business. "Fighting Kate," 2Q- 
2H, did well. "For a Human Life" CtO-Mny 
SB, "A llocky Homt-t(.-0«n,iiTi" S-Si-*— — :-■ 

Tiitsr (Kdward Kenton, ntansger).— Bill 

nridRcport — At Stultb'a (R C. Smith, 
manager) the Four Morions, April '2l\-'io, 
played to big buslne-m, as did "l3esert«V it 
the Altar," ml "Sis Hdpklna" 3o-May 
2, "Ben. Hur" »•&. 

. Pott's (K. B. Mitchell, iDansgor) ;— jBooked 
week :of April 30 : "Burke and Tysou, Wil- 
Him H 'Lelghton,- the MaJcsHr Trio, Gsrd' 
twr and 'Stoddnrdi *• 

llmplre Stock Co., In "Alone In a Great 

II ftci.A.— ^Clttxton's Comedy Co., precenting 
"The Man from Japan," 23 and week ; Major 
J; • A. McGnlre, swordsman, and Mae, 
Wanda's coach dogs, , 

• ■ '■ • i ■ i 

Sou ni«B,-o At thelsls (Dodge & Wyatt, 

nmnftfrerfl) "A Message from Stars" April 30, 
"The Lion and the'.Mouse" May 1. 

Pickwick. — Bill week of April 28: Lenard 
nnd Lonle, the Canen, the Two Jolly Price*, 
Hllvlno. T^A Mar, and the moving pictures. 
Business Is good. 

■ • i > — 

■■■'Thr 0.iBUosToa (Frank and Ktta) write: 
"We were not In the Ban Francisco dli>asier, 
as our vAiidevllle time bad been set back 
three weeks. We are both *e-... and are play* 
In*- Ogden, Utah, at the Lyceum Thentre. 
* : are coming In dally from 

ner and Stoddard, Macy ahd Hall, GlldJok-; Trains of people arc coming In dally fr 

ond.Ftix,, and Pnul ConchRs. r Sad Francisco. Tbe people are being fed 

NoTka.— Steep lechaae Island, l the rftsort. i P o Union depot, while en route to the Enst, 

formerl* known as I'lesRure Urach, off thta 1 performers and all other people as well, 

shore, will open for tho season May 18. ltoli- Last week '.we plnyed the Bon Ton Thenlre, 

ert- -Weber, the former town clerk of this, nnd' were risked by the manager of the Or- 
clry,. will he .the manager. Vaudeville afifl' vnhMim Th°ntre to give our tumJnjild^oT 
all the attractions of vlte modern, Summer' 

the San Francisco sufferers, end did so. We 
amusement place will be '.operate*!. . '. . ^ . '. . , were the oa* 

May ai), "The-PollrtciaB"' by Robert M. 

were the only colored act on the hit], and 

«COJWd n-Jblff bit-. \V> to from hf.te to PaflbJjinte.t Terms and parti 

telloj Wa-i xhen tu Kt E .^ 1 ■ &-; ?. y '- ' * ^^ urennam ar, AUSmtTRs. 


HOLLAND BUILDING, 1440 Broadway, Corner 40th St. 

Telephones, U»3-0S4-Ua3 Bryant. Cable And«n, IVlltmorrlx. 


Special Attention Will Be Given to Summer Parks and Fairs, 


P. Q. Will Iamb' Colonial, Hammersteln*e Victoria, 

P. O. WUHams' Orpheum, Ham»*ntola'l H ?Sl_ il 
P. O. William.' Alhambra, 8 , ^ Polv ^ Kew H aVen * ° 

8. Z, Poll's, Hartford, 

S. Z. Poll's, Worcester, 

S. Z. Poll's, Springfield, 

P. G. Williams' Novelty, 
P. O. William*' Gotham. 
P. G. William*' 

Bergen Beach, 
II. .Myers' Doric, Vonkcri, 
H. Myers', Atlantic City, 
Henry Myers* Doric, 

Camden, If, Jf. 
Keeney's, Brooklyn, 
Trent Theatre, Trenton, 
MorrUon'n, Rockaway 

H e n d f r ■ o n * a .Co n e y 

I si a 


_ _ on'ijCor 
Dtlmllne'i, Roeltaway, 
International, Chicago, 
Hippodrome, Cleveland. 
Cook'sPark.Evnnavflle, - 
Paradlin Park, 

Fort G forge 
GenneH'a, Richmond, Ind 
Klectrlr Pat k. 

Cleveland, O 

fl. Z. Poll's, Bridgeport.' 

S. Z. Poll's, Waterfeury, 

S. Z. Poll's, Jersey City, 

S. Z. Poll's, Hera n ton, 

fl. Z. Poll's, WUkei-Barre, 

Sheedy's, Fall River, 

fllieedy's, Newport, 

Hut hu way's, .%ew Bedford, 

Hatha way '■, Lowell, 

Hathaway's, Brockton, 

Bijou, Lincoln, Neb. 

Ma unions' Park, Bt.Lonls, 

Cedar Point, Sandniky, - i 

Chester Park, Cincinnati, 1 

P. F. Proctor's 93d St., 
F. F. Proctor'a ftth Are,, 
F. F. Proctor'a -,8th St., 
F. F. Proctor'a 145th St., 
P. F. Proctor's Newark, . 
F. F. Proctor'a Albany, 
F. F. Proctor'a Troy, 
W llmer •*» VI ncent'n, Mir a. 
W timer & Vincent's, 

Wllmer & Vincent's, 

Weber Ai Rash, • 

Weber de Rnafc, T .-" 

H, H. Lamkln's, Toledo, 
H. H. Lamkln's, Dayton, 
I. (. Mlshler, Altooua, Pa, , 
I, C. Mlshler, - ■ i *- 

' Jahnilown, Pa. 

Ksvtze's Andltoriam.Lynu', Woolwonh Hoof Gardi 
Electric Park, Toledo, O. | Lancaster, Pa 

Electric Park, | llrlllania-on-the-Bay- 

Detroit, Mich, Ottawa, Can. 

N. B.— It Is Important that artists send their open time to both the New York 

and Chicago Offices. ., 



All Kinds of Carnival Attractions. 

Animal, Dob and Pony Shows, eic. Merry-go- Round, Ferris Wheel, eto. Performers, Musicians, 
Acrlsi acis. High Plve, etc., tor Stadium, and outside prlvlte(re« to let. Season bealna May 21. 
r. s.-iiun l'Mz, uusw.t. AddresB A. RUBTHKE, Mgr,, Berkley, Norfolk, Va. 



HINCE into I iiare been writing Sonirs, Monce 
logties, Sketches, Forces, Comedies, Dramas, eto., 
tor pnifo-Hioinii une. AU work orlglual sad guar- 
anteed to make a lilt. BOU WATT, 
^^^^ BOB Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. . 

PARTNER Wauled, to do straight. Good 
singer, loud ul*er. 1 liave theaci. Add. Come- 
dlan, K. L. Herbert, 850 Itrond St., Newark, N. J. 


Salary low hut- sun*. Also Sketch Team and 
Single rcrformcr. Must -he able to Join on wire. 
Manager Clifton Remedy Co., Stonington. m. 

60 CENTS (or a book of lu sketchva, v 
acts, for 1 male and 1. female : 5 acta, for 2 
males. Money Ordor or 2 cent stamps. Ad- 
dress Bernard Kllng, Playwright, 357 Jay 
St.. Brooklyn. N. Y„ Vaudeville sketcbes 
written to order. Al work guaranteed. Beaa- 
onsble prices. 

WASTED AT OSCE, Klmt Class C arlonet, 
Violin, Corned nnd Flano; permanent and .'ommcr 
■"~i£L_Ternui and parUcoUrs. H, Z- Re_es, «« 


ElcteCo. Week stands. Canvas theatre. Stage 
Irector with Scrips, Agent that uses Urueh, Man 
with M. P. Machine, Bo^s Canvas ilan; people with 
specialties preferred. Aluo Platio Plover. No fare.-* 
advanced unless I know yon. Those who wiote, 
write agati . State all In first letter and lowest sal- 
ary. I pay allstter Joining. Have a complete tent 
outfit for tale, stage, nceuery, neats, llgliis. 
■-■ L. A. VERIIKOK. Hmokvllle. Po- 


Characters or Oen. bus.; Alto In Iluod. Foretork 
rep. or one night. Well op in "Ten Nights,' 
"Lrnne," "Jesse James," "Tom" ind *«ittrj." 
CANE f, Kan. 

Tom", and **Rlp, 


WANTED-Few more Performers who can 

change for week. Hketolt Team (raotf and wife). 
Oomedlan-t and Btleni Perfbrmeni.- Make '^alSrlfH 
reasonable. Htate If ran play Violin, Banjo or 
Organ. DR. J. F. aeANOLBR, Mlller/itown^ Ka^ ■ 

WANTED, Offlco Worker, at IX, regist- 
ered In Ohio ; also Real Male. Med. Perform- 
ers. " Al! Summer In largo city. Want Small 
Tent and-Orcns Heats. UUAKRR DOTTOR, 
• - - ■ 10 Cheshire" 8t/ ClPveUnd, 0. 




If you wish to hear TWO GENUINE SONG HITvS, drop in at PROCTOR'S 
58th STREET THEATRE this week and hear LOTTIE GILSON sing 









WASTED, For Repertoire under canvas. Full 

Acting Company; Capable People, qalck study. 
Bml wardrobe on ana off. Those doubling brass 
preferred. Also Musicians doubling band and 
orclies'ra, Leading Gent who can lake full charge 
of itage, Child for Bva. Like to hear from Clande 
Boardman and wife. Long engagement. Best of 
treatment. State lowest salary. I'ay own. Write to 
Manager Repertoire, Room 21, lags Broadway, y.T . 
FINISH YOUR ACT by tearing a beauttfti 1 
iper tidy white singing, dancing or lalklnir. 
.jnpie tidy and tnatrnctlong 25c. Complete 
15-mlnnteacl; six new designs, Inn miction*, full 
particulars, etc.. $1. Big novelty. HARRY" L. 
BIRCH, not S. Woodstock St., Philadelphia, Pn. 

WASTED— Versatile Performers. Change for 
■week. Singing and Itanclng Sketch Team. Plenty 
ofJtonblesand Singles. Piano Player, Irish and 
patch Comedians. Explain all. State if yon play 
organ. Reede'a Western Novelty Co., Waterloo, la. 


with two clever dancing girls, ages 10 and j& 
flood reliable dramatic mgrs. wanting clever 
talent Tor summer, address Mr*. Rasetnan, 214 W. 
Ohio St., care Prof. Ray no. Indianapolis, Ind. 

long. MRS. MUNNICH, 668 Hamburg Are., 

WAVTED-For atla KUng's Vaudeville Co., 
under canvas, Comedians, that change for week 
and fake organ; Soiibrette tttat changes special- 
ties. Boozers, -no. Eat and sleep on 
lot. Waterproof tents. R. R. Jumps. Show opens 
under canvas In two weeks. HILLY KL1JJ0, 
Manager, Ogdensbnrg, St. Law. Co., N. Y. 

wasted, For Summer season, under canvas, 
Repertoire Show, Musicians, douhte B. and, O. 
Would like to hear from Band of 6 pieces. Ad- 
dress MANAGER REPERTOIRE, Room 21, 1808 
Broadway, N. Y. 

Contortionist, Bro. Act, Triple Bar Act, Trapeze, 
Kings, Revolving Ladder, Good Singing and Talk- 
ing Clown, Sketch Team, etc. Slide and Tuba for 
B. and 0. People must do 2 or more acis, or dou- 
ble band. ■ Salary must be low. Chas. T. Hunt, 
Olendale; Mase. 

WILL RIBE SHIELDS send his address 
to bis Mother, MRS. CAROLINE SHIELDS, 
1 l. Nassau St., Boston, Mass. 


Seats, ; tier, 4ft hinged back seats to each length, 
in perfect order, 1 12.50 per length: 36 lengths, 
fttler, blue perfect order, t«.23 per length; 
also, finose-neck Soda Fountain and boxes for sort 
drinks; ticket, booths and hoxes; Iwo sets IMMB 
for use in tents; and other paraphernalia for carni- 
val purposes. Write W. H. JOHNSON. 170 Hroart- 
way, PatersoD, H. J. 

WANTED, Partner with Tent, for Med. Show. 
* t. and N. H. all Summer. HARRY H. UELMONT, 
205 R. 14th St., New York. 

WANTED,. Films. Will exchange troupe 
of doves, high diving dog. Inte .left and 
Corbett tight films for above or magic. Prof. 
Ilarry Smith, Pratt, Pa. 


WITH fiTBONO SPECIALTY, for Spring and Sum- 
mer wkii reliable rep. company. Slate lowest 
salary and full particulars to 

■ CHAS. A. R1VA, Rumford Fntls, Me. 


Want capable man for Characters and General 
Business, also ; Pianist, for Summer and nexi Kea- 
wm. summer salaries mi Aug. it Phoiosund 
inll particulars first letter. 


Fort Dodgo, laws, -.. r, It April 30, after 


JUBt closed with Monrls Drew Co. Musical Team 
Straight. Anna— THE MACK'8-Orn. Gto. 
doubles band and orchestra, violin nod cornet. 
Anna. Hirong singing soubreite; noth plav b'W. I 
nave Edlaon Are-proof MovlDg Picture Machine, 
oatflt complete, 3,000ft. mm; s Illustrated Songs; 
wife sings, tiieru,.! operate machine; can join good 
company atonce. If too fur inuat have ticket*: no 
reasonable otrer refused. Address or wire. Man- 
ajrera tuatwrotc before write again. The Macks, 

mourn, k y. 


In all Lines Wanted 

That cau change often. State salary ami all you 
do. if you. Vamp Organ please mention It. Long 
engagerooola lo nsefui people. . . 

NATURE'S REMKOY CO., Philadelphia, Pa. 

'■- .. . sy A W TED 

Musician Attendants. 

]Torat>on., ll.rlloue, Cornet and Clarinet pre- 
("red. Olhfra write. Also. I'.dlAILKY. Mualcal 
Director State Hoapltal, Hi Plain., N.J. 


CIev#r Mflli for Summer aenson. Address; 
■fating Ktlnry wanted, A. \V. KASMl'SBKN, 

123 Vmrtf.-mBMA, \. f j ***fr mm . g . mam.mK 

Films. Films. 

If yon will send m in. 00 w« will send 

yon about 1.000ft of Aim for 


For Balance .635.00. 

1000ft. OF riltl AT 3 1-3 eta. Per Toot. 
ED. BUSTER BROWN, about 740ft., $44.00 
BIO. TOy TOM, aboat 508ft., - - $32,00 
ED, EX-CONVICT, about 7 1 Oft,,- -$43.00 
PATHE STRIKE, aboat 410ft., - • $25,00 

Either lent for examination ou receipt 
of 95.00. 

100 Seta of Song Slides at $2.00 and $3.00 
Per Set. 


Send for our M+j Llsta 9C Hartraltis. 




tM L Patterson, 

petent Stajre Manager, Stock or Rep. Address 


Spring and Summer Season. Salary must he low. 
Address C. B. SULLIVAN, Manager, "Dora 
Thome" Co., Hotel HtuTtevant. New York Cliy. 


FOR SALE., One-half Interest In a tlrnt clngfl 
Theatrical Attnicllou. Fully equipped, (.real 
line of paper. Small cast. Hooked nolld for 
coming season. YVunt a Prnetlcnl Mun, not 
iin au«pl. Handle your owu money. Address 
SUCCESSFU L. Uoom 21 . 1308 Broadwa y. N.Y. 



That double, deader 11. and O., for JOE HALL'S 
BIG VAUDEVILLE CIRCUS, nndt r ca was. Travel 
big wuxon. Slop at toteta. 

JOE HALL, Sontli Chelm«f«nl. Mrvn. 


Two that are broke to drive In carta. AddreM 
PIOB, care of CLIPPER. 


To travel with Medicine Show. Long nea*oti, good 
treatment. Address ORAM A KING, 

Care of Bhow, Chandlerrivtlle, Ohio. 

At Liberty, After May 5, FLOYD FUftSE, 

Violin Leader, Alto In Hraas. Care of Hooligan's 
Troubles*, May 4, Aurora, III.: Slay A, Jollel, III., 
then Palace Hotel. OlUcago. 


Hand Balancer. Sllcuco and Fun, Singing n:id 
Dancing. Silly Kid. Work In acta. 

FKBD. ItintK, (,eu. Del.. Lincoln. KeLranka. 


for week: ituder caitvaa. Slate lowest id flntt 
tetter. l'RED elzork, write. 
LA HELLE AXI> FANNING, Belleville. Out.. Can . 

At Liberty, F. R, Hi man, Eccentric Comedy, 

Comedy 0.d Men and uenteel HeavieK, iiaiitonein 
bTURfi. May 4, Aurora, III.; May 6, Juliet, HI., card 
Hooligan's Troubles; then Palace llotel, Chicago. 


(21); oxed only a few times. Guaranteed good 
>h new. Coat ino: will .-ell for $60. Address E.D. 
TKOVINOER.116 S. LociiBt St-, llagerfltown, MU. 

Lady Musicians Wanted 

All Instrument*. AIM LADY TRAP DRUMMER. 
Lima enjraizeinent. RALPH A. WEILL, 

iar Washington Bt., Hoboken, K. J. _ 


Hood fakir will do. One doiny ppeclalfy pre- 
ferred. Salary low, but sure. Mu-t be able to Join 
or wire II- J. D. CONCERT CO., LfO Hill, H. H. 


Tbe Most Realistic and Kemationnl Slide, over steu on rinvtu, ahowioff the di'slrnotlon ol' ibo Deanlilul Citr rf the Qoldno date ; 
THE FLAME SWEPT CITY; Thousands of People Fl-ekg fur Thoir Lives; Blocks of Bosutifnl Bailding. lllowd up l>y Uvntimiie; 
Soldiers Shooting Thieves; The Wotk of Sesctte; Osrtviog iff the Dead; Chmiitowu in Flatnst; Millionaire and Doggnr In the Bread 
Line, and many other thrilling pictures, ' ; 


A chance of a lite time to make money, showing thtj Wondeifu 1 . Piotntes. - r >0 Sliies nil heantitillly colored, 40o, eaoli. Caih cnlern 
given preference. \o Roods Bbipped wilhont ba>f dejiosit. 

nruriinrn We are the largest Stereoptioon and Lantern Slide Company in the Country, and we sell the gnatest Lnnt'ni 
KrlnrlflKpn on tbe Lnarket, All complete for*2:i, Huoe Seta, $5, Sjn^ 111 OU rat 3(1. Ttii'dtres, Managern, Pats* and Trade 
iibiiibmubii, supp|ied> 


807 \A/. 34TM ST., 






138 East I4lh St. Tel. 3812 Grameixy. 
KEW YORK, N. Y. " 

vt.uvvs OPKN. 



la my S"'n>*!<J Hofik of Monnlofrini and Pnm-y Shipr 
Material; price aie. BUY JINOO, my Plrm Bonk 
of Onirilv, •!.; L'riiH. Al-'illit* 2ft Piirotllffi Hint I 
orlaliiialls sold fur u dollar reduced 'o '£• cent-*. 

31 \V. :*!»■» Mrw», W. Y.CIiy. 

WANTED, Musicians 

For the Dayton Medicine Co., No. I. 

Two Good Cornets, lUrllonc, Trombone imd Alto. Job In the bin«iiics<t; one sliow h <lny. Write 
or wire yulck. . J. COOI'RR, Iter. 

WM. HOWKRS, BhnrI Lender, Hill and Allen St., 

Allentuwn, Pn. 

Films Wanted. 

Hood comedy Bubjprta. Mtiat bft rheap for 

aw W. «6th Ht., W. Y. 


Cornel, Tube, Trombone, 

Or tn Double Kim Violin, Trnp Drummer. 
One bIiow dully. Week Htimdn, louir. nitre Mea- 
kod. No tltoe to cnrrettpojid or tleketn. Lot 
of ten foot Side Wall for wile rtietm. 
PROP. J. If. DE WOM'V. rarknfey. Va. 

FOR SALE, Three South American Snakes, 

12, to and Tft. long, (iood feedern and healthy. 
Will twit with the privilege of hmpcotlon, with a 
tlenoitlt, or will take nn enfiaKcinenL with them 
with a drain or Miythliifr that cmi ime them. 
Aim work In concern*. AudrcHH CAMKKON 

No. 171 Curtis hi., New Miitain, Conn. 
■ P. S.-- Snake* Uonglit of llnpe, of Phlla. 

Musical Act 


For llei.on-nl7.iil Act. Comcdlfin or jfood Htralirlif , 
nlavltiK Cornet orTroinlKiiie. (iood lime InKiked. 
Adflreiwjjnlck, MCfllCALACT, car e of OM PPEH, 


Reliable, to -double with Cornelian lu-Al a. K. Act. 
OcmmI, Htralght Comedian thai. iaiii mIiib and dance 
preferred. Adilr ens A. M. H ., unit* of ivLU 'PKK. ■ 


Youtifr man, Both., would like to Jolna la«lv lor a 

pact. AildrcM ACHOA 

ily f. 


BABRY QBAT, 70S Tine St., Phlla.. Fa. 






Moving Picture Outfit, 

Complete New KOipod UnivcrKal KIiivtoHcoi.ii, 
eqiilited with 101 n. reel» and carryinw cumq for 
meclianlnm. New Model H, oaylltuc, ontril and 
cuiclum Jet tuned twice), four rteU new kouk 
Hlide.-*, 12«t. IIIiii (new), lined once; extra ..iiui'ier 
Mlze It-ns, screen ]2xlHfl. Co<«t *im (wMjUVh It- 
Sent 0.0. II., privilege oxainlnatlon. Write me. 
I'RANK K. IIL'SHKI.L. Dutavlii, N. V. 


To Hear Fmdi Privilege Men 

Handling evt-rj'liliiK unliable for largn Amuco- 
raent Resort; chance for t>U money. Shooting 
nailery, carou«al, etc.; uIho t»en»atloual Open Air 
Actfl to feature. Turk In center of MW.0OO neop'n 
('all or write. " Jerneylanil" Real r^tato and 
Amusement Co,, Inc., 22u Knlckeriiocker Theatre 
Uuiiiiiujj, New York. 



OHARAtrrRR WOMAN, Plaj Two Juvenllo I'nrla; 
JUVENILIS WOMAN villi HIukIhb nput'lally for 
tiomo soul>reap^. 

J. L. THOMPSON, Hanagar, 

Kmplre siock <M,, New Lontlon, Ohio. 
I'lioto. |ironriima, okb, hclitht, weight. 





» Kiri'EN TO OI1IIKII. I'llK.'KH BltlllT 
SI'AKLINU A IIUItK, I'laj wrlKllta, Iljnnmoiiil, Mil. 


VIOLIKIKTforO. and rloiihlo bracH In It. or part*. 
Ai i o.Mi'DiAN, prefer one doubling liraori, ub«o 
H1.IME.' ALTO AN1> SNAKK. Thlrtj wceka' C(l- 
WMMCmonU (iood drwnaU*' peoplo, write. 

J.jmi^KftK. Utile Kallw, Minn. 


S Will i:ike on or elilitjr local f or travel; 
S LilirnrC Hiandnrd and Populur Mnxle. Clo«ed 
) Hl> weeKH Willi McltoQftld Slork Co. Wire or 
) write - KM MBL.MIH. Kniitioiil, Neli 
) P. H.-^io Jump la«CUMW reMnhje 



WOMAN FOII JI'VKNII.K" tlootl Hpcclallv foolilo 
wriw. UUIWfBIt OKNTBn,' W»eoK<locll.».T-". 

Cnlhaoe, Chace & Weston's 


Hhowa booked rtfflit from practkal experience. 

IIhvu ttic exrlutlve booking of over 2«o HieAirea 

In the bertt onu ulifht KiAtida I n the (J. H. mid <;n». 



With AI. !■'. Wheeler'H New Model HIiowh. 


One who cmi Imprrroiintea Jady with w)k^. etr. 
that i.mIi do u Mli.vlo iMimb Act. AddreHit 

J. Il.,rarei.fCMPl'Klt. 

At Liberty. ALBtRT J. LtE 

tor vett. ■ Small Parta. UK. SPECIALTIES. 

WAITED, a Good Second Hand Double 
BVnOIIDI (a Bei.ou tr III Equal). 

liEr.T l'i,TTFR, Harper, Kanan.. 


Snake Handler in 
Snake Den, 

To handle RattldPnakea. They are* flipd to 
liandle. Mini have experienced I'. IMILLIMI, 
Texan Snake Show, law Ham Ht M Philadelphia, I'a 




rOLOHED BAND ; also Firat Cloaa Parforra- 
era utid Clowua. WflltorH, Hazor llacka, I'onr 
Man, IIIU I'oatora. .1. AHailHTIIH JrtNUH, 
Vontlortirlfi, To., May r. | Koril City, H I ICaat 
lli-ailv. li : llrooKilllo, 11. 



For the jBsttra Summer, In Ottawa, Ou. 

AililriMia,' with Mil partli-iHura, Tllos. KMMI- 
l.vtl. Ilm|er lli.n.e, Oliaaii, 1)111. 



Doing fllliKli'* and dulililca. Work 111 auu, alu.t 
l,o RutKT utnl rvllRlao, liiitl cliatigo tor onoweok. 
Vovolty I'foplfl in ail IIikm or tin, vatidavtlle linal- 
ihmh, write, salary all vou aru worth. Tlokela lr 
retinlrotl. AtlOri'HH 
MHT A IUI, LM)VK 1,TY l!l)„ I'lar kavllle, Mo. 


fan ■IlW pfcUfl Ulae-k dice Hiieotully ArtllL Mum 
<:liHiiire for week and Kukf urKtni, Addruna 


Composed, Arranged, 

nan kr wHta. a ,k kcthma it. wir.. ltih mlji, v. 


AND Al.L'rnWI'ltlOAI.OOOlM. Sionarj p»lut*(l 

clintplv atul tjiiiikh. Ainatenra Hiippllcd. 
OIIAH. K, sril.l.H, 4117 w. 4lat St., Now York City. 


sl\ men. rieaaure ruanrl in l-'lorlila prftforrert. 
Ad<lro»» u, I.OL'IS T. HTKOK, 
alalia, loy (Illy. Sr hnylkill Co., I'A. 


Lady liud tieui. nil) he ejiKfiKi'd tnt Ut and 
I'd und ihretn r )it.ii«*riiiuin!rii- un-h. AddretiK 
■ i;x|.ette|iiP," Oph. Ih-L. Allrtlilli- flly, N. J. 

All Kltiiln of Trained Anltunln nud Hlrda 
M. T. M-uiiiiii-r AiiIhikI Hlluw, HrlHUd, 1*0. 
Want Aiilianl Man. Will buy anltnaK 

" MAX 

BROOKS and ?????? 

Mil' WW, WOT S<SIN. 


City ApitenratieeH. Trial Tunis uml t'nuehinc; 
ana n «ed. Awaj FOUItKHTfiR. IW Uroadway. 


WANTED* Vnudevllle Unidcal Compnnlen, 
CnrirliltiKd and 1,'lty A)}pearaueeri urriiiiRed. Call 
J'Olt It KHTBIt, 1147 tlrtJiularay. 

, Young 

That tan operat* hier.^oplfcon Marhloo, Offer* 

to T HrlltEHK Kg KZ, ' iTO W. W ill Ht. t N. V . 

Wanted, Or^an Player. 

Miislrnl Aet. Other rellnhle .Med. rerformern, 
I'refereiwc lo llMife that play i.rffftn. MODKItN 
KKUKOY <JO. r UoJdtirook, llerkltner Cn„ N. \. 






MW KUIK ( 11 >. 

Proctor's Fifth Avenue Theatre (F. 
I'. I'roctor. manager). — "Monsieur Beaucalro" 
fit tlic present week'** revival by the stock 
vontpay. with A.. II. Vati Buret) In the title 
rotfc On April .'io a Oris performance or the 
jil|> was given, and Mr. Van Buren con- 
tributed some' dellghtfdl work, Ms efforts 
being rewnrded by warm applause. Btrong 
In favor for their splendid effort* In s-*nnnft 
were Robert Cummlngs, IX. R. Nell, George 
Howell, Janiea Young ami IsabelJe Bvesao.i, 
ivho played laidy Mary Carlisle with charm- 
lryt mturnhiesM. others In the revival im: 
Albert flewson, Jo*. Onliey, Wallace HW- 
kl*c." Walter D. Greene, 11. A. Roberta, itatrll 
West, Hdeusrd J hi rand. David Thompson, 
Chns. Emerson, Luther Hole, Blum-he Bloom, 

lTuclor a Viftr-elBhlh Street The- 
* ,r *>,iV- I'*- -? l !?ft?c.' J ^nin'iKerj,— The week 

'•iiUT' ■'- srotH man 

intnlintf Monday, Apr! 

1 MM 

]>oulBe Randolph, Minn rhllllps, Mis* Paget, 
Heleno Rapport, Virginia Forbes, Row Man- 
ning, Kv« Deatei],' Mabel Crawley, Ixiretta 

i Mar 
MpISM Crawley, Loretti. 
Healy, Claire Weldon. Viola Stuurl, Tenia 
Ferns. Frank McDonough and Miss Isowry 
Unwell. In the .vaudeville portion of the 
bill were t- 'Couture and Gillette, Kleatlor 
Henry and Carroll Johnson. The motion 
.pictures continue. 

Dnij'* Theatre (Daniel Fruhtuan, man- 
ager!. — At this holme, on Monday night. 
April HO, occurred the flrst New York pro- 
duction or "Cousin Lrnilta," a tbrco net 
comedy, by Frederick Paulding, which was 
originally produced April IP at MIddletown, 
Cntiti. The story revolves mound the ex- 
periences of Louisa Furbell, n widow, whdae 
late husband has left nn estate of $5,0On,O00, 
bequeathed io herself and live other heir*, 
giving her the absolute power to portion out 
to .the other helm the Ifeyuests ■ In such 
ainoimta as she may deem fit. In order to 
study tbcbi tn their true light, ahe assumes 
to he Mrs. Westovcr, niece of Matthew 
IteXton tf (who la co-executor of the eB- 
latoffa and takes up her abode with 
David* Harriott, hlr. daughter Florence, Ty- 
nan I'ectwnlLe, Harriett Klrkwood and her 
daughter ItertLn. Jtv living among them 
she la able to Judge the deserving and un- 
deserving nelrs, and flies tin- legacies ne 
cordltigly. As a aide Issue she olds In the 
elopieffltnt or Florence und '['homes chal- 
Intflfriita fulls In love with Paul ShotlHnd, 
wHtsi abe married nud divorced before she 
met Farbell. The work la called u farcical 
■ oinedy-'Upou the mm en, hut the various 
dramullc incidents nud scenes In the work 
take It out of this class. There Is little 
to commend the piece to public favor. -The 
situations are forced and the construction 
la poor. The cnmiumy Includes n number 
of well known players, but the various incm- 
hem, ivlui one exception, struggled through 
i licit* respective roles, making the most of 
the few opportunities offered litem. The one 
exception was fjeorgc Frobeii, who, In the 
role o( Mr. Tynan FeelWnllc, wan glVrn op- 
portunily to do good work, of which he took 
full advantage, and proved himself to be 
a capable comedian. Mary Van Iliiren 
was u tin til*! 10 mnke the role of Cousin 
Louisa rise above mediocrity In spite of her 
painstaking efforts. The cast In full : Mr. 
I'nul l'atersoii HhutlatuL t 'ha lies Cherry ; 
Mr. Matthew. Hexton, Samuel Reed; Mr. 
David Dtrrlott, Charles Swlckard : Florence 
rnrlHl Darrlott. ruuln Oloy : Mr. Tynan 
Pectwnite, Uettrgf Vrobert; Harriet Avery 
Khtwwsa. Kntc Henln Wilson ; Berilm Kar- 
liell Kirk wood, Dorothy Revcllo; Thomaa 
I'reiitlsa C'hulloner, 'Iliomna lncc; l^oulsa 
l''urhel) (uec \Vcatover. and formerly Mrs. 
Hiolliiud), Mary Van Rureu. Tlie production 
1m under the direction of Daniel Froliuiau 
and Joaeph Ilrtfoks. ■ 

ColnnlHl Theatre (Terey G. Williams, 
inuituger), — Manuger Wllllmus Ih again to 
the fori* wllh the' exclusive eugagrment of 

Hitolhcr high ttalarleit and very talented lCitg 
lish vuudi'vllle Hlar fur the entertainment 

tin; patronB of IiIh several theatres. Title 
lime It Ih Vesta Tllley whom Mr. Williams 
has secured to regain her holt of American 
admirers with her Incomparable presenta- 
tions of- mult' Im persona tlona. Ilcr recep- 
tion on Morlaay, April ::u, was In the nature 
of mi ovollun, unu ahe was obliged to re- 
wound, to many ciicorus before retiring. The 
lull far this week also lurludea: Hurry Gil- 
foil. In his t'lerur mimicry: Iiellght Ruracb 
und "Tlic Ilroutnstlck WltcheH." In a muRlcal 
number ; Spltwll Itros. nud Mack, ucruballc 
comedy net. which gullied heatty npplitusn; 
the Hlx 1'rovcBituli'R, Kuropeau ucrolmta, who 
scored strongly; Tom Urown and Siren Ne- 
varro, In ibelr skit, "In Heorch of a Wire:" 
Alinout and Dttmout, lustra mental la ts ; Mr. 
and Mra.. JItiuule Harry, presenting "Tho 
VIIIubo C'Hi-IJp." one of the heat numbere on 
life bill- Milt Wood, -wooden shoe, bock and 
wing dancer, and 4he vltagrupb. 

VlrtorlM Theatre (Oscar Hummcrsfeln, 
im'inager). — The current bill Is up to stand- 
tin! nf tho resort, and the opening Monday, 
April HO, wris to good altenuanvr. lllanche 
Ring. In .a new repertory of Bongs, was 
warmly weluomed, nud the hill also listed: 
The Fny« (necond ami lust week). In "Thau- 
matufgy ;" I.ouls A. Simon und Grace Gard- 
ner, lu "The Now t'oachtnao;" Carter l>e 
Haven and. Flora I'urkcr, In n muBlval aklt; 
Callahan nnd Muck, In their Irish character 
sketch ; Mayme Itemlngton und her picks, a 
populnr act hen; I>eltm>re and I*e, seusa- 
iluuul gymuaats; the Three (?bamberlnlns, 
expert mrlat ihrowcra> and the vltagrapb, 
wlth'n new series of lllius. 

Yurhvllle Tlientrt* llliitilg it Npumon, 
inunagi'rHl. — -The first attraction here under 
the ownership and munogemunt of Hurtlg & 
Seitmon, Is a farce comedy eompuny (also 
tuauagi'il i'v iiicmi. presenting "Me, lllm and 
I." with Bulllvuu, Wtttfuu nud Whlleluw as 
Hie iirlnclpsls. and Marlou Stanley as 
t he prima duuiiu. Kulllvau. Wat w>u a ml 
Whlleluw. us the ltobu, Dutchman und Irish- 
man, respectively, whoso entravagaut uou- 
seufie. In IIiIr farce, bus received favorable 
mention In these columns, were. If jwaidblo. 
funnier than ever, nnd Miss Stanley was In 
splt-ndld voice. Nettle Nelson, as Seattle 
Sal. und John MeCownu also deserve u word 
of praise. The iiudlcnce oil Monduv, April 
.10, wub a large one. and Mesars. llurtlg A 
Seainon launched their new enterprise under 
muwt 1'uvornble niicplci-K. Kor the remainder 
of this aeaeon road cuuihluallou* will be pre- 
sented. Matinees will be given on Tuesday, 
Thursday and Saturday, nud the usual Sun- 
day concerts will continue. Jules Hurllg Is 
tho gcuiTUl uiatiagfr. and Frank Gerstcn 
business representative for Hurtlg*: Senmuti. 
Next werk. Hie Four Mortons, in "Urenklng 
Into Society." 

ViMerloaii Thciilrt" '(J, M. Ward, imnni- 
gfrt. — The Four Mortons, In the musical 
liirce. callwl "RieMkhiB Into Society." began 
a week's engagement here Mouday. April an. 
Thp nat was ns Mlnwai Major fltlk* 1 OTJono- 
vii o, Sam Morion : Jack Montague, i'atll Mor- 
ton : AHcen, Clara Morion: Margaret, Kate 
Morton: August Montague. John t\ Fruton: 
Iti'ijlnald Carl vie. ICdwaril culler: Coareld 
Hainmem-binhlt, Fold Sterling: Sergeant 
Clark and Maude, Harry Ileum : Matin I>v- 
etinilto. John II. Siullcy: Jenkins, tiro. II. 
Kill tin: SlmpKoii. Rliflinrd Gray: Cn*'.v, Jack 
London: Murphy. William V. Ilavetin: Mulll- 
gun. Coruvllus LcjiiUhcIi - 1 1 -.n- Mini n, Harry 
l.vous: TrlKle flUnsai Altec Maude Funic: 
Mlw in> prvetvr. Mildred t'lulre; Miss Van 
Motti Adaiatde Anna Knunnu: Muirgle Casey, 
Teresa Ituggutern : Teaata Hums. Rita Gray: 
Mks llarrie, Vlolette llarl : Aerobais. the 
Hurleys, Next week, lioiulliil and eimitiauy. 

Irving; IMiie* Tlientre (Helurtcfi Con- 
rlrd. Inainiger).~Friiii» Klersehner recently 
celehraled hl« flfiy-slxtli anniversary us an 
actor. On 'Vhiirwlay evpuhig, I'd. h Is'iielll 
was leinlered him. The play was Ibsen's "ll'e 
l-'rait rain Mi*en*" (Tin* Woman of the Kea'i. 
Mr. Klersi'hner appended a« "The Stranger." 
and Ibc tuiporilug cast includeil: ])r. Wan- 
gel. Hermann Hudolph ; Fran FMWl.i Wangel. 
Marie Relaenhnrer ; llolelfe, Amnmhi Ilium : 
"WJhK'i ■PwgM.aj i Mlaanar ; ffl*«*r|Ma»! . AHftaaaFy 

j Oilberl ; I'Viigslrandt, Franz Hertvrlch ; 

Huleated, Kail Knuuik. 

. i yv,lfh\w mi 

programmed. . KaM uoforth and Bella Doyle 
were III' the :ifternbon*hlll, bttfouf of the 
night. Canflcld nnd Cnrleton give their old 
sketch, "The Hoodoo." Gna ivdwarda pre- 
sented his mualt-al noveltv. "The Musical 
Telegraph OOtce," with Hie following par- 
ticipant!,: ChorlLW IK- Haven, Jack Sidney, 
Charles Lowls, Lewis Corn. ItaiTjr. Bioom, 
Dare" Gnudv/ln. Julius Max. Kddle Itaymohd 
r.nd Graee Knnions. all ph'nslnp with their 
sIiiKing and dnit'lng. Lottie Gllson aeemed 
io have lust none of her power to please. 
Adelaide Ilerrmnnn mystified by the clever- 
ness uf her int. the s*u Ins of Ibe alage t.elng 
evpe.lalJy uotlcenb'e. The Ilengler HWtert 
sang and danced well. W. 11. Marart. 1,-ntl- 
[•eiers. Waller Ware, nml Ethlynno ltrattford 
created roars of laughter In "The Village 
Iceman." Fred NIWo caught- the home Gy 
the unctions humor of his monologue. "The 
Futurity Winner," ' with Taylor and Gran- 
ville. Klr.arsley Rcnedlct. I/Ognn Tnul, Jimmle 
JcffrieB. Max Anderl, Dixie Oorard and Ed- 
ward Cnrler, brought down the house, the 
net reflecting credit on the stage tntinagc- 
metil of Ned Wayburn, the racing scene at 
the clofce nf the act being vociferously ap- 
plauded. The motion pictures closed the 
bbow. The house wan packed In bvcry start. 
Fonrteo-nth Street Theatre (J. Weslev 
KosCoqttctfr. roatinger). — 'J lie metropolitan 
premier bf "A Sqnate Ileal" (which had Its 
nnl produitlon at Poll's. Watcrhurr. i.'onn., 
April 2il) occurred here 30. Tt is a four net 
political comedy drama of KUtiuns, by Kd- 
ward Is Kose, and 1b used as a starring 
vehicle for otla R. Thayer. Mr. IUikg has 
drawn freely, but. If one may 4a v so under 
Ibe circa mat nnees, arit'faedly, from his con- 
temporaries, for both siory nnd sltuatloiiB, 
i'imI, in fhe main, hat* put together an Inter- 
esting, amusing and suceeasrul piny, i Han- 
nibal Hawkins ataiuhi In Clinton Margrave's 
path to both a senatorabln and Ruth Leigh- 
Ion's heart, bur. loving tlte young m'an. he 
slep.i aalde. . Clint becomes senator, but can- 
not win Ruth, who lores Hannibal. David 
Wutdley, a lobbyist, geeks to put through a 
steal In what lie has named the Harg.ave 
I.nnd Bill; biit Itunnlbal awakes to the situ- 
ation, la elected from his district to Tupe^ca, 
defeats Hie bill, nnd wins Ruth. The nlay 
suffers from prolixity, but fhln will be easllv 
remedied. The lira', net prorata'* well, though 
un auii-clltnns murs I he effect required. 
lu the aeeond net Home excellent charac- 
ters are allowed full ulay, but again ver- 
bosity rules. The third act at the election 
in th': wIkioI lnui-e. Is full of good and much 
uitlque eoincdy. The reading of the returns 
Is made loo much of to be Thoroughly effec- 
tive, but the material Is exceileutly handled 
bf the rompany. To Colin Campbell, as Ham. 
Maria Jones"Hu*band. belongs the individual 
laurel, fur rarely has a brow-beaten, ser- 
vile character been played with such ex- 
quisitely quiet humor and puthos. No word 
or action of Mr. Campbell's but nicont some- 
thing, and the sucreHs of the performanpa 
wna In a lurue meR»ui-e due to him. Otis 
Th aver has grusped the Idea of ItRnnlbal 
Hawkins'. character, but lacks the force, tin* 
cunvlndtig qualities to describe It. The nor 
tmyal was pleasing, however. Herbert Mnr- 
kett ntnused ns Phi leas Judson. and W. 
F. Haddock, us Nick Slythe, was capable. 
Judge Dowhlng drew a fine character 
bit In Joshua Lumpcy. Clara Knott 
fulled io convince an Ruth, but pleased. 
/.ctda Sears was eminently aucccssful as 
Maria Jones, and won rounds uf applause. 
The east: Hannibal Hawkins, Otis R. 
Thitver; (.."Union Hnrgi-uvp. Klllott Ueectet : 
Maria Jone^' Husband. Sam, Colin Camp- 
bell : David Wordley, H, S. Wliiae: Caleb 
IJmmotiF. Carl Fey : 1'hlleas Judson, Iler- 
tort Mnrkett: Nlek Slythe, .William F, 
Haddock : Lent Illckelt, Joseph Maun ; 
Jiislitin Lamprey. Judge Downing: Sean- 
Ion. Wlllliim l-\ Haddock: Chinese Am- 
Imssudur. Jusej>h Mmui ; Hargrave'B Servunt. 
Judge IJov.nlug : Anson lloovcr, William 
Woodrldge; Hulb U'lgblmi, Clara Knott; 
Kittle Fox. tiortrude Rondhlll : Maria Jones, 
Kelda Sears : Airs. Daisy May well. I.ydl.i 
Kuott. Mxveutlve stuff: Manager, Ceontu N 
Morau ; stage manager. Will/ F. Haddock : 
assistant alage manager: Joseph Muan: car- 
penter. Wlilfaui V.. Wood; elect r tela a. J. I* 
Campbell; master of properties, William 
1 In r rover. 

WniinrL's (Mrs. Theo. Mn--;. mnnoger). 
--Joseph (■;, Howard presented his musical 
comedy: pnai District Leader." which la In 
(wo ncla und three scenes, evening of April 
.'ill. for the find time on -any stage, and be- 
Hides being credited with book, lyrics and 
music, Mr. Howard acted and sang In tbc 
p l a ce. Were It not for the redeeming quali- 
ties of one or two of the musical numbers, 
the work would have been dreary indeed, 
for the book was lacking in Interest and 
crude In Its luindllng. Thu best musical 
numtar was "Sing Sung Sammy." a Chinese 
oddlly. sung cleverly by Leon a Fain and a 
good churns. In the stun* It appears that 
attempts to tie feu t Tim Hallornn are likely 
to succeed because 'Jim's twin brother, Jim. 
Is u Vdope fiend." and Tim's enemies contrive 
to have a mid made on Chinatown, tlic night 
teflon election, and arrange that Jim shall 
lie raptured. They plan that the newspapers 
shall then be unfilled that Tim has liven 

Proctor's Tuentr-iblrd Street The- 
"fc* 1 . (>'• F. , Proctor, manager). — (ieorgla 
ojll'la CaruV.-'fiupporrM bv Harry " 

>, fi. fatter and 30,', aM; Witnessed; fc jMeaslini .--MI. >£»n* 

coifltatiy. aroused .onsiderable Interest bj U. Bryan, and bis Peace CoflMtcH -, flljrly 

iheir plflyittj] of "An Ifatertnpted Elope- ■nttBTOMi the honstV'and won uunterous 

metlt.•* on April P.O. It Is a satire, by Her " 

_ _Jtlre, by 1 
berr Hall Winsiow. telling of the trials of 
an absent minded voting man In bin attempt 
io secure the girl of hh choice, nod although 
the lliiea nnd situations did nol come up tu 
expectation. Hie musical numbers Introduced 
were delightfully rendered. Miss Cnlne Is 
dainty and iJiormighly uatural, and she slug* 
charmingly, while Mr. Lester gives her good 
support. Joule McCrce and company offered 
the gketch which has won general approval, 
"The Man From llenver," and Mr. McCrce's 
nrtlstlcally played character stood ont in 
bold relief. The Mltllary Octette and the 
tilrl With the lini'tn were strong In favor, 
and tin* Empire Clly ()unrtctte did excel- 
lent work and tewed a lift. Slrronje. a fe- 
male handcuff expert, offered an Interesting 
net. which held dose attention, and closed 
strong, Hlrroujc Is aoenrcly handcuffed, 
placed) fa .a snek. which Ik tied, and then 
locked In a trunk. SIir then releases her- 
self lu surprisingly quick order, ibe won- 
derfal bicycle rhifug of-the Kaufman troupe 
briuight iheni storms of applause, and was 
voted gilt-edged In everv respect, while I.e 
Itoy nnd Wr^odford, who keap their talk ud- 
tnthe-minnte. and entermlnlng to a marked 
degree, made an emphatic success. Others 
Ktrt: wit. La Ileile, tramp Juggler, and Ver- 
nou. the clever ventriloquist. The motion 
plctm-ex continue. 

Pmmtat'M Tltentee (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger). — A good hill was offered April 30, Io 
appreciative stidlences. Mr. and Mrs. AUI- 
-on. In "Minnie from Minnesota," pleased as 
niucli as ever, (lot Williams made a ten- 
strike In lifs Hutch monologue, and retired 
with honor*. Ren Cotton, the old time com- 
edian, met a generous reception, and nang 
the old song* In bis well known manner. 
Harry Edann und lit* clever doff*. "Doc." 
scored as ueual. LMxoa aud Anger had their 
customary talk fesl. Madelyn Marshall 
pleased as "'Hie Ruhc lilrl." Youngs and 
■ttanka scored In their musical act. Kolden 
and Hugbes made good. The others, all 
good, were: Delmore and Oneldn, Jack nnd 
Clara Hoof, the Burkes, Ilathaway's Indian 
tablrattx, und Packer and Burke. The vita- 
graph closed the bill. ! 

Nctv York. Hippodrome (Thompson, ft 
Handy, inflDagenO. — "A Society Circus." 

K Hill's Theatre (E. F. Rogers, resident Mmlth and Campbell. Harry Brecu and i^m. 
manager),— A good audience na»emb led April lotte Parry. " v - unr- 

IIO," aTitf J Witnessed: a 0leOBlng'ML -.Fnnk Payto.% a (H. S. Allen, manager! — I'm- 

Heed Payton la seen In "We 'Un« of 'SSS1 

see" tbla week, flood boslneaa wkh "ti^ 

Prisoner of Zendn" last week. Hatt «tC 

cause Hlie Loved Dim tfo." H °** 

Ltl-eL'h (Louis Phillips, manauer) —•"n,- 

«-r this week. Good liualuesa last week? 

'Lieutenant Dick." ^ 

rw, ill's. Marrows. Lancaster Hnd company 
scored a big lilt In "Tactics." as usual. The 
Bard Bros, gave their excellent gymnastic 
act In I heir Mtft quiet way. Cliff flordtm 
caused lots of laugnter In nla "langlcfoot" 
speech. Tltornc nud CprMon Jested In a 
manner that thoroughly sathuied. "l.ouls M. 
flrsnnt whistled to evident saHsfactldD. 
It vers and Hermann t first time here) offered 
their pantomime act, which took exceedingly 
well. Others were: Werner and Oladdlsb, 
Mct'rea and Poole, Kenney nnd I loll Is, Ar- 
nott mid liitnn. Hills and Wilson, and the 
BeAtms. Tiie klnetugriiph closed the bill. 

Mnlestl- Thentrc (John S. Flaherty, 
manngerl. — AJitrgnrct Anglln. in "Klra/' 
started her liilrd and last Week April 30. 
Next week, Dc Wolf Hopper, In "Happy- 
land." ' ' ' 

Grand Opera House iJohti H. Springer, 
nmnigeri. — Mnv Irwin, in "Mrs. Black la 
Rack, opened to good business April .tu. 
Next week, Chauncey Olcott, in "Edmund 

Field*' Theatre (James K. Hackett. 
manager). — "Mr. Hopklnaon" started Its 
fifth week April' 80. Dalits Wclford was 
succeeded- In the title role Wednesday mati- 
nee, I'o.'by flunnlhg Davis. 



AT TUB MAKHArfAN .XlIKATMi Mrs. ***** 

gave three matinee performances last week 
April MA» and. :»«. Hbe was assisted b, 
the members of the Manhattan Theatre "onY 
l«ny,_and npneared In three one act ln r-1 

., played the roW 
'rhfa play in n simple llttte romance of.." 
poor artfat and- his lore,- the action .taklm? 
pUce Ih a studio In I'lorence, Italy, where 
the American rainier. Suandon, Ik located 
He Is i«ild a visit by Contesaa dl Cn B <«ii 
who 1ms heard part of bis life story TC 
night Iwfore, when they had mot, L hi 
thought for the llrei time. But she knows 
h.lm ns the artist who had befriended her 
aud oyed her when she was a waif ot twelve 
In- Philadelphia, before her people had taken 
her away by force to her beautiful home lu 
Italy. Thla was fifteen years ago, and Shan" 
don. still true to the love of those old dii? 
does not recognize In the fushlonable bS 
tcasa the Dolce of his heart. The slorv «f 
bis love for the child and of their poverty- 
framed happiness together Ih finally told by 

Harlem. — At the Harlem Oi*era House 
( Alex. Llebtensteln, manager) Wm. J. Kelley, 
supported'" by a good'Corapanj-. includlug 
Horothy Donnelly, uegan a season In stock 
productions at thla house on April .10, with 

"The MaWiueraders" at the opening bill. g 

A most entcrtalnlnj; performance was given, Abandon, and the contessa, passing throuaii 
Mr. Kelley and Miss Donnelly dolug work of ow ordeal of wondering whether h c still 
a high order, and winning a gratifying tares for her and whether he Is mar- 
amount of approval. Next week, "Sowing »«* ? p . tingle, m -.length has his nssuruuee 
the Wind." ' " that hlB heart has remained true, nud then 

West Rsd (flco. A. Blnroenlhal, mana- "he reveals her Identity. The curtain leaven 

ger).-— Florence Bindley. In "The Street Sing- tliem In each other's arms. Mr. I,ong has 

er." opened the week, ;J0, to One attendance, handled this mnterlul n-lth some detine<<i 

MBTftopot,fs.( Henry Bosenberg, manager), and there Is a potent appeal to the synipa' 

— -Buster Brown" U the current offering, Jhles In the Illustration of the poor artist's 

nnd good business ruled 30. love for the forlorn little creature who has 

Star (Wm. T. Keogh, manager). — ''China- *2 r 3'ears been only a memory to him, nud In 

town Charlie" Is here this week. . Next week, the contessa a eagerness to discover whether 

with It-j -Song of the Flowers" 
of the Golden rutin tains," 

and "Court 
continues. Vaude- 
ville and elrnis features arc : Woodward's 
seals, WulfT's hounds, Five Lecussoua, Silvers 
nnd Marcelluc, Mile. Natilina Kossl, tho 
Bnrsluis, Manello-Marnltz Troupe, the Four 
Itlnnos N the Flying Meteors. Bonhalr-tireg- 
ory Troupe, and Ralph jobuslon. 

Miner's llnirery Theatre (Edwin D. 
Mha-r. manager). — The 1'arlslan Belles pro- 
vide the programme this week. It Inclunes : 
•The Hu1tnn T s Wives," .r. II. McNIchol. But- 
ton und Sutton, Burns und Morris, the Sa- 
t.'onal American March. Bertha Ames, the 
Three Marvelous Heumons, 'cyclists, und 
■Tit" Girl from Manila." Next week, the 

London OaleJy Girls. 

Timlin Tnealrc (Sullivan & Woods, 
munugersi. — The Itussell Bros., lu "The 
Great Jewel Mystery." opened to big busi- 
ness April 30. Besides the two stare, tlic 
cast Includes: John Ituseelt .lr.. Hiob. G. 
Liuglinm, lloyal Thayer, Frank Battle. G. 
A. Wylte, Wm. Hcxter, C. It. Fogg, John 
Burt. Ahnlc Conroy Russell, Katflryh Vin- 
cent. Kale Goodrich, Flora Bonfantc nnd 
Anule Oould. Next week, "Tracey, the Ont- 

l.oiidmi 'I'lirntrc i James II. Curtln, rami- 
agerl. — The Dreamland Burtesqucrs arc this 
week's attractlun. "At Hie Circus" nnd 
"Through the Clouds," and an olio. Includ- 
ing Laclede and Raymond, Lester und (Julnu. 
Zeo and Sparrow, l'nlfrey and Barton, nnd 
Lewis I'rlukow. besides the motion pictures, 
inak«' up the bill. Next week, Hie Alcazar 

hewer Theatre (Sullivan & Kraus, man- 
agers). — The Moonlight Maids began a re- 
turn engagement . here Monday nfteru-mn, 
April .10. "A Night at Newport." with John 
F. Burku Li-- leading comedian, was presented 
by an excellent eompuny, lu the olio, which 
followed, nupeared: La Belle Marie, Ntncr 
and Niner, In a clever act, which, called for 
round* of ajmlnusc : Montgomery and Can- 
lor made u hit with their eccentric dancing: 
Isabelle and Sadie Unn) wero very good, nnd 
Un- Marriott Twiua. "The- Diamond Pal- 
nce." a new hurlctle. by the Burke Bros., 
and predentin! for the first time In New 
York, wes a .nieces*! from the start. Next 
week, A I. Reeves nnd cumpnuy. 

Murray Mill (Wm. T, Keogh, manager). 
— "Kscaped from Sing Sing" Is the attrac- 
tion, here fur the current week, opening to a 
well tilled hoii-e lit Die first performance, on 
Mnuday evening, April 30. The company In- 
cluded: Albert I*undo, M. J. Sheehan, .1, 
Frank Gibbous. Jas. Champion. Richard Mll- 
loy. lice St. -Klmu> .1. F. Watson. Milton 
Smllh. Arthur Kline, Fred Poller, Leo 
Bailey, Lucy Blaxe, Lllllau Buckingham, 
Blanche, Holt. Next week, Nell Burgess, lu 
"The 'County Fair.*' 

HhImtVi 'Mtmcum (Jolin II. Auderson, 
mnuager). — The feature attraction In the 
curio halls this week is* the fut Indies' con- 

Sclroa Herman 


i"irfM STfiKET fV. F. I'rottor, manager). — 
Amelia Bingham Is In her farewell week ns 
u. member of the lVoelor Stock forces, and 
at this house this week she Is repeating her 
lierformonre of Jean, In "Joan of Are*," 
which was moved from the Broadway Proc- 
tor house, to Harlem. The regular members 
of the uptown Proctor company gave Mies 
Dlnghnm efficient support, the beat work 
being done by Paul McAllister, William Nor- 
ton, Agnes Scott, George A. I<essey and Rob- 
ert L. 111)1. On Tuesday, Thursday and Fri- 
day matinees Louise Kent will be the fmu. 
In the vaudeville are: Mme. Norman, Julius 
Tannen, nnd moving pictures. 

Ai.KAMiKi.v t Percy G, Williams, manaiter). 

('oitlln and Jennie Frnucloll and company, 
Grace Fields und her Mutlnee Maids, viola 
Gillette nnd company, the Khafukti Troti|ic, 
Alfred Arueseu. Cooper and Robinson, lhc 
Boston Fadettes, nncf George Wilson. 

-Hiu-riu & si.amij.n';. Mi;hic Hall (Ben 
Hurtlg. manager). — Bill thla week: Pnrroa 
Bros.. ( liesnah and Milter. Mr. nud Mrs. How- 
ard Tmcsdell nnd company, Klein, Ott Bros. 

slmndona love for. her bus wlthstowl the 
dulling Impress (hat Time naturally leaves 
There ure. too, some defects In the dcveloii- 
rueiit of ibe story, particularly lu the arthA 
DlUlllHss in not seeing almost at once the 
reason why this fashionable woman should 
enter his studio and trv to worm from his 
reluctant lips the sacred storv of hh love. 
But the geucral Impression made by tho 
piece was a moat agreeable one, arid Its 
acting was very, enjoyable. Mrs. h'lsko 
ns the Italian woman of present 'refinement 
end eulinrc. Wi-cstllng with F.ngllsh. aud cull- 
ing, up American slang phrases of her dearly 
remembered childhood day** spent with her 
artist lover, wna completely successful. Her 
nctlug hnd I he charm <>: vivacity and svm- 
poihetlc expression, and the subtlety or her 
— Bill this week Includes: Vesta Vlnorla art made the portrayal in every respect In- 
«hcr last appearance In America), Horace len«itlrg. John Mn^un, ns the artist, a>- 

noted the man's unwavering affect lou ami 
lenilerness v/lth n sure touch, nnd was at all 
times In the picture. Mra. Flake's two one 
act plays. The F.jes of the Heart'' nnd "A 
Light from St. Agnes," which made a hit last 
year at matinees Riven here, were revived, 
and rounded out the afternoon delight fulk. 
In the former play George Arils*, as the 
. Mind grandfather, who at Icngih awakes to 
ntld Nicholson. Ceunro and Bailey, Euiffla the fact lhat a loving deception has been 
Francis, Trovollo, lhc Watermelon Trust, and prnetleed upon him In order lo keep the 
moving pfclurcK. lauilly'-j poverly 'roar worrying him. ugaln 

Fajiii.t |W. W. Kly. mannger): — Mile. Mo- gave the superb performance that won lilia 
rella'H leoi-ards. Mr. and Mrs. Cal. Rtewari, such acchiniat Ion liist year, aud Kmllv 
McCnuley and Dona van. Anuh; Morris, Dean L ' 
AVorley, Robert La. Burkhardt and Perry, 
lllusfratetl songwaiid moving pictures. 

I 'auk f Central Theatre <;o.. roauagers). — 
This week's bill ■ Bending Bomb, Minnie Har- 
rison, Milton Lee, Parker's dog circus, Harry 
Halmau, Carroll and Baler, Rice and F. liner, 
aud Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Thorne aud com- 

Brooklyn. — At the Munlauk (Kdwln 
Trail, mniinger) Naucc O'Nell, In repertory, 
April 80 and week. Last week Mwrencc 
DvhU; In "The Embassy Hall," played to 
big builneBs. Next week, Dustin Farnnm. in 
"The Vlrglnlun." The entire receipts of Mon- 
day evening's performance went for the aid 
uf the San Francisco sufferers. 

SiiranuTH' <I*w Parker, manager). — Wil- 
liam II. Thompson 30 and week. In "Money 
Talks."- Irfist week Mra. Flske plnved to 
packed houses. Next week, Margaret Anglln, 
In "Klra." 

Majestic (Dudley McAdow. manager). — 
"Lndcr Southern Skies" 30 and week. Mabel 
Tntanelie Is seen in the leading rote. Last 
week "The Sultan of Sulit" did flue business. 
Next week, "Buster Brown." 
- QtAJD) Dnttt ili'LM; (M. T. Mlddlcton, 
managcrt. — ■ "Across lhc Pacific" 110 and 
week. liUst week. "Why Girls lieuve Home" 
was well attended. Next week; "Old Isaacs 
from the Bowery." 

Bijou - (Mrs.' Spoooer, director).— "At Old 
Fort Lookout" -,'in and week. I*st week, 
"\mh River" Illled the house. Next week — 
the closing week — "The Fussing Regiment." 

OM'tiEUH (Percy G. Williams, manager). 

Stevens. Charles Torn* and Wm. Mack 
also came In tor iiunum fur their work lu 
this piny. "A Light from St. Agnes" gave 
i-enmudu Ells'.-u aud John Miikoji full scope- 
for fhelr taOids, nnd the forn'ter. m the 
Creole girl, who Aud* her redemption In thn 
memory or the dcud "St Agnes." wan ali- 
KorblngJy liileresllng, showing decided ar- 
lIsHe gualltles In the Ililerpretntlon. Mr. 
Mason und William B. Mark were bulb ex- 
(client tn the other role*. Costs: "Dolce"— 
Dolce, Ooi'.tessii dl Cawnll, Mrs. Flake; Shan- 
don. John Mnsou; Servant, Charles Terry. 
' The Eyes of the Heart" — Mutisleur d'Anee* 
lot. George Arlltis: Paul, CbnrJea Terry; 
Monsieur Grnsset. John ITini limn . Remy, 
C'laus Bogel : Dldlur, William B. Mack ; 
Mignon, Emily Stevens: Annette, Mary Mad- 
deni ; An Errand Boy. John Clay. "A Light 
front St. Agnes"— Michael Kcrotntc, John 
Mason; Father Bcrtraud. William B. Muck; 
Toloette, Fernanda EIlscu. 

I*gnuv G. WiMtiAUB opened his Alliambra 
ballroom April 1ft wllh a ball and Immfuct, 
tendered to the press, theatrical managers 
nnd attaches, nud about eight hundred wero 
present. The room Is located on the top 
floor of the Alhuinbra Theatre, Seventh Ave- 
nue and One Hundred and Twenty-sixth 
Street, and has a stugc. a balconv, wllh a 
row of private Iwxes. There Is also a lurco 
dining room, und tho whole forms one of the 
huiidsQincst halls in Harjetn. Orchestras from 
the 'theatres managed by Sir. Williams each 
played two selections during the dunce. 
"Mike" Bernard, "Blllv" S. Clifford, the Em- 
pire City (Quartette and Fred Nlbhi enter- 
tained. Mr. Wlllhihis wus called u|>ou fur a 

I itki>n In an opium John, and thus defeat vent Ion. which Is causing roars of laughter. —Margaret Wyeuerly Is the leading feature B ,J^ rl ' '.£ ". ' l !' u . H ,,,- 

But Tim Is made aware of Ablwtt Purkcr, wllh Hie crucifix ou his hack, 30 and week, fn "in Self Defence.'* Others .^ ' " ■^ t »Mt?il!*JI"9i*HS 

him at thu polls. 

lhc plot, beats' his enemies and wins Grnce 
Luwtoii. tlie girl of hi* choice. Mark Sul- 
llvan. ns un Inebriated would-be sport, scored 
the hit of the evening, and Dave Lewis did 
the bcxt he could with the material hc had 
to work with. Florence Slnuott, who was 
also handicapped by her role, sang charm 
(Ingly nnd danced with grace, nnd. In fuct, 
got more than the face value of interest out 
of the part. Harry Stone, Lcona, Pain, 
Diamond Donncr aud Ida Emerson also did 
commendable work. Joseph E. Howard was 
good in his role. The east : 'Mr. Partridge, 
Fred ,1. Barnes: Kara Whittle, riuirles M. 
McDonald; Man Who Wants to Bet, Mark 
Sullivan; Sam Grady. Mark Hart: Grace 
Low tint, Floreuee Slnuott ; Tom Cole. Dave 
Lewis: Clinton (ioddurd, Allen nenneit;Dan 
Lowuion. Joseph Allen ; Valeskn Granger. 
Ida Emerson : Florrle FonshaW, Diamond 
Donncr : Hop lice, Leonard It. llnyt: Thu 
Hnllornu, Harry Stone; Willie Curler, Wil- 
liam S. Davis : Belle of China town, Leoim 
Pam : Jim Hallnran. Ilnrry Stone: Dutch. 
V.. G. Stockwell : .luck Dunning, Joseph K. 

A Him tic (iurdcn ( W. Kramer's Sons, 
nmnagersl. -- - Mr. and Mrs. (Jalala. grand 
opera duo; l lie Albert ys. hand and head lar.1- 
ancers; Ben Beyer, comedy irlck hlcyellat: 
the Great l<orene. dancer; Felix Walsh, 
tenor sinner. In illustrated mtfjt; I he Ben- 
nington Duo. In comedy, and Prof. C. Meyer** 

began his *ccuud week. In tlie theatre nil 
excellent bill. Is given, headed by Murphy, 
Thompson und 'Murphy, third week here. 

Miner's i;i K bth Avenue Theatre (Ed- 
win D. ■ Miner, manager). — The Tunocent 
Maids opened to good business April .10. In 
"Struck by a Cyclone." Tlie olio Included: 
F.iiL'cne Jorge, song Illustrator; Allenc aud 
Hamilton, slngera und dancers: Williams and 
Dermody. In snug nnd dance: Oracle and 
Reynolds, lu a bunch of nuusensc. and Cun- 
ning, "The Jail Breaker." The cast Includ- 
ed : Chan. H. Boyle. Eugene Jerge, Jdhn 
Grnele, Lew Reynolds. Jack Rlllott, Mary 
Mtltora, Kdvthe Hamilton. Mazie Aleene, 
•lames Mulhare. Next week, Dreumland Bur- 

Academy of Mnslc (tillmore & Tomp- 
klus, ma lingers i.— Wilton I<nckaye. In "The 
Pit." began his second week Monday night, 
April no. to continued good business. 

Pt'cn* Amsterdam Tlientrc {Klnw .k 
Krlanger. liitMlliltl — "The Free Lance" 
commenced Its third week April 3d. 

Criterion llietitrc (Churlea Frohman, 
luiiangeri. — Francla Wilson opened his ninth 
week in "'Hie Mountnln Climber" April 30. 
Krnest II. Baxter replueed llnrrlsoa Arm- 
strong ou that dale. 

Cmpire l in-nirr {Chus. l-'robmao, man- 
ager). — Muude Adums. hi "Peter f'an." be- 
gad her iwcnty-altth w-eek April 3«t. - 

Xew Turk Theutre i,Klnw & Kr lancer, 

i'k 'Pnesdny evening. Mav S, this resort 
will celebrate Its forty-eighth annual anni- 
versary, for will rli n niunster concert nnd 
vaudeville iir-rformance hns lion arranged by 
Manager Fschert. Jno. G. Frank's Fnufiiro 
Mltllmy Hand nnd the Kllte Lady Orchestra, 
fifty niitslelans. lu coujunctlon with promi- 
netit vaudeville acts, will be on the pro- 
gramme that evening. 

(Harrison Grey 
i-'ti Aunt" lieguu 

lllll^ll'l. .'..\., Ill WIIKUI. mill i I ' ■ I . .. ..,.-£ , . n .*«.« .,...» m *■«-■«*■ ^ ^i.i,,., vh AJltUUkC. 

moving; pictures are tlie attractions for tills managers). — Sam Bernard.- In "The Rollick 

~" lag Girl." begun his third week and last fort- 
night April SO. 

. KnlcKcrbueker Theatre (Al. Hnyman 
& Co.. mnnaojersi. — Frltxl Scheff. !n "Mile. 
Modiste." commenced her nineteenth week 
April 30. 

MM **Veber*ii lDi«lc llnll {Joseph M. 
Weber, mnnagcri. — "Twiddle-Twaddle" en- 
tered Ita eighteenth week April 80. 

Lyceum Theatre (Daniel Frohman, 
manager). — "The Lion aud the Monao" com- 
menred its twenty-fuurlb week April 30. 

Liberty Theatre i Khtw \ F.t lunger, mun- 
SRers). — Florence HuIhtIh, In "The Strength, 
nf the Weak," began her third week April 30. 

Lyric Theatre (Sam S. & Lee, Siiubert, 
■Ulimit) — Artto'.d Daly. In "Arms and tho 
Ua*,T starl«l, hi* third week April 30- 

Casliiu (Sam S. & Lee Shubert, mnna- 
gerei. — "Tlie Social Whirl" entered Its fourth 
week April ltd 

Belnneo Theutre (D.tvM IVlu-vo, mao- 
I^O'i -=Stnnctie Bates. !n " The Girl of Ibe 

• ...iiftri^rr^TT^rt-gt*'!! "-ni !-"i« Rfq^tmH -wee* 

April 30i 

Man hat Inn Thrnlrc 

I'lske. nianager). — "Chiirle; 
its seveuih weft April 30- 

ItiMlHon Thentrr (Henry Tt. Harris, 
manngerl. — Wm. II. Crane entered Ills third 
week mid 'usl fortnight April 110.' I u 'The 
American Lord." vttty Theatre (A. W. Ulngwnll. 
laiisgeri. — Klsle Janix In "The Vnmterbllt 


in." startrvi her sixteenth week Ai»rll ',w. 
rrimv"* Theatre (Henrv Miller, man- 

agor).— Henry WoodrulT, In "Brown '-of llor* 
vard," opened bis tenth week April 30. 

— trfiim *•»»«:» J.U— lljilivwautfscr.'-- -^ 

Dnvld Warlleld entered h lulu Irt v. i ,1VR 
Hi "The Music' Muster," Aprll'30, 

■ ttftn tfrfft, 

are: Ve Colonial Septeite, Merlau's pantb- 
mline docs, the Four Fords. Clifton Craw- 
ford. Kdgnr Blxley, Jules and Ella Garrlsoa, 
Winona Winter, Cnmpbell and Johnson, and 
the vitngraph. 

.'.it* & Hr.riM.wi's (Nick Norton, mana- 
ger). — The curreur week marks the closing 
of the season,. which has been a very success- 
ful one. The closing bill: Fred Walton, 
George Fuller Golden, tlic Six Musical Ciittys, 
John Ford aud Mayme Gehrnc, Marco Twins, 
Stanton and Modena. Will Archie, the Van 
Auketts. Walters and ITouty. Sunday con- 
cert May (I. 

Kkesky'n (Frank A. Keency, manager). — 
The Great Henri French heads the bill this 
week. Others are: Wormwood's bears, 
monkeys and dogs. Dorothy Russell, Jack 
Morworlh, Gormau and West, Charles Nevlns 
and Lydla Arnold, the Three Graces, the Mu- 
slejil Heubtis. nnd the Kceneyt>eoue. 

St.mi (Archie II. Kills, manager).— The 
Vanity Fair Co. this week. Next week, City 
Sports Co. 

Ai.cazaii (Wm. Keogh. manager). — The 
Utopian Borlcsquers this week. Next week, 
Parisian Belles. 

Bkoauwav ( c. Teller, manage*). — 
Grace George, this week. "The Galloper" 
had a big week ending i!8. Next, ''Tho 
Siinuw Man." 

I'uu.v i Bennett Wilson, manager). — "Why 
Girls !,cavo Home" this week. Last week. 
"Chinatown- Charlie" did u big business. 
Next. Williams and Walker. 

UATttTI (Juiaes Clark, manager). — Clnrk's 
Rutin way Glrla this week. The Dainty 
Duchess Co. had u big week, ending 28. 
Next, Vanity Fair Co. - 
: Nuvbwtt '(Harry Lcoaardt. manager).— 
Iah*iiI Interest Is given I he hill this week. 
Inasmuch tin. on the night of JU), only. Corse 
l'ayttin nnd his stock c&mpanv will present 
a sketch, called "A Day In the Lee Avenue 
Court." Tim -rest of tho bill la made up of: 
Kerzue/s Animal Circus, Thomas OT.rlcn 
Havel, assisted by Lillian T.awreiicc: John- 
i*le Carroll. Clarke Vance, Ihe Casting Di|n- 
linre. Brown. Harrlsnu and Brown, I^o r*nr- 
rlllo and -John Lc Clark. Blc business ln«t 
«ect. "lite Great Lnfnyeftc Show will close 
rhe reason week of Mav 7. -■ 

cxiqnte tr. It. Care, manager).— The Jolly 
.Iris lBIi week. Next, the Dreumland Bur- 
lean nera 

Gotham fE. |i*. C.lrard. managprL— Jnmea 
ft Oo rnett and company head thla week's 
lull. • •inert! The Rasmje Quartette, Lrtveeu 
nud..C^o^s 1 Devlin and Elisw.ortlr,"Sp«uldlns, 

together all those Interested in the theatrical 
line, especially those In his employ, and with 
the general weal lu view, they, should pull 
together and give the public equivalent for 
its money. Mr. Williams led the grand 
inarch, and a Hash light picture was taken 
of the gathering. Day was breaklug when 
the hand pluyed "Home. Sweet Home/* - 

At the Ac.vuhMt of music, Sunday night, 
April M'J, the benefit for the sufferers from 
the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, netted S-1,700. 
Wm. A. Brady had charge, and tlie pro- 
gramme included : Florence Roberts present- 
ed the third net of "'me Strength or the 
v\eak;" James Keanc nnd compunv appeared 
in nn act. of *Dr. Jekyll and Mr. IlTde." 
Others who appeun'd were: Raymond Hitch* 
rock. Louis Mann. Wilton Lackaye. James J. 
"Corbet t, Lottie Gllson. George M. Cohan. Jtt 
Weber. Blllv Clifford; Edward Breeue. Waller 
-C. Kelley. Ratta and King, Mareellne and 
Silvers. Mniiello-Merwlfx Troupe, the. Royal 
NpuniKii Troupe. Fields and Ward, Baby 
Chalmers, Bonhalr-Gregory Troupe, Clco 
l>BUiond. Cllflon Crawford. Julia Allen, 
Cora Gray. McGloln and Smith. Whahu and 
West, George Marlon. Blanche Ring, iw 
Bovler Grand Opera Trio. Allnnln i Tptw e W 
and company, and Salmon nnd Chesier. 

Tun Gabuks, Midlson Stiuare. tJarrlclt, 
Third Avenue, Savoy. Herald Square and 
the Circle Theatre** arc dark, the last tout 
liavlug closed for the season. 

Fhank Kkkxan has Hied a pellllou In 
bankruptcy, with liabilities of ?G.33 , i. »w 

USsets 0/ .SLo'l. 

Joskph JurKKiisoN's «*olltciloii of paint* 
Ings tvus sold In Mcndelsschn Hall, Aprils*, 
scveuly-foiir of them bringing $2*fll.L''."'. 

Mas. FiaKE presented "Dolce," "The Lyes 
of the Heart" hnd "A Light from St. Atme*. 
at (lie Manhattan utatlnee. April ST. for too 
Bide-a-Wee House, realizing- *s2.«t»o. 


Sontii II^imL — At the- Oliver. Ulchard 
Carle. Jn "Jlie Mavor of Toklo," April '^. 
giifc n imnetlt mallnec for Satt-Freoclsco 
rr-Hff fund, to S. It. O. Bm Tnnguay May •'■ 
Clark Stock Co. T-12. , 

AtntTontt m.— Hoefller Stock Cv.. week or 
Anrll *-•». had bit business. "The Arrival oi 
Klttj-" May 1. the Rays 0. ; » . * , „.j 

fiUsirti-.-^Rll! wrek i -nr April 2B: Marj 
velous Roiispll, Cnrrelfen ami Hotlge^.-JI"*" 1 "-* 
Howanl. Malcolm and Shcvett. Ma Drtl nml 
Corbley, Cora Miskell, und Gold Dust Twms. 

May. 5. 

the k^w yq&k: 


1 1 5 


Philadelphia.— The new offerings for 
ihe currant wee* are- Cyril Scott, liT'"tte 
ITlncfChap," ** the Lyric, nnd OTrln Jotm- 
mb ' In "The Ilalnsman," a"t the Broad. 
Anon Fay. at the head of a vaudeville 
company, opens at the Garrlck. "Rosalie.'' 
' it the caestnat, and '"The 01an«moni"*at-the 
Walnut,' are now on for -runs. ' The first 
house to annoboce Irs closing; Is the Jileveoth 
Street Opera House, which puts tip Us shut- 

umm May is. ■ ■ 

BnoAn (Ntion A Zimmerman, managers). 
-^-Orrln Johnson, in "The PlalnaaTuuV April 
M -tor two week*. In the cast are: Hoi- 
lirook Bllofi. lrraa La Pierre. Ann 8uther ; 
land. Edward Maekay, Florence' lister, 
Charles Bowser, Hardee Klrke and Esma- 
ntnllo Fernandez, Joseph Greene and George 
Neville. Chas. Itlchman, In "Gallops," had 
a fortnight of fair business. 

Lxaic t-Uessrs. Sbobert, managers;. — Cyril 
Scott, In The Prince Chap," 30, for two 

Seeks. Henry fi. DIxey, In "The Man on 
e'Boi." ban two Successful weeks', ending 

*'CHWWNUT Street Opeba HOUSR (Xlion 4 
yimmTBinn, managers);— -Lew Fields, In "It 
Happened In Vardirtmi," Is in his second and 
li«i/w**l£. Business was big lout week. 
- CitF»Mn*~ SThKET- (Nixon k Zimmerman, 
managers*- — "Kosalle," WJIIard Hpencera 
nfw oJJera. which received Its premiere on 
April 23, has all the earmarks of a success- 
fill production, and after the performers get 
better acquainted with tbelr parts, and a 
few necessary changes made in the book, It 
ihouid settle down for a run. Claire Maentz, 
Who essays the' leading role, has a rice con- 
tralto voice, and the numbers alloted to her 
enable her to display her voice to good ad- 
vantage. - Albert ran-, la the' tenor role, also 
flu 1 !' good opportunities. The other roles, In 
uo hands, of .Helen Byron. Henry Norman 
and Clarence Wilbur, are enpnbly taken care 
of. Attendance last week was of capacity 
order. ■'*'■" 

WalNot (Frank Howe Jr., manager). — 
'fTh*-' Clansman'- drew packed ■houses last 
week. Joseph Wbeelock 9r., Austin Webb and 
Aileen Goodwin nil scored. The play remains 
Indefinitely, ■ "• ' ' '• * '' 

Oabbick (Management of Nixon k Zimmer- 
man I. — Anna Eva Fay 30. She will be sup- 
ported by Milton and Dolly Nobles, t-Unart 
Barnes, the Hlce Family and the Grand Opera 
Trio. EHIs Jeffreys, m "The Fascinating Mr. 
Vanderveldt,'' baa two weeks of .fairly good 
business. * 

Park (F. G. NIxon-Nlrdllnger, manager). 
— "Simple Simon Simple" continues to be 
a atroog drawing card, and had big bouses 
last week. Beginning May 7, "Checkers," 
with Hana Robeit. -■ '■ " 

•: Grand Opeju Uoosn (G. A. Wegefartli. 
manager). — Billy B. Van, in "The Errand 
Boy," 3C and week. "A Yankee Circus On 
Mars" concluded c run of one month, S3, to 
average good noisiness. Nat .M. Wills next 

OiEuan AVENing (Miller <t Kaufman, man- 
agettL— Van Kind*; lo "A Man of Mya- ~ x -zzz?ci 
i*ry/ 30 and week. Howard Hall, In "The . J* n «*»' 
Millionaire Detective," played to" fine busi- 
ness 23-28- "The Secret Dispatch" next. 

■ * NiTioKAt, - < J. M. Kelly, manager).— 
"Lured from nome" 30 nnd week, following 
tt week of satisfactory business done by "For 
a Human I.lfe." Kathryn Purnell, la 
"Faust,", next. 

■ .M*eoi*lr'8 (F. G. Nlxon-Nlrdllnger, mana- 
ger).— "The Night Before Christmas" iiO 
and week. Thomas E. 'Shea, la repertory, 
had a week of good business. Edward Har- 
rlgan, la-, "Old Lavepder," next. 

Blaney's Arch Street (M. S. Scblessln- 
ger, manager). — "Marching Thro" Georgia" 
§() nai week. "Otd ladars froth the »6v/- 
aryAIntrdducIng (*hnrlea R, Bltfney's latest 
•tar. Harry First, , was accorded a big re- 
ception, and, drew' Hue houses last week. 
'Toon Hollow" next. ' 

Hart's (John w. Hart, manager). — 
•'Northern IJgUts" SO and week. Last week, 
"Escaped from Sing Sine" gave numerous 
thrills, and patrons turned out In good num- 
bers. "Monte Crlsto" follows. 
. KoREPArait's (Miller ft Kaufman, mana- 
gers). — The stock, headed by George W. Bsr- 
bler and Wllletie Kershaw, will produce 
".Northern Lights" 30 and week, following a 
line production of "Lost Blver," seen last 
week by good sized houses. Eugenie Blair, 
In "Leah, the Forsaken.". next week.* ^ 

■flTANnAnn (Darcy & Speck, monagers)."8he 
Dared Do Bight," by the atock forces, HO nnd 
week. Good sized houses were well pleased 
last week with "The Great White Diamond." 
"A Hlave of the Mill" next. 

'Et. evtvth Street OiT.UA Hoime {Frank 
uumont, manager). — WILh the exception of 
Billy Paine, In n musical act, there will he 
no change in the bill week of 30. which con- 
sists of- "Mysterious Mr. Rnffles," "No More 
Divorces," and "Howie's Return, *' In addi- 
tion to the minstrel titst port. Attendance 
last week was fine.- 

KEiTn'a (H. T. Jordan, manag-er).— Ryan 
k Rtchflftld and "The ! Globe of Death" are 
the heedliners week of SO. Others : Frank 
Bush, Marlon Garson, the Max Nelson 
'iroupe, Wllla Holt Wakefleid, Flnlay and 
Burke, William Tomklos,' Hathaway and 
Slegel, the Juggling Mathieus, Carl Victor, 
the Baldens, and the klnetograph. Good 
f>lzed houses ruled last week. " 
-Casino (Ellas, Koenlg; ft I>ederer, mana- 
gers). — The Bowery Burlesquers, with Geo. 
Harris Donohue (BaSlenj, In a monologue, as 
an added feature, 30 and week. The Gay 
.Morning Glories did big last week, the 
Twelve' Xavajo Girls being a strong feature. 

Bijod (G. W. Rife, manager). — Alcazar 
Beauties 80 and week. The Dreamland Bur- 
lesfjuers bad good houses Inst week. Merry 
iturlesquers next. 

I.vcni'M (John G. Jermon. manager). — 
The Majesties 30 and week. The Blue illb- 
l>on Girls did nicely the previous week. The 
York Stars next. ! 

TnfiCADHRn (Fred Wlilson, mnnnser). — 
London Gaiety Cirls 30 and week. The 
Parisian Belles drew capacity business last 
week.- *- . * 

BRAnENnonon's Dimb Musrum (T. F. Hop- 
kins, manager). — The Alabama MlnBtrelH are 
continued *as the feature in the curio hall, 
In addition to the Orlettas, in mini) reading. 
In the theatre are: Jules Lnrvett, the Del- 
tlnos. W. H. Buike, Itaymoml nnd Clark, 
Bending Bonda, Jqmes And Davis, tlie Du- 
prees and Lubln'a clneograph'. 

Bon Ton (Lillian Tyson, manager). — Bill 
week of 30: Maryland Tyson and company, 
Will II. Vao'-Dorn, the Brndfords, James 
Neltzell. the Lowrys, Harry Bliss, Louis Bou- 
valr and moving pictures. *" 

Notes. — The Academy of Music never had 
•uch'a big bouse as that wbicli assembled 
there afternoon of April 27. for the per- 
formance given bv the members of the the- 
atrical profession. In aid of the Han Fran- 
cisco sufferers. Performers from every one 
of the twenty-three tbentres appeared, and 
more than «.r»,00o wns realized. On the previ- 
ous day, 26, a vaudeville was given hi the 
Bellevue Stratford ballroom, at which *-_»,000 
was realized. Manager Hurry T. Jordan act- 
ed aa stage director, and those coutrlbutlng 
were: Henry E. Dlxcv, Charles Blchmau nnd 
William F, Uawtree, of Ihe "GuIIopn" Co.; 
I-ew Fields, assisted by members of the "It 
Happened In Nordland Co.; Delight Barsch 
and the Broomstick Witches. Rttth Hell, 
the Five ?."os8eh, Clarence Wilbur, Jultns 
Sieger and Polk Collins, and the Carmen 
Sisters.- On April 30 Dumont's Minstrels will 

have a special matinee for the fund; 

Rlngllng Brothers' Circus week or May 21. 
This will be lis first venture In this city. 

Htgenberk's Circus coded Its week 

here 28. The first few days the cold weath- 
er affected the attendance, but tBe' latter 
part of the week the hlg top was crowded. 

Willow Grove Park opens May 2(1, 

wiih Damrosch'B Orchestra The mtislc 

patHIoto At \\oodlynne Park, Camden,- N. i^ 
will be enlarged, and uned for comic opera 

WTforma nest r Jtutti HaTt has replaced 

Qttitiiei Dale In "The Clansman.*'.....:, 
Th* country' est ate of OwJn J. WJster, the 
narellat, whope graudmotn»r was Fanny 
Kemble, the noted actress, has been sold to 
a svndlcate fur *riO(»,ano, and it will be cut 

up.tnin building lot* The Klve Noshes are 

doing donWe work this week. In addition 
lo nppeorlng In "Simple Simon Simple," at 
Ihe Park, ihey arc alio on for the finale of 

"Rosalie," at the Chestnnt Philadelphia 

Lodge, No. '* B. P. fJ. Elks, celebrated la 
lining .Style the unenlng of its new jliOU.OOO 
clnb house: on April 2t>.) Themembers and In- 
vited guests, including a number of the Grand 
!;©dge- officers, assembled at ihe old elnh 
house at SixtcenMi and Arrh StreetM, and 
marched to (he new -boule nr Jnnlner Rnl 
Arch Streets,' where, lo ibe social lisll, the 
dedicatory ceremonies took place. In ihe 
evening a bijc banquet took place at rbe 
Bellevue-Stratford, where addre»LU9 were 
made by Mayor Weaver and* a number of 
prominent Elks. The new club house Is a four 
story structure, fitted up la the most lavish 
style. - - i ' ■ ■ ' 

Plttfchurif.— a- the Niton (Thos. F. 
Kirk, manager) Robert Mnntell April 30 and 
week. Losi week Olga Nethersole played to 
satisfactory bnainesB. Itobert Hdesxin next 
welk. ' ' - y- ■ ' ■ l 

Bcusco (Ceo W. Sammls, manager).— 
Louis Mnnn and Clara Llpman -3ft and week. 
Lest week. "The PcUice Chan" did well 23- 
27: oil Saturday, 28". the Mask and Wig Club 
of Philadelphia appeared. Jeffersbn He An- 
gells. In ■ fcaiuann, ' ne<t week. 

OR(Nn,-iBIil' for week of 30: Wm. Court- 
ielgh and company. Sbenn and Wnrten, VAgbi 
Bedouin Arabs, Atirle DagvrelJ, Mabellc'e 
nnlmnls. Fngan mid nyron, Billy Van, Ar- 
gyro Kastron. VValdorf and Mendey, T Snm 
llearn, Brockmah, Mack and Belmoni, John 
Zlmnaer; Romers and Law, and the' cinemato- 

Alvin (R, M. Gullck ft Co., managers).— 
"Checkers" this week. Ijrst week "Yor't 
State Folks" played to good business. "The 
Old Homestead" next. 

Bum; (H. AT Gullck ft Co., 'managers).— 
"Right Bells" this wrt*. r La« week; 'The 
f)ueen of the Convict"*" nad satisfactory busi- 
ness. "The Great Jewel Mystery" next. 

.fiVYRiv (Jas. J'l. Orr,, manageri.-rThn 
RentK-flantley Co. this week, with Rlccobono 
and his horses, tast - week, . the Trnns-.At- 
lantlcs appeared to fair houses. Blue Rib- 
bon Girls next. 

AcAnKJfi; of MURic <tf. W. Wlliiams Jr., 
manager!.— The Bohemian Bnriesquers this 
week. Last week, Miner's Americans played 
to tood business; Yankee Doodle* Girls' belt. 
, EsiPiim (E. J. McQullougb, manager).— 
"Hooligan In New York" this week. Last 
week, "The Funny Mr 1 .- Dooley" did well. 

Notr.— Pawnee lmi's Wild West will ex- 
hibit here April 30, May 1, at the Arsenal 
Grounds. «•-*-- • - »■ • . - - • •■- 

ment Las been conflrmed by Mr. Placki Tin 
scenery and scuta for (.he new theatre have 
been ordered, and the remodsllng of the 
building will be befun about -the middle of 
Mfcy, Mr. nothert'a leas* expires on May 16. 
— — - ■ "' i ■ ■■■ ■■■ ' - 

Harrlabai^.~At the Lyceum Theatre 
(M". 'Ilt'lsV manager) "The Shepherd King" 
was- a big stlrres* April- 23-23.- The Mask 
and Wig Club gave "Shylflck ft Co., Hankers." 
2, to a large audience. Howe's moving pic- 
tures May 3, Harrlsburg Choral Society con- 
cert 4. ■ 

Or-KBA House (Mr. Rcls, manager). — The 
Himmelein. Imperial Stock Co. did fair busl- 
ness last week. '"The Funny Mr. Donley" 
;;<Mlay ;.*, "Montana" 3-0. 

XdTKS.-- Claire Glnnl ami Atgle Dewees, 
of rhe ;'Puul J one,*'* t'pera t'n., who irn 
home for the Slimmer, will take a special 

course'lh music and stage work Jsc.k 

Mrtv.rmick. at the Ferdinand (irnhame Co.. 
wa> horn* week of 23.. .". I . .The uageitbeik 

Ctrciu 1h due May 1 Car No. 1, of the 

IliDfrilng Brothers' Circus, was here April 

2&i The tUto 'cornea Mir 31. 

■i.; -.•* %Jkm s .-I r* | 

WHItaansBort — At tfie Lycoming ^Opera 
HofnS'"Thou , Shalt Not Kill" canceled- "April 
'.'.1. Kyrie ItelfeW, la "ItSftes," |»l.-awl fi hlf 
ntldtcncc 24. I'rank peshpn 2«t. Irene Myers" Co. week of 30, *>HMty Tnliy" May 8, 
the Jefferson* it, Howfi's plrture^ in. 

^m d tww tta ** Sho* Mas* 3. » 
• a i» 


1 a r ' , ■ , ■■ . — -' ttt»t^ "" 

M Hluiberts, and will Im niHuagud by F, 0. 
Miller, who was a local newspaper man here 
MVeral years ago, nnd wlio hsa h*#n a«iS6- 
Mated with various theatrical Interests since. 
Lee llennlck, who was the treasure* of the 
house under Dickson ft TalholT, 1 will serve In 
the .same, company under Mr. Miller. J. T. 
Mi'Carrh.v, construction superintendent for 
the Shulterts, is here to arrabge for* the rs- 
modellnn of the house, which Is to take place, 
during the closed season. 

Lancaster, — At the Fiiltoa Opera House 
(Chas. A. Yecker, : manager) ''The Prince of 
Pilsen" drew a good house April 2X I^ewis 
Morrison, lb "Faust," did well 24. Mod- 

iesku, In "Macbeth," was well received 26. 
^yman Howe's moving pictures had awxl 
business 27. "The nogers Brothers In Ire- 
land" had a large house 28. "The Air Ship" 
May 2, '*The Old Homestead" 3. 
^Family (13d. Mozart, manager). — Current 
attractions include: Prof. Biiyck'a trained 
seals, Mr. and Mm. Neil Litchfield. Huston, 
Dallas and company. Bud Fnrnura Trio, Ken- 
nedy and Wllkens, Lee Tung Fob, and mov- 
ing pictures. 

-jloov ■UAnnr.s- -(Ciias.- M: Howell, mana- 
ger).— The seusou opens SO, with the follow- 
ing nttriirlloiis : Hlce ond Provost, tJreene 
and Wemer/. ilr.' and Mrs. BreJcan, Mnrvet- 
ous ' Miuwillcs. ihe fllrl Behind the Drum, 
J. .K. Murray and Clara Lane, and moving 

McGtianx's Pars. — Hagenbeck's Cirrus 30. 
Rtngiiug BroB.' Circus May 19. 

Voth.— Al. Leach, * who was taken 111 here 
a week ago, and removed to the hospital, has 
recovered and rejoined his company. 
' ' »■ ' ■ 

York. — At £he York Opera House (B. C. 
Pentz, mangier) "The Prince of Pllseh" had 
n tartderate ^ized audience April 24. "A Con- 
vlft's Daughter" 20. "Rogers Brothers In 
Ireland" had a good house 27. "When Johnny 
tistafji Marehing Home " 28; "The Air Ship 
May I, "Little Johnny Joftes." hooked for 
May 2, canceled ; the Oratorio Society (local) 
3, "Tpe Old Homestead" *. 

' FAM.on QYtn. B. I'yle. manager). — Captain 
Bloom, Chas.' Kennu, Kdw.: Casslrtv, llnrrv 
and .jlay noward, Bahy ^eltscher, Fontl- 
nelluV and the klnetograph comprised the bill 
last week, that was exceptionally well re- 
ceived by large houses. 

RiN'fiM.Ml Bnos.' ClHCirs May 18. 

Note.— York Lodge. No. 213, B. P. O. Klka, 
has been rehearsing under the direction of 
Prof. John Denues and Jacob Stager for 
the past several montliH for the production 
of the annual mlnntrel Hhow. When the news 
of the great suffering; at San Francisco was 
reported' here, the committee In charge, with- 
out nuy delay, decided to give the production 
In the local opera house ami turn over the 
entire proceeds to the' San Francisco relief 
fund. In past years the-mks Minstrels have 
"been very successful affaire, and this year 
promises to be one of Unprecedented financial 
profit. The bov« are all working hard. 
■■ ' '< 

Erie.— At the Majestic U. L. Gltson, 
manager) '■Strongbeatt," April 23, was re- 
ceived bv n full house. Alice Nellsen, 24, 
was favored with large attendance. "Texas" 
came to good hu«lness 2fl. "The Wlaard of 
Ox" drew a large uudlence 27. Savage's 
Grand Fnglish Opera Co. sang to the capacity 
of the house -28. 

Park On:it\ Uoi'se (J. L. Gllson, mana- 
gcn.— La.*r week : the ufumi large business, 
three entertainments dally. 

Note. — On April 23 John J. nynn, mana- 
ger of a theatrical company, of Cincinnati, 
o, closed the deal with the directors of the 
Krle Amusement Co,, for the purchase of the 
Majestic; Theatre here, pnvlnjf IttflyMO for 
the entire properly of the company, includ- 
ing lease nnd all. The new company will 
take possession June 1, nnd tirsi class vaude- 
ville will he run during- -ihe Summer months. 
The new owners control elghiy-flve houses 
in their circuit, extending from .New York to 
Omaha and Tn com a. and book many of the 
best shows on the ronrt. They will bring lo 
Krle, Pit., the best of ihe Shubert and Be- 
lasco productions. The house will' be run 
strictly independent, booking oftly best pro- 
ductions of nil circuits and combinations, 
and also playing vaudeville, never permitting 
the house to be dark. 

Alloona.— At the New Mlsuler (I. C. Mlsb- 
ler, manager) "When Johnny Come* March- 
ing Home* 1 was well received April 2S. Hilda 
Thomas, In "The Hhow Girl," drew a good 
house 20. Porter J. White, in "Faust," 28 : 
Robert Kdeson May 4. "The Gold Home- 
stead" fi, -Hlght- Bells" 0, "Little Johnny 
Jones" 11, moving pictures 12. '•'* 

Blevkxtii Avcki:k (I. C, Mlsuler, mana- 
ger). — Kathryn Purnell and company had 
good attendance April 23 and week. Mamie 
Fleming uftd company, In repertory, 30 and 

Notes. — Porter J. White, In "Faint," Is 
billed to appear at the Academy of Music, 
Tyrone, 27. . '. . . .Cliarlea A. White, press 
agent for Rlngling Bros/ Shows,' was here 
2ft, arranging for'thnt show to exhibit here 
May 10 The much, talked of deal be- 
tween Louis Plack and J. w. Burke, repre- 
senting the Kellli theatrical syndicate, for 
the lease of the Phnnlz block, has at last 
been finally closed, nnd a Keith theatre In 
Alloona Is now a sure thing. This stite- 

* Cincinnati.— At Music Hall, Mny 1, tUe 
May Music Festival will begin with an even- 
ing of melody In memory of Theodore Thomas. 
Irani: Van der Htuckcn will direct the I lo- 
clnnnil Hymnnony Orchestra, augmented to 
one hundred, and Sir ijhvurrt r.lgar will 
conduct his master works. There will be a 
chorus of four hundred, nnd n chorus of Cin- 
cinnati public school children of on* tlrnu* 
sand. "Tho Oream of Oeronilns" and "Tno 
ApOMtlea" nra to be given, directed by tha 
composer. Six conccrta are scheduled— foil r 
evening and two ranilnecs. A half hundred 
of the most famous crltb? of America arc 
\ft bv, here. 

CiRA.fp Oprra IIoiiHR (Harry Rnlnforlh A 
J, II. ilavlln, maoagers}. — Viola Allen opens 
April 20, In "The ToasL of the Town." Rich. 
ur<i Mansfield's engagement last week did 
splendidly, in reperiory. "The Grngerbreitd 
.Wnn" next week, 

Houisn.N's Hocnr, (George F. Fish 
k l.uelia Forepangh Fish, managers). — The 
Forepaugli Stock Co., with Mary Ilnll. wilt 
put on 'The Taming of the Shrew" 2ii ami 
w*ek,- the closing of. (be season. It will be 
a period of .floors and receptions, nnd on. 
May 5 the andlences will greet tho tnemhera 
of the company on the stage. In' these an 
revoln Albert Sackett, who hag been 111 
neatly air season; will take part. In "Ad- 
drey, Last week, Mary Hall was a most 
pleawing interpreter. Walter r-Mwards proved 
clever, and Wilson Hummel was excellent. 
Anna Woywod wis a pretty and effective 
Anhe Bird.;t Stuuct (M.-C. Anderson, mana- 
ger).— Nat M. Wllla 20 and week. -Eva Tnn- 
gnav made a most eiupbntlc perianal bit. in 
"The Sambo Girl." Ihst week. ''Tom, Dick 
and narry" next' week. 

CoI.l'muh ill. C Anderson, maaager). — 
Marshall P. Wilder will head Ihn bill 20 and 
week. Others: F.ramctt Ue Voy and com- 
pany. In "The Saintly Mr. Hillings :" the 
Hlonne Twin Slaters, Oeorgle Gardner nntl 
Joseph Mnddern, In "Too Many Darlings;" 
Melville aud'Conwoy, Beatrice McKentie and 
i-nrnpoiiy, nnd Itosnlre nnd Dorctto. 

Hri'ck's OrritA Boost:' fflsnck; Fenbessy 
k Stair, managers-).— "A -Crowb of- Thorns ' 
21* and week. "A •Millionaire Tramp" wns - 
well received lasl week. Hurry Todd nnd 
Jennie Mc Alpine were e*pecfnlly go«d. . Billy 
Kersauds' Minstrel* next.' - 

Sta.vdajw (C. B. Arnold, manager). — The 
Trans-Atluutic BtirlesqUers 20 and week. 
Rose Ulll Hngllsh Folly Co., with George W. 
Bice and T. F. Thomas, th«* drum major, 
made Rood, to nice buslnens, last week. 
Hentz-Hunrlev Co. neat. 
' Pfow.fc's (Hubert Ileuck, manager). — The 
Baltimore p.caialf* So and week. The Yan- 
kee Doodle Girls did fairly well last week. 
High School flirt* next week. 
Mjoftsu* or the Lonnr. — Hm Taaguny and 
her compnny, with the Itappo SlRiers, Illunclia 
MebnlTcy, and Mct'uc and Cnhlll, appearlhg 
at the Columbia, lock part In the benefit 
for the Han Francisco sufferers, at the Wnl- 
nut Street Theatre, April 24. Manager Henri 
M. Ztegler was elated over tue rcturnit — (il^uo. 
The t'niumbia Theatre wns credited with 
Slflfl, and the Fnrepnugh Stock Co., nnd em- 
ploye*) at Hobiiison's Opera House seal f138. 
'Hie Stnndnrd Tiienire, through Manager C. 

B. Arnold, donated $1 on The Ger- 

Man Theatre fo. closed Un season at 
the Grninl Opera House April 20, with 
"Doctni* Klniis, ' Otto Ei-neat Schmfil 
appeared us the beuellciary, and 
Pellmau, of St. Louis, auniimed a leadiu'i 
character.. .. ..Tho lost concert of the Or- 
pheus Cub took place April 21!, wilh Mary 
Hlsseb He Moss and Howard It, Barnett, 
with boy choristers from the Church of Our 
Saviour and St. Paul's Cathedral asHlHting, 
......Cincinnati has added $0,000 to the 

$5,000 given by a noward Hlnkle for a 

Theodore Thomas Memorial The Bob- 

ihsoh Shows forsook 'Norwood, nnd opened 
the season at Lancaster, O., April 28. Gov- 
ernor Jack Itoblnson Iiuh fully recovered. 

Cleveland.— .\t (he Opera House (H. D. 
Kline, manager) R S. WHlnrd week of April 
'.',0. Lulu (Haser had good houses last week. 
N'st V. Goodwin nexi. 

Colonial iDrew k Campbell, managers). 
— Olnser Stock Co. offers "Mobo" week of SO. 
Thf same compnny had capacity houses Inst 
week. In "The Banker's Daughter." "Hearts- 
case" next week. 

Lvckch (Geo. M. Todd, manager).— "The 
ButierfiiCM," by tho David Hurt ford Slock 
Co., week of :t0. This excellent compuny 
presented "The Hello af Itii-limond," \n splen- 
did bouses lust week. "Diplomacy" next. - 

i'i.i:vn,.v.\ti (Gen. 51. lodd. maimfier). — 
"filp Hearted Jim" week of ,"»). "At Crip- 
ple Creek" drew well tut week. "The Way 
of the Wicked" next. 

Kkith'h (11. A. Daniels, manager). — Bill 
week of .10: Kmtactt (".'orrigan and rompanj, 
Ijosllp and Dalley, (.'berldaU Simpson, I'rdle * 
dogs. Bessie Vuldnre Sextette of bicyclists, 
Paul Barnes, Kckhou* and Gordon, and Ln-' 
vine and Leonard, 

Lyftic (E. It. Lang, manager). — Bill week 
of 30: "The Girl from the West," John 
Welch, F.d. B. and Holla While, Dunn-Wll- 
belm-Franda tor,- nnd George and Harring- 

Star (Drew & Campbell, mnnngers). — The 
Yankee Doodle Girls week of ,10. Bohemian 
BtirleB<mers bad good house* last week, Bal- 
timore Beantles next week, 

Emi*im: JCnaN. W. Denzlnger, manager). 
— Itice ft Barton's Co. week of '30. Gov 
Ma wi tie rn ders Co. hid good receipts last 
week. The Troubadours no*t week. 

ends extend Ibis esleamed couple 
Minn* and best wImIics. Col. 

\ notigitoM n.- As Ihe Park (Me Norton, 
manager) Alice Xfllsen entertained ft fnlr 
ii2*fl' sndienre April 23. "The Wizard of 
t ix" played to Ids; business ".«. Robert 
Kdesoo ^8, Chas. Grapc^-ln no, Nat C. Good- 
wia May l. 

(JiU.vp (T. K. Albaugh, manager). —"Hall- 
road J nek" April 2S. Moving pictures con- 
tinue. Mau&Ker- Aluatigh will protmhlr hUre 
ne vera I other good attractions at rbe Grand 
hefore.ihe season close*. 

Ndtks.— (leneral Manager John L. Kerr, 
of, the «els circuit, wa* In tbe cliy, and 
closed a eonirael with T. K. AhVftftSm, lensee 
of the Ornnd Opera House, to iiook nil at- 
tractions for this honss for next season 

The Park Theatre, which ims been In the 
HMs circuit thi-- past jear, nnd wiiich lias, 
been provided a splendid line of attmctlnns, 
will he, it is rapnrlcd, run- Inde-pendciuly 
lieit year. Tills playhouse, slnct* In the 
Itels circuit, and. under Ihe local mnnnue- 
numt of i.<c Norton, and I'M. Muhloon, ns 
treasurer, ban been cnndnrlcil as a first, class 

bouse In every respect Cant. S. C. Hook 

and w-lfe catcbrnied- ihelf golden wcddfng 
Aurll _ti. si tlielr home on North Avenue. 
Mr. Rook Is tbe senior member of ihe bill 
iH'FUing firm of A. C. Book £ Son, has been 
connected with tbe Ynurtgstown Opera House 
for more than a score nc ivsiBSi and l« well 
imown ib many tbentrlcal people. Tbelr 
many f rleniw cxt 

Cummins' Wild West Show April .10, and 

HKBenbcclt'8 Circus May 10. 

,.i ■■■■«■ i i 

Toledn, — Ai the Vslenllne cOtio Kllvas. 
mnnngerj "Valkyrie," sung by the Hsvatte 
opera, wns n big svecess' April 2fi. "Tbe 
Ologerbrend Miin" ."ll-Mny 2, Lulu dinner ;i, 
Nat OoodWin rt. F. H. Wllltircl 7-tl. 

I.Trhnu (Frank Hurl, tnnnnger). — flan* 
Ions' "I'nnlnsmn" had lis usual excellent 
ImslncHS April i".' and week. AI. II, Wilson 
Sll-Muy t 

KMeinn (Abe Shapiro, manager). — Hlce k 
Bsrlon'A Kxiriivntraiixn Co. plenHPil good 
audiences last week. Jersey Lilies nnd 
week. • 

Bern's (Frank Burt, manager). — "The 
Home Seekers" April -Jj-^r., "Ah Told in tho 
Hills" 20-Mhtr 2. 

AnrrAnR (It. II. Lnmkln, manager).— The 
Hengler Sisters were a feature April 22 nnd 
week, - Bill 30 nnd week: Hosio'h Mldaeis, 
Uelplne and Mora, Cam lib- Comedy Trio. 
Casey and Le Clolr, Daisy llnrcoiirt. Ilnl Mer- 
rltt, Nnblett and Marshall, the Mnglnleys 

VThnnflcid: — At ' Memorial Opera House 
(Harry I.. Bowers, mnnuger) "Fighting tlin 
Flnmsft." n local lire detmrtrtcnt benefit, Abu I 
I'd, SI, had crowded houses, John (IriBitli, 
In "King Htchsrd Ml," 21, gave good satis- 
faction, to good hutdne.iN. |i<iiinelly & llnl- 
fletd'H -Mlustreio gatp a good show lo a well 
filled bouse t'>. "Busier Brown" gives two 
siihWs 28. This hoiiHC will be dark week uf 110, 
except -for Ihe PJk's Mlustrels, for benefit of 
the local lodge. 

Onriunt lOus Sun & 0. O. Murray, man- 
agefp). --Business holds up good.* Bill week 
of no Includes, among others: Prof. Clark's 
dog nnd pony circus, Sabine ntid Dale, Bu- 
rn ill, ruiI William Scberer. . 

Xoti:. — The *I.Hke Park casino will opeh 
Mny 7. with ihe Cui-ncli slock ('«., for u two 
weeks', engagement. 

■ ■■i ■ i -' ■'■ 

Akron Xt (be Colonial lUly S. Ulll, 

mnnn ger) "The Wltnrd of Os ' came April 
^.'i, to fair business. John Grlflith. In "Itkli- 
SnVage's Knglhli 
'nrsM 27. 
. May :i; 

M.trle CuUHI 10. 

N'OTtifl. — Achllle Pblllon has closed tbe 
Unhjui* Theatre, nnd will Join I be Fcrrofl 

Cnrnlv.11. whh his spiral lower act 

Harry Cndy and Mlllop Bnker have Jolnwl 
llalcn Fin- Flalitors. n» advance iigenis.... 
Jnuei and Hill will have charge »ftli» out- 
side altrncilons at Lakeside Park Hie com- 
ing seafron. 

— , , — » — — . — 

Zane.avlllp.~At the Weller (J. «. Eng- 
land, mnnsger) "Little Johnny Jone*" May 
». "Oream of Fair Women" "?, 8. 

Notr.— John Hobinson's Circus I* billed 
for April lid, and Futepuugb k SelN Circus 
May iil. 

»*» ^ — 


nrri HI." did well M, 

i!mi:d Opera Co. enjoyed good bitslm 

Nat tioodwln, In "The Uenl 

Buffalo. — At lbs Stnr (P. C. Cornell, 
manager) "The Wizard of Ox" April IlO-May 
5, Kyrle Bellow 10-12, closing the regular 
season. A Ntock compnny, headed by JesHle 
Bonstelle, stuns the Hummer season 14. X. 
C. floudwin did nicely, nnd delighted all. In 
"The Genius," supported by Kdnn Goodrich. 

LvcKt'ii i.L I/aughlln, manager). — The Ly- 
reum Players, a siot>k company, logins here 
7. in "An Knemy lo ihe King." In Hie edst 
will be: Havmond Whltnker. Carolyns Mc- 
Lean, P'retl Forester, A. C. Hendersun. Geo. 
llassell, Alex Kearney, G. A. Hemic, llnrry 
Dickson, J. s. Murray. Robert Watt Ade- 
line Dunlap, Leslie Bingham, Kate Jcpson, 
Maude Itai-bcr, nnd Gilbert, Hinge di- 
rector: Willis Goodliiic, nmnngpr. HelirnrK- 
ats nre In progress here. "Money Talks" 
pleased. J. A, Boss and company (colored) 
gave n benefit concert for 'Frisco 25. 

CoNvkntiox Mali (II. L. Met'.-h, custo- 
dinni.- Giiblo chorus (local) 10, ('restore 
27. A roller skating carnival was well put- 
roniwd Inst week. 

Siika's. — Hosier week of .'10: Frnmn Cams. 
MiMflboii's W r lllermelo|i GlrK McMulion anil 
chnp|H-Hc. Four Lukchs, Shyder nnd Buck- 
ley, and liit I ford find \VInchester. The 

Frisco honelit. 22, neticd nearly $:i,nrtn. 

AiiAMCMr i I*. C. Coi-nell, ^piiitbI rnrtosgrr;. 
— Harry t'lnv Hbilicy, In "The Hoy llehlnil 

Colunibas — At the Great Southern (O. 
M. Heffncr, mnooger) "The Gingerbread 
Man" drew good houses last week, under tbii 
uunpices of the loeni aerie of Kaales, who 
netted a handy num. >'rn c. Goodwin May 4, 
3Iarie Cnbill 8. ■ » " . 

Htntt ttTUtr.T (Chas. W. Harper, nutna- 
«;er).— "Bankers and Brokers" drew fairly 
well April 2.1-25. "Hooligan. In New York'' 
played to falrlv good holmes 2(1-28. "The 
Little Outcast" Jin-May 2; the Four Huntlnri 
B-S. Mtirmy A Macbey'n stock opens' »lny 7. 

OaASn OrrtiA Hovat: (P. O. Miller, mano- 

5er) — This house will reopen May 4, B, with 
efferwn IV Angelis, In "Fantana." The 
house has recently passed Into the bands of 

next week. "The Ninety und Nine" was well 
given nml at fended. 

Tkck (P. 0. Purnell, manager). — "Sher- 
lock Holme*" this week. Jnm«H O.Noill 
limed April 28, departing for his Hummer 
residence ni New Itondon, Cr. Ills receipt'* 
lo "Monte Crista," inaHoee 24. were donated 
to Ihe Mayor's San Francisco Belief Fund. 

Lavajtcttr ((.*. M. Bngg, raaniigi-r), — The 
Star Show Olris this week. Vnxt weak, 
Jolly (trass Wlduws. May Howard did ca- 

pocftr business. 

Garohs i n. J. Carr, manager). — Gay Mas- 
aueradcrs this week. Hlce k Hsrtuu next 
week. Ciu-liH) Girls found favor lost week, 

'i'ruru: i < "linw. W. McMulioli, mouager). — 
Fred Wyckon* und a company of nine tu;ts 
presented a creditable sbow Inst week. 

LiSX'H Mrsi:t:>i, — Ciirrt*nt offerings: Os- 
Isiriie mid Wallace, Blilv A. Falls. Frank 
Farroo, Gladys rjofslwln, Jamlwm a dogs, 
and Albert Zelita. 

N'otwa.— II. n. Von Lleblch and daughter 
arc .freqiicatty seen in [ifann muslcuiN and 
lectures here Vlrinr W. Schwnrtx, dlrpcior 
of tbe nuffaio Orpheus, goes to bis home In 
P.uropc In May, having been granted n icitve 

until Aufiisl Arnold von der Aue os- 

slated at the last Saengerhund concert, 2ft. 
The llagenheck Shows 10. 

Rochester, — At the Lyceum (M. B. 
Wolff, manager) "Checkers/' April 2-L 20, 
drew two large audiences. Hans llobertM 
and Kathryn Mtflklns were well cast, Hot- 

senhack Orchestra (local), 2u, had good par* 
ronage. John Drew, 27, scored a hit. Alice 
Netlsen. it, mado 1 a most emphatic hit In 
"Oon 1 Pftstiunle." having twn well lUlM 
bouses. Mny opera festival, with the Hav- 
nge IlnglUh Grand Opern Co., In repertory, 
no and week. 

National (Max Hnrtlg, manager). — "Big 
FTeamrt Jim" 2:1-25. George Kllmi. In *Ibs 
iltle role, gave a most praiseworthy lin- 
l*rHnnailon. Business was good, Martins 
"Puele. Tom's Cabin" had big returns 20-28. 
ft anions' "Fantanma" :tti-May 2, "Human 
Hearts" 3-D. 

Bam ii i.l. H. Moore, maiingeri,— Tho 
.Moore Stock Co., In -Who 0<*s Then*?" last 
week, amused large throngs. Bertram Lytsll 
nnd Ida Ailnlr handled the lends mbst clever- 
ly. To* Sign of the Four'* no and wceki 

Cook Onma Hot si: iJ. II. Moon-, munn- 
gei-K--niH week of Utt : Crncc t'Amernn, By* 
rou and l.anirdon, "Sunny Siuiiu." Cnrlin 
fnd Otlo A, Vim Hleue, the TiinnUiiH, Thue 
Sisters Mncurte. nnd klnen.grapli. r 

ConiNTiiiAN* (II. C. Jnwiw, mnnageru— 
Week of S3 Manchester's Cracker .larks Co. 
did Its usiisl annual law Intslm-ss. Bob Van 
Osieh AimlNcd grcnilv. HenulngH, l.i'wU and 
llcnulugM. Lillian Held, the Glockern, and 
Sbepnrd t'nmp scored big. Thelae's "llrkinn 
From Puck" i'n, ;:rt unit week. 
-Nin'Ks.-The TlvrtH Musical Comedy -Co. 
begin-* a Niiruiiiei' engagement nt linker The* 
atrc, commMiclntr May i. with ihe following 
cast Of principals ; Liflln Mlllwura mid DnUy 
Greene, jirlmn dotina roles ; Helen Malinger, 

Suiurttlcnne: Daisy Howard. Hmibrettc; Wh 
(dpb Knih, tenor; Allan ftamsny, cbnrnr- 
ters: .lack Hmoc-nou, George Fbni-r Slid 
narry Hnhlnn, cnniedlnns, and FrniiK Frehch, 

baritone AI. Hiiiby is ibiisK*n,l illrrctnr 

Manager Henry I-. .titcobo. of tin- Cnrlnthtau 
Theatre will donate * par cent of the- t-o- 
celptx. week »; April .10. to tbe Snh I'ran- 
rbx-o relief fund. This lnclndeK Itoth mnilnee 
nnd night performances, tin has already do- 
natefl 'the receipts of his Golden Crook t*o. 
performnnres of April 20. 27, At Providence,' 
io ih a t fund. i 

■ ■ ' ' 

Albany,-- At the Umpire, Han Sully. In 
"The Mulch Maker," April 2f», amused n 
li,rgc iiuiIIi'ihv. IMcnnnr HuIihoii, in "Simnn 
tn Search of a Husband," 20, pleased n pood 
■A/.ai liduse. "Witodiiitut" was greeted by 
one nf tin 1 largest niidlrucen nf ihe season 
27. "The laic of Spice," 28, iilnyeil a reiurn 
ciignceiueni, to good business. Alice Nell- 
sr*n Mny .1, Win, FiiversliHin 1. Lulu Ulnanr ri. 

lUtuiAvi'rt Hi.RKfKMi Mam. ill. IL Jncohs. 
nui us ger).- -Homo Melville, In "Sis Hnjiklns, 
April 2.1-2(1, filled n smiensfnl engngeincnt, 
rt<pi':ti ln« bcr former goml iinprcsslnn. "Korey 
Gnw," with Allen Ihinne, made n h\u hll, 
bef.irc tare BinllenceH, 20-2S. '■Ilnsel Klrke' 1 
.'tH'Mny 2, Hottsa'a Bnml "■. "The Karl nnd 
ihe Girl" », 10. 

Piioctok'h Mlownnl Graham, resident mnn* 
ngerj. — Hill for On nnd week; Wm. t.\ 
Srhrnde nnd compnnv, Klngnrl Trio, Chas. F. 
Scmnn, Mile. Ijiilnu, Gardner and Vincent, 
J'len-o nnd Opp, ihe Ahcnrns, nml the Hong* 
ler Sisters. / 

Gaitty (If. B. Nichols, manager). — 
Iloblc's ivnlrkerhorknrs gavr burli'sipif lov- 
ers n treat nil lust week. B<dt Mnni'liestor's 
CraekT Jacks, with tbn Mi-Govcru and Neb 
son niriurcH. :n> and week. 

Truy.— AI Proctor**. (William If. Gmlinm, 
rp-li|eui mummer >. bill week of April Iltl : 
Vokes and Hilly, the Ktgouiis, Chns. i^nnard 
Fletcher, Fitrrell-Titvlor Mtlo, Hisiney nnd 
Bent, .ionic rm vis, Brooks Brothem, nnd 
Plcehlanl Troupe. 

Lvcuuu (Burns Glttam, manager). — Tho 
stock company. In "l/ird and I*ady Algy," 
did a fine business lust week. "We Una of 
Triuii'SHPi>" fid. The company gave a Iwncllt 
20, fur the San Franctscn sufferers. 

IIanm's (II. 'I'. 'I'hoiiipNou. resilient nuiTin- 
fprl, — "Texiis" liatl u fair limiso 'M. Utn 
Sully, In "The Ma ten nmkflr." tilled the house 
M, "The bin Of Splee" drew well 27. Mil- 
dred Holland, In "The Power Behind the 
Throne," had rapacity 28. '"Her American 
Prince' Mny 1, "Wfcit Happened io Jones" 
;i, Hnnsn'h Hnnd •(, "The Sipinw Man" fi. 

Jtor.u. ill. It. Keller, innnngeri. — The 
Wnrld Beaters did fairly well April 2II-2K. 

Klmlrn. — Ai the Lyceum (M. HcIh, innn- 
flpcrl Fi'iink Uesholi, In "The Office Hoy," 
ptensed a ftilr slued house April 2'l. "Not 
Like Other Girls" fnlled to put lit nn up- 
peartiiica 21. N'nt (*, Goodwin, In "Tim 
Genius." 2.1; Kyrle Bellcw, III "Unfiles," 211. 
nnd "Tho County Chulrinan," 27, nil plnyeil 
lo good business. "Checkers" gave Hnllsfiic- 
ilon 2S. The HoHCiMlle i^sllo Co. weak (»f 
.'JO. "The Wlwirtl of On" May 7. 

HiAi.-cii (K. W. .McCtiiutell, ronniteer).— 
Those wlio cnttllnuc lo dntw large iiouhcs 
are: Fred Wyckoff and compnny. Qiilulnn 
»nd Howard, GcrtnulH Htiinley. Finlly Saw- 
yer, Victoria Hieiuird. Ftlzsbeth Miller, and 
James 1>. Protullove, 

Noti;.-- The Thhtlelh Hcparole Compnny 
Mllltnry Minstrels Uncnlj, with Swift und 
Hack ley, plnyi'd to big ItntisOH ni the urinary 

i ■■ i ' 

lfflen.- At Ihe Majesllc (Shuberf Bros., 
managers) Cook-t!bureh Cn. drew well Inst: 
week. "Woodbind" did a amid hiiHlness April 
2d, Miss Allison May I, Block Paul .'(, 
Mildred Holland 4, b. 

Oitpiii:iM (Wllmi-r & Vincent, mmmgers). 

— IIiuIiichh Is good. Hill week of ftli: Mc- 
Wniteis k Tyson Co., J>lumoml and Sinllb, 
Frank Hall, Bobby North. Three Cnrimcll'j, 
Cojciin and Bnncrofi. nnd pel ton Bros. 

ntiwi'.v Mi'Mtr 1 Hai.i. (Onvld Bnrry, mnnn- 
ifcr).— This week : Thompson aild Sernlln, 
May Wilson, Hlrsblro und CiirlcJle, t.Vllln 
Ibrvllle. Vines Sisters, Hliiuuoim and criini*. 
Jehiilc Grctitfsr, Tmn ftynti, Hernheltu Ilia 
Grent, nnd llntdey Wllllnms. 

NyrnpiBsc. — AI Welting Onorn TTmisn 
fJohn L. Kerr, tnnniigeri "Wondbind," April 
2fi.. clime lo gittul basilicas, John flrew 2H, 
"Mm-heiti," bv- Kyriii'ilso University sinileiilu, 
•M>, May 1 ; "The Wl/nrd nf ibs" 0, Mny 
Irwin id. 

JUhtailii ML A. Hnrtlg, manager).— "Tllf 
llpnifed Jim" April 2H-2R, "Uumnn Heartn" 
nil Mny 2. "Fanlnsmn" 11-5, "The mil Clolhea 
Mnn" 7-1), which closes (he regular season. 
Stock company begins its season Mny 12. 

GrtANi" Ol'nrtA Jloi'HH (C)iiis. II. i'lmiiincr, 
mnnnger). - Hill week of HO: MoiirtH*. Muck 
end Lnwrenee. Hill nml Svlvbmy, .Mr. and 
Mrs. F.dwnrd J'smoiule, Fcrnrn's dog, Golden 
Gate Quint cflc, post nml Bunnell, Johnny 
Jones, and Charlotte Guyer George. 
' »'-■ ■ ■■ i 

Anliaru.— At tbe Burl is Auditorium (IS, 
S. Newton, manager) "Woodland," April 2:t, 
■Irsw n big house. "Money Tnlks" 25, 
"Checkers" 2fl, "Busy lr.zj" 28, J. A, Hen* 
noisy Opern Co. May 4. 

Ht'RTiH Gi'hra llnPHK ( K. S. Newton, mou- 
ag*>rj.— "Te sns" April 25. "ItnJhf H" 2H. 

llliiBlinniloii. Ai die Stone Opern 
House (J, P. K. ctnrk, inuiiuuerj Kirk Brown 
Co.,' In renerlory, hud good buNlness April 
IB-ill j "Money Talks" had large attendance 
2If. Mny Irwin pleased a good slxeil audi- 
ence U4. Kyrbf liellew 27, K SI Stclfblns" 28. 

HflWAttn N'-ijunt, clnuuelm-H ; Mnruaret 
Nugent, characters nnd heavies, nnd Fred- 
prick Srarr, bertvles, having cloned a success* 
ful Reason of forty weeks with I-:. G, Gross* 
jenn'w Lyceum Stock i'o., at Ktmiewnll. I. T„ 
April 21, Joined the Fredericks, lit Knnsns 
city. Mo., 2:1. and left for Sacramento. Cal., 
for a season's stock engagement, nt Oak 
Park, under* the management of Smio- a 

\\.*\ Hcifir,--H rejoined "Tlie llogers Jt m i it- 
eri tn Ireland" Co., at flic Grnnd operQ 
House, Now Vork, Inst week, 




f Operates for • Pvnny 

Mw ifclMl Heady for Immediate Delivery. Write Air particular*, printed matter and price. 


F. S. ZIMMERMAN, 5 East 14th St., Hew York. 

Atlantic Garden, 


The Grainiest and Most Popular Family Resort io America. 


WILLIAM KRAMER'S SOUS, - Proprietors and Managers 

CHAS. ESCHERT, . . . . I . . Booking Manager. 


Tuesday Evening, May 8, 


The Grandest Concert and Vanderllle Performance in the City. 




Imperial Japaueta Troupe, Hoey & Tee, Ed LealJo, Bush A: Gordon, Varln & f urecne, 
The Schubert Quartette, Madge ldaitlaod, Irene La Tour &. Zazs, Tlnbiubon A Grout, 
The Bice Brothers, Balaton A Son, Laura Rica, Oaylor t tlratl, The Three Graces, 
The CmIuuob, MurpbJ Ic Fraooia, Kittio Hterena, Toledo & Priee, Fraair Trio, 
"Rosalie," Irene Lee A The Candy Kida, Mr. and Mrs. Do Veam, Q- D. Davis, 
ProfesBor 0. Meyer Mo ring Pielnroa. 


" All coaiuiunlcatluns lo be addressed lo 

CHAS. ESCHERT, Booking Manager. 



We liavo for vale several Drop Curtaiuu and wdidc small Sots of Hlook tiuoDerj ablt- for 
Parka or Binull Btogeif, nil hi good condition ; most of it bait Lever licVu" taed. Atari 
some SptclieuJar Uiorw 12il8.r., suitable for old mills, grotto?, etc. AIho 1C0U fool 
Piiutiiiga (ill. lilgb in oouuimoua lorra, ''preventing u Trip Arouud the World, suit- 
able for nioviog panorama or side vail de,oorationi. Theae paintinga by the euriuunt 
artiKlH, TLctmw 0. Moves und Darid A. Stiojig. 

Will sell all of above at low prices. 


Great Scene Painting Studio, Chicago. 

Musicians, Circus, Specialty & Dramatic People 

Ian place nlonce, sober, rellulilu Kauri Leader tvilli pood ii|it« nnwlc: two tfood L'orncte, oue 
luuut ilo ? nc (.-In I ilea or double Htaire; Clarionet and Slide Trombone to double bund and orciieatra; 
Npeclaltj People Uiat ran chantrc for week; pood Hoiijr and dunce artlms. Can place good, reliable, 
uxiiert raced DrAinartiT People, tint can drew their pniiw; Comedian Ntai can alng Mid dance, for 
rcpcrtulru; throe more vobur, reliable Circiia Bill roster*. Always make room for good people with 
some of iiiv nt traction*. The ilnum silcoplnir and dinluir sinicrooiu cant ou the road; lone ueuaon and 
your uioner when due; will advance ticket* to loin companies* from St. Paul, Chicago, or Builalo. 

W.wi'KD, (Ugh Divert work; 1 nave nil riggings; aluo lialtoon aud Pumclimc Juiuner 
and HCunatlonal outaldo m>vulilu3 anil clrvui hi a.-* of all kinds. Stale If smi can Join on wire. (live 
hntora (line to lie forwarded to me. If you boo/.c do not write. Address ANDREW YtOW'NIK AIcPHKH, 
Vox 1-.', Medina, N. Y,. * V. V. flock and v. J. Wall, wire your addreBM, If ut liberty. 


U.AIHM, Ul'SINKSH. sleek experience, quick, lu'curutualiidv, young und pretty, 
am bo featured. 

A tvardrobo Hint 


Cnurae'era, Heavies or lieaeral llualnc**. 


Ilclglit, on. tin. Mummer Slock prcferrv 

ni.WK K. MOOKK, [in ixiii in-. Iowa. 

Mabel Paige Company 

CONll'KTKNTKTAriK IHUKCTOII. Vbiiuir Mhii tur Small 1'aru mid Snoclullj, 1'ropertv Man, Uencral 

lluslncsi Man. IM STATK'KVKIIVTIIIiili FIIIST I.KITKU. Kn time f'.r coirefiranUeneo. Must 

Join tin wire. MHMb Mmj t. Adi'.r,-- nt'.MlY F. AVII.I.AHD. Jn-k-ouvtlic, flu. 


1 -waul fiQOl) Chorus Uttfet pnAtnnA in Ifean nvtni TKillTS; uldo tkono wild wardrohf. 
llClicurne In Now Y»rk wei-k Nav T, SIX WKEKSmi Ibi- nind. tln-n In STUCK AT MOXTUMAl. KOR 
bUMMKIt. Aho want Singing and iMtuclnirSmilirwic*, nil kind* or COUP A«K twu Piano I'luvcrH, 
Producer*, etc. «lrlt algliliig now will have wi»rlc next MHMMRI utao. PARIS PAIII HOI'll WAYS. 
Wire or wrllc Tills wrt-W, "Trocadcri'," riuln., 1'a,.; next week, Allm-rN llnwcrv Tdcalri'. New 
YorkCHy. WtW* W. VK^IFT* , 

>Vantod Immodiotoly, 


r'or suiuiiKTand next 
acler Uau, Juvenile Mai 
Double liaj-., 'I'KJiii Miif, 
Yarncy. wir«>. cka.vfoiiu 

on: Juvvniu* Wonnui, Cluiraeicr Wuiuaa (with clilld). ai Coiucdhtii, "cliur- 

TIiuhc ilulntr Speclalm-'. Uouiillng tlniw preferred. Muslclwis; Tuba and 
Clurliier. Slate neitrlu weight, aire, c.xiterloneo, Join on whv. Vivian 

i:i'M:i mi-u. H»r.< 

. exnerlencia. 
CwllVy ville. Kali.. Mu\ 

u:UHfrcgo, Kan. 


rerforiiilug Hteiuiugivhii|io-^lble rent-', 
lltoc aud teriiirt, addrew 

CAN HI-; KNUACKIl I'UR.tlllH'liS, PAItKS Hint KAHiS. 1'or 
t M \>. I- VUV io;. 9fttt \V. toili HI., ttvw York 


lioplie. J Jull dCrit'rlptiou or pcenea, tetter »ii 

Int tniptirtnnl MilJdlngs ar 
■polut.-tor tntererit, bvfure, diirlUir.aud after the caln 
■aeii nlide. I'ihIu.'Jic: Colored, :u>e.: Sctof&o, plain, »7; 
Colored, fit: nvi oi tan, ut«ln, fl-i Culonnl, Ji'j. Spui'lal prices for laricc ipi'aiitllleH. <Onr trt<uiii 
brauchlainaklugaHi'Cclally of tljvaoalldeK.) SOKTH AMKHICAN SLIHK CO., Plilla,, II* 

AT 1,1 ' UEU T Y.— lIiui « 1th Moving Picture 

llaclilue. I'owor'ti Oaninragraph. wltli ilre-priKif nwga?.lm-a. with or wliltnm film*, for park or 
theatre. Six yearn' uxperlBUc*: trniir..nkt i to make uuwl. Huiv luuoh am 1 worth to TOUT < 

- ■ J. H, TAYLOR, 13ft East VHk S*rw>t, New York. 


rxs^dit mKATxr io, 


LENGTH, 1,000 FEET. PRICE. S120. 




: >Ar" 

T M 1=1 I UU.8 = 

The Hob her y In the Farm— The Torturer*— Th»> Triple Murder— The Hon*e on 
Fire— The Pur.nlt In the Uuuixy-Th*' Bohbera Den— The Cnntiire <>t (he Arch 
FlPiid— The Oreut Court Rooin Scpiid- The Arcu-atltm— ' l 'T«S IIK"— Thi- Verdict— 
The Sight of Terror In the Prison Oll«T«e Horning In the Conrt Ynrd— The 
Execution— The Burial in a. nTnmelesa Ornve. 


The Greatest Sensational Hit Ever Shown in Notion Pictures 



IS Oonts "Star" Films Are 


204 EAST 38th STREET. 


Witout a Rival. 








'KJjUl* Jeai-ft uuo 1 wrote vaudeville acta lo 
order and gut good prices, too. Then 1 hit 
on the Idea uf .writing u- ir to order and 
publishing tsame at h nominal price. That 
waa the birth of MADIsox'K BU1>«et. 
Today ltn lae aupply Btattou'forovcr hulf of 
Atnorlea'H comedy entertalnera. JiidRe for 
yountelf by inv Latent Isaue— MADISON* N 
BUDGET No, 10 — loo PAges or highest 
elasa original stage luatertnl, Itieiudlug si 
parody rineceases, & really funny mouo- 
lugneH. s Hue ttketches for t\to. males, and 4 
fur male and female with plot and ulluiax, :j 
nweli comedies and hurlestiues running 
nearly an hour each, be-idea'a tremeiidoue) 
htmcu of. new gagn. Jokee, comlu poems, 
nldowalk palter 1 , etc. Price only St PER 
COPVi Money back if you nap so. Hack 
Ihsucb out of piiut except HUDIiKTS a, 7, 
and 8. Will send anv-J for $i.&o, a fur pi, »r 

HI.-l.tiiCTS.", :, Rand 10 for $2M. JAMES 


Thv eery thing for a performer >.r>!to 
tctthts fo streiigttwm hit act av*t 
keep up to ante. Vnrheg Bronket, 


Hum lotjin, u atgat, 
lllustrateil. Popular bongs 
— complete sheet music— 
, Joken, etc. New naahy 
1 cover* — uew (Jlown cut 
cuv era.' ' Heat ever pub- 
lished at the price— .tlo jut 
thou»ai)d und 9l.'£> per 
hundred. 8lxeti\iv, *:.."o 
perthouitand— We. per bun : 
ilrcd. band for auiuplcs. 


■ SM K. UttUaoa si., ; 


The Mlcrtibliie Medicine Co. will sell all Stock, 
Bottle*, Mouldy, Formula, Printing Copyright lo 
a quick buyer for ifiou. These rciuedles are 
Klandard and handled bv lilt wholesaler. Addr?** 
JpHSI , .STIMlEll,'233Hlceckci;8t.,BnK>klyn,S.V. 



To Double f 'uriiet. 

Mn-t Join receipt of wire. I^ngseasou. Addresa 
C. M. i'RIMKOM:, Mgr. "Uncle S\ Hasklus" Co., 
Irft cnwno, \V1«. 

Paris Latest Novelty. 


Biggest aud quIuVeet mnovy goitcrx lu the world. 
Hanipkt* lie. cut h; $1 .;u " -loz. to ugeiHi*. 
Will St. aud Uttitcry 1'iuce, brwkij n, N, Y. 



IMiotoaruph Slide, mads .am. diiy and week of disaster. Kaoll Hllde 
fully rintalu. Itself. 100 In net Hold In any ■luiiilmr M.(li) eavli. Eiiina! 
or j,.,.!ul money ordor 1,111.1 accompany order. Wo only took the beat view.. 
Ju.l the thing for theatre, or ton „ to town work. It, nil your order. 



Ml. IV1. 



Have opened a New York office for the sale of ihtir ur.rivalled Organs 
and hl.rt Pianoe. Full Band Organs supplied for dance halls; also for 
merry go 'rounds, parks, street fairs and all other shows Cardboard ami 
Cylinders made to order. 

GAVIOLZ €90, 9 

Mille Mabel's Animals. 


The If oat Beautiful of Animal Acta. 

Most Bii«ulltul_ iiuu llruuelul Atilntnl I'orturiner In Ihu World. Have hum opoii lime. J-lcnl; * 
Week of T open. TUIh week Kellli'.i Orand Opera House, 
" Per. addrera 340 S. front St., PlillnUdpliln, Pa. 

Photos, Ileaulllul Properties aud Wartlrolte 


S.iffiV,'n , «. , ' E ? s< m S! . SXA . l i , ' ,: KABHIM liauiio. (Jorgeoiia coiminca.llglila, slides. Tliese slroiu 
S?..^Sf." : i",. wl i l Rlr,,, i? ,l "'»,<""r «»ow anil, hrlrnjou raonej. For roalna: VolvetCloak, HOk 
HIJ '.»l!*S? e i J , u J, SC I , ,' cmln ..y£i. , »' re * !, !*l ;i ; , "> l " !t '' * l0: K ' r " Uanccoutnla.JI.P.lKiondKrrcelMil 
j,erp. and Clunk Blldea. M. Prior . KlliKLns. ion Weit 'audi Kl.. N. r. (Jnlek ; Oargalnf- 


!KS l i k «"" , i'iJ°»,;5 ',"' lr w "" ld "H. '" , ' oln l """ t ' '-I* Vauitevlllc Act; torinerly ol well known lleaif- 
Jo\™i 'ii' 'y.'JK"?" """"•'"I""* or Dantliw Soubrcttc. Can do Comedy or StralgUI. Ooel 
l£H 'i J J win ,™. m"; , t) '','" ," a 'i'i, •""inowlmnme a line with full particulars u« toad ,w» 
nave. r. 8.-W 111 rousldcr idler lo lead fllrl art. Ban ami wardrobe. Address 

8. O, S., care or N. V. VUFFEK. , 



i tki 

. u rn ) 



Has everybody amazed as never before in the history of music publishing, at the Grand and Startling Array of magnificent Love Descriptive Ballads, 
Beautiful Pathotic Child Story Songs, Unique Novelty Stage Songs, Original Coon and Summer Waltz Songs. Eaoh piece of music a positive hit, and 
songs to fit any singer in any kind of act, on any kind of stage, from opera down to a Nickelodeon. THE GRANDEST COLORED SLIDES in the 
world, made by the world's most famous photographers and color artists exclusively for the Harris Descriptive Love Ballads, to prolessionals at 
HV&'DOJiLARS ($5.00) PER SET. 

CUT THIS AD. OUT aiil wve it for future reference, an it will not appear ftgalu. and yon may regret loalng thin grtat opportunity far fteonrlnK th« nomine iaa«on> Softg Suommm by the tmf 
oompo<on in America, with full orobeitratioxu, free of oharge. F*..- 


Words and Music by CHAS. K. HARRIS. 

iriifa'tonit. from nil .InillrnHnns, looks na thongl. It will pqunl his famous "After Hie Hall." Tlie slldex In. <mme nre Ihfl most tiPiiuMfiil ever fla.tlioil u|«m n rmivn*: pfli'li slMi* an cneniv wIhiht. Any kliwl of dinger c»H 
make a' bit' with this song, with or without ilUlttt. 


Words and Music by CHAS. K. HARRIS, 

la destined to -he the waltz song hit nf America. Beautiful aong slides made expressly for this Ronjr, through- 
out Southern California, and mU\ to rw the llnpst set of sIMpn known in the history of slide manufacturing. 
With. or '-without nlldes, a tremendous hit, • - 

Words and Music by CHAS. K. HARRIS. 

One of the most IrcnuMfiil mnji of w* kind written nlnce "Always In the Way," with Ihe mint unique and 
novel song hHoVb ever made for n child nong. The "nngel" sIIiIph In HiIh set are (ui»urpn^«fd In beauty, ami me 
RtarMIng to Hie' audience when tliislird uuon n canvas. To iiroiYMoiinK I'lvc Itallnr* )$o.0«) uer Het. 



'Anthora and -compoaers of "The Honeysuckle and the Bee," "A T'lcnlc for Two," anil a score of remnrknhle song lilts. ThotisandH have sung their nong* and scoreil patttm**, Just try llil* one mid make the lilt «f Tmir live*. 
Beau II fill, 'flowing, catchy, inspiring music — once heard, never forgotten — and a well written love story. This song will surely create n sensation. . Itoa'L overlook It in sending for mini:* from this piiKt*. 


Ry America's most popular waltz song nunpnsor, nnthor of the celebrated lilt, "Hum, nl.l Trolley Hide," tuft 

world famouH 


You nil know him, and yon liuv nil Hung Ids faiuoitn wnlta roiiit lilts. Now liv thU one, which Is going la !*> 

Ills higgest hli. mot you will llnil thai yon will become famous In one nli;Ui. Ther*- Is no douht ahnilt. It. 



Whd hitfi vet to write hi* first "frost." Von have nil sung nhoui. "I'ATIIMIt :'* now Is your time in make a 
hit wllh ''MOTHKIt" Never In Ihe history of song writing has there been a song written of this kind. You just rail', 
help making a hit wltli It. wllh nny kind of on audience, as lliere Is a hiagli in ouch and every line, Even the, 
ranslelfl'mVwIlr Inugh ! Thev can't help It. Don't overlook this song or you will regret It. 







The title tells the story. The audience will whistle )i after Its first rendition. The music Is simply divine, in dreamy waltz tempo, and so haunting In its sweet melody that It will linger In your memory like the nwHtHt 
perfume of the flowers In May. This may he just the song you are looking for. If. so. don't overlook. It In sending for ibis page.. of Muccetmcx. 


By the Famous Composer of National Song Hits, JOS. E. HOWARD, . * . 

The'a.u*thor of more genuine song successes than any living composer. HOWARD alwnys'trles out his own songs before pluclng rliem with his publisher, and If the song doesn't make y hit with Hie nmllence. It: never *pm 
the light, of day. In this Instance it look twelve encores nt Ihe (iothom Theatre, New inrk. City, on Its Jlrrti remlitlon, the entire audience joining In the chorus. This song will undoubtedly, prove lis big a hucithh on hli last 
reason's famous lilt, "(inoil Bye, My Lady Love." ^_ ^ (PMIII— - ^^^ B ^^^ 1— 1MII1I ^^ — ^p^.,.^^^^^^,^^^^,^^ 



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full orchMt rations, in any krjy. ■ *. *^ • ■ ■ 



tolin Is tlie ballad Roceam or the season, and Is conceded by All niunlelans, artists nml sinners 10 he tin- roost beautiful- ln?e linllnil wrlltpn In fifty yearn. A preat mug fop leno.-s op siinrnnns: jmtillslteu' lu two *ey». 
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''/A"-:-. - 


Tlie lies! conversation snag on tlie market to-ilny. Tills may be Just tlie kind of song you-nre looking fop, and may lie "Just It." 


CHAS. K. HARRIS' Incomparable Love Ballads : 



;. : ' & ^^ : 'i 1 ■ ' ■ 

\V\tA Prbfeaaioniil Copies sent to Beoognized Professionals enolOB'.ng programme Free of Charge, NO CAHB8 RECOGNIZED. If known to the Harris Home or Agencies, no 
programme is neoessary. If you are playing New York City, do not write for professional copies, oall up to the olllcu whore competent pianists are always In attendance. The same at 
the Chicago office. Address all oorhnjunujations to the Executive Office, 

J8liL*» Jtix^-ImJLmJLa^S«f 

N- V. 

OHioAOO OFriCC: Orand Opera 

(JOE M. HARRIS, M'gr.) 

Mousse Bide. 

M Wost 3fs>« Stroet, NEW YORK, 




May 5 

» X <- m *?"**' ' ' .. "ir ; ' 

Hoular MRiit'i Oprnlnv* la All the 
DIB flhvvr Toitb«,\ 


.... .- .- ,,, A , 

Adam*.' Mantle HJliaritsa-FrohniBn, mgr.l — S. Y. 

Oliy 3n, Indefinite. . 
Allen. Viola 'Char lea W: Allen. Digr.)— Ciucln- 

Hili, O., 30-Maj R. Lexington, Ky., 7, Fa- 
' -tacali a, EVaiUYJlle, lud.. 1), Munch) 10, Marlon 

Angl'ln, Margaret f M l f tfl Miller, micr.) — S. Y. 

Oily 30-May ft, Brooklyn. N. X., 7-12. 
Aldrlcb, Chaa. T. (A. II. Woods, ingr.)— Norfolk, 

Va., flOKay ft, Iltebmucd,7-I3, «ea>on «d". 
AngclI'B Comedians, Southern (Ed. C. Nutt, mgr.) 

-- VMS Knii., 30-Mny ft. 
Arlington'* tCoiDftlliitti—ljeadvllle, Colo., Mar 0- 

"Aa Ye How" (Brady A Grlsmer, mgra.)— Sprltrg- 
.Ocltt, Mas*., 30-Ms* 2, Holyoke 4. 

"Aa Told 111 the. Hills" (Wat, F. Mann, mgr.l — 
Tuleilu. O., 2y-Mii)- 1!. Grand Itnplds. Mlrli,, 84, 

"Arlfohn" i linf lil J. Ilamage, mgr.' — Washing- 
ton. D. C. 30 Mi* ft. lUltlmore, Mil.. Ml. 

"At Crlniilc Creek," E. J. Carpenter's — Detroit, 
j Mich., lilt May 5, Buffalo, N. V.. 712. 

"Acrost the PielrV' (Chris. K. Rlaney Amuse. Co., 
ingr*.)— Brooklyn. K E. an-May ft. 

"An Aristocratic Tramp," Kllroy & Brltlon'a (H. 
K. tester, ingr.)— Fort Atkinson, Wla.. May 2, 
Reaver Drim :i. Wiiupon 4. Ki]Hj!i 3, A|iplet"Ml (I, 
Kiiiiktmtu 7, 1'n-liUgo S. Oconto ID. ClHUoii- 
v j : u ■ li, Xceuali 13;, 

"Air Mil)'." Frank LukJuiinii --Lancaster, I'u , May 
; j ji -vUlafllle City. N.,J- -l.G.WaiiUolKtyn, D. 


BlKiK-Le Ilnte- (David Belnsco, mgr.)— N. V. City 
i' f; UQ,r- imtoitnlie. »; f v , ■ . . -, 
Belle w'. Kyile (Llehh-r A Co.. iiik*". t — llnuilllun. 

Out., May 4. HulTnlo. N. Y., lull 
Kuiiatelle. Mr- N. Y. City 7-12. 

Bttrgcii,, ;?*»., (David ToWera, mgr.)— N. Y. City 

Berfaiurd. tiavry. (J. J. Coleaiau, mgr.)— Detroit, 
jMlell ..afMby & ■ ■ . 4 

Ulauey. Hurry C. (Clias, K. Bluney Amuse. Co., 
mgnl.)^-BulTHlo. N. Y., HO May G, Providence, 
II. I.. 7-12. 
Bennett -Monltpn ilm NeivLiaH, uigr.)-- Patcraon, 

fc ■■ ■* , -■ *■■«• ■*' . *■■ 

"Foxy Tramp" (John Harley, mgT.)— Mlddl*- 

- , Hit. 2. Hotjoke, Mm., a.PUU- 

field 4, 


Nortki Adinis : 


Urort'ii. Kli-k (.1. 

ifler, uigr. ) — N. 

T. Mirriiiilcv. mirT.I--Brocklon, 

>Uw., May 8-B, I^wlalod. Alt.. 7-12. 
Brcckpniltlire 8tock (Kilwln Barrlc, nigr.l—Alfa, 

Oklu., ;i»-Mav .-.. Arkanaaa City, Kan., 7-12. 
Beluaro Ktock (BpIam'o at .Molcr. mgrn.i— Wattli- 
■ lusWii. D. C, :i(t. imlpOnitp. 
Uyroli. Block— Spokane. WhkIi.. no-Aug. U. 
Itoicbrr a HiBiiInj'a BIS Show (Walter I, Me- 
, irooalil. in|ir.)— Ootiwinlla,, Kali., May :t. Clyde 

■4. Clay Center &. Cuba •), Mankato v, Lebanou 

Jtl. Knlth Center 11. Agra IS. 
BiK'liHlian Comedy— MoiilfoN, Win., May a-5, 

rfhiilinorp 7-W. 
, "Bwi llur" (Klnw A KrlBiiger, nigra.)— New 

Ilium, Conii., IIUMny '2, Bridgeport 3-B. 
"Brown oC tturvurd" (Heilry Wlllc 

Y. City ;IU, liiileflnllo. 
"Itrfore ami After" (Robert Hunter, ingr.) — 

ciilMgo. 111., ."Hl-Mdy K 
"lluiidi or KejH" (Otw Wtillmcr. mgr. >— Perry, 

N. Y., May 2, Coiidcraporl. Pa., a, Ualclon 4, 

Waverly, N. Y., 3. 
••Itljr HeitrliHl Jim,'* Kllmt & llituolo a (Krauk 

(inuul igr.)— Cleveland, 0.. HU-Moy i, 1h>- 

imlt. MU-li., U-12. 
"ltank(*r*« t'ltllil" (Harry HIihuuuii, trocr.)— Hpen- 

rff, la., Miiy 2, Hartley :!. Snnlwm 4, Sibley 

7. Kllt.wr.rtb K, Rock ltn|.lils V, I.ttvernc, Minn., 

lit. Adrtau II. 
'•jilinlm'M, ^mifclit^r 1 * (Vance fc SiiHI»an, mgrf.) 

— Mllwallkw, W)c, im-May 0. Ctilcago, HL, 0* 

"Biui Man fMiii Meili-u'* (tlliait. K. Blaney Atuiwe. 
Co...ingrrt.)— Newark. N. J., 3U-May G. Baltl- 

•iM,,iiu, 1 7-ia. . 

GhM .Wiiu ,11. (Charles Frubtuau. mgr.) — N. Y. 
^Clty W»M«y ill. ■ 

Carler. Mr*. Matte (David Uelaww, uigr.)— St. 

Loiilf, Mo.. MMIaj -■\. 
CroHiiiati, Heiirb'lla (Matirlcc CampU-ll. mgr.) — 

MIhimi.ih.II-. Minn.. :i» Muy 2, St. I'anl S-H. 

C.-ikflinnli ill. \V. Tnylor. mgr.)— Auwleidam. 

,N. Y., .ao-AlBy f». I'oiiglikeetwlu 7 12, HUM 

CriH-II* Hiwk IW. K. Cornell, ioj:r.)— CmnbrWye. 

II. , ;U>-Mny :», Maiwlleld 7-Hl. 
Onliiry Hloi-k, UnrrlHuti & Kulbcrlaiid n — Sun 

AHlMii1o,:!r«>'. It't-May fi. ' 

Clnitili'lln Hlock (Clnm. K. Clunii|i1lii. mgr.) — 

A^lk^-llgcre, HL afWlaw 3. . _^ 
Cmiimii-h Slwk (W. C. Coiinorc. .mgr.)— MINI- 

m«kH. T JlB.. n-r., UlBiid.FulWJ-W. , • • 
c^ rtloek— b.well. Mil-*., .'iti-Mny ■'. 
CrrHcenl Cnmnly (B. A. IterBnian. mar.)— 

IuiiiImik. IIh., flO-Muy r., ChaltBiiooitR. Teim., I- 

"C>Mwflt iJtfW* I". Froiitnun ft Jot*p|>b llrouk-i, 

iiigTH.) N. V. t'lly :in: Indi-niille.- 
"ChUpbi* Widow." WpNti'i'ii, Henry W. Snvni:i' h 

i Win. M. Hull, iiiKr.l-t'lib-aKo, 111., 80, k> 

daonitr. . . - 
"f.liHrlry'H^Aunt" (It. V- HnMeil, htu. uigrj — 

N,. X. t:ily..flii. IndeBnlU'. .. 

't'lirckeiM'' (Cnrtiellu* , HanllniT. mgr. 1-1*11 a- 

Inu-Jl, I'm., :it» May 3, I'lillmlelnulii, I'u., 7. In- 

■•Clainnmin." laioU-nt MJit.. II. Birnuau, nisr.) — 

I'tdlHihdnlilH. I'm., an. Iiiilfttiilli*. 
"rUiiMiinii." Wwirrn Hl«». H. Bri'iiiiH mr.)— 

MIIwnuIkv. <Wla., 2»-M*y 0, 
"iVHltily CliMiniiim"--Clhi'|iiiinM. 11., ILO-Mny ... 
"Crown of Tlionis" (I'lill Hiittl, mgr.)— Clu- 

flnnatl, O.. SP-Muy U, , _ 

"Clihiatowii t'liarley'' (A. II. Wowts, mgr.)— ». 

Y. City 30- May 3. wasun endn. 
"Coward 1 '— i :ideafo. >M„ May O-Ht. 

. T. Boyi'r, ' mgr.) — 
Otlawt Mi Montreal 

"l!ntiv(jtl'H* lliUlgllttT' 
Aninrlor. Can., May, 

"Coiirlui'ii DHiigliler" (KdivHnlR. Kulter, tngr.l 
— Uicliluwid, Va., ao-Mhy ( - Atlanta, Oa.. 7- 


Italy, Arnold (Slml*rl Hron.. nines.)— N. V. Clly 

:MI. Imlrniitlr. , „ 

UUey. Henry «■• (W. N. liawrruiT, mgr.)— lhi«- 

iiin. Mow., :w siny la. 

llmlli'v. Prank— Fort Worth, Tex., IHi-Mny R. 

lllllalairo 718. , . ., 

Dllper Stink (Fuil IMIger, mgr.)— Herkimer, N. 

y.. as-M«y is, . ,. , ... 

He Vt«a. Flora (J. II. Ilolnoiir, uigr.)— hrle, III.. 

- HO- May 2. PruplliftMnwu ;i-.".. Samlwkh <-». 
Aurora 10-12. ... i 

De PewBiinU'lte Kloek (Tin*. K. Ite Pew, mar.) 
— OuntiBiioiujB. Tdttii.. ay-May ■". , , . „. , 

"la'-cttnl nl Ihr Altar" tRI.'Imrd R. Flflier. 
niitr.l— Soiltli NorWHlk. Conn.. May 2. Stam- 
ford a. l'ltrli-he-ler 4. New lloehelle 5, Allanllc 
City, N. J', 1-u, Cabiih*ii IU-12. 

E<li*nii. Iliila-rl (Henry II. HiirrK uigr.)— Al- 
Kk.iih. Pa., May I. I'HCutmrgt Ml. 

F.rwoo.1 Big Stock (It. J. Krwnwl, mgr.)— Siullli- 
Held. W. Va.. May 8, St. Marya 7-«. 

Rawlfn Slwk (J. I.- Thoinpaon. mjir.)— New I^»n- 

•'[■•jnlHinnUiiK'Hl of ltletiw" (Petera A Bradi-u, 
autra.) -Wawldliglnii. D. C. May 7-I-. 

"Kaal l,viitU'"iJ«M'lili lil«s. mgr.)— Urand Ita|dda, 
Mich.. 211-May 2. wnaoii end". 

"KiTHiid Ih.v" (P. II. Sullivan Aniiifp. (o.. nigra.) 
-Phlla.lel("lila. Pa-. ati-May 8. 

"Hwanril frimi Sing Sing" IMnrlln J. Ptson, 
■my— X. Y. City ati-Mny 8, Newark. N. J., 7- 

"Kljiiil Bella," Uriw. Byrne— Plltaburg, Pa., ao- 
M uj- 3, Allootui-U. 

rmer-iiiini. Wm. tl.leblcr R Oa» nigra i— At- 

l.any. N. V.. Mny 4. Tn.j :>. Bmnklyn it'J. 
Firming. Mamie \W. II. Urai-ey. mar.)— Ahuum. 

Ph.. an-May 3. 
Ftntlterg Stwk. I^slern ifien. , 
-Jtaiiilnjiii. N. Y., ao-May 

reiit'inV si'"-*k. Weatem (Will Dexlion, mgr.l 

Tn-iitoit. N. J., :i(i-May 3. 
I'll II ml Slivk (Col. \V. II. Fremniit. 

Maifvllli*. Kv- !W-Ma.r R. MailN"4i. It 
"FlHinhig Arr«w." l.lm-olii J. ('arler a 

Jmkmm. mjjr. i -Clilcag". 111.. 

(lrl«:e Qeorge (ffoi. A. Brldy. nwr.)— Brnokl«n. 

N, Y-.. au-May 3. HrWarport, (>mn., 7. New 

Haven 8, Hartford o, iTovldeooe. 8. I.. 10-12. 
Uooilvlu, K. c— WlKjeibig, W. Va..May 2, Akrmi, 

(I.. 8, (Vilumnoa 4, Toledo 8, Curreland 7- 12. 
(iallatln. Alberta (Sweety, stilpuag h Co., nigra.) 

- -Billing*. Mont., May 2. Miles City a, (lien. 

diTe 4,- MaiMlao, N. Dak., 5, Jamestowa 7, 

Valley Cl'X *. Fnrg« 0. 
GUtoore, Barm-y (Havllu A Nlcolal. mgra.)— W||. 

mlagton. Del., ,'IOMay 2. Trenton. N. J., 3-8, 
«nr Htopk rCsaW. W. M>n*er; mfr.f- .R»aDa»llle, 

Ind.. ao-May 5, Owenthoro. Ky.. 7-12. 
Uood, Adam IV. C Twltckell. mgr.)— Peekuklll, 

N. Y„ .lOMiy G. 
Oiralde Stock (J. S. Oaralde, mgr.)— Parkers- 

b«rf. W. V«.. an May B. 
(illrk Ktock (Harry Ullck, mgr.) — Knoxvlllc. 

Tcnn.. 30. ImWnlte. " - , . 

lilfford-Hierlng— Hnldkra' Ornve, Wl«., 30 May 5. 
Oagnon Pollock Htock (Bert Oagnoii, njgT.)— Atna- 

rillo, Tex.. 30-May 2. 
"Olria Will Be Olrfa" (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.) — 

Burlington, S. J., May 2. Ualeoi 3, PlalufTeld 4, 

KlUabetli .". New l,ond«u. Cnfln.. 7. Norwich 

H. Woonaorket, It. I.. B, Tanntuti. Maw., 10, 

Newport, It. I., 11, Fall River. Mans.. 12. ■ 
'■tiallopa" (Wm. H. Reynold*, ingr.l— Waalilng- 

toh.'ll. <*.. mi-May 3.' Blltrniore, Mil.. 712. 
"Governor's Pardon" (H. B. WUlttaker, lB|[r.)— 

Clilvago, 111., 2'J.Ma^i. ..,,,-, . , J= 


Hltctii-.wk. Uaymond (Henry W, Savage, mgr.)— 

AniMirn. N. Y.. May 4. 
Midland, Mlldrrd |K C. White. mgr.)~Utlca, 

N,,Y.. May 4, ".. 
Hinford. (,Tiark*i B. (If. hwrena. Walker, mgr.) 

— Washington. D. C, W-May G. 
Hinvanl Hall (Henry Pleraon, mgr.)— : Hot*keii. 

N. J.. 29-Miy 2. Paterwin M. ' 

HfiMlrk-ka. Bta (Wm. Dray, mgr.l— Cenlral City, 

Nebr.. May 2. Olumbua 8, Fremont 4. Anita, 

la., 3. llr"« Mnlnea U-fl. Orlnoell 10, Iowa CJty 

ll. Mtdlne. III.. 12. 

Ilnrrlgan, Fvdwaril— Plilladrlubla, Pa.. May 7-12. 

Hb mil toil. Florence (aartarld Oadeo, tngr.)— 

Hartford. Cono., SO, Indeflnlte. - Jfc,^ 

Huntings. TbeFour (Harry Dull, mgr.l— Oil Clly, 

Pa,. May 2, Columhua, O., 3-3. -;-.«-. 

Hunt Stork (M. A. Hunt, mgr.)— Maglnaw, Mkh., 
. .10-May 3, - - 

lllinmeleati Imjierlitl Mlw-k (R. F. tllmtnelelu, 

mgr.l--WIUea-Barre. Pa.. May 7-12. 
Han-mirl Cornell y fC. K. Keuiietly. mgr.l— l^wif- 
ton. Me.. 3d May 2, Brunswick 3 5, Walervllle 
7-H, Augitala 10-12. 
Hlllman. Matale (W. A. Dillon, mgr.)— Uoun- 

Kockel, R. I., 30-May 8. 
Illllman. Mnv (Krnest HcUnabel. mgr.)— Newia>rt 

Nawa, Vs.. 3*1 May .*. 
Hill Stock (Otto A, lllll. mgr.l— Ktmwood, III.. 
no-May S. • , 

Herald Square Hlwk (Hitler * emialmwe, nigra.) 

-Port Allegany. Pa.. 30-Mny S. Auatln 7-12. 
IMckniBii-lliwaey (Frank W. Jeiika. mgr.)— F<au 

Claire. Wla., 30-May 5. Wanaaii 0-12. 
Holdcn Stuck (Holden Bros., mum.)- l.^uliivilk-. 

Ky.. 30. Initettultr. _ . •■■ -. - 

niftll— Htock (W. J. A K. H. Heiulerami, 

nnrra.)— fllntoti.- la- 30-May 2. Tipton 3-3, 

IMar lUpbw 0-12. . ... ^_ 

H.irHH-l'arkiiKOii (R»M. If. llHrrla: mgr.)— Vlckn- 

inirg. Pi., 20-May R. - '- 

"Heir lo 'the Riwrah" (Tire Klrkf l.a SlrelU* Co., 
mgm.l— Bntte. Monl.. May 2. Fargo, N. Dak.. 8. 
'■Unman Slave" (Dun MarmlHoU. mgr.) — Bay 

City. Mich.. 20-Mbv 2. Saginaw 3-3. 
'Miinie^eekera" (K. K. Samuel, ingr. )— C-likago. 

HI., 20)lHy 12. 
"Holy City." Baal, tktrdon A Ilcnnclt ■ IM*. 
Ta'ylnr. mar..)— Midland. Can.. May 2, Orillla 
3, Barrio 4. Hamilton T>. IUtIIii 7. Slrafford n. 
HI. Thounu> 0. Chatham 10. Tll-oiilmrg 11, St. 
Callii*rlitew 12, 
"Human Hearta." Fjiatern «Ie». floelt. mgr.)— 

TwMnlo. Cta.. SB -Mar G, BuiTulu. N. Y.. 7-12, 
"Huronn Ilearta," Southern (Jay Slmms, mgr. — 

Syrnciiae. N. V.. 30-May 1 Rochester 3-3. 
"Hotwlcr (ilrl" (lln* Ootian. mar.)— Marthl-vllle, 
Ind., May 2, tsaaaaJHMag 8 -'d) Ctilcago, ltl.,-8- 
20. .' i,.."- i . -. 

"How taster Untied lar* (Vnni-e i Sulllvnil. 

maTa.)--KaiiHaK City. Mo.. 2» May R. 
"liana Hatiann" (Umea,, T. .McAlnlti, mgr.)-- 
Itc*b«nr. Iiht.. May 2. Klgby K BI«rkfnot 4.|fin. Wyn., R. Rink Sprlnpi II, Rawllna 7. 
I.ciuiitlc H. ..<•.-■ 

"Hooligan In New York," Fraxee ft Browne a — 

Plltalmrg. Pa., 30-May 5. 
"How tllrlH tlo Wrong" (Rrayhaiu t. La point, 
nigra.)— Milt mi. i N. II., May 3. WwTlsiro 4. 
North Conway 8. Ilrldgetmi. Me.. 7. Norway H, 
DlxlWd ». Ik-lbel 10, Norlh Troy,,. VL. ( II, 
SwHtiwn 12. . .,", 

.,,.-" -. '■■ I - .. . 

Irwin, May III. It. Sin*, mgr.)— N. Y. CI I y 30- 
May X Syracuse. N. Y.. in. 
rit HaiHH?nr<l In Nunllaml" IW. R. Sill, mgr.)— 

t'lillaili'lidilH. ['ii.. ao-May R. 
"In a Wwtnaii'a Power" (B. C. Audrcwn, Inia. 
aagrJ u fan ta n a , N. J.. 3U May 2. 
J)>(Ti'rsiai. J.P-j'i'l" mid Wm. W. {Vlctnr Harmon. 

mgr.)— WllllBumtwrl, Pa.. May 0. 
"Jerry fn-ui Kerry." Patten A Ifrry'a— Hudson . 
Mli'ii., Mhj 2, HIllMiale a, Junearille ■*, Homer G. 
Kalli-b, Mine. Bertha (Harrlaon Urry Ftoke, mgr.) 

— Ihwlon. MaaN.. .tti-May-R. 
Kimll, Riwelle (Swccly, Sliiutnan ft Co.. mgrs.) — 
Hamilton. Can., 30, Brnntford May 1. Strat- 
lurtl a. Berlin a. Unit 4; 81. Catherines R. To- 
ronln 7-12. . . . ■ " - _ 

Kellar, the, llreat (Dmllry McAdow. mgr.l— Boa- 
ton, Mm*h.. 30-May 3, Lynn 7. Salem H. Haver- 
hill 0. Mani-healer, N. 11., 10,,I«n[lKtou,,Mc., 

ii. p.uiiiiiiii ia. 

Knlb ami DIB (Cliaa. '/.. Young, mgr.)— Kansas 
City. Mo., 20-Mar 3. • .; -„,-■- 

Kennedy, . JnmtH 10. K. Wee. mgr. )— Yob kern, 

. N. Y., ::o-M.iv R. Patcraon, N. J.. 7-12. 

Karroll. lH)t (J. 0. WetVli, mgr.)— Fltcbburg, 
Mil**., 30-Mav fi. .Marlboro 7*12. 

KlarkTrbau (H. 11. Klark, mgr. I— Salem. Maw., 

Keiley'afwm. J.. Stork— N. Y. tHIy 30-May 3. 
Keratnae llrainalk (Mat A. Arnold, mgr.)— 

taiuitoii, Maw., 3fi May 2, Marlboro 3 3. 
Kemioilv Playera ( Ben Uevta, mgr. I — f Mia**. 
' nu-Mny 3. Port Ui-ih- 7-0, GrubuoiiUc lu- 

Mortimer, Lillian (Decker k Vcronee, Bifri.)-» 
Mlinieaiiolla, Minn.. 20-May 8. _ . 

Melville. Rwe (J. R. Stirling, mgr.l— Orldgfimrt, 
Cpmi., no-May 2, New Uaveo 3-G, Jersey wiy, 

liyrtli-Harlir Htodt. Mm <*■„*■ J 1 ",^' 
mgr.1— New Ulaagow, N. «., 30-May 2, Hall- 
fat 3. Indefiiilie. t - . i 

Myrkle-HirOer Htock. Southern (l*""""** J*J|p 
Mmi) JWI Molnw. la., 21> Mny 3. Qulacy, IU„ 

Murray ft Mac key (John J. Murray. »T.J-C»- 

ton. O,; ao-May R. Coluuihu* J, l''™"**-.^ 
Ilarka Stock (Tom Mark*, mgr.)— Sudbory, Ca«., 

lihSa "ijeoa*., Al— Morrlsburg, Qat.,.3-6, Corn- 

Mathee. Clara- Peoria, III.. 3d. IndeflnHe. 
Moore. La Verna. Stock (Foster Hntcbtna, mgr.) 

Klrklln, IwL, Htf »"»•,... «i 

Myers. Irene, Big 8t*ck (Will H. Myers, mgr.)— 

Wllllarannort, Pa.. 30-May X 

Mitchell'* All Star Slock tB. Frank Mitchell, 
mar. ) - Lawrence, Maa«., 30-May 3. ; ..__ 
Metropolitan Slock (Clifford Reeve*, mgr.)— New- 
ton, fa.. 30-May 8, Marslialltown 8dB. 
Mason- lmwn (Burl lmaon. mgr.r— Arcadia. Nebr.. 
30 May 3, Snraent 7, Aabton S. St. Poul 8, Cen- 
tral City HM2. ..^ „ . 
ML-Caltlun Slock fBarttey McCallum, mgr.) — 
Portlaml. -Me.. 30, Indeflnlte. ,.. .. - 
"Mrs. Wlgga of the Cabbage Patch" (LleWer A 

Co., mgra.)— Chicago. ,111.. aO-May 5- 
"Mm. Temple's Telegram" (W. S. Lawrence, 

mgr.l— N. V. City 30. Indefinite. 
"Money Talks" (fthuhert Bros., mgrs.)— Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 30-May G. ^ 
"Message fjora Mam*' (A. t.. RhelDstrom, mgr.)— 

l3wi Angeles. CiL, 30-May 3, 
"Mad l-ote" (Bilward R. Salter. mgM— Holy- 
nke. Mas*.. Sfl-May 2. Torrlngtmi. Conn.. JI. 
Derby 4,. South Norwalk 3, New Hatea 7-0, 

Pnlerson. N. J.. 10-12. . 

"Munlnna." H. D. Carey's (H. J. Pearson, mgr.) 
—Ilarrlslmrg. Pa., May 3-3, Hoboken. N. J., 
(i-0. Trenton 10-12- . ** . 

"Moonshiner's Daugliler" (Roy Klngalon, mgr.)— 
Denver. Colo.. 20-May 3. Uwcsy.Ford «. La 
Junta «. I*i Animas «. Holly 10, Dodge Cltj, 
Kan., 11, Jnoctsm City 12. 
"McFitlden'a Flals'* | Thomas It. Henry, mgr.)— 

bhE Mass., aO-M*;. G. ■ ,- 

".My Wife's Family,"' Western (W. McUowati. 
mgr. I— Wallace. ,Ida.. 2, ftllasoula. Mont-. 8. 
-Helena 4 f Orcat Falls 3. Butte «. .. Anaoni U 
E Bozeman 8, Lltlngstou 10. Big Timber 11, 
lUHIngs 12. , , ,, 

"Mmntnv and llic llnnimlng Bird" (Jules Murry, 

mgr.)— Memidit*. Tcnn.. 30-May ft. 
"Man or Her Choice" (Kdw. M. Slnimonda, wgr.) 

—Newark. N. J.. 30-May 3. 
"Man o£ Myatery"— PhllaJelpbla, P*., 30-May j. 
'■Marching l"b rough Oeorgla' 1 (Cha*. H. Creene, 

mgr.)— Ptrlladeriilila, Pa.. 30-May 3. 
".Mr FrletHl Ilogau" (W. J. Holme*. ^.) — 
Hooslck Pall*. N. Y., May 2, Cambridge 3. 
(Jwnwich.4, Wliltdiall 8, (ilens Fall* 7. Sarn- 
tngn Spring* «. ?i '■„ " :._ 

"Me. Him ami I" (K. 4. Cohn, mgr.)— N. Y. 
City 30-May 3. 

• X 

Nctlrersole. (Ilga (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Bos- 
ton. Mm., :iO-May 12. 
New Kngiaird I'layom (Bruyhani k Lb|hj1iiI.. nigra.) 
— Wluclreater. N. II.. 30 May 2. Wilmington. 
ft. U. Manchester 7-12.. ■ ■ 

"Nelnlrl«yrly N'elghbitf*" I Frank W. .Nanou, mgr.) 
— Oxford, N. Y.. May 2, New Berlin 3. lllon 4. 
DiKHiville 3. i.'jwviik 7. Theresa 8, Clayton 0, 
Au twerp 10, Oontemeur II. Cauton 12. 
"Night Before Christmaa"— Philadelphia, Pa.. 30- 

Mav 0, Newark. X. J.. 712. 
"Nflrlbcrn Lights"— Philadelphia, Pa.. 30 May j. 
•Winery and ^Ino"— Buffalo, N. Y., May 7*12. 

Olwlt. Chaimcey (Auguslus I'llou, mgr.)— De- 

irolt. Mich., May 3 5. N. Y. City 7-10. 
O'Ncll. Nance (McKee Rntikln. mgr.l— Brooklyn. 

N. Y.. 30-May '•. Boston. Mass.. 7-1B. 
Daman Stock Unhti Oamaii, mgr.)— lltiullngtou. 

W. Va., 30 May 8, 
"Our New Mlnlaier" (Miller A Conyers, mgrs.)— 
Watmsh, Ind.. May 2, Alexandria 3. Tipton 4. 
Ufayettc 3. Dayton, 0„ 7-9. Ix>gan 10. Den- 
nison II. Beaver Fall*. Pa., 12. 
"(lid Homestead, ' Denman Thompson '»— Eabtnn. 

tin.. May 2, Lancaster 3, Plltaburg 7 12. 
"Did Clothes Man." Rowland ft Clifford's (Dave 
Sermour. nigr.i— Monlrsal. Can.. 30-May 5, 
Syracuse. N. Y-, 7-0. Itorhesler 10-12. 
"(lid Isaacs from the Rnwery" (J. P. Rrkhardt. 
rngri— Baltimore. Md.. 30-May 3, Brooklyn, 
N- Y., 7 12. _^ , 

"On Lho Bridge at Midnight," Kllmt A Oatxolo a 
laaaaiBaV Ky„ 20-May 3. 
Puuicll. Kathfyn (W. D- FlUgerabJ. mgr.l—Pat- 
erwai, .V J.. 30-May ft. Philadelphia. Pa., r-12. 
Paylirti 8Met1 IC. Clifford Paytou. mgr.) — 

tl.arlesloii. S. C- 30-May 12^.. 
riielau Kloi-k iK. V. Phclau, mgr.)— C kits tallb, 

^. Y. t ,.'IO*May 3. 
Prlngh*. Johnnie — Vancouver, B. C, 30-11*7 •• 

ntdllughaur. Wash- 7-12. _ , , 

Phlpps, Chas. R- (Wm. Murris, mgr.)— Toltnlo. 

tin., 30-May R. . .... 

Parka Dramatic K*. AV. Park*, mgr.)— SpurUii- 
burg, S. C., au-May 3. Havre de (irace. Md., 

Plckerts. The Four (Willis Plckert, mgr.)— Hart- 
well. On., ;iO-Mry 2. 

"Prince Chan" (W. N. Lawreuce, mgr.)— Phila- 
delphia. Pa.. 3" May 12. 

"PlahiHiuau"— Phlhulclplila. Pa.. 80-Mny 12. 

"ppek's Bad Boy" t Ileal h A Karren. mgrs.)— ■ 
TaamJl Ti H-k May 2. Pat ta month 4. I »bk- 
funl. Me.. 3. Aiigusln 7. Baincor H. Bath 0, 
.Rockland 10. Portland 11. MaMeu, Mas*., 12. 

"Oneeti of Hie Cwuvk-U" (P. H. Sullivan, mgr.) 
—Washington, D. C. 30-May 3. N. Y. City 7- 

-n r I I ; ! [■ 

- — Joullni sfaWaVh Chin 

Jojr ini >Io.. .'10, Cbfcnute. Kan^May J. lort 
Kcol 8. lolft 3. Liwrence iTtii*** *V _«..*» 

setdi, Mo.. 0. T. I'tatWDrtUfBr****-. "V "»- 

win 0-' Omaha 10-18. - ■-• ., „ »■' 

tB ton. A'lel.lde (WranrJa X. Ho|*. i"^-)- 

Kln«ton. Can., May. 2. Ottawa,?/ 4. HoulrMl 


<J fc* Drl* 


turner. Clara (Ira W. Jackson, mgr.)—. 
' lain. «>nn.. ao-Msy 3. .BrWgennrJ 7-12. 
Tuttle. Claire (W. W. I^H|feJff*- > ff* J 

. bridge. N. Y.i 30-May f7, Waltn* i 7-12. 

Truenlale Thealre-Plutia. 0.. M-Ma» 8. - 
"Texas" (HroadhunU A Cnrrle. mjra.)— CblMgo, 
HI., 20, Indeflnlte, 




' lift tt STORER 

rrodiirts III SIIADK in OSK Application. 

(Harry Doel rarkfr, 
30-May ft. Baltimore. 

"Coder Southern Bklea" 
mgr.) — Brooklyn, N. Y., 

"tfie'ie Tra'f Cabin." AL V. Martin's (Bd. 8. 
Martin, mgr.l— Krle, Pa.. M ag A. «iJM"'"ki 

tl.T 3. Klyrla 4. Sandusky R. TolHo fl-8. 

"Circle Tom's Cabin." Klrimu'a. Faatern (Omat 
Lnee, mgr.)- --Portland, Me.. May 4. 3. - 

"Lnrle Tom's Cabin." Stetsou's. Western »n. 
KlUde, mgr.)— Tratera* Clly. Mich., 2, Cadillac 
:i, Alpena 4. 8. . . j -\. 

"L'ncle Tom'a . Cabin." Beeeber's— Saskalooii, 
Snak.. Can.. May 2. Blidworlh 3. Moose Jaw 
4. Portal, N. Dak., 5, North Portal. SUk-, 7. 
Weyburn 8. Wilcox 0. Swift Current 10, Maple 
Creek II. Medicine Hat 12. -■■> -** ■ 

"Uncle HI Hasklns," C. S. Primroses M. M. 
Duneaa, mgr.)— Antlgo. .Wis.. May 2. Crandmi 
;i. Eagle River 4, Rhlnelauder 5, . Mluocqua 0, 
Tomahawk 7. 

Van Dyke A Eaton (F. Mack, mgr.)— Lima, 0., 

an-Majr 6. " . .. 

Virginian (Tlie Klrke La Sliclle Co.. "ogra.)— New- 
ark, N, J., 30-May 3, Brooklyn, N. Y., 7-12. 
W . 

Warfleld. Dnvld (David Belasco, mgr.)— N. 
City ao, inilefliiite. 

Wilson. Francis (CliarlesFrohman, rngr.)- 
Clty 30. Indefinite - ■ •_.,., 

Wlllard. F„ S. (Chaa. A. Moore, mgr.)— Clete- 
laud. 0-, 30-May R. Toledo 70, London, Out., 
10. Hamilton 11. 12. __. 

Wilson. Al. H. (Sidney It. Ellis, mgr. —Toledo, 
O., 30 Miy.2. Elyrla 3. Warren f. Krle. Pa., p. 

Woodruff. FMUklln— Chicago, HI.. 20-Miy G, Mil- 
waukee. Wis.. U-12. 

Wills. Nat M. (Hroadhurst ft Cnrrle. wars.)— 
Cincinnati, O.. 29-May 5. Philadelphia, Pa.. 7- 

Williams and Walker (M. B. Raymond, ntjrr.)— 

Trenton, N. J., Mar 8. Brooklyn. N. Y.. 7-12. 
Wallacks Theatre iDubhisky Broa., mgrs.)— Ot- 

lumwa. la., 30-May 3. , * 

Warner Comeily Co. (Ben It. Warner, tugr.)— Mc- 
. Oregor.Ja., 30, luiteBnltu- 
Whylc Dramatic (C P. Whyle, mgr.)— Oeary, 

Okla.. an-May 2. Enid 3-8. 
Woodward Stuck (Woodward ft Burgess, mgrs.) — 

Sioux City, bit, 30, indefinite. . . 

" Way Imsrn East.'' F^inteni (Wm. A. Brady, 

mgr.)— Baltimore, Md., SO-May 6. 
"Whit the Butler Saw?" (Wm. H. Heyuolds, 

.mgr.)— N. Y..Clly 30, imleflnlie. 
"Way of. the Tranagreioor" (Chaa. II. Yale, mgr.) 

Indianapolis, l»rd., ao-May. S. Cleveland, C, 7- 

-N. Y. 


"Wlien Uie World Sleep* 
Amnee. Co.. mgrs.) — St. 
3, Mluueanolts 0-12. 

filrla Ix-ave Home' 

ingnj.) ^•Brooklyn, N 
"When I*ndnn Sleeps" 

' (Mlllenlha: BrnR. 
Paul, Minn., 20-May 




i— Chi- 

Fenlarg, h*W.1 


■> • 

Untax**, Wilton (Win. A. Brady, mgr)— K. Y. 

Oliy ao-May 8. 
Uirlmer. Wrluht (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.)-'a.. 30-May 8. 
Loralne. Itohert lC «. Dillingham, mgr.] 

caia, III.. 30 May 12. ' 

LcwIbTj. C. (W. A. Junker, mar. »— Fanner Clly. 

111., May 2. Bloomlm/lnn a. Piwllac 4, Slrealor 

R, Spring Vallev 0. Mendotn 7, IHxon 8. Syca- 

iiMirc ». Itelvlderf »0, Rnekfanl II. 
resile, JgiThtlu IMm AHpu. mgr.l— F.liulra. N. 

V.. an-May 5. 
levels. Ihirothy (A. H. Block, mgr.)— Toroolo. 

Lone. Frank £ Slock— Superior, Wla.. 2H-May 5, 
Jllkhlnat. Minn.. 7-12. , _ „ 

Kvceum Cmrnily (Al. S. Evan*, mgr.)— Rome. N. 
Y.. no-May ft, BotmvUle 7 12. 

•■I'Jon and Hie Mouse,," KsMew (Henry B. Har- 
ris, mgr.l- X. Y. City an. Imletlidte. 

"I.lorr and the Mnn«e. Western .(Henry B. Har- 
ris, mgr.l— Salt Uhv Clly. P., W* 

"Little Orav Lady. 1 ' Western (James K. Haekett, 
'ingrl— Kansas City. Mft.. SB-Mny ft. Mlnne- 
a-wll*. Minn., fi-0. St. I'anl 10-12. 

"I.ltilc Johnny Jonc*," Weslom Sam H. Harris, 
mgr.l— Slons Clly. la.. 2. CCdar Itapldn .1, 
HavenMHt 4. I-eorla. III., ft. Springfield, ft.. 7. 
Newark M. Zanesvllle P. Youngstown 10. Al- 

"lIure^'fromMtninr" (A. H. Wfsjda. mgr.)— 

Hlillailelnhla. Pa.. 80-May R. season ends- 
"Idtilc Onleast." B.. J. Carpenter's— Columbus, 

"I'vnia'n TwTns" (I.vman Bros., mgrs'.)— Kaunas 
my. Mo.. 20-May * 

liusH-ll, Annie (Wagenhalh ft Kcuiner, 

Portland. Me,, Mny 2. 
Roberts, Florence (John 0>rl, mgr.) — 

30. Indeflnlte. , „ 

Russell Brothers ID- Frank Dwlge d. 

" ,Y. City 30-May R.l'IttHlnirg. Pa., 
fc '• 

Runkel. - 

UrvttiTllle. S. C. May . -- 
Kami Slave." East, (ionlmi ft Bcniiell n W>* 
" Rolieris. mgr. i— Renlfrew, 




aiiMay 12, 

"raintl." Purler J. Will! 
Wadsiturth, B.. May ' 

.'amasma" '(«*«. A Kilwartl Hanloil. mgr*.)— 

llwhes'er. N. Y.. 30 May 2. Syracuse .13. 
Foe n Unman Lire —Trenton. N. J.. ao-May -. 

I liiltokeii 3-R. 
'■Kni-tury Uli-I" (n,.!,. K. Hl.i^y Auliwe. Cu.. 

tnjtt.. I i '..i.. ik'... III.. :l<l-M.v 1!. ... 

'•Fuimv Mr. It.M.lev" ih'ml Hlil.r. «*r. t— H.rrlw 

luinj' I'u . rm-Mnv 2. Wllmlngtun. U.I.. .(-.i. 
•fiaiitiiiu .-««..--* lU'm. Him.. m*f. I — '.iiiu-u, 

N. i„ u»r Mt VuIiiiiiiim, U. c, lit- 

lllati>lld,t. Hli*«nl IBm 1>- Slftrn". oigr.l 

l^»ll«. M.,.. M M«r ». I'l.lco... I".- '•»• „ 
\Uei. Amlrr. (Itlri, * M.trt-. m«r».>— Mini- 

rt«~lfr. S. II.. M.y a. Uv.n-;in., ifj. 
M.nMI. Il*r« B. iWrn. \. nr.ilj. miir.l— I'llla- 

Imrc. I»... :io-M,.v n. ■ 

Minn,. I«IH.. »'") Ctan, l.limui. Ihhlll»rt Br,«,. 

i,l»n..)- rlll.lmtll. i'«.. n«Mv -•. . K - '•'""• 

■B. I..! T. iMMnI"" ». ». H»" "'• IJ<f«retl". 

Ina.. II. IfcinLr. III.. 12. 
Mnn'liv. TImilh' IT. K. Smimlir.. m«M— Min- 

illtikr. 0.. M.r 2. B«J Cllr. MU-b.. li, H.llle 

Ciwk R. J.i-k-iH. H. 
Mrllilrt. nml ll«lth (Kl»* * Krl.MK. ■»! 

— lliMlno. M«tw.. sn-M.y r,. PntTldnic. It. 1.. 

7-». Worcwlpp. 5I..I... 10. Il.rlf.w.1, .Oonn.. II. 

U.llToni. Ill, l-mir (Kr«nL V. lUwUY/'lnl*. l»Bt.) 

x. .1. ou; ;i-a«j a. 


niBrb.) — 

H,oirpuiV v »^HIy"Vl'bflnilVrB7"(J. N.' KwiHiuw. 
■nilir. I— J.rkmiii, Ml«.. M.y T-12. 

Oorliiuo. Stock 'IS1. ttuukel, msr.) — 
,vrs " C. M.J- TI2. 

i.l I... r. Ii.ii JLr licit, . , 

Cun.. May 2, 

Wmbrwko.3. .Arnyrhir A,, Perth 3. T*Wfl 7. 
Oanarnspie 8. Na|>auee 0. Dcscnmlo 10, Plctou 

"Rniimnce In Cuwi Htdlow" (A. C. Allen, mgr.) 
— Ilnlllmurc, Md.. 3U-Mbj- ft. phlhidelphlH. .Pa., 

-llV|!"\i*n Winkle." W. A. Eller'n (Ctm*. Bowen. 
nHrr.i.-KTnnsimi. Wye.. May 2. Oreeti River 
■ .'( Rnek Spring* 4. Rawllus G. Iwirsmlo •. 
.Cheyenne 8. Sidney, n'ebr., 0, Jukraburg 10, 
North Platte 11. . 

Solhetn. K. 11., and Julia Marlowe (CbarlrVFroii- 
maii nigrl-Clikagi*. III.. 30-May 5, Deiirer. 

Skinner, 'tltls (tioarlra Fndiinan, mgr. I —Rich- 
mond. Va.. 2, Ncwiwrt a. Norfolk 1, ... 

Slnart. Nellie (tleo. Mnsgro*c, mgr. J— -Denver, 
Coki.. 30 May 3. Kiuisaa City. Mo.. -12. 

Sliaw. Marv iSlmbert Bros... mgr*. )—Ucm*va, N. 
Y.. 2. BmTak. 3-R. 

Smart Set. AIM Hill's (Harry Hill, mgr.)— Provl- 
ileinv It 1.. au-Mav ft. Post mi, Mass., 7-1J. 

Sunt hern. Ctmuiuey (Uoland A. Oalmrne. angr. 1 — 
Lynearaam. V*.. :wi..Mar " 
■stria 7 0. Suffolk 10 1 

Swain Thealre.. (Muck 
ore.. 20-May 20. 

SlutU'a New York Theatre IL- E. Pctcmou, mgr.) 
purl Olision, Mis*.. May 7-12. 

"Sherlock Uoline*" (Bvihner ft Cattipbell, mgrs.) 
— Boffalo, N. Y.. 30-May 5 

"Swei-t Clover" (Victor 11. Schafer, mgr.)— Mon- 
treal. Can.. 30-Muy . 

"Stolen SlorV— BoHton. Mas*.. 7-12. 

■Shallows of R Oreat City" (C. B., Jefferson, 
rugr. l- -Jersey Oliy. N. J.. (10 May ». 

•'Stninre Deal" jVletoc II. Sihafer. mgr.) 

"f^lrt's'llewuire'" I*. H. Rice. M^Tiaiifej 
Tex.. May 2. W««. 3. MiirRau 1. tllco R. Wr- 
man 7. AHatny H. SlamfoTd 0, 10. Cisco tl. 

Tlinrber 12. ' _ '. 

"Sin.gglo for tkild" (Wissl* * T|tmiHiM-n, mgrs.) 
—Sllllwater. Okla... May 2., JtarllesTnie. In. . 
Ter.. :t. llan-nvwe 1. Tulsa ft. Sspiilpa .. Ilnl- 
ilerrllle 9i South McAlester 10. Chen.tah II, 

"Sunni^-ouih" (J. C. RiH*kwell. mgr.*-Pot- 
■mm. Conn.. Mny 2. Southhriilge, Mass., a. New- 

i^.ri R. I.. 4. New Beilfonl. Mass hall 

Klver 7, Tannton 8. Brockton p.- 

"Benliy I lie Hero of Itenlh Valley"— Kansas City, 
Me.. May 12. 


Petersburg 3-5, Km- 
' siva lu , mgr. ) —Port la ud, 
. Pcterwou, 

-N. Y. 

Tiwiftli, Vlnlala Drew (Jwpo Shlpman, gj«r.). 

(Vanee ft 

I., 30-May ft. 
(Ueorge Wcllon, mgr.) — 
Detroit, Mich.. 20-May G. 
"Why Women Sin"— Cbkago. III.. 0-12. 
"What Women Will Do"— Omaha, Nebr.. 20- 
May 2. y 

Yorke and Adam* (B. K. Forrester, mgr.) — Day- 
ton. O.. 30-May 2. 
Young, Marie (Shaw ft Gallagher, mgre.) — Olrnrd, 
Kan.. May 2. Fort Scott 3. Nevada. Mo., 4, 
Clinton ft. 
Young. Kdwln, Slock— Norlh Berwick, Me.. 30- 
May 2 L 
"Vork Slate Folks" (Fred K Wright, mgr.)— 
Harlfonl, Conn., 30-May 3. 
Beniard. Sam (Charlea Frohman, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City 30-May 12. 

Butler, Helen May, and her Military Bund (J. 

L. Spaliu. mgr.l — Montgomery, Ala., 20-May 3. 

Black- Paul- Truubndours (Voelckel ft Nolan, 

mgrs.)— Oswego. N. Y., May 2. Ullca 3, Sche- 

neclndy '3, North Ailatus, Alass., 7. Ywikers, 

N. Y-, 8, .Mount Vcrium 0. New Rucbelle 10. 

South Norwalk, Com.. 11, New IvHiduu 12. 

"l)eKK»r Prluce" Opera (F. A. Wudc. mgr.)— San 

Antonio 2»-May 20. 
Cahlll, Marie. (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.)— Bloom- 
lngton. III., May 3. Terre Hutite, IniL. 3, La- 
fayette 4, IndlaiiapollM G, Daylon, O.. 7. Co- 
lumLnis 8, Cnnlou 0, Akron 10, Youugslown 11, 
Wheeling, W. Va., 12. -. 

Carle. Rlchanl ICfeaaw- Marks, gen. mgr.)— St. 
Paul. Minn.. 20-May 2. Mlnueanoih, 3-3, Cbl- 
<.-iiK.j. III., 0-12. 
CnuiidUn Jubilee Singers (W. T. Csry. mgr.) — 
Del«ralm\ Man., May 2. Kltlaruey 3. 4. Carl- 
wrhtht ft. «. Crystal tat*- 7, Pilot Mount 8. 
"CoiuTug Thro' the Rye" (Will J. Block, mgr.) — 

l>mlsvllle. Ky.. ao-Mny 2. 
Duulels, Frank (C. U. Dlllliigkam. mgr.)— Mon- 
treal, Can., 30-May G. Biirfltigrtat. Vt., 7, 
Oletrs Falls, N. Y.. 8.. Pltisflehl. Mass.. 0, 
North Adams 10, Troy. N. Y.. 11. Newtntrgh 12. 
Dp Angells, Jeffersuir, tShubert Bros,, nigra.) — 
Lima, 0., May 2, Lima 3, Celumbua.4. G, Pltls- 
burg. Pa., 7-12. 
"Dlalrlei leader"— X. Y. Clly 30. IndeHnlte. 
English Uraud Opera. Henry W. Savage's (»al|di 
Fslmiiiids. mgr.)— RiH-hesler. N. Y.. ao-May ft. 
Kflwonles. PhiiN iShiibert Bn»s.. mgrs.)— Mil- 
waukee. Wl*., :tii-Miiv ft, lafayette. Ind.. 7, 
Ixigansiwrt S, Peru 0, Blufflou 10, Columbus, 
0., 11, 12- . 
"Earl and the Girl" (Shubert Bros., mgm,) — 
Holyoke. Mass.. 30, May 1, Worcester ft. 3, 
llreat JJarrluglou 4, North Adams G, Hennlng- 
tott, Vt.. 7, Amsterdaur. N. Y. t 8, Albany 0, 
10. Jamestown II, Ithaca 12. '. 

Fay. KIHe (A. H. Wood*, mgr.)— Atlanta. Gi., 

30-May R. Norfolk, Vir.. 7-12. 
"Free l^rnce" (Klaw ft Erlaugcr, mgra.)— N, Y. 

Clly 30, Indeflulte. 
OIaM>r, Lulu (C. B. llitlhigliain. mgr.l— Del rolt. 
Mk-b.. 30-May 2, Toledo, O., 3. Erie, 1'*., 4, 
Allmoy. S- Y.. R. 
"taorlana" (Wells, Dimm> ft Harluh, uigra.)— 

Itk-hurond. Va.. 30 May 3, 
"taugerbread Mau" (Converse fc Peters, mgrs.) — 

Toledo. 0-. 30-May 2, CIucIiuihII 0-12. 
"Oar , New York" (W. B.' Moore, mgr.)— Spar- 
tanburg, S. C, 7, Charlulto. N. C, 8. Aslievllle 
li. Bristol. Tenu.. 10, Itouiioke, Va., 11, l./udi- 
; : ■ - '12.' 
Hooiwr, lie Wolf fShuls*rl Bros., mgrs. )— l*rotl- 

ikirce. R. t„ mi-May,-., N. Y. City 7-18.- . 

Hogan. Ernest (Geo. H. Harris, mgr.)— Tri-mutit, 

Nebr.. May 2, Omaha 3-3, Kansna Clly, Mo., 

0-12. - 

"HI* Honor. Ihe Mayor' '— Baltimore, Md.. 30- 

Mny R. Newark. N. J.. 712. 
"I*le of Sph-e" tB. II Whitney, mgr.l— Middle- 
tnn-ii. N. Y-. May 2. Purl Jervls 3, Mewtiur-: 4. 
poiighkeeiisle ft. Bingliornlon 7, Onehla 8, Sche- 
r.ct ■itniy u, Johnstown .10, Glovemvllle M, Lyuua 

"lab? of Mr" (B. C. Whitney, ingr.l— Mauls- 
thpie. Midi.. May 2. inhuming 3. Calumet 4, 

Jauls. Klale fl.lebler ft Co.. tugr*.)— X. Y. Clly 
:ut, Indednlle.. . 

Jmenlle Kwstonlnu <l|>ora (Win. B. Sherman, 
mgr.) — Ki.-nont, Out.. 30-Mny 3. . • 

"Lund of N««l" (A. G. Deiaraatcr. mgr.)— St. 
Pnul Minn., no. MimtenisdlH lft-12. 

May. rMuti l Charles Prohmaii, mgr.) — ljindnn. 
Ens-. 30. Inucflulk-. 

Mmitslll, Mine.. KnuH-h Grand n-.eni (Henry 
PliK'us. mgr.) — Plllsbtirg. Kan.. May 2. Soring- 
neld. Mi, 3. Ti>|a>kB, Kan., 4, St. Loula. Mo., 

Macr^chlan. Jessie (Sweely, Shlpmnn ft Co., 
mgrs.) — GlaMgnw. Scot.. 30. ludcflultc. 

"Mexlcana" (Shubert. Bros., mgm.)— Chk-agn, 
111.. 20. IndeHnlte. 

Nellwin. Alice (Chan. T. Bergen, mgr.)— Albany, 
N. Y.. Mav :t. Pruvldeure. It. I., 4, 6. Harl- 
fonl. Cotiu.. 7. 

Naretle. Marie (Freiliric Shlpman, mgr.) — l.i-n- 
ihm. Kng., 30. imlcthille. , 

"PUT. Pair. Ponf" tli C. Whitney, mgr.l— Terre 
Manic, Ind., Mnj 2. IndlanaiMills 3, Awlersou 
4. Uaykm. tl.. 3. season mils , ., 

Itavnl Arllllery Band tJ«awMi De VHo. mgr.l — 
Philadelphia. Pa.. 20-MUy 12. 

"Rosalie" ,V /Iraincrmnn. rugrs.) — Phlls- 
ilelidds. Pa.. 3n, Imleflnlte. 

Seheff. Frlutt (0. B. DlllliiRliBm. mgr.)— N. Y. 
t;tiv 30. Imleflnlie. 

Souaa and hl« Band (John Philip Sous*, con- 
dnetoci. — GieenAHd. Mi,--;., mat., ami North- 
ampton May 2. North Adams, mat., and Pitta- 
neld 3, Saratoga S|»rlngs. N. Y., Dial., ami 
Troy 4. Albany ft. N. Y. i^lty «. 

"SnriBl Whirl" 188 a8 ill Bros., mgn.)— N. Y. 
City 30, Indeflulte. 

any natural Rhndo.dcnlreil, giving i|fi 
•Dd lustre to the bAlr, Icavlna; It ioft, silk* 
and clean. It In Harmless, Pure. KOVctlri 
and Sure, For Sale nt Leading ifnlr Dreg*. 
trt, Department Stores and Drngglm*. 
EMPBK8S Mra. CO„3on-3M Uroadwny, s. y 

"Show Olrl" 1 f8. C. Whitney. '. mgr.l— *nmalha 

ton. Pa-. Slay 2, Wheeling. W. Va.. 3-.*. ' * 
-Slmplo Simon Slnlplc" (F. G. Nixon -Nli.lHiiier 

ragr.)— PhUailelphlB. I'u., 30-May a. 8 r * 

"Sleeping Beauty and the Beast" (Fred Pries 

mgr-)— Mllwaukei-. Wla., 2U-May G. ^^ 

Teinplctou. Fay (Klaw ft Erlaugcr, mgrs.) mi. 

cago. 111.. UP, luuednlie. 
'Tenderfwit" (W. P. Cnllen. mgr.)— Tnn.nln. 

Can., 30-May 5. Cuelpu 7, St. Catherines 10 
"Three Uraces" — Chicago, ill., an. ludeUinic 
'Tom, Dlek and ll«ny T| (A. H. Woods, mgr i. 

St. Nuils. Mo., 20-May 3, CtucluUatl, 0„ (J |" 

seaaoo end*. 
"Umpire" CM. 11. Singer, mgr.)— Chicago, IN 

20. indeouiie. 
Wills Musical (John B. Wills, mgr.) — MemiJih 

Tenn., 30-May 12. '*" ■ 

"Wltanl of Oz," Hamlin. Mlldiell A Fields' - 

Buffalo. N. Y„ 30-May ft. Klmlm 7. SyracrtM- I 
"Yankee Consul". (Jehu P. Slociuu, mgr. )— laBfe, 

Me*. Cau., May 3, Beltevlllc 4. 
lit HLl.'itit J, AMI \ ALl)i;\ ii.i.t.. 
American* (Kdwln li. -Mine*, uigr.) — Wakhlncton 

D. C. 30-M*y ft. Haltluore. Baal, 7-12. f ' 
ATemre Girls (Geo. HBtp, rrigr.) — BL totals Mo. 

20-May 5; ludlaiinpolhj. lml. f 7-12. 
Aluxar Beauties (Cbna. Taylor, n:sr i-- V ii. 

delplrla. Pa:, no May 5. N. Y. Clly 7 10 
Ulack Crook Jr. . (Harry Hastings, mgr.l— ,\ P * 

Orleans. La., Ull-.May 3.. w 

Blue ItlUm Glrln (.lack Singer, mgr.l— Balllumr-- 

Md„ ;ill-May ft. Pittsburg, Pa.. 7-12. ' 

Bowery Uurlesiiner*. . (Joe Hurtlg, riurr. ) 1' 

delphla. Pa.. 30 May ft, Rending 7-lV. 
Bohemlaiu (Barney Olmrd. mgr. I— Pllt-thurr 

Pa.. ao-May 8, Washington, D. C. 7 12. 
Bon Ton* iRuefa ft Weber, mgrs.) — Kausa<< Clti 

Mo., u-ia. • " 

Ili-lgadlem (Cha*. Cromwell, mgr.) — Mlnt»a!<oIk 

Minn.. 20-Mov ft, Dulutli 0-12. ' 

Baltimore Beauties (Sol Myers, mgr.l-^dncln. 

nail, '».. 20-May 3. Cleveland 7-12. 
Broaihray Gaiety Girls (James H. Ciirlln. tagr.)^ 
. Springfield. Mnsa., 30-May 2, Paterson, X. J„ 

Oily Kimrta (Plill SlierliUii, mgr.)— N. Y. Cllr 

30-May 3. Brooklyn, N. Y.. 7-ln. ' 

Cmcker Jacka (Harry Leohl, mgr.)— AHuuy, ,\. 

Y., -30-May 3. 
Chelry . BhisKotiis i.M, Jacobs, mgr.)— Salt Lata 

CUy, V:. 20.-May ft, Debver. Oolo., 7-12. 
UalLfomla Girls (G. H. Turner, ingr.)— Sctltle 

VYaah., 20 May D, Portlaml. Ore.. 0-12. 
Dcvete'n. Sam. Own (Gils Lleullig. mgr.l — Craad 
. Rjiplus. Mii'li.. 20-May 3, Cldcago. 111., ii lj. 
Drilnty Duchess (Itus)i ft Weber, mgrs.) — I'rotl. 

deime, U. I.. 30-May 3. 
Dream huid Beauties (Frank Calder, mgr.) — N. Y. 

City 30-Miy 12. 

Fay Foster (Joseidi Oiipcuhelmer. mgr. )— Dulutli. 

Mlnu.. 20-May 3. 
Gay Morning GloflcH (Sam A. Scrlbner. mgr.)— 

Rearlltrg. Pa.. 30 May 3, Scraulmi 7-12. 
linv MuHJiirersders (Sdin A. Scrlbner, uu-r. > — 

BurYalit. N. Y-. 30-AIay 3. 
Gulden Crook (Jaeubs ft Jeninm. uigrt-. i— ByslLj. 

Mass.. :0J-May 3. N: Y. City 7-127 
High Rollers (A. II. Woodhull. mgr.}— Newark, 

N. J., .WMay 5. N. Y. Clly 7 12. 
Hnwanl, M;iy. Ktlravagmiaa (George F. l^-aniH. 

nutr.l— Detroit, Mich., ail-May 3. tirsnd Ilaplti 

High School Girl* (Alfred Mayo, mgr.) — Irfmls- 

▼Illc, Ky., 20-May 3. Cincinnati, O.. « 12. 
Irwin's HIk Show iFrtsl Irwin, mgr.) — fttantaa, 

Pa., .tO-May R. Newark, N. J., 7-12. 
Iii.jk'vUIh (Jnme LtiiruB. ingr. I — lnUI»iniwll>. 

Intl., BO-Mar ft. Uulsvllle. Ky., 0-12. 
IunoceDb MiihU (K. W. Cblpiuun. -mgr.l— N. Y. 

City 30-May 0, Brooklyn, N. Y.. 710. 
Menls (Sim Wllllmu*,. mgr. )— Chicago. 111.. Si- 
May G, Milwaukee. Wis.. 0-12. - , 
Jolly Girl* (T. 8. McCreery. nrgr.)— nruokljn,. 

30 May 0. 
Jersey Lilies (tii*o. F. Hopper, mgr.)— Chicn|o, 

HI.. 2l)-Ma.v n, Toledo. O., 7-12. 
Jolly Grass Widows (Gus W. Ilogau, rogr.) — 

Torouln. (hut., • 30-May 5, Buffalo. N. V.. 7 12. 
Kentucky Belles |Rols*rt Gnrdon. ragr.l— SI. Paul, 

Minn.. 20-May 6. Mlnueapolls u-12. 
Lafayette. Ihe Great (T.,.(L. I^fayetle. mgr.)— 

Newport. It. I.. May 3. South Norwalk, Coua.. 

4. Derby 6„ Brooklyn. N.-Y-, T-Vi. 
Merry. Brirlesijuers (AViu. Ballfiuf, mgr.l— Jersey 

City, N. J,. 30-May ft, Phlladeliihla. Pa.. 14-lft. 
Merry Maldeua'tJ. Lowry. uigr.)— Salt lanalQKf 




Mis* New Yntk Jr. (Harry Pierce. 

Josenli, Mo,. 3-3, Kausas City 0-12. 
Majestic* (Fred Irn'lri.'mgr.)— Plrllailel|ihla, Pa.. 

30-May 3. Bnltlmore. Md.. 7-12.- 
Moonlight M alils (David Knni*. .msr.)— N. Y. 

Clly ao-May R. Phllaik-I|>hla. Pa.. 7-12. 
Merry Maker* (It. B. Patlim. mgr.)— Milwaukee. 

Wis.. 20-May 0, St. Pnul, Minn.. 7-12. , , 
Mawdlt* (J.. J. Muuubith, mgr.)— Pwrllanii, 0., 

2P-Msy 5.. .,.,., 

New Undon tialely Girls (CHff.W. Grant, mgr.)— 

PaBadelplila, Pa.. :UI*Miy 6, ,NVY. Of H* 
New York Stars (M. M. Thelw. mgr.l— N. i- 

City 30-Mny a. Pjillndel|iti1n. I'm- 7-12. 
New Century Girls (Clia*.' W. Itaulets. lagr.i — 

Virginia City. Nev.. 8. Carson City ». Bean ■ I '■ 
Orleiiiahs (W. B. Walaon, ingr. t — BslUrm-re, Md., 

30-May 5. PlillMilelphla, Pa., 7-12. 
Ondteiun Show, t.Uartln Beek'a — Bnsiklfu, N- *•• 

nQ-May 3. N. Y. City 7-18. ■ . . - „ 
Parisian Widows (Rush ft Weber., napml— •* 

r-iil-, Mo.. 20-May ft, Chicago, 111... 8-I8. 
Parisian Belle* (John Grieves, mgr.)— at Y- W' 

ao-Mnv fi. Brooklyn. NY Y., 7-12. 
Rose IU1I Knrllsli Folly. (Rice ft Bart>«i. ingr.l — 

Xaahellle, Tenn.. 30-May G. Heft Orleans. !■*■. 

Ueiita-Suntley (Ala* liavltl. ingr.)— IMttaborg. 
■ Pa.. 311-Mnr ft.-Clnelnuall., 0-. 0-12.. 
Kh-e ft Barlon-s Big Gaiety— Glevelaml. O., •■«' 
Mny 8, Buffalo. N. Y.. 7-12. , , . „ 

RoKe.Sydell's lamthur Belle* (W. >. t ; *mp I* ■ 
mgr.,— KuuSBS (Jlty. Mp.. 20-«ay S, St- l«' lt3 

ItelllyVw.rnd** (Put Rellly. mgr.)— Kaasw I'llT. 

Slo.. 20 May*.-.. St. Ixmls ll 12. , „ .. _ 
nnnan-ay tiirt* (Peter S., Clark, mgr.^— " n o r 

N. Y., 30-May 3. Providence. K I-. W>. 
Slur Show Olrbt (W. Fennesay. mgr. - 

N. Y.. ,30-May 3r llelrollt Mlrb.. f 
Trans- Allan tte BurlcmimTs . fjtj M._ 

mBT.i— Clltrlnnatl. O., 20-May 

Tenn.. 7-12. u , 

Tiger Lille* Itaaj OnMlx, mgr.>— Boslou. 

nn-Mny 3, Montreal. t.'aii.. 7-12. . ^ 

Trocattero* (Clin*. II. Waldroii. mgr- ) — Twicr-t. 

O., 88 111 R, Cleveland. O.. 7-12. 
Tliopmsflibred* (L. J. Oherwurth. ">gr->- 

koii. N. J.. ao-May ft. Jemey City 7-1 J. 
Utopians IW. V. Jenuliig*. mgr. (—Brooklyn. 

Y„ ao-Mny R. Boston. Mn*s., 7-12. 
Vanity- Fair (Robert Manchester, mgr.l 

lyn. N. Y.. 30-May 12. , _. .„,. 

Wnahinglon Sis-leiy (Jlrls • (Kernan * n "'r,.; 

nigra. l^Monl real. Can.. 30-May 3. Tun-nloT.-- 
Ysnkee Doodle tilrls iLMaai flam*. nigr-J— ,WTr 

land. O., 30-May 3, Plttsbonf. P*- ll - 
D..-k«l«iler's, l*w (Charles D. Wllsoa. ■8»> ,, 7 

Denver. Colo.. 3»-May 3. Omaha. NelT. »-• •• 

Lincoln 8, Iirilnllr 12. 
Field-*. AL fl. (Dire Qulgley. mgr.) - 

Mo.. 38-May ft. 
Gorlim'a (C. C. Pearl, mgr.l — Curl land. 

May 3. Moravia -I, Grolon R. Owegn 7. ' 

S. » _FI- 

Kersiiuds'. MUr (tkv. A." Treyser. m f?\J\ 

wooil. Ind.. May 2. Miincle 3. Ne* 1 ">•"" 

Oonnenvlllc 5. Clnelnnatl. C. «-12. .,-,., 
" tagm mgr.)— Paducah. *J> 

- ISii8«*». 

Nash tlH>. 



) _1lpaik- 



Pructur'ai (tk-o. 

30-May R. Cairo, ill . . 
Klcbanl* ft Prlugle'a (Rusoo ft ----.._ 

— Battle Onvk. Mich.. May 2. Bay City ■ 
V-bHV (John W. VogeK "'^-^"'."rl-.'"'* 

Mav 2. Pari-. Ky.. X Fmnkfiwt 4. Lexmtj 
- ft. W'Hiriiester 7. Richmond 8. Mayvllle 0. »»" 

hero, O., 10, Wllmluglon 11, Lebanon l- 

May 5. 



- •THN'f'SlTlrtHI. '"• 

'•— HM N. J., SJio ft New- 
. _n*onS New Srikalrlck B. At- 

BTai"Bl1ra» gi Wlilijgjrt- 18. 

Ro«tkj Blir« 1'il"' Waal. Ool. Wm. ?. CW <Fr«l 
B «Bftl«B». m,-r,|— MlUno, tlalr. W-Ua, 
rf ' lymawi'". Brrwla 8. Vlrtau 0. Tre.lao lit. 
Mr* 11. «<>!». Awlrta 1*. Trim* 13. , 

r.«Mlaiun A fella Bro*.— rrlnretoo. Ind.. Har -1. 

'JUa 4. Harrt.twm, 111.. 3, OwMitoro, 

<vSmir*'Bm«.— IJOfoln 111.. Naf 4. UlrblMd 5. 

Miltnhrrk'i. Ctrl— Laura.!, r. Pa.. 30. Hani. 
lion Vaj 1- Wiamnklo 2. Wllllaqiaport 3. t,ock 
Haven 4. i>u Bola R. runx.iil.wna, T. Ballar 
„ >>« ra.ile l>. Rharou 10. Franklin II. A.].- 
t-hiua. O.. 12. 

Bill's — Boftbton, Kan., M.j 2. Holrrowl 
Attain. 4. 




m *, Frederick a, Genesen 7, Kans no- 
il* r ElUwarib a, 10, Wilson ll, Bwirrflnce 12. 

U%t Bmi.*— tVhojIklll H.wn, Pa.. Ala* 4, 
Hanthnrg 8. Rm#s •- 

MMneiirn'9— •Csfleton. Nehr., May 2, Branlng 3, 

. ^» oraiey to UToid atlatakea ■nd to 
innre 1Kb •prompt delivery ©t tbe 
letter. •iTcrtlml In tlil> 1H, ma 
ffvelupe plainly adtlresacd mast be 
WJMt for enei. letter, ana a -tvrltta-a 
fif?.* r fo F <be letter, ilBTieJ with tb* 
fall name and uddresa and tho 11a. 
of bnilnes* followed by the lender, 
boh ilio be enclosed. 

PUaee mention the date (op aam- 
ber> of the CLIPPER lb which the 
letter* itut for were advertise*. 

Andcr-on. Fie 
It (.Villi 

Ottawa,*,, Western R 
i> fi wti*e HV-Wm p 

Pa.. no-May 2. 
a, Mo.. .10 May G, In* 

atisuom. Ind., 7. Cincinnati, O.. 8, 0, Day 

lob .JuT Springfield. It. 'Newark 12/ 
H^MnsOn's. John— r»>ri*.™-.tth. (J,, May 2. Iron- 

Ti* 8. Hmir.tftOA,' w. Va„ 4. 
R,i,h)n«'. Frank A,— Westfleld. N. J., May 2, Horn- 

iTTiilt? 3. Dover 1, Plalnlleld a, Vonkers, ti. Y-, 

7, Ming Sing 8. 
jolls A Kioto's — loll, Kan., May G. 
Tod'*, Wm.— Laodrom. a. C, May 2. 
Waahlairne A D'Alma's— Mldilletowu, Del., 30, 

Wllmlufiiort May 1-3, Chester, Pi.. 4, 0. 
t^lkahank— Whit Ingham, yt.," May 2. .3, Slim- 

ford 4, 0. * '■ 

c«okHarrIs {B. A. Cook, mgr.)— Madrid, N. Y„ 

May 2. ■ " . i - 

Cooks Cnnedr— Oceanic, X. J.. 30 May 2, High* 

] rinds .1-0. 
C«o n fsiioMteTs <H. La She, mfP.)— Lake View, 

Mien., 'May 2, Rdmnre 3, White Cloud 4, Ne- 



pi-rie'Tn Ola Virginia (iiw.ll Brown, mgr.)— Al- 
(Iiom, 0., 7. LlKtma 6, Columbiana 9-11, Eaat 
Piles, Ire 12. ' ".." 

Frankljn Comedy (Wm. Franklyn. mgr.)— Oa- 
iDond. Nehr.. i.n-May R, CrHghtoo 7-12. 

Flint." Mr. ami Mnr. (H. I",. Flint, mgr.)— Han- 
nibal, Ma, 30-Moy S. Terre Rsnte, ind.. I i;i. 

Qv&O Cnrnlyal Co.— OaIow.tIIIe.-Tex., 30-Miy 6. 

Heln«, Mr. and Mra. tP. ». Aby. mgr.)— Belfl- 
ikre. 111., ::n-May n, Bockfori, 71 2. 

Jobfwtone IC. Wm. Kranklin, tfigr. i — St. Itmph, 
Mo., 30 May ■'. Davenport, ja.. 7 12. 

Jobnqtoo Boy (T. II. Mel n tyre, mgr.) — BtlLfJL 
lr.B.; mSkt -"., Kvnn-rille 7-12. 

Moimironl. Mme. FlnkeNtein (Sweely, SLIptnan 
*".Co.. mat*.,— N. V. Oty 30, Imlettnlte. 

MartK'a Si-eclnlly (Al. Mortr. mar.)— Unity, Me., 
May. 3/ Monroe 4, Frankfort 6. 

Powers, Mr. and Mm. (F. 3. Power*, mgr.)— 
High Point, N. t;.. May 2. :t. Rnndlemao 4, 
Aanlmro fi, WInaton-Matem 7-1), Monntalry. 10, 
Oreeni'horp 11, S3L . , ... 

PreofellP rfiw Edna Moy Magonn <P. W. Magooo, 
nwr.)— nooalcl NK N. Y., 30 May 5, Ben- 
nington.' Vt;,- 7-12. • 

Roondi' 1 Liftien Orchestra and Specially Co. (II. 
0. RounOa, mgr.) — Brockton, Maaa., 30-May 12. 

Rano. Mr. afid Mra. (AornstuA Rapp, mgr.) — 
gSHrtoaW IndT, 30 May 12. 

SeTtreala (Walter r..Mack. mgr.)— Nllea, 0., 
80-afty 5, Warren 712. 

Yankee Circus on - Mara (Tliompaoo tic Dundy, 
agri.) — Boaton, Matta:, 30. 'indefinite. ' 


I'.-i-ii. Clara 
Itelmont. OHte 
Uuif. Kthfl 
Barlow Flor. B. 
llernAetd, Anna 
Bright. Joftle 
Ilarron, Mi !.• 
Barlow, Kllle ' 
Bigger, Lofa 
Beacn, Gold a 
iWilier, Tfiwslo 
Hoeblke Mra. It. 
Krennon, Mrx. a' 
Bayley, Crave 
Bryant Flopence 
Rryant, Ml**e* 
Burt. Hntel 
Beech, Virginia 
Jlnrrett. Daisy 
IktnMll, Mra. M 
Jtolfte Mm An;. . 
riieatani.' Kin 
Chester Pllra. B 
Campbell MrsJ.4. 
Cnlrer, Mra. R 
Clark. May 
PiirUa. Keta 
Carter. I^tim 
0*4C Lo»?nn 
( j.nis. Fin ma 
CtJlliw NormnW 
■ liester, Ida 
De liiillnnil, 


Donne MlwV.M 
Doreen. VMit 
DeCreaii Roeetia. 

Ilumer. France* NMI. aaMUM 
lbfller lowphlne (jlHta. Mario 

Now Orlennn.— At the Lyric (Orefnwald 
& Ralilvvln. intmaK^ra) the Kaldwlti-Mclville 
sioek Co., week of April St, nrewnted. Id a 
mo*t niilp manner. "A Royal Slave," to large 
niidjeticrs. "Weill *y Ihe Knemy" 29 and 

(tm-r.sviAU) dly. GreenwAld, manaeer).— 
The Bon Ton Rurlesquers, with- clever Tonia 
flinloD, 22 ami weeit, scored heavily, to good 
hoi office returns.. Others beside* Miss Han- 
Ion deserving nf special mention' were Henrv 
Keeler, ' Chris, Wbelaa, Joa. Wat-ion end 
Jessie -Sharp. Black Crook Jr. 2D and week. 
Grand Opt: ha Houbr (LoDergan & Saow, 
inanflgerst ^'Tfie KhBtgn." by the Loaergan- 
Snow Stock Co..- wan' ably presented week of 
2'J, and drew nig crowds. Measr*. f<onergan, 
Morrison and Hnow. und Alice Treat Hunt, 
won eailch' 'applause. The last performance 
will be given an. 'and on the ringing down 
of tlie curtain' one of the Crescent city's 
niost .historic and beautiful old playhouses 
will be a thing of the past. The dismantling 
of ' the Grand will begin lmtht>dlntely. to 
make room for an Immense dry goods store 
building, to be known aa the liaison Blanche. 
Orphrum (Martin Beck, general manager). 
■-The bill for week- of 00, the last wee! of 
the season. Includes: Claudius and Scarlet, 
tiie Colby Family, K. Frederick Hawley and 
company. Undue vV educated monkeys, Ir- 
vine and Walton. Mildred Flora, .loe Welsch, 
nnd animated scenes. 

Athletic Paak i*A. W. I^wls, manager)- 
—Captain Arthur W. ].ewi>, general mana- 
ger of this newly .constructed -summer park, 
kept his word with the public. In opening till- 
resort on- Wednesday. April 25, on tlme>. at 
2 p. m., and the Immense park was simulv 
packed. The free fireworks display, entitled 
'The Kruptlon of Mount Pelee," under the 
jHTSonal direction of W. S. I.n vton, nroved a 
tiig succeee, while "Calvert." the high-wire 
Ijerformeri won rounds of applause for hla 
flaring work. Tbe gigantic circle swine did a 
land ' office business, and Manager Patomo 
was delighted nt the way tbe natrons took to 
tbe, new novelty. "Old Heidelberg.** managed 
■».v Jack I.oyacan6. a well kbown professional. 
"I'igbtlng the Klames." and "Hale's Tours 
Around the World," did -capacity business. 
Chief Thos. O*(?»nnor. of tbe local lire de- 
partment, congratulated Manager Lnvtuu. of 
ihe "Ughtlng the Flames" spectacle, on Its 
real) at k- representation. "The New Riche- 
lieu Casino * opened to a packed house, the 
• in ran scoring hebvliv being l.ovacaiio and 
(a^snnes, In "AlpbonMe nad (iaston :" Dorsch 
npa Russell, fook and Clinton, and Snmone 
ind nalila. A cbflrige of bllt will be given 
;ach week. The executive staff of tbe Ath- 
letic Park Amusement Co. follows: Gtia I>h- 
inann Jr., president; J. K. Loyacano, vice 
lireBldent : A. B. Leopold secretary and treas- 
urer; general manager, CapL A. W. Lt-wl-t; 
genernl superintendent, J. W. Johnson ; act- 
ing treasurer, Harry Taylor; stage manager, 
H. B. Forbes; press agent. K. V. SHer; Kup- 
j irlntenrlent j*ceoery and" properties R. Hur- 
ley; band master A. Veazev ; board of direc- 
tors ; (ins Lehman Jr., D. J. Tortorlch, A. B. 
r-eonold. J. K. Loyncnno, S. Clollnn, A. Pa- 
lorno Jr. and A. W.'LewIa. 

■ »»» — 

Will of James A. Halle y. 
, Tlie will of Jametf A. Bailey was filed In 
' '?, Westchester County Surro*ate's office, at 
White- Plains, N. :Y„ April 2fl. Mr. Bahey 
leaves hla entire estate to his widow, Ruth 
Louisa Bailey, and names her na sole execu- 
trix. The estate. It liThel-eved, will amount 
to more than $r».O«i0.OOO. The original will 
was drawn on April 21, 1800. and In a 
codicil, dated May 27, 1004, was added the 

"It baa been and la now my wish that my 
WM wife shall have and powesa. abso- 
lutely all of my estate^ upon my decease, sbe 
having by her counsel and devotion largely 
alfled la the.acoulBltion of my property. It 
no not feel that atly. other person but her 
has any claim upon my "body. ' 

. p i » 

Acton' Kant! Met tJrttf. 

The annual meet lor of the Actors* Fund, 
for the election of officers and other busi- 
ness, will be held at the Savoy Theatre, this 
•'Ity, Tuesday, May 8. at 11 a, u. Members 
'nay procure ticket*, of admission at the of- 
Jlce of the fund, I12-U4 West Forly-second 

The anniversary raeettnff of the Actors' 
Fund Home, on Ststen TnlhUA, will uke 
I'lnce at (he home on Sunday. May 0. 


- I'xasl Uvino baa Joined Ibe Palace Stock 
Co., in Boston. 

i/olffle!-, Pwily 
•ionjer. Frnnees 
Huntley. Myrtle 
Henry. Ixnttse 
lllgglna Mra.B.8 
Houston, l.lllle 
Howanl. Orace 
Huyoen Virniuli 
Pert. Nellie 
Irtlhe. line" 
■lulinfioiie. Mrs. 
Jones, -.;>*'.<■ 
Jones, i'Toili, ' 

Jim, iter 

Jni'^eo lultella 

Kt;i ■■' l.-n .1 Alice 
:-.i :-..-■ . i.:, h 
Kfiui. Adelsltle 
Kaufman ilertH 
Kartna, Marie 
King, AdH 
Kaufman, Mrs. 
KHIoin: Kertha 
Kir.>ell Kaililei-i; 
ley Edna E 
Kiirlnn, Mfcria 

Klllg, ]'--■-:■' I. 

Kendall Virginia 

I .ting. Mrs. Jim 

I.<mvn. Bert 


Mrs. Walter 
rp. Caprice R 

La Bell.'. Irene 



Lyman ..esnneit 

ITeVnui Rosalie 
Drake, Mnr Ilia 
Davis, I^ennl 
Doanld, Rill* 
I»rei, Rerihn 
Daly. Bar- 
Dorian, Bertha 
lieKorrest Irene 
Del more. Rilna 
Dnrsna Fraukli 

Miss P. i-:. 
Detmore. Dritre 
Dncre, IrOidse 
LVlmore, Misses 
Dmke. Martha 
Durkln Beatrice 

I Mlllan 
Emmett, Glenna 
Edeal, Anna 
Elton. Jsne- 
Kllla. Edna 
Kiraore. Mrs. O. 
lillioi, JensftmLu 
Fillmore Nellie. 
Fox.' Madge 
Kksxl, Laura 
Fermler. Mary 
FltcgentM, May 
FlWrt. Jody 
Fiillon rttiste M 

1 M Inerva 
Olorlne, Mile. " 
Oarrlly Slaters 
Graves: I.ltllafi 
Qarrlly. Laura 
tlrlnden. Annie <MfeT. Peary 
Grocktss Mi.rpln*. 

•Joaenhlne; Mrs. Mark 

Rcrdon, Marie jMarney Kalhryu 
Howard. Mra. Jlyrtle. Helen 

H, ft.BtClalrelMncarte 8lsterK 
Htinter. Julia j Madcaps. Tlie 
Ilammnnd Maml; Norton. Llllle 
Hughes Florence iMt nun, Bessie 

I. a v.i ni If, 

Mrs. Frank 
l/itnii, Edlih 
Leslie, All«s* 
i.:l Vole, Mile. 
I^miil.-tle. Mnhel 
[..■■■■:-. Vlrjte 
Leslie Plorence 
Lawrenee Clam 
l*vln, Plilllp 
Hnvwnod AnVlyn 
MayrtcM. Stella 
Mills; May 
Morrcll. Fbreni! 
Mac): Mrs. R. B 

Florence T. 
Morton. Mildved 
Moore. Mafle 
Mars ten, 

Ma Jane, Ml*.* 
Major. Florence 
Marvin Anna L, 
Mll<-hell CnraL. 

Mrs. Myles 
MurreJI. Alley 
Mortimer Bessie 
Mnrks. Mnftle 
MrK III ricks, 

Hyltlii R 
MnrtHi. I'.-ta" 

" Fjnlile L. 
Merrill Hlsterx 

Xevaro. Kiirbem 
Otr. Neva 
IVrsonl, Cam I He 

Miss 8. ft. 




Hannah A. 
Park. Salome 
i'aull. Madge 
Porter," Alice 
1'omeray. Annn 
Perry Mrs.j. fi. 
Kent, Therr-se 
Raymomt Babett 
Roberts, Myrtle 
Klpley. Maggie 
Rose, Margie 
Humor Dorothy 
Rhodes, rtdnh 
Rlalla. Mile. 
Raymond. Alice 
Roland, Dplly 
Rooney, Jrtllu 
Russell, Marvel 
Cnyinmul Mly^lt 
Roth Ernestine 
Kiilnti-.n Zelwa 

liomn, Mile. 
Ueld Slsterx 
SWvens. p4*le 
Spencer, Nellie 
Hot ton. Addle 

Mra. A. J. 
Sltetdon. June 
Ktcele Hcririf.Ec 
Spoofter, A I lie 
Sanrent Isabel 
Sinn, Mae 
Sheridan Ellpen 
Settle, SftHnl- 
SNMi Elinor 
Homers, Mm. A I 
ijnyder, >'>;■■ 
Sbrlnaer Harriet 
■*helilon, June 
SHtlifT. Vr*. K. 
SnlUvur. C| ;11 :i 
K;h(any Kthtl 
StillweU Carrie 
Taylor. Gu*sie 
Turner, Belle 
Taylor, Ionise 
Van Drne. Inlu 
Vassar Olrl- 
Vnlentlne Hettlc 
Vciiglio Ev a 1th 
Verne. Nellie 
Veraoee. Erin 
Warren. Rrace 
West, Eibei 
WltltamH. Ida 
West. Marl- 
Wellington . Kdna 
Wilson, M.<irstf 
WHsea, Rerlhn 
Wrltlit.- IJIIImu 
Williams, •Lalth 
UTipeler. Pearl 

(low!* In, Ben 

Gordon A 

nige, Frerieru-. 
Citraai. Eilw.l' 
Grlese. J. 
llaniia, J. 
Grieves. Jdo. > 
Gay Hms. 
Carter 1,1a. I 
Golden. Geo. F, 

n i:-M\ Jas. s. 
■ iarrlir Slrters" 
i, onion, Elenor 
CelleniMi. F. I 
Galllmore. Arih 
.,.iiiu.. , i i. i-:.. U. 
Gal latter k 

Gmliame Harold 
GGIImore. Art. 
iliriliiit . 'A'm. J 

Alton. Titos. 
Ahtrlch. Muriel ego te. 

Eddie E 
Allen, C. G. 
Alien k Dalton 
Allen, B. H. 
Allan Horrr E. 
Allen, W. L K. 
Adam*, Phil 
Andreita, E. C. 
Anlrlm. Hy . 
Avenr, Wm.' 
Alets. Two . 
Ailent, Peter 
A I wood, James 
Arnesen. Mr. 
a loo, 'Max 
Hlgikin FrsnkH. 
Balhroma Walt. 

Hnmllton L. 
B re r; i ) J r. Homer 
Belmont, Harry 
Barretl, J. V. 
Barrett, J. J. 
Barlow, George 
Hngbee Chas. R. 
Bell. Charles 
Burns, Harry 
Bradley, John F 
Browu. CbaaB. R. 
Sena. D. I-:. 


Yo i] l u riser. 

Whlcher. Grace 

Wfc-r. ■). 

llollle r. 
Zellar. Flo 
/-ii.-mv Mailclln 



Jam,' CIlrTord 
Burrell, Jlmey 
Bollntrer Ciarles 
Bergor, Ben 
Buckeye Quart 
Itlreh, J. " 

Beejaer WBJpM 
Beeiner Wult A. 
mown Frank H 
Burrows Warren 
Crouvlnr. W. F. 
Carlet«.n, Al 
CarHgs, J. M. 

J. Wallace 
Close.. Chas. 
Oarlrle. John T. 
CaHienier. W.D 
Clanuin, IV " 
I'oooly, J. 
farter Frank p. 
Cooper, George 

Edward F. 
Clifton. Ft H. 
Clausen. FredW 
Cbndwlck Trio 
Cortex Hernando 
Collier, Frank 
Cralif, RU-ble 
Cunontf, Chas. 
Clifton. Chas. 
Ocde. Wm. 
Conner* Geo. V 
ciappi H. w. 

Campbell Bros.! 
Carpenter, K. J. 
Cnnnlnt,'. Bob 
Carr. E«. 
C.iMtellnl & Hal) 
Clin 11 Is, V 
Cr amnion. 

Cliaplu U-atKler 

Bryan, Tom B. |Chasm. L. 
Bauer, W. J. Carmody, JaJi.I 
ttnrton Frank C Collins, Wm, 

Byer. Park 

Bono. Walt. 
Brady. Paul 

' Cliarles 
Driegs, Floyd 
Felfonl. G. W. 
niackiller. Mg 
BoetitkF, M. 
Bnrnellln. Great 
Baxter, K. H. 
Barr A Evahs 
Burke' J..* May 
Boltenlr, Ned 

-Prof. D 
Boehlke, R. A. 
niitolfl. g. 

Borg>. M. 
llrtdforda, Tbe 
iinras. v. n. 
Bsner. Walt. J. 
Hum-. Ilnrry 
Basnell, Geo, 
Bartells. The 
Boolh. Mr. 
Bowen A Line 
Reecber k 

Boyle. Joseph K 
Burton A Bsnkl 
Jlurlon ARanklu 
Bnley. Mr. 
Prenr.flii^. Mnsl. 
Bllyck. Prof. 
Jlosch, Billy 

Couture. Davie 
Connor, Jan. J. 


Carroll, ftldfe 
Chitrchlll. Ken 
(Xlton, Thomas 
Cos it a A Brawn 
Carroll Mike J 
Coon. Cba*. 
Cnmlllo. Mr. 
Cunning*--"!. _ 

Geo. W. 
Ciimtnlni. . n> 

J. Fred 

Clay. Pror. If. 

c.irrello, Leo 
Cbattaway Jr.*Vi 
CHlpiaati. li W, 
Clark. Geo. 


Cunningham & 
t Wenej 
Clark k Duncan 
Cosle MniTlecR, 
Utk F. Msrrt 
Carley, rete 
cwatent. Clay 
Carrie, T. I- 
Cir. i-U. V. K. 
i;."iw S Hayes 
('asmore Vlcloi 

Out loo. Wm, 
Dlllion k 

Donovan *' 

Deane, .^yiiney 
Darren port. 

Diton Henry <£ 
Dnnoot. Ed. 
De Souchet, 

Dfnxmnd, 3. 
D eytf, FJwanl 
Drane. L'. 8. 0. 
Dove, Johnny 
Dorid A l.n Bart 
De Groote, 

Devenport. CM 
Plamotiit Coa.4 
Damsel. Frank 
Dell 'Or.. Lutgl 
Davy A Phllll|w 
Dales J. (Acroh 
Dernell Bros, 
n.vffryn. Eos 

DeWolff PmfJtl 
Dnylon IlrieJHly 
Dfnhnxo. G. ' 
Dixon llenr.r P. 
r*esmond, Mr. 
Kngelke. Jas. II 
Kaslon, Perry 
Ellera. W. A. 
KmetMin, Fred 
Egbert, Al« 
Rrleart, E. J. 
KINTnri li. 

Charles H. 
iverett. H. C. 
Eckel & Wnruer 
Everett, George 
English Afiandy 
Emnicit " 

Deroy i Co. 
Rlwyn, i-orne 

M'arren R. 
Edwerds, J. H. 
KoRllsli, \\. P. 
Earner. Fred 
Esrle. Ira E. 

Elliott A Neff 
Eckhoff F-e»l II 
Frees. Harry 
; Francis O. 
Fisher. Robert H 
Mai Sid 
Frost, Hnl 
roster. W. A. J 

Prof. Harry 
Fox, Jsroes 
Fields. W. C. 
Fnles, Chas. T. 
Fllkln*. E. C. 

McCov Trio 
Feeaer. <3ias. 
Freck. Mr. 
Ford. John 
Fllrk, Fred V. 
Fredericks W.B. 

I^Stlle, llmrw 

1 .Hi mm Jos. 

lj.edft. Nap 

1 -- |lr ClrerH 
L.iwrrtife, Al 
1^ Pa«e* Great 

Lloyd. J. 

I.yom. K. W. 

l/'DC, MrTV> 

I sine. Artlmr 

Melrose, Ernrst 
MeAeoy. Harry 
Moore. -Innn P 
Milton. Frank 
Mlrkes. J. 
Murlln Bros. 

Dr. Frank 
Murphy. Mark 
M u«BTove Ilnrry 
Macser. Geo. D. 
Menke l-ouls ti. 
Miner, Harry 
- Mntarlo, (.real 
MMgwh*, llso iMelrosf, EiiM^t 
GoMen G. Fullr MrAvby, A. J. 
}iamm».L.i. J. II Mlaefa. Frank I. 

Girl Behind the 
Oiin Oo. (Mar Movarto, 


, j. r. 

Haven, il- 1 • ok I 
Hatch Hn-s. 
Hunt. Rlehanl 
Hatch. Fnnk 
H*vu>n Cunts 
Herk. Fnsl A. 
Hutchinson J.K 
Hoffman, o. F. 
Huston. Atthi 
HoisQnl, Harry 
Hoa-ard. M.'B. 
Harr, Billy ■ iMagnlfe. 
HarcxNirt (»nlC.j » n rblf, V 
Hainlmrtr Phil I Marled. M. 
Hughes, tlene I Murphy, Chas. 
HaMfttf Bevley Martin. J. 
Hou-eloy A ngelo' Murray A Ofgn 
llrteo. Mnv iMarsli. Col.R.B. 

Hoowworlb. iMarks, r:, ; -. I' 
Waller UoateMyrn Mr. 

tee, A)f. 
Rowlawl k 

RiedJer. Veatr 

llenoa, Tin. 
RejH«:a, E. 
Rrvnoliis. K II.' -I.. Woi. 
Ray, J ■ J. 
Hiassl, LiiUtl 
Spry, F. B. 
Stanton Edward 
Sylvester. Harry 
ACo'.lum^ Salisbury, K. L. 

ftrhwarll, Wm. 
Sirptaeiis. Paul 
SIhip<hsi. Reu F 
Sewril, A. M. 
Snui«f>. Harry 
Simon. Harry II 
Sylvvsl-r. Geu. 
Sloket.'Roht. G 
Swain. Ilarrv 
Hanirs. II.- J. 
Stnart 1'iot.u.K 
>'ouiliern, Ritrt 
s:j r-r.; a 

Stroitght, I'.ii.- 
Slater. Jos. H. 

Robt. M 

Mctunl* Job 
Mondscllo, Al. 
Murplij ■ J.Thi.j 

itx-baioos Scnaiiiit R.Fre>l 
Mearl^ey. T. PJSsdlVy Harry I. 
Merlun. E. I Shannons, Finn- 

Mclntyre .V Rice Slewnri PmfOt 

hlcNaili. Joe 
fH.ick. Ben F 
iMagnlre, P. W 

Hats, HarveyD. 

JIm:-.- v!,0, W V, 

Ilamllloa, Geo. 
Haines, Nat 
Hyde. Albert 

, Adolph 
Hermans, Ihe 
Heilfcl', Jillill 
lloltnes, F. M 
Hall, laOaaVl*. 
Itayier. Wm. 
llarcourt FYank 
Hedge, John 
] logon Michael 
Humes, Guy B. 
Mailer. X. r, 
Ilentog, -|U-g" 
Hedge. J«Jm 
HsMkliis. F. F. 

HsiMlford Kdwln Marlow. James 



Hamilton. Olll, 
Hart Kdd^ 
Horin Eddie (2.< 
Hogan, Milt C. 
Harvey k 

• ■ Gage Co 
Harris, C. M. 
Highlands. J 
Howe, Ben). F. 
llpnitcr.-on A 

Henderson A 

lloiTinii!:. Geo. • 
llamUion Ho^eU 
. If ; --!-.:-. . Dell 
Hall A l/.rrnlio' 
ilalgiir A Dean 
tlvlsmis, Fred 
HeilKe, John ' 
Heilnclla. 0. II. 
Harris A 

Ilowe, Den 
UaMts John 

inn. a. 


Harris & m.t! .. 
Ifuillcy. Spot 
Holland FraukC 
lifrbert. Mr. 
HathflWay John 
Htsl^e. John 
lii. I, Wm. H. 
Harris, Arthur 
Marrlman, ILM 
Iris. John J. 
Ideal En t. 

Irwin Tnwnsend Phillips Calude 
Ishhisel Print*!' bolter. H. B. 
Jordan.- Harry 
Joyce, oi lie 
Jerge. Koavne 
Jarrett, Harry 

Slack n.AAi 

Mnyer, H..- 
Marlo A Ahio 
Mitks. God. W. 
Moipliy. Mnrk 
Ma/l-ar-s, a 
Meivllie.- Frank 
Moore. Ilnrry 
Mack. J.A-Cnrrk 
Mur.l.'l!. Rolierl 
McDonnld. Mlk- 
M»ck. Wm. . 
Maek, E<t>lle 
Mt-rrlll Snin D- 
\l,.rrl*-i v. T. |P 
Martin C. ||. 
\I»ek. G.A *nn; 
Mllchell A liote 
Morenii. Hal 
Mattel I, Chan. 

Moore, Ro^t 
Miitoi.. Mr. A 

Mrs. Gro. w 

Morton C Edtll. 

"l*y. W. H- 

' F. E. 



Bill (Cornet) 
McQueen. Frs.nk 
Madd.K. Al. W 
Mfa. S L. 
Mflleoliii. W. I 
Milton. Ut.i. \\ 
Nortnaii. Den 

S Af. J--r,.li 

Nutam, Som R. 
Sonunu. i i.-iii.i 
Nnnkcvllle. W. 
Natus. Jo»pph 
Vol.l... HorareV 
Newsboys' Quai 
Newman. Wm. 
Newton Hsrryl 
NelhCui Bnttlliu 
Norrls. Maiuiiell 
Neromus. B. I 
Netnm. Allle 

Jeockes, i • ■ - 

l-larnest M 
Jacobs, J. J. 
Johnson, F, K> 
Jnckson, Harry 
KrMJ A Violelte 

Kant, m; f. 

Kates Bros. 
Kolder. G. 
Kohl, (lust A 

Kates Hros. 
Keller. Arth. F, 
Kilt*. Al. ' 
Kdox, Ned 
K raise, Wm. 
Kassino. Joe, 
Kelley, Mike 
Kesaner, Ira 
Koebier, Anion 
Kellis, J. 
Kelly. Chas. J. 
Kasi, Earnest 
KoJb. J. W. 
K- ■:■]■. <:. K. 
Klni. Wm. E. 
Kirn. Burt L. 
Kohl AMarlon 

Bros. Show 
Keen, Julirn 
isersands, Billy - 
l.'llroy k . 

.Prill on 
Kelso. Jimmy 

Stpnlc, Bra. 

Simile Jo-. 
Shea. Barney 
Nliatr. Xlae 
Baona, llrrr 
Siemou. l^nls 
Sutton. It. R. 
Stllwcll. Tli.rt. 
Spcns-r Wlllar.1 
Somen.. A I . 
Smith ti Reaiisti 
-1. .-I..', W. 
*;:■:! |. :i HerbtR 
v >iekl, II. K. 
Stiarri, Clias. 

Willis P. 
Swan, Amos \\ . 
Slrtnet H. T- 
SMonn. Ilnrry ll. 
Smith, ltd) 
Sidney, D, T- 
s:i,.-iii Frank T. 
SieVetiS. RMinnc. 
»l-'iTi-i-.-.!. t'liueil 

Mierry. John W 
P:-lfur.l. Kldd 
Sutton, Capl.R. 
SI tut nous, l^ew 
S^-taUbsiyl, Mr. 

lh HsTnV , MK1HCA V, April v.\ InOu. 
NK.J, nWUMB UitblN, M»JcstU'rii.-.t<in i \i 

- DEAR MR. DTLLTN— I lake this earliest opportunity to express my vert sincere thanks lo you and 
Mali those who in any wayftsxlired yon lh your contribution to the <uicre«s nf the benefit for iheBtm 
wsnoiscoiofferersat ihe Bo«ton Theatrr tcmcirtay. The sunt or ti;osu was rejaangss.A very large 
sain hi vlair of ail the cb»cnmsianee«, for "Thi> Bnsmn Atnerlrsn" was ilio nun newspaper witlchTii 
any way pushed the protect lo comp'etlon. Almost no aid was extrinl.^t by ihe other newspaper* or 
ihe i-n,, and manv factors were at work deliberately t» iiitikcii a failure. Your services in thecan**' 
were of Inestimable i attic, and woredlrecilv and Intimately coitiiui'ted wlin thestfccssof the whob«. 
I thank you -Hirer. ;y isitb on mr own behalf snd on behalf of those ihousitml* of honteless, huiigi v 
■uiTHrers who we were all trying lo help. Please extend lo all wlum-sjiiod ton this expression of n y 
grat(|t,ile t aiid the hope that no eccaslob for similar work will over arise iigalii Vours very -lin-oreL 
W. R. HEARST. By Ernest L. Wain, lirafttallc ErRloi. ' 

'lior, Musical 
Thomas, Geo.W. 
Tesaler. Win. 
Thurher, Plill ll 
Teuinesi, Johu 
Tate, Gum 
THonias Frcl C. 
0'Matle.v. T. F. Torocv, Jos. 
O'HanlDii, J. F. Trpj>ee A 
qisnu. C. K. KitTi-i 

Opel. Henry Trimble. Geo. 

O'Brien. Nell Von Deck, Art. I. 
Gvlati.. W'll. VanAukena. Tlie 

O'Eoefe AJanoii Van Fosseu. 
O'Brien. STiltli Harry 

G'ltonrke. J. Vail, Will M. 

Vsn Cook, Julea 

Vnil. Chas. 

IVnti Vnctor. ■ 
Wright. J. It. 
,_ Williams. Dan 
£olk. J- D. Wnril. Ha pp. 

Ploard. At 

PakerJng. Jii-,I' 
Pltelan. E. V 
Palmer tllasa 

Porter. H. F. 
i'.indo. Clay E. 
Pailchln Jnmesl 
I'nNons, Oeorx; 
Pierce. BenJ. II 
Fetching, Paul 

Powell. Knink 

ituir Wlmott. Rdwad 

- WlncoG Edward 


G. X. Jr. 
WslertKiry I-.:.M, 
WhlieOeld. lUiaa 
Wiudall. flllly 
H'ooly. Frank 


Wardell. Cltas.K 
West, J nines 
Webb. W. R. 
Wade, Geo. W. 
WncVrnw Rate, 

Kit (Indian! 
Wilson, R. D. 
Walson. Hani 
.Wilson - . Tow 
Reneger SlrAMrt Walsobs* 
Itejuolds MlkHV Fanr.yanl 

IJtlnitston Albt.iReuijpj,',, i #w Woodtvanl. 
I^oninl John X I Raymond, R. R., Harry 

La Bose llerblJ BotMHI, Major Iwinne Jesse N. 
I^rre, Wm. 'Radford. Mr. A Wilson, Fred 

La Rue, Fred Mrs. Dick Weber, Engruo 

Levitt, Joe Rehl, Jehu II. Weber. Johnn 

La Belle. Wm. Ilafno. Al. Wnllnce. F. T. 

(Juggler); Itavemrufl, Wagoner, Rite 

I-ewi*, Bei. Rabdi J, Washburn Walt. 

Larklaa", John jBIng A Williams Washburn, W. 

Pickens, . 
Purvis, j 
I rlngl- A 

'I Ken wool 

Pine. Al. 
price. Jack A 

I'sckanl, T. C. 
Patieo, Jolin 
Pilee. Clair II. 
rawer*. John T. 

rnrsoti, u.iii'i. 

dlgley. V-- Li 

ulgtey. t:. ,11. 

i 1 In la ii ,1 

Russell, Fred 
Redcay. Harry 
Rosen, James 
Reid. Jnlm H. 
Russell Lawretic' 
Itnrers, Bob 

ilson. Mr. 
Mrs. Haul 
Wlttrai. Fred 

Wiitter, Chas. 
Wlfcox. Wilson 
Wllllsms, Dan 
Win, Al. 
Whleh. Maurice 
Walson, Mat 
Wlntnn. J. W. 
Well. Edwin A. 
Well-, Raymond 

Llfldiey. Harry I Roodc, Claude 
ls»lier. O. T. I Ilelff, Geo. "' 
Lamonl, Eddie | Roberts. A 
I^avt-ns T.A Kit Rear 

Bof#r. Wliarton'tnieooweth C.IL Fredrlk. Great 
Iteach A Bower*, Dale, Johu Fox, Harry 

Cell, 'Dr. E, C. Dudley, D. II. 

Lotee, J. G. ,Dev(ne, Ilnrry , 
Rsssetir, cisnrtciDrsKe. J. T. 

Baker. Jolin IDe Verc, Frank 

■BssBwesi G. WlDonovan. JohnF 

Berry, Miles ttiHilnrer. Geo. 
Block. *" 


Blsney. Cbas.K. 


ti.nlii Peter I 
|)f Vrles, lletirl 
De Moii.l Deiilali 
Darling. B. F. 
Derby, a I 

Dorvch ARiisirll 

Belt. Dhrl>y Iboty Emmet I, 

BiL-sd.Vs [Donnelly, Jaa.B 

Dogs AMc.nkey Day. Edmund 
Brown AWrlghl'Dore, Bernhard 

Flood, Jas. 
Flrnn. Joe 
Ftawtey. Mr. 
Foster Col. Jess 

Freetown, F. E. 
I'.:.*;j,;n, Will 
Gano. Chav. 
Gordlplrr. Earl 

Gihney, Robeti 

Galllmore Arlb. 
ilra*-cr. W. II. 
Gnerln. A. K. 
Gets. Toot 
Gordon George 

Iji Rue, Ted 
Lawrence. Mr. k West 
Lynch. J. W. 
levy's Mlust, 
l^sciikc. Ilcnu 
Lngerjrnn John 
Larklun. John 
Lee, C. V. 
Ixtwaude, Oscar 
l»ra)ue. Get.. 
l-errli. Josef 
|.e*. C. V. 
l>e. Robert 
1. a note Bros. 
Lewis. Ed. 
I .osier. O. W. 

Leo. Frank 
Little Outcast 

La Mar. Benson 
(.exile. John 
Lewi*. Dave V 

Kediieid, L. 

, Harrison J. 
Robin (Jmntler 
Rossl lirn-. 
tlandull. Neil 
Relff. Geo. W. 
lto«I, Ltltid 
llociifort k May 

HaufoM B. 
Rciff A Gordon 
Ryan. Rube 
Riley, fna, 
Itorers, John 
RedfSte, Pinf. 

Roger* «;. K. Jr. 
Rice; I^on V. 
Randy Mona. A- 
Qannle, Thos.W 

ffiTlIni; iJIft. W 
Ithfrerty, Joa. 
sr.r, sotict: at himo or lint. 

Williams. Jack 

Ralnli D. 
Weave. Gen. 
Wilson, II. D. 
Wood, Gen. A. 
Wests. The 
Wills, K. B. 
Ward, dins. H. 

Welch. Joe 
Wilson. Pmf.lL 

uM, ciios. 

Will lams A 

White, Ben 

Wlllllins. nillle 
Younr. L. A. 
Verias, Ernest 
T#r*ri<". Tbe 
Yurd. George 
Yoiiiut. Geo. fl. 
Znreilc. Joe 
Zit 2am I, The 
ribimsr. P. 
Tl.irMld fa. 


Fpr a man to have three and four fittings snd Suit two and three weeks 
for his clothes. With bur system we produce fine custom work at about 
half-flie price moat tailors charge. (Jiving style, matniial, trimmings arid 
workmanship, with all the latest touches of fashion, Suit or Chestei field 
Over-oat to order, t'20. If taey are not perfect in every detail they 
remain here. : ' 

; Write and we will send aampl.-s and our illustrated booklet, 
"Klegance at Moderate Cost " » 


.. ,. , . , BrOarJvsay and. Wlntb 8t., Now Y6rk. 

«4s^aeM a---j-4--j-4- r . -.j-i .— iu,.... 'iA X4..-4..... -. 


>IANtll-A(Ti:tti:its Of 


LINT: 117 ll*:. CYI'lti:SS AYR. NKW V«lRK flTY. ' 

Scanunr.n.' A. Q. 

Hwifr, iieris>rt 

i-nk*. Tom 
Sperry. Harry L 
St. Julian Harry 
Hlggias. H. B. 
Ht;inlio|s>. Jos. 
Tulhllt.- II. A. 
Trovollo. Pror. 
Taylor. Rotiert 
TlniifK.nM. Geo. II 
Tulns.. (HhImI 

rennr. K. 
Troxler, .1. 
Trolly Car Trio 
Tonle. Chas. J. 
Terre. Wilhmtll 
Tniy. Iienry 
Trllers. Tlie 


Kniisfis Clly.— All Intmeuse b egt rfc for 
the Sun Kraui-lMco silRerem whh given HI 
Ccnvt'UiUiu Hull l-'rlthiy. April '-'7. uiul all 
Ibe lot-nl ihcdires, len-i-enl Iiwiisck, p.-uii,, 
In-the-sint pnrlors. porkn. In fnc( every p|i|< e 
ot nnitiaeini-nt, wns i-IukisI nlrlluht on tllm 
nlgbr. uhrl ti 11 united In giving the |H'rf»nn< 
iincc nt tbe hull. The Mile of tickets wnH v«ry 
large, und wns gt-eutly helped by Kutliryu 
(isterrnnn nntl ibe pony bullet from the "I'liT! 
paff!! I'ouf!!:" Vu., Who will out In 
iHistuuic In two automobiles, and soln tickets 
on ibe,.sireet and Iu the principal hull. linn*. 
The Porlslnn l-:xn-iiv.i«iiii/n Co., from the 
Majestic, und Ihe Avenue (llrla, front Hi.* 
Oentdry, were olao out In costume- In auto 
mobiles, and disposed uf a Inrge nuniber of 

Wilms W — I.iiit week "Little Juliniiy 

Junes"- came on Thiintdky night nnd Huiur- 
dny mallnee and night, to big business. The 
►-how certainly ninth* good, und Hobby llarrv. 
In Mr. f'nhun's nnrt, ami Messrs. flyiiii mid 
Leuls, were tbe lilts. Tills week. "The Ut- 
ile <ir». iMily." Nellie Htewiiri, In "Sweet 
Nell of Old iirury," negt wwk. 

Gkasii 'Ii-i:iia Hoist: (lludwin A Jililnli, 
miiungers). — Laut week "Wfl 1'alT!! 
f'onf f : '." played m gnatd liusluess. Hulbryn 

gsierman, Fred Maeiv R. K. 'iiabnui mid 
dht McCofanell were Hie bits. This (vet*. 
Ko.l> ami Hill, in l. <>. H." Next v«i, 
i:r»est Hogan. 

Oio'iii:i:at (Martin Heck, ei-neru) inuimgen. 
—Bill thin wck: Tbe Heitloms. Fn»l Tl«l- 
land und company. Imu Hhrrtnan, Muiic) 1>e 
Forest and conipflny. Thus. J. Keogh unci 
company, Alice Lyndon Holt, Singer's 
monkeya. and Murray K. Hill, 

in u.ik (ft. J. HriHliara, manager). — Lust 
week "Why Women Sin" drew good houses. 
Till* tv-'Vk, "How Baxter Hutted In." "Man's 
Knekny" next. 

ArniTpRH.'M.— liltat week. "When Knight- 
hood Was In Flower" proved lo be iih nopulur 
iiivever. Virginia Drew Trescott and John 
J. Kartell iiiiih'd off tho [irlnclpnl roles m-- 
• entubly. This week, Ihe Lyman Twins, hi 
"The Rustler." • "■ 

('BSTRilv (J. J. llarrett, mflnnger). — I.ttil 
week, the Avenue Olrla, with the Three t)rp^ 
ory llruthera, hoop manipulators, as a feni- 
t.rt, drew good huslness. This week, Itli.'v 
A Woods Big Hbow. Next wei'k, MU- New 
York Jr. 

MaUKHTtc (Fred Waldemnn, manager). — 
hum nveek. tlie Far'slnti Widows, with Hen 
Welch, aeoreil n hi:. This week, Unse Hy- 
ti r 1 f " J.'rnili.ti Relies. Next week, the Bon 

IT.ori.K's, Ktinoas Clly, Kinisas.- -Lust 
week People's Block Co. gave splendid pcr- 
formances of "lueog." 'nils week, "Knubs 
o' Tennessee." 

Foigmt I'ahr (Lloyd Rrowu, nuinnger). 
J'his |K>pulnr Hummer place threw open Its 
doors April 'J'j, und fully ^ll.lHkl (leopin were 
in attrndnuee. The prlnrlpol outside at- 
traction was the First Regimen i Hand of 
/.qnas On Heme. Mexico, composed nf h I x i v 
jjleceM, which *u-ortil u big lill- In Hopkliis' 
Theatre, vtiudovllle jterformnncea, two hi 
the afleruooii nnd two in night, were given. 
The nets were: Ben Fngun, the .lugMlliig 
l*arroL l-'lcman nnd Miller, Lp Htirr, uu.l 
Ciili and Johnson. This week: Junes mti) 
Raymond. Hml Worth runt Wells, llni-rlsoii 
Bros.. IliiflJ. Lessik. Wllllnois und Mown, nml 
I ho pollse»|>e. 

Ci.iPff.liiMm. — Kilhellk will give fi ciiilreil 

nl Coufenllon Hull May J Tlie firm 

circus nosier* of Hip hcsmoii are out, :ui 
noiinclnv the BcUs-Floio Bliow fur Mny 7. 
.... ..('. Ik. Woodwanl look ii irlp to Omrihti 

last week to see linw his stock coinjuiiiv wna 

gelling on M. H ' lllldeum Jr., of Hi" 

Knnstis Cliy Rill fouling compnny, wns In 

new York on IuisIiichm Inst week \ 

spnrk fi-um u locomotive. April !!4, sef lire 
lo mie of Hit- lutnis nl tho winter (piiirti'is 
of ihe He mi m Rros.* Clrcilu. ni'iit- JotbtbU, n 
lew miles NOiilb uf here. Tlie building wni 
destroyed. Twenlydwo Hheilund ponies wi'ii- 



ir ynn ,..,■ III,. IIK8T >.>., Kill Ilk. Hi,,,. 

IV. |... i ..II 

HKI'I lll.ll IIII.WI) VIl.l.RT TAI.l I 1| 
POWllHIti ,l,.|ij(|iiriiilv iKirfumm; iiiml.- 14. 

i.iiii i-iiiin '.i 'Hiriuii; «:.,-, si?., Hr, 

VIKWA N«ll, K.VA.llKl.ii.nkr.i. Mil,)- nml l<i»lliiit|iull,li: in ihiiiiuI Kin.. jurH.A'li, 

fil.OIIJI «[P IIK\I.T11| ,1 imw lllllllil OR. 

m.'O n nil lip roilKi- ; al)r. 

•IIAKF.SPRnKAV IIIIAMl", liiirti) . f 

liiirr.l liiirri^M-nt,. gnlrkenl, ln-,l mil] |ik<u,juii 
in ii.j.. In mil- ih.iiiiiI .i-ri'w inn liir-: r.ll 
ixmiiil Mrr. 


l_ ntw.wnr «]fiK***. «nnnir3( :^. 




Alien's Foot-eMo, a powder. It, cures painful, 
imarting, nervous feet and Ingrowing nails, and 
lusuntiy Mm tho si tug out uf <mms nml buuions. 
IV % tfie groatcst comfort dlsnovvry uf tho age. 
Allen's Fout-Knne makes light, nr new shoes reel 
easy, it la it rei-nun ouro rur sweating, callous, 
awoiian, tired, aching r««L Try it. to-day. Mold by 
an Druggim and ribuu BtoreH. by mull fur a&o. in 
•lamp-. 1 Hon'r accept any sulwHtute,. Trial pack- 
age HUM. Address ALLKN H. OUUftwf, ).e 



Getter, Dr. K.B Can 

Pn.Esr, LCBLta Warde and Jack Kpv- 
nbdt have made Brrangements to aiiiieflr 
with thrFnil stock, at Wntertmry. Toph., for 
tbe .roioltiik Summer. There. 6re thej> fill 
not beat] Sir. ■ Summ^r^ stocft/ at \jonatm, 


MOMphla.— At Hopkliis- l/iwt I'nik 
(A. II. Morrison, iintiiagcri HiitiJuv. Ajirll *J'J. 
Ihe opening night of tlie week, Ihe pavilion 
was jiacked to i-npsVlty. The oilier itlghls 
of the week fair attendance prevnlled. The 
program Included: Mailnin Hluiioffikl, SenrH. 
the llfuelotilHi ; Fisher nud .lobbson, Hwor 
Hl^tli-rs, All Holt mid the pulyMcape. 

BlJ.-ic (II, M., u, imigeri.- Iliiii- 
lei Ryan, In re|tertory, nlnyed to splendid at- 
tendance week of I'.'L Mr. Ilynii iiuiilc iniilir 
friend* here. H<> bus a good company. Week 
of ,10, "Tbe Mummy and the Humming Bird." 

Notk. — The opening of Fairyland Park 
was postponed until April 20. 

Knoxvllle. - At SugiIi'h (Frllx Rtuub. 
manager) the Gllck Hiot-k Co. ulosed lis en- 
gagement April 'Jtk (Has. B. llnnTord came 
.'.'. to fair luieJnesK. J " 1 1 . - seuson nt thin 
house Is now dosed. 

IfiLWi flfnui*! Fnrk Then ire O*. H. 
Peruchl, miinrtger- will open ls*tween May I ~> 
snd June 1. 

: — «^s> 

I*i-0< tor's lirilt Avrinie Thentre Hll|i|. 

TjV bttttdiflg on ill.- corner of ftmndwiiy 
ntiii Twenty-eighth fit reel, which Imliiips tlir 
above named flientre. wni'snld at public unc- 
tion April 14.*. to the I luriill AlniMeuiciir 

and Really i'o„ of which J. Austin Fynes u 
ptcsiilptit. The price hialeil npproxlmnled 
ft.BOti.POO. jt bis not )el beecti dndilet) 
wbai litsiHiallloti will be made of the properly. 


Willi IIOHTI.V, Nay 4, 1, 


Willi I'll 1 1, A 1)1 I.lMIll, Mar a. a... -., 
WllhWAMIIIKIlT»K,HlnrT,H,u ill. 




L. I, | fi., 34«h St. Perry. 


Ilccntiir.- At tin. FowerM Oritud (J. F. 
til veil, mnuageri "The Land of Nod," April 
I'.Tirehtril date), was fulily palrniilxinl. Ah*, 
iropoittiiu ritnlesipters. L'l ; lllclmith & 
I'rltiglo's Minstrels, itr>. hml Hielr usuul good 
hntise. 'HI I'hmkaril" -jn, u vitiidevflle cuiii- 
jjiinv :ig nml week. 

111. J'.i (A. Klgfrled. mmiagerL — Hill for 
L?n ami week ; 'Ilie Renowned t'enlellers, Ihtl- 
li-ii mid llnyes, Fred una Mm- Wndu>ll, Kit 
Kursmi, HliariMbisiicrK, nml Ibe kluodrome, 
moving pictures. Business wns excellent, 

especlully nlglll of SB, fur Ii lit uf Hntl 

I-' ran H sen sillTerers. 

Nni'iis. -Cole BrtiH. come April M, and (be 

Witl I ■■■•«• Hliows Mnv Ii Following lliclr 

usual custom lllcliilrds A Cringle's Hand 
innreliitl lo dwnwo<Ml (Vuieiei-y nml played 
ii re.jnleiii over ihe grave of riiiirp-y I'rhigle, 

(ithtnn.- At fbe Grand (F. II. Powelsoii, 
nulling.*! j Hill Htoek IV, April yaifH, gavn 
excellent perfni-iniiiires^ "The Chmsmno" 
May 1. Tin* m>us<in Is ncnrlng Its i-1uhl*. 

<»l fl 


H'lfhita — Al the Crawford (K. L. Hart- 
ling, itimlnger) f.ew Ihrckytmler'tt Minstrels 
racked Hie house April Ufi. Kngllsh (irttnd 
ojiei-ii Co., with Maihimo Muutelll, drew a 
good house 30, 

Toi.Kii Ai'iitTOitii'M (H. O. Toler & 8ons, 
pi-oiirli'lorst. --Hark week of 2.'l. 

Iffjfit- t%\. K, Glesnti, tnaiiflger). — People 
for wfek of :W»: Tew nnd Huulelx, Ibe Re- 
Korus. Bi'Mdfm-d mid f^imin, Ktlud Munsey. 
.Myi-lli* Hbnniiop nml Illjnifgrnpli. imiik if. I-;. Nnltle, omnn- 

geri,— lllllessi Itilhd opened Ibe HtiniUM'l- The- 
MN April liS, giving eight conceits to t*u« 
pnclly business. 

Lvnlc iW, J. flardcll, manager). — Bill fur 
week of Eh l.n Pel Ho Alciie, Holmes nnd 
Henb. Sully and I'hclps, Ihilh Lnmpiird, nonga 
nnd pictures. 



May 3. 





Om© Quality. 

One Price. 

12 Cents 

r Foot. 


PATHE FILMS Are Photographically Finer and Steadier Than Any Other Films. 


42 E, 23d St. 


"1. 35 Randolph St. 



The beat Mortng Picture Machine made. The 
machine Lb at will oot nicker even after using 
for rears. 


(Jualftj- and result surprise the modern money 
maker Id this business. 
I Patentees aud Manufacturers, 


143 Ea.t Md SI., New York city. 
For Agency for Chicago, of llic new 
write lo ISKO. V. IIArEIIDOItF. 

The Auditorium llotrl. rhleugo. 111. 
MiK-iiiii.' H'ntfeMlhM .it 8:t t-nke: street. 


Vin»»tii||iei;tly,uiiii vtuiiiiij |ii«ri»n';tlurl]i« ami nfkT I In- tlrmriK'liuu bjr ii*rtln|ii«kv ami lire, wllti 
iiihiij thrilling Hi'i'iic* liurf tig- ifrcruiuiL. Price*. Pittlii, -j»c: Uxtr.i Finely Uuloml, oUu. each. IhhIcih 
t-unpllcil tn <jirtfi|UllrH >V« h$mI rice, I tin Uncut llliiHlmletl two* orr-00 panes, jflvlugfult aunjimt or 
Hie great iwttitiltj w|tti every onleivfur 'jfi hIIiIcm or inure. Rook without slides, M.«w. 


336 Woot 27-th St., Now York. 

f~ JBk"3» By, H. RANDOLPH ELDUIDUE. An i-u.llml t»»ii >cui|i. 



Wnul. and Kliialr liy I. U. MilVTUI. A jMaaattM Nolo miiij. 



IK thl*. 

i>|i|fn. NocuriK 

PIONEER MUSIC PUB. CO., 202 Manhattan Bldg., Chicago, III. 

• ' ,',- »> > • L. TVI.KH. V«ii tun imi t.i< it lilt by -liiijlr^ tlilx. 

For a two reiii-stHiiip Hint late programme we will said you [mtfi-jHluiml t'oplff. No curiK 


To e«rj morrrticr of the Theatrical Profession. Bond tvv Nlan|if. Just drop us a postal card 
with your address or route on, and wo will -mall jon Propalil Oar Theatrical Date Hook at 
once. Drop as * postal card at once. 


onronrnATi, ohio. 

Vaudeville Acts. 


. ' /JAN. l\ MAl'KKY, llouklux Airriii, iwo South Van Hiirrii St.. Wlluittisioli, Del. 

IrVanted at Onoe, 


Wlltl CAN S|Nt; .IM.l .M'llATIill sitNllo. i:i>"H SlMil.KMtrsllJ.M. Atri. Musi he HIIUKH. 

..'..:.,,,.■ ? ; FRANK CLOUD. l|ll»ker Med, to.. Nrtr l.uliikni.AVIJ. ■ 

: "W A NTED, 



IIiumi iloin'u rtpeiliillh". MliHti'itli^- Unit uonlilr. I PAY A 1,1- ' 

IIiumi ilyltlu h|HM'|i.1Hi-H. Miin|itiili^- 

. . . . -, Ml. t'ariiit-1, III.. Aprliuoand 

I'refvroiR't* irlirn 
.. Car »!■■■». Stale ull first letter. 
Mil It. (lUY'K OAXVAN 111 KA i 
feck; Frllioclou, Hid., Uay 7 and week. 


IAY l-% 

4 . S . DAVIS, 

Charaelerahd'Eei^milr. t'oiueiiy, did Men. 
nan p Ice.: prcfr ir'ed. AdUref's ' * ' 

MaMVaMAkj s tie iv nujwlicrr in D, s. «ir cau«0* 
WO BKNOftl AVK., Falrmonl, W, Va. 


CALL.— All .Performers and Miiskinus entraircd with this show. repo" at llooslck Fads, N. Y.. 
Mav.%.' MUBWNt? thl* ratl.1l aiwr. WANTKD AT ONCK. Muslrlmis in all lines for law Hands, 
iiMOftil pcrfOMWJM, arpolmu,.avrial Hum, eir. Siaie very lowest quick tiuil he prctweit to Joln F Ui wire. 
Tlioso who wrote (before write- ajlutti. Wanted, BOH QARTAfl WAN AND COOK at once. * Wmkoii 
show. Stop at hotels. Pav ■wmr own teluKrams. hrtversand t-aiiv»<4 meii, i-oitie mnm. - 

- ■ - ■'■ * IIOOSHK FALLS, «15W VOUK. 






A o. H. MUMS, Personal Mgr. 



IN AI.I. LINKS, bltiwurr sturk. ot«tc nil. L..DR 
weKaon. One MM u week. Cha.. BHMOB hu,I 
wife. '.mi'. Aildrcw MANK SMVB, 

Htolie BUI CarJeii. Peoria. III. 

libbIitv F»IA1WI«ST, 

t-MLoaai wef ks' cugagriuenui UIKMKK TUKA- 
TKR,(Ht««;if)iierc. 1-wtSninmtT, Lyric Park, Pi Its- 
hUrtr, Kan.; Svason '04-Ou, Bijou Theatre, (Vande- 
v lllej IX'3 MolncB, la. Prcvlounly U-ader with Ope- 
ratic and Farce Comedy Go. on the road. Bcst-of 
rrferencc prefer to locate. No tirctiestra work. 
Play any tiling froiu -Landard ovirlures to raff. 
Head and transpotie at night. Member .-A; P. M, 
Address, JAMKS FLAHONT, " 

DlEMEll THKATKF, Sprtogtlcld. Mo. 

" wAivrBD, r 


For haluni'c of this and Summer scaron, Advaucc 
Man. TI|ot>e .who wrole, wrlie again.. 



I'eml. udil., Ha KNOXVILLK A»t, PKUIUA. I I.I. 



Master Wm. Ziegler, 

World's Grattut Bilon and Gun Juogler. 
I'er. aU<l., 131 WUITISG ST., New Brlulii. Ul. 

Ment Wakelae 

The Vtrutl'e Comedian and Artistic Dancir, 


Put on Sketches mid Afterpieces. ' Cliange wm k 
fur oue or tiro week 4tomh. AUd. N.Y. CLIPPER, 
N. v.. or BILL BOAIll), ulncltimitl, i). ■ ■ 



ChaniGicrs, Old Men and Ocueral UusinesM. AIm> 
have play*. Prefer Su turner -lock. Knld, Okla. 
WANT FAIR DATES In Mo., III.. Kan.; la., Xcbl 
Add. . HAKWOOD. MO. (PerniaueuD. 


Fur Rolirback tim-.' L'ucle Tom's Caliln Co.. 
Musluluns. Haiul mid Uri'hc>trs. and Itauil and 
SUse. Write or wire, ttCICK, F. O. RICE, 
Mamiger.J.cii. BcL, Alliance, 0. . 



AlXtialnirandDaiicltiKX'iuncdlau,. Otic Nlghter 
I'rpferreil or Suimitcr Stuck. Wardrube the t»e?t. 
Address CASKY HANSOM, iThcatrci 
• Sedatm.'Mo. Care of Murey Stock Co. 



A few mure for Band. Open May 7, Modern 
Kcmedj Co. Address CHAS. SMITH, Leader 
Band, lUiT Chaplin SI., Whuellog. W. Ym. 
W.K. Brown-, arc you gulug lojolu: 

l^/VrvO OB 8T0BAGE . . . 

Hcpalrs and Allcraltou^ Hade. 


FILM FOR SALE— 30 Thousand Ft. Fine Stock 

ul Souk Slidt-s. All cIicho. New IJat. 

O. F. « ALLOT, 7 Christo pher . N, V. 

Wanted All 'Round Medicine Performer. Slate 

nil lu flrat. No tickets to Htmngvra. About 
J10 Jump from Itostou. Wire or write. Jfrof. 
r. U Hennauii. Alherton, P. K. I.. Cauadu. 


UK, 3i«i Pur*. A.V.. \. Y. 


CLASS B rn.18, 12 CEHT8 PEB n 


Films and Projecting Kinetoscopes 

Eiiibilion Model Kieetoscopi, SI 15.00. Uniiersal Model Kieetoseopt, $75,00. 



Panoramic View, Kicking Horse 

Canon. - • -A. 1 9511. 

Panoramic View Aloirt Canon, . A, 175ft, 
Panoramic View, Near Ml, Golden, 

Canadian Pacific R. R, • A. 170ft. 
Ride Through Pack Saddle Mounlaias, 

P.R.R. • - - B, 140ft. 
Panoramic View, Horseshoe Carve. 

P.M. ■ B. 140ft. 

Romance of the Rail ■ - B, 275ft. 

Disagreeable Railroad Passeagers B, 120ft. 

Wean Willie Kisses the Bride • A, 140ft. 

Panoramic View, Lower Kicking 

Horse CaooR ■ - . A. 185ft, 
Panoramic View, Upper Kicking 

Horse Canon - -.■ A. 190ft, 
Panoramic View Between Palliser 

and Field, B. 0. - -- "A. 185ft. 
Running Through Galllton Tannef, 

P.R.R. - ..:-> B. 140ft. 

Phantom Ride,Canadian Pacific R ft. B. 220ft, 

Unappreciated Joke - • B. 55ft, 

What Happened in the Tunnel I. 60ft, 

Trying to Catch an Earl; Train B. 50ft, 



01' II II) I "< Hi It APH E I! S ARE I tt THE UROH II . WAIT Hi 



Mo. 6»41. Code, VAUDOIS. Length, jllliri. ( !■■• A, JT3.UD. 



So. inm. Carte VALCOUR. 


Length, 1 7 1)11 . Claw A. (10.90, 




>o. tilil. Cede, VATEHLOSER. Length, -i:,fi. Clara A. 4MUt 


Send for Ulnt I ulnloj. and lllnatrated Clrealara,' . 



Chlcaaio timce, 304 IVnlmoli Aveuoe. 
Hew lork Oftlec, 31 Union Soaare. trablo Address /.vmetle, Neir York. • 

8ELLISS AflKHTS ■ TBE KiNis-rooiiApn co.. - « b. siat bi.. New imi 

onLiiinn ananio. rnEll baciualdi'I, 78S-7S» Miaaion Bt, iian Frmaciiw, cai 


AXmIm kinds, 

liuulile ii. au.l III, ur Slage. esptelully Vl.jliu. to lead orclimtrn, douhle Ctirucl ; furiilsli i»n'l r 
tlarluel, male lUnlsl. who ileubles llraas. Also good Kepcilolrc ueoulc who 
Bauil. and gond all-around t'lrr-iis hii.1 Spcrlaltv peo|ilc. Best treatment, (.leady work : good. >'ire 
-Hlarj e\ an week : [»o and three day stimds, show and.llve lu coinfortable tents In Hot ireallitr lllij 
Ideal lieallhllfel. Stale luwest salary and partleulara flr.t letter; no time 10 dleaer. We pay alt 
expenses after Joining, fourteenth tniceesaful year, bneked bv ample capital aud ■:! vcarsteiperl. 
enec. Shoar ol>eiis at addrewi below at about May to. Iloozcra, Invalids. Kickers, don't wrlle. 



"■»? **. f?* aa»lnl,Wnlaal Macldne. AlsoaUuy or lleut to Play Piano aud Slog illustrated' 
BoDge. Steady »orkaaloliga»»ervlcesareO. K. Name your lowest pcf week. - 

li- UOMMKI, Mgr., Opera Uouac, Uruwuavllh:, r». ■ 

May 5. 




1393 I3.S VKUDWXy AMO I2» W M* SI.. 





Bollaers or Organi and Orchestrions to order on plans and designs furnished to na. Also New 
crilnders and Cardboard Hnslcmade to order for any Inurnment: latest and up-to-date tnnes. We 
import new and beet makes of slightly used organs and orchestrions. 

A foil Uu of Organs and Orchestrions) of oil sisea for Merry -Go- Rounds, 
Amn—ont Parka, Skating Rinks, Coxnival Companies) and Shows. 

Centra l Va udeville Association. 


Ko act too good for this Circuit. Some salaries asked are too nigh. State lowest In flrst letter. 
Three (3) Shows a day. Houses open ail Summer. Exclusive booking for the following theatres, now 
itooking for Summer and next season : Grand, Hamilton; Orphlum, Springdeld ; Orphlum, Maneflcld ; 
Ornhinm, Portsmonth ; Orphlum, Lima ; Orphlum, Newark; Orphlum, Marion, 0.: Orphlum, Clillll- 
cothe ; Orphlum, Plqua; Orphlum, Zatiesville; Phillips, Richmond ; Star. Muncit* ; Bllou, Wheeling ; 
Auditorium, Parkersburgh ; Summer Park, Huntl-gton. Can furnish ail kinds of attractions tor 
Theatres, Summer Parks, Street Fairs, Carnivals and State Fairs. Will be pleased to hear from rnan- 
HKere desiring Vaudeville acts. Address 

Of 8 8t'X, Room 185, Bathnell Annex, Springfield, O. 


The treatment of superfluous hair is something that requires the greatest 
nicety and care. X. BAZI.VS DEPILIATORY POWDER Is the result of 
much study of the cause of and problem of destroying these growths with- 
out injury to the surrounding Bkln or leaving a Bear or the slightest deform- 
ation, X. BAZINS DEPILATORY POWDER Is absolutely safe and de- 
stroys the hair without pals, a simple, dainty way of effecting a cure. 
Send to Department "Cr* for our little pamphlet on the subject, "FOR 

BALL & RUCKEL, Proprietors and Manufacturers of SOZODONT, 
215 Washington Street, New York. 
For sale at all first claaa tlrosc Mores or tent by mail In sealed 
packages for BOo. 



OLD INTER-OCEA N BLDG., Dearborn and Madison fits., Chicago. 



A Few -Weeks Still Open for Early Part of Summer Season. 

JOHN S. EGAS, Wilmington, Del. 


mgneat Award and Gold Medals. Buffalo. 1901; St. LouIb, IBM: Portland, 1905. 

ROTH Si ENGELHARDT, * Salt 47th St., Now York City. 



And Iht Latest and Most Popular Styles In Ladles Hair Dressing. 

A. M. IIL'CH & CO., 

119 N. Ninth Street, .--.'- Philadelphia 




Largest stock: In America. Wigs made to order. Foil line of paints, 
powders and cold cream. Send tor catalogue "C," to either place. 

124 WEST Mil St., N. Y. ;.CMcago Opera House Block, Cnlcago. 





Tin Only Theatrical Supply Noun In Phlla. OUR SPECIAL FOR WEEK ENDING MAY 12. 

WAA8 a 8QW, 226 North Eighth St., PHILA. 


Send as a good poem, a good melody or a complete work. We hate no favorite writers. All have 
' nSSSSf- •*" le,tera answered promptly. 



)pp}y for lowest rates and full particulars to RAYMOND df WII1TCOMD CO., 
as union Square West, New York. BeadacentstampforTraTelersCondensedOnlde. 

Soubre tie 

Send for hand colored plates and measurement card, Btating color preferred. 
. WOLFF, FORDING <b CO., 00 Eliot Sl. f Boston, Mass. 



S l-OTT 



C08II0P0L1TAN NOYBLTT CO.. Ill S. etn St. Fhlladelpnla, Pa 


AdWnca, Prl.lla.a, Baggigt, Stock, Harry- 

Q.^Round and Automoblla Can. 
.act, loaf. Dealrab'.e tor Show and Carnival Com 
panbaa. BeaMBable terms. Write fornartloouu. 
MO. Ma MonadBOC* Bu il ding, Opjaafi PL 





HaQllng Capacity, 35 To**. 
Earning $1,000 In 811 Dayi. 





3T Klagilon St., 

Maanlactarer. of 

Silkoleoe Tights, 12.00 

Worsted Tights, .2.00 

Cotton Tights, 11.00 

Equestrian Shirts same price as 
tights. A special discount of 10 
per cent, allowed on all goods. 
Give OB a trial, that Is all we ask. 
Write for prices on anything is 
Knit Goods line. Deposit re- 
qui red on all orders. 

Hay or night. Solid gold 
monntlng. Ton can own a 
diamond equal in brilliancy 
to any genuine stone at one 
thirtieth the cost. BARODA 
DIAMONDS stand acid test 
and expert examination. We 

guarantee them. See them flrst and then pay. 

Catalogue free. Patent ring measure Included 

Tor 6 two cent atampa. 


Pept. 4, 03-71 Wabash Ave., Chlcngo, 111. 


All the Latest and Best. 
YOST ft COMPANY, Ml Filbert St, 

(EsLabllrmed 1870), Philadelphia. 

New, Enlarged Illustrated Catalogue. 



75 c per 100- *'6ePp-i;Vibo6 

WEMMA.H llHOSi f26 fin. P.;w.NlwYci.v 

An Auto? Not 

Peanut and Popcorn Seller. 
Catalog sbow'cm $810 to 
W60.00. On easy terms. 
1 06 E. Pearl St., Cincinnati 


Easy to get at everything with 

k ont disturbing anything. No 
" fatigue In packing and unpack- 
ing. Light, strong, roomy 
drawers. Holds as much and 
costs no more than a good 
box trunk. Band rivlted"; 
strongest trunk made. In 
small room serves as chiffonier. 
0. O. D. with privilege of ex- 
amination. 2c. stamp for cata- 
log. F. A. BTALLMAN, 
86 W. Spring 8L, Columbus, 0. 




■ SSNO eg»- caiA».0C-E 

Morrison Show; Print £%-■•„ 

6th Ato. and 81st Street, New Topic. 


Cloaks, Suits, Waists, Millinery, Gloves and Muslin Underwear. 

Fine Magical Apparatus, 

Orand End ot Century, fall. 
Illustrated. BOOK CATA- 
LOGUE, »., tree t>J mall. 
CauloRuo or Parlor trlcsa free 

11AUTINKA k CO;, Bfr... 

«3 Sinn A»«., B. T. 



DESCRIPTION. From Government Aocllon. 
No matter what jou want In that lino I can 
supply It. New or second hand. Send for 
Cataloguo. B. B. ABRAHAMS, 

m jagg at., Phiiadeipau, p.. 



Relieves all 
I Discharges in 
1 24 hour: 

Kteh e i i * ■ s ! t btwa Um 

tmtCTf — \ 

Brtarfif MM 
toumttrfctis. \^/ 



Orlftlsiatora of our Famoui-I 
~* mpHhoes for Stage aadfitrest 
csr. Kstlmates freely given oil 

l>ai9 r— 

Quantity orders. "Complete Blocks. Up to __ 

Lowest Oaea> Prsees tor Desirable Foetwear. 



Mndo fmm tho very best tin, are black enameled. Bspe- 
olaiiy made for professional use, having a tray with oom- 
partmonts for Orewie ralnta, Powders, *%£% .-. 
Comb and Urueh, Wigs, Etc., Etc. Has !C||fl 
doubteacUon look, with two keys, at.... 1 ls»»*tr^^s> 

Our CtMJD CRRAM, expremly prepared for the The- 
atrical rrofession, guaranteed to be absolutely sore and. 
never become rancid in any climate. Put up In pound 
Screw Top Tin Cans at 40e.| half pound at Jlsv. 

All mall orders mum be accompanied by money order. 
None sent 0. 0. U. Oar New Theatrical' Catalog: at 
a*B>t free ssoa request. 





Can only .« procor.rt froni ui direct. W« her. no Agnnia, Jnit ouenMl np a 
eompl.t* Una of N.w Coloring.. Al.o a large Collection of N.w Droeane., Stripe, 
and Polka Doll In the bright Tint, iallnbl. for Stage Wear. 


BROADWAY, 8th and 9th STS,, N. T. 

One Minute from Astor Place Subway Station. 



— AND— — 


tllAD. H. WALDllON, Palace Theatr., I on, Mas.. 

PaoifLo Coast Amusexneat Co*, 


Crwnlnj and operaHug » Flrat Olaaa Taudeellla Theatre. East, Northweat and Wait. 

<- -m-r n, mT-AaA-anvarB •' ^ <i°»>. « RST class acts of all nSDa 

W acSVaSS X Jtv -S-* • that can deliver the gooda. 


ne Denny BIdg.. Seattle, Waab,; CHRIS. 0. BROWN, 97 s. Clark St., OHloafo; ARCBII LITT, 

111 Eddr SL, San FrmoUco, Cal. 



Per Pound 






Our 6 cent packages of Circus Pop Corn, bricks, ncapolltanx, cocoanut com crisps, long bars, pop 
corn klsaef), crltpette and candy packager, arc quick Hollers. Yon take no chances with our goods. 
They are tlic beat on the market. Hum, for prlco Hat. 

\VM. J. HADURM St CO., 11-1*1 Deitiroaaas HI., New York. 

Dazian's Theatrical Emporium 

NOW AT 142-144 W. 44th ST. (Near Broadway), NEW YORK. 


Let ns farnlsh A RAND, OKCIIESTRA or PIANIHT for your company, flood situation* for good 
musicians. CIIAUITON'H MI.M1CIANH I1UKKAU, W Dearborn Hi., OhlcaKO, 111. 


Performers and Miinlclann, sinter Team, Aorinl Team, Musical Team, PiKch Cuinedlnn, Must clmnge for 
one week, alualclans for lund anil orclu-Hlra. HhowopetiHMay7. AdJ.MIL I J.tiKANl)AM.,Kiiltoo,N.l r ( 




'.-»■»•» Am 



your "eye rmTifir FOR f 

orloon Oh.v.ll.r" 1 


78 Auditorium Bid.., 





PITnADV iltiiiding. telephone, 2099 Oratnercy. Uatile ad- 
IiUnvrii dress, Hlanesli*. All printed matter and Inf. free. 

To apply for lowest rates at 


10J East 14th St., Now York, German Saving. Dank 

IPITVaTI? £ Ffl Wig & Toupee Makers, 

£ BJ &ffi ,SSb IX Wl PAINT and POWDER. 

SIcVIciIKrt'B THEATRE, Clileoaro, III. Telephone — Central, 004. Bend for Catalofii.. 

J. HENET Minm t »*2«tt»£5!*** 



May o. 


CREATUY IMPROVED AND SIMPLIFIED. It Has Stood the Test for Years and has oome to stay. Silence and Steadiness are Its Strongest Features 



THE CAY DECEIVERS, length 775ft. 893.00 I THE HOLDUP OF THE LEADVILLE 8TACE, length 700ft. - 884 . 

THE 8ERENADE, length SOOft. 60.00 I TRACKED BY BLOODHOUNDS, length 450ft. - - - B4.0O 

Thn* Film™ Are* All Porfoot In Dntall and Steady. Send for Complete Oettlogue. 


BUOKWALTER, Western Agent 



McAllister's Best Dissolving View Stereopticon 
With Moving Picture Attachment 

for showing both Moving Picture* as well as Lantern Slides, and producing beaatilcl BlssolTtag 
Xffeota. Necet aftry where the bast resalta are desired. 



irid L="IL-IV1S L 


tlltutratlof every subject of Art,Travs) 
and Literature and all timely topic*. 

Latest war scenes. Etc Popular tad 


Etc. In fact, any subject adapted for 
the firing of Public Entertainment*. 



—Free— which lena the cost of an outfit, 
explains and lnatrncta yon how to con- 
duct paying entertainments^. 

McAllister, Mfg. optician, 


Leatheroid Trunks. 


Send for Now 
Theatrical Catalogue. B82 B'WAY, N. Y., near Spring St. 

C. A. TAYLOR TRUNK WORKS, 89 E. Itamlolph St„ CHICAGO; 181 W. 38th St., NEW YORK. 
Write for New Catalogue. 

Guaranteed 5 Years. Write for Catalogue. 

XVI. S.^^^jl- a , 

441 Sixth; Avenue, near 27th St., I. T. City. 




27 X 20 X IT IB7B 

SO x 21 x 18 6.00 

88 I 22 I 19 6.25 

80 I 28 I 20 8.50 

Kill! 21 7.50 




82 I 20 I 22 19.00 

H X 21 X 23 0.60 

80 x 22 x 24 10.00 

88 x 23 x 25 10.rj0 

40 x 28 x 25 11.00 

For Particular, and Illustrations, Request Catalogue. 


,17.50; 28ln„ 88.50; 80ln., J.0.50 : 861n., 110.60; 401n., 112.60. CrculTraukj24ll8ll8, 
I. Bill Trunki, 90*23x15, iDBlde. 812.00. Utbo Trunka, 42^x28)4x12, Inside, 115.00. 
Shipped on receipt of $3.00, bnl.. C. 0. D;, except over 800 miles, then remit whole amount 
SltlONS * CO., CENTRAL TKrftiK FACTORY, Bat 1864, BVf.cor.7tll and Arch 8U.,Phlla. 



For Stock Companies, for Repertoire Companies, for Amateurs, 

ment, Negro Plays, Paper, Scenery, Mrs. Jarley'B Wax Works. Cats- 
louiie Freel Freot Free! 
8 SAMUEL FRENCH, 17 W. Jl»d St., Now York. 


WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. Short Vamp anil Stage Lasts 
always ou luuid. Mall orders fllled. Fit. guaranteed. 


Tol. SC8 Madison Square. too Sixth Ave., near Slut St., N. T. 






We write Mitslc to your words. Introduce and 

Popularise. Send in MSB. 
815 Bnterprlae Bid*** CHICAGO. 


R>nFF«inN&i — - vou know 


and outsider That the SAL Professional Trunk Is tho 

TRUNKS H'Mcat and strongest trunk on earth t JBond for Cata- 

Unlte-d States Teat and Awnlna Co., 
Randolph ana Union Street*, CHICAGO, III. 



110 W. Wth St, N. T. 



Pole, and Stake., SEATS. Flags. Etc 


Hlllt, Wajtlirton Bt, CHICAGO, ILL. 


For Circuses, Wild West Shows, Black Tents, 
Candy Tops, Flags, KIdd A Baker Lights, etc. 
Send for 16 page price list of second band 
Tth and WTundntt*. K*nw.« fttrv. Mo. 






Large Stock soft, and Under dsknjagw' 
New and Second Hand. Write 


Successors to the T. W. Noble Co., Tent DepL, 
Detroit Bag and Mfg. Oo., Detroit, Mob. 


Reached best by the 

New Jersey 



tain irsat hops, up o» the bscb 

Fart Time Rock Ballast 

Superb Dining Sen. ice 



And All others 

Seal hr UTHOG. Inllu till Inlet 

Special Attention Glvta Ik Protmlis 

Western Uniform Co. 




47« SIXTH AVE., 


Beat of Food, Perfect 
ly Cook ed.Deltc lonely 
Served. Prices" rea 
son able. Special Din 
Ing Room for Ladles 


we have nmde the cure of Blootl Poison a 
specialty. Blood Poison Permanently Cured. 
You can be treated at homo uuuer same 
guaranty. Capital $600,000. We Bollclt tlio 
most obstinate cases. If you have ex- 
linmucd the old methods of treatment and 
tutu have aches and pains, Mucus Patches In 
MouthaSore Throat, Pimples, Copper-Colored 
Snots. Ulcers on any part of tho body, Hair 
or Eyebrows falling out, write for proofs of 
cures, luo-page Book Free. 

1 1 1 1 Matonlc T»mpl«,Chlcago, III. .U.S.A. 



550,000,000 St. Louis World's Fair 

We Itonnht the Great Bt. Lonls Imposition, and Offer 
You Supplies of Ever* Kind at Extremely Low Prices. 


Sfi ,000,000 Tlokets, printed for die at the 

Exposition that have uever been used; pat op 
2,000 to a roll; cooaccntlvely norobered. Dsdodi- 
inatlons: Jo, 16c, lie, Mo and Complimentary 
DLflorent colon. Price per thousand, la imall 
anantltlea ISo. In lots ot 6 0,00s 12c 


These Ism pa cams from the Exposition, and were used, bnt are tested and 
are serviceable. They are eight oaadle power, 100 to 110 voltage; pat up 
260 In a barrel, price each « * * —■■■...,.!■ 

In small quantities, esob •* 6a 

100,000 same aa above, brand new. In full osse Jots, esob 10c 

28,000 Incandescent Lamps, used, natoral colors, ruby, green, amber 

and opaL Are tested and are serviceable. Prtoe eaeh 10c 

80,000 ssme as above, brand new, pries eaeb 20c 


made of seasoned hardwood, with the best malleable Iron fittings; simple Id 
construction. Strong, durable and comfortable. Will not warp; are fsr 

superior to anj other make; brand new. Price, In dozen lots $6.25 



We own the great Electrical Tower used at the Exposition as the Deforest 
Wireless Telegraphy Station. It la 300 feet- Id height, 90 feet sqnare at ths 
base, and can be earetully taken down. A splendid amusement feature. 
QeADtnil I lAUT Weown the lO.OOOcsndlepowersesrohllgbt 
oBAnvn a-IVsn I used at Exposition. It Is the largest made 

1,000 UNIFORMS SS5, .WS^bSSS^ £ T £i 

Write for our Special 600-page Catalogue No. 8676. It contains a complete Hat of all kinds 

Electrical Supplier, general amesement material each as yon are oonstantly parcbssiDir 

We have for sale Fire Hose, all kinds of Flre-flghting Apparatus, Electrical Supplies, 

Flags, Bunting, Furniture, Household Goods, Oommlieary Supplies, Plamblng Material. 
Machinery, and Id fast everjtblng "under the sun " We are Constantly buying materlnl 
nt sheriffs' and Receivers' Sales. 



"Gets the money like a ben picking up corn*" Now 
entering upon the third season or popular and de- 
served success. Over two hundred In successful oper- 
ation ]aat aeaaon* The most popular attraction 
at resorts, shows and fairs. The only Slot Ma- 
chine that delivers a perfect photo regardless oi 
weather conditions. Simple and easy In operation. 
A child can do It. Big profits quick and sure, gome 
machines average profits aa high as S100 per day. 
Every machine absolntely guaranteed. Write for cat* 
alogue, description and price list for our 1000 model 

II. S. KLINE, 45 N. Division St., Buffalo, N.Y. 

Winslow's Skates 


Are Used Exclusive- 
ly by ths Best Rinks. 
We have the Largest 
and Beat Equipped 
Works In the World 
for Making 

I O E> 





The Increasing popularity or Roller 
Skating haa opened a larger field than ever 
before for this popular amusement. 


~ v ~ Illustrates ' 




Idalcera of Ice 
aqd Roller Skates ' 


| LETTER HEADil^^nc^ 

|pKa<STApt-MOhE*r* 15* 
JBOOrV OF CuTc5 gO f 


A* Popular Prices 

Cataloare. Free. 


16a Stat* St., F| ., Chicago, 




401 Strand, Tjondon, ^ 

PORBrail ■UB90RIPT2OHS, - - - ■ 8a 8d. PER \ BAB 

rl £!E■S!S?"* , • ADVRRTISRHRHTi. . . i., Od„ Slaale Colnma Inc. 
BLDB., wher. aarertlsemeots will be recelroi Coplej an flle. 



Why rmndle rocky goods whea yon can handle roods tnat will sell themaelvi-s. 
Electric Delts from $1 per dor. op. Large variety to select from. Electric Jars 
76c dot. i Electric Insoles, 87 %c. dos. pairs. Soap, J2.10 gross; Fine Mf 'li- 
en Battsrlea. Send 70c. for Sample No. 14 E. B.. exp. prcpall LatestoutOne 
! , r i c ?. Bb WS"*i Tr,al orl,er »"' convince. Largest SUnufactureraof Elec- 
tric BelU and Appliances in D. S. A Eatabllshed 1878. Lecture and price Hsl 





V*m IOB 0ATALOQ0E. LOBI8 TTTAX, 'TMpt F^n 1M Wabaah Ave.. Ollcefo. 

May 5. 














PERSONAL.— FRIENDS: I honestly believe "WHEN THE WHIP-POOR-WILL 8INC8, MARGUERITE," the greatest song I 
have ever written and offer it to you honestly believing it to be the biggest applause winner you have ever used. Cordially, J. FRED HELF. 






"TAPS," Etc Etc The great est Irish March Song over written, and 
the hwb'i only march song. hit. Manager., ask for It. Orch ©Ora- 
tions In 7 keys. 

S L I 13 E S. 

Slide. wUl be ready about the 1 Oth of May, and we guarantee them. 
For re fereuce a. to their quality, look at slide, of other illustrated 
■ong. ijjned byns. 



LUCILLE SAUNDERS and other artists sing this beautiful Walt. 
Ballad yon have mined a treat. We can't understand how yon can 
get along without thin great applause winner. Orchestration, in 
7 keys. 

A Song That Will Live Forever ««r,lr 





This great hallad should always lie In your repertoire. The greatest love tiallad ever 
written, ranking with such great songs an '-Always," "Because" and "Answer." 
Orchestrations in 7 keys. 



Laat Call for th« \A/«a>«**. 

The Most Talked About Ballad In the World 



This Is positively the greatest home ballad buccoh* In years, and If you are not lining It 

Jon are not up to date. Now featured by every Urst cunts Hinging, musical (|iiartot, and 
llostrated act, In the country. Orchestrations In T keys. 








[ "Sweet Genevieve," "Picnic for Two," "Asleep in the Deep," "Mamma's Boy," 



. This 1. our Great Bummer Bong and w. positively assure you that It will become World Famous. We guarantee It for a Hit. Remember the writer, write only hit.. If yon let thl. long get by 
you ate not up to date. WATCH THB RBSCL.T8. Orchestrations In T key.. 

NOTE.— George Walter Brown, Nat Osborne, George Bell, E. Bay 
Goetz, George Fox, Lew Leever, Chas. F. Weller, Fred W. Hager and 
J. Fred Helf always on hand to attend to your wants. 

Look ! Look: ! Look ! 



Music Publishers, 

48 W. 28th Street, ..... New York City. 








The Hit of "THE EARL AND THE GIRL" (Now Released), and Free to All Performers. 

34 East 2 1 st St., 
New York. 

■BF Professional Copios 
of all Above Free. Oroh. 
lOo. Each. 

JOS. W. STERN 8c CO., 


The Bin Musloal Faree Oomedy, 



First Class Parka only. The entire production as used In nil the large cities. 
One or two hour ihow as required. All special paper. Guarantee ■ only. Address 

FAUX, QUINN, SS5 E. 116th St., New York City,, N.Y., 

Or JACK l.l vv, Man.fer, 1 1 w. I'M St., flaw York City, !», v . 


C. C. BARR, 



Dramatic and Vandovllle Pcoplo In all linen. Band and Orchestra Musicians, write or wire at onoe< 
People who double Btago and brass or stage and npeclaltlea wanted at all times. People 
must make Rood otcIoho urter n rut. performance. Organized Hand of flora plecoB, doubling or- 
chestra, wantod at once. Tlioee who wrote before, write again. Want to hear from peonle who 

have second-hand paper rorsalo; also Tent, Address 

. Q. BARR, Mgr., llrownwood, Tex. 


Greatest and mom elaborate Amusement Park In Ohio Valley. One hundred thousand to draw from* 
Now Booking, lllg Summer Attractions, Kopiitablo Band*, MlDHtrelH, Operas, Kxt.ravajn.nzes.eio.j 
nothing too lilg or elaborate for our Htngo. A FB W GOOD cofVCKNNlONH FOR HUSTLERS 
AND MONK Y GETTHUN. (Mod HUimruutlnl Hulldtng with elegant and elaborate front* for DOG 
and PUNY A1IOW, 1'ALAOK OK ILLUSIONS, and NOVEL AMUSEMENTS, flroat opening for "Uouhc 
of Trouble." WANTKDi lllg Out- Door Attractions. Olrcuxod, Fireworks, etc.; nuililng loo grand or 
elaborato for ub to handle. Unfiling Beach, Merry (Jo-Hound, and Miniature H, It., open. DIG MONEY 

II. W. ROGERS, General Manager, Wheeling, W. Va. 


Good LE0UHER8 that are witling to work under my instructions, On a salary only, no per cent. Also 

All of my Shows will rcmutn In Georgia both 
I would like to have Six flood JUICE JOINT W"" 

Hummer and Winter. 

VORKERS, for the Six New Shows 

that I am Just opening. Will pay cash for canvas or any kind of paraphernalia that can be used with 
a Medicine Show. Add — 

ddrcHB, for tlio noxt ten days, 
V^EH-UO, 409 \rV_ 

3d St., Dayton, O. 


Le»d«r lor Orchestra, double Alto; TrsmbOM, B. and 0.; Mao lor Harris, Mas for 

Marks, Tlokol Sailor that Can Make Concert Aunonncemenls. 

All must play brans, Kva and Girl for Tops; that can do specialties, state all Id first letter. Answer 
quick. Show opens May 10. BANKS 11 A III u, Flint, Mien. 

P. 8 Oau uso more Specialty People for Concort, Musicians for llaud. 



For all parks, Champaign, III.; Jacksonville 111.; Dixon, III.; Qalesuurg, III. Can play CARNIVALS 
to capacity business. Season opens May 28. 3 HUIb a week. 

Address J. KUSELL, 380 West Adams St., Chicago, III. 


German Comedians. 



Managers of Theatres, 8ummerFarko, 

Bosorts, State, County and 

Street Fairs. 

Acrobatic, Comedy, Military 



Positively the Greatest Attraction 
In All the World, 


W. S. CLETELMD, Manager, 

International Theatre, Chicago, 111. 





Packed ao It cannot bdoomo unsalable, and 
our s and loo. package ocndlsa will greatly 
Increase Its value. Inform as where 
you bold a concession and we will 
send samples and prices. 




The Tiffin Scenic Company, 




lead Maileal Oompotitteu. We 
I smofs aad popnlarls*. Address 

riorani iflfflo rin. oe_ Qnaj 

(.♦. Maiktftaa Uf|.- CUcifa, Vt 

Howanl4BlHll0.De Lboi 

Wonderful Equilibrists and Hand Balancers. 


Would Like to Hear from Good Burlesque Show. 
Also Park Mgrs., South. 

Addxes. ALL AGENTS, or Care ORRIN BROS., Moil™. 

Regards to friend.. 

Lecture on Saa Francisco Fire and Earthquake with Slides from Negatives made by our 
own photographer, now on the Pacific Coast, will be ready Boon. Send deposit and orders 
will be filled In rotation. Circular will be mailed on application. 

W, B, IQOgE, Btereoptlcon and Film Eichange, 108 Franklin Street, Chicago, 111, 



Good Sister Team, Btrong Lad; Singing Acts, good looking Young; Lady for Lecturer to announce 
net*. Also good, strong! Hide Show Acts. Good First Violin to lead Orchestra, double cornet In braflH. 
Address B. L. BOWMAN, Hgr. Vaudeville Side Show, llagenbeck Greater Shows, Butler, Pa. 


Orville Frank 

Just closed 10 weeks with the DAINTY PAKEE CO. Engaged an a FEATURE, and a BIG 
HIT everywhere. 

Sv KT "1? JEZ T> , 


Cornet, Must he strong, to double piano or parts; Tuba for parts, Slide Trombone and Clarinet for 
Btage or orchestra; also Black Face Comedian that can play snare drum or brass. Can nso good dra- 
matic people at aUtimes that play brass. Wanta good Boss Canvas Man. Will send tickets reason- 
ble distance. Oar show. One night stands. Nover close. 

BEE0IIER A STANLEY'S BIO CO. Address Walter J. McDonald, Mgr., 
Mankato, Kan., May 7; Lebanon, Kan., May 6; Smith Centre, Kan.. 9; Agra 10. 



Light and Character Comedian. 


MISS QUIA KETHERaoLE 00., weeks April 80 and May 7, Boston, Mass. 

We Can Make You Laugh 

Over the splendid profits realized by our Improved GLASS or METAL LAUGHING GALLERY* Asere 
winner for Park or Traveling. 

J. M. NAUOUTON AMUSEMENT CONSTRUCTION CO., 120 8. High St., Columbus, 0. 











* Advance Copies, now ready, sent to Professionals enclosing authentlo programme and 10c. In postage. THIS AD. WILL NOT APPEAR ACAINj 
JOSEPH 1*^T. BTO^g «te CO., 34 3HL aist, St., IW. "JiT. 

May 5. 








By JEAN LENOX and HARRY O. SUTTON.-We are quite certain that what we said about "It's going to be one of this Summer's Biggest Hits" 

Is surely to be realized. 





Impossible to tell you on paper of all Its merlts--you must hear It yourself to be convinced, so call on us and have one of our many demonstrators 

play and sing It for you, or, If you are on the road, send for It at onoe. 

: EC — Professional Copies and Orchestrations to Beeognlied Performers or Those Sending Dp-lo-Date Programs, — NO 

M. WITMARK & SONS, Publishers, 






With a Big Line of Pictorial Paper. 


Full Lino of Paper and Scenery 




Foil Line of Pictorial Paper ana Scenery. 


(West Of Chicago Only). 
New Line of Pictorial Paper 





Melodrama. I (West of the Mississippi Hirer only). 

Ail nf the above for lease on reasonable terms, for Repertoire or One Night Stands. For 
terms sddrcsB EUGENE SrOFFOUD, 220 La Balle St., Suite 1002-1003, Chicago, III. 


SEASON 1900 AND 7, 10 WRICKS, 


Leading Juvenile Woman, Woman for Heavies and Some Characters, Woman for Soubrette (one with 
specialty preferred), Doovy Man, Character Man, Comedian with ipeclalty and Man for General Bos., 
four Oood Vaudeville Features; also Union Stage Carpenter and Property Man. Address 

JOHN J. MllRHA Y, Manager Murray A Mackey Co., _.__ 

I'.' 8.— The Murray and MackeyOo. win close their Ofth successful season June 2. Best season 
ever; fll weeks. "Thank yon." _^^___^__^_««^^^^^«.™ 

Moving Picture Printing 



Best Lln.~of Paper to Aavertls. any Moving Picture Show. 
Send for Catalogue. It Tells How to Succeed. 

HENNEGAN & CO., • • - Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Wanted Quick, for SUMMER STOCK, Under Tent, 

Agent to work on salary and per cent. Leaders, with music, and MnslclanH for Bmall ft and 0. Man 
and Wife for churactera and general busineBH, Sinking and Dancing Comedian, Man for Juvenllca and 
heavies. Property Man, and Acrobatic Specially that can play parts. Prefer actors who can do ■peclal- 
tles and play In bnnd. We travel by rail, live on lot. FlratciaBa camp accomodfltlona. Low, syius 
lalary. 1 don't expect the best In the business, but want people who have wardrobe. Can learn lines 
and act. No drinking tolerated. All mast be ladles and gentlemen. Photo, ago, height, and full par- 
ticulars In flrst letter. State If you can loin without ticket. All auch letters answered. Show opens 
May 14. Address J. W. 910IITB, care of Pen. Pel,, Mlnncapolu., Minn. 







F. F. PROCTOR, Solo Proprietor and Msnigar. 


Deroted to Refined Entertainment. 
Proctor's Oth Are. Theatre. Praetor's 
23d St. Theatre, Praetor's SSth St. 
Theatre, Praetor's 13Stb St. Theatre. 
Praetor's Newark Theatre, Praetar*s 
Albany Theatre, Proctor's Troy The- 


Best Plays and Best Vaudeville. 


Filot of act.: complete "prop" Hat; correct 
labt plot; If you open or close la one: 
OXACT time of act* and ol "clot. In;" till- 
Ins for newspaper, and programme.; and 


risy wrigtiti, Authors, Play Afenta, 

P. F. proctor , Proprietor and Ma p.gsr. 


Singer Broi.' New Book of BptcUltlet cod- 
fatal the Intent European sad American 
Noveltlei. Jewelry, Cutlery. Fancy Goodi, 
Wntchei and Acme Spsculttet. specially 
adapted for mail-order noases and csnTSitert. 
You cannot afford to be without It 1'allnd 
free on application to Dept A. Writs for 
It to-day. 




Too need s taety line of small work to help 
bring In tbe dollars. Heralds, dodgers, etc., 
half tone work on good book paper at tbe 
same price joq are paying for muddy work 
on cheap poiter paper and ~~ 

l news. 
NT/BEX Jobnaooborg. Ps 

Great DleooTery, Experts 

can not detect it from goo- 
nlne diamond. Coata but 

one-tenth. In brilliancy and out It bsa no equal. 

Betting solid gold. Wrlto for illustrated catalogue. 
BOWK A 00., Dept. 0., BCS Dearborn St 


(>)?aul ^nr^a*? Juupenitf. 

Ju», Out I 

An intereslind pamphlet 
'tpictinj in a tumorous vein 
the life &nd ambitions of 

P&ul Conchas, 
his devoted assistant 
Neumann and 
his husllind Impresario 
Richard 'Pi/rot. 

Will be sent 
free of chimfe 
Is coper 'postage. 
Address i 

Hut Conchas 
V'/l.Y. Clipper 

t/Wttt 2&et. NY. 

The Dumond Minstrels 

Row on Hon 4 Sloll Tour, England, woro specially engaged (or Eaaltr Week, it the 
Pallet Theatre, London, and proved to bo the HIT OF THE BILL, AB USUAL. 


Vaudeville Acts, 


Short lamp rtvm Ht. Louis .nil Meinphl.. 

Address O, T. TAYLOR, Dos W), Little Hoek, Ark, 


Tbe original team of Ollllban and Murray dissolved pnrtnerehlp March 1, 1005. Tbe 

team now using the namo of Ollllban and Murray have no right to the name of Uillltinn. 
Tbe original Karl OILMHAN la now working with Qeo. M. 1'c 
of OILL1HAN AND i'lSMlY, tbo Cowboy and the Coon. 

Terry, under the Arm name 

Regards to all friends. 





Oponjlaj 21. Write all you oun and will do quick. Ad. J. II KNIH.KV Jit., Woliiutlvlllo, Ind. 

Now Engaging for 11th Season, 1906-7, 


"Wanted, Burlesque People. 

Especially Oood CHORUS LADIES. Our record tills season will bo "Forty-two weeks and only 
live nlecoora." II. h. wimtmnl.l.. ltoom 630. Knickerbocker Tbcatrc llnlldlng, New lork. 




live Bleepere. 


First Glass Vaudeville Acts of All Kinds, 



FR ANK HCHAKFUn, Proprietor. 

E. END PARK, Mcrnptlls, April 

Alft Holt 


I.ANIIH, St. Louis, April 
May I OPEN. MAY IT Sail 



A Book on How to Write Popalarafoalo, Karketand 
Popnlariae It. List (it 800 Music Dealers. Price, soo. 
UNION MDSIO CO., Il» Sycamore St., Clnclnnaa, 0. 









\ V *i 1 1 



10 onooros ulghtly in "Babes in tlio Wood." 

i k I I I 











pubushed n JOS. W. STERN & CO., ** VV. ,T - 

Copies of above FREE! 

Orcti, 10c, each, 



May 5. 

3. LUBIN uiFEHOTrsFpfcTir^irwYsiFtLH s I JSSKK 1 

nnED with m mimm fireproof mmmm 

Our 1906 "MARVEL" EXPOSITION MODEL is acknowledged to 
be the most perfect MOVING PICTURE MACHINE. Our improve- 
ments are of such great importance that nobody will buy any other 
make of Moving Picture Machines after having seen our 



direct or alternating current, ALSO CALCIUM LIGHT LAMP, 

FIREPROOF FILM BOXES for Top and Bottom Bewilder $20 EXTRA 

Considering the great interest all the world Is talcing In 
the calamity which has befallen California, WE HAVE 
and instructed them to take Ten Thousand feet of Films. 
From these we selected the best and most interesting 
scenes which we place on the market. We can supply 
Films in length from 500 to 5,000 feet at the regular rate 
of lie. per foot. 

We Guarantee All Our Films to be Originals, 
Taken at the Scene of the Disaster. 

Place your order at once so that you may be among 
the first ones to receive these greatest of all money makers 
ever placed on the market for Life Moving Picture Ex- 
hibitors, Theatres, etc. 

All Our Films Class A. Price, II Gents Per Foot. Our Beautifully Illustrated Catalogues Free of Charge. 


FILMS fefta : 


Oar Special Photographer secured ■plendld views of the disaster. 


Write for particulars. Orders filled In rotation. 

A "Strong" Comedy Screamer, 



One Prolonged Shriek of Laughter ! 

Two bad boys "plant" a piece of ripe Llmbaraer In their Father's tall 
pocket, and then "things happen." Ills friends shun him, he Is put on* a 
trolley car, causes his stenographer to faint, and the office boy to move 
quickly for once. He creates a panic In a theatre, and Is thrown oat. 
Wherever he appears people hold their noies and run, and he arrives 
home feeling very weak, bat as "strong" as ever In other reipects* The 
boys are found out and ipanked, aa they deserve to be, and peace reigns 



i 1. Another Rip Snorter, Ptretography Splendid, P 
Action Grant, Ju.t Another Vltngrnph lilt. 

600 Wots.*.. 

nirn EC-» r,, '* e Amateur f'riM'kNiimn. 

H ST r IfS Produced by special arrangement with 

■■"■ ■ enlnntW n, KVKI.H IlftLLKW and I.FkDLK.U & CO. 

Owing to the great demaad fur t hi. fllm IN SHORTER LENGTHS, Vfe will 

Mil inme In two parts, each part a complete .tory In Itself. 



WRITE for Now Descriptive Circular. 




■Lanra optical do.. 

5* MM. St., Chicago., III. . 


1* It., London, Bag. 




I SI Si, 

Daartorn St., 0QI0A0O. 










S» B. Clark St., cinOAGO, ILL. 






Taken some time before the Earthquake. We deliver two 
lengths. One shows 



Panorama from an Automobile, running down Market Street find ending at the Palace 
Hotel and Call Bldg. Turning Panorama near the Palace Hotel, showing President 
Roosevelt In carriage. Turning Panorama of 'Union Square, showing thousands of peo- 
ple in this spot Were it not for the flaga this could readily pass for on actual scene 
Bhowlng the confusion Incidental to the earthquake: Panorama View of Cliff Houm. 

The above is 528 feet in length, at 12c. per foot - • • $63.36. 
208ft. Showing MARKET STREET IN SAN FRANCISCO at 12c. 424.96. 

This fllm shows Market Street paBt the Palace Hotel and the Call Bldg.. and also 
shows President Roosevelt In his carriage near the Palace Hotel. 

We can famish the following STEREOPTICON VIEWS 

Negatives of which were made two weeks before the earthquake, and these are therefore 
thoroughly up-to-date. 

Price Per Slide, (incolored, 35c. Price Per Slide, Colored, 75c. 

We have ni written lectures to cover these slides. . .. 

1— rALACB HOTEL, San Francisco. 

2— MARKET STREET, Showing Call Bldg., 
Chronical and Examiner Blags. 







10— JACKSON, East from Jones. 
11 — CARY, East from Stockton. 
. STREET, Snowing Flood Bldg. 

14— CHINATOWN, from Kearney Street 






20— '40 MONUMENT. 

Showing Burned District 


52 STATE ST. B Opposite Masonic Teiuu 



Copyright, 1906, by the Prank Queen Publlablng Company (Limited). 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, M^Y 12, 1906. 

VOLUME LIV.-No. 12. 

Prloe, 10 Carta. 



■ ' ■ 


■ ■• 


Frederick Ireland 



f Vt f, ft 




May 12 

Mi55 CIipper'5 

Motes, Personalities anil Comments, 


ST1GE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


F. M. Bhortrldge, who la styled "Audience 
Organiser for Frank Mahara'a Minstrels," 
tag a story of the "Far-West opry hall 
owner," of which he mast have been re- 
minded by almllar remtDlacencei related re* 
cently In this column. He says he does not 
vouch for the truth of It, but tells It aa It 
waa told to him by a manager of a small 
company that waa "practicing out" on the 
■mall-town Inhabitants wherever they could 
get a hall and an audience. 

The little band of Tbeaplana, headed by 
the leading man, who waa also manager, 
■lighted from the train. A young country- 
man, dressed In Jeans, with a flailing pole 
over hla shoulder and a bait box attached to 
a strap about bis waist, approached the 
group, and with a quick eye singled out the 

"Be you the boas o' the show that's a-goln' 
to do opry In my hall tola afternoon an' to- 
night?" he aaked, In the nasal twang of 
those far removed from metropolitan prox- 
"Indeed I be," assured the manager. 
"Well," continued the local man, reaching 
Into a pocket and drawing therefrom a large, 
old fashioned door key, "bere*a the key to 
the hall." 

"What do I wsnt the key for? You're 
going to be there, aren't you?" aaked the 
surprised manager. 

"Nope 1" exclaimed the country hall owner, 
"I'm goln* a-flsbln'." 

"But you'll be needed at the hall," expost- 
ulated the manager, "there are lota of things 
you'll have to supply, and If there's no one 
belonging to the house there, what am I to 

"Jes help yourself to everything," Mid the 
man, hospitably, "but as fer me, I'm goln' 
o-flshln'," he continued, with evident disre- 
gard for either profit or loss. "You see, I 
would a-been here this afternoon, but I for- 
got the date and fixed up to go to the pond, 
an' even now would a-steyed, but I've got 
nil my bait cut, an* can't waste It, fer you 
know," he went on, "It's been a dry season 
here and the bait lays low. So lougl till 

Joseph Yarrick, the manipulator of the 
Magic Kettle, with which he mystifies and 
at the same time amuses hla large audiences, 
la the recipient of many letters from people 
wishing to own one or more of these Inter- 
esting utensils. Their requeata show the 
various Impressions which the kettle has 
made upon them. 

Evidently the writer of the following let- 
ter was Impressed with the utility of this 
useful kitchen necessity, In aiding In the so- 
lution of the servant problem. It also ap- 
pealed to his business Instincts ss a hard- 
ware merchant. 

"Mr. Josef Yarrick, Beer Sir (began the 
letter), pleea cote me prlcea on your magic 
kittle as I saw spoke of In The Clipper. I 
wood like to put a few in stock as they 
wood go grate In this town, fer most of the 
wlmraea here bss to do there own work as 
gurls are hard to get" (Signed). 

The country merchant who wished to pur- 
those In wholesale lots can have no Idea of 
the value Yarrick places upon his Magic Ket- 
tle. So great Is It that be has offered a re* 
ward of $5,000 to any one who can reproduce 
hla feats — without bis permission. 
What people don't know about the drama — 
and this number Includes a few managers — 
would fill many a book. Ignorance even aa 
to the plays and players of Shakespeare's 
dramatic works, which Is nstonlBhlogly pre- 
valent, was amusingly Illustrated In the 
hearing of Miss Uonstelle, one night, when 
that clever actress had a "week off," and 
was doing the theatres. 

The play was "As You Like It," Rosalind 
being played by that' very gifted actress, 
Henrietta Crosman. The proprietor of a the- 
atre known to Miss Bonstellc, was witnessing 
the performance with a handsomely ap- 
pareled woman, with whom he was discuss- 
lug the play between the first and second 
acts. Itofcrrlng to the unusually beautiful 
scenery, which formerly had been constructed 
for Julia Arthur, Ihe lady remarked: 

"Wasn't It lovely of Miss Arthur to give 

nil that expensive Bccncry to Miss Crosman 1" 

"Why," ssld the manager, who had not 

been so very long In the theatrical business, 

"did Julia Arthur ever play Rosalind?" 

"Yes, Indeed," was the young woman's re- 
ply, "she waa the original Rosalind." 

"Not a bit of it 1" was the knowing re- 
ply. "Why, what's the matter with poor 
Adelaide Nellson ! She was the original Rosa- 

Miss Bonstclle recalls another InBtance of 
in familiarity with the great writers. The 
actress was awaiting her hour one day at 
the studio of a vocal teacher. The young 
woman who preceded her was the daughter 
of a wealthy contractor, who was also receiv- 
ing vocal instruction. The pupil, who had a 
really fine voice, was being Instructed In the 
method of the trill, which she accomplished 
with unexpected case. Taking a full breath 
she started In on a long trill, when she sud- 
denly stopped, and with a gush of poetic 
feeling and pride in her accomplishment, she 
exclaimed : 

"My I wasn't that a long one. It reminds 
me ot Shakespeare's great brook poem, 'I Go 
On Forever.* " 

Itomola and Williams, comedy sketch per- 
formers, filled In vacation time last Summer 
traveling through Indiana with a small tent 

show. . Arriving at Qeorge Ade's home town 
In that State, some of the company sat down 
In the park to await the wagons which car* 
rled the camping outfit. 

Miss Williams has a pet parrot, which she 
fondly prices, and which she carried with 
her on this Summer trip. Taking the cover 
from the cage, she placed "Polly" beside her. 
The usual complement of curious towns- 
people followed the troupe to their camp, and 
some of these were deeply Interested in the 

"Look, Bill I" exclaimed one of them, nudg- 
ing a friend, "them show folks hev got a 
green owl In that thsre cage." 

At another time, when some of the com- 
pany were eating their dinner under the 
cook tent, three fairly well dressed young 
men came up and stood In the entrance, 
where they watched the appetizing process 
for about fire minutes. 

"Well, I never I" exclaimed one of them. 
"These show folks eat Just like we do." 

Tom Waters, of "Neighborly Neighbors" 
fame, walked out upon the stage of the "opry 
hall" one afternoon, where they were to play 
a "one-nlght-stand," and noting that there 
were no wings within five feet of the pros- 
cenium, asked the Janitor ; 

"Where are your torment on?" 

"Oh, they'll be back d'reckly," was the re- 
ply. "They're out jes now a-pasaln* bills of 
the show fer to-night-" 

Dan Darlelgh, of the "81 Btebblns" Co., 
sends ua a letter received by him from an 
"aspirant" last August 

"Dear Sir, Dan Darlelgh" (It began), "I 
saw your ad. In Tax Clipbb, and In reply 
will ssy that there la no part or character 
that I can't take, unless It be juvenile, an' 
that I can burllsk. Good alto and auprano 
singer and fair dancer. I am rather large, 
but good taperln' shape and make up good. 
Fine mall Impersonates Have One collec- 
tion of War songs of '63 In costume. Ger- 
man, Irish and Black face. I rellxe that I 
am no spring chlckln but I have a good repu- 
tation and am senslbal. Am a member of 
Woman's Belief Corps In good standing. Aa 
to salery I leave It to you when you see 
what I can do. Would like to hear from you 
or you can call (address) you will be repade 
aa I bare been told that I am a whole show 
by myself. Yours truly" (signed). 


Our theatrical correspondents are hereby 
notified that the credentials now held by 
them ictil expire on June i next. They art 
requested to return them to this office at 
once, for renewal for J9Q6-1S07. 


Clipper Dnrtan, 

48 Cranboarne Street, 

Leicester Square, 

London, W. O. 

Afbil 28. 
Late last week Lena ABhwell began her 
season st the Savoy with a production of 
Clothllde Graves' new and original three act 
play, "The Bond of Ninon." ft waa well re- 
ceived by a houseful of people. The story, 
as hinted at some time ago, deals with a 
Ninon de l'Escole, a French beauty, and fre- 

?uenter of the Court of Louis XVI, who 
avors a secret lover In the young and hand- 
some Chevalier de Beiorme, with the king 
himself poBlng as a rival. The action virtu- 
ally revolves Itself Into an Intrigue taking 
the form of a mental duel between the king 
and his Bubject. The odds of power on the 

Cart of the royal admirer are counterbalanced 
y the affection of Ninon for the simple 
chevalier. After several daring deeds, de 
Uelorne 1b pardoned by the king, who sur- 
renders Ninon to bis srms. 

u. B. Irvlng's tour In the States, which 
will be under the guidance of Nixon A Zim- 
merman, will last for sixteen weeks, as at 
present arranged. The American tour will 
be opened on Oct. 8, at the New Amsterdam, 
New York City, where Mr. Irving will re- 
main live weeks. Boston, Philadelphia and 
ull the principal cities will be visited, the 
tour ending In Washington. Mr. Irving will 
be seen In some of the plays In which bis 
father was bo successful. "Maurlcette" and 
"Markbeim," the plays In which Mr. Irvine 
Is now appearing at the Lyric, will hold 
prominent positions In his American reper- 
tory. Before crossing the Atlantic Mr. Irv- 
ing and company will play a short tour of 
eix weeks In the provinces, opening on Aug. 
0. "Maurlcette" and "Markbeim" will be 
played on this tour. Most of the member* of 
the Lyric cast will accompany Mr. Irving 
to the States. 

Granville Barker and Lillian McCarthy 
were married one day this week. Miss Mc- 
Carthy, who Is well known aa an actress, 
created the part of Ann Wbltefleld In Ber- 
nard Shaw's play, "Man and Superman," and 
when the play was received at the Court last 
Autumn Mr. Barker played the part of John 
Tanner, the man whom Ann captivates and 
marries In spite of his determination to re- 
sist lovo and remain single. Mr. and Mrs. 
Barker left for Paris Immediately after the 
ceremony. They will meet Mr. Shaw there, 
the author being at present engaged In sit- 
ting for M. Rodin, the famous Bculptor. It 
Is Bald that both bride and groom, like the 
author of "Man and Superman," are vege- 

"Ills House la Order" 1b having a glorious 
run at the St. James. Its one hundredth 
performance was celebrated last Tuesday 

The EngllBh public are to be afforded an 
opportunity of showing their sympathy with 
tae Bufferera In the recent Ban Francisco 
catastrophe, Charles Frohman having de- 
termined to devote the entire gross receipts 
of this evening's performance at the Duke 
of York's, to the augmentation of the fund 
organised In their behalf. The entertainment 
will consist, as usual, of "All-of-a-Sudden 
Peggy," but, In addition, Miss Tempest will 
be heard In aeveral of her most popular songs. 
Hon, Whltelaw Reld. the American Ambas- 
sador, has promised to be present on the 

"The Qlrl Behind the Counter," the new 
musical play which Frank Cunon did at 
Wyndham'a last Saturday night, proved to 
be a big success In every way. The story : 
Winnie Wlllougbby, tho daughter of Sir Gen- 
eral Wlllougbby, Is engaged to Viscount 
Gushlngton, the usual brainless aristocrat of 
A long line of musical comedy. It Is purely 
An engagement of convenience. He prefers 
the astute manageress of the "Malson Duval." 
Winnie, who Is fancy free, suspects Gusb- 
Ington's fickleness, and persuades Millie, the 
manageress, to Install her as one of the girls, 
eo that ebe might keep blm under observa- 
tion and find a reasonable excuse for termin- 
ating the Irksome contract, Winnie Is Im- 

mediately Installed, end, within fire minutes, 
left In sole charge of the cash desk. Charlie 
Chetwynd, ex-mnn-about-town, has Just re- 
turned from African gold fields, sod, coming 
to the "Malson Duval," naturally falls In 
love with Winnie. The "Malson Duval" 
seems to exist more for the disposal of 
tickets for a baron's court carnival than for 
the negotiation of legitimate sales. The car- 
nival fs In the air. Everyone Is going. Shop- 
walkers, salewomen and customers. Adol- 
phus pilfers a ten pound note from the 
cashier's desk, so as to enable him to 
cat out the German doorkeeper and make a 
favorable impreitslon on Susie, the cashier. 
The note Is missed. Winnie, "the girl be- 
hind the counter,'' Is suspected. Chetwynd 
champions her, but, In spite of this, she Is 
turned adrift. In the second act the real 
culprit Is discovered, and In the end he Is 
pardoned, and the customary happy pairing 
off of everyone concerned happens. A very 
fine cast presents the musical piece. 

The two hundred and fifty authors who 
have sent in plays for the Playgoers' 
Club prize competition have received a heavy 
blow by reason of the selection committee's 
decision not to produce any of the works 
submitted. All the plays, says the secretary, 
In an explanatory letter, were carefully read 
nnd considered until all but two were elim- 
inated, and these were submitted to Philip 
Carr, who had promised to produce the work 
of the prize winner. Mr. Carr, however, was 
reluctantly compelled to agree with the com- 
mute that these were not of a nature to 
meet the requirements of a West End theatre. 

I understand that W. B. Msughan's new 
comedy. "Lady Inderlck," the American 
rights of which were secured some time ago 
by Llebler & Co. for Elds Jeffreys, Is to be 


The above is a picture of Miss Hughes, the 
talented English actress whom James K. 
Hackett brought to this country to Interpret 
one of the leading roles In the English farce, 
"Mr. HopklnBon, now running at the Fields 
Theatre. Miss Hughes was the original 
Country Mouse on the other aide, which 
Ethel Barrymore played here. She also shone 
resplendent as the star of "Sweet Nancy," 
which ran for five hundred nlghtB at the 
Criterion and Lyric Theatres in London. 
When she first appeared on the English stage, 
in "A Bit of Old Chelsea " the critics hailed 
her aa the most versatile and talented 
actress that London had Been In a long time. 
She played the character role In this piece 
over a thousand times, and leaped Into the 
very front rank of favorite players In Eng- 
land through It Few more prepossessing 
actresses than Miss Hughes have come to us 
from across the pond, and It looks as If a 
permanent Broadway engagement for this 
charming player will keep her here for an 
Indefinite period. Off the stage Miss Hughes 
is refreshingly frank and unaffected, and Is 
a writer of short stories of no mean ability. 

done early next Fall In New York. Mr. 
Maugban's latest novel, "The Bishop's 
Apron," has attracted general attention, and 
It 1b more than likely that a stage version 
of the story will be seen at a West End the- 
atre In the near future. 

Madge Glrdlestone, after a successful sea- 
son of nine months, playing second to 
Maxlme Elliott, In "Her Great. Match," has 
returned to London from the States for a 
short vacation. Charles Frohman has en- 
gaged Miss Glrdlestone to play Beryl Faber's 
Sart In "Hla House in Order," on Its pro- 
uctlon In America. v.... - 

This Is Ellen Terry's great week. Last 
night Beerbohm Tree revived "The Merry 
Wives of Windsor" at His Majesty's, and 
Miss Terry appeared In her old part of Mrs. 
Page. The actual anniversary of Miss Terry's 
first appearance In the stage la* to-day, and 
she will make two appearances — In the after- 
noon at the Adelphla, In order to fulfill her 
great wish to play In a Shakespearean play, 
she will, by consent of Otno Stuart, appear 
la the small part of a nun, In "Measure for 
Measure," and In the evening at the Court 
she will appear aa Lady Cicely Waynflete, in 
"Captain flrnsabound'a Conversion." LeBt 
night, at H1b Majesty's, Mr. Tree, on behalf 
of the Playgoers' Club, presented Miss Terry 
with a casket of solid silver, measuring 
eleven and one-half Inches In length, five ana 
one-half inches high, and seven and one-half 
Inches In width. On the lid are scenes rep- 
resenting the Olympian games, and on the 
sides are scenes showing the places of enter- 
tainment In Athens. On the front Is en- 
graved the following Inscription : "A token 
of r ffertlon and esteem from the members of 
the PlnyerB' Club, to Ellen Terry, on the cele- 
bration of her Jubilee, April 28, 1006." 

The most Interesting feature of the pro- 
posed performance at Drury Lane Theatre 
celebration of the jubilee of Ellen Terry, 
may be a play presented entirely by mem- 
bers of the Terry family. The following 
members of the family are Identified with the 
theatrical profession : Ellen Terry, Marlon 
Terry, Kate Terry (sisters), Fred Terry (a 
brother), Charles Terry and his daughters, 
Beatrice and Minnie: Olive Terry, daughter 
of the late Florence Terry : Gordon Craig and 
Edith Craig, son and daughter of Ellen 
Terry, and George Terry, who was for four- 
teen years treasurer to Henry Irving. 

Vcdreune A Barker, managers of the Court, 
have secured a new play, entitled "The 
Silver Box," by John Galsworthy, which will 
have Its first production next Fall at one of 
the series of Vedrenne-Barker matinees. 

Alfred Butro's new play, "The Fascinating 
Mr. Vanderveldt," had Its first production 
lu this country r.t the Qarrlck last Thurs- 
day, Arthur Bourchler and Charles Frohman 
being the producers. Its success was com- 
plete, and as the story of the play Is known 
in America. I will not repeat (t. Mr. Rour- 
cbler Is the Mr. Vanderveldt, and Violet 
Vaubrough the Lady Clarice or the London 

In the cast of "Mr. Raffles," which will 
shortly kc put on at the Comedy, sre: Ger- 

ald du Maurler, Dion Bouclcautt Graham 
Browne, Lawrence Irving, Frederick Volpe, 
Hilda Thorpe, Lattice Fairfax. Sarah Brooke 
and Jessie Bateman. There la much regret 
that Kyrle Bellew Is not to be seen In the 
leading role of Baffles, the amateur cracks- 

Mr. Tree's brother. Jullns Beerbohm, died 
last Saturday morning, from doable pneu- 
monia. The deceased bad been a great trav- 
eler, and some years ago published a volume, 
entitled "Wanderings on Patagonia." 

Charles Wyndhom, who was present at the 
first night of the new play, "La Grlffe," at 
the Renaissance Theatre, Paris, has secured 
the English rights In the piece, and he pro- 
poses to play, In the English version, the role 
of Acbllle Cortelon, created In Paris by M. 
Luclen Gultry. . __ 

The Hicks Theatre, now being built on 
Shaftesbury Avenue, Is now on the boards to 
open next December. The show to be done 
at the time may possiblv be a new edition 
of "The Beauty of Bath," which Is at present 
meeting with favor at the Aldwych. The 
Hicks house will be under the management 
of Seymour Hicks and Charles Frohman, as 
will also be another theatre next door, which 
la in process of construction. A new version 
of "Alice In Wonderland" may be the opener 

Robert Brottgh, son of the late Robert 
Barnabas Brough, brother of Fanny Brough, 
and nephew of "Lai" Brough, died a short 
time ago In Australia. The deceased made 
his mark on the London stage before leaving 
for Australia, and was a very Important 
figure In the burlesque at the Gaiety, and 
comic opera and farce comedy at the Opera 
Comlque. For a long time before his death 
he had been manager of the BUou Theatre, 
Melbourne. _. 

I understand that "The Little Cherub 
will be withdrawn from the stage of the 
Prince of Wales' In a few weeks, for a seven 
days' rest, during which several changes will 
be made In the musical play. 

Charles Wilson, who has for some years 
been responsible tor the successful b-llets at 
the Alhambra, Is soon leaving that house to 
accept an engagement with Oscar Hammer- 
Btelo. His resignation 1b to take effect after 
the production of a new ballet at the Al- 
hambra, due next month. It Is very likely 
that Mr. WUson will be Identified with Mr. 
Hammersteln's grand opera productions In 
New York. 

The Lyceum did not close last Saturday 
night, as wbb predicted by all, arrangements 
having been made whereby that house will be 
carried oa In conjunction with the Macnaghten 
circuit. The house was opened as usual on 
Monday, but with the Macnaghten billing 
matter very much In evidence. 

The following, which appeared Thursday 
in a local dally, gives one a very good Idea 
of bow the Coliseum stands at the present 
moment : "The keen competition of the Lon- 
don music halls, amounting In many In- 
stances to a fight for very existence, re- 
ceives s fresh object lesson to-day. After the 
troubles of the Lyceum come those of the Coli- 
seum. Only the raising of more capital can 
avert the Impending crisis in the affairs of 
the London Coliseum. Tbls Is the purport 
of the report of the company for the year 
ending Dec. 31, last. Toe directors state 
that they have done everything In their 
power to maintain the credit of the company 
and to raise the capital, having become per- 
sonally responsible for large sums. It Is 
obvious, however," continues the report, "that 
unless a large amount can be raised, and 
that on an early date, It will not be possible 
any longer to prevent creditors resorting to 
extreme measures, and as the directors have 
satisfied themselves that the necessary cap- 
ital can only be raised on prohibitive terms, 
If at all, from outside sources. It Is for the 
shareholders to say whether, for the sake of 
saving the property and the business, they 
will themselves provide the amount" The 
directors are confident that If the share- 
holders will find sufficient capital the com- 
panv wll yet be successful end remunerative. 
The amount required Is about eleven dollars 
per share. It Is shown In the report that 
the year's trading profit was about (57,726, 
and that there Is a balance at the 
credit of profit and loss, after providing 
for the debenture Interest, preference divi- 
dend, and other outgoings, of £4,080. The 
directors recommend that the balance should 
be carried forward. Further, It la pointed 
out that the directors have all along 
had great difficulties to contend with, owing 
to the coat of the building and Its equipment 
having been so greatly In excess of the orig- 
inal estimates and of the capital available. 
Unfortunately, the preference sbarea, which 
It was resolved to create and Issue in order 
to provide the necessary additional capital, 
were only applied for to the extent of about 
595,000. so that the relief obtained was 
merely temporary, as was shown la the bal- 
ance sheets. $421,345 was due to the com- 
pany's bankers and creditors. The "revue" 
produced at Easter was a great success, we 
are told, and the management feels confident 
that there Is a long and profitable run before 
It Creditors, however, were pressing, and 
however successful the production may be, 
It Is not to be expected that a crisis caa be 
avoided unless Bufflelent capital is raised to 

rut the company's finances on a sound foot- 
ng." The issued capital of the London 
Coliseum Ltd. amounts to $1,640,825. The 
$25 ordinary shares are now quoted as low 
ob tt, while the $2fi preference are down 
to 2U, and a very nominal quotation at that. 

Albert Gilmer on Saturday last recorded 
the seventh anniversary of his successful 
association with the management of the Ox- 

The Three Casinos are recent arrivals from 
America. They left to-day for the continent. 
Joe Deltorelll, the manager, called at the 

A very heavily billed act In the person 
of La Mllo has been drawing crowds to the 
Tavillon this week. The young lady gives 
beautiful Impersonations of famous statues. 
The act la set in a picturesque garden, with 
a pediment la the centre, and on this pedi- 
ment La Mllo, who Is very shapely, appears 
In turn In representations of the statues of 
Hebe, Psyche, Dorothea, Venus de Mllo, 
Diana ana the Brown Venus. 

Collins and Hawley, "the dancing demons," 
appear at the Empire Palace, Croydon, next 
dancing act, or scena, entitled "30,000 Miles 
from Broadway,'* the work of Jordan and 
Harvey. Gilbert GIrard, Mildred de Grey, 
and Ferguson and Mack are also on the 
opening bill of the new Gibbons bouse. 

Maud Courtney, who went to America 
some weeks ago on business. Is on her way 
back to this country, she having Balled from 
New York last Wednesday. She Is booked 
to open on the Moss A Stoll tour at Edin- 
burgh, on May 7. 

It Is nnnounced In a Budapest paper that 
Princess Maria Petrow will be married be- 
fore the civil authorities on June 80, to a 
drcus rider named Fontana, whom the prin- 
cess met In Paris. 

Stlne and Evans are at the Palace, Grime- 
by, the week commencing on Monday next 
After this engagement they open on the Moss 
and Stoll tour tor an Indefinite period, Glas- 
gow being the Btartlng point. Their friends 
In America and in this country will be 
pleased to know that tho clever couple have 
caught on in great shape with their dialogue, 
entitled "Wanted — a Divorce." 

I am In receipt of Easter greetings from 
Theresa L. Bluford, of Carter and Bluford. 

At the conclusion of their Parisian engage- 
ment Alburtus and Millar go to the Circus 
Carre, Amsterdam, for a fortnight In May. 
During their stay In Paris they have bad 
pleasant times sightseeing, and well they 
might, with the Musical Johnstons, Martlne 
Brothers, and Heeley and Meeley in Paris at 
the same time. All the acts mentioned have 
done splendidly In the gay city. 

Franco Piper, who closes to-day a month's 

NO. 60. 

On onr cartoon page this week are shown 
our artists' Impressions of "The Amer^n 
Lord." now playing at the Hudson TheauV 
In the vaudeville line appear snapshot * of 
the following performers appearing at Ton? 
Pastor's Theatre last week: Madelya m.- 7 
shall. Jack and Clara Roof, Golden '-Art 
Hughes, Harry Edson, Qua William*, XounaS 
ana Brooks. Dixon and Anger, Ben Colt™ 
Mr. end Mrs. Allison,' snd^'Mlke" Bernard! 

stay at the Apollo, Dusaeldorf, had to nav 

damage a few days ago to the extent of 
seven hundred marks, in the courts, for let 
ting a banjo fall through his window on to 
the shoulders of a lady passing, and break 
lng her collar bone. He waa practlcln- ah 
trick of playing four banjos when they VaS 
Inti contact In the air, three being Brushed 
to pieces, while the third fell through "the 

Tt the Coliseum of May 7 Charles Warner 
will revive the thrilling playlet "At the Tele- 
phone." The English version of the piece 
was originally played at Wyndhain'a "on 
March 1, 1902, during Mr. Tree's season 
under the title of "Heard at the Telephone ,; 
The present revival la by permission of Mr 
Tree, who owes the English rights. 

Chung Ling Soo has his own company out 
and I am told the business done has been of 
phenomenal proportions. The Empire The- 
atre, Oldham, Is tbls week's stand. 

Harry ML Wellmon, the composer, arrived 
la London s few days ago, accompanied by 
8. K. Dtley. He baa opened a studio In this 
city at 2 Arthur Street, which Is close by the 
Strand. Mr. Utley will manage the studio 
for Mr. Wellmon. 

Imro Fox, who is at the WlnterganJoB 
Berlin, until July, writes me that his father 
died recently. 

Among those whose folks have suffered be- 
cause of the San Francisco earthquake, are 
Barton and Ashley, and Leo Derenda. Mrs. 
Barton's folks all live in the fated city, and 
up to a few days days ago they had received 
no reply to several cablegrams sent Mr. De- 
renda received a cablegram from his mother 
and sister, assuring him of their safety, but 
that his property had been wiped out Mr 
Derenda Informs me that he Is heavily In- 
sured. Harry Tate, of "Motoring' fame, has 
received news from his brother, Robert, that 
he and four other English performers, play- 
lng at the Orpueum, are safe. 

Boss and Lewis were obliged to cancel 
Middlesbrough this week, because of Mrs 
Ross being down with a severe attack of 
laryngitis. As they have worked steady for 
twenty weeks without a rest, both are rather 
worn out, and the week's rest will do them 
the world of good. 

The directors of the Covent Garden Grand 
Opera hive decided to make the ballet one 
of the features of the forthcoming season, 
and have entered Into an arrangement to 
bring over to London Mile, BonJ, premier 
danseuse of the Brussels Opera, and the 
whole corps of ballet now appearing with her. 

Everhart Is booking op a great string of 
dates for his American tour, which com- 
mences next October, he having Just received 
ten weeks more from Mr. Feiber, Mr. Keith's 
European representative, which brings his 
time on the other side up to May, 1007. 

The Lavalls have lost property in Saa 
Francisco and are setting back time In tbls 
country to leave for the States Immediately. 
They sell May 9. 

Alfred Butt, the manager of the Palace, 
Is due back next Thursday, as I have beeo 
Informed that be left New York on Wednes- 
day of current week. 

BUlle Reeves, the creator of the role of the 
drunken swell, In "The Mumming Bird," has 

iust been engaged for a period of three yeara 
y Herbert Darnley. 

James E. Hardy, "the American Blondln," 
left last Wednesday for Canada. He haa ar- 
ranged to open at the Kent House, Montmo- 
rency Falls, Quebec, after which engagement 
he will make a tour of the world. 

Happy Fanny Fields Is at the Tivoli, and 
Is making one of the biggest bits of her very 
Buccessful career In this country. Because of 
her success In the pantomime at the Bristol, 
this season, Bhe has been engaged tor the 
next pantomime season at Liverpool. Miss 
Fields goes to America In three weeks, for a 

Morris Cronln and his clever juggllDg as- 
sistants, are back to the Empire for a long 
stay. They do a club juggling act that is 
finished and artistic. 

Stack and Milton Trio are just beck from 
Amsterdam, where their superb casting act 
went extraordinary well with the patrons of 
the Clrcns Carre. 

Duncan S. Miller, the founder of the Royal 
Handbell Ringers, pased away recently. The 
ringers became famous the world over, per- 
formed before nearly all the sovereigns of 
Europe, and in the thirty-four years of their 
activity gave 9,049 concerts. 

A letter from Paullnettl and PIquo, under 
date of Florence, April 21, Informs me that 
they have been a success all along the line. 
They lert Naples Just In time to escape the 

Buckner, the daring blcvcllst, Is one of the 
big acts on the bill at the Apollo, Vienna, 
and he Is meeting with all kinds of success, 
bo I am told. 

In a recent Issue The London Express n 
reviewing a convention of magiclons held in 
this city, says of Leipzig : "Far and away the 
clevereat card manipulator in either hemi- 
sphere." At present Leipzig 1b at a health 
resort close by London getting rid of a se- 
vere attack of rheumatism. 

Booker and Davis are reported to be doing 
well at the Circus Carre, Amsterdam, but I 
also understand that both are Buffering from 
malaria. Under such coudltlons a success is 
all the more commendable. 

Edna, the Whistling Girl, Is finishing next 
week her four weeks' stay at the Albambra, 
London. She leaves shortly for the States, 
to play a long string of dates booked. At the 
conclusion of the lime booked In America 
Mlsa Edna returns to England to play return 
engagements at the places visited this season. 

William Morris 1st the West. 
For several days thlB enterprising mana- 
ger was making thinga hum in Chicago, In to* 
vaudeville world, with the result that he dm 
formed s new circuit, which Includes : Mil- 
waukee, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Des Moines, 
Grand Rapids, Buffalo, Detroit Toledo. Terre 
Haute, Saglnnw, Bay City, St. Louis, Dayton, 
Qulncy and Dubuque. Nearly all the houses 
are new. Mr. Morris sstd : "I demonstrated 
to the owners that two performances daily. 
a greater number of acts and increased sra e 
of prices would prove more profitable, ihis 
does not mean, evea by Inference, that taeri 
Is any flght on between myself or the M* 
York houses which 1 represent end those 
who are conducting the established vaude- 
ville circuits In the central West" 

Ellen Terry's Jnbilee. 
The fiftieth anniversary of Ellen Terrr'i 
stage career was started April 27, In Lo nd0 P; 
Enc., by her appearance as Mistress Page, in 
"The Merry Wives of WlndBor," at Bis Ma- 
jesty's Theatre, with Beerbohm Tree as sw 
staff. The house was crowded with W \W 
thuBlastic audience, which almost swept Miss 
Terry off her feet with Its demonstrations « 
happiness and love for the woman ana t->c 
actress. She appeared as Franceses, * 
"Measure for Measure," the following day. »- 
the Adelphl, at a matinee, and In the even- 
ing appeared at the Court Theatre. In cap- 
tain Brassbound's Confession." Thousand 
of telegrams and letters" from all over tne 
world poured In opoa ber, and from first -» 
last the occasion was a great success. 

**F6STUR6S opmsWSeEY MOW cmc/mm*® bt Pm<fflRD§>.- 

from "■ Xljfc (tmtftcaio )oi 

Mmlbstendind bU Aversion lo nobi/ity 
John Breaatej* Aasto submit to Mv/ndtbe title of 
"tore/ \Breuster" bestowed upon him. 

Wm.H.Crane bsJohnBreustertrvindh convince 
> _ Mrs. Westbrooke CMiss Hilda Spon&thzt he 
" Ass been chosen 2>y destiny to amerianiie 
good old (Tngtind? * 

PJea.sint p/silors /rom North Dakota 
ire inTrodudna) Wild West methods. 

Scott, the colored ' fiey.tftfypmn 

Robert dreushsr.whod'ires serv&nr.feelsisif loHhismdtM^ry 

•Mmf tftmoKWtfmU "tvtnch'/r? »iud<»f//e. 

shewing' }be power 
•tWcUd fr«n»T«n>r'P*ft^j»5l ^U 6tM-W«jnmn>e. o/o % oidahdintodudnjiclev*i*8ciTxtiniVi»nm&e-uF>. 



May 12. 


Our theatrical eorreepondcntt are hereby 
notified that the credential* now held by 
then trill empire on June 1 newt. They are 
requested to return them to tht$ office at 
once, for renetoat for 1W0-1907. 


Washington,— At the New National ( W. 
II. Rapley, manager), thii week, "The Em- 
barrassment of Riches." Last week, Charles 
Hlehman, In "Gallops," bad good business. 
Lillian Russell May 14-10. 

Columbian (Luckett k Standing, msns- 
gen).— This week, "The Duke of Klin- 
crankle." Last week, there was produced, 
for the first time on any stage, April 80, an 
adaptation by J. Hartley Manner*, of Wilkle 
001008* novel, "Han and Wife,'' renamed 
"The Indiscretion of Truth." The play fol- 
lows the story In nearly every particular. 
but with the names of the characters changed 
and the events somewhat transposed. The 
cast Included : Guy Standing, John Mason. 
Clara Morris, Dorothy Hammond, Jeffreys 
Lewis and others of high standing In the pro- 
fession, and the play Inspired lively Interest 
through the Drat three acta, although the 
fourth nod last act moved rather sluggish, 
and could be entirely eliminated without det- 
riment "Lord and Lady Algy" 14-10. 

Belasco (L. Stoddard Taylor, manager). 
— This week, "The Jilt," by Odette Tyler 
block. Last week opened with the University 
of Pennsylvania Mask and Wig Club. In 
"Shylock ft Co., Bankers," for one night. 
The bouse was simply packed. Odette Tyler 
nnd her excellent Block company presented 
"Lady Huntsworth's Experiment" four nights 
and a matinee, to excellent business. The 
Princeton Triangle Club presented a lively 
comedy 6, to a crowded bouse. The Odette 
Tyler Co., In "The Red Carnation," 14-10. 

Academy of Music (J. W. Lyons, mana- 
ger). — This week, "Fighting Fate.' 1 Last 
week "Lured from Home" had large houses. 
Russell Rrothers 14-10. 

Majestic (Ira J, La Motte, manager).— 
This week, "The Airship." Last week "Arl- 
zona'' played a return date, to excellent bust- 

Chass'b (Miss H. Winifred De Witt, man- 
ager). — Bill week of 7: The Broomstick 
Witches, Charles Leonard Fletcher, Raymond 
and Caverly, the Original Eight Bedouin 
Arabs, the Italian Trio, Kstelle Wordette and 
company, Harry Smlrl and Rose Ressner, 
and the vitagraph. Last week's bill, headed 
by R. F. Outcault, attracted capacity audi- 
ences. m , 

Lyceum (Eugene Kernan, manager). — This 
week the Bohemians. Last week the Ameri- 
can Burlesquers made good, to large audi- 
ences. Yankee Doodle Girls 14-10. 

Convention Hall. — Williams and Walker, 
In "AbysslDts," filled this Immense structure 
at each of the three performances, 30-May 2. 

Notes. — The Barnum ft Bailey Show comes 
14 Luna Park, Washington's new Sum- 
mer amusement park, opens 28. 

i ■ I 


Triumphant March from Coast to Coast of 




On the stage at 8:80 (house coming in) A HIT ! On the stage at 8:16 (house seated) AN OVATION! 

On the stage at 10:20 (every act finished, but one) A EIOT I!l 

Until the little lady appeared before the curtain and requested the hypnotized audience not to insist on her prooeeding further. For other particulai a 
and time, address 


MORRIS or MVM. M. BANKS («7 Woet 28th St.). NEW YORK. 

H. and K. OADLE, IOB Strand, UONDON, SENC 






BA8T0N MELIES, 204 East 38th Street Hew York. ( J KLEIRE OPTICAL CO., 52 State Street, Chicago. * 

Denver.— At the Broadway (E- F. Mc- 
Court, manager) Nellie Stewart, In "Sweet 
Nell of Old Drury," completed two weeks of 
good business May 5. Blanche Walsh 7-12, 
"The Lion and the Mouse" follows. 

Tibob Grand <E. F. McCourt, manager). 
— Dockstader's Minstrels played to big buai- 
neis last week, "Buster Brown" 6-12. Kclb 
and Dill follow. ^ fc 

Obfbbum (Martin Beck, manager). — A 
varied bill pleased large houses last week. 
Bill for week of 7 : Caprice, urn and Fay, 
and the Mysterious Howard Brothers. The 
bouse will close for the Summer May 20. 

EHP1BB (J. B. Clifford, manager). — 'Die 
Empire Burlesquers did fair business last 
week. Week of 0, Cherry Blossoms. 

Cubtis (A. R. Pelton, manager). — "The 
Moonshiner's Daughter" drew well last week. 
"The Road to Itufn" 0-12. 

Noveltt ( Henry Lubelakl, manager) .— 
Crowded houses were pleased with the bill 
last week, which Included: Wells Brothers 
and Dolly Wells, Foster and Henderson, the 
Three Dees, Markley, Charles Mag Inn, Lavelle 
and DutterwortU, and pictures. 

Crxstal (G, 1, Adams, manager). — The 
bill last week Included : Parmer and Mother 
Jones, Brandon and Harvey, the GottlobB, 
K. C. Bellvllle, and pictures. Good business 

Notes.— Kubellk, the violinist, bad a large 

attendance at concert April 80 The 

Apollo Club, a local musical organisation, 
rendered "Parsifal" at a local church, 3. 
The Orpbeum gave a benefit mat- 
inee 1, for the San Francisco sufferers, 
and Nellie Btewart did likewise 3. A good 
sum was realised Otto Floto has ad- 
vices from the Sells-Floto Shows that big 
business Is being done through the South. 

"Bobble" Fountain, one of the most 

successful managers of repertory companies 
In the country, spent several days fn the 
tlty recently, making arrangements to put 
out a tent show this Summer. They will 
travel In a train of three cars, carrying a 
top that seats five hundred people, and will 
play engagements of three night stands at 
each, stopping point. It will Include the 
San Juan, the Snn Luis valley and the West- 
ern slope, presenting "East Lynne" and other 
standard plays. 

• - • 

raeblo.— At the Grand Opera House (H. 
F. Sharpies, general manager) Dockstader's 
Minstrels had a good house April 27. Willie 
Collier did well 28. Mies New York Jr. ailed 
the house 29. "Buster Brown" May 5, 
"Ghosts" 8, Nat C. Goodwin 10, "Babes In 
Toyland" 10. 

Earl. — The following bill week of April 
30: The Tolly-Ho Duo, Fred La Zone, the 
Tennis Trio, the White Blndar, Mr. Walsh, 
In Illustrated song, end motion pictures. 

Notes.— Contrary to previous announce* 
meats to the effect that the opening of the 
Mtnnequa Theatre, at Lake Mtnneaua Sum- 
mer Park, would not take place until May 14, 
the theatre will open on May (Sunday 
afternoon), end the Initial performance will 
be "The Counterfeiters," a thrilling melo- 
drama, In four acts. An Innovation this year 
at this theatre that will undoubtedly add to 
the attractiveness Is the high class vaude- 
ville that will be given between the acta. 
Messrs. J. Glass ana McQuillan continue to 
be the managers of the Mlnnequa Theatre. 
• ■» 

suvlus Trio, Mllllo Bros., Pete Dunsworth, 
and moving pictures. 

Obpiieum (E. J. Donellan. manager). — 
New ncople week of 3U ! The Gregsons, Mary 
Madders, Burke Bros., T. Nelson Downs, Her- 
bert Mitchell, Tracey McDermott, and moving 

Pantagrs' (Alex. Pantages, manager). — 
New people week of 30 : Imperial Comedy 
Four, Lois Cecil Hobson, Tracey and Carter, 
Lillian Melbourne, Bunts Bros., Murray and 
Daulton, Leo White and moving pictures. 

Central (Michael Shannon, manager).— 
Toriey, Sam Riley, Carberry end Stanton, 
Sadie Hlte and moving pictures. 

Pbincesb (at Ballahd) (Michael Sharkey, 
manager). — New people week of SO : Anna 
Jordan, Berkley and Dunstan, Crouch and 
Richards, Leo Jefferson and moving pictures. 

Strand (Mose Goldsmith, manager). — New 
people week of 80 : Jeanette Welds, Mildred 
and Violet Williams, May Clarkson, and Dolly 

Gaiiti (Fred Ritchie, mansger). — New 
people week of SO : Irene Flndley, the Murel- 
los, and Lillian Floree, 

Thalia (Mose Goldsmith, manager).— New 

Eeople week of 80 : Urllne Harwell, Florence 
rldley, and Rose Greenwood. 

■■ ■■• m 

Tneoma. — At the Tacoma Theatre (C. 
H. Herald, manager) Morris Stock Co., April 
20-May 1. In "The Princess of Patches." 
Corrlnne Walton, leading woman, scored a 
hit, "A Fool's Paradise, by the same com- 
pany, 2-5, 

Grand (Dean B. Worley, manager). — 
Week beginning April 80: Lutz Brothers, 
O'Rourke-Burnette Trio, Mead and Mamie 
Wernts, Jack Connelly company, Grace Darn- 
ley, Illustrated songs, Frank; Rowan and mo- 
tion pictures. Summer prices (10, 20, 80) 
went Into effect on April 80. 

Stab (H. M. Owens, manager). — Week be- 
ginning April 30. Allen Stock Co. presented 
"The Western Girl," with Verna Felton in 
the leading role, Charles King, whose en- 

fagement was closed in San Francisco, owing 
a the earthquake, will play the leading roles 
In future, to take the place of Frederic 
Clark. Ethel Roberts and Forrest Beabury 
arc also prominent. 

Crystal ( W. J, Tlmmons, manager) .— 
Week beginning April 80 : McCloud and Mel- 
ville, Bobby Boyle, Lillian Melbourne, Car- 
roll Brothers, La Toaka. illustrated songs by 
Tom La Rose, and motion pictures. 
« i » 



Toronto, — At the Princess (0. B. Shep- 
herd, manager) week of April 30, Ruth 
White, in "The Tenderfoot," pleased. Kyrle 
Bellew, In "Raffles." May 7-0; Sotbern and 
Marlowe 10-12. 

Geakd Opera Housb (A. J. Smalt, mana- 
ger). — "Buster Brown" drew well last week. 
Koselle Knott 7-12. 

Muestic (A. J, Small, manager). — ''Hu- 
man Hearts" did good business last week. 
"At Cripple Creek' 7 7-12. 

Shea'b (J. Shea, manager). — Good busi- 
ness last week. Bill week of 7 : Emma Ca- 
ms, McMahoa's Watermelon Girls, McMahon 
and Cbappellc, Four Lukens, Snyder and 
Buckley, Radford and Winchester, and the 

Stab (F. W. Stair, mansger). — Jolly Grass 
Widows did good business last week. Wash- 
ington Society Girls 7-12. 

■ ■■ — ■ 

St. John. — At the Opera House (A. 0. 
Skinner, manager) "Won At Last" was pre- 
sented by the Amateur Dramatic Club April 
26, to a large and appreciative audience. The 
club Is composed of local Hebrews. The gross 
receipts, $409.75, were turned over to the 
San Francisco Sufferers' Fund. The City 
Cornet Band and Harrison's Orchestra also 
assisted. House dark 23-25. J. R. Pauline, 
hypnotist and mind reader, May 7-12 : Klrke 
Browne Stock Co. 14-19. 

Yons (R. J. Armstrong, manager). — The 
concert organised by The Telegraph and 
Timet, of this city, was largely attended 
April 20. The gross receipts were $320.60, 
end this amount, less $50.00, which was paid 
to the Turner-Weaver-Blalr concert trio, was 
turned over to the San Francisco Fund. A 
number of local amateurs also contributed 
their services at the above concert, as did 
Harrison's and Jones' orchestras. 

Notes. — Judge Wlllrlch, U. S. Consul here, 
Is organizing a concert In aid of the San 
Francisco sufferers. Manager Skinner has 
offered the free use of the Opera House, to- 
gether with advertising, lighting, etc., and 
the stage hands and other employes have 
offered their services. Local amateurs have 
also offered their services to Judge Wlllrlch. 

manager).— "A Wife's Secret" had good busi- 
ness 80-May 2. "A Convict's Daughter" 3-5. 

Bbitanniaon the-Bay (J. E. Hutchison, 
manager) will open the season May 21. It 
has a seating capacity of 2,200. 

St. Catharines. — At the Grand Opera 
House (C. H. Wilson, manager) Roselle 
Knott, in "When Knighthood Was In Flower," 
May 5. " 'Way Down East" 7, "The Tender- 
foot" 10, "The Holy City" 12. 
a x m 


Portland. — At the Jefferson (Cabn & 
Grant, managers) a capacity house greeted 
Andrew Mack, In "The Wsy to Kenmare," 
April 30. The performance was attended by 
the Knights of Columbus, of this city. In a 
body, and the audience was generous In ap- 
plause. Annie Russell, In "Friend Hannah," 
delighted two well filled houses May 1, 2. 
Stetson's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 4, 6, wltb 
dally matinees. The drama, "Daniel O'Coa- 
nell ' (local) will be presented 7, "The Real 
Widow Brown" 10, ''Peek's Bad Boy" 11, 
Kellar 12, Creatore's Band 15, 16. The Bart- 
ley McCullum Summer Stock Co. opens 28. 

Portland (J. E. Moore, manager). — Ca- 
pacity business continues here. Bill for 
week of 7: Tenjl Japanese Troupe, W. H. 
Xredenlck and company, the Fraser Trio, 
Van Alstyne and Henry, Lulgl Del'Oro, Lil- 
lian Shaw, and Klein and Klein. 

Citi Hall. — The Portland Festival Chorus, 

Win. R. Chapman, conductor, assisted by 

Carl Nlelson Raben and Big. Salvatore Nun- 

Elato, gave their annual Spring concert 7. 

« i > 



Norfolk. — At the Academy of Music (Otto 
Wells, local manager) the regular theatrical 
season Is over, Otis Skinner playing the 
closing date May 2, to a big bouse. 

Gbanbi (Otto Weils, local manager). — Al- 
though the season Is drawing to a close, busi- 
ness holds up remarkably well. "The Belle 
of Avenue A week of 7. 

Bijou (Abb Smith, manager). — New people 
for week of 7 : Murrav and May, Maggie La- 
mont, J. H. Sun and Bessie Johnson. Regular 
stock retained. Business Is good. Mr. Smith, 
having closed his Richmond nouse, the Lyric, 
for the Summer season, has returned to bis 
home In Norfolk. While he reports no record 
breaking business, he says the season on the 
whole has been a very successful one, and 
entirely satisfactory. The Lyric, In Rich- 
mond, will remain dark during tie Summer 
months, opening early In September. 

Ache (wlckerson * Manzie, managers). — 
People for week of 7 : Grant and Brewer, 
the Diamond Girls, West and Moreland, Shel- 
don and Wilson, and the Frankfords. Busi- 
ness is good 

Atjdi-xobium (J. M. Barton, manager).— 
The regular stock burlesque company for the 
Summer season Is made up of the following: 
Johnson and Rents, James Neary. Sisters 
Adrle, Sullivan and Patterson, and Bronco 

Manhattan (Crlnnian Bros., managers).— 
People week of 7 : Bill Campbell, Leo Flor- 
ence, the Madderns, Minnie Patterson, Som- 
mervlIle-Kehoe and Hartler, Beatrice Clay, 
May Penman, and Fanny Barry. Business 
Is good. 



Seattle.— At the Grand Opera House (John 
Cort, manager) Creston Clarke, In "Monsieur 
Beaucalre," April 22-24, played to splendid 
business. Afternoon, 22, Kubellk, assisted by 
Wagner 1 * Band, benefit for California suf- 
ferers, netted a large Bum. Brltt-Nelson 
fight pictures 20. Frederick Warde, In four 
dramatic recitals, proceeds for benefit of 
California BuiTercrs, SO, May 1. Week of 6, 

Seattle (John Cort, mansger). — Guy Bates 
Post, In "The Heir to the lloorah," return 
engagement, bad big business April 22. The 
Lee Morris Co., 23-28, In "The Princess of 
Patches" and "Roanoke," bad fair audiences. 
California Girls 20 and week, Curtis Comedy 
Co. May 0-12. 

Tiiibo Avenue (Russell & Drew, mana- 
gers). — "Ruined Lives" met with favor April 
22 and week. "A Texas Ranger" 29 and 
week, Aylcswjrth Co., In "To Die at Dawn," 
May and week; "Tho Hidden Crime of Ban 
Francisco" 18-10. 

Stab (M. G. Wlnstock. manager). — New 
people week ot„ jJjxrlL. 80 ; Clemens BroB., 
Crlmmlns and Gore, Tom Ripley, the' Ye- ' 

Portland — At the Helllg (Calvin Helltg, 
manager) Blanche Walsh did fine business 
April 20-28, in "The Woman In the Case." 
The professional benefit for the San Fran- 
cisco sufferers, evening of 26, drew a packed 
house, and netted, with the sale of tickets, 
$1,000. Pollard's Llllputlan Opera Co., 
which was in Sacramento at the time of the 
earthquake, and was unable to fill Its dates 
at Oakland or San Francisco, opened to a 
good house 20, In "The Runaway Girt." The 
engagement was for the week. The company 
has been fortunate In filling In all Its time, 
excepting week of 22, anu In losing nothing 
but Its paper, which, however, was valued at 
$1,000. "The Christian," under the manage- 
ment of Geo. L, Baker, May 0-8. The stock 
season will open IS. 

Empire (Milton W. Season, manager). — 
The Mack Swain Co. had a good opening 
April 20. In "The Stiver Dagger." The en- 
gagement Is for four weeks, and "The In- 
side Track" will be presented May 6-12. 

Baker (Geo. L. Baker, manager).— A mon- 
ster vaudeville assembly of refugees of the 
San Francisco disaster flits in the week April 
20. presented by James H. Brrlckson. L. C. 
Keatlnj and Geo. L. Baker. The California 
Girls May 0-12, to be followed by a season 
of stock. 

Lyric Theatre (Keating At Flood, mana- 

?ersi. — The Lyric Btock Co., presenting "Her 
other's Crime," week of April 80. 

Grand (James II. Brrlckson, manager).— 
Tho RliIeyB, Gllmore, Haynes and Montgom- 
ery, Ralph Cummings and company, vane 
nnd Declnlrvllle, Mack and Tate, Ida Howell, 
Harold Hoff, and Grandlscopo. 

Stab (James H. Errlckson, manager). — 
Wills and Collins, Wallace and Beach, the 
Three Kobcrs, Mildred Eddy, J. W. Clifford, 
James Burke, and Staroscope. 

Pantaoes' (John II. Johnson, manager). — 
Taylor Quartette, Zeno and Owens, Willie 
Jones, Knetier, Willis and Bond, Arthur El- 
well, nnd olograph. 

Frite's (Thomas Rooney, manager). — Mae 
N. Vernon, Barney Mulally, Ella LInd, Marie 
DlllnrJ, Baby Ruth, Wilson and Leicester, 
I .a Boisette, Rooney and Forrester, Tuelma. 
Wheeler, Reta Gardner, Dean Roberts, Geo. 
Trump, Evallne Allen, Allle Delmar, Vina 
Mascot, Jay Harrington, and Reed and Reed. 

IIale'r Scenic Tour or the World (Fred 
Frits, manager) continues to do good busi- 



American llllputlans, will be at "Midget 
City," White City, Chicago, III., for the sea- 
•Rm;' opening tBeWMuj-12; — — y 

The Empire Dramatic Club (local) gave 
a performance of "The Boston Dip" and "A 
Christmas Chime." April 27, at the old City 
Hall, West End. The net proceeds, $42.76, were 

handed over to the San Francisco Fund 

C. J. MiUlgan has been appointed manager 
of the St. John Exhibition Society. Mr. Mil- 
ligan enters on his new duties at once. The 
new manager was formerly manager of The 

Daily Telegraph, of this city Mrs. E. 

L. Breese Is visiting her parents, Mr. and 
Mrs. I. J. D. Landry, preparatory to leaving 
for London, Eng., with her husband, B. L. 
Breese, who 1b to appear as leading man 
with a company which will present "The 
Lion and the Mouse" In that city. They will 
sail from New York May 0. 

' i • - ■ 

Winnipeg?. — At the Winnipeg Theatre 
(C. P, Walker, manager) Prof. McEwen drew 
large crowds last week. "The Heir to the 
Hoorah" May 7-10. 

Dominion (D. Douglas, manager). — Full 
nouses every night. Bill for week of April 
30 : Welch, Mealy and Montrose, Peter Baker, 
Peru and Wilson, Herbert and Willing, Allen 
Wl^htman, Cushman and St. Clair, and me 

Bijod (Naah & Burrows, managers). — Big 
business continues. BUI for week of 80 : 
Walters and Bates, Surprise Quartette, Geo. 
Lavender, Jack Mitchell, Bert Levy, and mov- 
ing pictures. 

Unique (Nash & Burrows, managers). — 
large attendance. Bill for week of So: How- 
ard and Heme, Chas. Morrell, Surprise Quar- 
tette, Geo. Morrell, and moving pictures. 

Aitditobiuu Suumbb Tubatbb. — Sarah 
Bernhardt made her first and last appear- 
ance in this city May 2, and drew an im- 
mense crowd. Many people came from a 
thousand miles west and live hundred miles 
ease to see her, and were not disappointed, 
as they witnessed the greatest dramatic pro- 
duction ever seen In the city. 

Hamilton. — At the Grand Opera Housa 

(A. R. Loudon, manager) Moselle Knott, in 
"Whin Knighthood Was In Flower," April 
AO, playtd to a capacity audience, and was 
given an enthusiastic reception. "The Tri- 
umph of Betty," May 1, had good slied audi- 
ences, nnd gave pleasure. "The Yankee Con- 
uul," 3. had good business, and pleased. 
■■names" 4, "The Holy City" 6, f, Buster 
Brown" 7, 8, local concert 9, E. S. WUIard 
11. 12. Chicago Btock Co. week of 14. This 
will nbout wind op the regular season. 

Note. — Geo. Summers expects to open the 
Knst End Park Theatre for a Summer sea- 
son about June 1. 

ottavrn. — At the Russell (P. Gorman, 

Oklahoma City, — At theOverholeer (Ed. 
Overholser, manager) "Buster Brown," April 
27, bad fine business. This was the closing 
attraction of the season. 

Buou (H. A Carleton, manager) .—Week 
of April 20 opened well, with Zoe Lewis, Ring 
and Williams, Jack Benson, Neola, J. 0. Wise 
and bljougraph. 

Delmar Oabden (Slnopolou & Marre, man- 
agers). — The regular vaudeville season ended 
2D, with tine attendance at both, shows. The 
bill : Arthur Deming, King Kole, Aga, Barry 
and Johnson, De Vonn Sisters, end Mites 

Notes.— The Sells-Floto Shows, 28, had 
good business at afternoon performance but 

light at night, on account of rain 

Gentry Bros. May 8. 

• ■» 


Manchester. — At the Opera House (E. 
W. Harrington, manager) Andrew Mack, in 
"The Way to Kenmare, May 4 (ushers' 
benefit), came to excellent business. Annie 
Russell, in "Friend Hannah," 5. 

Pabk Theatre (John Stiles, manager). — 
Opening of the regular Btock season. May 7, 
with ■ Under Two Flags" as the bill for the 
first week. 


manager) "Raffles" played to good houses 
May 3. Adelaide Thurston 4, R, the Elks 
0, 10, "Buster Brown" 11, 12, Sothern and 

Marlowe 14, 15. 

G-rti***"0^tsA._.Hor9E,JR, I. Bird whistle, 

. *?»• Dlesro.— At the IbIb Theatre (Dodge 
& Wyatt, mrtnagers) "A Message from Mara" 
drew a good house April 28. 

Pickwick (Palmer & Fulkerson, mana- 
gers).— BUI week of April 30: The Topay 
Turvy Trio. Madame Wanda and her troupe 
of coach dogs, the Congo Twine, Harry De 
Laino and moving pictures. Business Is fine. 
■ ■ i 

Oakland— All theatres here are closed, 
nnd none will open for the present. The ter- 
rible earthquake of April 18 destroyed the 
Lmplre Theatre, and or, the Novelty the loss 
was also severe. The Liberty, Macdonough 
nnd Bell, as far os can be learned, are In 
tood shape, and have been pronounced safe. 
Headquarters for all vaudeville and people 
of the iirofesslon Id distress have beea estab- 
lished ut the Novelty Theatre. 
i ■» 


Memphis— At the Hopkins' East End 
Park (A. B. Morrison, manager) the crowds 
seem to continue and the added attractions 
drew well. The programme In the pavilion, 
lost week, was a very good one and included : 
Ramsey Sisters, Fay, Cooley and Fay, Bur- 
rows, Travis and company, Lee Martyne and 
Nlelson, Arthur Dunn and Marie Glaxler, and 
the kinodrome. 

Faibtland Pabk (James L. Glass, mana- 
ger).— The opening, April 29, was a decided 
success, the psrk and pavilion being crowded 
to capacity. The John B. Wills Musical Co. 
presented "In Atlantic City" the entire week 
The performance gave general satisfaction. 
The attractions on the lawn Include nearly 
every conceivable outdoor amusement, and 
were thoroughly enjoyed. Week beginning 
May 6, "Two Old Cronies." ^ B 

fiuon (Benj. M. Stalnback, manager).— 
"The Mummy and the Humming Bird" played 
to splendid business week of April 30. Man- 
ager Stalnback seems delighted with the 
Bummer season m to the present time, and, 
II present attendance continues, the BHou 
will remain open all Summer. For week of 
May 7, "On the Bridge at Midnight." 

Gband Opbba House (A. BT Morrison 
manager). — Under the auspices of the Bee- 
thoven Club the New York Symphony Or- 
chestra, conducted by Walter Damnsch, gave 
a concert May 1, to a crowded bouse. 

Pearl La Rose, of 8mlth and La Rose, 
who has been ill at her home In New York 
for three weeks. Is convalescing. 

Barllnarton. — At the Strong Theatre 
(Cabn & Grant, managers) people's benefit 
entertainment (local), May 2, did well. The 
management donated the bouse on both occa- 
sions. Daniel Sully, In "The Matchmaker," 
5 ; Frank Daniels 7, Barnard Btock Co. 8-12. 
m 1 1 


Whose picture appears on the front page of 
this Issue, was born In Dublin, Ire., Dec. 6, 
1873, and made his first appearance on the 
stage at the age of one year and nine months. 
as the Mountebank's child In the play of 
that name. At the age of five, while playing 
the part of Shamrock, In the pantomime at 
the old Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, he was 
christened "Young Ireland," by The Dublin 
Sporttman, "Young Ireland'' used that 
title until he reached the age of eighteen. 
Followlog the pantomime engagement he 
traveled for years through Great Britain as 
a member of his fathers company, always 
playing the child roles, which In those days 
were very prominent. Later he went to the 
Transvaal with the first show ever Bent to 
that country. The company toured South 
Africa and India. On his return to England 
he commenced his dramatic apprenticeship 
and schooling. Four years later he went to 
America with his father and brother, ap- 
pearing in vaudeville for two years, with the 
beat companies and In the best vaudeville 
houses of the time. He then returned to the 
dramatic field, and was made stage director 
of the Btock company playing at the Ninth 
Street Theatre, Kansas City, assisting in the 
staging of the large productions put on by 
that company. He toured the United States In 
1804, In Irish drama, appearing in plays of 
his own suthorship, namely T 'A Sprig of 
Green" and "Eileen A'Roon. He returned 
to vaudeville for two years In 1896, after 
which he produced and staged several mu- 
sical comedies. In 1004 Mr. Ireland startled 
the vaudeville world with his wonderful in- 
vention, "Enigmarelle." He has signed a 
three years' contrsct with Ben Tleber, of the 
Apollo Theatre, Vienna, to produce at that 
house musical, spectacular and sensational 

S reductions. Besides staging the first pro- 
uctlon. which Is due to open late In August. 
Mr. Ireland has written the book, lyrics, and 
also many of the musical numbers. All of his 
family have been In the nrofesalon, Patrick 
Myles, his father, being a leading Irish com- 
edian and a star In England and Ireland ns 
early as 1873. Mr. Myles was for five years 
stage director for John Holllngshead, at the 
old Gaiety Theatre, London. 
A team composed of members of the "Foxy 
Tramp" Co., defeated the Bristol, Conn., 
stars hands nine In a baseball game played 
at Bristol. April 2T, by a score of 18 to 9- 
The victors made twelve safe bits and four 
trrors. and the losers made eight safe hits 
and eight errors. 

3IAY 12. 



„. the charm of the rabo( 
bit's foot, but the charm of beau- 
tiful hair! The charm of long, 
rich, heavy, luxuriant hair! 
The charm that goes with every 
bottle of Hall's Vegetable Sicil- 
ian Hair Renewer! Wake up 
your hair! Make it do some- 
thing! Make it grow faster! 
Make it stop coming out! Make 
the gray hair return to ail the 

>, rich color of former days! 


Wliat is it .but you aspire to In life ? 

Health is tbe first consideration. Rubber beeU 
procure more health to the square Inch than any- 
thing in evidence. TImt's a factl — my teacher 
told mo so, and be told me to teach It to my friends. 

I dislike to admit that rubber heels are a benefit, 
bat I hare tc Come down to business and be 
honest with yourself, — rubber on your heels is the 
correct thing. Be sure and secure O'SulllYsn's : 
they «re the only heels of New Rubber. Bemember 
the name when ordering —don't cost you anymore. 
Any dealer or the makers, 

O'Sl'LLIVAN RUBBER CO, ■ Lowell, Mara. 

Eat all yon 

want oft 


A snstalnlng food 
as well as a delicious 
confection that 
prevents weari- 
ness and allays hunger 


Hudson St., 
New York. 

No beauty can stand the 
disfigurementof bad teeth. 
Take care of your teeth. 
Only one way- 



Liquid, Powder or Paste 

Money Getters 

Peanut, Popcorn and Com- 
bination Machines. Great 
variety on easy terms. 
Catalog tree. 


1 0B E. Pearl St., Cincinnati 

World of Plavm. 

McnniY and Mack closed a Mason of 
thlrtr-eigbt very successful weeks, In "Around 
the Town." May 6, at Kenosha, Wis. They 
have arranged to play a season of eight to 
ten weeks at the Grand Opera House, Seattle. 
Wash., opening May 20, producing their for- 
mer successes and musical comedies, with a 
company of thirty people, under the manage- 
ment of Russell & Drew, who have leased the 
theatre from John Cort. Next season Murray 
and Mack will produce a new musical comedy, 

Sr Rogrr Imhof, with all special music, en- 
tied "The Suony Side of Broadway," open- 
ing Sept. 3, with a cast of forty people. 

Edwabd J. iienshaw writes that he Is 
meeting with great success la the role of Dr. 
Irish, la Max Zoellner's "The Professor of 
Heidelberg" Co. 

REaaiEius Leoncavallo will toar this 
country next season with the La Seals 
(Milan) Orchestra, giving his own works. 

Mi: t :. Schumann-Heink returned to Amer- 
ica April IS, with her sons, Helnrlch, H&ui 
and Walter. 

Macdb Adaiis will continue In "Peter 
Pan" for two more yean. Charles Frohman 
has arranged with J. M. Barrte for a post- 
ponement of the production of the new play 
in which Maude Adams Is to play. 

Harbt D. Carey, a lawyer, la the author 
of "Montana," a melodrama, and will appear 
in the leading role. 

TnoMAS J, Natlor, of the Nsylor Main 
Line circuit, of Canada, has been In New 
York the past week, looking over attractions 
for this season and next. He has booked "A 
Royal Slave," "The Holy City," "Human 
Hearts" and Harry Le Marr, in "New Eng- 
land Folks." He reports large business on 
bis circuit this season. 

Edwabd R. Salter has just contracted 
with Dickson St Talbot for a Summer stock 
company at the Park Theatre, Indianapolis, 
commencing May 7. Rebecca Warren will do 
the leads, and the company will be named 
tbe Rebecca. Warren Stock Co. Frederick 
Montague and Frank Deal thorns will alter- 
uote as leading men, and the supporting com- 
pany will be proportionately strong. The 
opening bill will be "Dorothy Vernon," with 
the original coatamea, scenery and effects. 

Notes from the McCobdb. — Fred P. Mc- 
Cord and wife closed with tbe Breckenrldge 
Stock Co., April 28, at Woodward, Okla., 
and went to their home in Missouri, where 
they will open a repertory show under can- 
vas, using a fifty foot round top. with two 
thirty foot middle pieces. Mr, McCord will 
also have a stock company with J. B. Jackltt, 
nt Coffeyvllle, Kan Mrs. McCord will feat- 
ure ber own play next season. Her son, Frank 
J. McCord, will manage the road show. 

Notes frou the Hoyt Comidy Co.— 
Manager Allen will send out three companies 
next season. This course has been decided 
upon because a large amount of time has been 
offered, where this company has played, In 
the last four or five years. All three com- 
panies will open In Illinois, playing fair 
dates In Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Mis- 
souri. Company No. 1 will, after fair dates, 
tour Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, playing 
the Greenwall theatres. Company No. 2 will, 
after fair dates, play the Klaw & Erlanger 
circuit of theatres, and company No. 3 will 
make a trip to the coast and return. All 
royalty plays will be presented, and each com- 
pany will have a full equipment of special 
scenery. Company No. 1 will be under tbe 
personal management of H. G. Allen. 

Edwabd K. Salter has purchased from 
Herbert Sleath the farce by hrUgar Selwyn, 
entitled "It's All Your Fault.* Negotia- 
tions are also pending for a Summer run of 
the piece in Boston, and early In August tbe 

Slay will go into Chicago for four weeks. 
[aster Plncus, who has made a bit In the 
farce, has been secured by Manager Salter 
for tbe next five yeara. 

"A Mao Lovb" Notes. — This adaptation, 
by Edwin Locke, from "Lady Audley's Se- 
cret," opened a preliminary season at Stam- 
ford, Conn., April 21, and scored an instan- 
taneous success. Manager Edward R. Salter 
engaged Jane Dore for the part of Lady Aud- 
ley, and her support includes: 3. Palmer Col- 
lins, David Swim, Cyril Raymond, Lewis 
Bates, Edwin P. Bowers, Harrle Lee, Albert 
Homan, J. E. Trevor, Madeline Oarcle. Ber- 
nice Bellsnap, John Martin, Madeline Clark, 
Ewln Russell, Angellne Bartlett and Hartman 
Brown. The production was put on under the 
personal direction of Joseph King, general 
stage director of tbe Edward R. Salter at- 
tractions. The present tour Includes tbe prin- 
cipal cities of the East, including an engage- 
ment at the American Theatre, New York 
City. John W. Bates la acting manager of 
the company, with J. W. Conoly and William 
Lee In advance. 

The following people have been secured 
for "McFadden's Flats" for next season : 
Dickson and Fields, Busch-Devere Trio, the 
Newsboy Quintette, and tbe Royal Hussars, 
direct from Europe, and consisting of six- 
teen beautiful young girls, our informant 
states. "McFadden's Flats" will be an en- 
tirely new production, with hew scenery and 

An intzbestin'o event of the season of 1906- 
07 will be the appearance In this country of 
Mme. Agathe Barsescu, the distinguished 
Roumanian tragedienne, supported by an 
American company. In English translations 
of several of her favorite roleB. Mme. Bar- 
sescn's toar will be conducted by Frank E. 

Mas. Htjbebt Labadib (Mary Van Tromp) 
Is slowly recovering from a severe attack of 
neurltus. She will, however, rest for the re- 
mainder of the season. 

Murray ajm Hackby Notis. — Eugene 
Powers, who played the title role in 'The 
Village Postmaster," for four seasons, has 
been engaged for the Murray & Mackey Co., 
for next season. Mr. Powers will direct the 
stage, and play leading roles, besides produc- 
ing three of bis own plays. Both the Mur- 
ray aV Mackey organizations are fully booked 
for tbe coming season, and the very best 
plays available will be presented as perfecely 
as possible scenlcally. and no expense is be- 
ing Bpared la obtaining the best people and 

Red Bank, N. J., Note. — Fred Frlck, a 
well known sporting man, and proprietor of 
the Sheridan Hotel at Red Bank, Is erectlug 
a new theatre on a site of ground he recently 

Surchaeed there. When completed. It wltl 
ave a seating capacity of 1,200. The stage 
Is to be 50x00. with a thirty-five foot open- 
ing, and seventy feet to tbe gridiron. There 
will be twelve dressing rooms. The elec- 
tricity will be furnished from Mr. Frlck'B 
own plant. Work is being rushed, and Mr. 
Frlck expects to have It ready by July 1. 
It Is located at tbe foot of Broad Street, lu 
the heart of the town. It wilt be known as 
the Frlck Theatre. The Red Bank Open 
House burned down last Summer, and tbe 
want of a place of amusement has beeu 
keenly felt by the Red Bonk people. 

J. F. Arnold, owner and manager of the 
Arnold Stock Co., met with a very serious 
accident at Atlanta, Ga., Saturday, April 7. 
While walking along Peacbtree Street, he 
•lipped on an orange skin, and injured the 
muscle* In the small of his back. At 
first he did not consider It of a very serious 
nature, but later be was obliged to go to a 
private sanitarium, where he Is now confined. 
The attending physicians give little hope of 
his recovery, and It Is feared that be will be 
physically disabled for the rest of his life. 

Sodndx ft Co., writing from Bombay. In- 
dia, March 31, *ay : "A new theatre is In 
course of construction here which wilt be 
ready early next year. It Is being built on 
the lines of the finest tbeatrea of Europe and 
America, with all the moat modern Improve- 
ments, will be elegantly decorated, and will, 
without exception, bo tbe finest theatre In tbe 
Eapt, with spacious stage, ample and com- 
fortable dressing room accommodation ; elec- 
tric lighting ana fans will form part In add- 
ing to the comfort of actors and audience. 
The house will teat 1.200 persons, represent- 
ing about £300 sterling per night. India 
fenerally, and Bombay in particular, has 
Itherto been so badly provided with the- 
atres that professional companies desirous of 
visiting this country have not been able to 
get accommodation tor their performances. 
It will, therefore, be conferring a favor on 
managers and others. If you will be good 
enough to give publicity to the Information." 
Dobotut D. Wallace was a recent Clip- 
pis caller. Miss Wallace has been in the 
city tbe past three weeks on business, but 
will Join the Dllger Stock as soon aa her 
atralrs here are settled. 

J. Bebnaed Dxlltn was one of the volun- 
teers for The Boston American benefit, held 
at the Boston Theatre, April 24. Letters of 
thanks for their valuable services, from that 

Ktper, were subsequently received by Mr. 
yllyn and all other players. The benefit 
netted nearly $2,000. 


purchased from Charles Frohman the Crit- 
erion Theatre production and sole dramatic 
rlgbta of "Alfce-Sit-By-the-Flre," for next 
season. They will tour this desirable play 
through the cities of the East, and will star 
an actress of note in the leading role. 

Gos Soehlbjb Informs us that he has 
arrived safely from San Francisco. His leg 
was Injured by being caught In the wreck of 
the Congress Hotel, and he will take a few 
weeks' vacation at French Lick Springs with 
Mr. Whitney, after which be will resume work 
on Mr. Whitney's productions. 

Charles Frohman will produce "Raffles" 
and "The Lion and the Mouse" In London, 
Eng. Under his management John Hare and 
Charles Wyndham will appear lu this coun- 
try next season. 

J. C. Welsh, manager of Dot Karroll, 
was taken suddenly HI In Bridgeport, with 
lung trouble, and his life was despaired of. 
He rallied, and Miss Karroll removed blm to 
New Britain, where, at present, he Is reeling 
quietly. Miss Karroll will close her season, 
and take him to ber home In Newburyport. 
She was obliged to cancel Marlboro and New- 

Frank C. Bobton Is engaged to play his 
old role of Dick Hlgglos, In "A Little Out- 
cast," for five weeks, In tbe large cities, 

Tf.dd Bracket? has signed- for fifteen 
weeks as leading man of the Grace Ailsworth 
Stock Co., at Seattle, Wash. 

Frank C. Habris and wit's (Florence Ran- 
dall) have been engaged for next season with 
Macauley ft Patton's "Minister's Bon" Co., 
Mr. Harris to play the comedy and MIbs 
Randall the- lead. 

Wm. H. Raymond writes: "Tbe Olivia 
Stock Co. closed at Hebron, Neb., after nine- 
teen successful weeks through Kansas and 
Nebraska. I Joined the West Comedy Co., 
at Hutchinson, Kan., the following day, doing 
Juveniles and light comedy." 

Chablks P. Rice has been engaged for tbe 
role of Judge Phillips, In "The Night Before 
Christmas," for the remainder of the season, 
ending June 2. 

Notes ?bom the Roscian Opera Co. — We 
are engaged to open a stock season of comic 
opera at the Spokane Theatre, Spokane, 
Wash., commencing Mar 7, and running In- 
definitely. A remarkable Incident connected 
with this date Is the fact that it marks the 
ftrst anniversary of the company's existence 
as an operatic organization. The company 
is practically the same that left New York, 
one year ago, and has since played to con- 
tinuous big business and pleased audiences. 
Tbe personnel Is as follows : Claude Amsden, 
first comedian and stage manager ; Frank W. 
Walters, leading tenor; Hilllard Campbell, 
leading baritone ; Joe Albaugh, second com- 
edy ; John A. Devey, characters ; W. H. Hoa- 
mer, musical director ; Carl Hoffman, Walter 
Strell, Frank Hopper, Lucia Nola, _prlma 
donna ; Ina Farrell. soubrette ; Hazel Daven- 

fiort, mezzo soprano ; Sallle Wlnwood, In- 
ngenue ; Lou Devey, Para Dalton, Stella 
Shaw, Effie George. Rene Ware, Ethel Law- 
rence, Mamie Davis, Madge Boyle, Evelyn 
Hortou, Edna Ellsworth, Maud Proctor, Helen 
Claremont, H. C. Depew, Henry Gradwell, 
Chas, Harris, Henry Otis, Frank W. Kenny. 
Staff — William Cranston, munager; Robt. J. 
Ward, representative ; C. E. Salisbury, agent; 
Grant Ronan, electrician. 

Notes from the Beoob Stock Co. — The 
following people have been engaged through 
our recent ad. in Tub Clipper ; w, F. Robin- 
son, Lew Summers. A. J. Mosher, Jack C. 
Taylor, J. E. Jennings, W. C. Joiner, J. A. 
Morrison, Carl Macy, Bonnier Price, Edtth 
Hess and Caryln Maxwell. Tbe Summer sea- 
son will open at East Lake Park, Pbcenlx. 
Arizona, on May 30, where tbe company will 
play for sixteen weeks. 

Don Macmillan, manager of Eugene Staf- 
ford's "A Human Slave, ,T writes: "On May 
ft wo closed a very prosperous season of 
forty weeks, which embraced a tour of tbe 
Pacific coast, Southern and middle States. I 
open my Summer attraction at Pittsburg, 
Kan., May 27. on the Bell-BallardOlendorf 
circuit of parka. People signed at present 
are : Harry Bernard, Kal Wilson, Archie 
Lochrldge, Fred Green, Dorothy Gray, Veva 
Conway, Emllie Woodward and Clair Long. 
We look forward to a very pleasant Summer a 

Notes and Rosteb of the Lyceum Com- 
edy Co., under the management of Arthur 
L. Selby. — We ore playing the principal cities 
of Northern New York State, and are booked 
solid for the Summer season. We are carry- 
ing fourteen people and special scenery for 
all our bills. Our business was very good 
during Lent, and now we are turning people 
away. Tbe roster: Arthur L. Selby, manager ; 
Mrs. C. A. Clymer, secretary and treasurer ; 
Cecil Hal Gorton, advance ; Edna W. Clymer, 
Rex Leslie KJngdon, Cblc Harvey Watkyns 
Douglas, Mrs. Watkyns Douglas, Master vic- 
tor, Jos. Wolcott, Rheo, female juggler; Mar- 
lon West, Chas. Pearsall and Harry Leslie. 
Tub Old Reliable Is as welcome as is the 
big business. 

Hattie Williams will star In "Tbe Little 
Cherub" next Fall. 

The Rose Cecilia Shay Or»A Co., which 
has been touring the United States for the 
past thirty weeks, presenting the comic 
opera, "Paul Jones," closed Rs season Satur- 
day, April 21, In Washington, D. C. Tbe 
season was a good one, the company return- 
ing to New York on Sunday afternoon, April 
22. Miss Shay will be seen next season In an 
elaborate production of a new comic opera, 
under tbe management of John H. Garrison. 

Notes from Mi.-hray-Mackey Co. — John 
J. Murray, general manager of the Murray- 
Mackey attractions, has secured for next 
season tbe following well known plays : 
"Alaska," "The Belle of Kentucky, 1 ' "A 
Study in Scarlet," "The Indian " "A Break 
for Liberty," "A Kentucky Feud," "Tbe 
Church Across tbe Way" and "Blue Qrnss." 
As usual, both companies. Eastern and West- 
ern, will carry a car lond of special scenery. 
J. II. Doaavln, Eugene Powers, Nell Ilickcy, 
Arthur Denvlr, John and Clara Lynn, Ernest 
D. I'ltson, Florence J. Murray. May B. Hurst, 
Walter Eldrldge, Lillian Sterling, Gust Lents. 
Frank H. Mackey, the Hunter Sisters, Bert 
Johnson and the Rarth Bros, have signed for 
next season. Both companies will open early 
In August We will close the most successful 
season In tbe history of the show at Colum- 
bus. 0., June 2. 

Notes from Carl M. Daltos's "Ole Olson 
in Spirltland" Co. — We are now la our thirty- 
fourth week this season, and business has 
been uniformly good. After about five weeks 
more In Northern Wisconsin and Michigan, 
we will lay off for ihe Bummer months, and 
open In North Dakota Aug. IS. Roster of the 
company: Carl M. Dalton. James Murphy, 
Harry Brown, Minnie McVlckers and Verna 
Irene Dalton. While at Dorchester members 
of the company were pleasantly entertained 
by Mr. end Bin. Skerbeck, veteran circus 
people, who for many years run tbe Skerbeck 

Q. Best Rodney and wife (Vane Calvert) 
are enjoying a visit at tbe home of Mr. 
Rodney 1 ! father, at Unity, 111. They have 
received several excellent offers from their 
recent ad. la The Clipper. 

The Clare Jeakinb Co., under the man- 
agement of J. W, Leigh, will open Its fourth 
regular season In Indiana early next Sep- 
tember, presenting "Camllle" in one night 

Maurice Rene Cobte, the French baritone, 
and Sidney Cox have been engaged aa leading 
comedlana by the Fairyland Park Co., for their 
stock opera company, which opens at Mem- 
phis, Tenn., May 14. The opening bill will be 
"Said Pasha," with "Blue Beard Jr.," "Oli- 
vette," "Pinafore" and "Tbe Mascotte" to 

Tub Morgans (Huso N. and Bessie F.) put 
on a play for the Royal Highlanders Lodge, 
at Council Bluffs, Is., which, they Inform us, 
was a success in every way. The Morgana 
have been doing local work since closing with 
the "1'nbio Romanl" company, and have been 
meeting with the best of success. They bavo 
several engagements booked ahead, after 
which they will go to their home to apead a 
well earned rest, before tbe regular season 

Howabd Wall has sold tbe four act pro- 
tean comedy drama, "An Heiress to Mil- 
lions," to Durcy ft Speck. 

IIakhy R. Vickeuh writes : "The Fenberg 
Stock Co. closed Its regular season at Pater- 
son, April 21 (which has been the best season 
that Manager Fenberg baa ever bad), and 
will play a supplementary season of six 
weeks, opening in Poughkeepsle, 23, without 
losing a night. The company remains intact, 
being additionally strengthened In the vaude- 
vlle department by tbe Barnards, an euulll- 
brlstlc and acrobatic act of prominence. The 
opening night. In l'oughkcepsle. Manager Fen- 
berg and Manager Millard, of tbe Colling- 
wood, donated one-fourth of the gross receipts 
of that evening to the San Francisco suf- 
ferers, when a alee sum was realized." 

II. G, Barker and Lillaii McCarthy were 
married in London, Eng., April 24. 

Tub San Carlo Opbba Co. will make a 
bid for favor here next season, making a tour 
of the country. Mmcs. Nordlca, Schumann- 
Helnk and Alice Nlelaon are announced as 
members. Henry Russell will direct tbe tour. 

A panic occurred la tbe Olympic Theatre. 
Barcelona, Spain, April 20. owing to short 
circuiting of electric wires. One person was 
killed and several were Injured. The build- 
ing did not catch Are. 

wm. Collies and company sailed from 
Vancouver for Australia April 27. 

Tyrone Poweu will be starred by Bra- 
den ft Peters, In "Barabbas," a dramatiza- 
tion of Marie Corelll'a story, 

"The House of Mirth" has been drama- 
tized by Clyde Fitch and Edith Wharton, and 
Fay Davis will star In it In tbe Fall. 


were Clipper callers April 20. ■ They are re- 
hearsing la this city wltb Mark E. Swan's 
"A Runaway Match" Co., under tbe direc- 
tion of Percy C Vt ck. 

Notes rnou tiim Jno. F. Stowb "Uncle 
Tom's Cabin" Co. — We opened our Summer 
season April 10, to a very satisfactory busi- 
ness- This sensoQ the entire show Is new, 
including a new syntem of lighting. Our 
celebrated concert band has been augmented 
to seventeen nieces, and under the direction 
of Prof. Ed. Hay worth, Is creating a musical 
senaatlon at every stand. Our tour thU 
Summer wltl be to the Pacific coast and back, 
through Washington and Oregon. 


We are back In Illinois again, after an ab- 
sence of more than a year, we celebrated 
tbe event with a wedding at Monmouth, Sat- 
urday, April 14, at S P. m., Just after the 
matinee. The contracting parties were Cbas. 
Ohlmever, of DonaldsonvMIe, La., and Jayne 
Griffith, of Jnnosvllle. Wis. Justice Cbas. 
H. Davis, of Monmouth, performed tbe cere- 
mony, In the parlors of the Davis borne. It 
was Intended as a surprise for the company, 
but Edtth Prettyman, who Is a chum of the 
bride, caught on at the last moment, and 
rushed In on them In time to witness the 
ceremony. Otherwise tbe company would 
have remained in Ignorance of the event 
until Invited to the supper served by tbe 

froom, after tbe evening performance. As 
t was, tbe wbole town knew of It In a few 
hours, and tho night audience showered them 
with old shoe! and rice when they appeared 
In tbelr specialties between acts. Edwin 
Hoyt Joined us April 18. for characters and 

Muriuv and Mack will enter the field of 
producing managers next season. Ollle Mack 
will have four new shows on the road, open- 
ing In September. The New York offices of 
the firm will be with Klaw ft Erlanger, In 
tbe New York Amsterdam Theatre. Walt 
M. Leslie bai been appointed general mana- 
ger of all of Ollle Mack's atractlons. Mr. 
Leslie having an Interest In tbe firm. Dur- 
ing the coming season Murray and 'Mock 
wlfi tour to tbe coast, also play two weexs 
In Havana, and four weeks In Honolulu. 

Harbv M, Price, German comedian, has 
Joined the middle West "Buster Brown" 






that miNir 

MI.«T [OYKtD / 
(ANDY ^ 

(OAUD t / 




trj ilitJUll i„ (- 1,1 y0lir neighbor, 
hood aond us ttm cents for a sample 
packet. Any Jnhhor will supply store- 
keepers with Chloleta, 


Philadelphia, U.S. A,, and Toronto, Canada, 


one size smaller after using Allen's Foot- 
Ease, a powder to be shaken Into tho shoes. 
It makes tight or new shoes feel easy; gives 
Instant relief to corns and bunions. It's the 
greatest comfort discovery of the age. Cure* 
and prevents swollen feet, blisters, callous 
and sore spots. Allen's Koot-Kase Is a certain 
cure for sweating, tired, aching feet. At all 
druggists sud shoe stores, 20c. Don't accept 
any substitute. Trial package KUEE by mall. 
Address Allen 8. Ol matead. Le Itoy, N. Y. 



If you n.« thi. I1KST you will Ilk. th.M 


POWOBHi ilullKlltfiilly portmiiGd; muck f I. 

with purified taluum; 2ftc. nlxe Hv. 

VIENNA NAII. ENAMEL! iiiukua a brll-nf, 

lluritunrtlustljiif [KjllHh; liirMiinxtl KlrtHJ. JurM.aiJCi 

BLOOM OF HEALTH) a now liquid OR. 
facu and liprouiro -tlC. 

"■IIAKBSPERIIAN OHAtlD"! niadt of 

imreat liifrredluau. QuIckAMt, liuit mid piutuant 
to iiHc. In olio pound avruvr top Jam; r.a. 
pound »MC. 








Packed so It cannot become unsalable, and 
oar b sod loo. package candles will greatly 
Increase iw value. Inform as whir* 
yon hold a. concsialon and wo will 
tend samples sad prices. 


248 BO. I'EOKIA ST.. 0O10AGO. 


The Tiffin Scenic Company, 






May 12. 

Uaadetilk and minstrel 

"Ajuco," the newest automaton, which 
ni necntly exhibited at Hyde ft Behmtn> 
Brooklyn, N. Y„ hai proved to bs * nowlty. 
When brought on the Btage an el«ctrlc wire 
bT which the power of movement la appar- 
ently famished, was attached to the figure, 
and at a table on the Btage a lady manipu- 
late! the electric current. The moat re- 
markable feature la tbe forcing of a couple 
of eyes Into the heretofore "slgntleaB head. 
The Hilling of a wig on tbe head of the 
figure B wea done, but tbe most effectlvs 
feature occur* when, after aome of the 
sprlDgi are supposed to be out of order, tbe 
mouth of the automaton la closed with • 
large pin and a lock. Tbe figure also speaks 
mama and papa. The Inside la lighted by 
electricity and smoke and water are forced 
through the body to prove that It Is hollow. 
A. mandoline la taken by the Bgure and a 
few note* played, after which a cigar placed 
In Its hand Is taken to Its mouth and 
imoked for a moment. The figure then walks 
about the stage, makes a profound bow to the 
audience and waves an American flag, altar 
which It walk* off the stage. . .... 

W» abe in heciipt of an mostrated sou- 
venir booklet from Paul Conchas, the draw- 
ings la which are from tbe pen of P. Bleb- 

"wiklaxd Newilt- ssststed by Grace Tar- 
ner and Gertrude Clemens, in Mr. Newalli 
piquant playlet, entitled ■*£■£ Night," la 
winning laurels on the Majestic circuit 
While many excellent press notices have 
testified to the capability of Mr. Newell and 
his talented aupport in hie sketch, the news- 
papers of Houston, Tex., were particular/ 


are again working together. Mr. Maddern, 
who retired from vaudeville to Join Arnold 
• Daly's company, re-Joined Miss Gardner at 
the' Grand Opera House. Indlanapolla, week 
of April 28. Their bookings, with the excep- 
tion of aome open Bummer time, extend to 
Feb. IB, 1807. These bookings Include the 
Orphean), Kohl ft Caatle, Hopkins' and Ma- 
lestlc circuits. Misa Gardner and Mr. Mad- 
aero have been the feature act over these cir- 
cuits very frequently In past seasons. 

Eablb Ciuddock wrltea : "JuBt as I was 
about to accept one of several good offers I 
received from my 'ad.' in Thb Cuppbb, a few 
weeks ago. I received word of the serious ill-. 
nesa of my father, and I was obliged to go 
to him. jib happy to state that Be has re- 

C °Mbsbbs. O'Bbien, ADAMS AND Wbxlb. of 
the Yorke Comedy Four, presented Mr. , De- 
oroot, their basa singer and manager, with a 
Beautiful diamond ring, tp show tbelr appre- 
tlation of the good work he has done for 

nSnasl ak abbbncb or six tbabb Pollle 
Holmes "The Irish Duchess" will "turn to 
vaudeville. Misa Holmes will appear with Loa 
Durbvelle, of Loa and Fay^Durbyel e, under 
the firm name of Holmes end Durbyelle, In an 
act especially written for them by Edgar 
8e THB GnBAT Lynch was a recent CLirpsa 
caller. He said: "I have just closed sixteen 
Buccesaful weeks with the Kennedy Comedy 
Co The show will go out again next season, 
with all new playa and special paper. Mr. 
Kennedy will open his Summer season at El- 
' mlra, N. x*., May 10, carrying a band and 


C. Smith, proprietor and manager: Cbas. a. 
ciarkT Bud Fogg. Jack Llgbthall. Roy Jones, 
Billy Williams, Theresa Emmons, Elinor Dun- 
bar, Ella Williams and May Lewis. Bust- 
nsis is good, the weather fine, and Tin 
Clippie regular. Our route la South and 

W Tm Fltnn Bbob. write : "We are doing 
nicely, and our act U booked up for aome 
time. Earl Flynn will continue to do bis 
own specialty, entitled 'The Choir Boy,' while 
Ed. Flynn, his brother, will Introduce nov- 
elties throughout the act. Five sjnjck changes 
are made, and tbe beat one la from white to 
brown face, We are now known as the Flynn 

*Tn* Acbobatic Babnabdb, Geo. and Hasri 
have just finish ed thirty-seven weeks as the 
special vaudeville feature of the Boe Stock 
Co., and were Immediately engaged by the 
Fenberg Stock Co. (Eastern) until June 8. 
Haul Barnard has been playing the moat Im* 

EDrtant child rolea this season. New aero- 
itic stuff Is being added to their act, which 
makea It a novel and entertaining one. 

Chad. Hdidnidh, Blnglng and dancing com- 
edian, closed with "Little Johnny Jones" Co. 
April 28, at McKeesport, Pa., and will Join 
Eliora Hatfield, with "The Isle of Spice" Co., 
to do a reflned singing and dancing act. 

Thb Colonial Combbt. Fotm ( Cabin. 
O'Sullivan, Weston and rudlck) have Joined 
"The Irish Pawnbrokera" Co., playing prin- 
cipal parts, and scoring a succbhs with their 
Binning, double dancing and comedy act. 

Marion and Dbwne were Clippbb callers 
lost week. They have closed a Buccesaful 
Western tour, and fire now atopplng at tuelr 
borne In Paterson, N J. 

Dan Cbiuminb, of CrlmmlBS and Gore, 
writes from Sydney. N. 8. W., Australia, 
under date of March 15 : "We have a b g 
hit in our latest offering, 'Marriage a la 
Mode,' which la the most pretentious and 
most appreciated act we have ever bad. 
We are playing the longest run ever en- 
joyed by any Imported act on Harry Rlck- 
nrds' hooka, aa one of the strongest drawing 
cards. Other acts on the programme were: 
The Two Bells, George Jones, Alice Ray- 
mond and John Kurkamn, George Bentley, 
Tambo and Tambo, Ettle Williams, the Eight 
Primroses, and Fanny Powera. We will 
shortly return to America." 

Mn. and Mns. Labbx Shaw closed, with 
Knhle's Knickerbockers at Albany, N. Y„ 
week of April 28, and open at the Empire 
Theatre, Paterson, N. J. They played twelve 
weeks with the Itobla show. 

Trabk and MumuY will hereafter be 
known aa Stepner and AhpeK They opened 
on the AmmonB circuit April 16. wltb twelve 
weeke to follow, and report meeting with sue- 
cess with their singing, talking and dancing 

Will Harbison Davis, of James and Da- 
vis, after a Bevere attack of typhoid pneu- 
monia, la reBtlng at Atlantic City. He re- 
ports that he will be about again la a very 
Bhort time. „ . .. 

Chic Habvbx wrltea: "I am In my fourth 
week with the Lyceum Comedy Co., which la 
doing a fine business and Is booked for the 
Bummer In Northern New York State, around 
the lakes. My specialties are going bigger 
tbnu ever, thb Old Rbliablb la a wel- 
come visitor every week. Everyone Is feel- 
ing fine, and we look for a long and pleasant 
season. . 

Juoolino Da Lisi.b baa closed hla fourth 
senson with tho ttennett-Moulton Co., and 
has signed to play the Flynn circuit of parka 
for the Summer. He reports doing well wltb 
his hat Juggling. 

During tub peoformancb of the Fay Fos- 
ter Burlesque Co., at tbe Star Theatre, St. 
raul. Minn., on Easter Sunday night, Alias 
St. Claire, of the team of Cusnmsn and St. 
Claire, was presented with a little pure white 
rabbit. The rabbit was handed to her by 
aome ladles who were members of a box 
party, and was the cue for the audience to 
break out with applause which only ceased 
after Miss St. Claire made a speech of thanks 
or the novel way of making Buch an Easter 
present, something that, to the knowledge 
of the manager, Mr. Oppenhelmer, has never 
before occurred. 

Billt Hall, of Cook and Hall, will next 

season work with his wife (Effle Pray), pre- 

Renting an original act by Mr. Hall. Cook 

and Hall report that they have been vary 

successful with the Colonial Stock Co. this 

Lash and Adams have signed with Ta- 
Dot's "Fighting the Flames," for thirty-two 
weeks, being booked through Marvelous 
Marsb, of the Western Booking Exchange. 

Noras noH G. Lotb Silvbb/b Nbw Yoax 
HiffKTBSLB. — We opened our Summer tour 
Monday, April 16, at Bast Jordan, Mich., 
and Judging from the amount of applause 
each act received, It Is believed that this 
will be Mr. Silver's moat successful season. 
On onr opening night at East Jordan, the 
theatre was crowded from pit to dome long 
before it was time to ring up the curtain. 
Mr. Silver, who has played this territory 
time after time, knew wbat the people 
wanted, and after tbe closing act It was 
easy to see that the show had given excel- 
lent aatlafactton. Our roster at present Is 
as follows: G. Lote Silver, proprietor and 
manager; Mrs. 0. Lote Silver, treasurer; 
Geo. Manvro, J. L. Bradford, F. L. Brott, 
.James Crawford, Harry Silver, Gllnn Silver, 
Vera. Ives, Harry Doe, Joe Tennant, James 
Holt, Frank Hales, Lee Preston. Francis De 
Knox, Tom Lennon, Geo. Harris, Tony Le 
Hoy, and our band and orchestra, under the 
direction or Prof. William Koehler. Our route 
takes us back over the same territory that 
Mr. Silver has played many times, and in- 
cludes all of the leading cities and Summer 
resorts of the North. The New York Min- 
strels will stay out all Summer. 

Will Ebks, "Sphinx Wizard," reports 
meeting with remarkable success playing the 
Western Association's time, and Fa billed at 
tbe Haymarkct Theatre, Chicago, for the 
week of May 7, following with toe Orpheum 
circuit < . 

Tub Tbzana Bistekb, rifle experts, have 
dissolved partnership, and Nellie Texana will 
work alone In a new act 

Fbank L. Bailei will go in advance of 
the Geo. A- Florida. Minstrels, playing under 
canvas this Summer. The season openi 
June 15, at Bumford Falls, Me. It will tour 
through Maine, New Brunswick and Nova 
Scotia. The company, we are Informed, will 
be composed of sixty people, with Ave men 
In advance. 

"Roue, Undbb Cabsab," Is tbe title of 
Hubert Deveau'a new act which he produces 
wltb James B. Drlscoll as his assistant 

Best Sombbb and Fbbd Law, who have 
been presenting their German conversational 
tangle, "Mr. Auto, from Mobile," on the 
Keith circuit for the past nine weeks, re- 

port meeting with big success. On Easter 
Sunday they played for Ted Marks st tbe 
American Theatre, New York, and were on? 

Hbnbi Fbbnch laid off two weeks owing 

to the closing of the Imperial and Amphloa 
Theatres, In Brooklyn. He resumed at 
Keeney'n, Brooklyn, April 30. 

Ms. Mono am, of the Drake, Morgan Co, 
writes from Denver, Col. : "We opened here 
April 23, then went to the Crystal Theatre, 
Trinidad, Col., 80; Bar) Theatre, Pueblo, Col., 
May 7, and Crystal Theatre, St Joseph, Mo., 
May 20, under contract with Geo. Ira Adams, 
of the Crystal circuit and opening with 
Sullivan ft Coustdlne. In Chicago, about June 
1. Our comedy playlet which has played 
every circuit In tbe West Is now In Its 
forty-first week, and has always been a head- 
liner; the company, for thirty-five weeks, 
containing three people. Mr. Morgan has re- 
written the act ana by tbe Interpolation of 
another song, by Miss Drake, be Is enabled 
to produce the comedy Just aa before, play- 
ing two parts and making four changes." 

Notes fbom Padll Bros/ Minstrels.— 
We closed our season at Wampun, Pa., April 
16, and opened May 1, with vaudeville, under 
canvas, then close In September, and open 
our minstrel season about Oct 3, at our 
home In Conneaut, O. 

Richabd C. Maddox writes: "I have en- 
tirely recovered from my recent illness. I was 
confined to my room In Adrian, Mica., and 
It was to the courteoua treatment of Messrs. 
Norrls A Yeagley, the landlords of the hotel, 
who are old time professionals, that I owe 
my speedy recovery. Tbey did all In their 
power to make me comfortable." 

Cbas. H. Kino writes that he has Juat 
closed a successful aeaaon of eight months 
with the Dawson Concert Co., and was a big 
hit with his original songs, parodies and 
banjo solos. 

Notes from the Intbbnational Four. — 
We were In Lewiston, Me» week of April 
23, as s feature of the La Barre Bros.' Min- 
strels, and as the closing act of the show. 
In Gloucester we attended the Eagles' ban- 
quet and gave them a few selections. On 
the night of the show the Eagles came to tbe 
theatre In a body, and cheered tbe Interna- 
tional Four several times. 

Gbacte and Wilson report meeting with 
success In their Dutch knockabout act, on the 
D'Esta circuit They open on Walter Pllm- 
mer's circuit of parks June 18, for the Sum- 
mer season. 

Vivian Moobb Estehbrook mourns the 
death of her grandmother, Mrs. C M. Carr, 
of Kalamazoo, Mich. 

of the real bits of the bill. 

Hahbt Bryant's Boblbsquebb closed the 
season April 14. 

Sanderson and Bowman have Just closed 
twenty-live weeks' bookings, and are reBtlng 
at their home In Milwaukee, Wis. Tbey 
open May 21 on tbe Kohl & Castle circuit 
(two shows a day), and are booked solid 
for one year. 

Tipfbll and Klihbnt are back in vaude- 
ville. They were with W. H. West's Min- 
strels, nnd closed April 20, 

James Richmond Glenbot played a suc- 
cessful engagement at the Gotham, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., week of April 28. 

Tna Great De Boih writes: "I have just 
closed one year and seven months through 
tbe Central and Western States, and in that 
time I lost but ten weeks. My new act will 
consist of four new Illusions and new 
atage settings. It will be the biggest act of 
three people of Its kind. My new Illusions 
will be called : 'Something to Nothing,' The 
'Tomb of Life/ and 'The Mysterious Bwlng/ 
My feature illusion will be something new 
to the magic world, and la called, 'vanish 
from Mld-alr.' " 

Mubbat and Clayton Inform us that tbey 
will hereafter be kown aa Murray, Clayton 
and Drew, having added to tbelr travesty 
act Lillian Drew. They report meeting with 
big success with the Moonlight Maids Co., 
Introducing their act In the first burlesque. 

Thb Kinb-Nebs, head balancers and equili- 
brists, report meeting with success at tbe 
Parlor Theatre, York, Pa. Mile. Klns-Ner 
recently returned from Paris, after a suc- 
cessful European! tour. Week of April So they 
played the Lyric, Cleveland, 0,, and May 7 
play Detroit 

Jab. Flaumont writes : "I am Just closing 
a thirty-five weeks' engagement, which I se- 
cured through an 'ao/ In Thb Old Re- 

Thb Musical Bussblls have opened on 
tbe Novelty circuit and report success. They 
expect to play seven weeka in Colorado, then 
go to the Summer parks through the middle 

Chbib. Whblan, of Whelen and Searles, 
en route wltb Weber Jc Rush's Bon Ton Co., 
writes: "All of my family, who were living 
in San Francisco at the time of tbe earth- 
quake and fire, were saved, although they 
lost their homes, wltb tbe exception of one, 
and he will no doubt take care of them." 


Concebt Co.— We opened our Summer en- 
gagements st Buena Vista Park, Anderson, 
B. C. The company Is stronger than ever, 
and proapectB an good for tne future. Milt 
Allen and Jack De Castillo Joined at Ander- 
son. Bajan, In his wonderful ladder act 
and the Retsels, sketch people, are engaged 
for the season, 

Pbbsb Eldkidob writes: "I take pleasure 
In announcing that I will be connected with 
the Al. G. Field Greater Minstrels next sea- 

Robt. D. Lively, contortionist and hand 
balancer, who just closed forty weeks with 
the Great Barlow Minstrels, which closed 
the season at Gallatin, Tenn., Is taking a 
rest at bis home at Slstersvllle, W. Va. He 
will rejoin tbe same company, which playa 
the Ohio circuit, commencing early In May. 

Budwobth and Wblls started their park 
work Sunday. April 29, at Forrest Park, 
Kausaa City, Mo, 

Jbanettb Dupbb Is rehearsing her new 
act, entitled "Jeanette Dupre and Her Six 
Sweethearts." She will open wltb It shortly, 
and then play the Proctor, Keith and other 

Stbinbbt and Thomas are doing well In 
the West with tbelr German comedy act, 
"That Little German Band." They are 
booked up In tbe West until tbe end of 

Alb. Holt writes : "I played my last engage- 
ment In America for some time at Forest 
Park, St. Louis, April 20. Rail for England 
May 17, and open May 28 at Bradford, on 
the Mobb tour/' 

Mhe, Emmy has been very successful on 
tbe Orpheum circuit. She spent week of 
April 10 at her new borne on Lndlonn 
Avenue, Chicago, and opened, 23, at tbe Ma- 
jestic, thnt city. 

Thb Renos, Dotty and Denny, closed a 
successful season of eighteen weeks with the 
Huntley Stock Co., playing all New England 
time. Thev are going to lay off tor a few 
weeks at their home In Philadelphia, before 
starting their park work. 

John and alicb McDowell are on fbe 
Kohl & Castle circuit They report success. 

Note nou London, End. — Josephine 
Sabers name has appeared on the top line, 
or extra attraction, on all billing matter 
during all her engagements In Kurope. Up 
to the Dresent time her success haa been 

Jhenomenal, and Oswald Stoll, of the Moss 
Stoll tour* Ib now billing her as "the 
quaintest girl In Bnglsnd." 

Musical Nalon played the Star Theatre, 
Portland, Ore., last week. He goes to San 
Francisco to play the Sullivan k Consldtne 
time. This Summer he will play the parks 
with a double musical act. The team will be 
known as Nalon and Leschke. 

Habbt Db Lain writes: "I have Just closed 
a very successful engagement of ten weeks 
of stock work In Sacramento, Cal., and opened 
April Id, In Los Angeles, Cat, for six weeks, 
for Lovertch & Levy. X then play up North, 
over the Coustdlne A Sullivan circuit play- 

Under tbe Cents. 

Ing as far i 

; as New York City." 

Notes j-hom Buffalo Bill's Wild West. 
—At Tornl, March 29, we had two big audi- 
ences of country folk. We found them tbe 
same enthusiastic patrons as onr "agri- 
cultural" friends In tbe States. March 30 
found ua high up In the mountains at Pe- 
rugia. We arrived there late, and bad a long 
up-hill haul, but tbe show started at S p. h., 
and every available space was occupied. At 
night we packed up In a heavy snow storm. 
We arrived late again at Areszo, 81, and 
found a throng of people awaiting us. The 
stablea and cook tents were two miles from 
the lot, but performances were given to Beat- 
ing capacity, notwithstanding. At Florence, 
April 1-3, we had four turn aways out of 
Biz performances. Although the police and 
soldiery are fine throughout Italy, they were 
an especially fine looking body of men at 
Florence. Not only are tbey fine looking, 
but efficient as well. At Parma, 5, and Mo- 
dena, 0, capacity business ruled. At Bologna, 
where we exhibited 7 and 8, the lot was two 
miles out, with poor facilities for the public 
to get there, but we turned them away at 
both matinees, while the night houses were 
very good indeed. Here we were greeted by 
genial Mike Coy le, who was with us two years 
Id Great Britain, but could not Join us last 
year on account of having met with a serioui 
accident. Commencing wltb Forll, 0, we 
have three weeks of one day stands. The 
weather Is fine, health of company excellent, 
and, to use Manager Fred B. Hutchinson's 
own words, "We are doing a Jumbo business." 

Thb bosteb of the opposition brigade of 
tbe Barnum & Bailey Shows is as follows: 
Joe Rosenthal, agent; A. Cohen, C. Tlndle, 
Cbas, Park, J. Cooper, G. West L. Sullivan 
and J. Haas. 

Mas. Masoabet Devinb Welsh, mother 
of John T. and Col. M. H. Welsh (Welsh 
Brothers), died at Philadelphia, Pa., April 
20, and was burled at Lancaster, Pa. She 
was slaty-eight years old, a native of Ireland, 
but a resident of Lancaster for the past sixty 
years. Her death was due to disease Incident 
to old age. She was well known and highly 
esteemed la that city, and was possessed of 
sterling qualities that materially assisted her 
sons In attaining the prominence they have. 
The floral tributes were many, and beautiful. 

Thb Toozoonin Ababb have Joined tbe 
Barnum & Bailey Circus. 

Thb advance of the Great Thomaa Har- 

r eaves Railroad Shows 1b composed of : 
Henry Rice, general agent; V. O. Wood- 
ward, contracting agent ; Al. C. Foster, man- 
ager No. 1 advertising car; Sam J. Banks, 
contracting press agent; Frank Knecht, boss 
bill poster, assisted by eighteen men ; Wm. 
Carr Is In charge of the opposition brigade, 
and Frits Greiwe Is chef of No. 1 advertising 

William Oilman writes that he la doing 
the contracting for Campbell Bros/ Shows, 
which opened at f'alrbury, Neb., on April 28, 
that being the Winter quarters of the ahow. 

Mllb. Ada Castello, premier equestri- 
enne ; Dave Castello. the English bounding 
iockey, and Cbas. Castello, "the human fly. 
isve signed wltb Mackay's European Rail- 
road Circus. 

Chab. H. Dat writes: "I have Joined M. 
J. Lawless, 'another old white tenter,' In the 
real estate business. X think that some of 
the veterans (not In the cemeteries) would 
be glad to know that we are still on earth, 
and learn the fact through the columns of 
'The Showman's Bible. 1 " 

Notes from Fbeed & Pbrbine's New 
United Showb. — Everything la ready for 
our opening at Baton Rapids, Mich., May 12. 
A capable company of performers. In addi- 
tion to our dogi and ponies and the original 
acting mule, Maude, make a strong Bhow. 
Our band and parade will be a feature. 

Rosteb and Notes or the Babnou & 
Bailey Advertising Cab. No. 2. — We held 
a meeting Sunday, April 20, and elected 
Frederick Battereon, of Local No. 4, steward 
of this car. Roster: A. C. Abbott, manager: 
Victor Cook, secretary ; George Fraser, Local 
No. 7, boss bill poster; C. J. Sullivan, as- 
sistant ; A. C. Sprague, Local No. 3, In 
charge of banners; Smiley Lovelck, No. 1. 
assistant : Fred Batterson, No. 4, Uthos. Bill 
posters— S. L. Wilkinson, No. 18 ; Edward 
Tlce. No. 17; <X P. Corbett, Alliance; M. 
Goodman, No. ao: Abe Cohn, No, ; W. 
Croup, No. 17; Tom Murphy and Wallle 
Cochran, No. 88; G. Thatcher, No. 7; 
Shnrky Glaatly, No. 20; Geo. West, on pro- 
bation; L. A. Ward, porter; A. Fltchett, 
ehef ; Ed. Tolles, waiter. The mascot, 
"Chlcko," Joins In Akron. 

Roster or Goluab Bbos.' Advebtisino 
Cab No. 1 : Wm. H. Delly, car manager ; E. 
L. Maraden, boss bill poBter ; C. D. Bender, 
lithographer; Ira Shrock, programmer; bill 
posters— J. W. Erlckson, Al. Garrett, W. H. 
Martin, W. H. Lonabarger. Geo. Becker, 
(heater Barr, Eugene Davidson, C. Sharp, 
Wm. Swan, B. L. Coll, C. A. Loganecker, 
John H. Carr, Fred Ettler, Geo. Sternberg, 
Frank Ross, Fred Klttleson. The weather 
has been fine since we left Winter quarters, 
and everyone Is enjoying the fine Spring. 

Thb complete bosteb of Gentry Bros.' 
advertising car No. 2 Is aa follows: F. D. 
Garrlgui, manager; Harry Beltz, boss bill 
poster; James P. Miller, excursion agent; 
J, B. Nycum, banner man; Frank Harris, 
lithographer ; bill poaters — Jack Wataon. Guy 
Dickson, Bob Smith ; J. E. Evtaton, official 
programmer; Grant Waters, chef. 

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Clipper Post Office. 

In order to avoid mlilntfi and to 
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•ravelope plainly addressed mott be 
aeat tor each letter, aad a written 
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rieaae mention the data (or aaaa- 
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Alan. Teste M. Evclyen, EdtUi Moran. Mae 
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Mrs. Dan Fayette. Lottie 
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Abbotl. Rlti ■ Ford, Coreoe 
Ames. Miss Fnhrlnl, AHIe 

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nnvltrjck Jesate French. Mary 
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Braeaeole. Gordon Mm. MM 

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l (istle Catherine 
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Culver. Dottle 
Carroll. May 
Celeeae. Mile. 

Winnie B. 
Colel. Mra. D. 
Cullen Mrs, Wiu 

Mra. Fred 

Dais) K Bessle 
Castlcton Glaily 
Cuttle Ella K. 
Christina Millie 

Mrs. Wilfred 
Chick, Lillian 

It Claire 
Ch'tter. Alma 
Culbert, Stella 
Dun bam. Sarah 
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De Vera!; Rose 
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in-eicy,- phn 

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Dea Mondn, 

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Daylon." May 
De Moucourt. 

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T'IwhtiI". Jonnlo 
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Ueuner MIshMp 
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Iloey. Lucille 
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Ung. . 

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Rhuble E, 
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Lawreuce, Edua 
l.ttmrtey, I*nd*- 
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Murray. Mrs.H. 

Cimllle 6. 
Moatt, I,a\na 
Macqutltle, Idi 
Mack, Minnie 
Mnrlon. Mh C. 
MeNulty. Little 
MmiliiK Finil.v 
.ill leu Margaret 

Twin nhlllll 

Mfirnn. Mae 

Kiiini'e I.. 
MuiiIdK, Mrs. V, 
Monroe. Eoae 
Murfden. Millie 
Mryhe-.i 1 . Stella 
Mlctt, Siude 
Mayo. Carrie 

M.'mx" ''r- . IT. 
Mlteliell Alitite 

Augua, J. 

Athlr, 'ire at 
Andrus: Jeha 
A Mo. Max 
Ackcrman, E. C 

.'■ . :■.: on, 1'. 

Arinslrong, Artli 
Arauftroug. Wiu 
Allwi Frank M. 
AlLoni, !■:. J. 
Ailicril. Harry 
Alberta. J. 
AiMrw. Jack 
Abbot, I'ratik 
' ii'.j, Msx 
Armstrong W.E. 

Barnard FredW. 
, pavcAJecslku 
Buyilell. Sum 

r-m f i. mm 

Bartell, Harry 
HMcrlek Dare 
Biwch Family 
lirMtmn. Alex. 
■PI HninndlTrlo 
ltarnes. Fred 
Burgeon. Sir. A 
_, ■ Mrs. L. O. 
Burns, Robt. 
Bailey A 

„ Mll'll-r,- 

ftrown, wnit R. 
K«yie. Pat B. 
Biighar. Chao.n. 
Bird, Fml H. 
Brown, Jan. J. 
HonliBM. Jim 

matt Mr l 

ttratt<H), Phaa. 
partell. Chai. 
Berry. I^w A. 

Buckeye Quart. 
Barrett, P. M. 
Bowen, Frank 
Brown. ChH-i. It. 


Montague. Mao 
Manlng Twin 

aroylen. Mabtu 
Nellsoo, Peart 
Kltram, Bessie 
Orient, Trixle 
U'Day, Ida 
Olason, Martha 
Primrowe. D. 

Mra. C. M. 
Pryor, Atmu 
I'hllllp-H 5Iondan 
Poole. Pearl 
Peterson Mrx.C. 
Prescott, Ada 

Plckert, Cracu 
Pilgrim, Norma 
Pierce Maud B. 
Phillips. 31. 
Paige, Dora 
Pierce, Jennie 
Pfaff. Mra. F.l*. 
Qulnn, May E. 

Boy, Blanche B. 
Roaelte Queen 
itingk*. Madge 
Uignobl. Marie 

Bo bint; on, Ethel 
Ray nor Mrs. J. 3 
Right. May 
Itosenbnrtr. Noim 
liced, Miss M. 
Itlce, Mrs. 
luvel.. Flo 
llao. Inn 
Rolllna. Theresa 
Itotellu. May 
Redmond Artlne 
shannon, Mary 
8trcmu. Mile. 
Sewanl. Minnie 
Henri Cnrolyn 
Bf, Clttir Kittle 
staler, Violet 
Sullivan KlttyE 
Sterling Lillian 
Snauldlng Laura 
Rtorr, FrnneesD 
Seymour Llllluu 

tS|>encer, Lillian 
Sowers Tillle S. 
irrwrks. Hatti'M 
Suudberg Llllluu 
Somerit Mrs.K.'S 
Shvpurd, Mouh 
8tenheni«oi. VI 
Stillman, Muzle 
Treror, EtLel 
Terry. Carroll 
rnuguay Co.Ev-i 
Taylor Gertru<le 
Tlioinaa. Snale 
Tempest. Nancy 
Train. Chu*. It. 
Vincent aVHNM 
Van Dyne, lola 
Van Burcn Mary 
Van Horn Mra.J 
Vincent. A. 
\ Irian, Uussle 
Van Dyne, uta 
Vivian. Miss 
Veolette A Old 
Vediler, Debbk- 
Weedon. Mrs. 
Welch. Alice 
White, Irene 
West, Mrs. Jack 
Watte:*. M.-irgle 

Waldorf Evelyn 
Wilson. Mae M. 
wiiiiU'e.k, Jane. 


iVItaou. Mha V. 
Webb. MoHIc 
Kara, <Ireat 
>ri-|i!s. Emmu 

Mrs. Kdwlii 
Vminge Ethelyn 

Conuetlr, Hugh 
Carr, Ed. 
Corbet t, Jas. J. 
Carlos. Mr. 
Ciirmo>lr, Jan. 1* 
Coburn. Billy 
Colonial StockCo 
Corucll. W. E. 
Colllnt. Dan 
Couture ft 

Crawford ft 

Mann lug 
Cliate. II. R. 
Cady. Fred 
Clay. Prof. H. 
Ciimpbell Jess II 
Clark, Harry M 
Cllre. H. (Mag. 
Cameron, Wni. 
Corker. Samuel 

Capt Tom 
Ctlfford. Percy 
Carroll ft 

Cooper, Frank 
Connor, Jas. 

J. i Morton i 
Chin uberla Ins. 

Churchill. Ken 
Older, Frank 
Clark, Corson 
Craft. P. P. 
Cliadwlck. LosD 
Cnrrle Thco. L, 
l)e Forest. Fred 
Dikes. Jacob 
Day, Edmund 
Dwyer, Eddie 
UUKCh, John F 
DeDreisler Broc 
Durkin, James 

Col. Brian 
Buy, Edmund 
l»evenport, CM, 
DeVllbls, C. K. 
Duubar Archie 
DeVrles, Henri 
IK-war, Prof.W. 
Dill A Wird 
Daly. FrancU 
'Dixie In Old 

Virginia' Co. 
Dcltsfl HyJLCIias 

Donohue, JackL 
IK'lmo, — 
Daly A DeVere 
De Hat en, 

Ralph W. 
Dnwwn BulleyJ 
imrt t. G. H. 
Darts* Rulph P 
DUon, M. L. 
Doyle. Will R. 
Dutlon, Win. 
DeclulrvlU. Sid 
l>e Voe, Eddie 
Daly. Eddie 
Davis ft Barth 
Dartt. G. H. 
Dressier, John 
Uooley. B. 
IKibblns, Win. 
I'ti'-i-: .-. Harry 
Dunn, Joint 
Dilwoi-Ni, UUlu 
Dfiiiiisey Chas.F 
IVnovan, J. B. 
Donovan ft 

Doty. E. L. 
IHmocV. W. H. 
Dyer. Harry 
1 tents. Homer 

Ellen C. -v. 
ri'jnuhne, Jack!,. 
Deverciux Jbck 
Dclton. Henry 
Doyle. Phil 
Dunbar. W. J 
lXwils, It. W. 

Elmo, P.ft Aiiiu 

Eitwards, Music 
Fchlln. Henry 
Ellis, Nat 
Kly, W. S, 
Flioendorf W.C. 
Ellery Ciinniifi'i; 
Einborg Fred T. 
!■:■■ in-, P. 
Kills, Jotteph 

Frank E, 
Filing, Herbert 

Bond. Hurry CheooweOi, C.II 
Boyer. Wii. T. CastelluiM'. 
Henttv, Dare Devil 

Hnnourtftk-i Cuntlno ft 
Ralbroraa. — Lawrence 

Burns, Win. V Carpenter. B.W. 
Billing. H. II Clifton. H. II. 
npnninglon S.K Cbamberlnlu. 
Brown Frnnk D H. Webb 

Barron, FA- Cnmpbell. Robt. 
HanieM. Jl-s. 11. Collin*. Dan 
BrUnH, L. C. Coborr.. J. A. 
Blanc, .i«e CHvelt*. — 

Buain. Will Carbcrry ft 
Brennjiia Music St:nton 

Badimjn. Chas. Collon. Q. P. 
Bartell. Harry Cox, Sidney 
Bar. Fred Carey. Billy 

Barrett. J. J. Carlyle, Sydney 
Rnrtelll. Joe Clark. George 
Bllilnga. Harry Crsft. P. P. 
Itnimwell, M". Coiton. Thomas 
Bertlnl. Mr. Conlon Jolin L. 
Bird. Tlios. H. Clisae. Oims. 
Plondel Fanstus Conlln. James 
Byere & rornntR Wm. 

H-'rinan Coins Dogs 
Bennett. Slark Case. HowanlL. 
Bond. Harry Clifton, H. H. 
Besserer, Wm. Conley. Jw. J. 
Booavitu Cant.J Conley A 
Biirkhordt. C. K MeGulre 

Biites. I^)Uie Croucluer, W.E. 
Barrere A Jules CatiBeld ft 
Baudy, George Carlton 

Burris. James Calkins. J. K. 
Bennett, M. Clement. Clay 
Brudtlon ft Cole. Harry 

Gibson ■ ■* * rret 
l-artoone. TfHM.'Oole, N. W« . 
lUrtol. Harry Vm-m -uuja 
Bownun. FraukColHer. Walt 
Blake. J. A. ICupontl. Chas. 
Bf.rmu. George Carol too, Chaa. 
Berry, Gordon Curium St.Clalr 
Hnln. H. B. Claxton. 

Cunlngham Carl ** ' ->nt 

Chamnloii Jack Cron. Oorocfl 
Clayton WeLb A cwiu-uLitn« u-D 

Greene. C. M. 
Ullnscrettl Tony 
Calllgrtii, Jas.T. 

Mr. A Mrs. 
Gfaavar, vTaatal 
Golden Geo. V. 
Gardner. Will 
Urcen, Mrrk 
Gray, Tony 
Oil mure ft 

be Muyn- 
Clin.-erett! CfcM 
Gaillmorc Artb. 
Imlmef, Hrrryl 
Iledre. J. 
Uanfont, C. B. 
Hugbex. Mr. ft 

Mrs. Nick 
Hall, Don C. 
Held, Wilbur 
Hall*. Prank 
Henry, Frank 
liognn. John 
Ilolljnd, Frank 
Hughe*. Edward 
Held, Wilbur 
lion, Henri 
Hughe*. Eddie 
Hinunoud, J.H. 
Hunn-.i, J. 
Hale, Artie 
Ifamllt&n Col.C. 
Kamlln, Wm. 
Hnrrlguu JaBMs 
Iluntlns. Tony 
Hart. Billy 
Hen ton. Jfhti X 
Harp, Albert 
Hart, E. I.. 
Hamilton Geu.H 
Ifannit. J. 
Haramoud. J. H 
HsycH. Eugcite 
HayneT, P. 
Hahn, Arthur 
Hunce. J. i: . 
HlDkel. Billy 
Hearty, John 
Henale.v. Geo. G 
Hanck. Phil 
Harrington Lou 
Hnrcou.'t Frank 
UltclHvuk Cbi 
Haywsrd m 

Hay ward 
Howard Bros. 
Hosklns, Chas, 
Holeomk. Hcrht 
Hayes. Enrene 
Holiday, 'inj; :■ 
IlKldlUK. '■■ ii - 
Hnnley Mlchuel 
Dulls. Frank 
Dayman, Jack 
Howard. Uihs. 
II irrlt ■.,•[... I. ■■■'i 
IlHuge-.«s. C.M.J 
Hathaway. John 
Huhbai-d, LeonC 
llonbeak, Ceo. 
Hylands, Morv. 
Hickcc, UaNag 
Harris. It. H. 
Hoeiileli. Joliu.1 
In man, Harry 
Irvine, Win.. J. 
Intboff. linger F 
Ireland, G. H. 
Irviugtoa, H. K 
Iris. J. J. 
fngrabam. Herb 
I vers, 


Judge, LoiiIh 
J. S. 

Johnson. Mnrk 
Jtmw, Johnny 
Jeaklns. (lurry 
Johnson. Kd. A. 
John son CarroU 
Jones, Cu.'tis A 
Joliiisou Cm-rolJ 
Joyce, Jack 
Jo!icai<u it 

Jones. Bemile 
.'*■: k.'il. Geo. [i 
Jones, II. A. 
Kelly ft Bertha 
Kennedy. Fran« 

Edwnrd D. 
Kimtwll, Hertu. 
Klasuei', LouIh 
Kitiu, s.ft Nellie 
kill!, M. J. 
Kelly ft vioictb 
Kl'icald. Jos. A 
Klein, Arthur 

Kltnore JoliiieyD.l.'ellHm. I^co J. 
El stent) miner. (Kelly, Chas. J. 
Jnnies Knlll, M. J. 

Kntest. Hurry 
Evans. Arthur 
Ionian, Harry 
Elliott. Jack 
Factor, Clios. 
1'ecley. Dick 
Fatten?!', J>'B. H 
Fox. Fred 
Fa Ike, Cha*. H 
I'onl. Chas. 
Fuller- Mark M 
Fox, Harry 
Faure, Jules 
Fuller A-Gnrtley 
Ffckett. Guo. 
Frank, Joe 
riood. F. A. 
Frlqaet. Jnlea 
Viihrenberp. A. 
Fletcher, Chas. 
Feldler. Sam 
Ford, Mr. 
Franklin, H. P 
Erase Trio 
Flugg. Wnt. L. 
PurreU. Cllft 
FlehU, Nat 
Finn, Joseph E. 
Foster, Col. Jem 
l^wter. Jean 
Fulton. Arthur 
FnrrelL Joe 

Harry L. 
ratal, Albert 
Franklin Clyde 
Flynn, Eilmuud 
rroslien, Joe 
Fox. Harry 
Font (nolle, — 
Fields Jno. Jr. 
Ferguson. Dick 
Grady. Heory 
Gllllsple. D. H. 
ttolns, t'.ii* 
Gmtn Dr. I". B. 
Greene. G. H. 
CfK»ln:\in. Ed. 
Cnrlict. WIIf.E. 
tirove. Lyle 
Gordon, Geo. 
Gordon. Steven 
Guy. Geo. R. 
Grahame Fcrd. 
Goillno. D. 
Granewin Clia». 
f.anlncr Jno. H. 
Grieves. John 

Klrscli. \\"m. 

Kings to i. I.oul* 

Kn|-f. E. IC. 

Kane. Win. 
Keiincdr. Chas. 
Keys, Dick 
Klrchles, u. A, 
Kent. S. M. 
Kelleuer. Major 
Kelly, J. 
teo. Frauk 
i.cAiri, sMsrsri 
I.aCrolx, Puul 
I.i ivitt. Harry). 
Uwls. O. 
leu. Fred W. 
Lata? BIII'h 

London's Four 
I Li-. Albert J. 
1 ■/.ri. Joe C. 
Lo»ry. Ed. 
Logan Osanraai 
l-erghton, Fred 
J.pcnmoD 1-klwarl 
i.i'.lnu. Hclitller 
Lester, C. W. 
Li Veen. Ssm 
U Van! Win.S. 
linn. Be* ford L 
Ljucli Frank T. 
lagafttt Lee 
I i-j. Frank 
l.nee A I, on- 
Lnlng, Mnvhoo-J 
La Tov Bros. 
Iieon. Bert 
I ..-., Frank 
Ueentra. J. A 
Lelbert. Samuel 
Met. Jul. W. 
l.uke. M. L. 
I^iwry. Btl. 
Lester, IM. 
i.aiig. Clias, 
Tortus, How. F| 
lrfN-. R. H. | 
l.lclio. Be it J, 

Fred (lite. i . 
Light. J. 
Low:iimI>:, Oscar: 
l<ee, Frank 
La mount A 

Pa Til err 
I. co Frank 
Lando. Albert 
I^Crotx, Paul 

La Rene Harry 
l^impc ft Lainjie 
Ltwcr Dr.C.W. 
leu. F. W. 
Uttlcneld. C.w. 
Lucy A Lueler 
Lowell. James 
McKvoy, Tbtw. 
Mnrrriy. Clay- 

ton ft Drew 
May. Fred 
Mudge. A. H. 
Meno. Earl 
McDonald. Mike 
Marty n. 

PUt, A. I. 
Moselcy. M. A. 

Prof. Edw.Jr. 
Moncricl ftSmlih 
Alltchel Htk. Co 


'■ii]k-ii'jl>>. Dude 
M^ .-i 1 1 iv J. 
Mojiilhiin, J. J, 
Montsello. Al. 
McLuniadeti. D. 
McGoey, Jos. C. 
Madison, — 
McMillan. Walt 
Morton. Jus. J. 
Martin, Rub 
Mlrkes, J. 
Marks. Teddy 
McCanu. Archie 

Mack, l';..:i. 

McNully. John 
Jllller. CiwleCU 
Jorrell. Frank 
SlcCall, W. 
Mc Far bine. G.L 
MrAnallan. Joe 

Mulhleiis Jugg. 
Murphy A 

Mack, lulu J. 
McCatiley. Bob 
Marrlett Twlsn 
Mllliird. Bobby 
Mlllnrd Pros. 
Myers, John K. 
Mugcrer J.'.ouls 
Mack. Ilobly 
Macbey, Geo. 
Murpliy ft 

Ms G*c, C C. 
Matthews, C. C. 
Manser. CecllC. 
Murphy, Nick 
Murphy, Frank 
Monaban, J. J. 
Muck Jno. J. Jr 
MeCttffry. Jamei 
Mortimer Ciias. 

McNt+f. R. A. 
Morris, Wm. 
Mack. W. 
Monroe, Ned 

Grlswold. Hank l^febroi 
Gnlvln A Lane. Alfred T. 
Gardner DickSr. Lancaster, Tom 
Glln*crettl. Lewis. Andy 

Cha- Glc.) \\A BertGH. The 
Grau, Robert ' Toaey AMau-J) 


Mnrtlnud. Phlllo 
A'antilui;. John 
Murph/. w. H. 
Morros. J. A. 
McCarthy. J. F. 

Lionel It. n. 
M.i-kell. Tlios. 
McCaiiley. Bob 
Mtlllcr A Clinnii 
MeyerlionT. H. 
Murpliy, F. \Y. 
Moran. Will 
Ucaaaffrra Mm 
Mae. Frank 
Murray. Chits. A 
MeGrew RiekE, 



.;>-:,■!, id. II. 

>iilloii. Cf-.. \Y. 
Mullen, .i.i-. II. 
Mae. Frank 
Mucdomild Mike 
>!,..-■:-;, Win. A. 
Monroe. Ned 
Nalon, Musical 
Nulon, John It. 
Navnro. JJoarah 

Beriiartl I. 
North. Harry 
Norrls. Ben 
Xevuro. Chas. 
Nello. Mr.ftMi-x. 
(Hirer. Perry P. 
Oiwl, Henry 

O'Uoiitiell F. J. 
dlierll (Gynm l 
Orliimonde. Wiu 
Paul A 

Bey nob is 
Perry, Joltu II. 
I-otler. H. B. 
Porter. '1. F. ■ 
Percy, Ilubt. VV. 
Philip*. l.e»iiai'i| 
1 'oits. Cb.ip. 
Phillips, J. H. 
Pitt, C D. 
Parker. Wm F. 
Powers, Eddie 
Fhllan. 15. V. 
Peltier. Eugene 
PescbkotT. Get, 
Potter, II. B. 

Petidexter. F.B. 
Proette, Wm. 
Powell. Frank 
Payton. C. K. 
Follow. Artavr 
Pippin, Eugene 
Qulnn. Jnines 
ItaiiisiU-ll. J. J. 
Rosenthal. >l. W 
Rlcnby. H. R. 
Kiih Duo Co- 
Ilnviiipiid, J. S. 
lllley, Win. F. 
Kntnngc I'm. J. 
Riley. Wrr.. F. 

Miner, i*nt 

Itoyer. Archie 

■In, Geo. W. 

Ross. Geo. T. 

Klvelo, Emllu 

Kelley ft Morgan 

I :.-■■! " Eil. 

BrdOelil, I A. 

Wiley. Le» 

RooiHlT, Fal 

Havrson; Guy 

Rehan-wr, John 

Rowland A 


Ulii Vau Win- 
kle Co. (Htagc 

Boeder. II. 

Itoesellt, Rex 

Rslston A iton 

nintl Theod. 

Bitter, Max 

Rider, Frcl 

Ross. D. 

Buyer, Arctii« 

liobvy. Howard 
Hiii'sclD. The 
Sully, Jolin F. 
Sully. Daniel 
Slndk. Joe 
Mayor HarrvC 
Mwor. Will H. 
Ny! vector. Frank 
SetdncMs. The 
Salrloe. Hen 
Snlly ft Phelplis 
Sou theni. 

Cliuuucey L. 
Steel. J. 0. 
Smith. BUI 


Soliuyler. I«eW 
Smith, U'-ilii' 
Snntor. Clias.J. 
Sdhini. Ben 
Stanley, l^ew 
Sulvlul. Pen 
>iito. 0. K.'.v. Harry 
Simon. HiTbi A 
Somers, Perrln 
Stanley. F. R. 
Kefir. Arthur 
Manfo.d Maiirlc 
Slierman Frank 
Stanley A Alleeii 
Slmms. Wltlanl 
Slimnous. Hick 
Serey. Frank 
At. John Eddy 
Sulllvnii ft 

Sulvlnl. Ben 
siiior. Jack 
Sage. Paul A. 
Shaw, Pete 
Swea tm ii ii , 

Willis P, 
Seartps. A. 

A. Itenwlck 
Svlugall. prof. 
Stone, Vernon 
speck. Tom 
b'nnderson & 

Seymour. Dave 
Swlfi. Herbert 
Stmus Prof. H 
Seebsck. Hit try 
rtSBTipir Dick jWaterbury or. I lorn v 
'lanlcy. Koiii 

Mnllh, Killv 
Slurry ft Raj 
Silvers. ROW. 

Si'^tt A llowald 
Seymour Waller 

• i'lvi-ii. Hon 

SI'ITnl, I.. A. 

St irk. Bob 
Sleek. Geo. M. 
hsa J. I,. 
Mcwart. ft. J. 
Sl:aw, W. J. 
Siiillli ft DtHIo 
Shen, Frank W 
Sylvan. Billy 
Slur Con. Co. 
skim Great 
Simnk-rni-in lUr 
Smith. Billy 
Klgmau Iluiry 
Slegtrled H.J. 
Treat. Jules L. 
Taylor John 
Teenier. Wm. 
Triplet I. Win. 
Thompson. Ikm 
rrlpnel. Robt. It 
'fenny, E. 
Tlllson. Ben 
Tumor. Prink J 
Terrell Knuik K 
J'lmrbcr. PhtlH. 
Taylor. Albert 
Tyiinu llraudoii 

~4rr. J. M. 
Tttrner. liobt.s. 

VUlal.'. Allmt 

ter. Will 
Veiidoine. V. 
Vsniells. TIk* 
Van, Woody 
Von GcarsdniT. 
Prof. J. C. 
Vim, Ernest 
Van Oaten T.D. 
Wlllard, Jr» F. 
Wilcox. J. 
Watson. Bob 
Wolfe. Walt JL. 
Wnleb. T. H. 
Whitney. C. J. 
Willlain-. Tlios. 
Wild. Wm. S. 
Wilson. Geo. II. 

N Jr 

M'nlerbury i:.M 
Siianlermsii. II. Washburn Wall 
Stevena, Mk.hi .■ Wilson. Mne 
Svltepji, Chas. Wi Williams Ilenunl 
S'lnt'cr, Al. H. rwilson. Joe 

IWIlson, Fri'iik 

M'IIkoii. WiM. J. 

U lllli'llt 

Unison. Jos. K. 
Woodward. l\ 

Wii^fU'.T. IlilJ. 


Wtullehl, (leu. 
William-, J. N. 

F run els 
Walsh. Billy 

G. N. Jr. 
Wnterbury K.M. 
Wilson ft Morau 
Welch, J- 
Wolf. Jacob 
Wnkelce, Meat 
Wagner. Sam 
Wilder, M, P. 
Wlnpcrn. C. T. 
Worifen, Win. 
Wusbburn, Wutt 
Wit I de u, Harry 
Waller A MarflU 
Weils, .ink-' 
Wlndrop. F. W. 
Williams & 

Wlgham. Jns, 
Washburn. Walt 
Win r-nis n. 

Hurry F. 
Ward, Marty S. 
Wayman Joseiih 
Wheeler. Mack 
Way. Claude 
Wilmn. Frnnk 
Whiltler. lit IM . 
Widklus, ilnny 
Wcrlx ft Jndgu 
Weft. Jolin A. 
Wheeler, 0«car 
Walker. Amos 

Jns. ft l 'el In 
IVeetta. Wm. 
Yummoto Bios. 
Yockner. J. C.K 
Young Got. P. 
Ynlto Dun 
) miliar. Frank 
/.nlellu Cn. Mgr. 
Zcvn. IWwiii 
/lii-tner. Pave 

Huppy Jack 

Mr. t Mrs. 
Zurrow Trio 

-♦■• " »■ 


St. Pnul At the Metnmullhin Opem 

lluiiue (L. X. Scott, manager i Ulchartl Carle, 
in "Toe Mayor of Toklu, hud good houses, 
April 'J'.* .May •_', the play lOHklnu; a hit. Hen- 
rietta CroHtnun. in "Mary, Mary, Quite Con- 
trary," lnirt big buslneaH 14. She la a strrrng 
tuvoflle here huvlng played here In stock. 
"The Land or Nod" tf ft. "The Uttlc Loily 
Oruy" 10-12. "The II«lr to the Hnorah" 13- 
DJ. Dorkstudei'H Mlnutrela 17-lft. 

Giiaxd (Theodore L. Hajra, tiia natter). — 
"Wnen the World sleeps" had fair business 
last week. Week of 0, "Tlio Httrujlar's 
Daughter ;" "How Uaxter Butted In" lit and 

Ktar (J. C. Vau Koo. tiianiiKer). — BuHlne^s 
wiiB fair to good lual week. The Merry 
Milkers d-l'J. and John L. Sullivan and the 
Ideals 13 and week. 

Orphhum iCharles Krerck, mituageri. — 
BasHHaj wan biff last week, ror week of 7. 
new faeea: Hazel Battanfua, the /.Iniinenntiiis, 
Sadie Maunlng. Daisv Lewis, i.ou l>oughllt, 
kniio Slstore, I'lia-nlx. I-kllfton'a motion pic- 
lures. Holding over: Clio Colllus and com- 
pany. Fmnui Ma-uii. Virginia llnydeu, Maliel 
Carroll. Klo Patterson and Kdtm Laxall*t. 

LlMi'titK (A. Wcinholzer, ninnugerk — Htiul- 
»et>* WAM fair last week. New people for 
week of 7 : Leo Wilder, tint] \,n Favorlta and 
her trained dogs. Tboae rvuiainlng over : The 
Great Donby. I.llllo Llarnett. Lucille HIakc, 
Vera Loralu, and DoIIln and Doyle. 

Notks. — Heit.iiunlu Kink, formerly with the 
old oiyiupio liore. hua returned frum San 
l-'rHnclsco. where he whs unwed out. uud Ik 

again with the Umpire. The St. Paul 

Elks had a ;:n!;i week April 'Mi, at I lie 
Armory Hall, the entertainment cunalstlng 
of pure food aliow. vaudeville, moving ple- 
lurea. Punch and Judy. i:lc. The itftendniic: 
v.uh big. The buiii'Ilt nl Hie .Metropolitan, for 
the Sun KraiiclHtTi HUtrerera ueftcd nbout 

51.000 The Auditorium girders for the 

ruof arc being put In place The New 

Majestic Fninllv Theatre, to be erected on 
.Minnesota Hired, neur Seventh, will he 
opened In September. A modern, llreproof 
building, cofifm-mlng tu all the require men is 
of tlteatre buildlnga. will bi- constructed, 
oLHtlng fdO.otio. A Keating opacity of l.ooi) 
iieople la designed. The policy «f the new 
house will be pojnilar price vaudeville, with 
per forma nee** every afternoon and evening, 
Ample staga roon« will ]**rmlt the preaentu. 
lion of thi* bigger vaudeville nets, and a 
u!rong bill will be mAlntulned throughout. 
'J he theatre will he built by the Minnesota 
Amu^eraeot Aaaoclntlcn, a. now combination 
of tli.'u.rlo'ii men of Die NnrthweHl. who 
will erect almllar thoatrea In uther cities of 
the Stat". The universal iwptilur prices of 
10 and 20 cents will prevail at this house, 
thus tilling the demand fur a "lU-ceut house" 
la St. Paul. 

John I.. Sullivan IIMIL The Hrlgadler Uur- 
lemiuera were splendidly received Inst week. 

Uiilnth.— At llie Lvirmn (t\ A. Maishidl, 
inauugcrt the only n It faction far the week 
••tiding May "• was Murray ami Mack, In 
"Around the Town." on April !I0. The house 
was well tilled, nnd the singing gained llliernl 
applause. 'Doekslader's Mlnsirele 12, "Why 
Women Nlu" Ifi, HI. 

MKTItul'ol.lTAN (W. M. Iiuligalreet. uiiilin- 
ger) is oitisoii for the season, hut will open 
for iwo performances, d. by the Dainty Pnree 
Co., which has been playing the Iran range 
towna for llie week. They will piny some or 
the Wisconsin towns and ilien close for the 

Bi-ioi' (.lue Mitltlaiul. manager). - - New 
people 7 mill week: Thelitis De VvHW. the 
RotM'fls I'tuir. Addison and Livingston. Hilly 
Mark. Zcrroy. Mary Long. Jus. McClellun, 
and the 'Frisco pictures. 

Notkh. — Sarah llernhardt gave a matinee 
lie r forma by* la » large lent April 90. All 
llie scuts were fait, It was a colli perform- 
iiiuc us the wind was blowiag up the lake. 
the tent being set neur the hike shore. .1, 
T. Conduit was (he manager here .Then- 
Is a new place of amusement ojhmusI oil Mala 
Street, it Is called the Savoy (It. II. Had- 
Held, niaiuiger). — The bull Is on llie ground 
Hour, and will seal about 2.~>0 people. Thn 
onlv attractions clveu at present are moving 
pictures. The admission Is five wills. 

Nl. Joseph,- A! Tootles K\ \\ i'lillloy, 
maiiagert "Utile Johnny Janes" drew a large 
nnd well pleased audience April :ill. Kuhollk 
hud goml huslneas May S. "Ilualcr Drown" 

Lvt'Kt'M it*. I. 1 . I'hlllev, iiiaiiuger). — "A 
Trip in Egypl" had fnlr business April jy, 
:i0. Miss New York Jr., Mav :t, drew good 
houses. "When Knighthood Was in Flower" 
o, 7, Empire IturlCtttiuers 11-111. 

Cievmtai. tKivd Cosiaaii, nmmigcri. -Busl- 
iivas continues gum). Itlll week of 0; Ryan 
and Douglass. Wm. G. Rogers. Itarr and 
Evans. Wm. nleltoble. Fuller Hose and com- 
pany, and t'osinau's movlug pictures. 

Lvhiv il'nink Dr Ally, malinger k- Tills 
IHipalar house conrlnues to do a nice luiwl- 
iionh. HII) week of 0: Harrison Urns.. Alvin 
aiid Keimey. Janes and Unynioiid. Hhick mid 
Leslie, IlatlJI Lesalk, and moving pidures. 
— ♦^-a 


llaltlmurn. — Willi "GhIIoiis." which la 
to ho seen al Ford's ICIiiiHph !■', Ford, luiitia- 
-i'1'i (Ida week, will end wlinl lias boon a uni- 
formly goml Heasnn. "'H'ay Ihiwn KMt* 1 liad 
n week of excellent huslneas, doming May .1. 
Lyman II. Howe's "Llfenrnmu of llie Stege 
of Tort Arthur" occupies the house II- Ilk 

Ai'.vPKiiv I'Mxon ft Zimmerman, mann- 
nen); — "Ills Honor, llie Mayor," which 
cloned u\ brought the season to an end at 
this house. 

Lyric rHernhanl IMrlch, umtuigcr). — The 
wmea of "pop" eoneerls, by llie MelropolllHn 
Opera I louse Drehesiia, under the direction 
of Nnlian Frsnko, begins 7. with Mrs. 
Tlioinas N, Noyes as special soloist. ' 

AL'piToiiikM t.lames 1„ Ki'rnitn. uianageri. 
— "I'lider Kouihcrn Skies" begins a week's 
slay 7. with the Dixie Quartette us a feat- 
ure, 1 loud in I closed a prostk'rous week 5, 
The Airship" 14, (Jnmea L. Keruaii. uianageri. 
—Grace Field and her lanlluee alrla ate Hie 
heudliners of a hill which embraces May 
Durvea and W. A. Mortimer. Johnny Johns. 
('•H>k and Mndlson, Lu Vine end U'Ofinid, and 
St. John and Le Fevrc. Full lioascs ruled 
week ending a. 

Iliil.l.niAV S'riiKirr ICeoi'ge W. Itlfe. iiuiii. 
ager>. — "Arizona" opens 7. following "A llu- 
manci! ol Coon llotlaw." which did well Inst 
wwk, "liescrfed at the Attar" conies 14.;v'h iClmi'lcs B, lllaney. manager!.-— 
"A Rail Man from Mexico/' a new musical 
lilny, by Manager lllaney, written for Walter 

Minneapolis).— At the Metropolitan Opera 
House ( L. N. Scott, uiinager) "The Little 
Gray l-ndy" Muy tl-W. "The Laud of Nod" 
10-12, Lew Dockatnder'a Mlnatrck KI-10, 
"The Heir to the Hoorah" 17-10. Henrietta 
Crosman delighted large houses April 2ft-Mny 
-. and Itlchard t.'arle'a sale for "The Mayor 
of Tuklo." !!-j, was good. 

Uuot' Orr.i<A Hochk (T. 1. Hays, mana- 
ger]. — The unroot Ion lor tt mid week Is 

"When the World Sleeps. ITie Burglar's 

Daughter" 13 and week. Llllluu Mortimer, 
In "No Mother to Guide Her," played to very 
good business last week. 

Oiiphkum (Martin Deck, general manager). 
— Business contlnuea great aa ever, und peo- 
pie for this week ire: Fay anil Clark. Fergu- 
son and I'asamoro, Thos. J. Keogh and com- 
pany. Geo. Austin Moore, Mitchell aud Cain. 
Marvelous Frank aud Bob, and Bessie French. 

Lvckitm ( I. C. Hpecrs. tuauiiger). — "The 
Brixton Burglary" 0-1 'J. wllb " rink Ikim- 
Inoea" tc follow i:;-m. '"Hie Voting Mrs. 
Wlntlircp" drew very good attendance last 

I'.MQUK (John Llllott. manager). — People 
for week of 7 are: F.mmu Hamilton and com- 
pany. Buckeve Slnte Quartet, the Oreat 
westln, the Yorke Herbert Trio end Herman 
Ui Fleur. 

Dewky (W. A. Singer, manager). — TbN 
house Is having Hs usiipI gr»H) sikti'sh, The 
Keulutly Bellcg dill, tue Merry Makera euU 


Wllsonr will he iin-senied 7, "Old Isiiacs 
from the IJoworv'' elased ft, Next week, "A 
Man of Mystery." 

(JATBTT |W. L. Balhiuf. tiiituager).— .Mnn- 
chi'Blcr's Cracker Jacks heglna n wwk'a en- 
gugeuient 7. The Blue TtllilHitr Girls gave a 
line iierforiiiatice last week, lu full houses. 
The Now York Stars II. 

Mdm-jikxtai, l James \„ Kertisn, niaiiu- 
ger). — Miner's Americans opens 7. The Ori- 
ental Burles<|ticrs did fairly, closing ,1, The 
Bohemians are due 11. 



Mllvtuuke**,- Only fair ntteiidiiiti'e was 
in evldcnee n( the loL-al tlieutrea last week. 
At tin- Shulicrl, Manager J'ik In Tlinnhiiuser 
offeretl Paula r:dwardcs. In "Princess Beg- 
gar." Tin) alar and en I Ire support In- com- 
pany were especially well received. The com- 
pany roiniilneii over for nit enlra purfonauuee 
Sunday, May 0, 

Haviumiix i Klicnnini Brown, uianageri.— 
"The Clansman" lasl week, 'llie Tlinlta Tin'- 
litre Ylddlsli Co. II. 12, Viola Allen 17-10. 
ImekstadcrV Mfnsireh m. 21. 

Ai.liA.MUKA l Jus. A. Hlgler, nialiagvrk-— 
"The Hleepliig Bcimiv and the Beiisl." last, 
week, led In Eke inuller of nllcinJuneo, An- 
other hl','li cluss vaudevilh' hill Is iiroinhed 
for week of <1. wlili Mabel Hlte and Walter 
Janes as lopllncrs.;. — MiiiniKor John li. Pv«rtu offers 
"Dora Thorna" 0-12, "When the World 
Mte eaa" 1,'l-llt. "The lturglar'a Daugbler" 
had a satisfactory engagement last week. 

STAa.--.lohu L. Sullivan, together with Ilia 
Merry Maldena fturleaquerH. packed the the- 
Utra last week. Manager Frank II. Troltuiau 
ofTers Wllllaitis' Ideals 11, aud Stun Devcre's 
Own Co. 13. 

Ciijht.w. IF, II. Winter, manager). — Thn 
following people for week uf 7 : The Avon 
I'or.'nk Four. I^oulu Dacic. Sanderson and 
Bowman, Hnrry Baker, Ccltun and Darniw, 
Orvllle Hiid Frank, and the f ryatalgrapli. 

Ilatlle Creek. -- At the Post (ft It. 

Smith, ninuagerl " 'Way iXiwn ICaal" pleasiHl 
a good house Muv 1. 'llie tieurgla Minstrels 
drew well J. "Hooligan's Troubles" Is due 
l", Llberlv inaving pictures and vaudeville 
ll-lli. "Dr. Jek.vll and Mr. Hyde" 21, Viola 
Allen SSI, Martin's "Uncle Turn's Cabin" lill, 
"The Tenderfoot' 21. Mne, Manielll 20. 

Iiuiii' (W. S. Buttertli'ld, manager).— 
Week of April St n good bill was presented, 
comprising : Kolilcr uud Victoria. Muster 
Gurney Cfsler. Joe Ailmuu. Mile. Aline. 
Dacoy, Chase uud Adulr, and cllnetnficopo 
pi elures. 

John Kobinkon'h Circuh U billed for May 

' e i i .. ■ 

kit i niMc. — At tlio La Crosse Theatre 
lV, I. CMK e t a * L tuttcrf-?A Jiilljr. Auierlcau 

'I'rump," April Hi. plcasetl a large audience. 
Murrav and Mark, in "Around llie Town." 
gave sal Isf art ion May I. Dana's Third Uegi- 
melil Band 3, -'What Women Will Do" 0. 
l.n Crosse Choral Club coiH'Crt M Ihome 
talent), German Reformation 10, II (home 
talent i. 

In. no (Al. Shuherg. mimngeri. The fol- 
lowing bill attracted crowds last wei'k : Ituso 
Huble, Clark uud Tuuiple, Green and Green. 
Flunk Milton. Do Long Sisters, and San 
Francisco pictures. BIB week of Slav 7 : 
Hyde and Heath. Goto, Brown aud Uilmtit. 
Kdlth I Km by aud company, ami Jack O'Tool. 
i , ■>-■ ■ ... 

Knii t'lnlrc- At the Grand |C. D. Moon, 
inuuiiger) IIIekinau-Bessy Stock Co. opened 
week nf April 30. to a packed hoime. Na- 
tional Stork Co. May 31.11?. 

UxiifPH iWui. Ariuuiid. mnnugeri." Bill 
for April 30 und week: Delia Walsiin, I'a- 
guro. Wm. Annaiid, (he tlreut Wosllti, Buck- 
eve Slate iiuniielte, and York and Herbert 
'I tin. Large crowds rule. 
♦■ > 


liniiNiiM Clly. ■-•Kansas City's llieaitlcal 
beiielli t'or the 'Frisco snflerers look plncc at 
Couvcniloit Hiill Friday evening, April 27, 
and ll was a great success. Kvery place of 
iMiiiisonieul was closed, nnd all llie allows 
lontrllnui'd acts, Tlie stage was cleverly 
bundled by Manager Martin Lehman, and the 
show weul wltliaa' a hitch. The programme 
was mail" up nf speelulllis from "PlfrT I'nlT ! ! 
I'onl' I ::" ' Llnlo .luluniy .lones," 'Whv 
Womeii Shi." | he Avetiui* Gltis, the Parisian 
Widows, Mexican Nnllonnl llnnd. "When 
Knighthood Was In Flower" aud the People's 
Slock Co. The (irpheuui, Yale's, und Na- 
Gouiil Tlo-tiii'i't- n I fin sent vaiulevllle nets, anil 
Mr. Iildab :nnieil over n eh<-ek for 90.^00.112 

10 the i lui Ir n o|' Hie relief ctimiulllee. 

This repri-ncnleil Hie total receipts, there 
king n. 'I one teni nf expense. All the print - 
ing ivnt rlbul id by the Afkcriiiaim-'lulg' 
ley Litbogiiipli l.'o.. anil the posting c.iiittlti- 
ut ml by the Kiiiikiis Cilv Bill Poallng Co, 
'Ibe Depot Cinlnge niiif Baggage Co. jiml 
heal nutoi'tolille '.Inns couiiihaied llielr i-oii- 

viyaiiee*. Thl- Is probably the lll'Sl till I 

iicord that everv theatre and place of iimase- 
tai-iii In any one city have closed and milted 
lu it heticlll, 

Wn lis Wnnii iWoodwai'il ft Burgess 
Aiiiiimo Co., miinagersi, -Last week. Chan- 
iilng Pollock's (-barmliig play. "The Llttlo 
Gray Lady," had fair business. Tim show 
and company were well received, 'litis week. 
Nellie SlPwaii. lu "Hwent Ni-|], »t Old 
lirury" The house will In- dark next. week, 
and conuiieiielng gtl. for tbreo days, "Tlio 
Lion and the Mouse." appears. 

Guam) (Hudson ft Judnli, tunuagcrs).— 
IiuhI week. Kolb nnd Dill, In "1. D. ['.." did 
fulrly well. Besides the two stars Hen D. 
hlllon. chiirloiie IMdot and Maud K. Wil- 
liams did good work. This week. Kruest 
llogaii. In ii'iliw llaslus." and next week, 
Madiime .Mnnlolll, lu grand opera. 

Diti-iir;t;n (Mat-tin Meek, general maiingerk 
— Tills week will he the IiihI one oT llie sea- 
sou, Tlio house will close 20, with llie an- 
nual amiileiii- carnival. itlll week of T ; 
Kuniii'a Loudon Co., Alain! Kadet- and his 
three wives. Willy Zimmerman, World's Corn- 
ear Four, Prabsl, Allen Shaw, and Hie Holds. 
worths, i K. S. Biighaiu, maiiiigei-k — Last: 
week, "How Hnxler Butted In" drew good 
nouses. 'I his week. "Mima Kijeuiy ;" next 
week, "The Moonshiner's Ihuigbtck 

AiliiTOiiti'u (Wood ward A Itiiruosa Aiimw. 
Co.. niauageisi. . Last week, llu> l,yniau 
I wins, in their now musical comedy. "Tim 
Itiisllers." scored a hit. Tills week. "Scotly. 
King of Deserl Mliie ;" next week, Woodward 
A Burgess Hloek t.'o.. feulurlug l^itllo Hal/- 
berg, in "Utile l/ird Fiiunilerov," 

.\1a,ii;mtii' (Fred Waldeiniin, uianageri. — 
Lust week. ItiiNt) Sydell's Umtloii Ik'llea gava 
good btiiie,»|iie |H<rforiiiiiiici>a. This week. Ilju 
Bon Ton* and next, week, the Black Crook 
Jr. Co. 

Cknthhv (J, .1. Barrett, uiumtger).- -Last 
week. Hellly A Wood's Big Show, headed bv 
llie cvnr {mini la r Pat ItelTly, gave an excel- 
lent hill. This week. Miss New York Jr.; 
next week, the Kuiplm BurlempicrH. 

PKOllJi'H TJIKATHK, West Kml.- Peoplo's 
Slock < o. last week Have Baud performances 
of "I h« Knobs o" Tennessee." This week, 
"\\ Imsi! Baby Are YouV" 

Fokkst Pa UK i Lloyd Brown, nut linger k — 
Big crowds were In alleudniice nil 1 UK | weak. 

11 was Hie second and last week of the Mexi- 
can Lbxlil liiliiuiry Hand. This week Hosatl'M 
Itoyal Italian Band opeto-d a special engage- 
ment. Last. wuofc'M bill hi llapkllts' Tlieutre 
was: Had.) I.esslk. Wm. Howe, Harrison 
Bros., Jones and llaymoinl. Bud Warth and 
Wells. Hill week of 7: Frank Perry, Hahele, 
Hilly Iktriiiit. A ImIji 1 1 ii Ii 'I'nmpc. [lie Moxatis, 
and llie khtodrotue. 

COVVKNTIMN llAI.I. ( I.Ollls SIlOlISC, 111111111- 

geri, Kaljellk gave « eoiieerl evening of 
May '.'. lo a large and rnshloiiuble aiullenee. 

('urckUkNus. ■ The Sclls-Flolo Show will 1m 
the llrsl circus lo make its (oral iiiipcni-itiico. 

and will uppeiir here 7 VTalMOa Show 

comes 14, and Talbot's Fire Fighters 

rilcetrlc Park will open Us season Mav W, 



HouhDmi, -At tl,o Majestic Tlieulre IF. 
C Hlurgls. tniiiiageri Mils is tin* last week of 
i Ik- season, und the Majestic closes May .">. 
after a most Kailafiiclnry test of legitimate 
vaudeville, Al lit si tt was illllinilt to uf- 
Iraci, hut when familiar nnnies began to ap- 
pear on the programme (lie public thawed 
out, und Instead of one performance dally 
Hie uiiinagcuient was compelled to give iwo 
lo niromnuidutc (lit' crowds. The plan* Tor 
Summer and Fall have nol been- ouillned, 
but Manager Sturgls snys ibe coming ai- 
t ructions will be on u miuii Isiier scale, and 
t bey will please, Tlie closing liragratnnie. 
whuii hud crowded (be house dally, follows: 
I'oleii anil Lenluirr, lu "A High Toned Burg- 
lar and Ibe Wire Tapper:" Maud Rockwell, 
soprano: Slduey Grant, iiupersorinlor ; LU/.lo 
l-.'viuis and Harry Mills, lu "The Old Love:" 
'Any Holland, violin virtuoso, und ibe Three 
Droles, grotcsoue and coined v acrubals. 

Il' i S\. c. Miction Is. iimiiageri. — 
The seniion closes ."i. with a Iwat prounclloii 
of "Tbo Mikado," for the Sail Francisco suf- 

Notk. - Highland Park was thrown open to 
the nubile. B, with a successful IihIIooii as- 
cension and parachute descent. Manager 
Ileenuti promises |hc public some excellent 
attractions for the future. 


Vakhaman played April 1(1 tt Wltiiilpeg, 
Can. He reports uttccess. and stales that be 
has signed for leu weeks with tbo Inter- 
UUllvual Theatrical Co, 

33 i 


May 12/ 










AdnrtlKmenu— 111.80 per lock, iioiu col- 


AdrerilieoeiiU Ht Willi border, 10 per 
cent, eitra. 


One (Mr, In idraoca, M; Us month., $2; 
three month., $1. foreign poataja eitrt 
Rlnilt coplea will l» aant, poatptld, on n- 
rrlpt ot 10 tenia. 

Oar Teni «r« Cask* 

THE CMPFHB !• lamad ewr, WedneadiT 

mornllif. The le«t tour (adTertliloc) pafta 

(10 TO PBEHS on Saturda? at 11 a. u., and 

lie other page, on MONDAY and TUESDAY. 

i be Porau cio.iD* Promptly. Taaa- 

d»r, at 10 o'clock A. H. 

Pleaw remit br eipmn, monej ord>r, check, 

p. 0. order or registered letter. All caen en- 

I'lojed wltb letter 1, at tha ru* ol aendor. 

Addreaa All GotnmnnloBtloaa to 


« We»t 28th Street, Now York. 
Reolelered Coota AddYew, "AOTHOaiTt." 


of Tbi Clippbh l» located at Eoom 604, 
Ashland Block, Chicago, William F. Bryan. 
manager and correspondent, where advertUe- 
rnent* end fUDacrlptlooa are received at oar 
regular fates. 


Located at *& Cranbotirne St, London. W. C, 
John H. Carney, manager and correspondent, 
where advertisements and subscriptions era 
received at oar regular rates. 

"ALB AND RETAIL, at our agenti, Brentaco'i 
news depot, 87 Avenue de TOpera, Paris, 
France; M. Lillenlbnl, Frederick St rase* 
101 (Tennlnue Hotel), Berlin, N. W., Ger- 
man?; Diamond News Co., 97 Prado, Ha- 
vaoa ; Manila Book and stationery Co., 128 
KspoIIb, Manila, P. 1.; Albert ft Son, 107- 
1.8ft King Ht, Sydney, Australia. 

nnlr one edition, and that !■ dated 
from Now fork. 


No Replies by Mall o r Telegraph. 


CLIPPER Post Office. All Lettish will 



It. W. t Loganaporr. — We have no knowl- 
edge nf the present whereabouts of the party. 
Address a letter In our care and wi* will ad- 
vertise It In Tmk Ci-iitkb letter Hut. 

J. II. H., South Bethlehem, 

W. II W . Buffalo. 

Miss II. C. Chicago, 

w. A. B., Denver. 

Mub, R A. M., Hprliigueltl, 

Miss N. II., 

Mum. II. M.. Pongbkoepale, 

W. J, K„ North Buy. and 

Miss R, MoO., lit Airy.— Bee answer In 
II. W., above. ...•„. 

Constant Hkadbh. — "Principal Boy" In 
Hie; technical term applied (o the leading or 
Juvenile male role In burlesque, which Is nl- 
wnys assumed by o wonmn. 

J. H. H., New Vork,— Watch nur route lint 
fiiuh week. 

I. X. L.. New Vork. — Apply to wny of the 
music publishers who advertise hi our eol- 

" C. M. W., Detroit.— Al. H. Wood. 140" 
Itruadway, New Vork, Onvertw & PeterB, 
112 Weat Thirty-ninth Street, New York. 

Clark, Peoria. — Afldrea* Samuel Krcnob. 
'M Went MiM) bbibbbI Street, Now Vork 

S. A., nallan. — Addrewt Kddle Foy, care of 
-The Karl and ib« tilrl" »o., an per route In 
ihlw Ismie. 

1. 1.., N< l w York. — Watch our route Hat each 
week, or nddreaa a letter iu wire of tbla oflke, 
and we will advert lae It In Tiir Clutkh tet- 
ter list. 

W. M„ Superior. — Sohrcyeriidoea a similar 

I\ O.. New York. — I, Lcater, Alleu, Srollh 
and Wnldron were the orlgloal Illg 1'onr. 'J. 
Murphy end Summon and Murphy aud Mack 
were knowu ns Ihe Four Shamrocks. 

Mum. t. M. J.. Shwveport— We have no 
rerjrd or death of the party. 

II. V. W- Mlddlelown.— M. S. Roblnaon 
was Ihe manager of "tin the Itoad." 

mi. i.i ahiih, POOia. I'/rc 
J. J. C. Jermyn. Pa.— 1. It was unt Sut- 
lou, the one-nnui'U UllilantlHi, who lwriki- 
paled In the recent totiruauieut In Ihla city. 
■J. We do not know how the one-nrmed pluyer 
Inxl IiIh n rut. 

(I. M. S., South notion. — T\w a«*e of hearln 
Im alwaya u trump, nnd can reneg to any 
Inferior trump lead. 

S. s., Rnaton. — Aa the gnaie wns phtyed 
under "bonise rules," we can render im de- 



In oorlail i-iue \W9 pabllahrd ttt M- 
furate ||«t of Rammer Park* whfiro 
V«fid«tvlll»>, 'Dravnatie or Operatic P*>r* 
Otrmaneaa are given. It la not piaNe np 
from last year** Hat. 8aeh reaort haa 
b«en obta.lh««t i» j illrert roinmun iiation 
with the manager or Looking agent of 
Ihe park. For Ihe henefll ofthoae ivho 
have not obtained Ihe CUPPER eoir* 
mining tlii« lUt, ^vealate lhatwe.hav* 
a limited wnwaber <tt coplew on fcarid T ] 

year ou Tnursday evenlog. On next Satur- 
day (Knxrer Saturdnyj Itladd Holt will open 
lih acflHon with the producllon. for the lirat 
time here, oi ihe new Hpet-tamlflr wardramn, 
"I t t a H g ad in Port Arthur."' 

Thftt-e wnii nnuther crowded audience at 
the Tlvoll on Saturday, when Harry Rick. 
urdH preaeuted hi a usual popular programme. 
Ihe chief players being Ilarrjard'sTjoflnonettPH, 
ihe Dancing Cllberta, Mile. Nada Moret, 
Alice Ravmond, »ud John Kurkatnp. Harry 
I'lark'a liadlum Glrla, in the new Radium 
liallct, were well received. Thle evening Mr 
Itlckarda will Introduce Tambo and Tamno, 
newly arrived from ICnglend, whose specialty 
conafafH of Nplontng tfilrty-iwo tamboiirlnes 
nl one time. 

Weal's pictures and the Bresctans still hold 
the boards at the Palace Theatre, and there 
wsh standing room only on Saturday night 
long before the performance began. The pro- 
gramme provided by the Bresclans comprised 
superior music and rehued humor, which 
was keenly appreciated. West's living pic- 
tures created great amiinement, and were re- 
ceived with enthusiasm. 

In Melbourne, at Her Majesty'a Theatre, 
ntiell Brune played "Camllle," to a crowd- 
ed house, on Saturday night. 

"The Fatal Wedding" still continues to 
draw well at the Theatre Royal, while new 
performers have atrengtheoed Htckord's Opera 
i Ions.- Co. 



Svmngv. April ». 

There wns an Immense attendance at Her 
Miijesiy'a Tlieatrc, mi Saturday night, wbeu 
tliv lloyal i'omli Ojinni'M Hue representation 
of "I'nii! Jones" nace more commended that 
plolnresqnely staged nnera 1o the audience. 
Next Saturday .1. l\ Williamson will revive 
"The Clnxnlee" as (he Raster attraction. In 
which the full strength of the company will 

At the Criterion Theatre, on Saturday 
night, "Dr. Wake's Patient" entered upou 
the last week of lis run. aud. Indeed, the 
new play represeuta the moat successful pro- 
duction of Hie I trough •Fleming Co. to date, 
tin Saturday tliev revive "Renuty. and the 
IhirKe" for two nights, in he followed by "A 
Village Priest" ami "thtulll.v Street. " 

Ai ihe Theatre Royal, "l.niiy Audley'a 
Secret" Attracted nnotlierlaiK*-- uudleiH'e an 
Saturday ulsrlit. Win. Anderson's Hramatlc 
Co., headed Uv Kugenle IIurerii, will make 
Its hist nppearniu-e at the Rnynl fur this 


Welders Bnrean 

of the New York Clipper. 

Hf-pom R04 Aahland Block, (htcntro. 

Of unuaiiRl Interest this week Is the prom- 
ised production of fleorge Broadhurst's "The 
Coward," ut McVickers', which will open 
Sunday, May II. The only other changes 
will be registered at the rand Opera House 
and the Illinois, Richard Mansfield at the 
former, and Richard Carle, In "The Mayor of 
'Initio.' 1 at the latter. 

ILLINOIS TBRjATHtt (Will J. DavlB. nuiiin- 
Iter).— ^Beginning Sunday evening, 0, Rich- 
ard Curie will begin u return engagement In 
"Ihe Mayor of Toklo." The popular '•peanut 
bullet,' the dainty Oelsha girls and the 
famous blue rlbbou chorus ore still retained, 
and the company supporting Mr. Carls Is 
said to be one of the best he has ever had. 
Fred Frear will olny the title role. R. H. 
foitiern and Julia Marlowe to ca- 
poclty business for the two weeks they were 
the attraction here. Nat C. Goodwin fol- 
lows 1.1, for two weeks. 

Powers' T»t:ATr:n (Harry J. Powers, man- 
ager). — Robert Loralnr. in "Man and fltiper- 
n .an, enters upon his last week Monday 
night, 7. Commencing Sunday, 13, for an 
Indefinite run, "The Heir to the Iloorab." 

colon tal Theatbb (George AV. Lederer, 
mannger). — "Forty-five Minutes from Broad- 
way ' Is striking Its salt for a long run. The 
tint week has proved the play | H , lH popular 
ns ever. 

t.iiANu Opera Uovbh (Harry Askln, mana- 
ger). — Richard Mjinsfield begins a two weeks' 
engagement at, house Sunday, 0. opening 
with "The Scarlet Letter." On Tuesday even- 
ing "The Mlaunthrope" will be given. Other 
hills will be: "A Parisian Romance," "Beau 
Brum owl," "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," "The 
Merchant of Venice," "Don Carlos" and 
"ftlchnrd III," the Jatter of which will be 
played on his furewsll night. "Before and 
After* played to capacity houses during its 
run bere. Commencing Sunday, 20. "The 
Prince Chap." 

8ti/dei.aker Theatre (R. k. Harmeyer, 
manager). — The box office here Is likely to 
he aelaed by ticket purchasers for the next 
two weeks, as "The College Widow" begins 
the final fortnight of Its Chicago stav Mon- 
";>' "V " 1 P». "• Thomas Melgan, in the role 
of niily Bolton, the halfback, has won muuy 
fitends. J 

GARBtCK Thbatue .'Sam P. (leraonv niau- 
nger). — The last fortnight of the engage- 
ment of "Mexlcann" Is announced at rEl* 
bouae. Louis Harrison has won many new 
friends by his clover comedy -work. Christie 
•McDonald, who Is appearing here for the 
first time for several years, haa scored u 
close second lo Mr. Harrison In the point of 
i>opuiarlty. Bertha Pearl Is another noptilnr 
member of the company. 

McVtcKKK's Tiihatue (George C. Warren, 
manager). — Tnls house will have n real first 
Monday night when George Broudh Ural's new 
inay. "The Coward." will huve Irs premier. 
In this work Mr. Brondhurst has departed 
from his wonted way, and has left the land 
of farce and fantasy for serious dramatic 
fields. The new play la in a prologue and 
ihree acts, and the scenes are laid In New 
Vork City and a small town lu Pennsylvania. 
The presenting company Includes : Robert T. 
Hlnes, Frederick Armstrong, Albert Bruu- 
ulng, Albert Perry, Benuett Southard. Joseph 
Tnohy, Harold Tansy, Karl Ryder, i.llllau 
Albertsou and Georgia K. Mendou. 

Ciiicaoo Opkba Houbg (Lyman B. Glover, 
manager). — Several chnuges have been made. 
Iu "The Tune flracea" since the recent visit 
of Harry D. -Smith, the uuthor, und a trio 
haa beon introduced. Mabel Harrison, John 
Slnvln and Trlxle Frlgauxa are Ihe chief en- 
tertainers, while the danclug La Petlle Ade- 
laide Is still a feature. Frank Farrlugton, 
M. R. Rlcard and Churles II. Bowers are still 
among the favorites. 

La Salle Theatre (M. h. Singer, maua- 

fieri. — "The Umpire" continues to do big 
iuslness at. this limine, where It is now In Its 
twenlv-thlrd week. Monday evening, 7, there 
will he anal her distribution of souvenirs. 
Bessy Fontaine Is still one of the prominent 
members of the company. 

Great Northern Tuk.vthe (Fred C. Euerts, 
■feMMT). — "Texas," which Is again playing 
at this house, will cuter on Ita second week. 
.Mabel DIxey aud Charles D. Coburn are 
assuming the leading roles, aud are support- 
ed by the same strong cast as when seen nt 
Uils houso earlier in the season. Commenc- 
ing Sunday. "JO, "In Old Virginia." 

hi sii IemI'le (RUxahelh Schoher. mana- 
ger). -- "Oratiatark" will lie seen at this 
home Monday, 7, following "For Fair Vir- 
ginia." Adelaide Kclui will again piny Prln- 
<eSs Vetlve, nnd Howard Hickman will be 
seen as Prince Unbrlel. Thurston Hall and 
Ressle Barrlscnle. former inembera of "Mrs. 
Wlggs, of the Cabbage Patch," Co., will be 
cast hb l.iirry and the counless, respectively. 
"The Octoroon" played to large houses. 

Aliiamrra Theatre (James H. Brown, 
manager). — "A Burglar's Sweetheart" opens 
at this house Sunday, d. "The Flaming Ar- 
row" played a week's good business ending 
Saturday. 5. For LI and week, "To Be 
Buried Alive." 

Academy (William Roach, manager).— 
This week. "The Hnnteseekers" will be the 
bill, opening tt. "The Homeseekers" Qtiar< 
telle furnish vocal mnalr. "Dora Thorne" 
closed a big week ending Saturday, 5. 

Hi. H.i- Tut: a the I William Itoach, mana- 
ger).— "To He Biuled AUve" la the title of 
■i. 4>lnv to be produced -rit this 'house,, com* 
iliencllig Hiijirttiy,"""." ''tW~*iTne"Tf'WJ,V ~K«ii» 
RnrK* Llndoit nppenrs in the leading female 
jule. L:iMt wtHfk, "Tile Factory Girl," For 

13 and week, "Shotbuck." 

C0LIJMBI.H Theutrk (Weber Bros., muua- 
g.-ra).— -Why Women Sin" In the hill com- 
mencing Hundiy. H. It la elaborately itaged, 1 
nnd produced hy a iRrge company. "The 
Homeseekers" played to good houses last 
week. For }8 ami week, "The rinralng Ar- 
row." " -- 

People's theatre (Joseph Pilgrim, man- 
ages).— -Why Smith Left Home'' Is the at- 
traction here week of f>. Last week. "We 
'Cns of Tennessee" played to large houses. 
For 1* and week, '• Woman Agnlnai Woman." 

Majestic Theatre iC. R. Draper, tnuuu- 
ger).— Mabel McKlnley is announced tot the 
lieadllner for w«k of 7. , Others are: Paul 
Saodor'a dogs, Mosber, Houghton and Mosh- 
er, Sherman and De Forest compflhy, Jamen 
J. Martin, Rtnmett Devoy and company, Alice 
Mndon Uoli; Stanley and Wllion, Cnstellat 
und Hall, Naomi Rthardo, Dixon and Fields, 
t. 'harlot 10 llavenscrofi, Devere and Devere, 
and Spoor's . klnodrome. 

IIa r.M s.fiK et Tiikathk ( W. W. Freeman, 
manage.-). — Rdna Wallace Hopper will head 
the hill at this house. The hill also Includes 
such well known members as Nat Haines; 
ihe Da mm Brothers, Julia Ring and company, 
the Hael:er- Lester Trio, Lee Russell, L. Carl- 
ton and Bertha Grant, Lazarre and Lazarre, 
Will Rske, Llnstrom and Anderson, and Rog- 
ers and French. 

Olympic Theatbe (Abe Jacobs, manager). 
— Arthur Dunn will be the headllner at this 
house week of 7, appearing In "The Mes- 
senger Boy." The bill also includes : Worm- 
wood's monkevs, Ferry Corwey, Herrmann 
the Great, the (tleasons and Houlihan, Cam- 
eron nnd Flanagan, Frank Bayes, Harry 
Brown, Mudge, Hicks and Montgomery, La 
Tell Brothers, Edith Richards, Aielroy Trio, 
Frank Le Dent, and Spoor's klnodrome. 

International Theatre (W. S. Cleveland, 
manager). — Week of 7 Edward Waldman 
will appear at this house. In u condensed 
version of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," sup- 
ported by his own company. Others are : 
Morn Moore, the De Graw Trio, Harry How- 
ard, Nohlett and Marshall, Charles McAyoy, 
und the optlscope complete the bill. 

How a no's Theatre (Dan Russell, mana- 
ger). — Bill for week of will Include: Rus- 
sell, O'Neill and Gross, Walton and May, tbe 
Great Page, Fred Kennedy, Bay Samuels, and 
Hazel Beslle.. 

criterion Theatre (John D. Hogan, man- 
nger). — ".The Factory Girl" comes to this 
house week beginning Sunday, 0. "The Gov- 
ernor's Pardon'' closed Saturday, 5. For 1.1 
and week. "Why Women Sin." 

Folly Theatre (John A. Fennessey, man- 
ager). — Sam Devere's Own Company comes 
to tblB house for a week, commencing Sun- 
day, 6. "The Queen of Bavaria" 1b the spe- 
cial feature, and Cora Hunter la still a 
prominent member of this company. The 
Ideal Burlesquors closed a week of good busi- 
ness Saturday, G. For 13 and week. May 
Howard's Co. 

. TiwAOEito Theatre (1, M. Welngarten, 
manager). — For week of 0, the Parisian 
Widows, In "The Carnival at Monte Carlo." 
will he seen at Ibis house. The Jersey Lilies 
Burlesque Co. closed a week here Saturday, 
5. For.Kl and week, the Bon Tons. 

Kii.HON-'.s Tiikathk (C. J. Ruson, manager). 
—The Bon Ton Burlesque Co. comes to tbla 
house for week commencing Sunday, 0, Mile. 
Amato beads the vaudeville bill, which In- 
cludes : Dave Broderlck, Kalacratus, tbe Jubi- 
lee Trio, tbe Barkens, and living pictures. 

Aftermath. — At the general offices of Ro- 
land & Clifford, In the Grand Opera House 
Building, all is activity. The new, big scenic 

{day,' "The • Phantom Detective. Is being 
milt, pnlnted and elaborately* appointed. 
"Thorns nnd Orange Blossoms" and other 
new productions by this firm are also being 
constructed. Other attractions that will also 
he exploited the coming season by this enter- 
prising firm are: "The Old Clothes Man." 
■The Minister's Daughter." "Over Nfsgara 
Falls" and "The Gamekeeper." The Bell 
city Theatre was recently bought hy this 
firm, and will be remodeled throughout. . . 
TliR CurrnR Bureau callers for the week 
ending o were: Llszie N. Wilson, Mr. and 
Mm. John Powers. Ethel Gllkev, Will II. 
Field", of "Why Women Sin" Co.: VV. Y. 
Perry, Walter Stanton. Mary. Parkinson, 
Yvonne Keaney, Joseph Manning, Freydo and 
Dare. John McOee, fed. Wlersoa ■ aqd Harry 

Chalmers George Alison, leading man 

of the Players' Stock Co., and .Mrs, Alison 
(Gertrude nivers) withdrew from that 
organization tl, apt! -will become connected 
with the Vaughan-Glazer Stock Co,, at Co- 
lumbus. .Will II. Fields, who played 

the role of the Bowery pawnbroker, In "Why 
Women Sin" Co., has Just completed a 
seventy-five weeks' run wltn tbe above named 
company Freydo und Dare have com- 
pleted a successful tour of tbe Western 
Vaudeville .Managers' circuit, and they will 
ptav a few parka for the above named com- 
pany before going East. .... .When White 

City opens Its doors <>a Saturday, May 10, 
there will he many new attractions, In- ad- 

■ dltlon to 'those that were successful last year. 
Much expense has been gone Into In tbe hous- 
ing of these attractions, but no greater 
amount of money has been spent in special 
buildings than that which has erected 
Midget City, n battlemented town. The 
Midget City Is a reproduction of the old 
and picturesque town of Schloss Daun, or 
Castle Down, which centuries ago ueslled 
In the heart of the Schwartz Wuld. or Black 
Forest. In Prussia, and which Is now extinct. 
David Robertson, the architect, who vyas com- 
missioned, and under whose supervision the 
entire work wns done, tins been able to dupli- 
cate the famous village square of this old 
historical Town. Surrounding this square, 
the scene of nil public festivities, are the 
burgomaster's imposing residence, the resi- 
dences of minor officials, stores, booths, the 
lire engine house the village jail, the theatre, 
indoor olrcus and other public buildings. Tbe 
massive battlemented nnd turretco walls 
show Ihe preparations for defense In time 
of war. nnd in the centre of the square la 
(lie usual watch tower. The Interiors of 
the bulldint-a have been finished and furnished 
complet'. 1 . showing the style of Interior deco- 
ration of that period. The old fashioned 
kitchen, the quaint dining mum, the dignified 
nnd formal reception hall, the sleeping 
rooms and other apartments .ire nl) faithfully 
reproduced. One of the greatest curiosities 
at the Midget Cllv will be the ponies used In 
(he mldeet fire department. The combined 
weight of lliese ponies If 120 pounds. The 
Mldgei Beadle Finally, mother and daughter, 
will he exhibited, and In the Indoor circus tbe 
show will bo given by the midgets, a splendid 
exhibition of trained ponies, monkeys, per- 
forming bears nnd other animals. Lindsay's 
dogs and monkeys will he one of the opening 
attractions In this particular part of Midget 
City, and the bill lit ibis depnrtment will he 
changed from lime to time. In the theatre, 
which Is splendidly appoluled and equipped, 
the midgets also will give the performance, 
reproducing the songs, fancy dancers, featsfl 
of msglc, aud other Interesting aud his- 
torical features of old aud Interesting times. 
Louis Lnuttersteln, under whose direct man- 
agement Midget City Is, has. after research 
In tturopeau countries, gathered a great 
quantity of these little people On Sun- 
day night, April 30. the Thomas Orchestra 
gave a benefit for the San Francisco suffer- 
ers, which netted *L28H. 
a 1 ■ 
KnANK Whitman, the dancing violinist, 
fans closed the season with Hanions' "Fan- 
tasmu" Co.. and opens his vaudeville engage- 
ments at Tony Pastor's, May 14. Mr. Whit- 
man will hove some improvements In the act. 
Katiihtn Obterman. the clever Widow 
Montague of B. C. Whitney's "PUT! PnffM 
Potif III" Co.. missed a perfornWRee for the 
first lime at Danville, III.. Tuesday, 'May 1. 
Miss Osterman left hurriedly for New York. 

~.TV~-rrBpiWrr-e- 'io -,V 'WtgfjBBI 4BJBBeB>MSa>» *-s«. 

seriously Illness of her sister. MyV who Is the 
- mother of tbe child violinist, tiadi. 


Our Hifofrfcfli corr«*pb«rfenl« are Rare** 
votiflctl that the. credential* now held bti 
tfcflW teitl BsqpJrB M -/««e / «ert. Thrif are 
requested to return them to thi* ufflre at 
Miee, (try Ttueicul fnf IMC-MfT. 
•»♦» ■ '■ 

Bnatnn. — The new bills for the current 
week are: "The Stolen Story," at the Tre- 
mont ; Nance O'Nell, at tbe Mollis Street, lu 
Itouersbolm ;" the'Fnya, at the Globe; the 
Boy Behind the Gun," nt the Grand Opera 
House; "Men aud Women," at the Empire; 
■'The Light that Failed," at the castle 
Square, and "Shadows of Night," nt the-Bow- 
doln Square. Tbe continued attractions are: 
oiga Netbereole, in repertory, at the Colonial j 
Henry R. Dixey. In "The Man On tbe Box," 
at tbe Majestic ; "A Yankee Circus On Mars," 
at tbe Boston, and the "pop" concerts at 
Symphony Hull. Tbe Grand Opern House 
will close for the season on Saturday night, 

Tremont tJno. B. Schoeffel, manager). — 
"Tbe Stolen Story," a newspaper play, hy 
Jesse Lynch Williams, has Its first local pres- 
entation on Monday evening, May 7. The 
cast Includes : Jameson Lee Finney, Edwin 
Holt, J. L. Seeley, Ralph Delmore, Jos. M. 
Sparks, P. C. Foy, Robert P. Carter, Doro- 
thy Teunont, Marlon Abbott and Fanny Marl- 
noff. The engagement Is for two weeks. Ber- 
tha Kalich presented "Therese Raqula" ns 
the bill for her second nnd final week, ending 

Mollis Street (Isaac B. Rich, manager). 
— Nance O'Nell neglns a fortnight's engage- 
men t 7, presenting I baen's " Homersh tm" 
during the current week. During tbe past 
three weeks Mclntyre and Heath enjoyed line 
business, in "Tbe Ham Tree." 

Colonial IChas. Frobman, Rich & Harris, 
managers). — The second aud last week of Oiga 
Netbersole's stay at this bouse will be de- 

"The Second Mrs. Tanqueray." "The Laby- 
rinth" and "Sapho" attracted large audi- 
ences last week. Grace George, In "Tbe Mar- 
riage of William Ashe," will follow. 

Majestic (A. L. Wilbur, manager). — 
Henry E. Dlxey, In "The Man on the Box," 
l» now In his second and .final week here. 
The piece has caught on decidedly, and busi- 
ness has been excellent. Margaret Anglln, in 
"/Ira," will follow. 

Boston (Lawrence MeCarty, manager), — 
"A Yankee Circus on Mars scored a de- 
served success last week, and remains here 
for an all Summer run. The many features 
were thoroughly appreciated, and the work 
of the comedy principals well liked. 

Gi/jBr-' (Stair & Wilbur, managers). — The 
Marvelous Fays (John T. and Rva), in 
"Thoumatnrgy," 7-1J. Assisting are : Kauff- 
mau Slstprs, Harry dolman, "Bimm, Botnm 
B-r-r-r," and Hamad! troupe of acrobats. 
Kc liar closed a successful fortnight's stay fi. 

Grand Oi-cha House (George W, Magee, 
manager). — The closing attraction of the 
season nt this house is "The Boy Behind the 
Gun," In which Harry Clny Blaney is starred. 
"McFnddcn'a Fists" proved as popular as 
ever lost week. The house will be reopened 
tarly In August. . 

Km pint: tBoRton Amusement Co., mana- 
gers). — The newly organised Empire Stock 
Co. will be Been 7-1 L', In "Men ana Women.* 
Katherlne Grey and Horry Burkhardt head 
the new company, which Includes ; William 
Humphrey, Marv Sanders, Lillian Bayer,' 
Cordelia McDonald, Wm. Lump, Wm. Rvarts, 
Thos. Neff, Edwin Yost, E. W.- Morlson, C 
H. Petem and others. "The Cbarlty Ball" 
drew good bouses last week. "The Last Ap- 
peal" next. 

Caatlb Square (Boston Stage Society, 
managers).— "The Light that Failed," with 
Howell Hansel and "Lillian Kemble In tbe 
leads. Is the stock company bill for week of 
7. following "The Adventure of Lady Or- 
siiltt," which' was successfully presented. 
"Jim, tbe Penman," next. 

How no in Square* (O. E. Lothrop, mana- 
ger). — After ft week of crowded houses for 
"On the Bridge at Midnight," the Lothrop 
Stock Co. wHl present "Shadows of Night 1 ' 
7-!l2. For week or 14, "The Slave GlrL" 

KeitiPh (B. F. Keith, manager). — Creatore 
and lily. Italian band hold over as the lead- 
Inur attraction on the bill for week of 7. Leon 
Morris' animal circus. Max Welaon Troupe, 
Frank Bush, Dorla Trio, the Van Aukens, 
Irvlng-Jonea, Flndlay and Burke, Kennev 
and liolits, Gelger and Waiters, Antrim and 
Peters, Hills and Wilson, and new motion 
pictures round out the bill. Bub loess was 
excellent last week. 

Howard (Ctrl D. Lothrop, business mann- 
ger). —The current bill names; Zlska and 
King. Caron nnd Farnum, Halley nnd Meehon, 
Boutin and Tlllsou, Kenney and Hollis, 
Charley Farrell, the Zarnes, Goodrich and 
Drew, flarbacb and Harris, Marron and Mer- 
ron, the Joyces, the Howardscope, and the 
house burlesquors, with Geo. B. Alexander, In 
"Safe Hits." Business holds tip nicely here. 

Columbia (H. N. Far rem manager),' — For 
week of 7, the Utopian BurlesqtierB; The 
olio: Maddeu and Jesa, Hlackifocd nnd Hnr- 
lowe. Two Ashtons Smith and Champion, 
.Marion and Pearl, and, ns an added' feature, 
Cunning, the Jail breaker. The Tiger Lilies 
Co. gave a good show, to large patronage, 
last week. 

Lvcri'm (C. H. BurchPller. manager).— 
The Wine, Women and Song Co. 7-12. There 
are two burlesques, nnd vaudeville Is pre- 
sented by : Bonita nud her midgets, Howe and 
Scott t Frederick Bros, nnd Burns, Raymond 
and Clayton. Saml. Lelbert, and Marie La- 
raour. The Golden Crook Co. prospered last 

^ Palace (Ohns. H. Waldrou, manager).— 
For the third week of stock burlesque here, 
two snappy skits are offered, nud tbe follow- 
ing variety olio: Miliar Bros.. Williams and 
Aleen, Phil Stnats, nnd tbe California Com- 
edy Four. Business thus far has beeu good. 

Austin &. Stose'h Museum (A. B, White, 
manager). — In curio hall, second and last 
week, 7-12: Mile. Cnrrlno's trick hears, St. 
.lulleu. the upside-down dancer: Banjo, the 
huge bull; the Reliyens, in cabinet tricks; 
the German Rose, musical marvel ; John TBI's 
marionettes, the CalrmanB, necromuncera ; 
Trlxle, snake queen, and the big snake. In 
tbe theatre: Clark's Minstrel Maids, Intro- 
ducing: Ida Compbell, Lulu Keeley, Violet 
Dale, Dorothy Norton, Minnie Burke, Mae 
lakwreoce, Marlon Cleveland, Pearl Hudson, 
Grace Howard, Chaa. Clark, Joe Maxwell, 
James Mnxwcll. Purcella and Omber,- Henry 
Meyers nnd Mahine, Dalton Bros., Kitty 
Hoffman, Dancing Days. Two Musical Mon- 
nrchs, Spedden and llerson, nnd James nnd 

Nickelodeon (W. II. Wolffe, manager).— 
Tin* New Orleans Creole Belles lend In the 
curio hall week of 7. Others are : "Young 
Cyclone" Geo. Snow, Selltu Sid, enrd manipu- 
lator; the Zentoa. mystltlers, and others. In 
ihe new auditorium are : Doily Clifford's Bur- 
lesquers. Olio: Rogers and Glbbs, Madge 
Leslie. Ilene O'Day, Upbnm Bros., and Dolly 

Walker's iMubkiih- (L. B. Walker, mana- 

gar). — For week of 7 there is the usual num- 
or of curio bail features. In the theatre 
will bo seen ; Nellie Hartford's Burlcsouers, 
with Helen Jewell, the Carltons, Ilarrv 
Burns, tbe bloBcope, nnd living pictures In 
the olio. 

Notes. — Sunday concert bills : . liotcdotn 
Rouore — Zlaka and King, Freydo Bros., Mur- 
phy and Wlllard. Wm. Cahlll. Fields and 
wont*. Three Musketeers, Allaire and Llnd, 
Spedden and Herson, MnRsey nnd Cramer 
nnd Jean Beagere. flfofte and Mafentlp — 
Howard and North, Ward nnd Curran, Wil- 
ton Bros.. liberty's Poodles, Ilarrv and Kate 
Jackson, Wilton Bros., Murpbv and Andrews 
ObUhJb ami Funny. Crtw, end *b/»-H4awricrn 

Sextette Wonderland, tbe new park at 

Itevere Beach, will open for the season May 


' ■* %'■ Bit cinHr-' 




Frodiirw \Vi NIMIti; in ONE Applieatitii. 

It doea not destroy tbe Curling and Crimp- 
ing, and It Is the only preparation which sat- 
isfactorily Restores Bleached, Gray and Faded 
Dalr to any natural abode desired, givlugllfe 
and lustre to tbe hair, leaving it aoft, silky 
and clean. It is Harmless, Pure. Rffectlr* 
and Sure. For Sale at Leading Hair Dreia- 
ers. Department stores and Druggists. 
KMPRKSS MFO. CO,, a9G-BHb Broadway, M. Y 

30 J. R. Keene, treasurer, and Frank' 

Can ley, ticket agent, of tbe Park Theatre 
will have a joint benefit nt the Colonial 
next Monday evening, with Grace George 
In "The Marriage of William Ashe," as. 

• the atl ractlon Roller skating at. the 

1'ark Square rink continues to he pop- 

nl tii- There are plans under way for 

the erection In this city of n "People's The- 
atre:" that Is, a playhouse owned by the 
public as a stock compuny and managed by 
n board of directors chosen by them. Llndhov 
Morlaon, formerly mannger of the Empire, Is 
at the head of the undertaking, and has 
opened bendquarters In the Paddock Build- 
ing The Fraternal Order of Ragles 

No. 45, held their first memprinl services at 
the Colonial Theatre, Sunday afternoon 5 
"The Tourists" will ho the Summer at- 
traction nt the Majestic, commencing :&. 

Npriiifffleid. — As the Summer plans are 
formulated. It appears that there will be no 
Summer pnrks here, but two of the houses 
nre to run stock. . 

Court Square (D. O. GUmore, manager). 
— "As Ye 'How/' April ,'iO-May 2, played lo 
fair returns, the play being favorably re- 
celved. Frankly n Roberts, Douglas Fair- 
banks and Estelle Rarl were the foremost 
members of the company. Alice Nellsen 
Opera Co. 3, Mny Musical Festival ft-ll. Col- 
lege Club (local). In "The Belle's Strate- 
gem." afternoon of 12 ; Hunter-Brudford 
Koek week of 14. 

New Gilmore (P. F. Shea & Co., mana- 
gers). — "In a Woman's Power," with True 
S, James and Louise Ripley, closed the house 
for the season, April 28. . 

Poli'h (.1, C, Crlddle, resident manager). 
-r-Bill week of May 7 : "In the Swim," Ward 
nnd Currau. Morrell and Deeley, Gardner 
and Stoddard, Brothers Elgonn, W. R Whit- 
tle, Octavo Gnllouette nnd electiogranb. 
Business continues good. 

Nklsus (P. F. Shea & Co., mnuogers).— 
The Broadway -Gaiety Girls .entertained last 
week. Mildred Stroller was verv clever, 
while Johnnie Weber kept the bouse'ln Intish- 
ter. House Is dark all this week. 

Notes.— The Hunter- Bradford Stock Co. 
will open a ten weeks' engagement ut fba 
Court Square Theatre 14. Henry Kolker, 
the past season with Bertha Kalich Co., Is 
to be leading man, while Julia Booth, late of 
the "Saucy Sally" Co., lias been chosen m 
leading lady. Mary Forbes, Ida Lawls, Jessie 
Bradford. Walter Hitchcock. Alfred Kappeler, 
Herbert Corthell, John Dalv Murpbv, Rd- 
lnund Elton. T. 31. Hunter and Burke Clarke 
are the other meunberx of the company. Roht. 

Milton Is to act as stage director Large 

crowds of Springfield people Journeyed to 
Holyoke, April 30, to see "The Earl and the 
Girl, * with which they were, well pleased. 

Sousa and his band gave a concert at 

Greenfield 2, at Washington Hall, which was 

crowded to the doors Arthur Woolev. 

of "A Yankee Circus ou Mars," spent last 
Sunday with his. family in Chicopee Falls, 
op his way to Boston, where the company 
opened Its Summer engagement April :I0.. . . . 
Hnxel Gary, after a week spent with her 
parents, in Ervin-g. has rejoined the Vasaar 

liirla Rohan Brothers, of Ware, have 

taken a lease of Forest Lake, Palmer, for the 
senBon, which Include* all the privileges with 
the exception of the theatre, which will he 
looked after by the amusement department of . 
the New York. New IlRvcn' and Hartford 
Railroad, which operates ilie street railwav. 

.Guy Brothers' Minstrels have closed. 

and the brothers are at their home In ttii*t 

city The Clara Turner Co. will close 

one of its most prosperous seasons at Bridge- 
port. Conn., J 2. No small part of Its me* 
reus Is due to the able management of George 

S. Hanscomb, Its business manager 

William .1, Koliier received a telegram, last 
week, from bis mother, in San Francisco, 
stating tbat the members of the family wero 
all well, although, like many others, they- hud 
suffered losses. 

Fall River.— At .Ihe Academy of Music 
(Cuhn & Grant, managers) minstrels, April 
■ sit, held under the auspices of the local aerie 
of Eagles, No. 570, was a big success. "The 
Drummer Boy of Shlioh" (local), May 3-fi. 
was enjoyed by large oudlencpH. Sliepnrd's 
moving pictures 8, Andrew Mack, In "The. 
Wny to Ketimare," 12. 

_ Savoy .iAI. Haynes, manager), —alio 
"right Huntington Stock Co. opened Its 
Spring and Summer Benson verv oMccessfullv 
last week. In "The Charity Boll." Alexander 
Von Mttzel nnd Kugenle Hoyden, In the lead- 
ing roles, were excellent, while Louise Gerard. 
Lyater Chambers, Corlnne Cnntwell and "Har- 
mon B. MncGregor were worthy of special 
mention. Week of 7. "When We Were 
Iwenty-one," with Wright Huntington In the 
leading role. 

Siierdv'r (C. R, Cook. mannger).--"Blue 
Jeans was presented before large audJaiuw. 
!£&-*%» h ? the J - Prank Burke Stock Co, 
Rdlth Kldcr nnd J, Frank Burke, In leading 
roles, were most prominent, while the work 
of David Landau, George noey and Ami 
r .? .'.I,! 1 ^ ero worthy' of mention. Week 
ot 7. "The Two Orphans." 

Boston (Chan. Schlesslnger, innnoger).— 
SSi SSL* iH , "P to Hie usual high standard, 
i.nti ii ie Country Store" and amnteurnlgnt 
eonilnuo big rangnates. The Znrells made n 
i«riT Ht Sft. . Rin week 0C 7:,Nfna Senrls, 
Lsrkin nnd Daly, Wilson and Mornn, Caid- 
«. «. Rnd w «ntworlb, Peter Outlet, wrestler, 
meeting all comers, nnd Columbia Bur- 

Nickelodeon (D. R. Bufflnton. mnnnger). 
— niiHltress continues good. Edith Roberts 
made a hit. last week, and is held over for 
the current week. Others are: Jim Hennes- 
sey. Morrison and Berwick, Rvnns Trio, nnd 

Notes.— Ba mum * Bailey's Clretis Is to 
show here June 20. G. R. Harvey, the ad- 
vance agent, was In town inst week, placing 
ihe contracts and making general arraugc- 

raen Vj Pred W. Strong, now playing at 

he Savoy, joins the Huntington Stock Co.. 

n Lawrence. 14 Eugenie Hayden and 

Loiiiae Gerard were the recipients of many 

floral offering* ln«. week Members of 

the Dartmouth Club, of New Bedford, to the 
number of twenty, attended "The Charity 
flail* evening of April ao, nt the Savoy. . . . 

Ida Glenn « In town for a few weeks 

The Huntington Stork Co., which opens In 

Lawrence. 14, Is rehearsing here Wm. 

Qulnn a popular local lwy, Joins the Wright 
Huntington Stock Co. tbe current week. 
. — 1 e •># — — 

Lynn,— At the Lynn Theatre (Frank- O. 
H , .* °, D ' **uuter) the Da Deyn-Mockle 
Stock Co opened Its Summer engagement 
here April lift, aud plnyed to good sited an- 
dences.the entire week On the evening of 
dU the proceeds were given to the Son Fran- 
cisco, sufferers' ftiadi— This w«k :inr p:o>^>- 
conipnny will lay off Two nights, giving May 
1 to hellnr, and 8 to Ai.-.uew Mack. "The 

MAY 12. 



prof. Copies 


Twboy nnd the Lady" is lie uk nlaymi by the 
MkcMW *■» remainder or tlie week. 
Nut i'«S mo company -will urescnt "The 

^Ai-nmmiiiM (Ilnriy Kotzcs, m«n«g*r).— 
mUidnmoul- win the headllnor at this houw 
laVt week, sod myntldcd the audiences at 
i*,"rv MftmuaM with his tricks. He has 
STrHUsMl '"f !*« "resent week. Others 
[he bXare : r>Mr .Barry and MWJf. 
V'otclilng Uros.. Mny (loralm. Patty Sros.. 
Byron »"<• t«Mdon, Milton and Diamond, 


W. J. BALDWIN, JR., Publisher, WagM 

Our theatrical correspondents arc hereby 
notified that the credential* iiuip held by 
them trill expire on June J next. They aro 
ret/Mated to return them to thfa office at 
onvv, for rencieal for JOOG-Wl. 


cltmed their mnnM Mnv IE. . .The employes 
of the .standard have a Joint benefit week 

of Muy 14 Claire Maenlz will retire 

from tne mat of "llosalle" Ht the end of the 
current week. Her successor has not been 
announced. Id the same production Nell 
McNeil will replace Clarence Wilbur In the 

comedy role on May T Manager Fred 

Darey, of the Standard, will siiil fur Kurope 
tarty in July, for a three months*' tour of toe 
cant) n en t. 

""ffS (George H. 
nuiWrJ.—Tae K lark-Urban Co. did good 
biudness Inst 

week. Kellar and Audrew 

I'Mliitlelphltt. — The currcut week will 
mark the doming of two of the downtown 
IpM The Broad will be dark after May 
.lit while the Chestnut Street Opera House, ... 
£83 are among the attraction* announced which Is cloned till* week, will reopen on May gf™ 
line for the current week. U- with moving: pictures of the Sail Fran- gSM" 

\-<m-« — The fiem Theatre season was dsco earthquake.: The Shubert production *-„„,'*, 
luniunrto a c\mc. fi. It having been tho moat |>f "1 lie Tourists." which was originally 
LneroiH in the blstorv of the home. Man- booked for the Lyric for May 14, hoa been 

postponed mi'ii 21. nod the intervening week 
will he tilled by Henry E. DIxey, In "Tho 
Man on the Cox." 

LVaie (Messrs. Hhubcrt, managers). — Cyril 
Scott, In "The Prince Chop," begins, his sec- 
ond and lust week T. Tho attendance was 
big the previous week, the press and public 
being lavish in Ihelr praise of the play. Tho 
stui' gives u clean cul portrayal ot the titlo 

l.wr'nErlw 'w."8heifo"adt." Mrs/ Sheafe 
will now take a brier vacation liefore going 
iu the Betel Theatre. Nahani. for the Sum- 
iiirr season. They will visit friend* In New 
York City, Atlantic City, Buffalo and other 
ltlaceH..... .Hiirry J. George, .stage ntnna- 

Lr at iho Gem, lias gone with the Prmwr 
All Star Vaudeville Co.. Joining at Kennebec, 
i\ c - 7 Mr. George will act as Its advance 
representative, and will go over the New 
Ficlund circuit. C. Westley Fraser Is tho 
malinger Florence Pierce, comic car- 
toonist at the (Jem last week, will go on 
tlie Pllmmer circuit of ptifca after June 11, 
ns she opens at Pastor's, New York City, on 
thai date. liconard.und Bnstedo havo gone 
to the Western. circuit. 

— ■ S .i i. .- 

Lowell At 1hc Lowell Opera House 

(ralm & Grant, managers). Inst week, tho 
rosjjrovc- Stock Co. entertained good business, 
offering verv strong repertory. Coming: An- 
drew Muck T, Annie Russell 0, 

Academy op Music (Richard P. Murphy, 
mnnngerj.— Isabel Fletcher and her stock 
nuiittuuy offered "Dorothy Vernon, of Hnddon 
Hall." to excellent business last week, Miss 
Fletcher winning mucli applause In the title 
role, and receiving good support "The 
While Squadron" this week. 

Hatha way's t (John - 1, Shnnnon, resident 
iiiutiiiger). — The Biirwald-lrflnngwcB Slock 
Co., in "The Uoyal Slave." but week, had 
Mg ImshiPss. A. St. Clare rivers did excel- 
lent w-trk, and is whining umuy friend*. 
The coiuiwiity gave capable support.- This 
week "The Sign uf Hie Four" Is entertaining. 
.lark Chagnon uud IS, A. Anderson Jr. Join 
I lie company week or 11. Tho Sundsy con- 
fer! s are tilling the house inutlncc and 

Attclpfl (Geo. W, CllreJi iiiauuger)- — This 
|llnre Is enjoying well cfeservrU prosperity. 

Nam. — Tlie People's Theatre closed u. 

The I#owcll Aerie of lOagles, SSJi, held 

lib annual memorial services In Kits' llall it. 

role, while the supporting company, Including 
Mary Keogh, Frank Latah and Cecil l)e Mllle, 
it'tadcr cttectlvc assistance. Henry l-:. I»zey, 
In ""The Man on the Box," returns for week 
of 14. 

BiuiAn (Nixon & Zimmerman, managers). — 
The new melodrama, "The rialusmau." which 
was seen for the first time on April 30, cuds 
its engagement on May IS, I,ast week the 
atteudunce was fair. 'Phis will be the con- 
cluding week of the season at this bouse. . 

flARiitCK (Nixon & Zimmerman, managers). 
— Aunn l£va l''ny, tho telepathic marvel, »t 
(lib head of her - 

Plttsborw. — At the Nixon (Tims. F. Kirk, 

manager) Robert Kdeson returned May 7, to 

play a week's engagement, presenting 

Slronehcart." Last week, Robert Mantel. 

to very satisfactory business. Marie 

. In "Molly Moonshine," next. 

Bej.asco (lieu. W. Samnils. manager). — 
.letters". i Do Angells returned to the Uclasco 
7. lie played here earlier In the season, and 
packed the house. lie Is always very popular 
in I'tttsburg. Last week. IjOuIh Mann and 
Clara Mpmnn, In "Julio Bonbon," played to 
good houaCK. 

(>HAM> (Harry Davlu, manager).— Bill for 
woek of 7 : Ureslc Vessela and his famous 
Bandit Roma. Herxog-Camara, tjeslle-Dally 
CO., Melville und Stetson, Sunny South. Mar- 
co Twins, I'rello'H dogs, Rooney Slaters, 
Mathieiis, Caul Barnes, Arnotand Ounn. (Jeo. 
W. Hussey and Alexander. I<ast week's bill 
drew heavily. Manager Davis has decided 
lo keep this theatre open all the vear 'round, 
presenting first class vaudeville snows. 

Alvi.v (R. m. Oullek & Co., managers).— 
"Tlie Old Homestead" 7-12. Packed housca 
should be In order all week. Last week, 
"Checkers" played to unusually good busl- 
ncBB, and seema to be very popular bore. 
"Our New Minister'' next week. 

Mum; (R. M. tJttllck & Co.. tunuagers). — 
The Uusscll Bros., In "The Ureat Jewel Mys 

were : Louise Ornmby, soprano ; Kdwurd P. 
.lotiuvori, tenor; Leonard 1'. Merrill, basso, 
and Maude Powell, vlntlnlsL 1*hls was thor- 
oughly cpptrclated by two large houses. "The 
Old Homestead" 4. 

Parlor (Wm. B. Pyle. manager).— The 
following bill was presented to largo audi- 
ences last woek : Yorke Comedy Four, Fltx- 
SctaamAPd Tralnor. Alice Alva, tho Great 
ottlnBl'hll and Carrie K unset I, and the ki- 
netnurujjh. At the conchmlon of the per- 
formntice Saturday night, Mny 0. the mnn- 
a|emetbV closed tl, ' ;! vlace of amusement for 
(up soaton, with (he exjiectailon of reopening 
about the middle of September. 

Kamton— The Ablo Opera House (W. K. 
Dctwlller, manager) closed on May % with 
"The Old Homestead," which was largely at- 
tended. The house will reopen during the 
latter part of August. Taken as a whole, the 
hdrtlnetfM of the season Just closed was quite 
sstlffnctory, and well up to all expectations 
of the mauagement. 

I.Vair. — This vaudeville house la becoming 
more popular each week, and business la 
quite an good as anticipated. The current 
week'* bill: Davey and Phllllpe, Fwust Fam- 
ily. Kimball Bros, Dora Pellofere, and Cavel- 
Icrla OjH?r,itlr Trio. 

Rinulino BKoa.' CfRcua comes May 28. 

hoi- own vaudeville company, /ue uusset o«.s.. in "Tlie «reat Jewel Mys- 
began her arruud week 7. The attendance WBk will give the iwttrous a good show 
the previous week was big. *' 12 j and ,hp V ?«°".l« .par* the house all 

CnHtnxtra Striikt Tmiutrb (Nixon k YAm- 
incnnuu. tuunngers). — "Rosalie" enters upon 
its third week 7. The members of the cast 
are now thoroughly acquainted will) tiicir 
roles, and the opera wan given with much 
spirit last week, to crowded houses. 

Walnut (Frauk Howe Jr., manager). — 
"The CliiUrtmnu" beglna (he third week of 
lis engngetiient T. tno attendance last week 
Hhowlug no nhalomeuL and lieltig of the ca- 
pilclly order. The pl«v ends Its run 11). 

Zluiniermaii. msnagers).— This house will be 
dark mi ill May 12, when it reopens with mov- 
ing pictures of tl»c San Francisco calnralty. 
Lew Klcids, In "It Happened In Nurdlund." 
.bad n fortnight of crowded houses, ending 3. 

"Checkers," with Hans Robert In the reading 
role, will be put. on for a run, bogiUUilur 7. 
Hluiplc Simon Sim olo" concluded a fort- 

New n«drord.-— At. tuc New Bedford 
(Wm. B. Cross, manager) Mrs. Miller, the 
oofHilur treasurer of the house, had Dlgby 
Bell, April 28, for her annunl bcnellt. to big 
i-cinrna, (ireul Lafayette, .'in. drew good 
business. "The Stolen Story," Mny 4. 

Hathaway'b (T. h. Hflyiles. oianagerL— 
Hlll for week of 7: Pnt Rooney and Marion 
Kent, Dixie Serenuders, Harry and Kale Juck- 
Min. Neff and Miller. Kliuiukn Japs, Hilly 
1'iivtoii, the <*k>nnerts nnd vltagrnpli. 'i'hls 
will be tlie last woek of vaudeville of the 
m'uhoii, as the Summer Slock Co. opens lis 
lirili season 14. . 

Notku.— Jessie Arnold raised $*'j, S, for 
the Sa,n Francisco Fund, by the Mm of flow- 
ci-.s before the iierformnnco nt IlatJiaway'H. 
.......Wilbur HlgiM-v Holwrl MeClung, M. F. 

Rjiui, C. Kd. Dudley, Oertmdc Dion Ma- 
Rlll. Jessie Arnold, or the Hummer Slock Co., 
tuc in town. Itelicutsals begin 7. 

"*>i* o..i-. — At the Opera House (Lawler 
HrtM,, nianiigermj "The Barl aud the Olri** 
blued April .'to-May 1, to S. U. O., at both 
tieiTonnances. and inuuy were liirucd awny. 
* A Foxy Tramp" pleased 3. aud "As Ve 4jow" 
had a large house 4. Keller 8. 

1'iMi'utH (T. F. Murray, manager). — "A 
Mad Love," 30-May U, played to mcdliim 
lnislneHs. Thin attraction closed the season 
lit the l'Jiuplre. The uiinuul, benefit of Treas- 
urer Lansing Rrtitft and Door Tender James 
tritshliig, of this theatre, will take place May 
10, when the attraction; will be "Sweet 
Clover." As these two young men arc very 
poptthir with the patrons of the Umpire, a 
capacity house Is cxiweted. 

< i " 

^ortli VduoiH. -At the Empire (John F. 
Sullivan, manager) "A Foxy T/ramp," mati- 
nee and night. May "., did good business und 
pleased. Frank Daniels, In "Sergeant Bruc," 
10: "Sweet Clover" b\ 

Kiuuuoku (.Wm. V. Meade, muuager),— - 
IliiHluess last week was excellent, the ushers 
and: the Columbia Four muklng big hits. BUI , 
week of 7: J. K. Ilulchliison and company, 
Lb Malic aud La Mulrc.. 1). .1. IlHrringtun, 
Nellie Vesta, Scott mid Jolitwan, the Co- 
luiiiiila Four (bold overs), nnd the vlruBftiph. 
Kddto Foy. In "The Hart nnd Uib (Jlrl," D. 
paekna the lioiise at both perfortiuuices aud 
plfaxed IminciiMOly.. 

Xotks. — "The" Burgliir and (he Dancer," 
lui'senied by Ii., Y, Buektm and compauy. was 
glveii fur the first lime ou any hIhko at the 
itlchmnad Theatre. May 1. and made an lu- 
Kiuulaueous lilt. It \ H a one uct skolch, not 
a word being bpukvn from beginning to end. 
During tho progress of the sketch Mlsa Thur-- 
jV'iie did some very clever dancing, which 
w:nr§d heavily. The setting used for the 
presentaitlun of Hie act la magnificent. 
" •■■' ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Limn-m'c— At 1 lie Open House (Urnnt 

A '-nh iiimigers) Mllcheirs All Star Play. 

< '* di'cw fair boiiHcs week or April :io, ex- 
n-pllnc May 3. when Andrew Mnck came, In 
the \\ny to Kcumnre." to S, It. 0. Annie 
Hiinwll, In. "Frieud llannnh." 7. The rc- 
iniiltider of the week, Klark-Urhan Co. 

J owjniai, iai. Hayncs. mmiuger). — Itlg 
Uoiihcs seem lo l»e the rule tit litis house, 
■ooked week of 7„; Carlotta, t.nwremm and 
Il'u-Hiijjuin. Viilvimo Uros.. Tyco and Jer- 
non. Wenlnn nnd Ulnddlsh. t.'ol. Will Dock- 
,'M'' ' n ' 1 , 11 ,MkmI1 nn *l iwmpiiny aud tho k|- 

iftttitfnn — Al Ihe'l'uuittonThealre (Calm 

« 'irani. niunugers) (he Keystone Dramatic 

„"•; npoked for -May :t. disbanded before- 1 tn 

iiirivni. hhepard's moving idclures May H, 

As \e How" 10, Annie Russell U. 


J.Ant. Bbkoan writes: "Kntma Muntltig's 
waimn wan a great success. I will launch 
w ., on "' 1 ' "firactlons next *hhou. and 
v 12 t, nM, "*lvo repertory rights, in New 
£Zr Tv p n Srlvaula. Ohio, New Jersey, Starr- 
»ml aud Wait - Virginia for .nil of A. II. 
l\\t . ,1,ayB ' J,tl(1 w,l > put out two fully 
«] lljipeo cnnipanles, In fliosr plays. Miss 

Mi'IHt|i|. n .f|| „| H( . 1, BV( , „ )||1W r(H , r ,|. U>rv . W ]i1,.|, 

ZUlt? *•* r;iiiBfr thou ever. 1 have opened a 
™ung oince.'nHHoelated with Pen. K. Robin- 

thS V m L V^tanl reprcHentatlve. Among 

wh,? 13 * 8 "at will be used will be a new one, 

7,1 utA "iS"^ *.*>* Hen Francisco disaster. .- 

I. A " . Ihe , ' ft *' of 'fVrtafn,' wllh n great mnn productions. "Tlie Office Roy,' 

tanllfpxtke Scene." 1t..l. Wlilr»" ■nil "Hlmule Aln.nn I 

nights engugcincnt G, lo good buBfnefw. 

Ouanii DniUA UotrsE (U. A. Wegefarth, 
niaiiii K er).— Nat M. Wills, In "The Duke of 
Duluih," 7. Billy B. Van, In "The ISrraad 
Buy," bad ti week of good business. "Buster 
Brown" next week. 

UiRAiiu Avr.M.i; (Miller & Kaufnmn, man- 
agerM). — "The Secret Dispatch" 7-1^, follow- 
Ing a week of good buslaess done by Nan 
Kittle, In "A Man of Mystery." Joseph F. 
UeelU, in "Our I'Tlcnd Fill/.," 14. 

Nation Ai, (J. M. Kelly, manager).— Kalh- 
erlnc Puriiell, tu "Faust," week of 7. Lust 
woek, "Lured from Home" did satisfactory 
business. "Tracy, the Outlaw," next. 

I'Hoi'i.K's (F. ii. Nlxou-Nlrdlluger, mnnn- 
get-). — Edward Hurrlguu makes his first ap- 
pearance here litis season, -In 'Old Lavender," 
7 und week. Uood slued houses witnessed 
"The Night Before Christmas." "Arizona" 


sluger, manager). — "A Romance of Coou Hol- 
low," week of 7. Last week, "Marching 
Thro' tieoigln" was seen for the first tiino 
locally, nnd drew big houses. "A Bud Mau 
from Mexico" 14. 

lUitT'fl (John W. Hart, manager), — 
"Monte Crude" 7. "Northern Llifhls" was 
wr'ii received Inst week, and did nlco IjiikI- 
uchs. "The Sign of the Four" 14. 

FoitLTAUtiii's (Miller & Kuufman, mann- 
MBit. — Kugenie Bittlr heads the stock forces 
DM current week, in "Leah, the Forsaken." 
Last week the stock gave a performance of 
"Northern Lights," and were greeted by well 
filled houses. "iCesurrdctlou" 14. 

Stanuard (Dnrcy It Speck. tuanagorn).— 
"A Slltve of the Mill," by the stock, week of 
7. "She Dured Do Right" did good business 
last week. "The Riots lo Kunsla" 14. 

Kum'.vrir STitiiKT 01'kra Uousb (Frank 
DUinout, raiuuigcrj ■— For Hie closing week of 
rlie lesson, beginning 7, a new burieatiue on 
"The <:lansmun" will be put on, In addition 
to the Kklts, "Anna Bw Fay Outdone," and 
"Simple Life." 

Ki:nn'.s (H. T. Jordan, manager). — Katie 
Hurry heads nti uiiiimiully strong bill week 
of 7. 01 hero are: "The Globe of Doulh" 
' isBoand week). Kleluird F. Otttcault, the 
Ciinillle Trio. Lulgl itossl, Mclvlllo Kills, 
rilff Oordon. Brown. Harris and Brown, La- 
line. Iliu Misses Dclumrc, Knerwa and 
OiUegti, Inucbs and Ilvan. Del more and Oneida, 
Lilly rieviile, Harvey aud Do Vora, und the 

i.'AHiNu (El-las, Kocnlg St Lcdcrer, muna- 

? wrH j. — 'j'hc Mnottllglit Maids 7. Tlie Bowery 
lurlesquers drew hlg patrouage lust week. 
AL' Beeves next week. 

ftr.Mii; (Owge W. Rife, inanugcr). — The 
Merrv Builesaitcrs 7 and week. Good sized 
houses witnessed the performances of tho 
Alcuxar Beauties lust week. American Bur- 
leMpiuro 14. 

IA'ckum (J. U. .Tcruton, tuunager). — The 
New Vork Sltirs will twinkle week of 7. 
The ,\fujestlcs were rewarded with nice houses 
limt week. Golden Crook follows. 

Tit'icAiiKtto ( Fred Wlllsoii, inanogeri. — 
Wutsou's Orient a In 7- IS. The olio Includes: 
Billy Wm sou. Swan uml Bnmbard. Harry 
Muiilngiie,' and the Yuinnmoto Bros. The 
London Gaiety Girls had n succession of big 
liotises last week. 

BuADKNJililiuH's LU1IK MlflMSUM (T. F- Hop- 
kins, roanuRcr). — The. Alnbiiina MlijHtrels 
Mill continue In Hie curio hull, lo addition 
lo the DrltinoN, Leon nnd Wm. 11. Burk. Iu 
ilia theatre an-: Tbe Dslys, 1-ew WalHoti. 
Cdllliiri and Fields, Flmiognu, tiud Lubln's 

Bun ' Tn.v (LIMlati Tysoii, manngerl. — 
Muiyiaud Tyson heails the bill or this hoit-'o 
week -of 7. A rcproriiiclldu of scQucs'lu Ssu 
Franclwco will Im* a feutun*. 

NfUKs. — Through Ihn rcmrdlug of h legal 
ilut'iimoiii lti«t week (he fuet heenme known 
Ihst Felix Isinan. the real estate broker, 
who Is hImi interested hi a number of the- 
atrical ventures, was married several weeks 
ago to Irene Frfzzell, a former ineuilwr of Ihe 
"I'eggy from l'nrlH ,f Co. Mr. and Mrs. ln- 
iinin are now on a wedding tour in l-'urope. 
Where they will remain for so vera I months. 

Hurry Davis, ihe I'Hlsliiirg theatrical 

innoiiger. bought last week Ihe store pru- 
perlv at Ihe Ktreet corner of Tenth and Mar- 
lon Slreels for |iCtl>,l>(Si. The front portion 
of i the building he will use for a moving 
picmrc show. In a short time Mr. Da- 
vis will o|ien similar amuKCiuent placca 
at 1203 Market Street and issa Chestnut 

Street Three of the Nixon A Zlmmcr- 

Bub White" aud "Simple Simon Simple," 

hev should pack 
week. Last week "flight Bells" proved to 
be u good box oillec winner, and seems, to 
have lost none of Its popularity. Williams 
and Walker next. 

Gayktv. (.las. R Orr, manager). — The Blue 
ltlblwn Girts 7-1S. A good olio Is presented 
between tbe first part and Ihe burlesque-. 
Last week the Itcntz-Santley Co, pluycd to 
fair business. Irwin's Majesties next. 

AcAueMY *» Ulnae (ll. W. Williams Jr.. 
iniliiHgcri.— The Yankee Doodle fJlrls, olio 
nt" ihe best btiries(|iie shows on tho Kmplrn 
circuit, 7-11*. Several high class vaudeville 
dels are In the olio, and (ho costumes and 
general make up of tbo Show aro good. Last 
week the Bohemian RurlemiuerH played to 
satisfactory business, Andy Gardner and W. 
11. Ward taking care of the coined v parts In 
good Hhape. The High Hchool Girls next, 

Kmi'IUk. — Nothing lM)ok"d, Lnst woek, 
"Mr. Hooligan In Newark" played to fair 


chicliiiuttl — Willie the May music fes- 
llval, at Music llall, ranked highest among 
the week's entertainments, there were epi- 
sodes of note at several of the theatres. The 
widow of Theodore ThomaB came to enjoy 
the memorial lo the dead director, whoso flfo 
work had given tho May festival- Interna- 
tional pre-eminence. Sir ICdward Uigur, who 
conducted his master works, "Tbo Apostles" 
mid -'Tlie Dream of Gurontlus," made ols first 
public apjicarance In the United states under 
the most favorable auspices. The chorus was 
In grand voire nud spirits, tbe orchestra 
muHicrfui, and the audiences magnificent In 
siiio and character. Janet Spencer took the 
roli^ originally planned for Unit. Homer, but 
that was the only change made In tha solo- 
ists. Cincinnati hotels were crowded with 
the musically Inclined from all the surround- 
ing States, und the festival of iiMid has 
missed Into history us one of the graudeat 
In the blcnulul series. 

Guam* ockiia HorsH (Hurry Ratnforlh & 
John II. Iluvlln. manngera). — "The Glnger- 
breud Man" comes May 7, and will be tbe 
last big Npcciuele of Ihe year. The week's 


works. Instead of vaudeville, will be an early 

Uoaatr of tiik Lodhv — Urni-.v M. 7,legler 
was hurriedly summoned to New York, aro* 
sumably on business associated with tho 
coming clash of vaudeville Interests. ... .^. . 
Councilman Robert J. O'Brien baa secured 
a twenty year lease of the Belmont Hotel 
property on Sixth Street, near vine. Tha 
rumor Immediately spread that this may bo 
the site of » new vaudeville house, either fur 
tho Kluw A Brtanger or the Kohl 4 Cist to 
circuits. Mr. O'Brien admits the property 
mny ho used for theatrical purposes, ahd 
some say be Ih contemplating transforming 
It Into a raaunRlcent concert hall.....'.. 
J. J. Brady Ii hare ahead of Rlngllog'tf 
Circus, which plays at the Norwood 

Grounds S, 1) Bud Woodthorp- l« 

acting as Viola Allen's mnnnger Mar- 
garet Lundy, a Cincinnati girl, has JUst 
Joined "The Gingerbread Man," Fred- 
eric Shatter Kvam presented Seltna B*nja- 
nitn In concert, at Conservatory Recital Hall. 

Melville stolx la hero to telt of Mrs. 

Carter's coining I'cople's Theatre will 

not close until June Mrs. William 

Gardes, of tbo Hotel Gerrim — one of Cin- 
cinnati's tbuinlan heudquartrrs — who Is the 
mother of Wilfred (tardea, of "Babes In tbe 
Wood,'' died 4, after n brief nines*, the re 
quit of a shock that followed a severe electrl- 

ml storm Manager John II. Mavlla has 

returned from New York. 

Colnuahaa, — At tbe Great Southern (O. 
M. licffnor. manager) Nat C. Goodwin at- 
tracted a large hotiao May 4. Mario Cahlll 8. 
The Great Southern Stock Co. will open Its 
season week of 14, la "The Little Minister." 
The company Is composed of Pnye Courtney, 
leading woman ; Gort ratio Rivers, second 
woman; ltosallnd Coughlan, Ingenue: Loulso 
Mcintosh, character ; Flornnce Templetcn. 
utility ; Geo. Allaon, lending man ; John, T, 
Dwyer, second moil : W. J. Dealing, come- 
dian : Hobert Rogers, cburoctor; Arthur 
nitridn, Juvenile ; Glen wood White, Juvenile, 
nnd Theodore Johnson, stago director. Harry 
A. Smith will be the business mauiigcr for 
tho eompnny. 

Grand orttRA Uuuhh (F, O. Miller, man* 
ugerl. — 'Ilia house opened on Mny 4 Us sea- 
son under the management of tbo Mbubsrts, 
who presented Jeff Do Angells, In "Fantans, 
lo large houseH, for three performances, 4, .". 
i. mil- Mann and Clara Llpman H, 0, Paula 

Kdwardc* 13. 14. 

IlKilt HTHHKT (Chn-. 

W. Harper, iuuub- 

HoJourn of Viola Alleu, In "The Toast of tho gf>r).~ "The I.HUe outcaat" drew fairly good 

HnrrlMlmrir.— At the Lyceum Theatre 
(M. lteis, Biaiiiigcr) Lyman D. Howe's mov- 
ing pictures drew fair business May 11. The 
annual musical festival of the Harrlshurg 
•Choral Society was a big success 4. Bob* 
ert Kduson comes 14, in "Htronghcnrt;" 
Montgomery- and Mlone. In "The fraud m 
Da," 1*8; lladley's moving pictures 17. This 
will close Ihe season. It has been a most 
hUcccKSful yeur. and Local Munuger Joseph 
M, Flank received the highest praise poa- 

urwu IIouhb (M. Itels, manager). — "The 
Funuy Mr. Dwlcy," with a circus us opisi- 
sltlou, did well April :.o-Muv S. "Montana" 
did fairly well :i-. r i. The Bowery Bnriewpicrs, 
iintiounced for .*•. canceled. The season closed 
•". II being the must successful In the history 
of the theatre. 

Notks. — Lewis McCord Is at his home here 
for a brief rest. Ho is booked almost solid 

for next season HugcnbeckV ClrcUH, I, 

met with big patronage, and proved a very 

sHthdactory »how William Iterglerode, 

of the Rogers Brothers Co., Is ut his home for 
Lbo Summer. 

I.HiiriiMter. — Al the Fulton Opera House 
(Chits. A. Vecker, ninnager) "The Air Ship" 
came Muy S. "The Old llomnstead" did well 
ii. The season, except for local affairs, is 
closed ut this house, 

FamiiiV (fid. Mozart, manager).— Current 
attractions Include- : BIJuu Comedy Four, 
Biiseh-Da Vero Trio, Lusaard Brothers, Cun 

Town," was one of plcasurcablo profit 
both star and theulregocrs. As Betty Single- 
ton Mlsa Allen achieved on unquestioned 
triumph. She has gained strength In her 
art. Conway Tearlo was a clover Duke, nnd 
iHHi.ei Irving a Kprlghtly Roxanna. C. I^estle 
Allen, tbe star's father, scored heavily as 
Mclaughlin, the manager, and again as tho 
sympathetic old lodger In the heart touching 
last act. "The Virginian" 14. 

(toniNHON's opkiia H'lUHn (George F. 
Fish and Luelln Forc|iaugh Fish, managers). 
—Mrs. Leslie Carter comes 14, in "Adroa." 
The farewell week of the Forciuiugk Stock 
Co. was marked by a memorable presenta- 
tion of "Taming of (lie Shrew," an arrange- 
ment by Walter Kdwards, who mado a won- 
derful hit as rctruchlo. Mary Hall added lo 
her admirers by her spirited Interpretation of 
Knilierlne. Idn I'lerpont was u handsome 
Blondello, la doublet aud hose. Waller B. 
Gilbert was cast rh Grumlo, und Harry Feu- 
wick was the Baptists of tho oast. Business 
was good. There were flowers for the favor- 
ites, and the farewell receptions were largely 
attended. At the Inst two performances tho 
audience was bidden upon (be stage to meet 
tho players— an Invitation that met with en- 
tlnislaHtlc acceptance. After Mrs. Carter's 
engagement, Mauiiger and Mrs. Fish go 
to Uceiiu City, N. J., for their Hum- 
mer outing, returning to Cincinnati lata In 
August, when the new season will begin. 
Mary Hall will remain here, going In July 
with her husband, Dr. I'earce, ' 
vacation at Atlantic City. lL.. 
will play leads at the SuburhHU (1 .._ 
St. Louis, for tho Summer, and Walter B. 
Gilbert will he u member of the same stock 
eompnny, Frederick Forrester Joins tho 
Vu ugh n-G laser cumpanv ut Detroit. Gilbert 
Kly und the choice (if six Hummer offers, and 

houses April .'H)-May S. The Four Huntings, 
In "Tho Foul House," entertained good homes 
.'t-ff. The Murray A Mat-key Stock Co, will 
open week of 7, In "Hearts of tlie Blue 
Itldgv" aud "Sign of the Four." 

Notkh. — Olentsngy Park o|s>nsd Its Mil- 
lion April ..0, with good weather and largo 

crowds Juy Qnlglcy goes to Frankfort, 

liv., as leading man for tho stork company 
there. .... .Ground Is to be brokaa soon, for 

the new Majestic Theutrc, which Is to be In- 
i-alcd on West Iirnud sirent, near High. It 
Is to be ii btiriasquo house, under tho man* 

ngcmcul of Frank Hurt Announcement 

tins been made that B. F. Kcilh has closed 
for the least' of the Katptra Theatre, and, 
after extenslvo .repslrs, lbo hoaue will, be 
opned In the Fall, for vaudeville. 
■ ■■ ■ ■ m " ■ 

Cleveland.— At the Opera House (Harry 
D. Kline, manager) Nat IT. Goodwin iiraMBts 
"The Genius." week of Mny 7. M. B. Wlllart'a 
repertory, last week, was a- great auxcesa 
from every view point. Richard Csrle, in 
"The Mayor of Toklo," week of M. 

Colonial (Drew tt Campbell, managers). 
—Week of 7, the Vaughan (Jlassr Stock Co. 
offers for Its farewell wrok/'lleartseaw," nnd 
capuclty housea will doubtless rulo. "Nloue,' 
as produced by this same popular company, 
proved quite a druwlng magnet last week.. 

LYt'KUM (Geo. M. Todd, manager). — "PI- 
tiloiuaoy" Is the offering by the Duvld Hart- 
ford Httsk Co. week of 7. "Ths Butterfllas*' 
' last week. "Tbolma" week 

/WSwick U^f^ receipts 

%gg S Q ii.u'nh'S 1 Hereford; MUX ^^^LrT^lM^JtlW 

irtvlnir iil.-un-os a *> t-USCir Hay, OfT I 01 IhiUfl, 00 tllO Mllltlo 

coast. Wilson Hummel loins tho Ferris 
Slock Co. at Minneapolis. Scenic Artist Max 
Grcenhurg goes to the Hartford Htock Co. 
In Cleveland. Most of the old favorites wJI 


Rook Garokk (Chus. m. Howell, mans- 
g*fl. — Tim current week's hill includes*: Her- 
uianv's catH and dogs, O'Brien and Havel, 
Jack Not-worth, Louise Dressor, Charles F. 
Helium. Couture and Gillette, and moving 
pictures. Burger's Orchestra has been en- 
gaged as a pcrmaucut musical feature. 

McGm.-'N's Pauk. — Rlugllng Bros.' Circus 

NuTB. — Prepamtlons for the celebration of . 

Uiluura Day. on .Iuiir 4, are being made. d 3 ¥*%£, &4-JSSS \ n . T£? ft 

originally aiarted here, tlicae celebrnHons \f^-. J''H'«1 Kli'kpatrck, Klta Ft... 

nro taking place this venr Ihroitgliout tho Harrison, Carrick Major and Frnnk White 

United States. Our local musicians, us the were nil good In support. 

r at Coi.uiiniA (M. C. Anderson 

return hern next season. Tho harvest has 
been must plentiful. 

Walnut Stiikbt (M. ('. Anderson, mana- 
ger). — "Tom. Dick and Harry," week of 0, 

by the. comedians, lilckel, Watson and 
vVrotiie. The season closes IS. Nat Wills 
Duke of I)o- 
' earce. May 

originators, will lie. ujveu. pi it cos of honor ut 
the New Vork celebration IS. 

Altoonn At the Mlshler (I. C. Mlshler, 

manager) Rol)ert Kduson, in "Strongheart," 
was well received May 4. "Tbe Ola Home- 
clcinl" G. "Klght Bells" I), "Llltle Johnny 
Jones" 1 1, Lyman II. Howe's moving pictures 
JS, " Hooligan In New York" 14, Robr. Man- 
tell 1.".. "BatllRs of Our Nation" and Prof. 
f'onlerno's Band 17, IS, "Our New Minister" 

F.i.KVKS'rir Avkl'nb (1. C. Mlshler. jnana- 
gcr). — Mamie Fleming Co, played to good 
sized audiences last week. This whs tbe 
last reiKi'-tury company to appear In this 
house this season. The Majestic Burlesque 
Co. will appear 10, 11, and after that tho 
[duns for the complete renovaflon of the 
Iioukc will Immediately go Into effect, nnd the 
Klovcnth Avenue Ojiera House will [i>mh out 
us s dramatic pliivliniiHC. It will open next 
August us a family theatre, presenting high 
class, vaudeville ut popular prices. 

Note.— The Altoona Amusement Co.. which 
will have control of the amusements at Lake- 
wood Park, Is ronsl meting n chute •'ISD feet 
In longlh nnd 80 feet high, which will In one 
of Hie features nt Ihn park this season, 

Wllllnmaporf. — At tho Lycoming Opera 
House (L. J. Flsk, manager) Frank Dcslion, 
In '•The onico Boy." had big returns April 
SS. I rent: Myera stock Co. drew, and pleased, 
packed houses week of •'><•- and ihe corripsny 
then dosed for the season. "Holly Tolty ' 
Mhj- H, ihe JefferHOiiH. In "The Rivals," 0; 
Howe's pictures 10. "The Wizard of Oa" 16, 
Jefferson !*■ Angeles IS. 

N'iTks, — Hiigenueck's Showa gave two One 

performances, to big erowds, II Pnwneo 

Bill Is hooked for SI, and Rlugllng Bros.' 
Circus June S. 

._. manager). — 
The Four Piccolo Midguts, Lee Harrison, 
Wiitsori. Hutching* and 13*1 wards, Steely, 
Doty and Coe, ,tho Brother* niorlck, Charles 
and Kdnit Harris, Frozlnl and John Birch 
ate co-cnterlaluera week of U. Marshall P. 
Wilder was lust week's Iteadllner. His droll 
met hods were most plcutdug. (losalre und I He- 
reto put on ii screaming acrobatic' net — tbo 
best ihlug on the bill. Phyllis Allen was re- 
ceived with the usual warm acclaim. 

Hhuck'h OfOaa IUivhh {HeucJt, l-'enncssy 
& Htnir, amiutgers). — Billy Kerseml's Min- 
strels <I. Jay Hunt and Hal Held were Joint 
architects or "A Crowu of Thorns," which 
proved considerably hetter than tho usual run 
of meloflramallc offerings. Virginia Went- 
brook played Doroihv Dean, ami Homer R. 
Barton proved a munly Dave Hpauidfng, Busl- 
liesu was fulrly good. The season ends IS. 

Htandaiih (C. B. Arnold, manager). — The 
Itpntz-Saiitley Co. comes 0-12. The Incuba- 
tor Girls proved Ihe big novelty wltli Hurllg 
A Hcamon's Transatlantic Burlesquers, who 
were long or preLty girls, " 

w. it Todd, manager).— 
The Governor's l'urdon" week of 7. "Big 
Hearted Jim" bad good houses last week, 
'"nut Old Clothes Man" week of 14. . 

KUITICH (11. A. Daniels, manager). — Rill 
week of 7: llyuma and Mclntyre, Orucu 
(.'arneron. Kilty Tranuy, C'srlln and Dm 
Walurimry Bros, and Tiuiny, Billy Vun, Jolm 
Zlmmcr, and Monroe, Mack and Lawrence. 

I. vntr 1 (K. R. Lang, manager). — BIB week 
of 7 ; Joseph J. Sullivan, Dslvln und F.lwood, 
tlie Julians, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Mounts, 
Carrol ton and Mounte, Currolton und i lodges, 
Tops ami To|s*y. VIctorelll'H moving picture*. 

Sta» (Drew *; Campbell, managors). — Thu 
Baltimore Beauties Co. week of 7. "TJjO 
Yankee Doodle Girls drew well last weak. 
High Hchool Girls weak of 14. 

KMrittK (Cans. W. Denxlnger, manager).— 
Tito Trocadcro Burl esq tier* week of 7, .lllcn 
A llortiiii'H Big Gaiety Co. lied good returns 
last week. Jersey Lilies week of 14. 

Notb. — The death of Mrs. Mary II. Brandt, 
wife of Frederick II. Brandt, assistant mun- 
ager of Keith's, occurred st the Cleveland 
General Hospital m s.90 o'clock Monday 
morning, April ;t(). 

York. — At. Hie York Opera House IB. C. 
PcnU, manager) "Tim Air Ship." with Frank 
Cushrmin, May 1. "Utile Johnny Jones," S, 
canceled. The York Oratorio Society, with a 
chorus of two hundred local people, tinder 
the direction of Prof. Joseph Paehe, of Balti- 
more, and nccomponlcd hy the Festival Or* 
chestrn trf Boston, held its May festlvni mati- 
nee und night, 3. Tbe soloists taking part 

and "The Pirates of I'anuuiu" prove*! pleas 
Ing nitinls'rs. Business was uiilio go#«I. Blun 
itlTiboii Girls HI. 

Pijoi'lh's (HulMTt lleitek, mnnagorl, — T. 
W. Dlnklns will lutrothiie the High Mrhool 
Girls (i-IS. Lust week the Bultlniorn Beau- 
lies niil on "A Hcolctt Hluhliall" and "A 
llusy Nlglil." The Zarrow 't'rlo made a dig 
bit In their funny trick 'cyclo act. Kdnn 
Davnport caught the fancy of the audience*. 
which were of good site. Imperial Bur* 

KMum in. 

KooiiOUicAf, Gaiuikn (Walter Draper, sec 
reinryi.—Tho concert season opens 12, when 
VeHsellu's Baiula Itown will begin Us first 
local engagement, coming direct from At- 
lantic City. 

Conkv Inland <L. T. Anderson, mana- 
ger). — Hyrlnn Temple, Nobles of the Mystic 
Shrine, will opeu ihn mcssod May .u. Roy 
Ktialienshue. tho flying machine man* will 
be the llrsl big card. LAtKMiN f.|. J. Weaver, msnsnr). 
— "Mils park will open May 27, sod w. i;. 
('lark will Im ths rounsgor of the l>agonn 
Theatre. Vaudeville nhows all Summer. 

Ciikstkr Park (L M. Martin, manager).— 
Tlie Bridal Tour, Fur Factory, the Third De- 
gree find the Limit are the new features of 

Canton.— At the Grand Opera House (SI. 
C. Harbor, manager).— Tho Murry A Markey 
<"o.. Iil repertory, April AU' and' week, had u 

fair week's business, and pleased. -Marin Ca- 
hlll. In "Mollle Moonshine," May 0: Ixwk* 
studer's Minstrels 24, Itlcbard Carle, In "The 
Mayor of Toklo," Sil ; Viola Allen, 28, closes 
the teason. 

GAJtliBN TlIBATUB (TIlOtnBS & PottS, Oiaotl- 

gers). — Vaudeville, Illustrated songs and mo- 
tion pictures continue to crowd tnls popular 
Utile house. It wll probably remain open all 

Ku ra V Oat June 1 the Grand opera House 

will become one of a circuit of six houses la 

this viclnlly which will be managed hy Kd- 

.. ward H. Moore, and isxiked by Nixon ft Zlm- 

A ('lose Hhave" merman. Mr. Moore Is at preaont manager of 

Hie Ceronlns, at l*. Liverpool, (» . and tbe 
Coiiimblu, at Bcllalre, it. He will expend 
9lu.mii) In Iticreushig the seating capacity 
and otherwise Improving the property. 

HnndumUy.— At. the Grand Opera llouso 
(Singh! tt Smith, managers) "Fantana" 
plessnd u crowded house April .'10, Tim Mm - 
jiby pluycd lo nil uiipreclatlve audience Muy 
fl. Tangusy 7. Martin's "IFncle Tom's 
Cabin" 12. Owner John lllmineleln wilt con- 
vert ihe theatre nt the close of tba season. 
Into h ground door house, and make other 
extensive improvements, 

Ckimii I'oint Plkahiibh Hkkoht (lieu. A. 
Boeckllng, raanugor) .—The Summer season 
opens June 2. 

-!.>-.■. — II ■ 

Akron.— At the Colonial (IHy H. Hill, 
manager j Nat C. Goodwin, In "The Geolu*." 
tnude s big hit before u large audience, May 
.'I. Maria Cahlll 10, closing tho season for 
this house. _j.- 

I'Nigt'H (Achlilo Plilflon. mansgpr), — lbs 
Little Hgypt Burlesque Co. did well U-Q, clos- 
Ing tbe theatre for the season, 

Col, ('cumins' Wild Wnsr H»ow comes 
12, and Barnum ft Bailey Ctrnis 24. 






trail 3si£iw yore: clipper. 


"■ Worn. b|r Will. A. JiAHOUEV. l.jr A. S. Dili) A. •■■ 

CHORUS. ^ ay '^ ftt r ' t ' 11 ' or '<' v ' , l n *rGrro]t brokPBfalUi, .w'eV-thParl, Thoaffli jon ma, have thonfthl I left because I had grown cold, 

' Onlj»w. jou.wM forget we've ever liiwmajiarl, -.,'' ,.. 1 wlllMTIlWMthe CnruoMlold. 

?.9^*i'_?J*f'I!jSjl* , 1I? , J'°S? B»U»J jr.r wrluen. A rang thni mil llvcforrvrr. II'. > MM of broken Ikftn. wllh * melody Hi. I cnrrle. both heart and mind. A ballad wltb a moral. W. bav. 

Si ii BMHSi* « J*£ 5. .'?!" *"' J&*V"P« W, S" th *' pHfc.n+1n,B of Ihl. clly, and we mn.l «•>■ not only l« the una orlKlnal, bnl <be elides earry II fnr nbore anything on Ike market to! 

■ajr In allde aou(e. Rend foi it unlay. Don't wall. ProfeMlonnl tuple., •bng.orchrMrntlone and Sana of thU •ou now ready. " 



THE iJfflJPJjT MUSIC COMPANY, 38 West 89th St., New York. 


Hartford. — At Parsons* Tbcntro (H. 0. 
Parpons, manager.) "York stole- Polka" placet! 
ft successful nve»'» eflRrtppnicut, <Uo«lng ltn 
season tier* In fi. abd placlbg Its effects 
In Manager rarBOUn' spacious mortice. Alice 
NctUenjTn "Don Pasqnale," 7 ; Grace 1 George, 
ft. Id "The ftjarrlage of William Asbc;" Mc- 
lntyre and Hentu u, 42, closing the regular 
boas* season. The Ifuntur-llradfonl Co. 
opens a Summer eeo*on 14. "■ "' 

Habtfoju. Opera. Hods- (IT. H. Jennings, 
manager i. — The Florence Hamilton Stock 
Co. -save & highly satisfactory presentation 
of "Woman Against Woman." April 30-May 
S, closing the week with "Wlio In Name 
Only," 8-&..HiinloeM wns of fair proportions. 
For, the second- week's engagement of this 
company, * ? Sapho" will be presented 7-0, fol- 
lowed by "Hearts Adrift? 1<M2. 

Poli'b (Louis E-~ Kllby, manager). — The 
headliners for last week's lil II. entitled "In 
the Swim," coupled with James If. flee, F.ns- 
Jlsi. wire wonder, were the prominent feat- 
tores of a highly Interesting programme which 
served to fill the house, week of 7 : Four- 
teen' Black Hussars, ns hpadllners. "A Time- 
ly Awakening," presented by Careltoa Micy 
J .od Maud Bona Hall ; Blanche Sloan, oo fly- 
□g rings: Relff Bros., dancers : Arthur and 
Mildred Povian. in "Jack and Gill;" Usllsg- 
her and Hlld, In tbe dancing goose, and Mau- 
rlee'Haawell. character Impersonator. 
■ ■ » ■■ ■-— - ■ '. 

Brldtreport. — At Smith's i Edward C 
Smith,' mhoagnn) '"Sis Hopkins'.' played lo 

Sood business April 30-Mny 2. "Ben-Hur" 
Id good business 3-fi. Ornce George, In "The 
Marriage of William Ashe." 7; Clarn Turner, 
1n repertory, 8-12. The plays presented 
here are: "An Orphan's Prayer," "Dixie," 
"A Kentucky Girl, ,r "The Shop Girl," "Why 
Meii' Tempt Women," "How Glrlft Go Wrong, ' 
"The Boy Detective" and others. 
* Pott's (M. B. Mitchell, manager). — Good 
noslnem last week. Booked '.week of 7 : 
Trimble Sisters, the Three lightens. A. O. 
Duncan, the Two MeerR, Howard and North, 
Charles A. Mason, Lew Kelby and company, 
and the Be-Anon. Week of 14, Poll Stock 
Co.. with J. A. McGill In the lead. 
- — ! — . < i » 


v Louisville. — At Macauley'a (JnhaT. Mac- 
suioy, manager) "Coming Thro' the Bye*' 
played & return engagement April 30-May 3, 
drawing good n,udIcn<-os. Stella Meyhew, In 
tha reading role, inado a decided hit. "Pro- 
fessor Napoleon." an amateur performance, 
under the direction of Warteipavla, of New 
York, occupied the house 4. &, playing to 
crowded houses. "PUT ! Palt I ! Pouf 1 1 l' r 7-0. 

AviSNUR (Cbaa. A- Show, manager).— "On 
the Bridge nt Midnight," last week, suited 
tho natrons of tne_Avenue, and tboy filled 
the house nt every performnnee. For week 
of 0*, "The Millionaire Tramp." 

Bupkinuiiam (Whallen Bros., managers). 

. WANTED— For Sam ■ Bryant's Bap. Shaw 
utlder canvas, an all, 'round Actor, fnr leads 'and 
heavies. One that fan dlreri mage. Preference 
given to one playing violin or cornet. state your 
Ipwent salary for anmtncr and Winter chgan*". 
meat, SAM BRYANT, McKcespon, Pa. 

Regards to all Mantis. ... 

Good Trap Team, Manaqd wife preferred: Will 
buy tort. Round Top. Most be In A No. l condl- 
Hon and aheap. for Address GEO. B. 
LOWKRY, as tuft route. 

AT LIBKI%TV- 13. . F. Comedian for Med 
Show or street, teond voice. Play guitar for 
street. , All around pt-rformer. Salary $ to and ex. 
Tickets required: Add, JESS. ADAMS, Hounds- 

vine, Mo. ' 

WANTED, MURICIANS-Maa for Cornet, 

Blide-Tron.boiie,.and Tnha find Clarioneu All 
must double Stage. Htato lowest aalary first 
letter, as It Is' sure. Show never closes Must 
Join on wire. Mrs. ACijUILIA nrHART, Fddy- 
vilip. la., g f it); Buxton, la., H, lft. •■ 

Performer*, all lines. Only those that change for 
week to in days. Work under top. Stop at hotels. 
Salary rain or shine if ynu make good. Want Per- 
formers.notiilngelse. Ivm KopteUo.Si.Clond.Mion. 


Sketch Team, Comedian, Pianist (male). Silent 
Act. Explain all; Join on wire. Under, canvas. 
Two week stands. Payvour own. Vades; write. 
■'. JIM LONG, Mllford. III. 

At Liberty, May 26, 


Trombone, Euphonium. 

Harry C. Craves, 

Drums, Traps, t3a>lla>, 




GOOD r.FNFRAI. BCS. WOMAN for Heavies and 
One or Two Characters. Must nave good ward- 
rol>e and competent. Specialties. ()001> PIAN'U 
PLAYER. Man only. A year's engagement to 
good sober people. WANT A SPECIALTY FRAT- 
PRE. Make salary low for the Summer. Regular 
Season Ope an Aug. 16, Muskogee, Ind.Ter., May 
6-20. Kl>. C. MTT, Manager. 

wanted—two ai comediant. Must. Bing 
and Dance and put on acts. Change for week. 
Prcfereone to those playing string Music. .State 
what you can do and salary wanted. A. F,. 
PAKE, Mgr.Egyptlan Remedy Co., Kokomo; 1 oil , 

One 0) uii Bass, one E-tiat BasB, one BoloDornet, 
one Trap Drummer. Hand has six months' en- 
gagement, at union price. Chance for promotion 
to non-commissioned ofilcc in band, acenrdinx to 
each man's ability. No married men wanted. 
Must be sober and reliable men. 

CEABAU T0118CLU), Band Master. 
asth Infantry Hand, Fort Sam, Houston, Texas. 

WANTED Immediately, experienced Medl- 
ine Performers. Salary, what you are worth. Pre- 
ference to those that play organ. Can use young, 
nttracttre, and modest aonbrette; one that ts wil- 
ling to set up tent, work In cook house, roast and 
pnt up psa nuts; must be clean nnd healthy; no 
chasing allowed. Ticketa. no. AddreBs ■ 
UAHHY A. WOODWAHD, Mgr.SOckalexls Concert 
and Umber Juice Co., Benealcta, Maine. 

s: CD. ID. 2 

Wanta people at once for parrs in "Jesse James" 
and 'Ten Nights In a Bar Room." Mnat doable 
brass. Coder canvas. A year's work for the right 
people. Show opens on or about May IT at Byes- 
viile, Ohio. Can place Mnslnnl Act and any strong 
act fur free attraction. Address quick to 

AMAZON BROS.' SHOWS, Byesville. Ohio. 

WANTED, for Brooks' Comedy Co., Versatile 
Sketch Team (man and wife), doubles and singles; 
change for three nights; work In acts. Other use- 
fill vaudeville people, write. Salary sure. Address 
Franklin A. Brooks, fW Park Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

AT LIBERT V— Fred Barlow, good Black lltce 
Comedian: can put on aota and knovy bow to make 
them go I <ig, Am also acrobat. Can change stun* 
foroueor two weeks. Reliable Med. Showo answer. 

HIK JVlNOMA At I 1> UUlll'll UIUH'i iiniiHi(,tin|. kii uucm tnw nennn. .m i.ii|tniiii. uu» „ a nujnnu, . 

—The High School GUIs last week proved | Address Fred Harlow, 41 Walnut St., Nantlcoke, Pa, 
a drawing attraction, the hohae Mug tilled 
nightly. For week or 0, tbe ImperlalB. 
Ti'ojtTAlNM Perky Pahk (Wm. neiehman, 

manager). — The programme given last week 
attracted big' crowds, which seemed highly 
entertained. For week of fl: Bow I re and 
Doreto. Harry Scara, llelvllle and Conway, 
the Great Powell, Cull nnd Johnson, nnd the 
klnodrome. . , . . , „ 

>jO Tn u. _ The. largest single subscription 
for the San Franclaco anfferers given In thla 
city to d"te was derived from the benefit *era —"The Way of the Transgressor, Apr 


ladlnnaiiolls.— At English's Opera House 
i Ad P. Miller, manager ) "Plffl Pali II 
Pont!!!" filled a return engagement May .'1, 
to a -largo and appreciative audience. Marie 
Cahlll, In "Molly Moonshine," f. ; "Little 
Johnny Jonea" 7. 

Park 'i'liKATBD (Dickson A Talbot t, matin- 

tendered by Viola Allen and company, 
Macauley's Theatre, April '£», which netted 
$1,000. Manager Mncaulev donated the 

houae Korepsugh h Sells Bros.' CIrcua 

gave' two perform aucea 30, to packed tents. 

-..The advance brigade, of Sethel's Dog 

nnd Ponv Circus, which appears here week 
of 7, constating of B. A. Boby. T. E. Ballln- 

«er| Will Heraenwny, Geo, Warner and W. 
i\ Irowery, was In the city last week, and 
thoroughly hilled the nhow. 

-> - ■■■ — ■■ 
Pedncnh, — At the Kentucky (T. W. Roh- 
erts,. manager) Wnlier Damrosch. May S, had 
good business. Viola Allen closes the regu- 
lar season, la "The Tonal .of the Town," May 
15. . 

Casino Sdmmrr Tiigatbb opens under 
management of Win. Mslone, with, a vaude- 
ville Gil), about May 21. 

'- . -. ■ ,.> ' , » . ,v .. 


Atlanta.— At (be B.Jon (Jake Wells, mao- 
iger) Kfllc Pay. In "Tbe Belle of Avenue A." 

5 as the attraction April .10-May r>, to S. R. 
. "The Convlct'a lJaughler" comes 7, for 
cue week. - - __jj 

STAR' t J. B. Thomnsun, manager). — Bus.. 
loss contlnuea good. The hill last week was : 
Barrlgan and Giles, ticymour aad May, 
Martvne SlBiora, the Durands, Ida Bell, Chas, 

50-May 2. drew well. "The Hoosler Girl' _ 
B. The Between Warren Stock Co. opens for a 
run week of 7, In "Dorothy Vernon, of Ilad- 
don Hall." 

Gjund Opera nmisra (Bhafer Zlegler, man- 
ager}, — Emmeil Corrlgan and company will 
head the bill week .of 7. Others appearing 
ara : I,ow Sully, Patrice and company. Lea 
Brnnln, Julia Ring and company, Dick Lynch' 
Agner Mabr, and the bioscope. Lee Harri- 
son waB the headlluer last week, and busi- 
ness was good. 

Empire (Chas. Zimmerman, manager). — 
The Imperials did fairly well last week. Tbe 
Avenue Girls week of 7. 

BlNOLlNti'B ClUClM 7. 

Xotks. — The Park season openn at Wonder- 
land week of 16 Otto H. HasRelman, 

the theatrical printer, died at his home here 
April It . 

. „ '. , ■ ■: . ' , '»» , ' ' . • 

At liberty, 

Summer and regular season, CLYDE B. CAL- 
L1C0TTK, Lead H.l [envies; MAKMJ EBITE MOORE, 
Musical Dlreclress, Piano. Experienced com- 
peteot, reliable. Wardrobe Al. RESPONSIBLE 
managers ouly. CLYDE B. CALLICOTTE, care of 
Hotel Newcomh. tjulncy, IlllnoK 

Lecture on San Francisco Fire and Earthquake with Slides from Negatives made by onr own 
photographer, now on tbe Pacific Coast, arc ready. The I«eciure presents the facts connected with 
this disaster In a style whlrh is unsurpassed, and the SIldeR are worthy of the high repuiailon Vtasra 
our house has achieved and will steadfastly maintain. They hare been carefully selected from a larg#> 
numi>er of original views. Price per set of .to Slides, 20 colored, lfi plain, with Lecture, sis. s,-. r „ 
cash Id full or deposit, and order will be filled In rotation. Circular* descriptive of set and containing 
Usr of adilltlnual slides mailed on application. ^ 

\*S. B 





Groltien. Gate JSl:icrw», 


Id all branehesof the Circus Biislaesa. Canalsonse an Right Piece Band, Troupe of Ponies, Menage? 
Act and Boss Canvas Mao. State all you do and lowcnt salary in first letter. Show opens Hay .i 
All performers holding contracts, v, ,ite at once. 

HARRY LA TH0M.A, General Agent, Room 508, R9 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

, FOX& T] 

A few First-class Shows, Sensational Free Acts. Concessions of al) kinds, and a Uniformed Baud 
of ton pieces. Add re-* W. C. CCRT1SS, Ashland House, 41I1 Ave. and ytii Street, New York City 


Strong Lecturer and Ornce Worker. Preference 
given an M. D. Would like to hear from those 
who can regi-uer lit Texas. Also A No. 1 Med. 
Performers that can change for a week. Sleep 
and eat In hotels. Money every night If required. 

Mgr. Ton-Ko-No Med. Co. No. II, Sehree. Texas. 




Wire lowest Hummer .alarv. (Pay own). 
WM. 0. WILD. South Pork. P». 




Capable Experienced Directors and Play General 
Business, Farce Comedies mainly. Wire lowest. 
Also, good Character Women, Character Mao, 
some heavy. Write. Salary guaranteed. Address 

J. w. hkiSman, 

aia Spring Si., Atlanta, Ca. 

WheeliuK. — At the Court (R B. Frana- 
helui, manager) Rohert Kdeaon, In "Htroug- 
heiiit." April :t0, had big returns, followed 
by Nat 0. Goodwin. In "Tlie Genius," May 2, 
to H, It. O., and Burr Mcintosh, In his lec- 
ture, "With Secretary Taft In the Orient." IV 
which drew well. Robert Mantell S, Marie 
Cahlll 12. 
unniMPwi w| r«wgn ,•»" — V ^J.-" GRAND Opeba Housi (Chna. A. Pelnler, 

Llndley, Florence Moore, Kvelln Golden, May manager).— "The Show Olrl." «*6, had S. B. 

Collins, Slelln B|Sl Bay Raymond, Carina o, ot every performance. r " 

erery nerformance. This house then 
closed .It a season. ' ■ 

,Huoit (l{. W. Bogers, manager). — BUI for 
last week gave good aatlsfaellon, to big re- 
turns, people for week of 7 : Tom and 
Gertie Grimes, the Ponlns, Burdock Sisters, 
Magdallne Dlston, Sabine and Dale. Tho*, 
2.1W0. It will he fireproof modern and up- Clark, Connelly, and ihe moving plc- 
to-date lit every respect. The stage la to ha turea, 

4&x7r>ft., the euonery elaborate, and the furn- , KoinON't, NicKKtoncoN (Geo. F. Moore, 
Islilnfrs of the entire building tho beat that manager) .-^-Business Is keeping up to fb« 


Barnum A Balvjy'b Cibcpr will he with 
us 21. 


pavli, IW. Jordan, Carl Copeland, Fred Una- 
sell, and moving pictures. 

None. — J. B.?Thomp8on*R new theatre, now 
In course of construction, will be completed 
by'June 20. it will he one of the largest 
In the South, having a Beating capacity of 

can tie procured. A price of 125 In gold and 
n seaaou ticket has been offered to the lady 
living In Atlanta who UrsL luggesrs an ne- 
iflituulc name contnlulng not more than ulno 
letters. The i»H*nlng performance la to he 
n benefit for the Decatur (Ga.) Orphans' 



YVoonnooUet, — At the Woousocket Opera 
House (Josh K. Ogdeo, manager) "An Yo 
Bow," Mav 7, 8. Maude lllllman Stock 
played to fair business last week. "Sunny 
South" 10, Creator*' and his Italian Band 
MS, Mildred Hollnnd 2.S, 24, Mitchell's Stock 
Co. _ LIS and week. 

Rowland ft Ct.trFonn ATTRArriONtt. — 
Dave Seymour writes: "Marie Craig, of The 
Old Clothes Man' Co., wna taken suddenly 
111 while playing Pateraon, N. J., recently, 
and had to rematn (here. Latent reports 
from the bedside of the patient denore 
Improvement. Nellie De Vcau Is >.now 
playlus tho part of '\fame,' the East aide 
girl, and meeting with, much success. 
Charles Moore, tenor of tbe Broadway Com- 
edy Four, has written a new ballad, which 
will shortly be produced by tbe quartette. 
Coral Arniro, who bad to leave (ha company, 

HpB TiiEATnti (At W. Conklln, manager), owing to severe lllneaa of her mother; baa 
—The American Specialty Co. week ot 7. been Y 

Busiuess remains good. 

Sotk. — Hoag Lake Theatre opens for tbe 
Summer' season Mny 28. 

" '■■■.-■■■ m t " : m 

Newport. — At the Newport Opera House 
(Calm & Cross Co., manager*) the Klrke 
Brown, Co. Rave good performances, to fair 
business, April 3», May I, ' The Great La- 
ftvptte had fair attendance 3. "The Sunny 
South" 4, "Tho Stolen Story" 5, "Aa Y« 
How" 0, Andrew Mack 11. 

- «— -erf-wiw™!... 

. »■» . 

proatrated herself, owing to tbe strain 
of constantly attending her Invalid parent. 
After' lengthy 'negotiation, . John l..Sull<van 
has been secured by a prominent Bummer 
stork, to play, leads, opening early In June. 
Rowland ft Clifford have procured an entirely 
new scenic outfit for' thfa company . for -,the 
coming season, and only the larger cities 
will ha vial ted wllh this attraction. Next 
•easoa twenty-four people will be carried 
(the. aame as this), thereby precluding the 
possibility of ploying might but the con- 
secutive, city time. Hlanley. Wilkes has been 

Second- Hand Trunks. 

Theatre Trunks. Strong Trunks. All Trunks. 
Bargains always. Saves you money. MYERS, for 
lft years 314 N. 10th, Phiia., Pa., huya or selhaov 
quantity cash. 


*Film 4cts. Per Foot* 
•Film 5cts. Per Foot* 
•Film Gets. Per Foot* 





For balance of Season i«M. will Join anything 
lMtyltig salary. Musi nave ticket and transporta- 
tion for horse. Address 
FRED B. EWE, Parker, S.D. 


MMHa for TrarcUnir Show. HIzcJGft. 

wMe.7fi.tiiK);. Ad.lres'A. H. <;., p. o. Box No. 
t.;\ ParkersEnrg, W. Va. 



Can make good. 

Sight readers. Mcrahers of A 

ttaaM, for McCabe and Canvite Medicine 

Show, a Doctor or first class Lecturer. We 'are 
playing WW to 1,000 people every night, Mu«ijnln 
at once. Address NcCABE, 
MM E. 8.d St., N. E., Cleveland, Ohio. 


Soubrette, Ingenues, 

Dandng Specialties, flood wardrobe. Stock work 
preferred. _ PAY NORTON. TecumHch, Oklft. 


We Instruct and prepare yon for the Btage by 
mall, and secure engagements, send stamp for 
particulars. DU SHANK SCHOOLS, Box 737, 
Sou I it Bend, Ind. 

■WANTED, forCametla Oil Med. Co., i Vei- 
aatlle sketch Team*. Also Single Performers. 
DR. M. S. LA VERK. Nekoma, Henry Co., HI. 

HIDE SHOW MKN-The s-eyed tJatapookn 
and 8x10 Painting, *43. Two Working Worlds, 
3 Hand tlrgan-. Indian Mummy and other Curios. 
LUtFree. WM. NELSON, s Van Nordcn St.. No. 
Cambridge, Mass 

WANTED (it'ICK, A NO. 1 Banjo Player 
and Singer; one does Monologue preferred. Good 
salary for up to date man. No booze. Money 
anrr. DA. LIVINGSTON MED. CO., 38 South 
Street, New York. 

WANTKD QUICK, Organ Player, Sketch 
Team; aisoot tier «o<Mimed. people who play organ. 
Eat on lot, sleep at hotels. Siate lowest; no 
tickets: Join on wire. ED. HENDERSON, Sales- 
vllle, Ohio, Guernsey Oo. 

JXanjts. -»* T \..flK tt T3J in y f* erurafred as musical director of tbe attraction, 
Mai.rit have severed their connection wun " ina'ts i now buMiy-Tngaged or. th* 'MTiW 

— fn# jitam aMtnn.' 1 

the Eclipse or Dempaey Quintette. 

ben for nest season. 1 

Ban* aud Tuba, Drummer anil Cornet for Summer 
engagement at Tybco Island. Commence May, 
until Sepi. Must be sight reader, and suirt in 
every respect ta.oo per week, board aud lodging. 
tlO.ou security roust be sent that there shall be no 
*s*IP*R* t a»*irt- Wire immudmrelv i(T PKOF. J. 
LKV1N, 411 W, Bargett St., Raleigh, N. C. 



SCOPE, WITH l> KEELS. ,».1 . . STE- 

tn;.so— — dissolving btereopticov 




WHITE LIGHT, , 111. 71 — —WT OF 10 INCH 



JET, «:i.7B ■■■■,35 OPTIORAPH, No. 3. FOR 
,21.50—— 145 OPTIORAPH, No. 3, FOR 
•31.50— M. P. ADJUSTABLE LEGS, tl.SO 


! J, r_ c li\DE\->KHS. 4 I-ain. EACH, 


Latest Film Lists and Supplies. 

picture Machines, Stereoptlcons, Oxy-Lithe Oaa 
Outflts, Coudensers, Condenser Protectors, Reels, 
Limes, Gelatine, eui., etc, etc. 


Motion Picture Machines 


809 Filbert St, 


OPENS MAY 26, 1906, 

Under the Same management, 

Twenty lines of cara pass by our trolley statlonH. 
We will entertain any new concessions (must br> 
first class) on percentage basis. 

William I. Deering, A SioS? T 

Wo. g South 4th SU-eel, Plillad f lphla>. 

To responsllite 
Middle, Side Wail, 
Seau, 10 rier hiirli; 

riles, 80ft. Round Top, -tort. 
]0; ; ri. high; blue and Reserved 
. , good Stage; Scenery for Uncle 
Pom and Ten Night*; all llgbu; Reserved Seat Cur- 
tains, Murque. Also Baggage and Sleeping Car. 
Everything ready to rake the road. Anxwer. 


SOft. Top. 40ft. M. P., $105 t la lengths 10 
tier Seats, 97.50 p«>r length; Poles 40 per 
cent, off Hit; 4u Hone Tent, polea anil 
troughs, 5".0; % year old Great Dane, 

cropped ear n, >1 5. 

E J. FDLLER. KiUmtioo, Hlcb. 




Of all Rinds for Medicine Co. li. p. Comedlan<>, 
Musical Acts, HI. cut Aeta, Piano Player. Eat aud 
sleep al hotels. Hlote all In tlrst letter. Want good 
Canvas Men. Addrcsa 

A. BAILEY. Frosthurg, Allegany Co., Md. 

Harry L Webb. 


No hum. Address KD. O.STONE. 
General Delivery. Soulli Haven. Mich. 



Moat look ami act the ran. Camp work, state 
all. MEI.VINJ. IIATMi)Nll.nen.lltl., Cltlcato. III. 



Must be able of getting the money. Good looker 
and dresser for big cities. ten Performers. 
State lowest salary In Orat letter. Those that can 
double preferred. Can use Piano Player. Address 
H. J. X. , German Med, Co., Cincinnati. O. 

6. R. AND K. G. M NSI 

Now Rehears ng, 

Want Musicians, B. and 0.. quick. We pay alt. 
Wire. P. D. (iltRKN, 4911 Olive St., W. Phlla., Pa. 



Able to change for a week. Must plar Piano, 
With a reliable Med. Co. that shows appreciation 
of merit by thesaiarr vou will get. LougscaKOii 
<«nd a snap for the right man. Tell It all. 
PROF. P. L. HHif.lNS, Surlng, Wis. 

TfaniiiU— m aj! lines for Clirton Remedy Co. 
No.l. Those that fake organ preferred. Musi Join 
at once. Write or wire. DR. H.W.OLIPTON, 
Dressor, Payette Co.. 111. 

UiMUl F ^R PIKD. SHOW, Comedian. 

If /til ir.lf sketch Team, Organ Player and 

other useful people. Join on wire. Suru money 
and long season. Address ALEXANDER 

MILLER, Curnlieriand, fiiiernsey Co., Ohio. 


With Banjo, to work on street, who can do 
Comedy in two-people ants. Good salary. Ad- 
dresa DWIOHT WILCOX, Cordell, Ok la. 

Wanted. Trap Drnmmer and Cornet, 

Por Summer Park. Opens May 1C. Lowent In 

flrst. Wire. 8. B. MONROE, 

105 Indiana St., Pupssutawney, Pa. 



Change for week, work In acts. Address 

218 Nortbamplon St., Buflaln. S. V-_ 

Wanted, Lady Musicians 

All Instruments, All-year-round business. 
Cycle Park, Dallas, Texas. 

Must he Al Singer and Pancy Dancer. Height 
ftft. 31u. Add. Pearl R> Turner, cure N. V, CLI PPFR* 


WANTRIl Gm ' 1 ("ever People for RppF.TiD!r. j , 
naiiauu "under canvas; those doing special- 
ties given preferenoe. Would consider clever 
amateurs; must have wardrobe. Also Piano 
Player. n. J . K., BILL HOARD, Cincinnati , Q._ 


-Ttau^aD.JDonbJe Bram, Cook and Canvas Meu, 

"* Wrire all and 


] tf AY 12. 

' TAlLfc OF tO>TK\TB. 

-- Dm 

Miss Clipper's AnccdOtO, Etc 3» 

ou Loodgo Utter 32tl 

Yule Bathes— Sketch .- 828 

Allium Morrta to tbe Wert 320 

KQeB Terry's Jubilee 320 

Featurci of tbe Weekly Stow (IUojtrat1ons).. 32T 

Frederic Ireland— Sketch , 328 

World of Players ' 329 

Vaudeville and Minstrel 380, 337, 338, 349 

Under tbe Tents 330. 387. Ml 

Clipper Post 0*ce 331 

goeHea Aa«weieuV..' 332 

Our Australian letter ;.......' 332 

U«r Chicago Letter 333 

Un tlic Boad .....:,■ 330. « 14 

tx»r Haniroen-ieln's U|>cr*tle Engagements. . 345 

Vaudeville Route List 385. .130 

l.u«t by Telegraph . -880 

*>w York CltT 34^. 341 

lit Han Francisco Catastrophe 330. 337 

M!«crl!aceoui 337 

Dtaths In the Profession ' 337 


District of Colombia 328 

Colorado 828 

ffHfctB fftgt 328 

Orecott f •• 828 

Canada 328. 345 

M*Uw 328 

Oklahoma '. 838 

California 328, 344 

TeoDes**. Vlrftoli 828 

New Hampshire, Vermont 328 

UluefoU, Maryland ....381 

TrhKonsui, Missouri 331 

Ttxu 331, 349 

Massacbusetts. 332, 337 

Pennsylvania. 838 

UtilO 333,349 

CutiKcttcat, Kentucky. 834 

Georgia • 884 

Rhode aianl 334 

Indiana 834, 34D 

West Virginia 334 

New York Bute ? 343 

Iowa 845, 349 

Mkhlgin 345 

New jersey.. 330, 349 

Kansas 349 

Arkansas 849 

llllDOls I 349 

Jfabraaka 330 




Uraumao opened a. cheap vaudeville Bliow 
la King Solomon's Temple Hall, 1743 Mil- 
more Street un Saturday evening, May o. 

J. J. Gottlob, one of tbe firm of Uottlob, 
Marx A Co., and managers of tbo Columbia 
Tbeulre, In tbls city (dor- burned), left for 
the East May _', principally to confer with 
Klaw k ErJonger, relative to the futnre the- 
atrical situation on the coast, and morcpar- 
tfcularly to arrange for Hackett and Alan- 
nerlng, who were to have played a special 
reason of eight weeks this Hummer, at tbe 
Columbia, and who now must have other 
arrangements made to till tbe dates tbua 
vacated by our disastrous Are and earth- 

It Is aold that us boon as possible the Chutes, 
managed by the Orpheum Circuit Co., will 
open with the bookings Intended for the late 
ijrphcum In this city. At present tbo Chutes 
lay a place of refuge for thousands without 
home or place to go. ■ 


Monday Muht's Openings la All ths> 
Blar Show Towns — "The Coward" 
Opens at Chlcasro. 

Chicago, May 8. — The principal Sunday 
opening was Richard Carle, In "The Mayor 
uf. luluo," at tbe Illinois, which was a great 

success Monday night's openings were 

Ulctiard ilansfleld, In "Tbe Scarlet Letter," at 
the Grand Opera House, and "The Coward," 
ut McVlcker 'a, for the first time on any stage, 
which proved to be very successful At- 
tractions at other houses this week: "The 
Three ■ Graces," at Chicago .Opera House; 
■•The College Widow," at Studcbaker's ; "Man 
and Superman," at Powers' ; "Mexlcana," at 
the Uarrlck; "Forty-five Minutes from Broad- 
way," with Fay Temple toti, at the Colonial ; 
"The Umpire," at the La Halle, and "Texas, 
at, the Great Northern... .Ulgh class vaude- 
ville nt tbe Majestic, International, Olympic 
and Haymarkct. 

BugTox, May 8. — Good average business 

ruled iftbt night The principal new bills 

were i -"The stolen Story.' at the Tremont ; 
-Nance O'Nell, In "Hosmersholm," at the 
■Mb ; the Kays, at the Globe, and "The Boy 
Behind the Gun," at the Grand Opera House, 
.-.v. The holdovers were: Oljra Nethcrsole. at 
tbe Colonial; Henry E. Dlxey, In "The Man 
00 tbe Box," at the Majestic, and "A Yankee 

Circus on Mars," at the Boston The 

stock company houses and tbe other resorts 
offered the usual weekly changes. 

Kansas city, May 8.— Nellie Stewart, In 
"-H'wvet Nell of Old JJrury." opened a week's 
engagement at the Willie Wood last night, 
and scored a hit before a fair sized audience. 
....... Ernest Hogan, In "Itui'us Ilastus." had 

a good matinee and big Sunday night house 

ttt'.lbe Grand Two good Sununy audi* 

enctB were on hand at the Orpheum to see 

Ujr.Ufal- bill of the season "ScoUy, 

toe King of the Donert Mine," thrilled two 

large audiences at the Auditorium 

"Man's Enemy," at the mills : the Boa Ton 
BBgMUK ut the Majestic, und MIsa New 
York Jr., at the Century, were good attrac- 
tions The People's Stock Co. gave good 

Uerformances of "Camlllc" at tbe People's. 
........west liud Forest Park was packed, 

Jgtt jtoaatl's Uoyal Italian Band. 

Hrt Spils-t'loto circus save two perform* 
uuces here, to packed eauvuses, 7. 

Wahhinotox, May 8.— Kathryu Kidder 
opened nt the .New National, In "The Embar- 
rassment of Tllches," to a large house, last 
night; .... .The Columbia stock, headed by 
Uiijr .S tending, opened well In "The £>uke of 

Kinicrankle,'' at the Columbia "Tbe 

•Urafcipl drew well at the Majestic Tbe 

Odette Tyler Co. presented "The nit." to a 

Hoe house, at tbo Belanco "Fighting 

Fate crowded the Academy Charles 

,W»Mrt Fletcher beaded a great bill at 

cvufa'c, with two full houses The 

uouem'an Burleatjuere had good houaeH twice 
' CrticissATi, May 8. — "The Gingerbread 

Mao" opened big at the Grand Billy 

Atoaod*' Minstrels had good crowds at 

Jieuek s -.Blckel, Watson and Wrothe 

■MM 'airly well at the Walnut Vandc- 

1 1 He holds, more tban Its own at the Co- 

luuiMft The High School Girls drew 

■VRtjWll at the People's At the Stand- 
ard the Rentz-Hantlcy Co. had large audl- 
<-■ n c v . --• - 

WITBU, May 8.— "Plff I Pat 1 1 Poof I ! !" 
opened a return engagement at Mucauley's, 
drawing. a big house "The Millionaire 

Frsuib. ' at the Avenue: tbe Imperials, attlie 
Jluckluirbetii, and vaudeville, at Fontaine 

J* «rr. Park, all bad crowded houses 

On Sunday Bethel's Bog and Pony Circus 
opttned a week's engagement to a big crowd. 

' PntLADtiPiiiA, May 8, — The owners of 
the Lyric Theatre will erect another play* 
hugsv-uUJfiinlDg It. ut Broad and Cherry 
Hired*,, which, It Is understood, will nlso 
« under tbe management of tbe Sbuberta. 
-v. .". .. Hosallc," at the Chestnut, and "Tbe 
Utmintaii," at the Walnut, began thnlr third 

wsekto crowded bousew yesterday. 

lTie oilier holdover attractions doing satis* 
tai torlly are: Anna Eva Fay, at the '.arrlck; 

•flie Prince Chap," at the Lyric, and "The 

Plainsman," at the strand "Checkers'* 

openH-! to a crowded house at the Park 

The bill at Keith's drew big crowds after- 

noon upd- i.igbt The stock productions 

M Forepaiigiis and tbe Standard were re- 
'■elvrtl with fnvor, nrd the other combination 
and. .'burlesque hmiiKg Juid ptealy »f pntnm- 










And Any Good Purform.r. 

LOOK asr Parodies --4 Absolute Knookonts on Latest Hits-One Dollar. ED. BOSS, 51 West 28th Street. N.T. 

ggjgBe Route £i$(. 

This Hat In made ap a* nearly »<■- 
earate an It la poaalble to rnsike a lint 
of vaudeville booklus*. To Innore ia- 
•ertloa la thi« department the name 
of the theatre or park, na well an the 
city or lown, MCST accompany eaoh 
bosklnar sent as. 

Abbott & Weaver. Dliwi. MaruoeUe, Mich., 7-111; 

aijou. lUcsuab*. U-!». 

Acker & OoUinv. O. II.. Hamilton, 0.. 7*12. 

Action, ttae A Co., Kmplre, Des Moines, la., 

Adella. La. Savoy, Columbus, IrnJ.. 7-1 ii. 
Ad«lLuc A BOBS, Pastor's. X. Y. 0., T-1S. 
Adnata A- Mack, Famllr. Scrantou. Pa., 7-11!. 
Adsms ft lMwards. Tiptou. InU., T-13; Sew Cat- 
tle, 14-10. 
Adam till A Tarlor, Proctor's Ctli Ave., S. Y. C 

Addlxoii A LlvIngBtoii, Bijou, Uuluili, Mluu., MA 

Aaeru t Baxter, CofTcrvlUc. Kan.. 7-12. 

Alierns. Tbe. Park, Br«, Pa.. 7-115. 

All 1 Peiser. Proctor's. Albany, N. Y„ 7-12- 

Alexander. O. O. n.. PlttaborfiT. 7-12. 

Alrin t Kenney. Lyric, St. Josepb, Mo.. 7-12. 

Allen, 7<eon A Bertie, Bljoa, Battle Creek, Hlcb. P 

Alburtna k Millnr, Circus Carre. Amsterdam. Hoi., 

7-13; Nice, b't., 15-21; Alcassr, Marseilles, 22- 

AUmoD, Joe S.. Bijoo, Bay Cftjr, Mich., 7-12; 

Bijou, Maruuetie, 14-10. 
Albenc A Ln Brant, Sovcllj. Toiwka. Krai.. i-12. 
Amunii A Ilurtlcj, Bo. Slileldw. Ko«., 7-12: IWlu- 

bargu. Bcot. 14-10; tflasfow. 21-20; Belfast, 

Ire., 28- June 2. 
Aoiato, Mile, Eoson'K. Cblcoso. 7-12. 
Antrim A Petcra. Keith's. Pblta.. 7-12. 
Anderson & Reynolds. Bljcn, Kcnoaha, Wis., 7-0 j 

Bljoo. Baclne, 10*12. 
Appleby. .Enrol re, Des Moines, In., 7-12. 
Aocl, Lillian, A Co., Empire. Hoboken, N. J.. 7- 

12; Empire. Pstcrsou, 14-10. 
ArllUKton Cumeuy Four, Kmplre, Hoboken, N. J., 

7-12; Empire, Psterson, 14*10. 
Armlnta A Burke, Poll's, Worcester, Mu«s., 7-12. 
Arnot A Uami, G. 0. H., Pittsburg-, 7-12. 
AHblev, Lillian, Kmplw, Qoboken, N. J., 7 12. 
Ashton A 31artlnc, Lyccom, Gloocester, N. J., 

Austin! Ctaode. Bljon. Bay CUy, Micli., 7-12; 

Pblla., 14... 
Avery ft Pearl, GrauJ. Peru, lud_ .-12; Graiwl, 

Huntington. 14-10. 
Avery A Hart. Staes's, Buffalo.. 7-12. 
Axtelt A Dos, Gram). Mlcbltfan City. Iml., ■>» 
Baker A Lynn, Kmiilrc Tour, Ena*.. 7-19. 
Barry. Kstle. Kelta'e, Pblla., 7-12; Kelth'a, S, 

Y. C. 14-19. 
Baum, Will. Fnltofl, N. T., 7-12. 
Barry A Wolford, Columbia, 8t. Louis, 7-12; Uay- 

maiket, Chicago. 14*10. 
Barr k Evans. Crystal, tit. Joseph, Mo., 7*12. 
Barry, Mr. ft Mrs. Jimmy. Orpbeum, Bkln., 7-12; 

Albambra. N. Y. C, 14-19. 
Barnes, Paul, G. 0. II.. Pittsburg, 7-12. 
Bates, Louie W.. Grand. Tacoma, Wusb., 7-12; 

Grand, Bellinatiam. 14*10. 
Baader-La Vellc Trio, Alhambra, Milwaukee, 

Wis., 7*12; Dominion, Winnipeg. Can., 14-19. 
Baauw Quartette, Proctor'n 68th St., N. Y. C, 

Bariics' A Edwins, Irwlu, Gosneu, lud.. 7-12; 

Crystal. Ulwood, 14-19. 
Barry ft Ushers. H. ft B-. a. Y. OU 7-12. 
Banks. Cliartcy, Slain Street, Peoria. III.. 7-12. 
Bfirsli, Dellsrbt A Broomstick Witches, Chase's, 

Washington, D. C. 7*12. . 

Beach ft Beach, Superior. Wis., 7-12; Uulque, 

Winnipeg. Can., 1410. ■ 

Beckwltb. Linden. Temple. Detroit. i-12. 
Bennett ft La Beno, Pueblo. Col.. 712; Florence, 

Be-Anos, The. Poll'n, Bridgeport. Conn.. 7-13. 
Betnlce ft Co., Jefferson, Goshen. Ind.. 7-12. 
Bellman A- aaasfc Proctor's Wm St., S. Y. C, 

7-12; Victoria, S*. Y. C. 14-10. 
Beyer. Ben, American. X. Y. C. 7-12. 
Beiloulit Arabs (8). Chase's. Wachlugton. D. C, 

7-12; Keith's, Pbllu., 14-10. 
Htjlicliilre Brow., Doutlntuii, WlJmljwg. Can.. 14-10. 
Beunette A Heavey, Bijou. Duluth. Minn., 7-12; 

Bijou, Wlnnliieg, Can., 14-10. 
Berjati's Circus, Proctor't" 23d Ht.. N. Y. C, 

Blrcnr'joliit, Columbia, Cluclnaatl. 7-12; Fontaine 
Ferrv Park. Louisville. Ky., 14-10. 

Blnncy ft Chapman, Grand, Hamilton, O,. 7-12. 

Blnnn. Bomm, B-r-r-r, Globe, Bomon, 7-10. 

Blair A McNuIty, Star. Topelta, Kan.. 7-12. 

Blami.liln ft Hehr. Family, Butte. Mont.. 7-12. 

Blungliard. Eleanor, Park O. n.. Eric. Pa., 7-12; 
International, Niagara Falls. N". Y., 14-10. 

Black A Jones. Orpheum. lit. Vernon. Neb., 7-12. 

Black ft Leslie, Lyric. Nt. Joseph. Mo.. 7*12. 

Bole?. May. ft Pollv Uirla. Temple. Detroit, 7-12. 

Booker ft Corbley, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 7-15. 

Boalln ft Tlllsou, Howard, Boston. 

Boifanko A Radcllffe. Academy, Chicago. 7-12. 

Bottcr, Hairy ft Co.. Neabltt. Wllkes-Barre, 

Bootblack Quartette. Original. Forest Park. St. 

IjjuIh 7-12; Fontaine Ferry Park, lx>uisiillc, 

Ky.. 14-10. 
Bnwtrs, Walters A Meintyre, Kreuey'i, Bkln., 

7-12; Globe. Boston, 14-10. 
Booth, Hope, A Co., Proctor's 23d St.. N. Y. 0., 

Bradley ft Davis. Brighton. Gloucester. N.J., 7-12. 
Bruno ft UusrsII, Urnueoin. Denver. Colo.. 7-12. 
Bradv A Hamilton, Empire. HU Paul, Minn., 7-19. 
Brlndnmour, Auditorium, Ljnn. Mans., 7-J2. 
Brooks Bros., Proctor's, Newark. N. J., 7-12. 
Brown ft Nevurro. Onibeum. Bkln.. 7-12. 
Braatr. Belma, Proctor's 08tb 8t.. N. Y. C 7*12. 
Bruins. Lew. G. O. II., lntilanuitolls, 7-12. 
Brlttons, Tbe, Wliitergarteii, Berlin. Cer.. 7-31; 

Krystst Puisne. Lel|*Iir. June 1-13. 
Biure. Beltlim, Poll's, Worcester, Mass., 7-12. 
Brown, Harris ft Brown, Keith's, Pblla., 7-12. 
Brobst Trio. New BIJou, Calumet, Mich., 7-12. 
Brockman. Mack A Co.. Shea's, Buffalo, 7-12. 
Brown, Harry A., Olympic, Chicago. i-TJ. 
Broderlck, Dave. Eusuirs, Chicago, 7-12. 
Brown ft Wllmot, BIJou, i,t Crosse, wis., 7-12; 

Mam Eau Oislre. 14*19. 
Boscli Family, Family, DaTeaport, I*., 7-12[ 

Lyric, Lincoln, Neb., 14-10. 

Burkes. Juggling, Grand. Victoria, B. C, 7-12; 

Grand. VancoureT. 14-19. 
Burkes, The. Keith's, N. T. C. 7-12. 
Burke A Urllne, Crv-tal. Msiion, Ind.. 7-12. 
Burdock Slaters, Bijou. Wheeling, W. Va.. 7-12. 
Buckeje Mtste Quartette, Unique. Minneapolis, 

Minn.. 7*12. 
Bush, Frank, Keith's, Bostou, 7-12. 
Budwortb A Wells, Lrrtc, HL Joseph. Mo., 7-12 J 

people's. Leavenworth, Kan., 10-10. 
Burk. W. H., Brsdoiibargb'a. Pblla., 7-13. 
Buckeye Trio. Grand. Homlllou, 0., 7-12; Ot* 

pheuui. Springfield, 14-10. 
Bush ft UohIod. Poll's. Worcester, Mass.. 7-12, 
Byron A 1-aogdon, Auditorium. Lynn, Mass., 7-12. 
Ban A Herman. I'ltmtteU, Mass., 7-12; Howard, 

Boston, 14*19. 
Carlln ft Otto, Keith's, ClerelautI, 7*12; Arcade, 

Toledo. 14-19. 
Carson Bros.. Orpheum. Heading, Pa„ 7-12. 
Gate Family, BIJou. Kenosba, Wis., 7-12; Unique, 

flneboynn, 14-19. 
Curios. Chan., Orrln Bros., Mexico, 7*19. 
Carroll A Eller, Alcaxar. Denver, OoL. 7-19. 
CastelUt k Hall. Majestic. Chicago, 7-12. 
Campbell, Bill. Manhattan. Norfolk. Va., T-12. 
Cameron A Flanaaan. Olympic. Chicago, 7*12. 
Cameron, Grace, Keith's, Cleveland, 7-12; Shea's, 

Buffalo. 14-19, 
Campbell A Joliuew, Albambra, N. Y. 0., 7*12; 

Vlcl-rla. K V. 0.. 14*I«. 
fsrrlU'. Lc**, t-wa-m r!» Hh &*-. V. I. «.. 7-12, 

Cuprite, Lynn A I-"«y. Orphemu, Denver, Col.. 7- 

Cnprlci-. "Urlclnsl." Stsr. Cripple Creek, Col,, 7- 

12: Colo. Spring*. M If. 
Cunitlle Trio, Keith's, Pblla., 7-12. 
Oarrolton A Mounts, Lvrlc, Cleveland. 7-12. 
Carew ft Hayes, Skeo's, Titrouto, Can.. 7-12; 

Kellh>. Cleveland, 14*19. 
Cwroii ft Farimui, Howard. Buslou, 7-12. 
Curtmells (31, Arcade. Toledo, O.. 7-12. 
Carberry ft siuntoii, Tacoma, Wash., 7-12; Se- 
attle. 14-10. 
Current on * Hodge*. Lyrli-. Cleveland, 7*12; 

Family. S«-ranton. Pa., 14-10. 
Case. Charlie, Orpheum, Bkln., 7-12. 
Carleion. A)., Olympte. Ohkago. 7-12. 
Cherry A Bates, Entnlrc. Ptrtsfleltl. Mi(x., 7-12; 

Young's Pier. Atlantic City. N. J., 14-10. 
Chatham Sisters, Killson, Helena, Mout., 7*12. 
("heater's Doga. Kbea's, Buffalo, 7-12. 
Cbaaslno, Dorlr, Yonkers. S. Y., 7-12. 
ClermontOs. 'Hie, Grand, Beno, Sev., 7-12. 
Clark. Tlios.. BIJou. Wheeling. W. Va.. 7-12. 
OUnc. Margie Proclor'H SSlh Hi., N. Y. C. 7-12. 
Clifford A Ortli, Washliiglou. Spokane. Wash., 7- 

12; Star. Seattle. 14-19. 
Clayton, Murrar A Co., Casino, Phils., 7-12; 

Waldman's, Newark. N, J., 14-10. 
Clifford ft Burke. Orphenm, Denver. Col., 7-12. 
Clark's Dogs A Ponies, BIJou, Wheeling, W. Va., 

Clarke A Temple, Unique. Sou Claire, Wis., 7-12; 
Unique, Minneapolis. Minn., 14-10. 

Clarke, Wilfred, ft Co.. Trent, Trontou, N. J., 7- 

Clark k Duucan, BIJou. Qulncy. HL. 7-12; Ma- 
jestic, Seilalin. Mo.. 14-19. 

Cowley, Jas. H , Ben's, l^raiiaba. ilkli.. 7-13. 

Corrlgan. Kmmett * Co.. 0. 0. 1L. Iiidlnuuiwlln, 

Cole k Clemens. CaffM Shcboygau. Wis., 7-12; 

-■ Idea. Oshkosh, 1419. 

Conroy. John ft Mamie, Farully, Oarbondalc, Pa., 

Columhluiis (•"!. Beniiett'fi, London, Esg., 7*12; 

Keith's. Pbllu., 14*10. 
Corbet!, Jas. J.. A Co., Orpheum, Bkln., 7-12; 

- Lynn, Mass., 14-10. 
Colby Family. Columbia, SI. Louis. 14-19. 
Connelly. Emms. BIJou. Wheeling. W. Va., 7-12. 
Connelly, nugh, Syracuse, N. Y., 7-12. 
Convey, Ferry. Olympic, Chicago, 7-12. 
Collins A Field-. Brsdenburgh's, Phtla., 7*12. 
Oookc A Mh>a Hothert, Empire Tour, Kng., 7- 

Juuc 30. — 

Conlun ft Hastings. Park. Erie, Pa., 7-14. 
Colonial Septette, Ye, Albambra. N. V. C, B-tO. 
Ctcssy A Dayne, Conk's, Bochesler. N. Y., 7-12; 

Shea's. Buffalo, 14-10. 
Crawford. Clifton. Alhambra, • N'. Y. C, 7-12; 

Proctor's. Albany, N. Y.. 11-10. 
Crvktore's Bsnd. Keith's. Boston. -12. 
Crane, Mr. A Mrs. Gardner. Proctor's, Albany, 

.V. Y.. 7-12. 
Cunningham. Bob ft Daisy, Empire. Springfield, 

III., 7-12; Standard. Davenport. la., 14-19. 
Cullcn. Jas, H., Moss ft Stoll Tour, Kug., 7- 

June 30. 
Cull ft Johiuou, Fontaine Furry Park, Luulevtllo, 

Ky., 7*12. 
Daly A O'Brien, Grand. Danville. 111.. 7*12. 
Davis, Jack, G. 0. II.. Grand Rapids, Midi.. 7-12. 
Davis 4 Walter, Proctor's, Newark. N. J., 7-12; 

Proctor's 23d Street, N. Y. C. 14-10. 
Day. Geo. W., Empire, Hoboken, N. J., 7-12. 
Daniels, Walter. Orpbeum. Utlca, N. Y.. 7*12. 
Damm Bros., Ilaymarkel. Chicago, 7-12. 
Durra* Bros., Galely, Baltimore, 7-12, 
Dalton Bros., A. ft S-, Boston, 7-12. 
Dnnby, Edllh, ft Co.. BIJou. La Crosse. Wis., 7-12. 
Dale. Violet. Orpbeum, Rending, Pa., 7-12; Proc- 
tor's, Newark, N. J.. 14-19. 
Dim ft Phllllpe, Family. Haatou. Pa., 7-12. 
Days, Dancing. A. ft S.. Boston. 7-12. 
Dalys, The, Bradenburgb'f, Phlla., 7-12. 
IK li ft Fonrls. BIJou. Msmiltowoc. Wis.. 7-12. 
De Witt. Burns ft Torrance, Empire, Johannes- 
burg, S. A., 7-Junc 2; Tlvoll, Cape Town, 4- 

July 14. 
De Grnw Trio. Interiistlonal, Chicago. 7-12. 
De Voy, Emmett ft Co.. Majestic. Chicago. 7-12. 
Dcrcnda A Greeo. Moss ft Htoll Tour, Bug., 7- 

Jmie 30. 
I>elmar ft Dciter, Orpheurn. Davenport, la., 7-19. 
De Mar ft Fortune, Keith's. Syracuse. N. Y.. 7-12. 
De Vern. Tbelmn, BIJou. Duluth, Minn., 7-12. 
De Monde ft Dlnsiuore. Yale, KaosaH City, Mo., 

Deltlnos. Tbo. Bradouburgh's. Phlla.. MX 
Delmore A Ktlcy. G. 0. H , Grand Itaplds, Midi., 

Delmore Sisters. Keith's. N. V. C. 7-12; H. ft S., 

N. T. 0» 14-19. 
DelmOre ft Oneida, Keith's, Phlla., 7-12. 
De Haven ft Parker. Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., 7* 

Delvlu ft Ehvood. l-yrlc. Cleveland, 7-12. 
Devere ft Devere. Majestic, Chicago, 7-12. 
Deitteu. Dave, BJ.-cu. Racine, Wis., 7-J2; Unique, 

Fond du Lae, 14-10. 
Dt Orubse, Nellie. I'nlflce, Worwrster, Mass., 7-12. 
Del tons (3i, Mohawk, Schenectady. N. Y., 7-12. 
De Vojj. Fred. Mul«er'». N. \. C, 7-12. 
Del 'Oro. LttigL Moore's, Hr.rtland, .Me., T-12. 
IHston. Mncxlalinc, BIJou. Wlieellng. W. Ta., 7-12. 
Dlcrlcki Bros., Colombia, Cincinnati. 7-12; Ma- 
jestic. Cblcsgo. 14-10. 
Disle Serenader*. Hathaway's. New Bedford, 

Mass.. 7-12. 
Kivoii k Fields, Msjestle, Clikago, 7-12. 
Diamond Girls, Anoe, Norfolk, Va., 7-12. 
Diamond A .May. Fischer**, Lou Angelea, Cal., 7- 

Diamond ft Uniltb, Oruheuui, Beading. I'u.. 14-10. 
Don. Kiumu. II In.. Bafford. Eng.. 7-12: Chelsea ft 

Ealing. 14-10; Grauvtllv, 21-20; Emp., Burn- 
ley. 28-June 2. 
Downey A Wlllard, La Salle. Keokuk, la.. 7-12. 
Doll. Alice Lyndon. Majestic. Uhlengo. 7-12. 
Uorla Trio, Keith's, Boston. 7-12. 
Dorscli ft Russell, Athletic Park, New Orleans, 

La.. 7-9. « 
Duuglictt, Loo. Ornbeuin, Ht. Paul, Minn.. 7*12. 
Dotiglss ft Uuuglus. Gniml. Michigan City. Ind., 

7-12; Grand. Peru, 14-19. 
Dootey, F. Francia, H. ft rL, r7. t. C, 7*18. 
Donar. Prof., Pastor's, N. Y. 0.. 7-19. 
Dudley. Clieslyn * Bums, Pastor's, K. X. 0., 7-12. 
Dumomls. Leu, Shea's, BuR"slo, 7-12. 
Durhvvlle. Loa k Fay, Huymurket, Chicago. 7-12. 
Duncan. A. <).. Poll's, Brldgenort. Couii., 7*12. 
Dflpn ft Glaiier, Olympic, Chicago, 7-12. 
Karte HNtcvB. Ornbeuin. St. Paul. Mlun.. 7-12. 
Eckhoff ft Gordon. Orpbeum, Reading. Pa., 7*12. 
Edwards. Ous. ft Co,, Victoria. N. Y. C. 7*12. 
Mar, Arthur. Elyslan Grove. Tucson, ArJg., 7-10. 
Edmonds ft Heuly, Howard. Chicago. T-19. 
Elllnge, Julian. Palace. I-owdon, Kug., 7- June DO. 
Elmore ft Coitrell, Klr«s, Kokomo, ind., 7-12; 

Dowllng'sj lAfgaosport, 14-19. 
Elton. Nnni, Moss ft Stoll Tour, Enu., 1 -June 30. 
Elgonu Bros.. Poll's. Hprlngfleld. Mass.. 7-12. 
Ellsworths (I. BIJou. Flint. Mica., 7-12i 
Ellsworth ft Burt, Star, Seattle, Wash., 7-12; 

Grand. Tacoma. 1U-10. 
Kills, Melville, Keith's. Phlla., 7-12. 
Emerson ft Omega. Keith's, Pblla., 7-12. 
Emery, Winifred. Washington, Pa., 7-12; UntoO- 

town. 14-10. 
Emerson. Llnwl. Ori'lieuio, HI. Paul, Minn,, 7-12. 
Empire Girls IM\ kinplre. Uobokeii. N. J., 7-12. 
Empire Comedy Four, Moss ft Stoll Tour, Bug., 

7-Juno 80. „ .. 

F.nttlelon. Nun, ft Co.. Jefferson, Portland, Me.* 

712; lewlstoii, 14-19. 
lister brooks. The. New Bedford, Muas., 7-12; 

Palace. Ronton. 14*19. 
Kske, Will. Ilaymarkel. Chicago, 7-12. 
Etbardo. Naomi. Majestic. Chicago, T-12. 
Evans, Ed. ft Joslc, Pastor's. N. Y. 0.. 7-13. 
Kvers. Geo. W„ Park, Pueblo, Col.. T-19. 
FsrrelL Chas., Howard, Boston, 7-12. 
Falardo. Bljon, Superior, Wis., 7-12; Unique, 

Winnipeg, Can.. 14-19. 
l'arnum, Boil, Trio, Family. Shanwkln, Pa.. 7-12} 

Internal lo-ml. Niagara Falls. W, Y,. 14*19. 
Felix A Harry Co., Auditorium, Ljim., Mrkh., 


IVrrN-WUey Trio. Wehl., IVrn. Iml.. 7-12. 
Ferrer..-. Temple. Detroit, Mhb., 7-12; G, O. II., 

Pittsburg, ttlli. 
Fergiwn A Ph--.iim.i-i'. Orpheum, MIu«»m|h<Hh, 

Minn.. 7-12. 
Ferry. R1J.hi. Evsnsvllle, l»d.. 7 -12. 
Flnnegsn, Hradenbtirgh's. Phlla., 7-1'A 
Field*, Settle, Cry.tal. Delrult, 7-12. 
I'iiko A McUonoiigh. On-heum. Reading. Pa., 7* 

12: Pastor's. N. Y. c, lt-10. 
Flnlsy ft Burke, Keith's, Boston. 7-12. 
Field. Grace, and Matlru-e Maids. Maryland, 

tlulto.. Md.. 712; Orpbeum. Bkln., 14-19. 
Fields. Will 11., Columbus. Chicago, 7-12; Pas- 
tor's, N. Y. O, 14-19. 
Fisher A Johnson, Bijou, Deeater, In., T-12; 

Main Ht.. Peochi. 111., 14-19. 
Finch. Lawrence, A Co.. tl. O. H , Uraud Ratilda, 

Mich.. 7-12. 
Fillmore. Nellie. Lyceum. Toledo. O., 7-12. 
Florence. I*). .Manhattan, Norfolk. Va., 7-12. 
Floru. Mildred. East End Park. Memphis, Tenu., 

Flynu. F.arl. Elite. Davcuport, la.. 7-12: Elite. 

Muscftlne. 14-19. 
Fletcher. Clias. Leonard, Cluse's, Washlugtim, 

D. C. 7-12. 
Flemen ft Allller. Lyrie. I.Iin-olu. Neb.. 7-12; 

Family, Hloux Clly, In., 18-19. 
Fonl Sisters ft Brothers, Alhambra, N. Y, 0-, 7- 

FoEtescue. tieo., Proclor'i'. Newark, N. J,. 7-12. 
F»y ft Ciark. Orpheum. Minneapolis, Minn.. T-12. 
Foutlnelle. Mysterluos, (i. O. II. , Grilid RnuWs, 

-Mich., T-12: Malu Hi,, Peoria. III.. 14-19. 
Fowler. Bertie. Colonial. N. V. 0.. 7-12. 
l-'redo ft Dare. Orphenm, Omaha, 7-12. . 

Freew- Bros.. Flint, Mich., 7*12. 
Frevoll. Fretlerk, Columbus. O., 7-12. 
Front A Harvey, Peotrte's. Parsons, Kail., 7-12. 
Frank. Marvelous ft Bob, tlrplieum. MltiPeaiMills, 

Minn.. T-12: Utffccam Henver, OoL. 14-19. 
Eraser Trio, Moore' n, Portland, Me.. 7*12. 
Frencli. Bessie, Orpb(*um, Mlouesinjlts, Mlun., 7- 

Frey. Htury. Nnttoiiat. Phlla,. 7-10. 
FrankfoHlK. Tlse, Acme, Norfolk. Vit„ 7-12. 
Friinklbi ft Huckley. Umuer's, Coney Island, N. 

\\. 7-12. 
Fronlul, F. G.. Columbia, Cincinnati, 7-12: Fon- 
taine Ferry Park, l^ulsvllle. Ky.. 14-19. 
"Futertly Winner," Proclor'n ."181I1 Ht., N. Y. C, 

12: Pull's, Hartford, Conu., 
Carilner ft Revere, Fl. Worth, Tex.. T-12; Little 

■avft, Ark., 14-19. 
Gardner A Vincent, Pastor's, N. V. C„ 7-12; 

Victoria, N. Y. V.. 14-10. 
Gurrldou. Jules ft Kits. Alhambra, N. Y. C 7*12. 
GHrron. Kittle. Suns Souet. N. Y, C, T-12. 
Gsfftey ft KruRer.. Crystal, Elwood. Ind., 7-12; 

Crystal. Wabash, 14*10. 
Gaylord. Bonnie. 0. 0. II.. Grand llaplda. Mich., 

.-12; BIJou. Dtibmiue. Im., 14-10. 
Gavin ft Finn. Keith's. S. Y. C , T-12. 
Oelger ft Wiilters, Kelili's, Bostou. 7-12; Na- 
tional, Dayton. 0., 14-19. 
t'ermcrts, Tbe. HathawHy's, New Bedford. Mass,, 

Oetiaro ft Bailor. Victoria, N. Y. C. T-12. 
Glrdelles, Tbe. BIJou. Dubuqtw. la., 7-12. 
Oirard. Marie. Empire, Oakland, Cat.. 7-12; 

I'nlciue. Sacrnmeuto, 14.10. 
Gill. Sat. Pastor's. N. Y. OU 7-12. 
Ollfoll. Harry, urplieuiu. Bkln., 7-12. 
Gltllhau A Murray. Lyric. Joplin. Mo., 7-12; 

Electric Park, Kausas Clly. 14-19. 
Gleusou, Juhu ft Bertha. A Fred Houlihan, Olym- 
pic. Chicago. 7-12. 
"Globe uf Death," Keith's, Phlla.. 7-12. 
Glenroy Bros., Star, Cleveland, 7-12; Avndeiiif, 

Plttxburg. 14-10. 
Gottlob. Mr. ft Mr-., F.yrle, Pueblo. Col.. 7-12; 

Crista). Trlnlduil. 14-19. 
Could ft Suiatl, Empire. Hoboken. N. J.. 7-12. 
Cojigliis. Muy. Auditorium. Lynn. Mass., 7-1. 
Coforlh A Dorle. Proctor's, Troy, N. Y„ 7-12; 

Procler'«. Newark. N. J.. 14-19. 
Uoldlii. Horace, Proctor's 2ild St.. N. Y. O, 7-12. 
Gordutl. Kitty, Proctor's 23d HI.. N. Y.' C. 7-12. 
Gordon, Cliff, Keith's, Phlla., 7-12. 
Gordon A Chacon, Hendcrsou's. Coney Island. N. 

V.. 7-12: Attanile Kurden. N. Y. C. 14-19. 
(ioldei* Oaiu Quintet, Poll's, Worcester, Masa., 

Golden' ft Huidicx, Ori-1 in. Ctlcs. N. f„ 7-12; 

Young'M Pier. Atlantic CIly.'N. J.. 14-10. 
G-deiuan. Joseph. Orpbeum. Denver. Col.. 7-14. 
Greeo Bros.. Unique, Bail Claire, Wis., 7*12. 
Grnyee. Margaret. Grand, Hamilton, 1.1., 7-12; 

Orpbeum. Chill loot bo. 11-10. 
GNnits, Tom ft Gertie, BIJou, Wheeling. W. Vs., 

OrantT Burt ft Uortba, HaymHr>et. Chicago. 7-12, 
tlraiil ft Brewer. Acme, Norfolk, Vs., 7-12. 
Grant, Sydney. Majestic. Ssn Antonio, Tex., 7*12; 

Majesllc, Ft. Worth, 14-10. 
Griff Bros.. Keith's, N. Y. 0., 7-12. 
Hutlhack A ParqueUc, Trent, Trenton, N. J., 7- 

12: Doric. Yonkers, N. Y.. 14*19. 
natch Bros.. G. O. II., Springfield. 111.. 7-12; 

Powers'. Decatur, M-19. 
liarbucb ft Harris, i'ulace, Worcester, Mass., 7- 

12; A. ft H., Bostou, 14*19.; 
Hasty. Charlie. Crystal. Anderson. lud., 7-12; 

Crystal. Kokomo, 14-19. 
Hayes. Frank. Olympic, Cliicugu, 7*12, 
lluthawny ft Siege!. Keith's. N. Y. C, 7*12. 
Harrison, Las, Columbia, Cluclnuutl, 7-12 ; Ma* 

Jesdc. Cbli-aini. N-10. 
Ilarv^y ft Do Voru, Keith's. Phlla.. 7-12; G. 0. 

11., I'ltlshurx, 14-10. 
flauiiltuo. Emm. ft Co.. Unique. Minneapolis, 7-12. 
Ilnwlcl'is. tAiv. II. ft H.. N. ft C, 7-12. 
Hall. Jessie Mae. II. A H., N. V. C. 7-12. 
Hurrl<*gn Bros.. Lyric, St. Joseph, Mo., 7-12. 
Halluy A Mohan, Howard. Boston, 7-12. 
Haines. Nul. llsymarkel. Chicago. 7*12. 
I(acker-!,estcr Trio, Ilaymtirket, Chlcagu, 7-12. 
Harris, Cha». A Kiltia. Columbia. Cincinnati, 7-12. 
Hayuiun ft Franklin, Ouceu's. tjluNg.w. Hrol.. 7- 

12;.Einp.. Mlddleaboro., 14-19; Middlesex, 

llrrTTWnS 2t-2»l. * 

Msmlltoji, Charley. PaUcc, Woreeater. Mass., 7-12. 
Hareourt, Frank, Euson's, CIiIcmzo, 7-12, 
llutiilllon ft Wiley, 0, 11., Bradford. Ind.. 7-12; 

Bueklci, Elkhart. 14-19. 
Hamlin k Vyolelte, Empire, Bockford, II)., 7-12; 

Bijou, Belull. Wis.. 14-10. 
Haley A Harly. JaoW, Peoria, III.. 7-12. 
Harcourt, Daisy, Vouug's Pier, Atlantic Clly, N. 

J., 7-12; Doric, Yoiilers, N. Y„ 14-10. 
Harrington. Dan J., Richmond. No. Adams, Mass., 

7-12: Auditorium. Ljun, 14-19. 
Henglcr Sisters, Proctor's 23d Ht„ N. Y. C, 7*12. 
licarn. Clark ft Franklin, Ht. Joseph, Mo., 20-29. 
Herrnunji. Great, Olympic' Chicago, 7-12. 
Herbert Trio, CuMue, Mliutea polls, 7-12. 
Herbert's Dug*, Proctor's, Troy, N, Y., 7*12 ; 

Proctor'a, .Newark, N. J., 14*19. 
Herrou, Tom. Lyric, Ft. Dodge, Is., 7-12; Family, 

Hloux Clly. 14-19, 
Henmnv'H Cats A Dogs, WooIwoTth'a, Lancaster, 

Pa.. 7-12. 
HerxoK-Cnmaras Hlaters, G, 0. H„ PIttaburg, 7- 

■2; Areude. Toledo, 14 ID. 
Ileruerl. Keith's. N. V. OL T-12. 
Hill. John P., A Co.. Empire, Hoboken, N. J., 7- 

Hiuuinn. Capt. Sidney, New Park, Hannibal, Mu„ 

7*12; Qulncy. 111.. 14-10. 
Hf Myers (2). Crystal, l^gansporl, lud., 7-12; 

Crystal. Frankfort. 14-19. 
mils ft Wilson, Keith's, Boston. 7-12. 
Hlbbcrt A Warren, Hnvoy. Columbus, Ind., 7-12. 
llliies. Billy, Garrlck, Burlington, la., 7-12; 

Wcist, Peoria, HI., 14-19. 
Holmes ft Waldou, urphlum. Portsuoatli, O., 7* 

12: Orphluui. MansDeld, 14-10. 
Holriawortbs, The, Orpheum, Kansas City, lio.. 7- 

12: BIJou. Dubuque, la., 14*19. 
Howard, Harry. International, Chicago, T-12. 
■fan A I-ee. Colonial, N. Y. K. 7-12. 
Howsnl ft Howard, Hlar. Bkln., T-12; Gglely, 

miu., 1419. 

Y. C, 7-12; Empire 

lloli, Al 

N. V. it., | 
(Inwanl llrvw., tl. ft S.. > 

Tmir. Enc. 2m-Jiiiip 30. 
llowanl A Norih, Pnll's, Hrldarport, ('aim.. 7-12. 
Holmsn, Harry, iio-^ion. 7-12 : Family, Glovers- 

vtlle, N. Y.. 14*10. 
Holt. Jas.. HlVm. Kcwitnee, HI., 7-12. 
Hoffman, Kitty. A. ft H., Boston. 7-13, 
Holland. Kay, Mujcrtllc, Han Alitoulo, Tex.. 7-12; 

Majestic. Kt. Worlh, 14-1U. 
Iloloicn Bros.. Pain's, Wllkes-llarrr, I'm., 7-12. 
Hopper, Edna, Wallace. Haymiirket, Chicago. 7* 

HussVy, Gee. W,. G. 0. II., Pittsburg. 7-12. 
Huegel Bros.. BIJou. Roekford, 111,. 7*12. 
llunircsH, Lyric, Ft. Dodge, la.. 7-12. 
Hyams * Melutyre. Keith's, Cleveland. 7-13. 
Hyde & Heath, BIJou, La Crosse, Wis., T-13| 

I'liiipn.'. Ruu Clulre. l l-iu. 
"lu the Swim." Poll's, Springfield. Musi., 7-12. 
Unless A Ryan, Keith's, Phlla. , 7-12; O. O. II , 

Pittsburg. 14-10. 
Irwlu, John W., People's, Hamilbal, Mu>.. T-12; 

Family, urnyeite. Ind., 14*10. 
Italluu Trio. Chuw.-'M. Washington. D. C. 7-12. 
Juekson ft Wentnortli, Irwlu, Gu*dicu, Ind., 7-42. 
Jackson. Hnrrr ft Kit to, Hatluway's. Now Bed* 

ford. Mass,. 7-12. 
Jack. Mr. ft Mrs., BIJuu. Flint, Mlcb.. 712. 
Jrwcll's Mtintklns. Proctor's. Nuwark. N. J.. 7-12. 
Jennings A Jewell. Coliseum, Tern.' Haute, lad., 

T-13: 0. II.. Vilieeniies. 14-10. 
Jennings A Renfrew, llljou. .Decatur. 111., T-12; 

Olympic. Chicago, 14-10. 
.lo'iumw. furroll. Proclor's, Albauy, N. Y., 7*13; 

Ati.plifoti, Bkln., 14-10. 
■lohiisluiis. Muslcsl, Alliatubru. Paris, Fr.. V- 

Junu 30. 
Joyces. Tlic. Howard, Boston, 7-12. 
Jones. Irving. Keith's. Boston, 7-12. 
Juhn A HflimomJ, Lyrlr, Ht. Joseph. Mo., 7-12. 
Johnson ft Retiti, Auditorium, Norfolk, Va., 7-12. 
Jubilee Trio, Euson's, Chicago. 7-12. 
En lea Bitht., Empire, Hobo ken. N. J.. 7-12. 
Kanfmuu Hlslers, Keith's, N. V. C 7*12. 
Kulucratus, Ktison'M, Chicago, 7-12. 
Kacfmaun. U.'bn, Globe, Boaloli, 7-12, 
KstriKi. 1-aasorV, N. Y. C. 7-12. 
Kartelll. Albert, Kursul, Geneva, Mivllx.. 7-19; 

Craao, Zurich. 10*31). 
Kursy's Myrophonc, Proctor's Titb Avo., N. V. U., 

Keeiie. Folly, Ohlunge. 7- 12; Hlar, Mllwaukve. tt- 
Kent. S. Miller, ft Co., Proclor's, Newark, N. J., 

7- 1 2. 
Ketiney ft Mollis, Howard, llostoii, 7*12. 
Kenton, Dorothy, Empire, Pulcrsou. N. J.. 14-10. 
Kelly. Sum ft Ida. Crystal. Franktoi'l. Ind., 7-12; 

Crj-slnt. Klkhart. 14-10. 
Kelly, Walter C. TeniPle, Deiroll. 7-12. 
Kelly ft Reno, Circus Carre, Amsterdam, Uol , 7- 

Keutieily. Fret)., Howard. Chicago. 7-12. 
Kcnyuii A- lie Gurinu. Pastur'M. N, Y. C, 7*12. 
Kennedy ft Wllken-i. Family, Scrantoii, l'a., 7-12} 

Family. York, 14-19. 
Kennedy ft Itooncv. Temple. Detroit. T-12. 
Koogh, Thos. J., Orpueum. Mliiuvapolls, Slluu., 7- 

KhcrtiH ft Cole, Olympic, Cliluugo, 14*10. 
King. Mr. ft Mrs. Hutu, WcIIhtTHc, O.. 7-12. 
I'llttftikn Juijs, llutbsway's. New Bedford, Mail., 

Klein ft Klein, .Moore's, Portland, Mc, T-12; 

Hellh'H, Ilosloii, 11*19. 
Kohl. Gus A Morlou, Orpheum, Seattle, Wash., 

Kwdlns (31. White Oily. Wlelilla, Kun.. 7-12; 

Chicago. 14-10. 
Kurtls ft Biissc, Orphcmii. L'tlcs, N. V., 7-12; 

Colonial. N. V. C, 14-10. 
Lu lour, Irciii-, Keith's, Phlla., Mil Howard, 

BtMton, ll-IH. 
Lsinnlxe Bros. f3l. F.inpLru, Hoboken. N. J,. 7-12. 
Lancaster, Tom. Troeadero, Xuwark, 0., 7-12; 

Lyric. Cleveland, 14*19. 
U Ueuoa, Greut. Pueblo, Uol.. 7-12; bTorenca, 

1. 11 Joss, Tlieo,. ft Cniiilllu, llljou. Oklahoma, O. 

T., 7-12: Home, Hutchinson. Kan.. 14-19. 
Latins. Mile.. Proctor's, Newark. N. J., 7-12. 
Lsitihert, Slsude, Piwtor's ZM Hi.. N. *< . C. 7-12. 
La Tosku. Phil., Pautagvs. Heat tie. Wash.. 7-12. 
I.u Dolls, Fantuatlc. Lyric. Wichita, K«ii„ 7*12; 

Blloii. tikluhoma Clly, Oklu., 11-10. 
La Zone, Fred. Crystal, Denver, Col., 712. 
I..1I011U. Frank ft .Inn, Proct*ir'a "Hih Ht., N, Y. 

G., 7-12. 
i.:i. Mi'iit. Ullle, Comr D'AI«ue, Spokane, WasJi,, 

Lask/'A llolfe. Quintet. Poll'i, Worcestar, Man., 

ma ft 


......nuiit ft Paillette, Worcester, Mass.. 7-12. 

Laytom Billy, I la tha way V, New Bedford, Mass., 

I.u Maim Bros. (.'II, Empire. Itobokcti, N. J.. 7-12. 
Lu Fleur. Herman. Fiifgue. Minneapolis, 7-12. 
Lu Zar ft La Z«r. Hayiiiarkel. Chicago, 7-12. , 
m, Elite, Musuitlw, la., 7*13. 

'.11 t*elte. I'ljuu, Uubuujue, li.. 7-12. 

Iji Tell Bros.. Olympic. Clileago. 7-12. 

Ueim ft Daisy, Urpbuujii, HI. Paul. Mluu.. T*12. 

Lelghlotis, The. Poll's. Brldgeiwrl, Ciltiii., 7-12. 

IrfHtnanl ft Phelps, American, Mica. N. T., T-1J; 

Thayer's Park. Anutarflmii. 1 1-19. 
Leonard. Gus. Young's,. Allsnllo City, N. J., 7-13 1 

Prwlor's. Truy, S*. Y.. 14-11*. * 

Lee, ITli-liugh A Itc-sle, tlr|il«um. SprJngtleld. G., 

7-12: Hlar. Mmiclo, Iml.. 14*19. 
Lemuels. Geo. (».. VoimifV Palm Garden, Blltl* 

lAsiiiurd. Gils', Youiiu'ii Pier. Atlantic City, N.' J., 
7-12: Pn.ctor's. Troy. N. Y.. 14-10. ' 

Ix- Detil, Ureal. Olympic, Clileago, i-12; Uljou, 
Dubmiue, lu., M-19. .,.„-,»*»■ 

I,e Tbiy, Al.. Imperial, O-noj Isliunl, N. Y.. 7*12. 

I* Moyne Hlslers. Graml. Fhnllay; O.. 7-12. 

Leslie. Geo. W„ Hlnr, Hmnlllon. IK, T-12; Ben- 
iit-lt's, l-oiidon. Can.. 14-19. 

Unimn, Bert.. Puslor's. N. Y. C. T-12. 

1^- Malre_* U Mnlre, lllelinwntl. No. Ada ma, 

lA-Vy. Mrs.. Jules ft ChlMrcit, Emplro, HUawnee, 

Oklu.. 14-19. 
Ijsju. II radenhu rail's. Phils.. T-12. 
Lewis * llarr, Webb, Peru, Ind., 7-12. 
U-alg, llu.lJI. Irfrle. St. Jweph. Mo.. T-12 
UslleDsllcy 0».. G. O. II., Pittsburg, T-12. 
Ut Burr, Crystal, Deuver, Col., T-12 ; Karl, 

Pueblo. 11- ILL 
\a* Tung Fuo, Shsiiwkln, Ph.. T-13. 
Lliidhlrom ft Alnleraon, llayiuuvket. Clileago, 7*13, 
LliMcncht. 0. W„ Doric, Vonkers, N. \„ 7-12j 

Young's. Atlantic City, N. J.. 14*19. 
Uekwuod. Mr. A Mrs. Otsh, Family. Hull*. 

Mout., 712; Waitli lug tun, Kpokaiifi. Mgsli., 14* 

Laag A Colton, II. A H.. N. Y. U„ 7-12. 
Lung, Mary, BIJou. -DuluUi. Mlun.. 7-12. 
Luketis i'(i. Hlwa's, Toronto. 7*12; Temple, De- 
troit. 14*19. , mmm 
Luce * l.m-e, Grand, Tacoma, Wash., 7-12. 
Lynch. Dick, U, 0. II., IudlHiiapolls. 7-12. 
Lysli-r ft Cwrlc, Illjoll. Hllperlor. 7-12; Bljon, 

WlPinl)u'g. Chii- ll-HL 
Lywjlie HbjliTS, Stur, Toronto. Can.. T-12. 
Slack. John ft Carrie. Crystal. Elkhart. Ind.. 7-12; 

Irwlu. Goshen, M-19. 
Masuii-Keeler Co., Poll's. Bridgeport. Conu., T-12, 
Majnille Trio. Kmiey's. Bkln.. 7-13. 
Mason ft Mason, Crystal, St. Joseph. Mo., 14-19, 
Manola Family, TreVInn Circus, Mexico, 7*19. 
Miijum*, A. ft H., BuNtou, 7-12. 

Marron A Marron, Howard, Boston. 7-12, 

Macks (3). Crystal. Rock Island, HI., 7-13; 

Weasl's. Peoria, 14-19. 
Mack, Hilly, Bijou, Duluth, Mlun.. 7*12. 
Maitniuil Famllr. Orrln Brus.. Mexico. 7-19. 
Manning, Hiidle. Ori.heuin. Ht. Paul. Jllnn., 7-12. 
Miinteil's Msrlonetfes, TaMe tlrove. 111., T-13; 

Phillips, Rlclimond. Itul., 14-10. 
Mtirlln Bros,. Pvjetor's, Albaur, N. ».. M2. 
Usrlrue, Md;. Hipi-i-jroiui', Gilehburg, III,, 113, 



*V» 7 • ► 

May 12. 

BER - I ii A P8OS8E, Oar. una ni»(irhn whuhs siv<j wmi cohibdv. ' IVIA3C GORDON, Bass. 


PLUNKETT & WES8L.EV «r*» booking us and J AMES 

« —wn . — ii — i«j. «m .i M ■—„,..■ „ , .„., i ■„ , ,— — «— ^i.«^».i . ■■ i I ■ iu a^—4i 



doing gtHJts^ 

Mnrse ill**. Proctor'*,' AInnn>-, >'. Y., 7.12 ; Trent, 
Tfftftlba, N. J.. 14*1*. 

Mnrtonpt (:ii, Howard, Boston. 7-12; Pastor's, S. 

r. a. urn. 

. Mathews-. Lonlae, Atlantic Harden, N. T. C. 7-12. 
Mnwi Twins, G, O. II.. Plllslinrg. 7-12. 
ManiDeld & llaiicj. Hurler, Wnlia.<*lt, Iml., 7-12; 

Crystal. OWensUini, Kl'., 14-10. 
Muck tc. Dlignl, People'*, leaven worth, Knit., II 

13: Uric. Kt. jo.oj.ij, Mo., u-io. 

Maiming Trio. family, Ft. Dodge, la., 7-12. 
Mabr, AKiiM. 0. D. U., Indianapolis, 7-12. 
MnrllnetilA A Sylvester, KaM End I'nrk, Memphis, 

■Tena.. 7-12. 
Maceo * lV*c. Wn Kdlng ton Pork, Boyonne, N, J., 

• Marriott Twine. Casino. Pblla,, "12. 
Majestic Trio, Victoria, N. Y. 0., 7-12. 
Mnddern*. Tbe, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va., 7-18. 
Man Id, Dove & Perchs, Cr-^d, Hartford City, 

Ind., 7-12. 
Macau's Dogs A Monkeys, Doric, lookers. N. r\, 

7-12: Orpheum, Heading, Ha., 14-10. 
Malhletis. Juggling. O. 0. II., Pittsburg, 7-12; 

0. 0. H., Syracuse, N. Y., 14-19.. , 
MeCIeltan, Jan., BIJou, Dolutb, Minn., 7-12. 
MeCnrver, Onrny A Bamboo, Orrin Broa., Mejlco, 

McAvoy, Chns., International, Chicago, 7-12. 
Mcflee A Oolllna. BIJou, Qalncy, HI., 7-19; 

Crystal, 'Back Inland. 14-10. 
McGinn, John 0., Umpire. Uwkforrt, III., 7-12; 

Empire, Freeport, 14-10. 
McCarthy, Myles, ft Co., Orpheum, Denver, On*, 

McKlntejr, Mabel, Majestic. Chicago. 7 12. 
.MpliKitte, La' Mole Trio, 0. O. JJ.. Syracuse, N. 

V., 7-11:; Olentangy Park. ColumUn, u„ 1 4 - 1 f * . 
Mexia* A Mexiaa, Empire, Den Moines, No 7-12. 
Melville A Conway, Hopklna', Louisville, Ky,, 7- 

12; Hopklna'. Memphis, Teen., 14-10. 
Melville A Stetson, 0. O. H.. Plttaburg, 7-12. 
Melville A Atelle, International, Chicago, 7-12. 
Meegan, Thoe., A Co., Kelth'H. Pblla., 7-12. 
Mejror Trio, Olympic, Chicago. 7-12. 
Merlin's Dogs. Allmrnbra, X. Y. C, 7-12. 
Meers (3j. Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 7-12. 
Mlllmaa Trio, Victoria, N. Y. €., 7-12. 
Mlianl Trio, Treat. Tremon, N. J., 7-12. 
Mitchell A Cain, Orpheum, Minneapolis, Minn., 

Mitchell A Marron, Alhambra, N. Y. C, 7-12. 
Millar. Carrie Belle, Family, l.u Fayette, Ind., 
, 7-12; 0. O. II., Grand Raplda. MI.Ii,, 13-10. 
Mhbtejey A Qtilnn, Temple, Detroit, 7-12, 
Milton A Diamond, -Auditorium, Lyon, Mass., 7-12. 
Mitchell A Browning, riillllpa, Richmond, lnd., 
.-7-12, Grand, Hamilton, 14-10. 
Milton, Willie, Atlantic flnnieo, N. T. 0.. 7-12. 
Miller-Browning Co., Little Rock, Ark., 7-12. 
Mllcbells ( 4 .\), II. A 8.. N. Y. 0.. 7-12. 
M Intel. Cora, A Co., Jefferson, floshen, Ind., 7-12. 
M Hilary Octette, Colonial, N. Y. C, 7-12. 
Miller, Majestic, Kittle Rock, Ark., 7-12; Ma- 

lestlc. Birmingham, Ala., 14-10. , 

Milton A Kaiser, Atlantic Garden, N. I. O.. 7*12. 
Millard Broa., ttlectrlc Park. Detroit, Mlcb., 7-10. 
Mllik A Morris, Temple. Detroit. 7-12, 
Ml|ier,-Joon. Crystal, Frankfort, Ind., 7-12, 
MbVrell A Deely, Poli't*. Springfield, Maaa., 7-12. 
Morion, Jamea J., Mejentlc, Ohlcasor 7-12.« 
Mooney A Holbein, Tlvoll, Cape Town, H. A.. 7- 
■ June u, 
Moearta, The, Forest Purk, Kanoaa City, Mo., 7- 

12; Park, gertalla, 14-10. 
M'orrK l.eou, Ponlea, Keith's, Boatou, 7-12. 
MploKirl, ta. Hunan. Hamtitirg, Her., 7-01 J Tour- 
ing: Auatralla, June. 
Mounta, Mr. A Mr»., Lyric, CleTeland, 7-12. 
Moaher, Houghton A Moaher. Majratlc, Chicago, 

T-12. • 

M^oore, KIom, Iuternntloiial, Oblcngo, 7-12. 
Morrla.,.Ioe, Proclor'n MM Ht., N. Y. 0., 7-12. 
Monarch*. Mualcnl, a. A W., Boxlon, 7-12. 
Moore. Geo. Austin. Orpheum, Allnneaiwlla, Minn., 

Monroe, Mack A I.awrem-e. Kelth'a, Olereland, 7* 

Murp'by A FratirlH, Atlantic Garden, N. T. 0., 

7-12, ' 

Mitrpliv A Wlllarrt, Orphwni, Utlca, N. Y., 7-12. 
Mnruliv ft Magee, Academy, Pittsburg. 7-12; 

Lyceum, Washington, D. C, 14-10. 

Muaketetra [H>, Kmplrf, PItttfrtd, Mas*., 7-12. 
MnaketeoM M)i Hi. -oaeph, Mo., 7-12; Kanaaa 

Murray A Muy, BIJon. Norfolk. Va., 7-12. 
M-udire. Illcka A Montgomery, Olympic, Chicago, 

7-12; Majextlr, Chicago, 14-10, M _ _ 

Nawri, Tom, A Co., Proctor'a R8th Ht., N. Y. 0.. 

Noltta A Co., Fan CUlre, Win., 7-12. 
Nesaea; Hunter A Ne»nen, Empire. BotwkCD, N. 

XetiirroB <S). Victoria, N. T. 0., 7-12; Proctor's 

Hid St., N*. Y. 0., 14-10. m „ _^ w 

Nerf A Miller, Hnlbtiway'ti, New Bedford, Maaa., 

Ncwmau A KnoWM, Keltb'a, N. Y. 0., 7-12. 
Newton, Brew, Janice ft Co., Umpire, Dee MolDea, 

Neweil, WUIar<l, A Oa„ Mujemic, Mttla Rock, 

Neow! Jamejt, Andltoriuw, Norfolk, Va., 7-12, 
Nlldo, Fred., .Victoria. N. Y. 0., 7-13. tn 

NIckelaonH (it). Gay'a Clrctw, Bellevue, la., 7-12. 
Norton ft Nlcbolaon, 1'roctor'a, Newark. N. J.. 

NftrrlaM. Dauolng (4), Detroit, Mlcb., 7-12, 
North, Babur, Oruhenio, Beadug, Pu„ i-12; 

HIiw'm. Buffalo, I4-W. . 

Nohlett A Mantlioll, Inlernatlounl. Clikugo, 7-12. 
Nye. Ned, Vlctorln, N. Y. C, 7-13. 
OciiitIo, (lallouette, ivil'a, Springfield, Mali.. 7- 

"Oki'ihoma BHI," A. ft fl., Boaton, 14-10. 
O'Nril. TIioh. 11., l.yiTiiui, Niagara Fails, N. Y., 

Onlaw Trio, Trent, Trenton, N. J., 14-10. 
Onri, Adele PlirrlH, UiilniK, Minneapolis, Minn., 

UnrituM Comedy Four, Park, Womwter, Mhrr., 

iriili . 

O'lltiiiii'y, Oeorgie. Trent, Trenton, N. J.. 7-12. 
O'Roitrkc, Futtene, A Co., Proctors r>8tb St., N. 

V. O.. 7-12. 
Oiiteault, Richard F.. Keith's, Phlln., 7-12. 
mum ,1hiih. Men, Oalikuab, Wis., 7-12; Oryatal, 

MIIWAiikvc »-10. 
Oiatft, The, Family. Haalcton, Pa,, 7-12; Family, 

('iirhnr.diile, 14-llt. 
PiiLterwtna. Uoituillng, Kmplre, Johanueaburg, S. 

A., 10-Jtine at); Tlrotl. Cap© Town. July t*Sfg. 
l»a,vtonh. The, Molmwk. Scbenectndjr, N. Y., 7-12. 
Patrice A Co., O. I). II., Indlanapolla, 7-12. 
Patty BroH., .Audllorlmu, Lynn, Manx., 7-12; 

Shca'x, Toronin, Can.. 14-tll. 
Pllge. Great. Howuril, Oblcagw, 7-13. 
Palmer A JMMM, Arcade, Toleilo, 7-12. 
Pauls. The. Grand, Flndlny, O., 7-12, 
Pnullnoltl A PlQito. Olymplu, Venice, Italy, 7- 

•J'l; Wlntercnrlcii. Iterlln, nrr., .Itttie 4-:io. 
Perrlll, Henry. 0. O. II., Grand ltnpldc, Mlrb., 

Perry? Frank ],., Forest PnrU, Knnsna City, Mo„ 

1'ckln ZonaTO?, Keith's. N. Y. 0., 7-12: Shea's, 

Hii.Thi... U-10. 
Pesrl A lilninoinl, Kmplre, Dea Molnea, In., 7-13. 
J'elolttng Bntu Atidltorlnm. Lynn, Mass., 7-13. 
Pplol, Fred A Annie. Temple., Ft. Wayne, Ind., 

713: .Mnlenllir. Clilrngo. 14-10. 
Pele, Itrinicno, Andtlorltiin, Norfolk, Va., 7-18. 
I'lKvnk, Oriihenm. Si. Paul, Minn., 7-12. 
Phillips A FarlRrtlean, Lyric, Ogden, II., 7-13; 

Lyric, Pocatello, Ida., 14-10. 
Plcnolo Mlitgels, Oolimibln, Cincinnati, 7-12; Co- 

Inmbln. St. Louis, M-in. 
Ilerce, Mr. A Mm. r. Marlon, nijon, Battle 

Creek. Mich., 7-13. 
Pierce a Op|i. Pnwtor'n 12fitb SI., N. 7. C. 7-12; 

Trent. Trentmi. X. ■!.. 1410. 
Plrlsrnflls, The, PrnrhrX Albany, N. Y., 7-12. 
Plcchinnl Troupe. ShenV, Buffalo. 7-13. 
Platle. Geo. 1... Dewey, Ft lea, N. Y., 7-12. 
Ponlns, The. Rim, Wheeling. W. Va.. 712. 
Powell, Great, Fnnlnlne fWT% Wheeling. W. Vn„ 

Powers A Tbeobnld. Crystal,, I.bganaport, Ind., 7- 

J3; Crystal. Frankfort, 14-10. _ 
I'mvera ft Freed. BHauJjhrtiiqiie, Jb., 7-11!. - 
Welles Dogs. ti7"0. iTT PlttMburg, 7-13. 
frovoannlei (0), Orpheum, Bkin. 7-13, 

Protiat, Orpheum. Kanaaa City. Me., 7-13. 
rratt'H Dogs. Colonial, N. Y. C. 7-13. 
Pnllen, Unity Luelln, Wllkes-Bsrre, l'n., 7-13. 
Queen A Raw, Arcade, Toleilo, 7-13. 
gilnlnn ft Mack. Keith's. N. V. C, 7-12. 
i{.i>miniri A Cnverly, Chase's, Washington, D. 0., 

ntntW, Florence. Crystnl, Elkhart, lnd., 7-12; 

Crystal. Goshen, 14-10. 
Ramettn A Lrinon, Uayety, SprlngOehl, 111, 7-12. 
liny. Fred, A Co., Colonial, N. V. C, 7-12; Or- 

pjienm, Hkln., 14-IOi. • _, j 

Raatun A Banks, Pal., Bradford, Gog,,' 7-12; 

Ornnd, iVJgnn, 14-10; limp., Wolrerhampton, 

21-20; Emp., Croyden, 28-JuDp 2. 
Ronf, CJniide. BIJou.' Calumet, Mich., 7-12; Bijou, 

MnrqiiPtta. 14-10. ■ , 

Rackett's. Tlie, Kuson's, Chicago, 7-12. , 
Racket t. A JIaaard. Slpea, Kokomo, lnd., 7-12; 

Dowllng's, Loginaport, 14-10. 
Batenscrofl, Charlotte, Majestic, Chicago, .7-12; 

lloymarket, Chicago, 14-10. 
nndford A Vaienline, Barraiford Tour, Kng., 7- 

June So. 
Rawls A Von Kaufman, Orphenra, Dtlca, 7-12. 
Reeds. Musical, Crystal. Detroit. Mlcb,, 7-12. 
-Kcd Raven Cadetn," G. O. H„ Byracaaa, N. Y., 

7-12. . . 

Reno, Will A Ma/. Umpire, Snrlngfletd, 111.. 7-12. 
Reno A Atom, Idea, Ostikoslt. wla,, 10-13; Bi- 
jou. Appleton, 1410; BIJou, Marinette. 17-10. 
RMfiHd A Winchetiler, Siiea'a, Toronto, Can.,7-12. 
lUeynnrd, lid. F., Colonial, N. Y. C, 7-12; Or- 

pbeum, Bkin.. 14-10. . 
Reld Slaters. Victoria. N. Y. . .0., 7-12. 
Rice A Edwards, Crystal, Milwaukee, Wis.. 7-13. 
Ring A WIIIlamB, Home, Hutchinson, Kan., 7-12. 
Rice A PrevoBt, Victoria, N. Y. C, ,7-12. 
Richards, Oreat, O. H„ Flint. MlCh.. 7*12. . 
Rlcbanls. Edith. Olympic, Chicago. 7-12. 
Ring, Julia, A Co., G. 0. II.. Indlanapolla, 7-12. 
Rich. Jack A Dertlu, Family, Mahanoy City, Pi., 

7-12; Family, Lancaster, 14-10. 
Roaal'a Musical Hnrae, Keith's, Pblla.. 7-12. 
Howe, May C, Darre, Vt., 7-12; Berlin, N. H-. 

II -19. 
Roberts Four, Unique, Winnipeg, Cio., 7-12; 

Bijou. Superior. Wis., 14-10. 
Hosalro A Dorrlto. Fontaine 1 Ferry Park. Louis- 
ville. Ky.. 7-12; Fast End Park, Mempbla, 

Tenn.. 14-10. 
Roiialres, The, Wonderland Park, WIcblla, Kan., 

Rons A Lewis, Pal,, Bath, Kng., 7-12; Pal., Lin- 
coln, 14-10; limp., Mlildleaboro, 21-20; Pal., 

Hartlepool. 2S-June 2. • 
Rousell, Marvelous, O. H., Goahen, lnd., 7-12; 

Huiklen, KIkhart, 14-10. - , 

Rogera A Lavloe. Star, Atlanta, da., 7-10. 
nooner A Bent, llatbaway's, New Bedford, Mans., 

7-12; Proctor'H OStb St.. N. Y. C. 14-19. 
Rogera, W. C, Crystal, St. Joseph, Mo,, 7-12. 
Rover A French, llaymorket, Chicago. 7-13. 
Rosenawclg, Sodje, 14^ 8„ N. Y. 0., 7-12. 
Roberta (4), BUoit, Dnlutb, Minn., 7-13. 
Russell, l.enb, llnymarket, Chicago, 7-12, 
llusacll A O'Neill, and Oroas, Howard, Chicago, 

Ryan A Dougtax, Crystal, St. Joseph, Mo., 7-12. 
Hynn A Rlchfleld, Keith's, N. Y. C, 7-12; Proc- 

tor'a, Albany, N. Y... 44-10. 
Salerno, Ti-ent, Trenton, N. J., 7-12 . 
Handera, Dean A Sanders, Star, Muncle, Ind., 7- 

12; Phillips. Richmond, 14-10. 
Malvaggls (flj, Format Park, St. Louis, 7-13. 
Bandor. Paul. Majestic, Chicago, 7-13; O. 0. H., 

IndUnopolls, 14-20. . i 
Namttels, Itay, Howard, Chicago, 7-12. 
Hahliie, O'NclI A Vera, Worceater, Mau., 7-12. 
JSiililne A Dale, RIJou, Wheeling. W. Va., 7*12. 
HanderHon A Uowtnan, Cryslsl, Milwaukee, Win.. 

7-12; Harmnrket, (?hlcagn, 14-10. 
Hal*el, .loaephlne, (JrjllNeuui, London, Kng., 7- 

June HO. 
Sautell, i i rent, Wagiiev O. II., Mollne, 111., 7-12; 

Inlernntiunal, Chicago. 14-10. 
Scoll, Ciirrle M , Albamnra, SaTanuah, Ga., 7-10. 
aeymflur ft Dnprce. Tivoii, Sydney, N. S. W., June 

l-Jnly 31. 
Seymour's Does, Crystal. Detroit, 7-12. 
Seymour A Hill. II. ft S., N. V. 0., 7-12. 
Hcarey, Geo., National, Kanaaa City, Mo., 7-10. 
Scrllte. Lilly, Kelth'a. Phlln., 7*12. 
Seldomx. The, Olympic, Chicago. 14-10. 
Scant, Harry, Koiiintne Ferry Park, I-oularllle. 

Ky., 7-12, 
Semon, Chna. P., Proctnr'tt 120tli St., N. Y. 0.. 

7-13 ; Proctor'* fc8tb St.. N. Y. C. 14-10. 
Sevcrouce, Margaret, Stone City 0. H.. Bedford, 

Intl., 7-12; 0. II.. F.lfcunrt. 14-10. 
Sbean A Warren, Colonial, N. Y. 0.. 7-12. 
HbeftUMii ft De Foreat, Majeatic, Chicago, 7-12; 

Columbia, Ht. faiuia, 14-10. 
Sharp, Blanche, Proctor's, Albnuy, N. Y„ 7-13. 
Sharrocks. The,, Lyric, Jopllu, Mo., 7-12. 
Shaw, Mlllaii, Mooro'n. Portland. Me., 7-13. 
Simpsons, Mnak-nl, Arcade, Toledo, 7-12, 
Simon -Gardner On., Kmplre, Hoboketi. N. J., 7-12. 
Sntlrl A Ressner, Chase's, Washington, D. 0., 7* 

Sniilh A Camplicll, Orpheum, Utlua, N. Y„ 7-12. 
Smith, Peter J., Main St., Peoria, III., 7-10, 
Snyder A Buckley, SlieriX Toronto, 7-12; Orand, 

Yunngstowii, O., 14-10. 
Roiuervllle, Kehoe A Hartler, Manhattan, Nor- 
folk, Va., 7-12. 
Soiatikl, Prlnceas, A Co., Crystal, Frankfort, Ind., 

Spanldliig ft Dupnee, Trent, Trentou, N. J., 7-12. 
Splaaell Bros. A Mack, Orpheum, Bkin., 7-12. 
Slelnert A Thomas, Star. Muncle, lnd., 7-12. 
Stanley A Alleen. Electric, Waterloo, la., 7-12. 
Stanford, Billy. New Grand, Hamilton,. 0„ 7-12; 

Bijon, Wheelliig. W. Vs., 14-10. 
Steely*. Doty A Coe, ColumblB, OlDClnantt, 7-13. 
Stanley A Wilson, Majestic, Chicago, 7-12. 
Rtepner A Ahpel, Logausport. lnd., 7-12 : Frank- 
fort, 14-10. 
Stevens, Kitty. Atlantic flnrden, N. Y. 0,. 7-12. 
Stnrant A Li* Vanlo, Pntchogue, N, Y.. 7-12. 
Sleln A Kretlo, Casino, Uotlerdam, Hol„ 7-1%; 

Pulais D'Kte, Brtissels, ill-;!!, 
Stanley A Wlhton. Majeattc, Chicago, 7-12; 0. 

0. II,, Indianapolis, 14-10. 
Stnttman, Clins., Family, Hatletou, Pa., 7-12. 
Stanford, Billy, Orpheum, Wheeling, w. Va., 14- 

St. Relmos, The, 8tb Aye., N. Y. 0., 7-13; 

Bowery. 8. V. 0.. 14-10. 
St. John A L> Fcvre, Maryland, Balto., 7-12, 
Sully, Lew, O. 0. 1L, Inrflanaiwlln, 7-12, 
Sully A Phelps, Noveliy, Toneka, Kan., 7-12; 

l.vrlo. Uncolu. Neb.. 14-10. 
Sullivan A Murphy, Palace, Worceater. Maas.,7-12. 
Siimiel & Raiall, llljoti, Bay City, Mlcb., 7-12; 

nijcii. Aljtetiii, >4-in. 
Hnn, J. It., BIJou, Norfolk, Vn., 7-12. 
"Sunny South," O. t*. H„ Plltarmrg, 718. 
Kiiliivtui A PiiMiucllnn. Howard, BoatOD. 7-12. 
Hnlllvati, Joe J., Lyric. Cleveland, 7-13, 
Summer* ft Winter*, lilkhart, Ind., 14-10. 
Sylveuter, Jones ft Prlogle, Poll's, Worcester, 

MaSi. 7-12 
Tapmanian Troupe, Havana. Cuba. 7-19. 
Taylor Twin Sisters, Tlvoll, Havana, Cuba, 7-10. 
Teal. Raymond. Umpire, lies .Moines. In.. 712. 
TenJI Troupe. Moore's, Portland, Me., 7-12. 
Teeil A Lasell, Crystal. Kokomo, Ind., 7-12; Crys- 
tal. Logansport, 14-10. 
Thurston, Great, Hong Kong, China, 10-31 ; 

Shanghai, June 1-30. 
Thomas, Georgia, Star, Atlanta, fla., 7-10. 
Tliurher. Leohu. Keith's, N. Y. 0., 7-12. 
Thompson A Scrlda, 0. II., Olena Falls. 7-13; 

Thnier'H Park, Amsterdam, 14-10. 
Tlppell ft Rllment, NewchBtle, Ind,. 7-12. 
Tlney, Vesta, Coloolnl, N. t. C, 7-13. 
Toys. Miixlcat, Faintly. Hcrauton, Pa,. 7-12. 
TnmkliiK. William, G. 0. II.. Pittsburg, 7-13. 
ITopsy Titrtry Trio, 1'nlon. Bakenitleld, Cal., 7-12, 
Toole, Jack, Bijou.,. La Crqaac, Wla,. 7-13. 
Tniw A Topsy, Lyrle, Clfteliind, 7-12. 
Trimble Slstrrs. Poll s. Bridgeport. Conli., 7-12. 
Trettenlck. W, II.. ft Co., Moore's*, I'ortland, Me., 
' 7-12. 

Thiuey. Kitty, Keith's. Cleveland, 7-12. 
Trenvllle, Hrlett. BIJou, Flint. Mich., -12. 
Turpi n A Nlcfioh. Family. I .a Favette, lud., 7-13; 

Grand, Marlon, 14-10. 
TnUa. Orpheum, SprlngjTeJrt, 0-. 7-12; Star, Mim- 

cle. lDd., 1410. 
Van Gorre A Col rely, Forest Park, Kansai City, 

Mo,, 712, 

Valdarea Troupe, Temple, Detroit, 7-12. 

Van A Henuinonr, Victoria, N. Y. C. 7-12. 

Van, Billy, Keith'H. Cleveland, 7-12; Temple, De- 
troit. 14-19. 

Van Dyne A Deane, Keith's, N. T. C, 7-12. 

Van Alityoe A Henry, Mmre'a, Portland, Me., 7- 

Vnrdamon. Coliseum, Torre Hante. Ind., 7-12. 

Van Aukenn, Tlie. Keith's, Boaloo, 7-12. 

VArdon, Perry A Wellier, Lyric, Lincoln, Neb., 

Vernon, Proctor's S8th St., X. Y. C 7-12. 

Vermel te A Dlonne, Collaeo Argentine, Buenos 
Ayrea, So. Am., 7-31. 

Veweiia, Orlstea, A Band. 0. 0. H., Pittsburg, 

Victoria, Vesta, Orpheum, Bkin., 7-12. 

Village Choir, Empire, Hobokfji, N. J„ 7-12. 

Vokea A Daly, Keeney'a, Bkin.. 7-12, 

Ward A Curcan, Poll's, Springfield, Mass., 7-12. 

Waterbury Bros. A Tenny. Keith's, Cleveland, 7- 
12: 0. O. II., t'lttsbun, 14-10, 

Wstsoa, Hnd-hlngs A Edwards, Columbia, Cin- 
cinnati, 7-13. ■ ■ 

Walton A May. Howard. Chicago, 7-12. 

Warren ft Bruckway. People's, Ccdnr Raplda, la., 
7-12; Garrlck, Bnrllnfrton, 14-10. 

Washer Broa., Family, Oakland, Ky., 7-12; White 
City, Chicago, 14-Jime 10. 

Watson, I*w. Bradenbnrgh's. Phils., 7-12. 

Walsh, John, Crystal, Detroit, 7-12. 

Wagner. May, MUpah, Ottawa, 111., 7-12. 

Wntaon A Morrlasey, Arcade, Toledo, 7-13. 

Weatoo HI), Empire, Hohoken. N. J„ 7-12, 

Walsh, Oh as, ft Jennie, Crystal, Frankfort, Ind,, 

Wear A Morelacd, Acme, Norfolk, Vs., 7*12. 

West A Fowler, Idea, Oahkosb, Wis.. 0; Bijon. 
Appletoo, 10-13. . 

Weller, Little, Savoy, Columbus, lnd., 7-12; 0. O. 
II., Orand Raplda, Mlcb., 14-10. 

Welson, Mai, Troupe, Keith's, Boston, 7-13. 

WeatlQ, Oreat, Orpheum, Minneapolis, 7-12. 

Webb, Harry U, Mansfield, O.. 7-12. 

Werdeu A Gladl»h, Colonial, LawreDce, Mass., 7- 
13; Keith's, Pblla., 14-10. 

West, Ford A Dot, Poll's, Worcester. Mas*., 7-13. 

Welch, Lem. Columbia, St. Louis, 7-13. 

West ft Van Slclen, Cook's, Rochester, N. Y,, 7- 
, 12; Temple, Detroit, 14-10. 

While. Kd. B. A Rolls. 1'nstnr'n. N. Y. 0.. 7-12, 

White. Stuart, A Co.. Arcade, Toledo, 7-12. 

Whnrton A Le Roy. Lyric, St. Joseph, Mo,. 7-12. 

Whlteley & Bell, Jefferson, Portland, Mo., -12. 

Whittle.. W. K„ Poll's. Sprlngtteld. Mass., 7-12. 

AVIkofT, Baby Irma, A Co.. BIJott, Flint, Mich., 7- 
13; Crystal, Detroit, 14-10. 

Wilson Trio. Shea's, Buffalo. 7-12; Shea's, To- 
ronto, 14-10. 

Winnings A Era.ns, Novelty. Omaha, Nob,, 7-12; 
BIJou, Davenport, la., 14-19. 

Wilber, Oliver, Crystal. Detroit, 7-13. 

Wilkes, Msttie, Most* A Stoll Tour, Eng., 7-Jmie 
30. " 

Wllllama ft Pullman. Palace, Boston, 14-10. 

Wigiitmao. Allen, People's, Cedar Raplda, la., 7- 
12; Bijou,- Dubuque, 14-19. 

William- A Mayer. Weast'a, Peoria, III., 7-12. 

Winter. Winona, Alhambra, N. Y. C. 7-13 : Proc- 
tor's. Troy, K. Y„ 14-10. 

fl'iTder, Leo, Empire, St. Paul, Minn., '7*12. 

Willis, ft Willis. Crystal. Detroit. 7-12. 

Wordette. Estelle, A Co., Chose's, Waihlngton, 
> H. G„ 7-13 -. Maryland, Balto.. 14-10. 

World ft Kingston. Columbia, St. Louis. 7-12; 
Bijou. Duhuqne,, 14-10. 

Wood, Francis, Empire, Hohoken, N. J„ 7-12; 
Empire, Paterson,- 14-10. 

Wooil, Milt, Prwtor's 23d St., N. Y. 0.. 7-12. 

Woisl Bros., Bridgeport, Conn., 712; New Lon- 
don. 14-10. 

Wormwood'** Di»gw ft. Monkeys, Olympic, Chicago, 

Wotpert Trln, Colonial. N. Y. C. 7-12. 

Woodford A Marlboro, Crystal, Kokomo. Ind., 7- 
13; Crystal, transport, 14-10. 

Wycherly, Margaret, Albsmbra, N. Y. 0., 7-12. 

Yeiigei- A Yearrer, Palace, I^ndon, Kng., 7-June 


Yoi'ke Comedy l'\>ur, Orpheum, Mt. Vernon, N. 

Y., 7-12; Park, Bayonne, N. J., 14-10. 
Young, Tot. Detroit, Mich., 7-12. 
Karnes, Tbo, Howard, Boston, 7-12; Park, N, Y. 

C.v 14-10. 
Zanoras, 'Cycling, Mnrllmro, Mbhs., 7-12; City, 

NewburyiKirt, 14-10. 
Zeno, Jordan A Zen*), Finis Circus, Cape Town, 

8. A.. 7-JuIy 14. 
Zenbs, Ureal, Bijou. Dulntb, Minn., 7*12. 
Zlmmer, John, Keith's, Cleveland. 7-12. 
Zimmerman, Al. A Pearl, Gem, Superior, Wis., 

Klngarella, Mile., Carnival, Shelbyvllle, Ky., 7- 

13; Somerset, 14-10. 
Zlskit A King, Howkrd, Boston, 7-12, National, 

Dayton. 0., 14-10. • , 

Zlngari Trio, Proctor'a, Newark, N. J., 7-12. 



Sapiilteiiietitnl . Mat — Received Too 
Lnte (or Olnaalflcatloii. 

Cnrl ton -Moore Stock — Worcester. Mass., 14-10. 
Cole Bros.' Hhow— Colirmhlu. Mo., 10, Carrollton 

Cooke Comedy— U leu Cove, N, Y„ 10-17. 
Frnser Oomedr (0. W, Fruser, mgr.) — Gardiner, 

Me., 0, Brunswick 10, Wlscasset 11, BelfaBt 12, 

Oakland 14. 
Forepatuili ft Sells Bros.' Circus— A nderson, Ind., 

Hnrrlgan, lilwnrd (B. K. Bltnberg, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City 14-20. 
Hoiullnl (Whitman Osgood, mgr.t — N. Y. City 

Hurgrnvea' Circus— Coatesville, Pa., 0, Downlng- 

ton in. Phrenlxvllle 11, Pottstowo. 13. 
"How Olrls Go Wrong" (Brayham A Lapolnt, 

mgrs. ) — lllcbmonil. vt,, 14, Waterbury IT*, 

Northileld id. Went Randolph 17, Bethel 18, 

Rochester 10- 
Juvenile Boslonian Opera (W. B. Sherman, mgr.) 

-Port Arthur, Out., 7-12, Winnipeg* Man., 14- 

Jone»' R. R. Show— Clarion, Pn., 10, Brookvllle 

11, Ilrockwayvltle 13. 
Kellev. Win. J., Stock— N. Y. City 7, Indefinite. 
Markle'a Flouting Show — Parkeruburg, W. Va., 

11, Mklddleport, 0„ 12. 
New York Minstrels (0. L. Silver, mgr.) — Nor- 
way, Wis., 11, Iron River 12, Ragle River 14, 

Crandon 15. 
Powers, Mr. and Mrs. (F. J. Powers, mgr.) — 

Durham, N. 0., 14-10. 
Roberto, wnrwrn, Stock — Grand Folia, N. B., 

run.. 10-12. Atnlnirer 14-10. 
Yale,. .Louise. Stock (Travers Vale, mgr.) — Syra- 
cuse, N. Y„ 12. Iiideanlte. 
Wallace's Circus— Springfield, 111., 10, Alton 11. 
"Why He Divorced Her"— Camden, N. J., 7-0. 

» i » ' 


Camden, — At the Cetniteu 'Pbcalre (M. 
Vt. Taylor, mauafrer) "New York by Night" 
closed iiere to medium huslnean, and "right- 
Ins Fate," a fltroQR meloQramn, with many 
ROenos and spetlnltiea, plared to natisfactory 
luiHlncRB Inst week. "\vhy lie Divorced 
Her" 7-0, "Deserted at the A ink" 11-13. 
The hotme closes ufler t.lie vcrforninnrr- 12. 

Niite.s.—DpII Taylor, Imstneaa uinnnger of 
the Camden Theatre, wilt manage tlie park 

fit Akron, O Bfirnum A Bailey's Show 

comes here on May 0. 

4 a > ' ' 

l-'re intuit. —At the Ltirsmi Theatre (Wro. 
Ixwerv, mnnntter) the Mnndoiln and Ulee 
Oltib or (he Ifiilverslty ;of Nebraska enter- 
tained a good h6\ise April -jr. Ben Hend- 
ricks, In "ule OlsoiC m 8 .* * 

Tits toi;* of Olga A'erne'a company, In 
Porttr J. White'* "Faust," Muses nt Lurlal, 
0.* and will open again under her maoajre- 
ment Aug. 6, at loosing, Mich., with an 
entirely new production. .*■.. 

Tha tlreleae and auccesafiil efforts of the 
members of the theatrical profeflslon to come 
to the aid, not only of their unfortunate 
brothers and sisters, but of those outside, 

the undying history of the singe, individual- 
ly and collectively they have given much to 
. the . cause. Besides money, food and, clothes 
tbeybave given much time and energy Jn the 
rehearslog and acting of new plays and 
aketches, but there Is Utile doubt that due 
appreciation will be given. 

in view of the hundreds of inquiries which 
Tin; Clipprb Is receiving from all parts of 
the world* regarding the fate of relatives and 
friends, we would advise all performers to 
notify their relatives and friends of their 
safety, and Jn- this way relieve the minds of 
many now in distress at the uncertainty of 
UlO situation. 

E. L». Price, general manager for Belasco 
ft Mayer, has Interested himself la looking 
up the present addresses of players who were 
In the city, so that their friends may be as- 
sured of their safety and sends in a list; L. 
R. Stockwell. Majestic Slock Co.. 004 Bu- 
chanan Street; Edna Archer Crawford, leads. 
Central Theatre Stock Co., 1457 Myrtle, Oak- 
land*, Orral Humphreys, 331 Atbol Avenue. 
Oakland: Amelia Gardner, Harry J. Work. 
nnd William Glenson and family, (Majestic 
Htock, The Dtindaa, Oakland ; George Friends,. 
1B07 Alice, Oakland; George Osbourne, Al- 
cazar Stock, home saved and family unin- 
jured. "The New Liberty Theatre, Oakland," 
writes Mr. Price, "la a sort of beadqaurters 
for the great number who are located across 
the bay, and It would be a good place to send 

Plans are already drawn for tbe erection 
of several theatres, and the Columbia will 
be among the Ilrst to be built. Kdrward Bloom 
Bald : "There Is still some doubt as to the 
manner In which the streets are to he laid 
out In Ran Francisco when the- city Is re- 
built. The city authorities Intend to take 
advantage of the destruction of such an 
enormous number of buildings, io reshape 
the town In accordance with plans prepared 
n year or more ago, but which were im- 
practicable then because of tbe great coBt of 
condemnation proceedlnrs. Now that the city 
lies ready to their bands for nny changes 
they may wish to make, they wilt proceed 
along the Hoes suggested by the architect of 
cities who Is In charge of tbe plans for the 
new San Francisco. Until these plans are 
finished and adopted, we can do nothing. 
The^ site on -which the Columbia Is to be 
rebuilt may be cut down In size by the widen- 
ing of tbe street on which It standi*, or other 
changes rnny Interfere In like fashion. We 
are kept Informed dally as to the progress 
made, and as soon as everything Is read}', we 
will begin tbe new building. We have several 
sets of plans on band, nnd there will he no 

The Grand Opera House, Columbia, Tlvoll 
and Majestic will probably be rebuilt, early 
next season. 

l£mmn Enmes arrived from San Francisco 
May 1. slip said: "I will never forget Hie 
most minute detail of our awful experience. 
The stow I scuL to New York told It as 
faithfully as 1 could write." 

A line iyeuptit w«s given at the Metro- 
politan Opera House, St. Paul, Mlnu., April 
27, uhd tbe following appeared : Lillian Mor- 
timer, In "No Mother to Guide Hen" Isa- 
bella Underwood, the Three Kitlms. Bavnev 
Bernard, Andy McLeod, the third act of "The 
Sleeping. Beauty and the Beast," and Hayes 
nnd Palmer, 

A children's entertainment will be given 
by tbe children of the stage, afternoon of 
May ii, at Bret ton Hall. Broadway .and 
Eighty-sixth Street. The children will come' 
from companies, Including those of Sarah 
Uerntiardt, Maude Adams, Ethel Barrymore, 
Rlchnrd ManRlleld, James K, Hockett, "The 
Clanaman," Thomas Jefferson, Cyril Scott, 
Leslie Carter, Olga Nethersole and Ben Greet. 

An automobile and an expert cutter were 
employed by the Century Theatre Club's 
Relief Committee. The New York Transport 
Co. baa given the committee tbe use or an 
automobile every morning as long as tbe com- 
mittee continues its relief. Mrs. H. E. Wat- 
sou Is the cutter and . designer who has of- 
fered her services. The automobile and tbe 
cutter were sent out to collect raw materials 
necessary In the sewing room. MU*b. Watson 
keeps miuiv seamstresses at work. 

AI Huyman received k letter April 30 from 
F. D. King, treasurer of the William Collier 
Co., from Oakland, do.ted April 28, saying 
that he rmd saved all the personal baggage of 
the company, which had been nbnudoned Wed- 
nesday night, April 18, at Union Square. A 
uewspaper advertisement, notified the mem- 
bers of the company that their headquarters 
were nt the Hotel Metropole, Oakland, and 
Iu this way they got together. George Nash, 
Charles Jackson, James Garrlck and Mr, Kiug 
were put to work by tbe soldiers clearing 
Market Street of bricks and debris. William 
Collier had three hours' bard labor with tbe 
pick, having been halted by tbe soldiers* and 
put to work. John Barrymore was made to 
dig trenches for three hours, having as his 
comrade the Secretary of tbe State of Cali- 

At the Montauk Theatre, Brooklyn, the 
entire receipts of the performance of Nonce 
O'Nell, April 80, were added to the fund. 

Mclntyre and Heath organised a base- 
ball team from the company during their 
stay in Boston, to ploy a nine from the Fay 
Templston company. Tbe proceeds were 
twelve hundred dollars, which amount wua 
Iransferred to Treasurer Wm. Hnrrls, of the 
Actors' Fund, for trausmlRsloh to the actors 
who lost all In Sau Francisco. -The 'binncv 
Is to be distributed ns soon us arrnngcmenls 
ton be made with a committee In Han Fran- 
cisco. Owing to the difficulty In reaching 
persons there by mull or telegraph, this can 
not yet bo effected. 

The Bpecial performance of "The Girl of 
(be Golden West," nt Belhsco's Theatre, after- 
noon of May 1, brought In nearly $2,000. 
Nearly 48O0 more was realized In the booths 
in tbe lobby. Blanche Bate's auctioned off 
her poker hand (which sbe used In the aeoond 
act), between tbe second and third nets, for 
JL'l'O. Mrs. Bates brought in many a dollar 
from tbe Lmzunr in the lobby. Special pro- 
grammes, bearing Miss Botes* autograph, 
brought from f l to $5 ear-h. David Warflold 
appeared, nnd gave three recitations from 
hugene Field's poems, and gave Imitations of 

A good sized audience was present at the 
Manhattan Tbealre Wednesday afternoon. 
May 3, to see "Charley's Auul." The pro- 
eeeds went to the theatrical people who lost 
everything In the earthquake and Bra, 

pftvltl Warfleld and company gave a spe- 
cial matinee of "The Music Master," Thurs- 
day, Mat 8. and Blanche Bales appeared ns 
one of the young society girls, ami the house 
turned In f 1,080. 

The People's Stock. Co., at the People's 
Theatre. Kansas City. Knn., gave fl Bpecial 
matinee Friday afternoon, Mav 4, for the 
Ban Francisco sufferers, gnd the entire re- 

ceipts, amounting to $1,000, were 
over to the committee. In the evening th* 
theatre was closed, nnd the members joined 
Jn the united benefit at Convention Hni 
Kansas City, Mo., where every theatre was 
represented. WBS 

The Metropolitan Opera House, New York 
Was the, scene, May 4. of the largest and * 
finest, benefit performance ever given the wii 11 a. m, and lasting until after 
11 nt night. About 32.000 tickets, Dta dol- 
lar apiece, were sold, to say nothing of tbe 
sale of boxes and premiums on boxes nmi 
se«ts. Ethel Barrymore paid $70 for a s"t 
bog. Oyer 25,000 people tried to get In. and 
when all resources had failed In try in »! 
admit tbe crowd, large slgoB were posted 5 be. 
fore the house stating that the ticket*, in* 
the benefit would be recognized at the \e» 
Amsterdam, New York Liberty, WnliackT 
Knickerbocker, Colonial, Belasro, Criterion 
Hudson, Daly's. Harlem Opera House, air! 
American theatres, Proctor's theatres nnd the 
Alhambra. A careful canvas of the Fortv 
second Street district showed nearly even 
bouse full to oversowing. Nearly two 
hundred were turned aWay from tbe Be- 
Iw SCO '. L fl0d os many more from some «f 
the otbertr. where It was poaslble, in theae 
theatres, seat checks were given holders nf 
the benefit tickets. , The police department 
alone sold 1D,000 tickets. In nil about : « ■ otTo 
people secured admission to the heneflt'Wr- 
formnnce. A long line extended both day 
and night around the corner of the tmUdka 
'four nnd Ave abreast, to Seventh Avenue 
From nine until ten, when the doors were 
opened, a line of men, women and children 
stood in the sun until they were almost ex- 
hausted. Inspector Scbmittberger and Con- 
tain Hodglns, with over one hundred police- 
men, kept order in tbe line. Many brought 
baskets of food and stayed throughout the 

Manager -Burnbam stepped to the foot- 
lights at six o'clock and stated that mnnv 
thousands were wnltlngto get In: and asked 
those present to retire In their favor. "You 
are here," sold Mr. Burnham, "in the cntise 
?[ °_ J SJ" eat charliy. We appreciate your 
tbouphtf illness. Now, In the name of an- 
other charity, I am solos to nsk you (In the 
name of ten thousand who bold tickets and 
are wnltlng outside), to vacate your senti 
and permit these people, who have been 
standing; for hours, to come In here and enjoy 
their share of the performance." Many 
obeyed the request, and the house was- rapJillv 
thinned, hut ]■ the front rows and In other 
parts of the bouie men and women sat 
stolidly, and nothing could move them. At 
half past six o'clock the doors were opened 
again nnd several , thousand entered, hut 
there was bIIII n line. 

Among those who appeared were: ilrs. 
Balllngton Booth, Mme. Kmnin Enmes. Car- 
rie Bridewell, Mr. Blnphnm, Misses Aus der 
Ohe, Powell, Blauvelt, Joseffy, Mme.Schu- 
maun-Heink, Victor Herbert, and his orches- 
tra, Kltafuku Troupe, tin* Kdwards" Mes- 
senger Boys, Julius Tannen, Yvette Guilbert, 
lloey and Lee. Fred Nlblo, the Souaa opera 
company,. In ilrst act of ''Free Lance,'' In- 
cluding Joseph Cnwthoru, Albert Hart, Felli 
ljaney, Sim Pulen, ijeorge Tallom, Louts 
Haines, Henry 4. Snntrti, Ncllit Bergen, Jenn- 
nette Lowrle, Fanny Mldgley, Geraldlne Ma- 
lone, Monte Eliuo, Estelle Therbaud and Doro- 
thy Southwlck; Otis Harlan, Coustantlne Pis- 
tern and chorus from "The Vanderbllt Cup," 
the Four Mortons, Vesta Tllley, "Klondike 
Gold Diggers," W. II. Crane, Francis Wilson, 
Jiugene Jepsoii, Hilda Hpong, Edith Barker, 
MUm Mortimer, Rosalind Coghltn, Kdnn 
Burns, Sibyl Klein, and Mny Jlobsou, 
Blanche Ring, . Floreuce Roberta. "Tha 
Ballad of Despair," with William Fischer, 
cellolat; Sam Bernard, with Hattle Wil- 
liams, Wlllard Slmms aud Vlney Daly, from 
"The Rollicking Girl;" Mrs. Fisfce, Georgle 
Calue, third oct of "Mr. Ilopklnson," Includ- 
ing H. Stephenson, Herbert Carr. Howard 
Sturge, Charles Crawford. Hubert Once, 
Lewis Fielder, Gunnls Davis, Olive Temple. 
Auule Hughes, Elinor Foster, Fadettes of 
Boston, Carroll Johnson, Kittle Gordon and 
"Engllsb Girls." Mr. Burnham later put up 
nt auction a souvenir programme, contain- 
ing the autographs of all tbe performers 
who had taken part. It was bought by J, ruin 
Crnbtree nt $1,000, who was loudly applaud- 
ed. The sale of flowers, candy, programmes 
mid lemonade helped swell tbe suai. 

Kimball Bros, write : "Just a few lines to 
let nil our frleds know that we escaped tbe 
earthquake. We stopped at 211 Turk Street. 
and the walls caved. We thought It was all 
oyer with us, but after n lot. of fighting we 
got out of the debris. You can't Imagine tlie 
feeling of being in an earthquake. It hap- 
pened nt 5.14ft In tbe morning, when iv 
were all sound asleep, and tbe Ilrst Inkling 
1 . had was as though somebody bud a coble 
and was trying to pull the house down. First 
It would heave In the air about five feet ami 
then it would shake from side to side, and 
the wood work la tbe house would crunch. 
Well, we got out of the house fifteen minutes 
after the quake, and got down to the ferry 
building before the tire broke out, and when 
we started hack up Market Street, we saw 
tires ia every direction. People were break- 
ing Into stores nnd taking away goods. I 
saw one fellow with a big bunch of Panama 
hats, but he didn't get very, far with them 
before an officer had him. We walked out 
to the Presidio, nnd stayed there tilt Sunday 
night. People were charging ten dollars to 
move a trunk, and it was an awful pity u> 
see poor old men and women pulling their 
trunks up the hills to Golden (lnte Park. 
Both places— Golden Gate Park and the Pre- 
sidio — were crowded with refugees. We hni 
tbe time of our lives getting down Market 
Htreet to the ferry building, Every time u 
soldier would see us he would level his gun 
and make us get to work clearing tbe streets. 
People were shot for refusing to work. We 
finally got down to the ferry and hough t 
tickets to Denver. The sights in 'Frisco 
were too horrible to mention, and we thank 
Clod we are alive. We lost our trunks ntm 
everything we had. We left for Denver Sun- 
day, April 2L», at eight o'clock, and-got Into 
New York the following Sunday, we want 
to, thank the good people of Denver for lie 
kind treatment they gave us, nnd for what 
they ore doing for all the refugees. We In- 
tend going back to the const in the Foil, as 
we were well treated." 

Fay Odell. of the Kmplre Burleftqne Co., 
writes : "Out company was in 'Frisco during 
the earthquake, but all escnjped safely. ' 

Notes from Ed. O'Connefl, of the 'lopsj 
Turvy Trior "We escaped the fury of earlu- 
qdoke and flte nt San Francisco by leaving 
that city twenty hours frerore the dlaanier. 
Jas. P. Lee, Wilbur, comedy 'cyclist, not] 
Cham Mack, monologlst, are among «• 
missing. Mr. nnd Mrs. Mnrney nnd Olio 
Wlcher and daughter, of the Three Wieners, 
were killed at Oakland by the earthquake 
Viae only can tell how many performer*. 
living In the numerous hotels and *V nr . 1 ' 
ment houses, were killed or burned In "' e 
frightful catastrophe." 

The Campbells, comedy mualcnl !'»"* 
write ; "We arrived. In Chicago from 'Frisco, 

: :■' : i 

May 12. 



Thursday, April -'ff- Although we lost con- 
■'- J& «re,tbanWul tVb« alive. A 

'■■if CMrtfc Q* BhMfciwUiir^cfi.oa.'' 

' -•-unlum tfcelvMa lttter.)ast\««6k 
IiFttSrtHular HE whieh lnf.wW treatfrt 
ik a iOOTSnlr- WW envelope 'bor* no post-i 
aa* wfcjHid'WtttWnnipe* "Pre* 1 ih-UTery" 
hv MnM Office authorities ltr Hnn [fran- 
pfflpo' ■ -Itte Ictrtf-wnH from Frederick Shlp- 
mai? and- read : "April lit. .■ Dfltir Rrn : We 
bit bottrlrafc — high nnd dry. Saved nil o«r 
IMknfr/tmt »<■« ■ tweniy-kortr tight tiarry- 
Irtft our Itvc trunks nnd inw grip* over. a 
mflc Mr-Mil — only n bnndtw ynrd$ abend of 
the iIntotB. We nan in one »f two weeks. 
Waort air right now. Wlll'wmdian address 
t6*morrow:- Fred." Mr. .Uhlpman. wnUbn 
Ihe envelope a great curiosity, and un th«C 
It In prohablv one of the first letters tn tbe 
history of tbe government to go forward 
without pontage or congressional frank. 

Adele P-irvlH Ourl, Mora Allthorpe and 
Harry Tauda arrived In Chicago last week* 
m route from Ban Francisco. They were 
lucky enough lo nave tbelr effects, and will 
open tbelr third season on Frank Mclvllle'a 
circuit- of parka for the .Mummer. 

The Manhattan Boys' Quartette is safe, 
but the members lost all of their wardrobe. 
They opcoett May* T* at the- Novelty, Denver, 

\\*. F. Karl, of Karl and De Klmcr, writes 
from Berkeley, Cal., April 28 : "I wan an eye 
witness of the recent destruction of Sau Fran- 
risco fntn tills side of the buy. and, my home 
being otr the slope of the , mountains, af- 
forded a view not given to many, and al- 
though the appalling horror of It all was 
sickening. -.yet,- i| a spectacle. It eclipsed nny 
similar calami tv of nncleut or modern times, 
The city being built ou numerous hills, 
nlmost fn terraced order,- the flames had the 
advantage, having' started from the water 
front. The names consumed structure after 
structure, na if. tJicy were cardboard. .The 
numerous 1 reports -from 1 razing or dynamiting 
of buildings In advance of the Are struck as 
much terror to the hearts of refugees as tbe 
flames. The blasting was done to try and 
make an avenue, or gap, broad enough to cut 
off, lire flames, but In spite of every such 
effort the flames would lean on until they 
reached beyond Nob HID, the wealthy resi- 
dence district, which was n|so destroyed. As 
to tbe earthquake, which whs the forerunner 
of (he fire, !t gave one tbe Impression of bow 
litHfgnldrant Is man, always at the mercy of 
tbe Omnipotent, ucver realizing his condition 
until the Deity sends such, a visitation to 
awaken the dormant conscience. There have 
been several seismic disturbances of lesser 
nolc, but of hardly enough consequence to 
cause comuieut. The saddest feature Is the 
loss of life and the Injured, while the dis- 
tress Is quickly being lessened by tbe noble 
relief flowing In from nil quaricrs." 

Chan, II. Prince writes : "My folks In San 
Krani'iHio escaped with their lives, and are 
now living with friends In Frultvale Ave., 
1*170 — Fruit vale. Alameda Co., Cal. Every- 
thing they bad Is gone." 

J. M. Harris and Anita Morlo, of Harris 
nnd Mcrlo, are sufferers from the earthquake 
In. San Francisco, losing nil their wardrobe. 
They bad time all booked up for California, 
and write that they both feel like singing 
"Oivc Aly Itegards to Broadway." 

J. T, Do Contra' writes: "My wife and I 
rayed our dogs and monkeys from the 'quake 
and fire In 'Frisco, but lost all our wardrobe 
.unl props, for the act." 

Dirk Mack, formerly of Conroy and Mack, 
writes : "I was stopping nt tbe Alleane, on 
Turk Street, nnd was awakened at G a, m, 
by a sererc shock. When I came to my 
senBca I discovered that the building was 
rocklug as the wavfB ruck a ship In mid- 
ocean. I hastily put on a few clothes and 
rushed to Mr. and Mrs. Jnu. F. Lee's-apart- 
meiils, uud found them dressing. Gladys 
Carlisle, who was roontlug with them, was 
Just abjut lo lump from a window when l 
caught her. We rushed to the. street, nnd 
fobnd that Are bud started on the smith side 
of the towh. we hired a rig and drove to 
Dick Leon's farm, eight miles ont. Those 
who W'Utt alone; and lost everything are : 
Mr. uud Mrs. Jus. IV. l*e, Gladys Carlysie, 
Homer Long, Mnxle Mitchell, Dot Raymond, 
Let .Flominey and myself. We were all 
working at the Lyceum. I returned the 
following day, and found the centre of the 
Iowa destroyed, People were camping In 
the vm-lon.s parks. Belief stations were 
opened" quick!), .unl carloads of food came 
from all over .the country. The sight will 
not he forgotten by those who were present, 
'iho fbree Kobers, Ted Bos, the Miens, 
Frank Jones, It. C. White, Wm. Thomas, Mr. 
.AlllblnJe, wife nnd child, Karl uud Wilson. 
Dck and Maggie Leunlc, Monti Collius uud 
wife, and Jnke Clifford wish friends to know 
lliat they escaped nnd are well." 

A, O, Kleck writes : "Kindly notify my 
friends, through itltc columns of Tiih Omi 
kbmabt.k, thai f um safe and well, having 
comu out of that awful- disaster without a 
scratch. in my eighteenth week doing 
Juveniles with the Felice Davis Co. After 
about a month's lay off we will go ou tho 
road ugaln.'* 

Zlnntj Travesty Co. escaped, besides sav- 
ing nil wardrobe. The company opens May 
UO at U»nhmt Park, Salt f^ke, - 

{J*&9 O'Brien, of Daly and O'Brleu, says: 
I wish you'd kindly state that I have ro- 
celved word from my relutivcs In Han Fran- 
cisco, and thut they are; safe and well, 
although they lost everything by lire, und 
went OiroitKh a dreadful exiwrlcuce." 
. J.ugeuo West, of West and Henry, writes: 

emit me ty Inform you that Mr. nnd Mrs. 
I 1 . 1 }* (sketch team), and two of Ibe Three 
Withers were Instantly killed by Hie cot- 
lupsp-of the Umpire Theatre on the morning 
,, " ,e . anrthquake- at Oakland. Cul. They 
nil had rooms, above the theatre, which, by 
1 "V "&*« wu * 0, «- of only two completely 
riilued bulldlnga in Oakland. My wife (Cothe- 
r ue Henry* and I had been sent to Oakland 
tho previous evening, to (ill a vacuncy «t the 
ftovelty .Thnairc. I wanted to keep our 
room at 'Frisco, nnd intended -crossing the 
buy every night nftcr tbe show, but my wire 
claimed It was too much expense, and In- 
sisted 'in staying la Oakland, and the next 
tnonilng, well, you know the rest: Miss Wx- 
eels, of De Uossett and lOoccela (gun- splo- 
nm), wiio W ero playing the Novelty Theatre 
st -Simla llosu, was Instantly killed, while her 
partner und 1'ourl Hlcknian (soubrettO were 
severely Injured at Kauta Hosa. We did 
not lose anvtblug ourselves. Kindly permit 
me, through your columns, to thank the 
numbers of tho T. M. A. of Onktmd-for their 
tn-eless efforts In aiding nnd comforting pro- 
tesslonals. They were among ibe first lu 
tbe field, and certainly did wonders." 

A benefit performance wae given In Car- 
.neglc Hall Monday evening. May 7, which 
was a greot success. Among those who np- 
I'pui'od wore: ltafael Joseffy, Maud Powell, 
Ouvld BjuraUl, and Victor nerbert, who 
conuueted u symphouy orchestra of sixty. 
Mr. Herbert announced that lamina Eames' 
place would be taken by Mrs. Marguerite 
■inntzon, who happened to be In the audience, 
sod who consented to slug her number, the 
nrla "plch Theurc Halle," from "Tann- 
niUKcr. Mme. Eames had a serious lodlspo- 
n lion, but up to live o'clock had hoped to be 
SH «-.- ■••■* Tuc WwSjpto amounted to 

At the Hudson Theatre afternoon of May 
«. under the uusplces of the Actors* Society 
01 America, a benefit WM given for tbe peo- 
ple of tho stuge.who suffered through the 
tjnn I'ranelBco dlflaster, and fifteen hundred 
dollars was the result. Wilton Lackaye ad- 
dr«"-H !»•« «fidl«m*e n « f«i|lnirs I 

"Tho Metropolitan l>cnefit last Haturday 
rauued some ■••itt.uiiO lor Uw general relief 
fund. A very prominent member of the colu- 
mn lee 011 nrrnitgemenlrf for thut l«neflt bad 
vtiggt-Mted* during no early stage of the nro- 
(■"«dtnus. that Inasmuch ns the lwnpfit had 
been made possible by the volunteered ser- 

vices of theacfors that were to take port Id 
It. a certain percentage of the fund be <h'- 
toted especially to ttfe relief of the actors 
end: actrewcs' vlrtnaliy Imprisoned In Han 
KratfclKior/'Thst suggesllon not only met 
with no supislrt froir? the committee in ques- 
tion-, but was-, received with chilling silence. 
Hod- the renult hmrbeeii that whereas the 
exertions, of uctots throughout the United 
Mates have done «o much for the Hnn l-'ran- 
ciHcd'HUfferers. nothing has been done for the 
nctors specifically. The Actors' Kocletv bene- 
fit Is the only one. the proceeds of which arc 
to be exclusively, devoted to the relief of the 
theatrical profession, and yet. can It bo«ald 
thut the public at large composed Its audl- 
I'Ucer" He rend- telegrams from actors In 
Knn FranetHcn. showing that they could ob- 
tain no relief from the general fund, although 
the soup kitchens were open to them and the 
bread Hue extend**! for them. Others ou 
the proirramme were- Clara Bloodgood, May 
Naudlati. May Buckley,- Victor. Herbert, fly. 
Meyer, Kdward Kemble. Henry Woodruff. 
Kugenc Jcpson. Harold Heatou. George rro- 
liert Md William Koscllc, William t.'ourl- 
leljrb, (}ueenla Vasssr. Bugeno Oowles. Lewis 
l-'leldcr. Hubert Urucc. Hownril Hliirge. 
fharieN Crawford, Annie Hughes, KltTlo 
Lheuthumj Van Hensm-laer Wheeler, <ieorge. 
It Hi-kits. Wluonit Hhatinon, Jnines Norvnl und 
Josephine Burrows. 

Mine. Ma reel in tiembrlrb will give- n recital 
matinee of ft. in Carnegie Hall, for the henc- 
flt of the chorus nnd orchestra of the Metro- 
politan Opt-ra House.. ■ . • ■„ 

The Martclles arrived at rorflnitd. Ore- 
April 'Jt4, front San Francisco, where they 
lost ovcrythlng. They had a hard time get- 
ting out of the city ana saving their baby 
boy. It will fake quite u while to replaco 
their wheels and wardrobe, but their act will 
be better than ever. ■ 

Jack lycslte and Celeste Berrv have can- 
celed all their Pacific coast time, and ate 
going Into comic opera for the Snmmer. then 
back to vaudeville next season. They write: 
"We had. quite a time saving our trunks, but 
after moving tbetn five times we got ont of 
San Francisco alive. Many, performers have 
o«t everything. Oreat credit Is due to the 
i.AL A 'h of OHktand, who responded nobly 
nt the time of their brother performers' dis- 

H. A". RicHAnbsoN, ogent for Cook & Harris 
Co., writes : "Owing to so many requests for 
return dates this company has decided to 
stay out all Summer and play Bummer re- 
sorts. -Tho Train Wreckers- gets a band 
everywhere, and. the Illustrated songs are a 
big feature. The roster Is the same. Just 
keep your eye un us, watch us help to make 
moving pictures famous. Tun Oij> Khliabi.b 
and the man In white are as welcome as this 
'spell of weather.'" 

Tin: iNrjKKHOi.i. Co., of Pittsburg, Pa., are 
constructing a large amusement park In the 
City of Mexico. Mex., which will be ready for 
oparatlon June 1. 

Nutbs rnoM cms BnoWN Family Show. 
—•Wo are still doing good business lu Old 
Ken tuck)', and will soon do out with our tent 
show, all equipped ' with a new electric light 
P ant, to light tho tent and put on moving 
pictures nftcr each act. Everybody Is wolf. 
and we expect the biggest season In the his- 
tory of the show. 

. Mas. Mark J. Ijavaux, mother of UttU 
Ionia, snake charmer, died on April 17, after 
a lingering Illness, at the home of her son- 
In-law, 1181 Second Avenue. Sow York City. 

Poldhsi, the mystic, and hts company of 
Swiss Bell Ringers, report good business 
through Michigan. He has now with him 
II. Brown, Sweede comedian : Renos, con- 
tortlottlSi : Hedwlg, and German Rbae, vo- 
enitsr. He will open under canvas May 10. 

.CnocKBn's thirty educated horses, under 
the mnnageruent of John C. Patrick, cloved 
on April -'8 a successful season of forty-three 
weeks, at Fond du Lac, Wis. Durlug the 
Summer some attractive features -will ho 
added to the programme, and their second 
season In the United States will open the 
last week in August. 

Ok.v.nt'I,odoi!, No. 888, Knights of Pythias, 
isyack, N. Y., Is making preparations to run 
a carnival some time during the coming 


fair Co. Is getting in shape for its opening 
In May. Seveuteen weeks out of the fwentv 
booked arc benefits for hospitals, lodges und 
flfe, companies. 

Tub Ambkican School FunNiTt/n» Co. 
will hereafter be knowu us tbe American 
Seating Co." 


After a successful tour through New Jersey 
and Pennsylvania, wo returned to bongls- 
land for tbe fourth lime tills season, playing 
to 8. R/O. nightly. The company Is stronger 
than ever, nm.t Includes: s. Wagner, pro- 
prietor and -niangger: C. M*yers, electrician 
and ti-eitsnrer; it. Leslie Uoss, musical di- 
rector: Percy Atwood. barhone : Prtnk King, 
tflalec-t comedian ; Bob Morris, black face 
comi'dlau and damwr: Hughy Oafncy, mu- 
sical act, and our advance brigade. 

Holmkn iJitt'M., Kurojioan comedy bar gym- 
nasts, who- reeeittly closed n suciwssfnl sea- 
son, tourlug Mexico and Culm with theClrco 
Payrei, will open their aumtner season with 
Pain's Production Co., nt Wllkes-Bnrre, Pa., 
May 7. 

W. C. DOWNS' UlO SriCCIALTT Co. will 
oitcn Its, fourth Hummer season May IP, with 
the following people: W. C. Howus, manager : 
Sid Hi'.nuim. agent: J, J. Thomas, musical 
director; Wm. I.*. ChdW and Mabel Clark, 
Mart Mullov, Rose Mel wood, Chns. II. Has- 
Rett, tlco. AV. Snow, Mcfcouuld and Drew, 
Wnr. J. smith. 

Under tu UM. 

'fiiii Catk FAmii.y are t-n roftfu with tho 
Johu Itublu^ou Shows. 

W. S. (JniKKiTH, aerlut bar performer, and 
the P'lyiug Nelsous, arc en vmttc with (Joll- 
mur Bros. Circus. 

NOTBH KJIO-M Barf'h Ntsw Tknt 
Hinnv, Bert Sllvel*. proprietor and mana- 
ger. — This Is now a ten wajfon show. We 
Hie carry In c ibis >feitt>on u sevcuty foot top, 
with two thirty foot middle pieces. This Is 
tho twenty-iirtn sennon over tho same terri- 
tory. The roster Ik as follows: Bert Silver, 
violin and const; Mrs. Uert Silver, treasurer 
and llckct seller; Laura Silver cornet and II- 
luutruted songH; Kranccse Hllvcr,' maglcbiii 
and elurlouct soloist; Pearl Stiver, vocalist 
and di-uais : Ruby Sllrer, vocullst and solo 
alto: 0. Hurl Silver, Juggler, tnnglclau and 
baritone soloist; tittle Jack Silver, Juggler 
find hoop roller, .melllpbone tn band; J. Dun 
Rice, with his barnyard circus, consisting of 
ponies, pigs and mules: Stone und Ifomp, 
double traps und breakaway ladder; Clara 
Moneayo, contortionist ; Claude Kalrman, 
slack wire; Otto De Varre, sword, swnllower; 
Stone and Mon f'ayo. Japanese perch: Prank 
Carpenter, Irish and black face comedian: 
Lcousw. the boneless wonder : Clara (*a rite ti- 
ter, with her high wire and dog Mexico; 
Snow and Sibley; knockabout downs: Claudo 
Lu Jtofiue. tuba soloist'; Claude Reynolds, 
trap ' drums : Hd. Cross,, advance renrcsttntn- 
tlve. Mec'rythlnprls In readiness for the open- 
ing at Stnnrilsh, Mich., May IV. 

— m m 



"Coming Through the Rye, Jennie 


IMd» MIT, 

Wine ,, 




'. ^THtAlSffCIS;- O'A^ & HU^TBJR, 

HAM UttOW, M(!r. 1'm(. Lloiit. I.ONIH.IN. BN«„ II'.' Clmrlni; Craw lloail. 



30th STREET (near Broadway), NEW YORK. 

WUATHS IN Tttttl*ROKfO!4fllON. 

Will In m V. tftteti. 

William r". Ow«n. tho well ktrown actor, 

died otf M«J" 4i In 11 prlvHte honpllal nt IP* 
W«t Hlxty-flrst Street, New Yurk CUy. 'w 111 
DrubCs disease, itged ntxty-lwo yoiirs. He 
was stricken while playing nu enauKemcnt. In 
Mrs. FUke's- production of "Heiky Burp," 
nt the Academy of Music. Now York City, ft 
few weeks hbu< Mr. Owen was bom lit 
Lluterlek, Ireland. «nd when he came to 
Artei'ici bo Kilned bit* tlrst Mtsge cxperl^nco 
lu Htuck, about forty yean an, Ho frequent- 
ly appeared In suppovt of Kdwln Booth, und 
WW alw with Forrest nnd MctTullongb. Ills 
work In the Augntttln Duly Company, In cup- 
]wrt of. Ada llehiui, won lilm sri'ftt honoru, 
«nd lie reinnlned with Mr. IM'ly for many 
years. Homo of his host rolen were: Sir An- 
thony Absolute. In "The lllrnla;" Touchstone. 
In "Ah You IJkc It," and FalstafT. Ho leaves 
n, wlfo nint two grown tvtnx. Ills homo. whs 
(i 1: 1 a Writ One ilundrod and First Htreet, 
this city. He VU b member of tbe Players' 
Club, the Actors' Order of friendship, and 
the Actors' church. Alliance. Funeral ser- 
vices were held on Sunday, May 0, at tho 
rooms of too Stepbea Merrltt Burial Coin- 
pauy, Klghth Avenue and Nineteenth Street. 
Interment was in Kchslco Cemetery, N. Y. 

Sunuiuta. Hlta {Mrs. J. B. Morun), aerlnllst, 
late of tbe /Minora Family, died April ^8. 
During her career as a performer she was 
connected ivlth the AndreBs, Shields. Frank 
A. Bobbins, Scrlbncr & Smith, and the Rey- 
nolds Shftwe. Her last appearance was wltli 
the Reynolds Show, In 1889, after which she 
retired, surviving her la a daugbtor, i.eomi, 
nge eleven years, and her husband, Jesse B. 
oforan, known In the show business us Lew 
M Kelly. Funeral aervlces were held at her 
late residence. No. P70 £ast One Hundred 
and Thirty-third Street, New York City. The 
remains* were Interred nt Urccnwood Ceme- 
tery, Brooklyn, May 1. 

Mrr. Milmb wjixiamm, mother of Lottie 
Wllllumtt, and widow of tho late Hurry Wit- 
llama, died nt Mt. Lebanon Hospital, New 
York City, on May It, after an operation for 
cancsr. aged dfty-nluc years. During the 

f resent xeason sue bad been a member of 
.utile Wllllnms' "My Tom-Boy dirt" Co. In- 
terment was In the Actors' Fund plot. In 
Evergreen Cemetery. 

Lon Wii.liaiih, for many years slide trom- 
bone player with the hand-, of Barnum & 
Bailey Circus and Buffalo BUT* Wild West. 
died ut his home In Urbana, (>.. April 28, from 
liver trouble. The funeral was held on April 
110, under the uusplces of the local Acrle of 
Eagles and the Urbana Band. Ills wife and 
a child of about seven years of age survive 

Otto Wichhii, of the Three WIchers, and 
his youngest daughter, were killed during 
the earthquake of April 18. ut Oakland, Cal. 
They occupied rooms over tint Kmplre The- 
atre, that city, which collapsed. - 

Tub A-iIkrican- Oomrab at Brealau, Ger- 
many, informs us of the death of Albert 
Lofeno, n performer, at Hint city, on April 
-. from chronic nephritis. 

Mhs. Loo Vcr/Hit Muxhok, an actress, 
died reeentlv In San Francisco, Cal. Her 
liuslmud, A. L. Munroe, survlvea her. 

]">i'; Fo;tt;Ki- 'P.wutu. u Juggler and band- 
cuff expert, died nt his home In Buffalo, N, 
1., -ou April }0, ufter nn operation for ap- 
pendicitis. He wuh nt one time u member of 
the Leunt known us Vnno and Auoo, mid wuh 
well kno-A-o In vaudeville, lutermeot was In 
JlldifPliiwn CcmctetT. 

Miss Bxvhla, of the te«m of DO'Bmmtt 
flitdUxccIti, female gun spinners, wuh killed 
at Santa Itoxa, Cal.. on tho morning of the 
earthquake. April 18. The team was playing 
the Novelty Theatre. In tHat city. 

M11. ami Mrs. Makx, skotcfi team, were 
killed Iflr the collapse of the Khiplrc Theatre, 
Oakland, Cal.. on the morning of tbe earth- 
quake, Aitrll 18. They had rooms above tbe 

Uknjamin D. Dr,.*.N. stage mauuger for 
"Ailznnu," died tu Detroit, Mich., Sunday 
morning, April *jy. He wasthe sou of Ben 
Dean, for it long time musical director of the 
Old Bowery Theatre, this city, uud Mrs. W. 
(1. Jonos. Mr. Ds'itn was burn In this city 
July ], I860, nnd first appeared on tbe stuge 
when a very youiig boy. at Uie Old Bowery, 
hi •Tut'iuui." with John B, Studley In the 
oust. He tbcu took charge of and trained 
tho horses for "The Still Alarm/' ami np- 
poured with It Aug. .'JO. 1887, at (bo Four- 
teenth Street Theatre, llilu city, lie remained 
with ■"The Htlll Alarm" seven years, going 
to Knglnnd with It. He then Joined "Blue 
.I'm un.'' und was with It for three -yearn. He 
then' went with "The Cherry I'lckers," and 
afterwards "The C«rnt*raekcr£" Mr. Deati 
wiik with "Arlxona" for six years. At De- 
troit, Mleli., lie contraelMi a cold, which de- 
veloped Into pnmimonla. Funeral services 
wurc held ut. the chapel, corucr of Soulh 
Avenue and Thlrty-nloih Htreet, and the re- 
mnluK were Intcrrcil In (Irlierrwood (!euietery. 

cuAHi.fvM L. [jn.Lj.iN, manager or thu 
Dainty Duchess Co.. died 1 11 tbe Hhodu Itit- 
uud Ilospltul, 1'rovldence, It. I., on the morn- 
ing of May 7, from the result, of nn operation 
for uppetidk'ltls.- Mr, Llllluu, who was 11 
native of New York City, bad been with 
Weber & flush for tbe patit kIx years, und 
for the post scasojl he had mannged Ui" 
Duluty Duchess Co. for this firm. 


MANHVCIILM171 |M.; Wabuen, of the Warrens, -writes: 
"1 have signed with Hafe'a Fire Fighters for 
next season. I 1mve l>een ruatodlan of tho 
Katies' club nstma. at (miahn. nit Winter. It 
la a great place for tbe prnfeHKhiii to hang 
out- Tin: Cut-nut Is always lo lie MM Id 
a tunipft-uou* Plate Ihcrc." 

Worcester.— At Ibe Franklin Htpinro 
Tlteitlre (J. F. Murkc, reslilerit manager) 
M-eek of May 7, Malcolm Wllllnms :uul his 
nloei: coinpiiny will produce "Tho Lottery of 
T^>vc." Last trunk the coiiipilnv iiluyed 'Tho 
Dunclug O'.rl" In a very rrcdiUulu manner, 
George Pearcc asHiimed Ben (Irabam's role 
at n very few hours' notice, which gave him 
un oppottunlty toslnnv Ills versnlltfiy. Week 
ol 14, "Tie Idler." Willi nmsldcrabfe re- 
gret, It linn been learned that the company 
Mill be obliged in clow curly In .funr, owing 
lo tbe f.ict that H,c Klaw \ Krlanger Infer' 
e>ts have obinlnVtl (he )i«mjk<> Ui dike the 
plan of. (lie WM$eNf«t, wblih ibey released. 

f'ABK TiiKATBK <Aif. T. Wtttun. mnungnr>. 
— Week beginning 7, the pulley of this Imiisc 
clisbe^fl front vaudeville to melodrama. Week 
«.f 14, the Carltou-Moorc Stock Co. will begin 
tl limited engiigenient. 

T' (Chfis. W. Fouiln, realdent mana- 
ged. — Week of 7: The Lnnkv and Uolfe 
Oiilnlpllc. Mucart's dogfl and mnnhcju, Het- 
'tlOH Bruce and eoinpiny, Hylvester. Johph 
and 1'iln^lc, fjuldcu Oatc Qututette, Buuh 

nnd i.m-ilnii, Kurd und Hot West, nnd Iho 
elect rbgraph. Business Is to almout cen- 
tlnual eapaclry. 

1'alal'K.— Week of 7 : Charles Hamilton, 

Notes rnust Tim liovui \r Co.— -Houdlnlr.luo 
hatidriut king and Jail brfiAfccr. mndu blit Itat 
American sppenrahce. at the head of bis ofr 

Palal-k.— Week of 1: Charles Hamilton, company, af Halcm, Ma*., April HI. Heplayad 
Hnlllvau and Murphy. Nellie Im tirasse. Llv. tfto ilrst three days of the week at thai «ty. 
Ing Art »tudle«. l^amoiint atiil raulette. In ifiQ tlfo remaining thr^e at Hnrtfortl. Cdnu 

lug __ 

"The 1-Iscainsl Lunatic," and tho tmrlebtjuc, 

•The Turkish Harem.*? . ... 

NuTK.'-Creatbre Is boolfed for 17; at Me- 
cbanlcs' Hall. 


\ew Vnudevllle Cumblne. 

Klaw ft Hrlangcr. B. 1'. KelUi. Kohl A 
Castle, dnd JHSH ft Beck, who control 
the Orpheura circuit of vaiidcvilln housen ex* 
tending to Han FrHnclt+eo, have, It Is reported, 
forinen a vaudeville combination to cofitrbl 
the bookings In a number of the Ilrst class 
vaudeville noustn of iho country. This com- 
bination may bo eitendedll It Is said, and 
other tunalter Intercut a may be Joined with It. 

Uaudectllg and fflinstrel, 

SrYMora avi. Drpitr will Mil May 10, 
from Han Frnnrtsro for Australia, where 
they wilt opea at the Tlvoll Theatre, la Syd- 

M.u.i.uitv Biiuh., llnnoKH AND IIalupat 
huvo ndded nnother novelty to their; jropulnr 
vaudeville aklt. It 1m a bullfrog, which they 
use In n novelty Cuon song, entitled "Tho 
Bull Frog nnd tho CooH.* r Ta» Wentcru 
papers have given them special mention In 

.in.}] RtiKo, coon rtioutor, haa returned 
honie after a successful season of twenty-two 
weeks with the La Zada ft Davldsyrv Comedy 

Mme, Km sit was made a member of the 
T. M. A. Lodge. No. 19, In Knusaa City, being 
the ilrst female member of the Kansas City 
loaie. . 

. Hrixn MAMok SliiTit, "Ye Oldo l'Wh- 
loiud Olrl" has Joined hand** with 1'rof. 
Anthony L Kthens, u well kliown baritone 
and pianist, and the team will bo known an 
Marlon and Ethens, "Ye Oldo Fashioned 
Girt and Her' City Couiln," comedy muslcnl 
act. The team Is now playing- Chicago, with 
■uecess, Yocno inform* us 1 that ho Is now 
with Mahnra'a Minstrels, and la meeting 
with gratifying snccciis, nnd that he' has 
signed with Rusco ft Holland's Minstrels for 
the Buraraer and nrat ssason. ■ '• * 

Hamium ano Fonda, contortionists and 
eniilllbrtsta. arc visiting in London, 0.. St 
Mme. Fonn'a home, before tbey open tbelr 
anason's work with Heck's Carnival Co., with 
which they have signed a thirty weeks' con- 

WoNffi-niTij la ilex, flexible aerlallat, 
played the Richmond Theatre, North Adams, 
wnii, week April 0, and Informs us that ho 
was one of the hits of the bill. HtV has met 
with success Klncc playing tbe vaudeTlllo 
houses through tho East, and haa some good 

JOHN AND AtJCB McDOWBLl. report blgstlr- 
ceas the 1 past five weeks in vaudeville. They 
were well received at the Lyric Theatre, 
Cleveland, 0., also -at the Majcatli; Theatre, 

FitTintiH and FonaRS have been coitipetled 
to cancel some of their time on account of 
the Illness of Mr. Forbes' mother, who suf- 
fered u stroke of mtralyslB on. Feb, -'&, and 
Is still In u critical condition. 

AnnttTR catu.ton. manager of tbe Boot- 
black Quartette, Informs ua that the <iuar- 
tetto- closed with the. "Happy Hooligan" Co. 
April us, -uthI opened on tue Hopkins circuit; 
May (I, at Forest Park Highlands, Ht. Iiouls. 

Jack Hymondm writes: "I close ono of the 
best Heartens I ever bad at Dumont's Mln- 
strelst May la This la the closing of thn 
regular season. On May 14 tho entire conl- 
panygoeH on lis nunotil ttnir, for two weeks. 
I open at Brandy Wine Hprlnga, Wllraltig- 
loni Bel., May 'JH, for two weeks, (ben play 
Kleetrk Parle, Arlington, Md; t Juno 11.'' 

Minnih ClitArvvir.r.K, wife of lJddle Mack, 
of the Blloti comedy Four, has dosed her 
aeiiwinwltb tbe Hprn Dovere (!o.. and H en- 
joying a rest. Hho writes that whe has re- 
covered her voice, and la singing better than 

JuifN IfuitNKKIt Hli., of Mltliunnv City; Fa.. 
died April 27, aged sevculy-lwo yesra. He 
was the father of John Herslter, of llcrskc-r 
and it'Lbtti, uud Harry Uoraker, residua t 
mnuugcr of tho Family Theatre, Hn/lpion, 

Thu ZuiulPak wrlle: "Wo were working 
at the Lyceum Theatre, Hun Francisco, at 
the tlimi of the euithquakc and U re, and 
managed lo *.h«ni|m! with our lives, but lost 
our cut in: apparatus and aoiao of' our ward- 
robe. We are nuw at our home, Detroit, 
All'-h., getting a now outfit, aa wo huvo aumc 
good work booked. Our uct was a big tuii'- 
ocsk on the coast. Wo played sereutt^eti 
weeks on Ibe Hnlllvau ft t'oimldlne efrcull, 
and were the feuturo oil every programiae." 

M;.j.r. a nii H)-;niiv will shortly return to 
America, ufler two years of auccesMfui en- 

gugctnciltH In l:;m-'ip(.'. 

Notk.s I'jtoAr Bba<:ii ft i Bowers' ttimftwui, 
— We closed a HUccessful season on April 'Jl, 
aud will reorganize for next season, larger 
and stronger than ever, with all now cos- 
tunirw, new scenery aud a brand new Pullman 
hotel car. 

Oavii.i.B anp FgAffK have closed .« season 
of lea w<!cks with tbo Halnty I'aren Jltir- 
lesuiie Co.. where they were unpaged' aa a 
tfeaiura ai.t. Tho seaaon was a picasant one. 

tlKO. II. If Aittnfi wrllea Ibat tin Is mecllng 
with 1 he best of kuccshs. nrescuHng bis origi- 
nal act, "The (fluttering Tramp,'.' aud In 
booked up solid until Hepicrober. 

David h.\uy.\. wi-ltes from London, Kng, : 
".fuseulilne Kabel fa quite In demand to kick 
off nt the football games Katurdays durlug 
her tour through England, (tulaud. Hcotfann 
aitd Wales, and 00 Halurduy nights she Is 
greeted with lite different mIioiiIn 6r the [ilay- 
era. 1 get Tub CMm;u every [mhoc; and It 
make* mft feel Itlte we were on Hroudway. 
MIkk AmP#1 opens .'it the CollKroui, London, 
May 7, for two inonfha, llieu ber l-.iiglund 
tour tylll be over for tbla year." 

Tom Kii,i.v:>:v reports success woek of 
April 10, with bis new venture, tbo Horlaty 
Minstrels. In which he was ably assisted by 
Jennie Glrnrd. Karl Miineet, Florence Kip- 
ling. IMIHi White, Unit, Ardell and Llllln 
Irfsllc. Tkf leuin of Ardell -and LchIIr ployed 
oil (he nap. The uet was reengaged ;il tlio 
Opera I!od*e, Htockton, Dlaas., for week ef 

abd the rematntng three at Hartfoftt, Cdnn. 
In Halcm he signs lined hi* advent by break- 
log out of the Balein tirlimn and carryfitt 
another pMsonar with litin; 'stritrrty hand- 
cuffed to his ami. It completely astonished 
and tnyitlilPd the elty ufllelalv who ware pres- 
ent, -includlnff Mayor- I'lunock; City Marshall 
Field, and the nlderinaiilu members of thn 
Public Hafoiv. Committee. Although many 
of ■ I he Hftleinltea had prevlouNlv seen Hon drpl 
nt KeltliV la Boston, (hey at l en, ted the local 
appearance*. In large numbers, the scale af 

SrlrtfM raittfng teuhi u-ym.v.nv,» .-riitH in unn 
olJ«r. Hi'iliio.ilny nlplii, In Hslfto, Houdllil 
MKnnl from u inreo imrklanr box In wht.'h 
bf lin<( iM'rn ■ .f t-wt-ly nMMtti «na mrml. - - 
Ilnriroril It wu» tvintlnl tlml itiu b 
wont ivniltl not he iir«lotiff*ii, hh Ilio th*,tn 
win nut lurit,! rnniiBlt to hold th« rrowih. 
mjnUMy on saturdnj; wlwn' ho MUMI 
from mlritluT riupklug ru.p. piwontctl by Iho 
lp«dlnii local tlry itoud» tlrm. UoudJnl'H trft- 
forjMnro Ih dlndnl Into tliroc |Url«, In IWn 
of which Im nppclirK lilm.olf, til* rrmalnlnii 
IHM being oiTUblrd bv aunhiiiMr\tf. dtvfrnloHN 
ftirnf.lied by Iho Kllu-llnnaul 'I'mnno. tho 
M.vntcrlmi. Z»n«l«i!. Annit'ChAiiillr-r Mlid WVp 
CBMc; Alth.» Hlitora, nhd utltcrH. ilaildhrl'H 
KIC0P8H lit Iho drmuutlo theutrcH iHHDOlhpr 
trhtntiili for thl.Hpntiiitloit.l norforroer, who 
Imti broken the record*, of tbe AmerlcHn the- 
atre. In wliieh ho ha« plnyed .Int-p eomlOK 
from Unrope, llouillnl U under the dlrcetloti 
of H'hlttnsn O.rooiI. anil nt Holem the, New 
Unnluml inunnaor of tlio New Vork' Idfo wrote 
r polley for flufl.ouo on tho llfo of Houdlol, 
In favor of Mr. OtiKnod. • >•' 

Tut, PHlMRoan wrltea: "After euJoylnrH 
Tory j,len,ant ongajreuient of thlrty-ttvo weeka 
with narlow A Wlami'i. Mln.trek I return 
lo Philadelphia, to Join my wife, w'e'wlll », 
lo our rountry resldeun; at IJennlavllle.N. J., 
to recniipriitii und roltcnrao our tnturleal at-t 
for mm .ea«)h." i - v 

J01I WlllTtlllrlAU Arni'Tlllt UliluiieiuN .Kin- 

TmiB uro now In their ninth week fur the 
w eaien, Vaudevlllo Muna tm> AMoelatldri, 
ulnyjug notlilng but. tlip drat plana liuuMi. 
They wrllo that Iholr art, which la a muirirti 
i-otairdj-, In one net, la oonceded by nrma aid 
nubilo to bo unuaually nnc. They will anllThr 
llutopo Jan. 7, 1007, returning by way bf 
Honth Airlcu, 

Ol.bltl YOlfNiJ AND llKbTMRIt, who' orX'UPll 

April r. wllh Itlnillnir llrua.' (llreua, aVThn 
(.•ollaeilm. Chicago, III., rofwrt liurnodliita aili'- 

coaa. The big Juggllmr number aim* Ibpludert: 
'Iho Iwj siowutta. tho onrl Troupe, tha no 
iflco, and tho five Juggling Norman., 
"" ido'HIIati 

r*n*NK Hjtwjf. Maud 
Mto Wlltalc, 


.... Jton, Violet Du- ! 
aeth, Annette \Vlltelc, Tooty Unbrlel, ttoma 
Hhdtes and UMa Altman hove signed for next 
season with the High Boilers. 

Camjh CupFtntp haa-just closed a succshs. 
ful thlrty-Hl* weeks* ohMgeinont with "Tilo 
Two Johfia" Co., end will begin on tho Keflh 
elrenit early In June. 

'l'Kit Mckmnna writes: "Vlnn Jlatcotte, 
wife of JantoH Hcuhnn, received a telcgrain 
from lxJ» Anftolos, Cal., on April IP. wnlflh 
stated that Mr. Beuhan" died WedfartSfo, 
April l], la (jus Angeles, from heart dUHtte. 
He was burled there In Calvary Cemetery. 
Ho leaves three brothers und his wf/R V 1 "- 
Maswittc. l am booked week of April ' 
al Puulages' Theatre, Portland, Ore,, 
May II, at I'antugcs. Hostile Wash." 

Tini K.M'iian TiiaA-iiiic-Ai, HvuotcAta has 
dbvntwl n depurlmimt. exclusively to "Ama- 
teur Nights." and mutt sen son they say they 
will havn the cxeliislvs Itooklngs of all the- 
ntros whom "Amateur Nights" uro nlysn. At 

B resent IhoV- am booking Percy vvilllanw 
otiscH- In Broklyn, Full Kiven IlolhNiliem, 
Allenlown. lCuston, Ilostou and other cities. 


Alien Hanson and iiussle Nelson have again 
formed a piirtuorahlp, aud will go Into vuuiIb- 
vllli.v In llielr alngl iig< a tid. dancing. wit a 

U«u, K. IfowAiii', .formerly of Huward : a»d 
Mar'iuo, plnyed the Hownril. Howton, April 1«, 
lu his tihurbctflr linporsonatlous f also played 
thu yowdolu Uijuare Theatre, In that cl|y. 
HiiD'luy. April 'Si t nnd thu (Jam Theatre. 
Lynu, Mass., April 2\\, with Wooater aud raw- 
tucket lo follow. ■ '< 
. hv.oti,; anp iticn. straight and 
comedy Jugglera, Joined bunds the waekof 
Murrh lit. and havu buua working coutlnuilly 
allies that lime. - . > . 

Huiciu KMiir/ir has closed a succeasfitl 
season of thlrly-dve weeks, aodlng at Hyde *b 
Ihjhnmn'K, Brooklyn, Miss li)mtoott will rest 
at her piTtiy huiof: lu Houierville, Masa., and 
will trfwn her seasou Kept, IT, with twenty. 
live week a booked by William Morris. 

Cahmkn, Juggler nnd hoop roller, wrHen 
that Im. clunnl bin third season with Uny 
J iron* Minstrels, nnd was spoelalfy- eaJngoU 
by the Carrie Turner- l!o„ tbo weeTf of 
April, HI, ut tlk-ns Valla, N. v., that holdf his 
huwrt. town. He met with a lino reeetHlop. 
and rerrh'ed many tokens of regard In the 

L li ., ,,.^ , . t 1 1 r . BOB I .,P,..1«._- 

shaite of floral oiierlnga. MAUTINj of M 

..Jspltal, Ivtiadoii, 
follows,; "f met with u painful fracture of MAUtin^ t)f Martin and OUlgg, 
^rltna fromtltiy's HonpUiil. ^jndoa, Kng., as 

the MR t*tioultlor, revived while nsalstlug-n 
mend 10 board u tram car. und am now un- 
dergoing treatment at this hospital; Through 
my aiMforttiiv was eompelled tu ihoo! six 
v/erks 'IninjeiiiEle Hue un tbe Bttrrasfotd 
tour, aa It will be some time before I will bo 
able to reiiume w»rk iiniilit." 

M. 1), Niuiik. of Nibble and liurdoijg. 
wrlti'H ibat ho Ik slnglug bis new nmg, on 
the Hun rranclsco'carlbquake!, with Miner's 
Merry HflMwu *'o., uud has scored a'sutcoitf 
Willi this, 'his latest composition,- 

VrtUi II. WtttbM doses with tin "Why 
Women HloV Co.. May 12, and begins his 
vattd'-vlllc duicn ut Tony Pastor's, May H, 
"The Bowery Pawn- 


orfglnul net, 

slrrl W"-ls 

JiMHtK KUNNKur, "The Mlasird 
In Ida forty Ilrst week doltjg print 
with Harlow & WIIkom's Mlnaireltl. 
porla great Him;ew* through the tiouthejrn 
Hlalfa lu his wooden Nhw-ltu.-k dance. We 
opened under cuuvus ulno wcukij ago and 
bus|iie>ui It) good, 

; I/KNl.iu ano WiM.iAAia, singing and talk- 
ing comedians, open on McMuJionH park clr- 
toff July '£, and are booked solldfor twenty 

, Oh TiinnauAT, April IP, at tbe Lafuyette 
Theatre, Huffitlo, Klosslt- Uclllng, of the Bam 
mrera C«., mfmralM tlm tvmrwim an- 
niversary of her iiliih, Tlio ulrla ednfrfli- 
tiled (it n. pIcAsnnt surprise parly, and an 
cnjoyulile cvcitlug was spent, 

¥ m ._ . |l. 11111", . flff'F^ 


<r Wy'^h^''.':'^''^'';'^"^^. ^P> 

*-.^>j*>~' '■y,.-- l ^Jji. i--.W' 



l*" g h i5hJW 

f hi Hvwir sf fli South Ware the 

theie are heroes Who 6re. covered with glo^y t ... 

Who In uniforms of blue marched away, 
And they're mentioned now in song and in story, 

Loyal sons whom we cherish to day; \ ; ; j : '!|' 
Thero are names we love In Dixie just as dearly. 

And we're proud of their part In the fray, ■'■;•■• 
80 while cheering for the blue who are marching, 

Poii't forget there were herops In gray, y^ 


Dear old Dixie, we all 
love to-day ,'".;.;'. 

The heroes In blue and 
the boys In Southern 

For one flag, together 
united we stand, 

80 we'll give the yell we 
know so weir for Dixie 

Tho' the South before the war is a' mem'ry, * 

There are those who still remember the day, ; 
Gallant swords were draWn In honor of Dixie, 

When the flower of the South wore the grajr; 
And we're proud of the old South and all Its glories, 

And we're proud of the new South to-day, 
But we'll tell with pride our children the stories, 

Of the heroes who fought 'neath the gray. 

Gjui *»d quimii. 'TtarMtislml Bril noy 
and 'the. Military MUM.", arc lo their thlrty- 
Wventli week with the Keutuoky Bellea Co. 
They closo t»!lr season May 12, and win rf- 
fiSS to their home, BoaOoke, Vs., for six 
weaks' rest, tliea tliey oncn June 20 at Pai- 
tor'a, New Vo»k..aud ore hooked for^twu 
years without any open ,<tme. - They Din e 
added a novelty to their net, a nuronhoue, 
ShlcUthey will make a fenturo M _the' art. ■ ■ 
" ; WlJ.ilAM C. CiOPea writes: "My partner, 
Rdward Cramer, nad 1/ nt the. close of «ir 

T„. BnsiirrB who onened t «•' Doinm- tsw Kick, of Leon. Adeline and Blue, .com- $4CA ,t^Sj[^ , fnl I «v D tlSt"wl 

I^^J>Sg%»SS»Wl T^M?«B fdy Jamllag act, atat* that they are meet- l°< £■» 4 'S wn^of the eWneatal 

April 2,1, with Other 1 - work from the %»t"ra lnt wltC favorable sucejaa . Mey.ta« been In Bnglnnd, WH ■* «»<» J, ^ M „ Jn 

Vaudeville Association, Including, the Kohl 4 ploying New York and Brooklyn for Uwpast J ties w e ^re «£»'" T|gl J h * ra tu „ ywr , 

combined with singing «nd dancing. 

WiiAtiTON and ,1.13 Rotv Hpht' and black 
Inglnir ami talking comedluhs, are play- 
me In the middle West, being, lo then 

•olid rot- the whole Hummer; 

Axin;i:TTA HfiHfit--. formerly with h rank .J. 
Carson/ is now working single and Is making 
good w|th the Merry Makers Comedy Co. 
through Maine and. Canada, 

Xhk Estisn Sisi*J"S Have been 1 engaged by 
Clias.. Waldfon fi)t jlx weeka, ifl/bur^eaque 

I-rw RICH), of Leon. Adeline and Rice, com- R* *"® ,t sn ^i ?^.v riinf w are back frire' singing and talking comedluhs, ore play- 

t*l» vw Frontier" Co. They, slimed , contracts with 

j,.,^.!.™., — •,-'",'■„;• Vi„^ with mir own Manager Dnnlela after the 1 first performance 

Next week we start on w.r wlthmir own g Topeka, for, Rummer alock 

^P|"?kS" ,D HS^/Te1,*oTo l ?x, n 1or' , W. ^*»?«'»tt Trinidad, dol^d next season 

trreseit" engagement at Austin K Stono'a itock Pt'B^' 1'alora- Theatre,'. Boston. Maja, 

Huaeam, Boston, will dl8>olve_ partncrBmp ft . amd- M*»vs[, BliaaBll/.^ara ,)4 th«W 
by 'mutual consent. 
New JJuglnnil. t'— 

third 'date' at tiie Hotvard.'fiost^i" f w ill •^•Vr^"'Viio'Jag^b^' : plIylii^clttltf.i<M 

work Single a few, weeks, and then Join hands German societies. in and around I'hlladelnhia, 

Sjto my wife,, Mahei; Clark. We nave signed rtjport that tbelr act la aolr 


will play return dates In the Bun ft Murray 
houses. ' ''_ " „ " 

which opened'a Summer season April 17, at 
liaynronuVr*. H:!'0co. Poster. John H. Fa- 
gatj, Hflttle Merrlam, Ijeola . Weston, A...B. 
Tenny, (leo; Alley, Geo.' Erhsllcb, Oery 4M- 
Chaa. whiting. Al. Marta, manager; 

D "tSe' Sn ^u'tiWa'nd'. ygg&g&f*? " a ^ fWfS $8£ Vl HerFlck, lender of hand andT^ 
its! Whave jTt Infehed o™ ^|° T Kf?4S0. Woot-V ; lrl»h and' Garmai. chestra, andjrim MoVlcker, advanc.. agent. 

'.auCceea. ' They 

tot the .Summer • with . tho. , Jf. I C. , Down* have plenty pf work booked aVnd. 

SDeclalty Co:, ia do our apeololty and play Fr.onCNor Towndj, «f Towner Slaters, 

darts"' w, • , pr? ' , rrrltes: "I have, been taking a much needed 

-Nat S. JeboUb, "Our Tlddlstl Friend;" rest'nt my home at Blnghamton, N. ,-lt'ii 

now In his nineteenth week with "The recently closed with J. B. "■ ■• 

Burglar's Daughter," Co.,, whites that alo BoJ' Co., wlier* j.j 
specialty has heen a pronounced hit w 
tie ( above attraction. iTbe ahow cloaca 

.. Oablti's. 'A Bell 

with fnrhead^ nZbe P ra! Ifl ig ^«nons t >t* M o*r*?d > wlj ."SSSSS 

«,!»» flliter, afacc. who at present Is. with 'Why toast-v from' .nearly ' "ery on *Pf*B* it 
urnnerpolUrMTnbT^^ Vfwfa %W Cd., joins me May 12. ■ We We gkjg^.Jg me aQ fleftl w * nlD «' ? 

enwiSr to -or". «»n-.nily 3. In the Bummer „ omP WeUent work Offftred -ns for tbla Sub- " 
stock., at the Trocadero Theatre, Chkago. titer" - ' . . 

^YJlere.the Weber & Fields aucccsaea ..will >J» kotfs fbou Out- Bros. Miwsthbi.s.— We 

cloied our tWrty-tlilra seasoa, April 10, 'At 
Itu'iiilnn, Vt-iandU'woBVone of 4he best 
wc evor had. i The cloafng day woa x ~ 

I>b' Rub BBos.' Minstbei* NoTha.-^— BuSI- 
ncfw baa ''been' fine' with our .company the 
past week, being turn-away for sir consecu- 
tive nights. We played Rumford Falls, Me., 
April IT," to B.-R. O., the house being nearly 
sold out on Oiir arrival In town. After our 
performance we', were eitertalned by , the 
fclke, when everybody spent a mont enjoy- 
able evening. Our orchestra rendered several iw. «;«■ nn t »p, *.!**■ ""V.^-'"- a yi. ^SMiii 
-■*" npeechea and l^ynn park clrcnlt, producing a new comedy, 
present and "A Deal In Stocks," and rejoins Rice 4 Bar- 
never ton again In the Pall, making bl» fifth season 
with that company. . -'. ■ . '•. . 1 ■ t i- „ 
rJiii.i.ifs and l*Am»AiuiE*y write Jbat^tbey 

and YorbHhlre hefore we go to' lyttidon. 
open at tho I,6ndoii Pavilion In Juy, for 
eight weeks. Next year' wo_haye tlilrty-alx 
weeks In 1-ondon alone. We receive Tan 
cui'prn regularly from, the London Bnrean, 
and are nVwayff glad to bear about our own 
country, and the advance^lt haa made In itt» 
last year In the wny of. building theatres. 
There eeems to l>e a cra^e on'.over here, among 
the 'Kngllsh performerB, to go to,tbe Btates. 
Performers ask me the questloa, 'How would 
I do In America? To aomo I can say, 
'Great:' to others, atnaply *Try ^It. 
. T K. THOMAd closed his fourth peoson 
with Illeo &, Barton's Rose HIU Co., at Cin- 
cinnati, April 28. After resting ^ for three 
WP-'kB, Mr. Thomas w»l open at the Palace 
Theatre, Boston, producing the burlesques 
for five weeks.' On/June 2\ m> opens on toe 

T^KSbt ahd Pwaol wTlte;>We.»re' It 

twenty-eighth week for the Western- Vnud*. 
vlllt Aaaoclatlon, and wn»o playing Sid. J. 
Bfuioa's Theatre, Chicago, ween of April 

,Vlo "iwoclatlon, and "while playing Sjd.i. 
auaon'B -Theatre, Chicago, week of April 18, „ : 
wo received six more weeks, after which we lur u . w f tu Tjhpes of 
will Play the Summer porks, with, A new aer, ■ ^ u ^, ^ hi fQonths' 
wlilcb Is now }n preparation. . • gtKxl.buslnnsa everywli 

to be . remembered by them all . In 'shaking 
bands ' and' t wlBbltig each , Other the best of 

_ o? 
. meeflng again. . The 
. . sermon, wn,*, pjoyed to 
IP mKni.buslnnsa everywhere, an'd the show gayo 
. Conobb and Odin report surceas in nn | hr host of Biitlsfactlon. G. Bi Oaf, proprle- 
orlglnnl alnglng act, using their ova fitenery . tor Mn d pn j n nager, nas many bright new Ideas 
M effectp. .'■''■: rt , . -,■ ., ^, M „» ' fc '» lit vlow for next .season,' and will curry , a 
Pnor. I>'iiANK J. Flood, rniialcn director in i&rg( ;- company, and there will be new ecen- 
the ■ Electric , ^W^ e u JiS?%l.«^hKi' WW& ^tvmvk, r hnd an elegoht. new elte^ 
mouma the Iosb "tbla mother, Ka.thorlrtp.M. finrado: , Tho show la booked oVer the usual 
KlOod,' who died ,a.t Usmore,. County . water- j^^ for ' U ( ne m fl htha, of next season, and 
ford, Ireland, Mavch 13. . A . lB „.' ' hl . ^J. eterythlhg w»l be done 'to anrpass fotraor 
^.Bbn IUmttiY Ib.bUU .d^lWerlu iW i teny H f ; Thli'ty-flve. people will. be^carrM. ■ 
Oerance IPcturea .at' revival »«^ l V"JS , » ,la , ( £f« HayManand Franklin write; "We nnUed 
laneton . , with bis , piano ;**'?, **?&. AStffi tor ICbRlaod April -!5 t our. second, trip, oo 
Ifaynea, < '"lljo Georgia Craebfr. g mLgW H ihev roust IBte us oyw b>«. We are«slian« 

to be .forgotte. n. 

Roblky 8. HoorRR wrlles: "I have just 
finished twenty week* of vaudeville dates In 
the Bontb .and West, nbd om booked solid 
until 1»07, In tho best. Eastern and central 
lime. • My new act,' 'Bunny -Jones,' Is winning 
favorable comments from both- press and pub- 
lic.;- 1 .expect to appear next season (1907) 
In a new farce,' comedy, which la' being wrlL- 
ten for roe. Tiik Old Rbhiablr la most wel- 
come every week." ' . ; 

Matthews and TTarris nre spending two 
weeks ;tt Atlantic City, previous .to- going "to 
their Summer home,. Lake Bunapee, N. H. 
They -will produce next season a daw act, "Off 
the Earth,' ' by Frank , Kennedy, with special 
Bcensry-and- properties.' "; 

■ Coaavrsi.L and FnAsz, senpatlonal comedy 
'cyclists, arc still touring Mexico. They will 
return to the, Biatea In the Fall, having been 
booked fot- the Orpheum circuit. 
'.■Geo. 1'imtKOSK'H Minrtpxt.r cloned their 1 
toar ' last week, completing an mtreinoly 

tvei'tne coo tint ni, aua xeiurn- 
\ In July top tiie beglnnbiK of 
t with MT. Field. Mr. BldrTdgo 

lUaliiess .With pleasure while In 

ifittv Jas.. a. Adama will bo .Intereated ;in 
the venture,. ■■;.'. >?, . •*. 

■ TOWMY 'Hav/cb, who bos been out of the 
ahow busIneBa tor a year, returns again with 
everything now. Ho opened at tbo Novelty 
Theatre, JJenver, Colo., April 23. - 

NOTD8 F«0U A. tii FIELD'* GllDATBB MlN- 

nxAEi.a.-f— The report that tbli coropany 

cloaed Its season nt Superior, Wis.. April 2i, 
was premature. Owing to the length, of tne 
seaaon the advertising material was -nearly 
exbauated, and It waa tuo Intention, of Mr. 
Field to close aomewhat earlier than usilaL 
However, the soaawn will continue until week 
uf May 0, the Century Theatre, St. Lonlfl, 
probably being the lut week the company 
will ploy this seaaon. The- route 1b aseured 
thu« far. Proas LJldrldge will -take charge of 
lha fun forces. of thla company next season, 
Mr. Eldrltlae has bad. long continuous ruus 
in thr-vaudovlllo (houses, of New Yorkr Bos- 
ton and Hilbdelphla, and will take u pleas- 
ure trip to Kuropcy sailing on-Saturday, April 
tajLs traveling .over, the coatlntnt, and .return- 
ing. toiAtneriea lu Juir *~ 
his engagement 1 ~" A " 
will comblno biib..~.» 

EuropC'ttnd baa<. boon. clothed o with authority 
hy. Mr. l^cld to look, up- noveltlea und. feat- 
urea for the next Benson/of th? AJ. O. Fluid 
Greater ..Minstrels. 1 --. * '" i - '• '■ \. ■■*>. 


colved con tracts .for rwenty-thr'ee -consecutive 

Seek n on the.ii.eith circuit, wblchr iiorapletea 
tolr bookings up to ; June, next year. 

"HABr- " 

Boater m-,* . 

at, his Summer homo, ■■Reatawblle," otVFiUr- 

ba'veu, N, J, • __ . \- Mt..'-'- 

UiHHirrT and W}NTMia. who are meeting 
with succesB with the High Roller Btirleaqut 
Co., will nlBy paUa the coming Summer. 

Fhsd Uays announces thut he ban told 
bit show to the Murdock Broa., and bu 
iolued the Claire -Stock C<* - *■• • ' " ■ 

MiiH Will G. Bakhr <Qon*?1eto FOnda), 
of Baker and Fonda, Is vory ill at her' home, 
709 Jackson Ave., Spokane, \Ya«h>, wlfh 
pnettiuoulft, add tbo team 'ha"a 'to ■ cancel all 
Eastern dates. Will <J. Haker will work 
■lobo kt ' prosent, oponlng ' an 
with Frank Flnuoy ut tho/Cmui ,_ 

Theatre, Spokane, on April i3; and may poo", with COIp Bro> 
■Ibly be lecturOr for HAIo'i* Tours of 1*0 iner, aeabofU 
World, at Xotatorlum Farkl'.Uurlng the 8um- 
BOT.' * ' ■*-.*< ■'■; ',; . ■ ..v 

.'Notes fboh Lr.« Clahk '-iDBAL'-EHwrn- 
tainebb. — TIjIh company opeofl . May. 7,\ nt 
ha Favotte, Ind.. using h sixty foot rourlil 
top,' with two thirty foot middle pieces:, -C. 
F. Volk, scenic artist, baa just finished sev- 
eral Beta of special aeeneiry. Wo ffeatlife 
tin,''- Miles Evalocu, "water 
will .give exhibitions In thr; 
containing PL' hundred gal 

April Sff, which Is the beginning of a JCweaty- 
two weeks', contract with the Consolfdatad 
circuit, through lndlAna-» Ohio an'! West VJr- 
glnln." t,. i, '■'•*. ; ■ . 

Bon Manchester writes: "As we are nenr- 
lng tho; eud -of our Journey for thlo Wason, 
I 1 am pleased, to- let you know that success 
has kept, pace with, us up to the present mo r 
moot, and wo have broken nil records at St 
Louis, Cleveland and Buffalo. In fact, our 
business ' bn* : been phenomenal, •■ anil .the 
Cracker Jacks Co. Is .in Id' to be -one ofrthe^ 
beat.. Wo bavo made no changes oh the rea- 
son, the company remaining Intact as at tho 
start, thlrty-flyo weeks ago, and all ;«»Mii , h J ' « -a r t efnalt 
a' healthfu.rnnd bappyframe of mlnd> With |^ p„ " emI? Pn 

Aptll 2(i, now busily engaged In mak- 
lug preparationR for his production for the 
coming season, which will open Saturday, 
June 80, at the Manhattan Beach Theatre, 
where ha will piny an engagement of two 

if ann i fl Donovan, of McCanley and Dono- 
van, called nt.Tiia CLirer-n ofllce last week. 
They have concluded a long series of dateu. 

John' J. ConinrrT, of the team of. Corhett 
and Forrester, reports that his pn rent h, who 
Were llvlngr In San Francisco, are safe In 
Oakland. Tliev also wived considerable of 
their oolonglngs. . 

Tm: AriuitNK, novelty acrobats, are on 
They play week of 7 at 

Cow exceplloas, tbe cutlro. company ban .been 
ro>ebgnged, which speaks ;vo|uo)ek; nndgooB 
to ahow that when a- performer 

_. They o'peo their Summer 
park toor at Wonderland i Park,>MUwaiikeej- 

__jds«' bla 'manager la not sloy? tO Q PP/' - . 
that Jiict: .lt'speakst'.fijr Itself, oriU your buui- 
hie" servant Is- read*, always, to griaap the 
Wea, and sign Jlteh-. panors, My productions 
have been" highly complimented, also £he/c«- 
»n:iW(s, costitiue,s, etc.' 'The. olio la good 
enough for •"any-, vaudeville house. . TUeHwo 
burleHques* bavo' been a revelation in .bur- 
lesque -houses.- ■ Our- comedian, Bob Van Os- 
t»n, 'The Man With the .Puck • Now,' will 
celpb'rrito hi* sixth kcbhou next Jngnth, with 
rt cotd.bottto and a Mv** bird, and when the- 

lea; nndgofls ;K™ V$? »i n ^"^ »* ^ bo^ed'soudTotli land iparkrclrciiit eariv ! 
•delivers th« Vw-tftUe ' ■ P 00 **" - s0,1(1 « nt " may C.'Bowh repoftrt 

are returning fronvthe Pacific coost, and ore 
now on the Young circuit, with the Novelty, 
Olson, BIJou and Jackson circuits to follow. 
Their one act comedy, "Her First Rehearsal," 
ha*/ been a big success, and they are booked 
Tor return dates over -the Sullivan & Consl- 
dlne circuit in October. ,'« ■ . 

ham Harris, who has been a member of 
the Moore Stock Co., BocheBter, If. Y., ,for 
the past 'thirty-three weeka, has undergone 
an operation for appendicitis, and. la reported 
on the road to recovery. It Is expected that 
he will be able to open bla Summer engage- 
ment at the Cook. Opera BouBe May 21. . 
'J.-Q-'AiTi.ftTOT;, formerly manager. of the 
Star Theatre, Hamilton,. Can., writes: "The 
above theatre Is no more. ' It Is rapidly being 
torn down, and in Us place, will be erected 
the Savoy Theatre, to be 'devoted to high 
clasa vaudevlllo, with a oeatlng Capacity of 
nearly l.ftOO, The new theatre will have all 
modern improvements, .The 'front of tb>-,tb,e- 
'■"- a-handsome 
marble walls 
celling. Men 
■-"i. lorated on 
will be two 
will be thirty- 

; depth, thlrty-flve feet: width from 

wall to wall, fifty-flve feet; height to grid- 
Iron, filxty-ilve feet. In: fact, we expect to 
have one of the finest vaudeville theatres In 
ATntrlca. William Stroud, former proprietor 
of the old Star, will be the proprietor of the 
New Savoy, and I shall be the manager/'. . 
. Bailey anp Fick&tt, closed a fluccessful 
season with the James Kennedy Stock CO., 
as a special vaudeville feature, and have been 
re-engaged with the company for next sea- 
son, to do .their novelty, acrobatic barrel 
jumping and breakaway ladder acts. They 
open on the Qua Sun circuit of parks In June. 
■ -Will and May Bbno will finish a, success- 
ful season May 26, in the middle Went, In 
their comedy playlet, "The Yap 'front Olney- 
vllle." and take up bookings on the New !3ng- 
'*- In June. 

1 meeting with: great 
Elwyn, Stock CO. Be- 

tbey go with fche Eastern Wheel burlesque 
ahows. . • ' .,..-■: ,". 

■ Kkenis. juggler, Is In: bis fortieth week, 
closing the olio with RamDevere's Own Co., 
and la bolted solid until. October In vaude- 
Title; "'■■'■ -;■■■■' r,'l.;W^v- 

Harbt Von Fosrrk, black face comedian, 
states that be: has Just finished fourteen con- 
seeuttve weeks for the. Western-Vaudeville 
Managers Aseoclatlon, and that his act was 
a decided hit. Fie wilt rest at his home, St. 
Joseph, Mo., three weeks, then, play tbe parks 
for the association. -'■.■•■■ 

Walboi:rn ano Whitney; who recently 
ctosed a ten weeks' engagement with the 
Bucken Stock Co., at Grand Rapids, doing 
their feature act and other specialties, are 
now at tbelr home at. lmlny City, Mich., hav- 
ing a four weeks' vacation before their Sum- 
mer work. They expert to have their new 
rigging finished In -about that time. They 
open Mb.V'26, nt Springfield, III.' ... ' 

Tits Martvnb Histkrr,' who are playing 
on Indefinite engagement at the Star Theatre, 
Atlarita, Qa., "report meeting wUh-success. - 

MEt.viLLn and Azrixk write : "After play- 
ing the Grand,' Milwaukee, and International, 
Chicago, Mr. ' Melville goes' to his ' Summer 
home near Grand Rapids, Mich., and Mlsa 
Aselle spends a- few weeks at Watiseon, 0„ 
with friends; - We- have not laid on* a week 
since last July, only In making Jumps. Our 
act next season will he done' entirely In one, 
with all new wardrobe, eto*'.' ■ 

The Buoo Tmbatbb> Jersey City, N. J;, 
was 1 formally transferred- to' B. F. -Keith 
May 1, with a record; of the conveyance. hy 
the International- Amusement and Realty Co. 
Two mortgages on .^e bouse were given to 
Col,- John W. Holmes, when' recently pur- 
chased hy J. Austin Fynes for the above com- 
pany. - Mr. Keith will open It In September, 
J. P. Clifton will spend the Summer at 
his home on Greenwood T.ake, ' Jf. Y. ■"■ 

B. F. Keith has obtained a lease on the 
Bmplre Theatre, Columbus, 0. t and will open 
it in tbe Fallonhls clfouit. '■" 

V,o. MooFir, the musical" kid, who met with 
success ovef the' BIJou circuit, and' hod re- 
turn dates after two weeka at Oshkosh and 
Appleton. Informs m that be met with good 
receptions -at each performance, and has 
plenty of work ahead. He sayBf "My new 
net Is a winner." 

Tun MAitNGLLS, song Illustrators and mov- 
ing pictures, are meeting with, success at 
Odeon Theatre, Davion. O.. where they are 
plnvlng an Indefinite engagement 

May Wauner Is now working alone nn ac- 
count of- an accident to her partner, Pauline 
La-Conda. who wilt be unable to do any danc- 
ing; for some time. '. ' 
HAitRV Corson Ci.auku, who flnisbea bis 
long vaudeville season at Chicago this week, 
having played almost continuously since 
Sept. 10, snys: "I mav go to San Fronclsco 
to Investigate my Iosbcs there, as I owned 
considerable property In the stricken city. 

Owing to the Illness of Mrs. WIN Hart, 
the team of Will Uart and May Dillon were 
obliged, to cancel all engagements. Mr. Hari 
will work alone for' the present., 
* "TjaMoitnt and Paiicbttr write : "After two 

T« «• aeAson cloaes', will reat up In the Adirondacks ^ '?*""»«» *«» ,3""J« "J- 5ML« ™ 
#1 until the bugle colls rebearsais. I nnfclpate S#H?J5£ t, -£ n JL? W i!ft W^S.Jft.P* (thelr 
pletes s iSnrHl of the fittest, and when-the cur- fifteenth , -week 1, and sHU succeAsfnl. 

a survival of: the fittest, nnd ..- 

tain rlpcs on the Cracker Jacks next seasoh. 

tJSSS^L^^^S^L^^&^S fe^lll danclw : >et,'ebe -ip tUXl half ' yenrf wSi^W^ Mm^^ 
TH8 fPf^T w yPT , V/Tr l ? r ; ■ ■ fifrS ■■ introduclnc a monologue, written Tor .her- by, we - ay<d oil a^weefat" e'och of;our homes- 
nift l, Rea^ lB /r* 1 ^^ James B. l)onavan. of Doaavhn and Arnold/ We 'worked at^hTcqlumbla, Boston. Kt? 

viutov^ rtESe^JAHrfW.1 ■£?..?«!»!.■« *&.**&*■ -fid our-acfw^ a',hlt, Ve are 

], after which they opea on the J. W. Jack- 
son park circuit, for fifteen', weeks, 1 ■ '...-' 

Al. ,9i)hc«. rollpr.akate dancer, Inforas &„; .,.,....,. ^mg^^^g^g^a^^^ l mr£» 

;ARTiiOh Rthart and thb Kbblby SiftTBRS of tfae features at the "Crystal Theatre, Tripl- 
hnvc left the.ranks of munlral comedy,- nod dad, Col., week of April' SO,' working next 
will again' be seen in • Vaudeville. ' They are place to 'the' .closing .of tbe bill. .She dnpil- 
uslng. Hongs 'of tbelr own composition, and csted her- 'former 1 success there. She wm 
carrylng-a hardwood -dancing mat especially the feature -specialty of the Berger Bros-. 

ii.iv ^KAv.rjAMyELs.-jungine ana aancing . com,- day.nlght and our-tet'WM'tf hit We are 

S3? eol^nne, writes, that her, act Is more than fi tln doing ^The -Escaped* Lunatic," nnd »'.a 

* c «" making good at everr performance, 'ah* is booked solid until .September, and 6pen,;on 

■ ' often compelled to give two encores, and a the Crvstai circuit June 11 ." :.'-., \ . . 

M that he has Joined a now partner and la 
doing well. ; He la .booked over Poll's clrcolt 
by Wllllsm Morris, with Proctor'a to follow-- 

CARtlEnttY AND NlRtSON 8tf V Still lit tb'ft 

f;-o hardwood danelng mat especially the feature ■Bpeolaity or .the Bergu - 

r. wooden, shoe, dancing finish,- They Stock -CO.,- at JUlectrle rark- Theatre, . Trip! 

»ir ■wimnp.uit..w-*uw r ii»» *™ i; miTi ro« u.i ■...<- a..,««v. -«v».^ ,«« •■ <—-«-t _„y (a . »m^tiA*n\ n vi n u *h^ Ys^SKr -i*h^« o^* tMr'park daten May 28, at Indian,- dad. ■■ Other acta on thh' WIPnt the Crystal 

Harrx Blockbom haa been Bpendlpg the there- will be noi^ to, audwe will J*"'^.,.;" !' e p '"> Sfi^rT™! ^* LmSS aDO,1 f' on* 1 behd- directly eastward, maklug tbht week- were: Dnvia and Bverson, and 

later seaBon at Atlantic City. Ho,'4a i now. aJWflya ffcmaln at the front, on of,yore.*' ; 'SJS.V ?» f H«n W » ^^JPPJt*S^tS^SS. ™ lr flrSt flPP«rance in New Votk City on Pat i ~ 

B£-snif t jff ^^r=i ««,. satgmietmisfVssM 

"We oro still sopperhy friends. Manile t'onroy also re» 

SLATER AND Plrflto Wt\tfii 

dolug nicely through on Soutn. Mttrpara wii™ ■ i«n«mui i^™ « u«;wn.. wmcu 

season opens at Fairyland. Memphis, Tennl, was*preaented on the stage while -doing our 

May t4i with Little Rock, -U-ilwlH«- n,d aor. . We have signed .wfih Frank Melville 

oth'r good 'work to- fallow. The wartlrobe T ' 

c Bntf'EmmtrDalion. 

July 30.. ,' , T c , ifAiBRYN VrbnoW has tehif ned . to Ker 

Leo. W-WatonT will leave PBIIadelphla home from a hospital, after a serious lliness, 

Worn In thO'Bet .19 receiving coDBldi.iftble 
phttsei 'Our new act for next season U to be 
Written by Harry-Newton." " ". ',,•" .* 
'.lu BiiNiiH, Doily and Denny, closed n 
icason of- eighteen: wetks," On ,"a feature not 
with the HuntlOy Stock Co., at Newburg, 
April 2\, Tlwy report Buccess .with ttirtr 
cotbedv neronntfeact. They do uot expebt {o 

c^prwlucer return to vaudeville for pome time to cpmo. i 

hr> D'Alena •Kjp'KoAtkh ban slgnwl an'sneclaj agent 

- i*l «n»J: pull* with CoW BrOBi*. United Shows fot the Snih- 
ilbiy l* lecturer for-Hale> TouF». Tr,M 8 

for the. Summer.' 

II. u BowBtta, manager of the Mansfield 
Theatres has taken a six years' lease of Hia- 
watha Park, Mt. Vernon, 0., and -will have 
full i control of all concessions and amuse- 
ments.. Illawatha Park la ouo of the most 
beautiful parks In Oblo\ and, under :tho man- 
oRemetit »f Mr. Bowers, its success Is assured 

John MunTifA, formerly of the team of 
"•Mnrthn nnd Honey, '"Too Two Extremea/' 
has doubled up with Billy rioey, formerly Of 
the -team of lloey Brothers, and they will be 
Known ny Murtha nnd .Hoar, , presenting a 
" "Wine aud Otberwise." fmi 

>irOitrx : W Cii\H hOh returned to 'Nek ntvvf* apt entitled «Wh 
Ydrk ^nfter n nWi ^or -of the 0,rpheupi ton. expressly- for the 
tiM Castle rlfcvltay llo has lp preparttltVn; *" written nnyernl siiccewfiil w 
for' pm seartt.O, several K#S *rit*wi 5grw«|fc including talking 
for bloi hy Sf^BqrM od proient dn>- «"■*•' 
co^fic su'ec.emesv -. ' j,. ;'. . '■"".- __...« 

''TJfr. BaKkr Tnntrpo or "Cvomsts write: 
aU "Have cufeaged "tTrdtifc-:' Wilson.. to '.'do Our 

qui ten." She •flight riding. 
go 'glaiis 1 . tank rsgeuient with 
Toob ofwatfr. , r i oulsv.lUe,; ^,Aprll_^. «nft opa 


' 'iv, »vjl -April ^*»«* D .d.^)i 
This wllf-bo- her second Benson ( under, tile tbls.trouw, In OlficmnnU 
management of Mr.. Claifci 'Tn^ folloWlUg ■■■ 
people have signed : Mrs. Clara Billings, 
Morgarol; Bllllura, Jdle St Qlhlr; Oua., KL 
ralfo, Henry Nelser, Joe Hank, Charley Bil- 
ling*, Joe Ourllrk and L- J)c Aerlou 

MiiivrLoranoi'sni.!. Is.bookeil solid In the 
middle West till- Aug. ,20, than ' no eomoB 
Bast, ODonlng on the Mospftrt circuit, ,\ \ 

BABT iRiA WlC"K0Kr AND, Co, n* prf- 

Mtttlng -a pretty little ruiat playlet, ,uo 

Jieeta approval. -Pabv- 'tomft r aongn -and 
pncea are applauie wlnneru. . -. 

MM, With 


successful a^rs.for vaude- 
■log talking art for the 
Sadlers,, Billy nnd proce. They are all meet- 
Ing.Wlth good pucccss over the circuits. . , 
■ I.a Ol.mii and Wkut .. )uat closed three Suc- 
cessful weeks dn the i tarry Be Usta I'enhayJ- 
tanta circuit of ("nmlly Thootres, presenting 
their neVact, "A Drop Into BOOIety," which. 

they Write, Is a bltf .puccobs. and .maOngprs 

. . . and the prpss.spwik ve.r/ hiably of It . They 

find wo play 'a' return data nt tbe froward v . Boston, 

and will he- able to jnln her Sister, Amelia, 
playlugj the'leadlng vaudeville housea next. 
Beason. ■ -/-i .* - ' ■■ ' ! 

..John anp CARRtn Mack writ?': "This ja 
out first Western trip, and has been very 
successful. ' We are offered ' return dates 
everywhere. -'".We had -to set Pafttor'n date 
back from April 30 to Oct' 15: We ore booked 
'till week of Sept. 17, l ln tttiddle West, aftfr 
which -we will play New' York, with brand 
new wardrobe '«bd 'hew -kef." '•-' , - '•■'■•- . ,','.. 
• Brn TnoriN- Informs' us that he > J bpoke4 
hy:the Western Managers' AasocUtlon notli 
June 4. After- thai hejointf hands'Wlth Orra 
W. NlcholB. bicycle rider, and the'teaiu wilt 
be known as Turplh and ' Nichols. ■Tnetr new 
niTt'WItl be'called ■■IIoollgah"s Misbaps on* 
Bicycle."- ■ . . " * A ■ ■ .; ■•' '/ 

. HEDRUirr HntcoMHE, of Holcomhij, Curt s 
acrobatic -song- and dance, and' finish wBrh and -Webb, reports that 'they- -produced their 
burlesque trapeie. ■ - . ,• . ■ ' -. , new sketch, "Midnight Prowlers." at Bock* 

Till! TrA« or YBBNON AND- KbNKpDT. by stoder'a Wilmington- April 20-28. and It. «■ 

mutual consent, have, agreed- to/aeperate. an nnfiuallfled .euccess .from the- drst ,per- 

llereftfter Mrs. Vernon- will feature . Baby formnnrre. It • hcemB destined to 'be 'the 

Vernon In a new net in vaudeville. "greatest of their successes. This 1 trio!' baa 

WMa BarjIb, .lrlah character perform- plflyed' eonttnuoUsty- a|nce Aug: 11 Ihst.aod 

May 1. for Franklin. I'Q., to put ou a iuiu 
Htrel show there, and" also tbe opera of "Bip 
Van, Winkle." Pearl i-],' La Rue, male ,1m- 
ppreonator, will join biro May SO, to do her 
specialty' in tbe opera. 

Bkn SAijViNi. formerly of the Schenk Bros., 
while fn route to Salt Lake- Clt> -from Den- 
ver. Col., "met 'with a serious accident. The 
train was wrecked, he losing his rijrht arm. , 

llt;LLH. Wilton hrts'rlnsrtl With the Knlck- 
erbockerp. and haa s-lgued .for' next Reason, 
She, received word that be? family In San 
Franclfico escaped from- tbo 'Are, although 
"nst their homes.' :."'•'• * " 
F. MpnAN has Joined ' Florepce Little- 

tbe> lost the 
ro by_ihii^Hunt Wjjo COffi ing nark eeason; 

usborhb and chahlus report tbelr new 

act' Is a ■ success. They .open (heir act with 


Oclft' tho act •WOpacrrnuy. nnpi we I!', ' ." raBSSl^SK "*■ lu » ^.""""v- 

aVconlhr Kh»t'wlthri''hiupU belter net'-' ' fn ■ f«« weeks, i then open Ltheb^.park aeasop. 

Tttp'TrAM of Cabhon. W nFtiAN.haTO Tlioy are alao rapidly Blltng thelt Mm* for 

nUlifl pnrtheriuflp.'ohd'MIss ltehan. In au'r> nOBS.aeladn. . . -. - 

ressfid'lt working nlojie. ' '.• , ;' ' ■ ' ,' lusnv CiiKSTsn Bt,Awnf, tenor sololat, 

■.MX(:nV ; RBHAtir. moutbs thft ; dcft<h of her and ' Bert .-McOartCT,- the' "ronle Josephlho 

broiler, Thoni'fla . Armstrong. ', ' , - '.- I- Pabel," W»| go with Wood a Minstrels. . , 

■v itraVii ifw -ri \iu haa Vwrt '«L «ni>rPtofiil Tut;- UK at Ai.vonA reports meeting with _. 

^^w&S>^SiHr^2fSifc^?md blg.euccesji with tho. OolSen Crook Co.. lie — _— , 

er, was cnllcd to hrr honaO >hy the sudden 
death of ber fathar, but Will resume work 
as Boop an the. Slimmer parks. open. ■ ' ' . 

Al/St.- Brows/ 'known ns Bill Hnsklns, 
"The Wlilftttln'g Ku^" bns' sevnrod Mk ron- 
nertloh with Chule Pork, at l>)s Angeles, 
Cai;, nnd ban Rlgnrd With Fnlrylnnd Park, 
Mepiphln, Tean.-' * f • l * 

_ alatar .sketch 
tor -th'O'Sammer. 


"n«Mituul rMM&O *W ™ r « *re«r:i findihaH the Summer booked, 
w ^' Atiantlc City June 25. 

ere now taking n t*hor frost '-before open Ins 
ri sensOn of eight weeks in the Now England 
parks. Ml*.- Iiolcopibe 'gave 'n spaghetti dinner 
on April' Si to' the* Four' Kcatons. and cm 
April 2 R enlertolhed : nt dinner Mn and' Mrs. 
Quirk, of last sennnn's "Pals" company- Ham 
tifttls hhkgone to his home at Htooy Brook. 
Long Island, t" take n s hort outing. .' - r mm ^ 

* Yon 'can ' make big mpney |>v rending this lUtjo 

% *• book. ■ Rend So crnta. - -"" ' fc 

QEORQE R08EY, - 24 KftPt 2l8t Btreet New Tort. 






Will elate a very Rii«**f-*srul Season at. the Al.tnmltra Tlirai-rv, IV. Y., week May 7, 1900, and open at llnmniprRtflln'i Victoria, vrcok Slay 14, with llir Proctor anil Keith < irrtitt* In follow. NRU' SCRNKRV* 

toft SAlfC "f exehnnKe, Fomersault High 
msfn* Dos. Trohpfl . of Dove* for Films or Magic, 
wanted; Olmn, people for f*mall wajron show, two 
ftf g'fuS^ Prof. HARRY SMITH, Oral*. Pa. 
"WAli^rBJO. a Port Hob 51 Al .Double Bam Player 
tor flummefennwement Heat or reference!, Riven. 
AJd rSw P. W. Partoelec, Iffl Forest 3t„ Oberiln.O, 

MYiiTlC MftDLF-Y and Yvonne Felre Co. 
WaavluvehllP. Heavy, Old Man, Operator with 
■off nioclilne, although wp have picture machlnr 
irhe dan work It. Toiirflreat Low to Dulutb. 
Frank Hathaway, Mar., Smith's Palls, Ont.. Can 

rtiatlv fflw ftodd, nscfiil Actors with strong 
HMoHltiM. ' Wdto all first letter. I pay all. 
•ncketar no. I have been there. 
1 j&S, h. THOHN'B, Wolf Summit, Went Virginia. 

oalatjcA Statue, tu; Bust, $?; Indian For- 
tune Telling Heads, |i.i. Flying Udy Oiuflw, 
Black Art. Wax Flgnre, Organs, Paintings, Ven- 
triiooultt Figures, Harioneiien, Radfam costnmei, 
Fte. w - H - J. SHAW, Victoria, Mo. 

WAVTKD AT ONCE. First Class Violin, 
piano, Cornetand Clarlonetrpermanent and Sum- 
«*f hotel. Lowest terms and particulars. U. Z. 
Reea, 2* Oreaham St., Atlanta, Oa. 

ARdSTCHBR*' Travesties, Burlesques, etc, 
written toorder. Only best original work fttrulBhed 
to prof- Jos. Kershaw, fl£9 Rnttonwood St., Fhila. 

HARPIST, age SO, member A. F. of M-, doub- 
ling good dunce piano In orcheatra, would like 
Summer engagement. Can furnish extra musi- 
cians tn comole e oicbcHtra. Prefer park or fakes. 
j,. A. MTTOHEL, T32T Rare Bt„ Pittsburg, Pa. 

- WIBARD OP THIS » orm -T— 1 have 
earned tlila title through my hitherto un- 
precedented (eat of playing a difficult fan- 
tasia without the mouthpiece, also playlmc a 
melody In five octaves, thus demonstrating 
ibe wonderful control of the cornet which 
rao 'h* obtained hv following the system which 
I iriave: discovered after 20 years, of experi- 
ence add 'experiment on the most scientific 
lines. If your mouthpiece doesn't fit, consult 
me Wanted, pianist, either sex, with other 
musical specialties, for high class entertain- 
ments. 0. F. Wyndham, care of C. G. Conn 
Co., 4« West. 28th St., New York. 

*> m*w sketches, lately written : "Brother 

.lack's Chum" (Juvenile comedian and sou- 
bretfe), "Tha Stupid Doctor Smart" (young 
doctor and Sntiorette), "Moving Backwards 
Behind" (2 Germans, malea). ^ketches writ- 
ten to order. Original and guaranteed work 
at- Summer prices. Address Bernard Kling, 
Playwright. KS7 Jay St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ulorld of Players. 

Ms. AND Man. J auks 13. Coatta Have Just 
closed a T*ry Huccessfnl engagement of forty 
weeks wltft the Ferdinand OrUUM Btg Stock 
Co. They ore spending a week In New York, 
then go to their home In Oswego, N. V., for 
two weeks. They open their Summer en- 
gagement at Conneaut, O., and ore also re- 
engaged for the regular season. « 
Nan Bnqleton naB been engaged for a 
season of ten weeks to head the company 
touring through Maine and Nora Scotia, 
under -the management of Wm. Lawrence, of 
Denman. Thompson's "Old Homestead" Co. 
She will resume, her vaudeville nooknga, 
under the direction of Jack Levy, Sept. 10, 
at. I'ajdor's. Theatre. , 
- J4IX0N & Co. will put out a beautiful scenic 

J traduction of their new play, "Lena Rivers," 
or next season. The play Is a dramatization 
of the Mary J. Holmes novel' of the same 
name, and has been dramatized by special 
permission of Mrs. Holmes. Beulah Poynier 
wlil ploy Lena, and will be supported by a 
company of twelve. 

Tin Oaonon, with Pollock Stock Co., 
opened an Indefinite engagement, commencing 
Sunday matinee. May o, at Lake MJnuequa 
Park; .Pueblo, Col., with Geo. W. Evans, 
"Pork' Chens," as the vaudeville feature. 

Joseph. De Stefan i, the past season lead- 
ing, juvenile man of the Century Stock Co., 
closed with that company to accept a stock 
engagement for the Summer at the Curtis 
Theatre, Denver, Col., opening May 8. 

iJmfirmnmtiBn NlanT, May 2, at Indiana- 
polls; William V. Carroll, Btnge manager of 
''The Way of the Transgressor," was pre- 
sented by the members of the company with 
a silver -loving cup, as a alight token of the 
blgh.esteem in which be Is held. The presen- 
tation speech was made by William Roth. 
George* \V. Gallagher, business manager, came 
from- Dayton to lead the singing of : ."For 
He's a -Jolly Good Fellow." 

Kwxw.Y, Shipman & Co: will star Roselle 
Knott -next season. In "The .Duchess of Devon- 
shire", by Mrs. Cbae. A. DoremuB,, and Anna 
Day, In VWhen Knighthood Was In Flower." 
riils firm wlil also send out next season 
"Alice -Hlt-by-the-FIre," '.'Dorothy Vernon, of 
Hoddon Hall," and -a number two, company 
of -"When Knighthood Was in' Wower-" 

Ltni»a Eablc left New York April 30, for 
Indiana polls,- in join the Jtebecca Warren 
Stock. .Which will be located at the Park The- 
atre for the Summer, opening May 7, In "Uc- 
MHnn Vernon, of Hnddon Hall." 

NotEB l?no»r TUB LfCUL'M STOCK CO. — 

Thus. company opened In January, 1906, and 
has been. playing to good huslness. Boster: 
A. fL Be|by, mnnager; Cecil Holl Gordon,- ad- 
vance representative; Mrs. C. A. Clymer, 
treasurer' .JMnft Clymer, leading woman ;. Rex 
J.e*"lle Kingdon, leading man; Chlc Harvey. 
Arthur L. Selby, Watkyna Douglass, Harry 
Leslie, Joseph Wolcott, Chas. Pearsall, Victor 
DnugiasB, Marian West, May Tempest and 
Mile. Rhea After a tour of the Thousand 
islands the company, will, go Into permanent 
atock, . in Canada, July 2. . - . 

■*:TUb- op Japan, by H. rattan 
Donnelly* will be the vehicle Inwbich «. Har- 
ris lildon, next season, will star Uesale Clif- 
ton, who the past season haB'bcen playing 
the, title role In "The Mlssonri Girl." "The 
Hells cf jQpnn"'wlll make a coast trip, and 
» flow -solidly booked over the Cort am! Htstr 
^;P a,Ila uoitses throughout the West. Miss 
Clifton-- will play a dual role, "The Belle of 
Japan, and an American of the day. The 
enmpaoy will number fifteen people, Includ- 
ing four native Japanese. . 

•—AT LAST-* 






Eiqnlfitc workmanship. Steady — Rigid— Com- 
pact-Noiseless— Low In Price, oet Circular— Be 

«««no., f iPiiPft 


The following Parks can 1-c lea-ied by respon- 
sible parties: 


On the Indiana Union Tracilon Co. Lines, ten miles 
fromMunlcc and right miles from Hnrtfordcliy. 


On the Indiana t'nlon Tracilon Lines, three miles 
from Anderson, Ind. 


Two miles from Mnolce on City Linos. All i lie 
above parks arc well served by Intcnirtmn or City 
Lines, and in cooO' hands will be money makers. 
Address f. n. vohviki,, 

A. 0. P. A !•'. A., -Indianapolis, Ind. 

Colfaane, Clum k Weston's 


1.1«<-l»10 BROAIIIV.ll, .Ni:w YORK. 

Shows lioolced rlRlit from practical experience. 

Uave the exolufllve booklnir of over 200 ttipatren 

la toe best one nlpht man J.« In tlie I'. S. and Can* 




For COMKOY in Acta and Hponlaltlcs. Also Rlhnt 
Act and other performer*. Oive lowest Summer 
salary. Wire or write. Don't misrepresent. 


Wanted, at all times, 


ForwtPuk ... Utiwi, N.Y. 


f'orrark, Full Acting Company. Also Oood Spe- 
cialty People. Miin with Mncnine. Tell all first 
letter. Pay own. Join on wire. 

Waynesbarg, Pa., week of May :; V«Asbington, 
Pa., week of May 14. 

Composed, Arranged. 

Call or write. A. KRETSMAK,41g B.16th St.. N. V. 





Double Bass and Tuba Player. KMoflA LDITZ, 
1442 y>. York Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

DODGERS, Heralds, and all kinds of small 
Johiisonhnrg, Penn«. . 

I nnnfl Cll U including UloKraph "Personal," 
l|UUUII* riLHtf nH frond siioJictH, f.w. Electric 
Burner and Rheosiiit, new, S10. Lubin im- 
proved Machine, »60. ShlppeJ subjoct to exam- 
ination. . ■ J. TlSAL, Titusviiie, I'u. 



BS1 ll'WAV, N. V. (SRMPLK, MdK.) 
Trial Given on Amateur NlKhtK leading Tlientrefl. 

Wanted, All 'Round S. and D. Comedian, 

Oood aiinnt Mao. and piann Player that can do 
specialties. Ali the money you're worth." 

MODERN REMEDY CO., Voorbecsv lUe, N. T. 


Andrew Wll.l. REYNOLDS, WortMngtnn, Ind. 


COMEDIAMB. Open for all engagement*. A big 
hit at the Lyceum iBHt week. Address 
70 N. 18TII ST., Newark, N.J. 

FOR SALE, Serpentine Dance On tilt, Htercn, 
Calcium Burner, litem Wnd hiujck, ••ifi, Pore 
outQt, silk Dress, lofdecta. Velvet Oloak, 6ft. 
•iq., uuw, $12. Piack Art Outfit, complete, 918. 
Lot of tricks uheun. Fnclosc stamp or no an-tmr. 
MRS. wm. OARL, 'J84 Court St., Rochester, s. Y. 

CI.OG9.— Bill Hamer, 3T.t Belmont Ave., 
Haledon, S. J., near Paterson, theatrtcal'Clog 
maker.- Orders promptly tilled. Lih< KPMa 


Bio. Snhtirbnnlle. about 718ff jr.0.mi 

Kd. Rafliea, thn Ooi. nbotit 035ft $-u.r>n 

IM. t.Ittle Train Itobhery. nbout 72Sft. MOM 
rathe Tragptl; at .lea. about 403ft. . . (34 .61 


1 Datfljt* DlMolvIn. Lantern, with 2 Freneh 
Harlot lenses, Vj sl*e. and Kdlaan Vn\: 
versa! Klnetoaeope. with 2 Calcium Jeta; 
1 Pair of Reo^ilatora and Dissolving Key. 
complete: cost floO.OO; to a qnlck.bHfer 
only ....• , J8.V0O 

Will ship for examination on receipt of (10.00 

1 Fdlsr.n Kihlbltlon, with Top and Bottom 
Fireproof Ilexes, complete, with Hbeostftl, 
only ..:.... {95.00 

Will ship for examination oa receipt of .$10.00 


Where the Suwanee Blver Winds Its Sllmrj 

Our Heroes and Our Flair. 
Alice, Where Art Thou Going. . - 

Just a I.lttle Rocking Chair and Too, . 
Good Old V. H. A. 

1 5.011 SF,T. WITH MIlHir.' 


138 East 14th St. Tel. 8R12 Orkmercjr: 




HOLLAND BUILDING, 1440 Broadway, Corner 40th St 

TaUphono, «&.Vfl.14-fl.fABrp»nl. CMrJ* Addrwea, Wmmortla, 


Special Attention Will Uo (liven to Summer Parhs ami Pairs. 


P. F. Procter** flftd lit., 
F. F. Pruetor** .nth A v.,, 
F. F. Procter'! n8th Hi,, 
F. F. Praetor'* Uli h Hi ., 
F. F. Proctor's N»w«rk, 
F. F, Proctor'* Albany. 
■ F, Proetor'a Troy, 

P. O. Wllllavma' Colonial, 
P. G. William*.' Orphean* 
P. G. Willisana* Alhambra, 
P. O. William*' Novell y, 
P. O. Wll I lam ■< Gotham, 
P.O. Willi**..*' 

Borgon Bemeh, 
B* Mrera 1 Doric, Yonkara, 
II. Myn\ Atlanllr City, 
HenryJ1y«ri' Doric, 

;~ Camden, If. J. 

KMner'a, Brooklyn, 
Trent The*tr«, Tranter*, 
Morrison'*, Rovkawa; 
H->ndVr«on'i,Con*ij.' " 
Uelmll -' 



Iiruxnivii s,i.iiiir> ■"•"■! 

B*lml|ng*a, Iter k* v, a> . 
Intomntlonnl, Chlraaro, 
Hlppodroma, t'lcvclaml. 
Cook** Park, Kv* imvIIIc, 
Paia*Ii«tr> Park 

Fort (.*or«f, 
Ocnnctt**, Alchinonil, Ind. 
lllcc trie. Park. 

Cleveland, O. 

IlnmmcratcliTs Victoria, 
llanmir riti-t-i'a Roof 

H. Z. Poll**, Now Haven, 
H. Z. Poll'*., Hart rord, 
b. '/. Poll'*, Worccatar, 
h. '/. Poll'*, HprlngHald, 
n, %. Poll'*, Brldfaport, 
ft, 2. PolPa, Wntarbury, 
H. 3E. Poll'*, Jersey City, 
ft. X. Poll'*, Herat* ton. 
ft. E. PolPa L Wllkas-Uarre, 
fthactly**, Fall River, 
fthaady'a, Nawport, 
Hathaway**, new Bed ford, 

Hatha way'*, l<owcll, 
Hathaway'*, Brockton, 

HIJou, l.lncoln, IVeh. 
Mwnalon*' Park, Ht.l«oal*, 
(>dar Point, ftandasky, 
Chester Park, Cincinnati, 
Rata*'* Auill inrlu(ti,l.> ud, 
KleotrlcPark, Toledo, O. 
Klaetrlc Park, 

Detroit, Mich. 

II. H, l.amkln'., Tolado, 
It. H. Umkln'i, Dayton. 
I. D. UlaUler, Altoona, Pa. 
I. C. Mlshlar, 

Jonnatawn, Pa. 
Wool worth Hoot* Garden, 
Lancaster, Pa. 
c level ami, v. iietroifl, jnien. Ottawa, Can. 

Grand Opera House, Dccntnr, 111* Rlectrlc Park, Baltimore. 

. N. «.— it 1* Important that artUt* send their open tlmo to hath the New York 
and Chicago Onlce*.. 


Wllmar di Vlncenf*, 

Head lag, 

Wllmar At Vincent**, 

Weber A Rath, 

Weber Al Rash, 

- I f— 

•Ighinir S'-alca, .Picture Mnchlnfi-t,,Poi*iaI card 
.flnlat-n, Matrma lliili«rlrn, Ulsn Talking Ma- 



• •.Uuw*, larval size, *l"- HCKIKHS IM'i:, 00., 

48 West 27th St., New i'orkcitj. 

L.BiSiTY i»iAivis^r>, 


CloRliiir M wrfk**' fiigiiprnii-in. al I'l F.MF'P. TU [■: A- 
TKE, (iittick) here.' Uint Snmuifr, I jric Park, Pllts- 
burg, Kan.; Sfaaon '(H-o. r ». Bijou Theatre, ; iVmulr- 
vliiej He-* Moin«8, la. PrevloiiHlj Leader with Ope- 
ratlr. and i-'arce Comedy Componlen on ihe rouu. 
Best of referenee. Pruter io locate. No orelier-tra 
work. I'lny ■luvminjr from ntjuidard. overf.nrefr to 
rtitr. R«od and transpose at weiit. Member A. 
F.M. Adrtreas.JAMRS FLAMANT, ,. .- 

OIEMRR THEATRE, Springfield. Mo. 


Cornet, Trombone, and Bass. 

Prefer Snmmer-r4 engairemcni near New York Or 
Philadelphia. All competent, Rober, anil reliable. 
rtnd can positively make (fond in any tiranch of 
the luislneHfl. AdrlreHB MUSICIAN, 

. 806 IWjgJB Avo., Brooklyn, N. V. 



■*tron(r Cornet Player, Men for Jown, Juvenile nnd 
Heavy (with apeclaltlcH); Women for Heavy nnd 
Old Maid (with specialties. Prefer actors that- 
double braflbi. Address 

0. R. RENO, WTO Broadway, New York. 



Man with Moving Picture Machine and Nteroon- 
neon. Oood speclaitieH to play partn. Always 

Pleaded to hcor rrom gnod, lmenil Repertoire 
eople. MAX A. A, Rochester, N. H. 


One nlffht «tand Thentrleal Quldo. Out May fA 
MaoagerH and Ageota, aeod your permaneuf att- on a powiai card and rceelve a t-ojiy of tuiiu^ 
tree gratia. Addreaa 1R70 Broadway, X. y. 


For dale, o Traveling Trunks, cheap; one Upright 
Peerlena Rleetrln Attachment Piano, with riot 
attachment, a barirain. AddreK*. A. B.C., CLIPPER, 
(Weateni OOlce), W4 Aahland Block, Chicago. 


One (batdoea SpeclaltleH. Wftnt- Side Wall. Muat 

b_(Q lliatola-irt condition. 

MODERN REMEDY CO.,flraj, HerkimerCe.,N. Y. 


Right Reei-4 or Flue Stock, ileadiiuera and amali 
subject**. 60 flew 8ooK8ildea, cheap. .; ■ . 
0. F. « ALLOT, :oChrUloptierSt.,N.'Y. 

AT LIBERTY, Comedian, Irish, Black Face, 

Kid, Straight or Comedy Id Acts. Can sing ill. 
nouns. L'hangb for week. Ticket.. CLAL'OE 
BoYCE. Kent ink. Fiat E. Jamnfiown, N, Y. 


[MAHClll. <M> I.1LLIE). 


Vatid. or Hr-p. I tin v i: complete outfit. Also wo i f 
Comedian and Piann I'luycr. i.'nv. »,ure xaiary 
Ann w er.inlck. tiKOROEStONK, W»keH-»iirrc, f ii; 



cbcnpiv-nnd (julckiy. AttMaan auppilcd, . ■ 

gjjS g. E. MILl^-t, 437 W. tint Ht^ X cw.York Olty. 

sqmmjeh stock Companies Organized. 

Kit. J'. AIUMK, A CO.. U'7 'Vr.Mnin s;., New Turk. 



With na without ni'iiit.vroits. rniCRK thk 



138 East 14th SI. Tel. 381 2 Gramercy. 



For Glass Blower ant Sale of Bourenlrs, 

Eiclmive of Wire lew dry and Oann, 



Ailctrrm I. W. I'HKJ.l'H, 

P.* \r.Hl.K'YCn„ Nc»- llcilfonl, 'la»». 

1 Tent, 25x50.